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PARTI Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) today question the arrogant motives behind the allocation increase to all Barisan National assemblyman only by Musa Aman at the budget sitting, lambasted Ronnie Klassen, Sabah's PKR Director of Communication.

“Who gave Musa Aman the authority to dictate as to how and who should be given this allocation increase, amounting to RM62.7 million? Why only to the 56 UMNO/BN Assemblyman, a partyless assemblyman, but completely and blatantly neglecting Likas, Luyang and Seri Tanjong? Are these three Opposition constituency occupied by ‘Aliens’ and not Sabahans?”

“The tax paying and registered voters in Sabah have the absolute right to demand an explanation from the UMNO/BN Government of Sabah.Were the election promises made by UMNO/BN Sabah during the 12th General Elections as well as the recent Batu Sapi by-election mere smokescreens,that only UMNO/BN is able to bring development to the people?”

PKR views this segregation and total neglect of public funds being channel to the opposition constituency as an insult to the tax payers in Sabah, particularly the constituency of Likas, Luyang and Seri Tanjong. Public funds belong to the people, as such equal distribution must be adhered.

This announcement of allocation increase, is more of an election carrot to strengthen the positions of the existing UMNO/BN Assemblyman, since Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had indicated that a Snap Election is nearing.

“The under current signs are strong and the election tremor is now further ascertain with huge funds being channel to the 57 state constituency in Sabah,“ added Ronnie as he wish to remind Musa Aman and his fellow UMNO/BN comrades,that public funds belong to the people of Sabah and not UMNO/BN.

On another note, PKR also questions the State Government's blatant ignorance when it categorically denied the World Bank's declaration that Sabah is currently today the poorest state in Malaysia.

“Is the State Government saying that the World Bank's report is a LIE? How can a state rich in natural resources, be categorize as the poorest state? This can only be possible, when funds derived from our resources are being mis-used or mis-managed,” fumed Ronnie.

Ronnie also demanded to know for public interest, where and what has happen to the hundreds of millions derived from the 15% state government tax on the 4D revenue over the last 10 years. Can the UMNO/BN Government of Sabah kindly provide an account for public viewing, as to how and where the money was used?

“Surely if these funds were intelligently used to eradicate poverty,Sabah would not be declared the poorest state in Malaysia,” challenge Ronnie.

When ask about the current turmoil in PKR, Ronnie who is the Director of Communications for PKR Sabah, said,”I won't really describe the problems as turmoil, it's a self proclaimed problem by individuals who have created an injunction upon themselves. While I won't deny that there are bonafide complains lodged by members over the party elections, the elections committee must act without fear or favour and immediately. I have seen and heard enough, that is why I will submit a proposal to the Supreme Council that the future party elections must be reformed.”

According to Ronnie, In his proposal, the following changes must be seriously considered if PKR intend to see an equal representation in a nationalized party. Currently all positions in the party is a ‘free for all’ vote among members throughout the country.

“From the voting pattern, I've realized that Sabahans and Sarawakians are loosing out, as compared to our West Malaysian counter parts. In order for a greater and equal representation, the leadership should study my proposal seriously;

1. to contest (1 Post)

2.Deputy to contest (1 Post)

3.Vice-President ...............2 candidates from West Malaysia,1 from Sabah and 1 from Sarawak.(4 Post)

4.MPP members ..............10 from West Malaysia, 5 from Sabah and 5 from Sarawak.(20 Post)

(all members will vote for their respective candidates in West Malaysia,in Sabah and Sarawak respectively)

The current voting pattern clearly indicates that Sabahans and Sarwakians will never be well represented in the Supreme Council, if changes are not made. In addition, all cabang (divisons) and national elections should be conducted simultaneously.

“This would ensure that members would come out and vote once, rather then the current method, where members are required to vote twice which has taxed the members,” said Ronnie.

“In my recent visit to Parliament, I'm glad that quite a number of PKR's MP's that I met have indicated their agreement and support to my proposal. This is certainly a step closer to realizing a more balance national representation in PKR.We profess reforms and changes, we must also be seen as reforming and changing,” added Ronnie.

Monday, November 1, 2010

UMNO/BN's Shenanigans Outdated..Batu Sapi Has Awaken

Today,I have join the ranks of many before me,in getting closer with my maker.I have just turn 50 years of age,wiser and more vocal.But my birthday blog will not be overly"cheong hei" as before,but it is my wish that Sabahans have chosen CHANGE by standing firm for the future of this wonderful place call...SABAH.

While some still mourned the unexpected death of Batu Sapi Member of Parliament, Edmond Chong,many have way pass his untimely death.In fact his wife Linda Tsen,has spend the last 7 days campaigning in the on-going Batu Sapi by election,all in the name of ensuring UMNO/BN keeping the seat.While many feel that Linda Tsen should still be in mourning,UMNO/BN,particularly Chief Minister Musa Aman and Pairin Kitingan thinks otherwise,as this being their only weapon left available to capture the seat....sympathy votes..!!

Pairin Kitingan must still be living in the stone age of 1985,when sympathy votes became the basis of his party's victory.If fact,I still remember those days,the saying was that even a monkey would have won,and all it needed to do was to wave the Parti Bersatu Sabah(PBS) flag,and victory was his.

Ironically,after 25 years,UMNO/BN still believes the same old "song"still works.If at all Musa Aman and Pairin Kitingan still thinks that Sabahans are the same easily hoodwink people they knew 25 years ago,then they are miserably wrong as the 12th General Elections have awaken the sleeping Sabahans.
The one thing we can all agree here is that Batu Sapi will be the benchmark for whatever will be the turning point for both sides of the divide.UMNO/BN's continued existence, Pakatan Rakyat's entry as the "government-in-waiting"will be decided on the 4th.November when Sabahans go to the polls to decide who they prefer to represent them in Parliament.Then there are also strong signals for a Snap elections,which Prime Minister,Najib Razak has boldly mention at the UMNO's Congress recently.If this is of any indication of an imminent snap elections around the corner,the new MP of Batu Sapi may not see the light of being sworn in,due to the snap election and Parliament doesn't sit that soon for him/her to be sworn in.


