Friday, June 19, 2009


Will Sabah be seeing the appointment of an Acting Chief Minister or perhaps a newly appointed CM or the dissolution of the state assembly for a fresh mandate by the people?

In my recent posting on the 10th June 2009, "Musa whisked away to Singapore", I mentioned that the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Musa Hj.Aman (pic) was urgently flown over to Singapore in a private jet (pic) belonging to his Chinese timber tycoon friend, to undergo medical treatment for some undisclosed ailments.

Even though he had later categorically denied having any serious health problems when he appeared in public together with his wife, to do some cooking demonstrations, reliable sources had it that he actually had his medical check-up at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre Singapore.

And what was even more shocking was that the result of his medical check-up suggested that he could be suffering from a serious ailment, a ‘brain tumor’!

According to a leading KL-based neurosurgeon, a brain tumor (pic left) is commonly located in the anterior two-thirds of the cerebral hemispheres in adults, although they can affect any part of the brain.

However, a sudden onset of symptoms such as an epileptic seizure in a patient with no prior history of epilepsy, sudden intracranial hypertension (this may be due to bleeding within the tumor, brain swelling or obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid's passage) is also possible (pic right). These were said to be among the symptoms found on Musa when he fell ill recently.

Coincidentally, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (pic) has both neurosurgery facilities and expertise. We reliably learnt that Musa is expected to leave for the United States of America (USA) for neurosurgery, at the Cleveland Clinic Brain Tumour and Neuro-Oncology Centre in Cleveland, Ohio. He's currently awaiting air space clearance from the Department of Civil Aviation of Japan and USA to fly over their air space, as well as for the landing rights. This is an international pre-requisite condition when passengers travel by their very own private jet.

Musa’s younger foreign minister anifah amanbrother Datuk Anifah Aman (pic) who is also the Foreign Minister of Malaysia who was recently discharged from an undisclosed hospital for "suspected food poisoning" was said to be making all the necessary preparations and arrangements for Musa’s departure.

While I hope this is not true, I urge the Chief Minister to come clean with his health condition to prevent speculations and erosion of public confidence in the State administration as, he is not just any ordinary civil servant but the CEO of the state.

But if this is true, then as a responsible state leader, he should be more forthcoming in informing the people of his real health condition and make the necessary arrangements to ensure a continuous and smooth development for the state. He should perhaps appoint one of his three deputies as the Acting CM before he leaves for USA for the treatment.

Meanwhile, I call upon all concerned Sabahans to pray for his good health.


  1. Could it be that MAZU is sending a message for him to change his arrogant and greedy ways?

    He had insulted MAZU, the Goddess of Sea and thats no small matter.

    If he gives an order for the MAZU statue to continue in Kudat, he may recuperate immediately.

    Mark my words ... Musa shouldn't insult MAZU.

  2. Man Oh, Man!

    Repent, for the end is near!

    Anak Sabah

  3. Just be truthful, honest and transparent and no body in this whole wide word can do you wrong!

  4. this man is a vacumm

  5. I think it's genetic. The CM got brain tumor and his brother has brain damage... For the CM i think all the money he has horde would lose it's value now, I think!

  6. Anon,
    Vacum? What do you mean? Kap Chan Kei? He is one or he uses one?

  7. Hamba, crime does not pay la. He has so much money from timber deals, etc. Payback time for Musang Aman. Let us, however, wish him well and maybe after this, he will repent.

  8. Who can explain if this is relevant to the many words in his English public speeches he cannot read making those sentences menaingless?.

    This is not the case with BM speeches.

    I think this can be due to the wealth he has accumulated and it must be used somehow.

    or is it a way out of the many dilemmas he has?

  9. First of all Ronnie Klassen, Musa didnt fly out that sunday at 2+pm to Singapore on a Private jet....he flew out in a chartered AIR AMBLUANCE.


    Wont it gives a better public relation to our local health care services since QE hospital was closed down without a proper replacement to date.

    By the out for his[Musa] coming Monday flight to KL...where he will disappear again for few days[God knows where]...maybe Spore again or US..?.

  10. An eye eye for an eye;
    A brain for a brain.

    He took all the brains out of his cabinet members and thought Sabahans were brainless too.

    Serves him right if God takes his brains out.

    Bon voyage to Amanland.

  11. Ronnie, can you do a followup on Vanitha's posting here:

    Vanitha is an ex senior journalist lecturing journalism now and has just open up a blog.

