Saturday, June 27, 2009

I pray that Sabah does not end up like this.

For 3 decades Sabah has been plagued with a "denial syndrome".The same chorus is still being sung today by the same wolves in sheep's clothing,and pathetically Sabahans are still snoozing.For the love of the future generation,please wake up.

"If you want continued stability, development and prosperity, vote for Barisan Nasional." This is the time-tested popular propaganda of the Barisan Nasional coalition in almost all the past elections or by-elections.

To my mind, this is no difference to intimidation or inducement and sadly, it had worked well for the Barisan Nasional all these years and i bet my bottom ringgit that it will be repeated again come the next general election or by-election.The up-coming Manik Urai by-election will be no different.

In Sabah, the issue of hardcore poverty has been one of the core issues and main concerns for the last three decades, from the Berjaya Government to PBS Government and now the BN government.

The irony is, amidst the fervent shouting of "poverty eradication" slogan by our politicians all these years, it seems that our rural folks are getting poorer while the politicians become richer by days.What is even more mind-boggling is,majority of these politicians are the very same wolves that most of you voted,and no thanks to most of you,this will probably continue unless you decide enough is enough.

This somehow further prompts me to ask these questions "what has happened to all the poverty-eradication programs all these years? Where have all the taxpayers' moneys gone to?".

I think all the 'look-good, feel-good' self-deceiving statistics and press releases by the Government and the relevant Minister could no longer hide the hard and sad facts on the ground.

The younger generation today have that opportunity to altered history and rejuvenate vigor into Sabahans who are still snoozing.While some may say that this may be a tall order,I on the other hand beg to differ.Stand up and be heard and set things right,or go down in history as being able to make a difference but did nothing.

With that said,I now share with you this thought-provoking 6 minute video and pray that Sabahans will not end up like this.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mayor with No direction and No vision?

My humble advice to our dearest Mayor is- your days of crooning your favorite song"Madu Tiga"(made popular by P.Ramlee)in Karaokes are over,and unless you buck up,I suggest you ship out gracefully and allow someone more competent to take over the job.
And by the way,I take it as a great insult,his offer of "Kopi-O"to me to promote him in my blog.

KOTA KINABALU or KK in short, is the capital city of Sabah, East Malaysia and prides itself as having the 2nd busiest airport in the country, the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) which was recently upgraded at a whooping RM 1 billion(pic).

Gateway to Asean countries like Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines, KK is also passionately known as a “Nature Resort City”. KK or “Api” as it is popularly known among the local Chinese community was transformed from a once sloppy, unsystematic and sleepy water village into a bustling town and favorite port of call for many international cruise ships.

While a majority of tourists and golfers from all over the world who visit KK would reckon that KKIA is a first-class international airport, the traffic system of KK City is however a nightmare to many, with traffic congestion a common scene in the city(pic).

Hence, there had been numerous calls by concerned citizens as well as NGOs in the past, urging the Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) to improve the traffic system in the city.

Ironically, instead of improving the infrastructure for the traffic system, recently, we have Beaufort-hailed Federal Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing, Datuk Lajim Hj Ukin(pic) announcing that the Federal Government will spent RM200 million to construct a new headquarters for the Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK).

A lot of people whom I know called me up to express their disgust over the announcement which they thought was questionable if not ridiculous. Many of them also took the Mayor of KK to task for failing to set the priorities right.Crystal clear is the newly implemented transport(bus)system in the city.The total monopoly of a bus company appointed by DBKK as the operator of the city routes is further testimony of bad governance.Who is behind this city bus company?

Countless complains and grievousness's has been brought to the attention of DBKK by businessman,traders and city folks and highlighted by the main stream media.Until DBKK comprehends what economic survival really means,city folks will have to continue to dig deep into their pockets,perhaps even skip meals just to pay the extra bus fares. Government of the People by the people for the people?Think again,the people have been short changed big time.