Batu Sapi will still remember the false promises of UMNO/BN since the day Batu Sapi became a Parliamentary Constituency in 2004.The late Edmond Chong became the first MP,uncontested and retain the seat in the 12th General elections against an Independent,who has just only recently join PBS.

In the headlines of a local daily(Daily Express) today,Musa Aman blatantly lied through his teeth once again with his statement "Many plans in store for Batu Sapi".My question is,What happen to the previous plans and promises which has yet to be fulfilled?The people of Batu Sapi deserves the absolute right to know and demand,where is the previous promises made to them?In the words of Abraham Lincoln,"you can fool the people some of the time,but you cannot fool the people all the time".

But what interest me the most in this by-election was the challenge after challenge for a Debate hurl at each other by the contesting candidates from Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) and Sabah Progressive Party(SAPP).While the challenges were mere smokescreens for some,PKR 's candidate,Ansari Abdullah was the most sincere when he invited SAPP's Yong Teck Lee and Barisan Nasional's Linda Tsen to an OPEN DEBATE for the benefit of the people to gauge who should rightfully represent them in Parliament.As expected neither excepted the challenge and chickened out.

Yong Teck Lee or better known as"taiko",a name bestowed upon him by the local media,for whatever reasons, may take a rocket scientist to scientifically figure this out,chicken out in the debate when he describe it as "Ansari is not within his league".His arrogant remark in describing Ansari as a "parachute candidate",and that he will only debate with Anwar Ibrahim,since he is the President of his party and Anwar is the Ketua Umum,we are at "par".

Ironically he felt it proper to engage this debate by also inviting Musa Aman.Shouldn't Yong be inviting the Prime Minister,Najib Razak since he is the Chairman of Barisan Nasional,and not Musa Aman?Why did Yong conveniently ignore this fact by inviting Najib,is mind-boggling?After all,it was Najib early this year that said "I will decide what is best for Sabah".For the record, Yong Teck Lee's arrogance in describing Ansari as a parachute candidate is an insult,he forgot to mentioned that even he is a parachute candidate.

UMNO/BN's candidate,Linda Tsen is of course a pawn of convenience.Her job is to keep silent as far as possible and UMNO/BN will do all the campaigning.Her command in Bahasa Malaysia,which is a prerequisite language use in Parliament,is highly questionable.It's safe to even say that a Primary 6 student speaks better Bahasa then her,which is an insult to the intelligence of Batu Sapi.

If Edmond Chong was unable to raise the standard of living and perform for Batu Sapi for 2 terms as the MP,how can Linda do better? The political landscape in Malaysia has change ever since the 12th General election and if change has really happen in Sabah,then the people of Batu Sapi is not about to send a deaf,dumb and blind person to Parliament.

Enemy Within....Where is Jeffery Kitingan,Christina Liew and their Lieutenants?

As Pakatan Rakyat leaders led by Anwar Ibrahim work their guts out in Batu Sapi to campaign for PKR's candidate Ansari Abdullah in the by-election, disgusted party members are beginning to question the motives of outgoing PKR Vice President Jeffrey Kitingan and his close aid Christina Liew.

Both are believed to be not interested in Batu Sapi. In fact, it is no secret that Jeffery,Christina and their Lieutenants are busy campaigning for Zaid Ibrahim in the PKR Deputy Presidency.Where is their loyalty,sincerity and commitment in the party,when a fellow comrade is the candidate for the Batu Sapi by-election?I question their intentions,as this is unacceptable.

I will even go one step higher and demand that the party haul them up for disciplinary action for sabotage and insubordination.It was claimed by one of Jeffery's aid's,Alex Kiob that Jeffery was not welcome in Batu Sapi.I'm baffled by this claim,PKR belongs to members,since when it became the property of an individual?The word is that,two Kitingans cannot be at the same place campaigning,worst off on opposite sides.

Why aren’t they showing solidarity with Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Mahfuz Omar. These guys are all working round the clock to bring reform to Sabahans, but Jeffery and Christina only seem to be interested in their own party positions. That's why they are drawing flak from other party members because they don't seem to be interested in Pakatan or PKR at all, but only in themselves.

Anwar now has to acknowledge the truth in what a lot of Sabah members have been telling him – Jeffrey hasn’t done a thing for PKR. To continue to rely on him,Christina and most of their lieutenants, is for PKR to commit suicide in Sabah.I guess Winston Churchill was right when he said"Politics is more dangerous then war,for in war you are only killed once".

In fact, just on the grounds of selfishness and putting personal interest above party and coalition, many members feel both Jeffery and Christina should already be axed. This is serious. We are talking about war in the 13th GE and we only want those who will fight with PKR and Pakatan through thick and thin, and not for themselves.

There are many KDM leaders in Sabah,one only need to open their eyes.The young and new generation has already emerged,a fact that worries Jeffery to his bones.I recall Christina arrogantly mentioning in the recent cabang election,"we should not support Orang Malaya".I wonder where does Zaid comes from,surely not from Sabah?Having said that,Christina was not even BORN in Malaysia,let alone Sabah.Christina was born in Indonesia and only holds a Permanent Residency(PR),yet she insults us by telling Malaysians not to support another Malaysian.


It's a fight to the end,and anything goes in the on-going party elections.From what was endeavour and hoped to be a "friendly"party elections,it has now gone down to "anything goes".While there is no contest in the President's post,the Deputy President's post is getting uglier by the day.The 2 aspirants,Azmin Ali and Zaid Ibrahim are not too far apart in the votes so far,judging from the 68 cabangs(divisions)that have already completed their election process.

The one thing that is rather obvious now is,the guessing game as to who will win Azmin or Zaid doesn't arise anymore.That decision now lies in the hands of the 400,000 members throughout the country,who will vote in the next 3 weekends.In Sabah,both Jeffery Kitingan and Christina Liew have been "baptised" to campaign for Zaid Ibrahim,while Azmin has most of the cabangs supporting him.From the grapevine...huge sums of "money" is being poured in to ensure Zaid's victory.