  12. If it's true, he didn't ask for it and it is God's will. Let us all pray for him.

  13. Ketulahan bah tu sama urang Sabah...Kotou...

  14. let all be done be done

  15. Musa's business partners has put all business on hold.They are annoyed and demanding an explanation.Aman empire now on denial syndrome.

  16. Aiyoh.....mula mula kata pergi cuti dengan keluarga disingapura.Lepas itu masidi kata musang batok jadi kena pergi jumpa doktor disingapura.Anifah pula kata abangnya stress sangat jadi kena rehat dihospital mt elizabeth disingapura.Apa yang stress sangat duitkan banyak.Orang sabah ni semua bodohkan?

    Jadi susulanya musang memang dimasukan wad dihospital disingapura.Soalanya,apakah penyakit sabenar musang?Takan diam saja!

  17. "Let us all pray for him."

    Not me...i do not intend to interfere in god`s wrath, nor will i try to bribe god.

  18. Musa is doing a VK Lingam syndrome,looks like me,walks like me but it's not me.

  19. Mahathir mamak's favorite song was MY WAY.Musa Pakistan should be TO ALL THE FOOLS I FOOLED BEFORE,but your fooling days are over.

  20. Is this true or not? How come Daily Express yesterday got a story of Musa in Memebakut at the padi planting function with Yahya Hussin.
    You guys, I see are more evil than the devil himself, instead of praying for his recovery, at least maybe if it is true he is that bad he can repent. It seems that you guys have no compassion at do you guys expect peace to come to your country. Some of you guys were saying he got so much money from his timber deal etc...
    What will you guys do if you are in the position to be able to enrich yourselves and family, will you not do so? Come on man...
    I think by the look of all the postings in this blog most of you guys are just jealous of Musa's wealth and not being able to do what he is doing. I am not shoe polishing him or trying to angkat kaki him, but the way you guys are wishing him dead and all those uncalled for statements, you guys are just showing that you guys are no better than him...

    " And when whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in Heaven may also forgive you your tresspasses" Mark 11:25

  21. To YAB Datuk I pray for your recovery.

  22. Shoe polishers will always be shoe polishers,that's what their only good for,period.

  23. Now who is polishing Jeffery's shoes. This blog master is sure one of them in the name of fighting for good governance but in actaual fact is under the payroll of Jeffery.

  24. I hope by the time BN collapse in Sabah there is still leftover to be squandered by the next government be it PKR or some other party and 'some dynamic leaders'. I am sure some are already planning and counting the days what to take when they sit in office.
    I think there will be some more timber left in the National Park areas...and more coal fired power stations can be built, forget about the pollution! as long as make money...what else? Ah create some white elephant projects! Good Luck folks, may the force be with you~!

  25. better be ball polisher than shoe polisher so can get bigger ang pow..

  26. Dear Anon,

    Shoe polishing Jeffery's shoes and under his payroll?This must surely be the joke of the century.I don't think Jeffery can afford me.

    I'm glad that there are some UMNO/BN die hearts engaging themselves in this comment section,although under the disguise of anonymous.

  27. How not to disguise umno got no balls one.Talk big only,why until 2day this musang still no talk in the paper if got brain tumor or not.hilang tentelor kah.

  28. Say what u like about Musa, Jeffery or the so called Sabah leaders, they are all loaded and here u people are bickering as if u all can change the country.
    As for Ronnie Klassen this blog master by the look of name you are not even a Bumiputra Sabah, to be accepted as a politician in Sabah, you are just a half breed of neither here nor there. The only politician who is half breed and brilliant to become the Chief Minister was the late Donald Stephens ( may he rests in peace) but he converted and took the name of Fuad Stephens...
    Your name to me is you are either a Eurasian or a Filipino breed. You don't even qualify to be an anak Sabah..and you do not even "potong" to be accepted in the are good only to be used as a bulldozer!by some unscruplous local politician like your boss Jeffery...