Let us take a closer look and examine who this Mayor of KK City is. He is non other than the flamboyant Datuk Iliyas Hj Ibrahim(pic), or better known as “Datuk Double ii”. An avid golfer, his home club is the prestigious Sutera Harbour Golf, Marina and Country Club whose membership is currently priced at a cool RM120,000. His membership number is “GI 0013” and plays to a h'cap of 14.

But the more interesting question is, how did he get the job of Mayor of KK almost immediately after his retirement as the State Commissioner of Police? Many people would vouch that it wasn’t based on merits or qualification but because of his relationship with the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman(pic).

This made his appointment a controversial one especially when there were many candidates out there who were many times more qualified and capable than him. This shows that one need not be highly intelligent or capable even to become a Mayor of a city but what’s more important is whom you know in high places.

In a recent tele-conversation with Iliyas, he admitted to me that his capacity on any projects undertaken by DBKK is only RM10,000. If at all he needs funds to improve KK he must obtain Section 37,which is an approval from the Chief Minister. That being the case the Mayor of KK is merely a stooge and puppet. How can a Chief Minister be given so much power?Does that also mean that the CM appoints the contractors as well? If that is the case, any nincompoop can become a Mayor.

The Minister in charge of DBKK is MCA State Liaison Chief, Datuk Edward Khoo(pic), who is also the Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister. His position doesn't really make much difference especially when you're barely surviving in your political career.

The puzzling thing is Iliyas is comfortable with his position although he has no idea (direction) and vision whatsoever as how to improve KK City. A Mayor is supposed to be entrusted with the responsibility to ensure systematic development for city folks; to make a firm stand when the City is facing a health-care crisis of being without an adequate general hospital (Queen Elizabeth Hospital is partly unusable), a smooth traffic system, efficient public transportation, proper garbage disposal system, maintenance of a high level of cleanliness and the sewerage(human waste)disposal system which is reliably learnt as non-existent in KK, and not merely delivering speeches at functions exalting his political masters.

If at all his intentions were to shoe shine his masters, he has also miserably failed in this area because the city is still plagued with many problems. Shoe polishing is perhaps his gifted talent. A dynamic Mayor in my books should go down to the ground unannounced, unaccompanied by any of his officers to see first hand and listen to the city folks.

Numerous complaints have been brought to the attention of the Mayor including the Karamunsing shopping complex(pic) which has clearly breached every building by-laws, reduction of parking bays(pic), extensive renovation(pic),narrowed corridors(pic) which is dangerous in the event of a fire; the issuance of licenses to vice dens under disguise of hair saloons and reflexology centers. In addition there is extravagant spending of tax payers' money in his bid to turn KK into an “entertainment city".Even the water-front development could be deemed illegal if any city dweller takes DBKK to court.
That brings to mind something that I read in the papers some two years ago where Mayor Illiyas had stated " open spaces belong to DBKK". Illiyas should have consulted the AG on this rather than have taken cognizance and comfort from some developers who supported his stand. (It sounded more like back-scratching from them)
DBKK does not own the open spaces in the city. It is only the custodian and care-taker of such public amenities.

Commercial development of open spaces are illegal and immoral. Period.
What kind of legacy is Iliyas going to leave behind?

KK is not a city that is entirely made up of fools or hypocrites and shoe-polishers like him. It's also a city that is made up of genuine, sincere and down-to-earth people who expect and demand a safe, clean and comfortable living environment.
Therefore, the Mayor is duty-bound to live up to the expectations of the people,instead of being completely subservient to the whims and fancies of his political masters.

My humble advice to our dearest Mayor is – your days of crooning your favorite song "Madu Tiga" (made popular by P. Ramlee) in Karaokes are over, and unless you buck up, I suggest you ship out gracefully and allow someone more competent to take over the job.
And by the way, I take it as a great insult his offer of "Kopi-O" to me to promote him in my blog.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Will Sabah be seeing the appointment of an Acting Chief Minister or perhaps a newly appointed CM or the dissolution of the state assembly for a fresh mandate by the people?

