Monday, March 14, 2011


PARTI Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) President cum Sabah's PKR Interim Chairperson today made a ridiculous statement in the press (Daily Express) by stating that illegals will be issued with Permanent Residence Status when it comes to power in Sabah.Is Wan Azizah ‘fishing’ for votes from the ‘illegals’ in the coming 13th General Elections?

The issuance of fraudulent MyKads in the famous ‘Project M was not only immoral, illegal and an act of treason, but also tantamount to selling off our beloved country.The matter reach it's point of no return when the coronation of the ‘Sulu Sultan’ took place on Malaysian soil.

The call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry by Pakatan Rakyat was highly commendable in resolving the illegal issue in Sabah. However, the call by Wan Azizah in granting PR Status to the very ‘Instant Malaysian Bumiputra's’ by fraudulent means, if it comes to power amounts to hoodwinking Sabahans, who once felt that PKR was sincere in it's reforms.

This is more ‘out from the frying pan and back into the fire’. In the name of the state's sovereignty and safe guarding the state's security,how can PKR or for that matter Pakatan Rakyat backtrack their reform agenda and subscribe to ‘legalizing’ the illegals by providing them PR Status?

Is this a sign of desperation by PKR, that it has lost all moral ground to spearhead a legitimate government for the people, by the people and with the people, by resorting to such unethical means? The ‘mother’ of all issues which has plaque the people of Sabah for years is about to escalate if at all PR Status is being issued to these illegal’s.

What was Wan Azizah thinking or what were her State PKR Leaders advising her, does PKR Sabah honestly believe that Sabahans are imbeciles?

No bonafide Malaysian Sabahan will stomach such a stand by PKR or Pakatan Rakyat.Having said that, is DAP or PAS as coalition partners in full agreement with Wan Azizah's stand? DAP and PAS must come clean and explain their position to Sabahans, if they are accepting and agreeing with the statement by the PKR President.With the impending elections looming just around the corner, Pakatan Rakyat maybe history and support would surely be reduced tremendously,and support for a local based party maybe the only avenue out for Sabahans,or perhaps an alliance between a local based party with DAP, PAS with asistance from the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement( MCLM ) chaired by Raja Petra Kamarudin.