But lets examine and take a closer look at Azmin and Zaid,do we need a magnifying glass to examine them?Azmin has been with the party since it's inception and has gone through the"mills".A die hard party man,who has sacrifice himself for the party,members and the rakyat.As a person,some may equate him as a total "asshole",but we're not here to distinguish him as a capable leader or an asshole.The root of the matter is,the party needs a person of his calibre,you can't satisfy everyone anyway.Azmin has proven himself beyond reasonable doubt over the years,and he well deserves to be elected as the Deputy President.

Zaid Ibrahim on the other hand,does possess charisma,but we're not looking for charisma.If it's charisma we're looking for many would qualify,me included.But we're not talking about me.The party must be steered in it's right direction in facing the 13th General election,and Zaid Ibrahim is not the man for the job.I'm sure many would take this opportunity to "whack" me for saying this,particularly die hard fans of Zaid,but the reality is before us,PKR must have a LEADER,and Zaid doesn't impress me,perhaps in 3 years from now,I may defer in my opinion,depending again how Azmin performs.

Okay,I've said enough,I did promise not to be "cheong hei".My parting birthday wish,I urge the people of Batu Sapi to come out in full force and vote for PKR.A vote for PKR is a vote for the future generation.For members of PKR who are still uncertain as to who to vote for the Deputy President,allow me to assist Azmin Ali.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UMNO/BN's Rakyat Diutamakan Down The Drain

If anyone still believes that the political tsunami that hit the shores of Malaysia which change the political landscape was a bad omen,it surely doesn't appear so.The popular votes went to Pakatan Rakyat,a coalition of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR),DAP and PAS.Parti Keadilan Rakyat's (PKR) candidate for Batu Sapi,Hj.Ansari Abdullah was today "baptized" after the jetty he was walking on while on his campaign trail collapse,resulting in him and two other aids plunging into the sea at the Sandakan jetty to Pulau Api Api.

If this baptism is of any indication of good things to come,then the people of Batu Sapi will long remember the injury and pain he had to endure for the sake of the people.Fortunately Ansari escape serious injury and was up again in his campaign which took him to Pulau Api Api.When ask if he was alright,Ansari said...What would have happen if it was a pregnant woman or children and not me?I dread to imagine the circumstances had that happen and went on to question and cautioned the UMNO/BN assemblyman for Sekong,Samsuddin Yahya and urged Samsudin Yahya to direct the respective state agencies to examine all the other jetties on the islands in the constituency to ensure public safety and comfort.

I guess the question that Ansari should be asking is,"Where was the allocation to repair the jetty in the first place"?It was reliably learnt that the rakyat had complained to the assemblyman countless times,yet nothing has been done.My question is,must someone perish before action is taken?Where is all this big talk of UMNO/BN about "Rakyat Diutamakan".It should read as "Rakyat Diketepikan"?

How can this happen to Sandakan,when the Chief Minister of Sabah,Deputy Chief Minister and Deputy Federal Minister are all from Sandakan? Musa Aman,Peter Pang and V.K.Liew must come out clean and explain this disaster to the people of Batu Sapi.UMNO/BN is so fond of telling the people that only UMNO/BN can bring development to the people,bring about tragedy is more likely.The empty promises will be remembered by Batu Sapi,all talk and no action.

Sandakan is also home to the largest "orang utan"sanctuary in the world,and a heaven for tourist.UMNO/BN has failed Batu Sapi,and the people of Batu Sapi will punish UMNO/BN and show them the exit door.

To add salt to injury,I had the opportunity to speak to a lady who had just exited from a Chinese temple,and had this to say about the UMNO/BN candidate,Linda Tsen,"this woman is still in mourning,her husband just passed away,she has no respect for her late husband"."This Pairin and Musa must be desperate to win".

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Batu Sapi May Trigger Snap Elections

The stage is set and the dust has settled,for the first by-election or "buy-election" in Batu Sapi,Sandakan,Sabah.As expected it will be a three corner fight,Hj.Ansari Abdullah of Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) Pakatan Rakyat,Linda Tsen of Parti Bersatu Sabah(PBS) Barisan Nasional and Yong Teck Lee of Sabah Action Progressive Parti(SAPP).Will the late Edmond Chong leave behind a legacy to the people of Batu Sapi,we shall know on the 4th.November.2010.

With his wife Linda Tsen as the candidate for Barisan Nasional,PBS is once again rekindling back the sympathetic "minta-kasihan"support they once enjoyed during their era in 1985,only to be remembered as demonic to the might of Parti Berjaya.With society having shaken off their ignorance and fully politically matured,a disaster is imminently forthcoming.The walkout by PBS Muslim members that took place at their operation centre is testimony that all is not well in Barisan Nasional.The 500 disgruntled PBS Muslim members that stormed in the centre,shook the day lights of Musa Aman,Pairin Kitingan and other assemblyman.Deputy Prime Minister,Muhyiddin Yassin tried hard to hide his dissatisfaction upon hearing on what had happen,only to say at the end of it all,BN's victory is vital.

On the eve of nomination,while taking a break over tea with some journalist,UPKO's Supreme Council Member,James Ligunjang join me and had this to tell me,"BN has no chance in Batu Sapi".Across my table then came along Sebatik's former assemblyman from UMNO and greeted me.His parting words on the chances of BN "not so good".As ironic as it may sound,it came as no surprise to me.UMNO/BN is well aware that they have lost Batu Sapi.

The faction group of Shafie Apdal and Musa Aman fiasco and a third force within UMNO has emerged once again,this time with renewed energy and destined to exit Musa Aman for good,may result in one of the dirtiest ousting of a Chief Minister.For Musa Aman,this could well be "sai-lang" for him,as his position is now being further treathen by party stalwarts.As the Director Of Elections for UMNO/BN,a lost could well be his exit,something that most UMNO leaders and members will surely be celebrating.

