Friday, June 12, 2009

"Tell signs of a failed state".

FROM THE RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal to the collapse of the roof of the just completed RM300mil Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Gong Badak, Kuala Trengganu on June 2, and now the leaking of the RM350 million Sabah Federal Administrative Complex (SFAC) are probably tell signs that the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government is fast crumbling down.Picture(left) showing workers trying to identify the problem.

I just wonder how the Government are going to explain to the people on these issues which all involved the taxpayers’ money to build, especially when the sum involved were enormous.

This was not taking into account of the leaks in the Parliament building in 2007, just two years after it underwent a RM90 million massive one-year interior restoration and renovation, besides the infamous “MRR2” (Middle Ring Road 2) cracks scandal in Kepong last year, only after less than two years of an exorbitant RM70 million repair of the RM238 million project.

As in the case of the SFAC (better known as Sabah Federal Building), like the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium, it was also found to be without the Occupational Certificate (OC) despite having completed in 2007. It was also shocking to learn that a large portion of the tiles of the exterior walls of the building too started peeling off barely three months after its completion.

A vast section of the tiles on the exterior walls (pic) of the building were peeling off and exposed the plywood used as the base of the walls (pic). What's the total cost incurred for the repair works & who foot the bill? KK MP Dr Hiew King Cheu should raise the matter in the Parliament.

And the best part was, the building also housed the newly re-branded Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) now known as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Perhaps the MACC should take the initiative to conduct a thorough investigation into the implementation of the said project since they were sharing the same building.

It would be interesting to find out the following:

  1. Who is the contractor for the project and how it was awarded?
  2. Who is the Consulting Engineer for the project and how come the tenants were allowed to move in without first obtaining the OC?Picture showing the tiles peeled off at the lobby of the SFAC.

Until and unless the Government could provide us with a satisfactory explanation on all these issues, the future of BN is probably as bleak as the latest political catchphrase of “1Black Malaysia”

In the meantime,Chief Minister of Sabah Datuk Musa Aman (pic) should come out and explain to the people of Sabah on his "mysterious disappearance" whether he was on leave or simply PONTENG from work i.e went AWOL(absence without leave)

As the CEO of the state's civil service,what good example is he portraying?If indeed he had gone to Singapore for treatment,as what we reliably learnt,then he should explain why it was done in such a mysterious manner.Is the ailment so serious and complicated that he had to go out of the country for treatment or,simply because he has no confidence in our nation's own medical facilities and doctors?

And why must he take a private jet instead of a commercial airline?Was it due to an emergency case?If yes,what kind of ailment and how serious is it?

A local Chinese daily newspaper reported that Minister of Tourism,Datuk Masidi Manjun (pic) said that the Chief Minister went to Singapore for a "cough treatment".Hello..does Masidi actually believe that Sabahans are that stupid?That being the case,he has just implied that the doctors in Sabah are not qualified to treat patients with coughs.Are the doctors at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore,where Musa was admitted more qualified in the treatment of coughs?

The people of Sabah have every right to demand an explanation,Musa's continued silence in this matter may be tantamount to other "reasons" as to his disappearance.


  1. All of them are the same brother!! Sarawak, Sabah, West Malaysia, Federal Leaders...the civil service,you name is called The Bolehland..

  2. I read with interest an analogy at of how Government contracts are awarded in Bolehland,if you have no connections with AMNO.If you have, process is fast and construction compromising everything in Bolehland.Could this be the reason?

  3. The MACC should immediately open an investigation on this,and investigate the following:

    1.Were the building plans submitted and approved by DBKK?
    2.Was there an open tender,negotiated tender or direct award?
    3.Was the contractor a local Sabah company or West Malaysian company?
    4.Who was the lead Consultant,his identity must be reveal?
    5.Why did DBKK,the authority that issues OC's, permit the occupants to occupy the building?Are we seeing double standards?

    MACC,must also make know public if Musa Aman had a hand in this project.The Mayor of Kota Kinabalu,Iliyas Ibrahim must explain to the public as well,his incompetence.

    The front page of the Daily Express today featured Musa Aman appearing in the Bandaraya Mosque,where his hand was kiss.Did Sabah just have a Sultan?Kaki ampu of the highest order.

  4. We the rakyat has had enough...wait for a few more years and we shall all see who the real boss is!The next election will come PRU 13!

    They have enough dirty track records to kill themselves, more will crumble, more will collapse, more will fall, more will even die, more by elections, more heart attacks, more exposed...more falling the end BN goes down the toiles flush to end it ALL.

    More digging up of the shit, otherwise it exposes itself, by can run but you can't hide, the devil is catching up real FAST...devils are friends one day and foe the very next day...


  5. Ronnie, i like your heading "Tell signs of a failed state" which cannot be too far from the truth, if not the absolute truth.

    The glarring defects found in many of our leading government buildings and infrastructures are clearly an indication that our system is rotten to its core and requires a major overhaul. This can only be achieved with a total revamp of the present administration or a change of the present government, which to my mind, the latter would be more likely and effective looking at the rate things are happening in this country.

    The rot started with Umno who are clearly beyond redemption now despite all the rhetorics about making changes. They are only fooling themselves to think that they could still go on fooling the people with all the rhetorics and 'feel-good' slogans like "1Malaysia".

    Now that former Umno leader like Zaid Ibrahim has joined PKR, it's just a matter of time that the few remaining conscientious leaders like Kuli, Shahrir Samad might follow suit or just quit Umno.

    As for the other coalition partners in BN like MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, PBS, UPKO & LDP, they too are currently either consumed with their internal problems if not suffering from a poor public rating.

    If we take a serious look at the achievements of this country under 50-years of BN rule, it's rather ashamed that it has actually gone from good to bad and becoming worse nowadays.

    Just look at the number of controversies plaguing our country to judge for yourself.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Ronnie. We certainly could need more courageous individuals/bloggers like you to keep our morale/spirit alive.

  6. I was also wondering why that guy would want to kiss Musa's hand. The Chief Editor of DE must be laughing too when he put in that photo, that James Sarda guy know how to play his cards with the politicians...
    Who was that guy kissing Musa's hand? Must be a real b... carrier.
    Is he the contractor who was trying to get the incinerator project?
    What if the CM just came out of the toilet!!

  7. MACC is just old milk in new bottlelah!When MACC or ACA officers were caught taking bribes, there is a media blackout.
    Corruption is global, but in Malaysia it is just too crude especally in Sabah. In industrialised nations the corruption is legal where lobbyists, consultants etc..are used to hoowinked the hanky panky.
    Malaysian administration is corrupted from the top to the bottom in a very crude manner that is why it is so glaring and those poor folks who did not a get a chance to get a share of the candy are making noise.
    As for Musa, I think he is doing a great job with all the developments in Sabah at least!!
    not like the previous three CMs during the Dr M era, where they were just filling their own pockets with no significant development in Sabah...