    Anifah dismisses wild stories on Musa's health

  30. Now now, how did Umno come into Sabah in the first place? Was it not because of politicians like Jeffery and the PBS gang who caused the late Tun Mustapha( May he rests in peace) to allow KL leaders to start Umno in Sabah... look back fellas, had those fellas in PBS been more acceptable and not to betrayed fellow Sabahans, Umno would have no chance to come in..Now Umno is in Sabah to stay wheter you like it or not! And as for the Kadazans who had been so arrogant during PBS time you all will have to kowtow to the KL Umno people forever. PBS got its chance, but due to greed and infighting and betraying the Huguan Siou, that has caused what it is today for Sabah...As for PKR sorrylah, leaders in Sabah PKR were the same gang who had caused the downfall of PBS...
    Dream on fellas dream on!!!!!
    Sorry to say the Kadazan...or the KDMs will never be able to come up again like during the PBS time....the KL PKR leadership is only interested to use the KDM to win and rule the nation, the same thing like what Umno is doing far as KDM rights the same vicious cycle...they are just interested to reap the harvest from Sabah. As for the illegal immigrants problem, there is nothing KL or Umno can, just look what happen to those people demonstrating in Lahad Datu over the Sulu claim, they should be changed unedr ISA not just illegal assembly and bailed out...The Sabah claim still stand as it is! Go to the Hague and sort it out but nobody dare to do that because Manila will surely win the case...that is why KL and Umno are not interested to pursue the matter. Come election time catch a few of these illegals and make a big news in the local papers just an eyewash and win votes...who gain, nobody except the politicians especially Umno, they win, rule and squandered the State's resources, and Sabahans continue to lose out, and outnumbered especially the KDMs and continue harp over the illegals year in year out.
    Look back how many change of government Sabah has undergone and the problem of illegals was never solved...the same Sabah leaders who had been shouting over the illegals never did anything concrete when they were in power,,,just too busy squandering the state and investing their loot overseas like Australia and UK..Tell if I am wrong!!!????
    I do not support Umno, PKR or SAPP, I know most of their leaders and they are just the same crooks.....Sabah is just a milking cow!!!

  31. A non-malay even though he is more capable and more qualified but cannot:

    Be - the prime minister of the country
    Be - the deputy prime minister of the country
    Be - the head of any branch of the armed forces in the country
    Be - the head of department in a ministry
    Be - the head of state of the states with no rulers
    Be - the head prefect of a national school
    Be - the IGP of the country
    Be - the nominated as the best of the best in the school
    Be - the secretary-general or deputy secretary-general of a ministry

    What is worse is that the PM goes around telling people, repeating a crazy lie, by saying that - "We do not practice racial discrimination in our country".

    Did the MCA and MIC leaders agree to this in 1957?

    Did the people in Sabah and Sarawak also agree to this in 1963?

    I think malays will keep on to give rubbish answer!

  32. If only the malays are a bit smarter, then BN won’t win. The problem is malays are too damn stupid that they keep voting for BN. I don’t know what poison BN gave to make them in this state.

  33. Semi Value, Najis, Hisppukidin, Bodowi……….all these idiots of the corrupt Umno government - one thing is certain - majority, a very high majority of the public does not believe anything the stupid, lying and corrupt Umno government says anymore.

    This Umno government has zero credibility with the people of Malaysia and one of the reasons is the public is more knowledgeable and intelligent than all those idiots in government especially those dumb shit heads in Umno.

  34. ronnie all your speculations is bull now. cm musa is in perlis!!! ie as reported in local dailies where nusa and tyt is at grapevine. your story on musa sound like the old sour grapes case

  35. Can someone please shed some light why is musang or the cabinet not making an official comment or press statement of musa's health condition or is the cabinet busy choosing among themselves who should be the CM?

    Musang left kk on monday 12.15pm(MH065)to kl,but has yet to returned,anyone care to verify?

  36. Don't fight. Change this corrupted government. It is within the PEOPLE'S POWER. We sow what we reap.

  37. I met him during Raya.

    He is in perfectly and healthy shape.

    He doesn't seem to be sick.

    He's all good and dandy.

  38. He is in good health & doesn't look sick :)

  39. He is our CM and we should hope he's safe and in good health everyday :)

  40. Datuk, please stay happy & healthy all the time :)

  41. Datuk, I hope you are happy and healthy, and all is well in your life :)
    To my fellow Sabahans, have a nice day kio :P

  42. hmm.. For me he's doesn't look sick..
    But no worries Datuk, I'll pray that your health improves every day :)

    P/s Please stay healthy Datuk :)

  43. I can’t wait for your next post.

  44. This 'Class-on' @ ronnie guy think he is great...! mengaku kadazan but look at him, macam PTI saja ...dont be too much to people la, you are not even in the kelingking of musa, trying to be a politician, better go and jaga your "fun-fare"...macam mau muflis sudah tu...