With all the on-going grouses in UMNO/BN,the one thing we can agree here is that UMNO/BN is about to self destruct and Batu Sapi will well be their downfall.Nonetheless the gates of the nomination centre was open today,filled with colour,shouts of reformasi,Sabah Sabah and BN tetap menang(sure win) was heard from afar.Parti Keadilan Rakyat's(PKR) grand entrance started with their 1 km walk from their operation centre to the Dewan Masyarakat Sandakan(Community Hall),as early as 8.30am,and led by the party's candidate Hj.Ansari Abdullah,Party President Datin Seri Wan Azizah,National and State Leaders,and more than 1,000 highly charged members and supporters.

With PKR and Barisan Nasional,having the most number of members and supporters present at the nomination centre,SAPP on the other hand had the smallest entourage.But what was most noticeable,was the presence of UMNO/BN and SAPP members and supporters finding the tent of PKR more conducive.If this is by anyway an early indication on PKR's march to Putrajaya,then their presence in seeking refuge in PKR'S tent maybe a good omen.My congratulations though to the Police and the Election Commission in handling the nomination well.

Nevertheless,25,582 registered voters in Batu Sapi of which 59.02% comprises of Muslim Bumiputra,38.06% Chinese,2.69% Non -Muslim Bumiputra and 0.22% others,will decide their faith and who they prefer to send to Parliament.Generally this is a predominately Muslim constituency,and PKR's Ansari Abdullah may hold a better edge over the rest.Sandakan is desperately in need of a vocal and gallant Parliamentarian to voice the voices of Batu Sapi.

For two terms under UMNO/BN,the people of Batu Sapi had to endure sufferings unbecoming of a "so-called" urban developing town.What irks them the most is,the Chief Minister of Sabah,Musa Aman,the Deputy Chief Minister Peter Pang and a Deputy Federal Minister V.K.Liew are either Assemblyman or Member of Parliament in Sandakan,yet Sandakan is plaque with severe utility and economic problems,hence resulting in many leaving to seek greener
pastures elsewhere.

Batu Sapi cannot and should not send a deaf,dumb and blind person to Parliament.The endless promises of UMNO/BN is still being promised,yet no improvement in the people's plight and problems has been addressed and dealt with.SAPP on the other hand has two Member of Parliament,yet their voices are nowhere to be heard,and an additional one is not going to make any difference.Being an "Opposition of an Opposition" has no lo ca standi,worst off the Sabah for Sabahan is slowly but surely evaporating.The young and new generation are not at all interested in "kampong politics",they are more far sighted and understand the overall Malaysian agenda.Politicians or "pollute-ticians sometimes say the darn est things,and old school politics is surely unacceptable

With 9 days of campaigning commencing today,the sleepy and hollow town of Batu Sapi will awake at least until a new and vibrant Member of Parliament emergence on the 4th.November.The people of Batu Sapi must vote wisely,for the future of Batu Sapi depends very much who they vote come polling day.Batu Sapi must not live to dread the day when their grand children question them,on why when they had the chance to make a CHANGE,they chose not to.

Having said that,Batu Sapi may trigger a snap elections,and Najib may well take this opportunity to gauge his strength or before his Deputy does a coup to oust him.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Najib warns of 'crushed bodies', 'lost lives', 'ethnic cleansing' if status quo not kept

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

In a speech that is bound to raise the already high political-temperature in the country and drive investors further away, Prime Minister Najib Razak used violent language in his opening address to his Umno party, vowing to defend their five-decade stranglehold on the federal government even if it meant crushed bodies and lost lives.

“This is the most shocking and irresponsible statement to come from a PM although many of us in the opposition have been warning of a major showdown. But it also brings to the fore the fact that Najib is not as confident as he pretends to be. In fact, he is desperate because the chances are very high that Umno-BN will lose,” PAS central committee member Nizar Jamaluddin told Malaysia Chronicle.

At the 61st Umno annual assembly, Najib – who is the party president – was cheered by members as he led them through reverberating shouts of Hidup Umno (the Malay equivalent of Long Live Umno) three times. Umno pundits had actually been expecting a slightly cooler reaction with many members waiting to grill Najib for his 1Malaysia plan, tepid performance and recent flip-flops on a series of political and economic issues.

“Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya,” Malaysiakin reported Najib as saying. Putrajaya is Malaysia's administrative capital.

Racial cleansing

In his hour-long speech, Najib even warned of the possibility of 'racial cleansing' such as in Rwanda and Bosnia if unnamed parties continued to challenge and debate the preferential status now enjoyed by the Malays.

Nurul - Umno likely to hound her
Some of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders who recently and openly debunked Umno's claim of special rights include PKR's Nurul Izzah Anwar, who created a mini-tsunami in the country with her Malaysia or Malaysaja series of articles. She has challenged Najib, former premier Mahathir Mohamad and ultra-Malay rights group Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali to public debates, which all three men have shunned.

Malaysia's federal constitution does not state that Malays have special rights or rights that are above the other ethnic groups. However, there are clear provisions that the Malay community is entitled to special positions in the economic and educational sectors.

Nonetheless, this is not the way Najib sees it or is willing to acknowledge it to be.

“What I am saying is not surprising. In the 20th century, we have seen cases of punishment without trial in the United States, the holocaust tragedy in Europe, the slaughter of Palestinians in the Middle East and the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda. Imagine, what is the outcome, if every generation of Malaysians question the social contract which were agreed upon by their forefathers,” said Najib.

Pakatan calls for calm

Meanwhile, Pakatan leaders have called on Malaysians to stay calm and ignore Najib's invective. They slammed him for the "grossest" hypocrisy, pointing to his maiden speech to United Nations last month where he called for moderation and even offered Malaysia's help in creating a movement of moderates over extremists

"Shame on Najib for trying to frighten the people. This is the worst type of scare-mongering and bullying. If the people are still not convinced by now that he and his Umno-BN must go, then this speech will convince them," PAS leader Dr Hatta Ramli told Malaysia Chronicle.

