Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Kurup should do serious soul searching"

Coffee in my mouth almost burst out on that morning when I read the unsubstantiated, sweeping statement by our learned Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and President of Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS), calling the bloggers of Malaysia “an ungrateful lot” and of subversive element.

I felt outraged and insulted by his statement not so much because of the fact that I’m now a blogger myself but, rather due to the fact that such a statement came from one of the ‘greatest icons of ungratefulness’ himself, with all due respect.

I may sound harsh towards Kurup but for those who know him well enough, including his constituents and his ex wife and children (with the ex wife) could probably concur with me on this. I shall save the details of his “past track records”, both personal and official ones, for another occasion.

It was outrageous and unbecoming of such a senior politician and leader like him to label the bloggers in this country as “the ungrateful lot” and simply accused them of instilling hatred against the Government, just simply because some bloggers in the Interior of Sabah had criticized the government for failing to bring much development to the Interior area, which till to-date remains a fact.

I dare him to substantiate his statement with proofs, failing which he should publicly apologise to bloggers in the country. His statement was not only an insult to the bloggers but also Malaysians at large.

Such a statement shows his sheer ignorance and failure to understand the rationale behind the emergence of the bloggers and, his reluctance to accept their criticism of the government especially when it has done something wrong or made policies that were dubious or not in the best interest of the nation and the people.

The role of the bloggers in the present day’s Malaysia was probably best described by none other than our former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed recently, when he said "The internet, particularly blogs could be useful for making the truth known, and for individuals to air their views and feelings freely".

This was especially significant when it came from the longest-serving PM of this country who was no fan to “press freedom” when he was in office. Although he himself has now turned to the blogsphere to air his views and even criticism against the government of the day, he still can’t change the fact that he was the ‘engineer’ behind the series of the infamous “Ops Lalang” clamping down on political dissents.

The other significant statement indirectly supporting the blogsphere was made by the former Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar himself where during his ‘departure interview’ by Bernama two months ago, he called for the liberation of the media in this country. He even said due to the tight control and manipulation of the mainstream media, his own children don’t even bother to read the mainstream papers nowadays but opted to log on to the Internet to find out what’s happening in the country.

I strongly believe if the government do not unnecessarily impose a tight control of the mainstream media in this country, and are always acting in the best interest of the country and the people, there will be nothing for the bloggers to criticize. They certainly just can’t simply fabricate or pluck something out of the thin air. Even if they did, it just won’t hold water. Our people today are much wiser than before.

Therefore, it was absolutely unfair and outrageous for Kurup to make such an unbecoming remark on bloggers of this country who were in fact playing a crucial and critical role as the ‘watchmen’ or ‘whistleblowers’ over the conduct of the government.

I believe Minister in the PM’s Department Tan Sri Koh Tsu Khoon will be very thankful to us for helping him to keep an eye or a close watch of his colleagues in the Federal Cabinet, making it easier for him to evaluate them under the Key Performance Index (KPI).

And my humble advice to Kurup is that he should learn to accept, if not appreciate, the criticism made by bloggers in the Interior of Sabah and to take immediate measures to better improve the livelihood of his constituents, if he is really grateful of their support.


  1. Kurup has no moral value to express anything.An MP winning by default(not duly elected)doesn't deserve recognition.

    Great piece my friend.

  2. Who gave Kurap the right to question usage of Government facilities?Are we not all tax paying Citizens of Malaysia?It is the obligation of the Government to ensure continued development.

    This Kurap is so outdated,there is no smoke without fire.If you find the kitchen too hot,you can always GET OUT.

  3. Kurup's first wife ended up as a grass cutter with DBKK. Kurup used to pass by her, while she was cutting grass, and ignore her. That's the kind of cruel person that Kurup is. He only thinks of himself. After the Federal Court handed him the Pensiangan seat, which he will surely lose the next time, he did the disappearing act from the area.

  4. Tan Sri Kurap is a real son of the b**** & an ass****. With his old-fashioned plaform shoes and bell-bottom trousers he should be kept in the National Musuem instead of being appointed as a deputy federal minister. What a real shame indeed!

    It's understandable why an outdated scum like him made such a stupid remarks.

    I'm glad that our home-grown blogger, Ronnie Klassen had pointed it out rightly that kurap is the "greates icon of ungratefullness" considering how he treated his ex wife and their children after he got married with his present wife. I was once told that he even disallowed his children (from his ex wife) to enter his bungalow when they approached him for financial assistance many years ago.