In my recent posting on the 10th June 2009, "Musa whisked away to Singapore", I mentioned that the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Musa Hj.Aman (pic) was urgently flown over to Singapore in a private jet (pic) belonging to his Chinese timber tycoon friend, to undergo medical treatment for some undisclosed ailments.

Even though he had later categorically denied having any serious health problems when he appeared in public together with his wife, to do some cooking demonstrations, reliable sources had it that he actually had his medical check-up at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre Singapore.

And what was even more shocking was that the result of his medical check-up suggested that he could be suffering from a serious ailment, a ‘brain tumor’!

According to a leading KL-based neurosurgeon, a brain tumor (pic left) is commonly located in the anterior two-thirds of the cerebral hemispheres in adults, although they can affect any part of the brain.

However, a sudden onset of symptoms such as an epileptic seizure in a patient with no prior history of epilepsy, sudden intracranial hypertension (this may be due to bleeding within the tumor, brain swelling or obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid's passage) is also possible (pic right). These were said to be among the symptoms found on Musa when he fell ill recently.

Coincidentally, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (pic) has both neurosurgery facilities and expertise. We reliably learnt that Musa is expected to leave for the United States of America (USA) for neurosurgery, at the Cleveland Clinic Brain Tumour and Neuro-Oncology Centre in Cleveland, Ohio. He's currently awaiting air space clearance from the Department of Civil Aviation of Japan and USA to fly over their air space, as well as for the landing rights. This is an international pre-requisite condition when passengers travel by their very own private jet.

Musa’s younger foreign minister anifah amanbrother Datuk Anifah Aman (pic) who is also the Foreign Minister of Malaysia who was recently discharged from an undisclosed hospital for "suspected food poisoning" was said to be making all the necessary preparations and arrangements for Musa’s departure.

While I hope this is not true, I urge the Chief Minister to come clean with his health condition to prevent speculations and erosion of public confidence in the State administration as, he is not just any ordinary civil servant but the CEO of the state.

But if this is true, then as a responsible state leader, he should be more forthcoming in informing the people of his real health condition and make the necessary arrangements to ensure a continuous and smooth development for the state. He should perhaps appoint one of his three deputies as the Acting CM before he leaves for USA for the treatment.

Meanwhile, I call upon all concerned Sabahans to pray for his good health.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sabah Government silent over Tawau coral reefs mining incident – another ‘national shame’!

The Sabah Government,under the leadership of Datuk Musa Aman should be put under a microscope for being silent over the coral reef mining in Tawau,Sabah which is a "national shame".The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission must investigate,expose and prosecute these "day light robbers"of our national treasures and heritage.

IT’S RATHER sad and ashamed that just when the Sabah State Government is passionately encouraging Malaysians as well as people from all over the world to vote in one of our tourism icons - Sipadan Island, as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature(pic), a group of unscrupulous Malaysians was busy mining coral reefs in Tawau.

This was reported in the Malaysiakini on Sunday, 14 June, 2009.Two(2)days have since passed,and no official statement has been issued by the State Government.Was it because this significant finding was exposed by the opposition or was it a "trivial matter',that didn't warrant public attention?Why is the State Government silent over this matter? Kudos to Tawau PKR Chief Datuk Kong Hong Ming(pic) and his source for exposing such a horrendous crime on nature and humanity. Had not for their courage in exposing this, the devastating destruction of our precious coral reefs in Tawau could still be continued.

What was mind-boggling was that such activities had been carried out right under the noses of the relevant authorities undetected for the past one decade.Surely the State Government with all it's ears and eyes on the ground,logistics and enforcement,can't be deaf,dumb or blind. I believe the relevant authorities have lots of explaining to do here especially if the claim by Kong that a report had been lodged by his source to the Environmental Protection Department in Tawau earlier, was true.Suffice it to say,that our politicians have the tendency to think and convinced themselves that we the rakyat are indeed morons.