"If Malaysians decide to change for the better, no one can stop the landslide, so stop the drama. Najib only shows his fear and hysteria of impending rejection by the people. He has degenerated so far down the line that he is even bragging to Umno that he is willing to use force to thwart the wishes of the rakyat (citizenry). And the sad thing is, Umno members are themselves deceived by this racial emotionalism."

Malaysia's 28 million population is expected to go to the polls again in early 2011. At the 2008 general election, the people gave Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan coalition control of 5 out of 13 states. Significantly, they also withdrew Umno-BN's long-held two-thirds parliamentary majority. This majority has been blamed for the rampant corruption and abuse of power by the ruling elite as it gave them the power to ram through whatever laws they wished.

Malays form about half the country's population, indigenous people about 10 percent, Chinese 28, Indians about 10 percent and rest by unlisted ethnic groups.

Pre-empting criticism from Umno members

Political support amongst the Malays is split between Umno, PAS and PKR. Chinese have abandoned BN's MCA and Gerakan in droves and are expected to vote for the Pakatan in the next election. Indians and the Bumi are harder to read as both have traditionally been BN loyalists, although the Indians switched over to the Pakatan in 2008.
Members were expected to grill Najib and his 1Malaysia
Despite rosy popularity surveys by pro-government bodies, there is also a growing number of pundits who believe that Najib may dissolve Parliament next year, but not the BN-controlled state governments so that he will not lose all should the people decide to go for change.

Some also believe Najib was trying to deflect Umno's attention from his weak performance and leadership by swinging sharply to the right and trying to out race-champion his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister.

"Dissolving just the Parliament is one theory that is making the rounds. But it is hard to tell. The facts are Najib is a political coward. He may even decide not to call for a GE next year. What he is trying to do now is to rally support for himself from Umno members and GE is always an effective way," Batu MP Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

"Umno members will get so hyped up by his speech, they may forget to blast him for his non-performance and flip-flops. He has been in power for nearly two years but has achieved nothing other than spending millions on expensive public relations and wasteful mega-projects. But whatever his strategy, he will not be able to fend off a challenge from Muhyiddin in the Umno election next year."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CASINO in second poorest state.

SABAH'S PKR Director of Communications, Ronnie Klassen today demanded the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Musa Aman to come clean and explain the purported plans that a CASINO is on the cards in Prime Minister's Najib Tun Razak ‘Economic Transformation Plans (ETP)’.

Musa Aman must explain to Malaysians in Sabah "Has the State Government of Sabah given the ‘Approval’ for the go-ahead of a CASINO? If Musa Aman has given the nod for this Casino, when and why was it APPROVED?"

During the ETP open day yesterday, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) revealed that the government was considering building a 500-acre ‘eco-nature’ resort in Sabah, as part of a concerted effort to push Malaysia onto the integrated resort (IR) bandwagon and that the option to build a casino is on the table for the Karambunai IR, alongside a mangrove centre, water theme park and waterfront properties to ensure a higher return on investment (ROI).

“We want the Musa Aman Administration to come out clean and explain whether they have given any approval or are contemplating building a casino in Sabah. Even though there has been no official admission from the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, the facts allude to the strong case where a casino will be built, under the guise of ensuring a higher ROI. All points lead to the fact that a casino will be established. Can our honorable Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman confirm or deny this"?

Klassen further stressed that the proposal to build a casino showed how the present government administration is intent on ‘popularizing gambling’ in the country, barely months after the huge outcry over Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s abortive attempt to introduce football betting.

Local council state laws in Sabah,requires a company to apply for a "trading license" to do any form of business,and trading licenses are issued by the respective District Councils,Municipal Councils or City Hall.The Federal Treasury through the approval from the Federal Cabinet may Approve such a CASINO license, but without the issuance of a trading licence, such a CASINO will not be able to operate even with the approval from the Prime Minister himself,.stress Ronnie.

If the Federal Cabinet had tabled and Approved for a CASINO in Sabah, that would imply that the Minister's from Sabah namely, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Datuk Maximus Ongkili, Datuk Shafie Apdal and Datuk Anifah Aman had given their consent.

Did these ‘honourable’ Minister's take into account the social and moral implications, that would affect Sabahans or where they blinded by greed?

“We demand a full explanation from Musa Aman,where is the transparency,credibility and accountability which the UMNO/BN Government of Sabah being boasting all these while"?

The Pakatan Rakyat Government would never agree to a project that has social ills and worst off bankrupt the people. We will not allow, Ah Longs, illegal money lenders or bonafide banks a field day to destroy family's through gambling.

“As it is, the slot machine clubs in Sabah has brought disaster to many family's,many of which have now suffered broken families and debts all in the name of gambling.”

Syed Husin Ali.....A True Statesman.

I stumbled upon this special interview with Syed Husin Ali,the outgoing Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat by Merdeka Review.It is my honest opinion that Syed Husin Ali has now join the ranks of a true and blessed STATESMAN.

Dalam politik, musuh kepada musuh adalah kawan. Semua puak dan sekta akan disatu-padukan sebaik mungkin untuk menentang musuh yang utama. Pendekatan sedemikian menjadi salah satu pilihan kepada politik berhaluan kiri, yang sering dilabel sebagai fahaman anti-agama dalam politik tanahair.

Jika diimbas zaman pasca penjajahan Jepun, konsep "kerjasama" ini terjelma dalam bentuk draft Perlembagaan Rakyat, yang dikemukakan oleh gabungan Putera-AMCJA. Kemudian, usaha disusuli dengan cubaan untuk menggabungkan pengikut tiga orang tokoh Ahmad Boestaman (dari Parti Rakyat), Burhanuddin Helmi (dari PAS) dan Ishak Haji Muhammad (Pak Sako, dari Parti Buruh Malaya).