    The worse part was he dumped his ex wife, who was a municipal council worker at that time who once financed his studies abroad by working as a grasscutter. If this is not ungrateful, i really don't know what it is then. Tan Sri Kurap probably never thought that this will come back to haunt him one day!!

    Ronnie was also right for saying that Tan Sri Kurap's constituents would probably concur with him that Tan Sri Kurap is an ungrateful person. Just look at the backwardness of his former constituency of Sook and now Pensiangan. A majority of the people there are still living in poverty and in poor condition, some places or villages are even still without water and electricity.

    So my advice to Tan Sri Kurap is, before he calls someone ungrateful, perhaps he should look hard into his own reflection in the mirror.

    Frankly-speaking, had not because of his dirty tactics and a flawed court decision on the election petition, he probably would still be sobbing in his wife's arms. Lets see whether he could still win in the next election.

  5. I believe Kurup did not mean to insult every blogger as he too imbraces blogging through

    I believe his statement was aimed at certain bloggers that do indeed lie & incite hatred for political points. Perhaps his statement should have been more specific - to encourage responsible blogging. Or perhaps the media misquoted him - I'm just guessing as I try to be rational neutral - which is what blogging should be.

    However I must disagree with this article by Ronnie, and the comments posted here. Hitting below the belt and attacking someone's personal life, including someone's family is truly low and unbecoming. Acts such these are exactly the cause of unwarranted mudslinging between politicians and bloggers. Why should Ronnie be so offended if he has not done anything wrong? Has your guilty conscience got to you that you now need to justify yourself not by justifying your writing (which should be the way) but by attacking another person and his family.

    I admit that we are in dire need of development. But development needs the cooperation of every citizen. Jeffrey Kittingan's PHD thesis centered around the theme that one of main reason for Sabah's slow development was the kampung mentality of the people - not just the leaders. It is kampung mentality to blame the leaders for everything - as it is the easy thing to do - to blame someone else. As long as Sabahan's keep this mentality of blaming others and expecting handouts we will never progress - regardless of who our politicians are.

    deeply concerned Sabahan

  6. My dear deeply-concerned Sabahan,

    From the way you defended Kurup, you sounded more like one of his ‘machais’ or ‘shoeshine boys’ than a deeply-concerned Sabahan that you claimed to be. This is because till to-date Kurup has yet to come out to clarify his insulting statement against the bloggers in the country.

    Hence, how could you guess on his behalf that he was probably been misquoted by the media, or that his statement was actually aimed at a certain bloggers who lie and incite hatred for political reasons? Can you please name these bloggers, as I too would like to know who they are?

    And why are you so worked up by the comment about Kurup’s ex wife? Isn’t it a fact that he was previously married to another woman before marrying his present wife who is a Chinese from Peninsular Malaysia? Please prove me wrong if you can!

    If you considered such a comment hitting below the belt, then how about Kurup’s vicious attack on the bloggers labeling them as “an ungrateful lot” and accusing them of instilling hatred against the government, without substantiating it? Is that a proper and responsible statement for such a senior politician cum leader to make? How could I not feel offended with such a sweeping, unsubstantiated statement? What more when Kurup himself has not been known to be a gentleman. The controversial manner he won his Pensiangan MP seat speaks for itself.

    And let me set the record straight here that I have got nothing personal against Kurup. I was merely stating the facts. And if tomorrow he does something that really benefits the State and the people, be rest assured that I would be the first person/blogger to commend him on my blog.

    While I value and welcome constructive criticism, I must stress here that any politician worth his salt should be responsible and be prepared to be examined and criticized if his or her statement or action is found to be questionable.

    As for your comment on ‘kampung mentality’ belittling the rural folks, it just goes to show how ignorant and arrogant you are. The rural folks who made up the majority of voters in Kurup’s constituency may be humble and down-to-earth people but they are certainly not stupid, as what you would like to think. As far as I’m concerned, you are merely trying to twist the fact and to put the blame on these innocent rural folks, instead of the so-called leader like Kurup who failed to bring about much development to the very people who supported him.

    I sincerely believe the constituents of Pensiangan know what to do comes the next general election.

    On Jeffrey Kitingan’s Phd thesis, first of all, it could be obsolete by now and secondly, what has he got to do with Kurup’s insulting remarks?

  7. Good rebutal, Ronnie. You should challenge kurap @ korupt to sue you. That would be fun to watch if he dares to do that. I believe the court room will be packed - like watching a Hollywood or Bollywood blockbuster.

    We fellow bloggers in the country will get you a team of good lawyers, not just to defend you, but to interogate kurap.

    Kurap, please stand up and fight like a man instead of hiding behind your wife.