I strongly urge the State Government and the relevant authorities to spare no effort and leave no stone unturned in investigating the matter and to take sternest action against the culprits as well as those who were in cahoots, regardless of who they are, even if it involves some very senior government officers or politicians. A clear and strong message must be sent to would-be perpetrators.

Failing which, I guess we would then loss whatever moral grounds there is to continue to ask people to vote in Sipadan as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature since we failed to protect those coral reefs in Tawau which size of affected area is several hundred times larger than the one in Sipadan that was damaged by a steel barge in 2006, especially if the claim that the mining area about nine kilometres from the shore would encompass five acres.(picture left showing coral debris found at the processing site)

I wonder what’s the estimated cost of losses that incurred based on the economic value of the coral reefs that were destroyed by the unscrupulous miners?

Coral reefs are a valuable ecological and economic resource in Malaysia, estimated to worth some US$635 million (RM2.2 billion) per year, mainly from tourism and fisheries revenues, not taking into account of shoreline protection and their research potential.

And I hope our State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun(pic) too would give his full and serious attention in investigating the matter and to give the people of Sabah a truthful explanation on what was going on that led to such a devastating incident that fit to be called a ‘national shame’.

Lets hope this time the State government would not attempt to hush-hush the issue like what it did with the Sipadan barge incident three years ago, where it was reliably learnt that the contractor involved, Kumpulan Surati Sdn Bhd was left off the hook with just a public apology and bearing the clean-up cost.

I also call on NGOs like Sabah Environment Protection Association (SEPA) to closely monitor the issue and to put pressure on the State Government to better protect our precious natural resources.

It’s rather unfortunate that once again, Malaysia, Sabah in particular is in the international limelight for the wrong reason.

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Tell signs of a failed state".

FROM THE RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal to the collapse of the roof of the just completed RM300mil Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Gong Badak, Kuala Trengganu on June 2, and now the leaking of the RM350 million Sabah Federal Administrative Complex (SFAC) are probably tell signs that the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government is fast crumbling down.Picture(left) showing workers trying to identify the problem.

I just wonder how the Government are going to explain to the people on these issues which all involved the taxpayers’ money to build, especially when the sum involved were enormous.

This was not taking into account of the leaks in the Parliament building in 2007, just two years after it underwent a RM90 million massive one-year interior restoration and renovation, besides the infamous “MRR2” (Middle Ring Road 2) cracks scandal in Kepong last year, only after less than two years of an exorbitant RM70 million repair of the RM238 million project.

As in the case of the SFAC (better known as Sabah Federal Building), like the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium, it was also found to be without the Occupational Certificate (OC) despite having completed in 2007. It was also shocking to learn that a large portion of the tiles of the exterior walls of the building too started peeling off barely three months after its completion.

A vast section of the tiles on the exterior walls (pic) of the building were peeling off and exposed the plywood used as the base of the walls (pic). What's the total cost incurred for the repair works & who foot the bill? KK MP Dr Hiew King Cheu should raise the matter in the Parliament.

And the best part was, the building also housed the newly re-branded Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) now known as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Perhaps the MACC should take the initiative to conduct a thorough investigation into the implementation of the said project since they were sharing the same building.

It would be interesting to find out the following:

  1. Who is the contractor for the project and how it was awarded?
  2. Who is the Consulting Engineer for the project and how come the tenants were allowed to move in without first obtaining the OC?Picture showing the tiles peeled off at the lobby of the SFAC.

Until and unless the Government could provide us with a satisfactory explanation on all these issues, the future of BN is probably as bleak as the latest political catchphrase of “1Black Malaysia”

In the meantime,Chief Minister of Sabah Datuk Musa Aman (pic) should come out and explain to the people of Sabah on his "mysterious disappearance" whether he was on leave or simply PONTENG from work i.e went AWOL(absence without leave)

As the CEO of the state's civil service,what good example is he portraying?If indeed he had gone to Singapore for treatment,as what we reliably learnt,then he should explain why it was done in such a mysterious manner.Is the ailment so serious and complicated that he had to go out of the country for treatment or,simply because he has no confidence in our nation's own medical facilities and doctors?