Bagaimanapun ia berakhir dengan ketidakhadiran PAS, apabila Parti Rakyat dan Parti Buruh membentuk Barisan Sosialis (Socialist Front, SF) pada tahun 1958. Kuku besi regim Perikatan (dan Barisan Nasional kemudiannya) terus mencengkam perluasan pengaruh sosialis - untuk beberapa dekad perjuangan sosialis disamakan dengan pengorbanan, seolah-olah perjuangan yang tidak menemui kemenangan...

Apa kata jikalau gerakan Reformasi tidak tercetus pada tahun 1998? "Tidak tahulah..." jawab Syed Husin Ali (gambar kanan), bekas Presiden Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) yang mengambil keputusan penting pada zaman yang bergelora itu.

Sesungguhnya, tiada "jikalau" dalam sejarah. Tiada sesiapa yang dapat menjangkakan apa yang bakal berlaku "jikalau" sejarah berlaku sebegini dan bukan sebegitu pada detik saat tertentu. Dalam satu wawancara bersama MerdekaReview, Syed Husin Ali mengimbas faktor yang mencantumkan PRM dengan Parti KeADILan Nasional; dan berkongsi penilaian dan pandangannya terhadap Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KEADILAN), sebelum beliau berundur dari jawatan Timbalan Presiden yang disandang sejak tahun 2003.

Anwar nyatakan hasrat dalam surat

Dalam negara seperti Malaysia, ruang demokrasi kadang-kala hanya berkembang di celah-celah retakan parti pemerintah. Pembangkang melalui zaman paling sukar untuknya setelah berlakunya tragedi 13 Mei 1969. Bukan sahaja Barisan Sosialis berpecah dan terbubar, malah PAS menyertai Barisan Nasional pada awal tahun 1970-an.

Harapan pembangkang akhirnya muncul dari celah retakan UMNO pada tahun 1987. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah pada ketika itu keluar dari UMNO, dan menubuhkan parti Semangat 46, yang seterusnya menjuruskan pembentukan Gagasan Rakyat, satu perikatan politik yang turut melibatkan PRM.

Belum genap 10 tahun kemudian, sejarah yang agak mirip dengan babak ini berulang. Anwar Ibrahim (gambar kiri) dipecat dari UMNO Baru. Parti KeADILan Nasional ditubuhkan, menjurus kepada pembentukan Barisan Alternatif (BA). Bagaimanapun, seperti tahun 1990, UMNO-BN berjaya mempertahankan majoriti dua pertiga dalam parlimen pada PRU ke-10 tahun 1999, tetapi...

Sesuatu yang luar biasa berlaku. BA biarpun tidak terelak daripada nasib keretakan, tetapi menyaksikan percantuman antara Parti KeADILan Nasional dengan PRM untuk membentuk Parti Keadilan Rakyat pada 3 Ogos 2003.

Siapakah sebenarnya yang mula-mula mengutarakan cadangan ini? Soalan yang menjangkakan hanya dua kemungkinan jawapannya, iaitu Anwar Ibrahim atau Syed Husin Ali.

"Tidak pasti," jawab Syed Husin Ali, "Tetapi dalam satu surat Anwar sebut..." Beliau mula menceritakan bagaimana Anwar menyatakan hasratnya dalam surat yang diseludup keluar dari penjara.

"Jadi, pada Dr. Syed (gambar kanan), apakah pertimbangan Anwar ketika mencadangkan pencantuman ini?" tanya wartawan MerdekaReview.

"Sebenarnya dia (Anwar) jelaskan, lebih kurang beginilah. Dia melihat bahawa kebanyakan anggota dalam PKN, bukan tak ada, tetapi kebanyakan anggota biasa, terdiri daripada pelbagai golongan..."

Syed Husin Ali bersambung, "Satu golongan UMNO, satu golongan ABIM (Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia ), satu golongan JIM (Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia ), satu golongan NGO. Dan kebanyakan anggota biasa ini masih belum ada pengalaman politik, belum ada pandangan politik yang jelas, dan beliau mengharapkan kerjasama daripada Parti Rakyat untuk memberikan misalnya, sedikit... pendirian yang lebih bermakna."

PRM pula, pada ketika itu berdepan dengan masalah perkembangan organisasi yang terbantut, bilangan ahli aktif yang berkurang, meskipun mencatat bilangan 30,000 ahli yang mendaftar pada waktu itu. Syed Husin Ali mengakui realiti bahawa kekuatan PRM semakin menyusut jikalau dibandingkan dengan zaman Barisan Sosialis.

Oleh yang demikian, PRM melihat cadangan pencantuman ini sebagai satu peluang untuk mengembangkan idea kepada massa. Untuk tiga tahun berturut-turut kongres PRM membincangkan agenda ini, dan akhirnya kongres meluluskan usul agar PRM dibubarkan dan bercantum dengan Parti Keadilan Nasional, dengan sokongan majoriti dua pertiga, kata Syed Husin Ali.

Tentangan dalaman kedua-dua parti

Bagaimanapun, pertikaian tidak berhenti di situ. Percantuman ini berdepan dengan tentangan segolongan kecil anggota, termasuk beberapa orang pemimpin dari ABIM. Dalam satu warkah dari penjara berjudul "Pakatan Pembangkang Digeruni Kerajaan" pada Ogos 2003, Anwar sengaja mengungkap lembaran sejarah perjuangan PRM menentang penjajahan dan imperialisme, "untuk memperlihatkan aspek relevan dalam perjuangan kini terutama dalam konteks penggabungan KeADILan dan PRM".

Untuk beberapa tahun yang berikutnya, Anwar perlu mempertahankan bekas gurunya daripada prejudis dan tanggapan negatif terhadap "orang kiri", malah menyatakan kesanggupan untuk berkempen mempertahankan Syed Husin Ali sebagai Timbalan Presiden dalam PKR, kerana menganggap ia sesuatu yang tidak beretika untuk menendang Presiden PRM selepas pencantuman, dengan bilangan ahli yang majoriti.