And why must he take a private jet instead of a commercial airline?Was it due to an emergency case?If yes,what kind of ailment and how serious is it?

A local Chinese daily newspaper reported that Minister of Tourism,Datuk Masidi Manjun (pic) said that the Chief Minister went to Singapore for a "cough treatment".Hello..does Masidi actually believe that Sabahans are that stupid?That being the case,he has just implied that the doctors in Sabah are not qualified to treat patients with coughs.Are the doctors at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore,where Musa was admitted more qualified in the treatment of coughs?

The people of Sabah have every right to demand an explanation,Musa's continued silence in this matter may be tantamount to other "reasons" as to his disappearance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Musa Aman whisked away to Singapore"?

IS EVERYTHING OK WITH THE CM? This is the question that is being constantly raised by top civil servants,senior politicians as well as the media fraternity in the state of late.

This is because Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman(pic) has been conspicuously absent from various official functions,most glaring being the national Tadau Kaamatan celebration at the Padang Merdeka on Sunday,which was officiated by Deputy Prime Minister,Tan Seri Muhyuddin Yassin.Also in attendance during the function were Minister of Home Affairs,Datuk Seri Hishamuddin,Minister of Information,Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim and State Cabinet Ministers.

It is reliable learnt that Musa is now in Singapore undergoing treatment for an undisclosed ailment.Not heart but something else.He was urgently flown to Singapore on Sunday afternoon in a private jet(pic) belonging to one of his Chinese timber tycoon friends.Ironically,all the widely publicize talks about Sabah Medical Centre by both the Federal and State Government on having the state of the art medical facilities and expertise doesn't seem to impress Musa or his trusted lieutenants,that he had to be whisked away to a foreign country for medical treatment.

Apparently,all senior officers in the CM's Department had been given the "gag order"not to mention a word about his "mysterious disappearance".The local media too are in the dark about it.However,according to sources close to his aides,Musa's ailment could be "stressed related".This could be true judging from the tremendous pressure which he had come under in the recent months,from the constant bombardment from the opposition,particularly from SAPP on various issues like the crisis plaguing Queen Elizabeth Hospital(QEH)which is yet to be fully resolved,the conversion of the Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital,the controversial proposed coal-fired powered plant,the construction of the Kimanis gas pipeline to Sarawak,the ongoing trial of the controversial stoppage of the Mazu sea goddess statue project,the awkward position of Raymond Tan in the state cabinet earlier and the mounting pressure from within Sabah UMNO/BN(pic) for him to be replaced,prior to the power transition between the former PM and the current PM.

But,of all the issues,the most nerve-wrecking one is believed to be the seizure of his offshore fund worth USD 400 million by the Kong Kong authorities ,following the detention of one of his close aides in Hong Kong days before the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary by-election last year.

To end the wild speculations in the market and the "worries" of many concerned Sabahans,perhaps the CM could at least make an effort to upload a video footage of his whereabouts on the You-tube,whether he is in Singapore,Hong Kong or in Timbuktu.

Will Sabah be seeing a new CM?Who's in the race,should there be a vacancy?Why all the silence?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Sabah's Cabinet Re-shuffle".Musa the "Ultimate Winner"

THE DUST for the much talked-about Sabah Cabinet reshuffle had finally settled down with the unveiling of the new Cabinet line-up by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman (pic) last month, on Wednesday, May 13, 2009.

Once again, Musa stunned many, even the most observing political pundits in the state, with the appointment of Datuk Peter Pang En Yin of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) as the new Chinese Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) replacing Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah of Parti Gerakan.

Peter Pang’s (pic) promotion not only stunned political pundits but also leaders of his own party, LDP. This was true as, earlier some of his party leaders including its Youth Chief, Chin Shu Ying had said that its current elected Representatives are too young-and-inexperienced. Thus, not ready to take up such a senior position. Chin had instead recommended MCA for the post citing that it is the largest Chinese-based BN component party.