Sementara itu, keputusan Syed Husin Ali dan parti untuk mengambil risiko dengan membubarkan PRM dan bercantum dengan PKN, turut dipertikaikan oleh beberapa orang rakan seperjuangan dalam partinya. Sesetengah pemimpin PRM tetap meragui keikhlasan Anwar, yang dijangkakannya akan kembali ke pangkuan UMNO.

"Saya pasti dia (Anwar) tak masuk UMNO," tegas Syed Husin Ali dengan yakin, biarpun pendirian Anwar agak "kabur" untuk seketika, sebaik dibebaskan dari penjara pada tahun 2004. Apakah punca keyakinan bekas profesor Universiti Malaya terhadap anak muridnya ini? Soalan ini diajukan kerana Syed Husin Ali memaklumkan kepada wartawan, bahawa Rafidah Aziz (bekas Ketua Wanita UMNO) juga salah seorang anak muridnya.

"Pertama, komunikasi saya dengan dia (Anwar, gambar kiri). Sesetengah surat dia masih saya simpan..." Syed Husin Ali meneruskan, "Kedua, mereka (UMNO) sudah begitu menghina dia dengan keluarga dia, tak mungkin dia kembali ke situ."

"Saya kenal dia dah lama, sebagai student (pelajar), sebagai kawan, sebagai orang tahanan sama, sebagai orang yang sama-sama berjuang..." Dengan kata lain, hubungan yang merentasi kira-kira empat dekad inilah yang menjadi benteng kepercayaan Syed Husin Ali terhadap Anwar.

Razaleigh bersifat feudal

Malah, beliau sendiri menyebut nama Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah sebagai perbandingan. "Saya bekerjasama rapat dengan Tengku Razaleigh (bekas Presiden Semangat 46) dulu, saya tak begitu yakin dengan perjuangan Tengku Razaleigh (gambar kanan bawah). Tak begitu yakin..."

Beliau turut ketawa dengan luahan dirinya yang berterus-terang, "Ada dua sebab, satu dia bersifat feudal yang kuat. Anda boleh jadi Tengku tetapi pada masa yang sama tak feudal sangat. Misalnya, dalam mesyuarat, orang selalu tunjukkan penghormatan feudal kepadanya. Dan dia macam tak ada benda. Kadang-kadang macam biasa sahaja. Kalau orang yang ada sikit sifat yang tak feudal, dia tak mahu menerima cara-cara begini."

"Dan bezanya dengan Anwar. Anwar you boleh kritik dia. Anggota biasa boleh kritik dia. Dia akan dengar. Terutama sekali seperti sekarang," kata Syed Husin Ali.

"Yang keduanya, Semangat 46 dengan Tengku Razaleigh, mereka tak pernah mahu mengakui diri sebagai pembangkang. Tak pernah mahu menentang kuat pihak polis atau pihak kerajaan. Kalau misalnya dia pergi ceramah, polis datang suruh henti, terus henti. Tak ada lawan tak ada apa... Kalau misalnya sebelum ceramah, tak ada permit, dia tak pergi."

"Anwar tidak, orang-orang PKR tidak. Kalau lagi disekat, lagi mereka lawan. Kalau tak lama pun sekejap (mereka lawan). Tetapi ini semangat yang saya anggap berbeza dengan Semangat 46." Jiwa inilah sebenarnya yang dihayati Syed Husin Ali, yang mungkin ramai di kalangan anggota PKR tidak menyedarinya. Beliau seterusnya mendedahkan, "Tengku Razaleigh pernah minta PRM bersama (Semangat) 46, saya terus tolak."

Anwar berjiwa kerakyatan

Sememangnya, Anwar Ibrahim seorang pemimpin politik yang kontroversial, sepanjang perjuangannya menggunakan wadah ABIM, UMNO dan kini PKR. Tetapi, Syed Husin Ali menemui unsur "kerakyatan" yang sebati dalam jiwanya.

"Saya tahu dia prihatin terhadap orang yang miskin, setinggan. Dalam tahanan, saya nampak dia memang tak ada prejudis terhadap orang Tionghua, atau orang bukan Melayu. Bahkan kadang-kadang, mereka menganggap dalam beberapa aspek, saya lebih melayu (bersifat kemelayuan) daripada dia," katanya sambil ketawa.

"Saya rasa dia seorang yang ikhlas, dan tidak berdendam." Demikianlah jawapannya ketika diminta untuk menilai Anwar Ibrahim. Beliau mengamati perubahan yang berlaku dalam diri anak muridnya ini, "Saya sendiri sangka dia akan masuk PAS waktu itu (selepas dibebaskan dari tahanan ISA tahun 1970-an). Tapi hubungannya dengan Mahathir cukup rapat. Terutama sekali selepas 13 Mei...bila Mahathir dikeluarkan (disingkirkan) daripada UMNO. Dia memang rapat dengan Mahathir. Dan saya percaya Mahathir lebih kuat pengaruhnya ke atasnya."

Bagaimanapun, Syed Husin Ali mengakui, "Dari segi perwatakan, bila dia (Anwar) jadi menteri, ada sifat orang besar sikitlah. Tapi pada hakikatnya saya tahu, pendirian politiknya tak berubah. Sebab tu mudah saja bagi dia kembali kepada yang asal, sekarang ini."

Sejauh mana unsur "kerakyatan" diterapkan?

Penilaian Syed Husin Ali terhadap pencantuman ini setelah tujuh tahun merumuskan bahawa PKR telah memulakan satu tradisi yang amat penting untuk menjadi sebuah parti yang multi-etnik. Pemimpin Melayu telah berani untuk mengetengahkan dasar parti yang bukan bercorakkan kemelayuan dan keagamaan, tetapi kerakyatan.

Wartawan menyusul dengan menyenaraikan Agenda Ekonomi Baru, konsep "Ketuanan Rakyat", slogan "Merakyatkan ekonomi", yang diterapkan ke dalam pentadbiran PKR-Pakatan Rakyat selepas tsunami politik. Syed Husin Ali yang rendah diri bagaimanapun enggan mengundang jasa dalam hal ini. Namun, wartawan melanjutkan persoalan dengan merujuk kepada orang-orang di keliling Anwar, yang kebanyakannya berhaluan kanan, atau liberal.