Many may say that Peter Pang should probably thank his lucky stars for continuing to shine on him. As a first timer, this is in fact his second time lucky, after being made the Youth and Sports Minister, shortly after winning the Karamunting state seat in the last general election.

Peter Pang may seem to be really lucky, but the truth is, he is just a “convenient-yet-reliable” tool for Musa to maneuver in his best interest rather than that of the state’s. Compared to the other two LDP assemblymen, Teo Chee Kang (Tg. Kapor) and Pang Nyuk Ming (Merotai), Peter Pang is not closely aligned to LDP Founder cum former President, Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat who is a known archrival of Musa. Furthermore, Peter Pang and Musa are also close family friends and business associates.

Hence, Peter Pang’s promotion is not only a big slap on the face of Kah Kiat (pic) and other LDP leaders who are closely aligned to him, but is also a move by Musa to curtail Kah Kiat’s influence in LDP, at the same time to better protect his own interests. Musa knew for a fact that till today, Kah Kiat still has a firm grip on LDP. It’s an open secret that it’s President Datuk VK Liew, Deputy President Datuk Chin Shu Pin, his brother cum Youth Chief, Shu Ying and its Secretary-general, Teo are all closely aligned to Kah Kiat.

Peter Pang’s promotion is a glaring testimony that Musa can’t be bothered with the interest and welfare of the Chinese community, neither does he care with the sentiments of the other Chinese leaders in his Cabinet. As far as he’s concerned, Datuk Raymond Tan Shu kiah (pic), Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, Datuk Edward Khoo and Peter Pang owed their respective post to him.

These so-called Chinese leaders were obviously aware of this hence, like buffaloes tied to their noses they had no choice but to accept Pang’s ‘turbo-charged’ ascension as the state’s most senior Chinese leader despite being the most junior and most inexperienced among them. For the sake of their own survival and to ‘cari makan’, they just had to swallow whatever pride they have.

Raymond, under tremendous pressure from the other BN component parties opted to join Parti Gerakan, the second largest BN component party after the MCA, and was made Gerakan’s Vice President almost instantaneously. Unfortunately, he not only failed to keep his coveted DCM post but also got demoted to a ministry of lesser importance.

While many may deem his failure to retain his DCM post a major slap to him and Gerakan. But, his close aides revealed otherwise, that he in fact didn’t mind it at all.

This was because by now he would have secured whatever projects or outstanding payments there were under his previous portfolio. He had been given ‘ample notice’ to collect whatever outstanding payments there were. And he is now moving on to a new territory for a greener pasture. As Musa’s strategic ‘partner-in-business’, it is almost certain that he will continue to have a good time playing an ‘industrialist’.

Yee (pic), on the other hand despite his intense lobbying with cheap publicity stunts to win Musa’s heart, also failed to realize his dream of becoming the Chinese DCM in the state. His lobbying for the post was clearly reflected in a series of media statements and publicity stunts praising Musa over a host of issues like the allocations of funds for the Chinese schools and temples in the state, the funding of the annual Chinese cultural events like the Chinese New Year celebrations and many more that were not reported.

Worse still, Yee’s publicity stunts incurred the wrath and disgust of the Chinese community when he made used of the Hainan Federation of Sabah and Labuan to construct another Mazu (pic) Sea Goddess statue in Kudat.

The Chinese community viewed this as nothing but a maneuver to please his political master – Musa, with the hope of neutralizing the impact and humiliation to Musa, which was brought about by the ongoing legal suit filed by Kah Kiat over the stoppage of his Mazu statue project, also in Kudat, two years ago. It is worth noting that both he and Kah Kiat were one-time close buddies.

Yee’s move had not only failed to land him the coveted DCM post which he had always dreamt of, even during his waking hours, but instead caused the Chinese community to despise him, as they deemed Yee’s move as nothing but a very shameful and humiliating move to win Musa’s heart.

To the Chinese community of Sabah , Yee had sold his soul to Musa and they regarded it as a disgrace of the highest order and a betrayal of their trust.

Like Yee, Khoo (pic) who is also the Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister and Kepayan State Assemblyman too had a bitter taste left in his mouth. Despite the strong recommendation from LDP coupled with his subtle lobbying through the various parties including certain Sabah MCA leaders and even Sabah DAP leader like Jimmy Wong, he too failed to realize his ultimate dream. Worse still, he didn’t even get a promotion as a full minister, something which he could at least be happy with.

To the Chinese community of Sabah , this clearly reflected that Musa has no confidence nor respect for Khoo. This was probably due to the fact that till to-date, Khoo is still being regarded as a “spoiled brat” by the Chinese community of Sabah , due to his pompous “rich man son’s attitude”. Khoo is also known to have very little grassroots support and had failed to bring about much improvement to Sabah MCA after all these years.

The assigning of Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin (pic right) to head the Ministry of Rural Development replacing Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan (pic left) was another brilliant move by Musa to better protect his personal interest.

Like Peter Pang and Raymond, Ebin too is considered a trusted lieutenant of Musa and his new appointment was to keep his archrival cum Federal Rural and Regional Development Minister, Datuk Shafie Apdal’s influence in check, especially over the disbursement and utilization of funds.

The appointment of Pairin to take over Raymond’s Infrastructure Development portfolio, which is considered an important portfolio, is another smart and calculated move with careful political consideration by Musa. It was deemed by many as a move to secure Pairin/PBS’s loyalty and support. Musa obviously realized that he can’t rely on the support from within Sabah Umno which is still volatile if not faltering. At the same time, he also realized that he can’t depend on the other Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) leaders.

In gist, the recent Sabah Cabinet reshuffle was a good tactical move by Musa to better secure his faltering position amidst a host of controversies surrounding him and the continuous attempts from within Sabah Umno to oust him.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Kurup should do serious soul searching"

Coffee in my mouth almost burst out on that morning when I read the unsubstantiated, sweeping statement by our learned Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and President of Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS), calling the bloggers of Malaysia “an ungrateful lot” and of subversive element.

I felt outraged and insulted by his statement not so much because of the fact that I’m now a blogger myself but, rather due to the fact that such a statement came from one of the ‘greatest icons of ungratefulness’ himself, with all due respect.

I may sound harsh towards Kurup but for those who know him well enough, including his constituents and his ex wife and children (with the ex wife) could probably concur with me on this. I shall save the details of his “past track records”, both personal and official ones, for another occasion.

It was outrageous and unbecoming of such a senior politician and leader like him to label the bloggers in this country as “the ungrateful lot” and simply accused them of instilling hatred against the Government, just simply because some bloggers in the Interior of Sabah had criticized the government for failing to bring much development to the Interior area, which till to-date remains a fact.

I dare him to substantiate his statement with proofs, failing which he should publicly apologise to bloggers in the country. His statement was not only an insult to the bloggers but also Malaysians at large.

Such a statement shows his sheer ignorance and failure to understand the rationale behind the emergence of the bloggers and, his reluctance to accept their criticism of the government especially when it has done something wrong or made policies that were dubious or not in the best interest of the nation and the people.

The role of the bloggers in the present day’s Malaysia was probably best described by none other than our former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed recently, when he said "The internet, particularly blogs could be useful for making the truth known, and for individuals to air their views and feelings freely".

This was especially significant when it came from the longest-serving PM of this country who was no fan to “press freedom” when he was in office. Although he himself has now turned to the blogsphere to air his views and even criticism against the government of the day, he still can’t change the fact that he was the ‘engineer’ behind the series of the infamous “Ops Lalang” clamping down on political dissents.

The other significant statement indirectly supporting the blogsphere was made by the former Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar himself where during his ‘departure interview’ by Bernama two months ago, he called for the liberation of the media in this country. He even said due to the tight control and manipulation of the mainstream media, his own children don’t even bother to read the mainstream papers nowadays but opted to log on to the Internet to find out what’s happening in the country.

I strongly believe if the government do not unnecessarily impose a tight control of the mainstream media in this country, and are always acting in the best interest of the country and the people, there will be nothing for the bloggers to criticize. They certainly just can’t simply fabricate or pluck something out of the thin air. Even if they did, it just won’t hold water. Our people today are much wiser than before.

Therefore, it was absolutely unfair and outrageous for Kurup to make such an unbecoming remark on bloggers of this country who were in fact playing a crucial and critical role as the ‘watchmen’ or ‘whistleblowers’ over the conduct of the government.

I believe Minister in the PM’s Department Tan Sri Koh Tsu Khoon will be very thankful to us for helping him to keep an eye or a close watch of his colleagues in the Federal Cabinet, making it easier for him to evaluate them under the Key Performance Index (KPI).

And my humble advice to Kurup is that he should learn to accept, if not appreciate, the criticism made by bloggers in the Interior of Sabah and to take immediate measures to better improve the livelihood of his constituents, if he is really grateful of their support.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Court overrules historical facts?

While most of my golfing buddies were recuperating from a massive hang over after the Kaamatan festival yesterday,today I knelt down in prayer(pic),and as my tears rolled down my cheeks,I ask God Almighty to forgive the corridors of power in deciding on your behalf, how God should be addressed.Christians in Malaysia were shocked though not surprise that a court ruling on the 28th.May.2009,did not grant a stay order on the usage of the word"Allah".The shocking news is, Malaysia is currently the only known Muslim country in the world that prohibits the usage of the word "Allah" among non-Muslims be it printed or spoken.How Pathetic can this be?Is history being re-written?

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Exactly 88 days ago,I initiated a signature campaign to appeal to the Prime Minister of Malaysia to reconsider the decision and allow the usage of the word"Allah" among the Christian community in Malaysia.The campaign caught the attention of all major newspapers,news portal Malaysiakini,established blog Malaysia Today and it also hit the blog sphere.When Najib ascended as the new PM, in one of my reply to his email(,I reiterated this appeal,with the hope that if 1Malaysia is ever to succeed,religious freedom must be his priority,which is also enshrined in the Federal Constitution.I further urged and advice him that any attempt to undermine and violate such a freedom unnecessarily would only create resentment and animosity among the general public especially the younger generation towards the government.As a former student of St.Johns Institution(a mission school)I'm convinced he was never "confused",when the word Allah was used, as Najib has certainly proven to be a devoted Muslim.

The signature campaign received tremendous support,not only from the Christian community but also from our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters as well.The international online signatures received from Indonesia,Arab countries, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Europe, Japan, Korea and China were further testimony that the word"Allah" has no exclusivity to anyone.Of the just over 11,000 online signatures received, and the over 4,000 hard copy signatures,40% were from these countries,while the remaining were among Malaysians.

Regrettably,non of the Christian Federal Cabinet Ministers or Christian State Cabinet Ministers of Sabah came out to support the campaign i.e Joseph Pairin Kitingan,Bernard Dompok,Maximus Ongkili,Joseph Kurup.Bernard Dompok had the cheek to say in a press statement that the campaign was redundant.I even approach Pairin one Sunday in Church during my rounds to obtain signatures,to support the campaign,and he ran away.Had I invited him for a singarung(drinking session) with sumandaks around(young women),I'm sure his answer would have been,where and what time?

It was only the ordinary people (pic) that came out in support,ironically the very same people that voted these morons,who now sit and enjoy the luxuries of power.President Theodore Roosevelt said it better.."A typical vice of politicians in power is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues"..."Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people".

While we continue to foster unity and strengthen our bondage with all our Malaysian brothers and sisters irrespective of race and religion,let us pray that the government will have the wisdom and courage to admit that we are all Malaysians,equal above all.

1Malaysia,People First,Performance Now,Mr.Prime Minister,while I support the slogan,but please enlighten me,why am I still termed as dan lain lain(dll)?