Sejauh manakah unsur "kerakyatan" ini diterapkan dalam dasar parti pada masa depan, apabila Syed Husin Ali tidak berada pada tempat nombor dua ini?

"Saya yakin dari dua segi. Satu, dasar parti sudah jelas. Keduanya, kalau kita perhatikan, ucapan dan kenyataan pemimpin utama kita, terutama sekali Anwar, juga Wan Azizah, dan Khalid Ibrahim misalnya, mereka menekankan aspek-aspek kerakyatan ini. Dan Khalid Ibrahim, walaupun dia seorang dari latar belakang korporat, tetapi sentimennya untuk menolong rakyat, walaupun pada mula-mulanya, rakyat Melayu terutama sekali, adalah sangat kuat."

Beliau menambah, "Jadi saya yakin, mereka tidak akan lari dari teras perjuangan." Namun, siapakah "pengganti" Syed Husin Ali yang bukan sahaja mewarisi jiwa "kepedulian rakyat"-nya, tetapi memiliki kewibawaan untuk mengetengahkan pandangan dalam Majlis Pimpinan Pusat pada masa depan?

"Saya nak tegaskan bahawa, perubahan dalam parti, dasar dalam parti, masa depan parti, tidak ditentukan oleh satu orang. Tetapi ditentukan oleh organisasi seluruhnya," tekannya, setelah enggan menyebut nama khusus pemimpin baru yang berkongsi idealisme bersamanya, seperti yang diminta wartawan.

Zaid, Azmin...

Syed Husin Ali pada mulanya enggan mengulas secara spesifik calon Timbalan Presiden yang bakal menggantikannya. Tetapi apabila wawancara menyentuh beberapa kenyataan yang dibuat Zaid Ibrahim baru-baru ini, beliau kelihatan terpanggil untuk menjawab beberapa tuduhan.

Biarpun bersetuju bahawa "musuh parti" seharusnya dirujuk kepada "musuh yang lebih besar", iaitu "segelintir perompak yang merampas harta negara di luar parti", tetapi beliau jelas terusik apabila nama Soh Chee Wen dikaitkan dengan Anwar, oleh Zaid Ibrahim. Perbualan kemudian dilanjutkan kepada Zaid Ibrahim...

"Tidak semua jawatan yang disebut media, yang kononnya dipegang oleh Zaid, benar. Sebenarnya dasar Pakatan (Rakyat) dibuat satu kumpulan, bukan seorang. Memang dia ditugaskan untuk daftarkan Pakatan (Rakyat), tapi tidak bererti dia coordinator for Pakatan," Syed Husin Ali cuba memperbetulkan.

Berhubung dasar Pakatan Rakyat, Syed Husin Ali berkata, "Dia (Zaid) ada buat first draft. Akan tetapi bila dia berada di luar negara, dasar pakatan itu telah disiapkan oleh sebuah jawatankuasa yg terdiri daripada wakil ketiga-tiga parti. Apa yang disiapkan oleh jawatankuasa inilah yang dikemukakan dalam Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat dan diterima sebagai agenda perubahan Pakatan Rakyat."

Syed Husin Ali secara jujur mengakui bahawa dirinya mungkin menyimpan prejudis terhadap Zaid (gambar kanan, tengah), calon PRU yang nyaris ditentang oleh dirinya ketika PRU ke-10 pada tahun 2004 di kawasan parlimen Kota Bahru. Beliau mengungkit zaman Zaid ketika menjadi Presiden Persatuan Peguam Islam, apabila wartawan mengajukan pandangan bahawa "Zaid dilihat lebih kuat dari segi idea untuk memimpin".

"Nak katakan sarat dengan idea, tidak juga..." Pemimpin veteran ini bagaimanapun memberi nasihatnya, "Dia perlu jadi team player. Ketika beliau dilantik masuk Biro Politik, bila suka datang (hadir mesyuarat). Bila tak suka, tak datang. Macam mana anda menjadi pemimpin seperti itu?"

Bagaimana pula dengan Azmin Ali (gambar kanan)? "Azmin Ali ada juga kekurangan... Misalnya dia dilihat sombong dan berpuak-puak oleh sesetengah orang..." Beliau enggan mengulas lanjut, "Tapi secara ikhlas daripada saya, orang yang memimpin parti haruslah orang yang komited kepada asas-asas perjuangan Parti seperti termaktub dalam Perlembagaannya, menghormati disiplin organisasi Parti, sudah teruji merentas duri dan ranjau perjuangan, bergerak secara pemain berpasukan (team player), menentang amalan korupsi dalam segala bentuk dan mendukung nilai akhlak yang tinggi."

Adakah Azmin Ali memenuhi syarat tersebut? "Ada dia penuhi, ada tidak..." Wartawan menyusul dengan soalan bahawa Azmin dilihat kurang menyentuh soal dasar. "Dari segi idea, dia ada idea. Dia harus lebih cakap pasal dasar, mulai sekarang..." katanya.

Wartawan terus menguji, menyebut nama Sivarasa Rasiah, Naib Presiden sekarang. "Dari politik, dia matang sebenarnya...."

Tian Chua? "Tian Chua (gambar kanan) saya rasa dia lebih efektif on the street (ketawa), imej dia di situ. Tapi dia disiplin juga...dia datang mesyuarat, taklah bersikap 'suka datang, tak suka tak datang'. Lagipun dia tak condemn (mempersalahkan) parti di luar..." Syed Husin Ali, menambah "Nak condemn, datang dan condemn dalam mesyuarat..."

Syed Husin Ali melihat secara positif generasi pemimpin muda dalam PKR, meskipun mengakui bahawa sayap pemuda, iaitu Angkatan Muda Keadilan ini lemah dari segi organisasi. Beliau mempersalahkan pengaruh yang ditinggalkan bekas Ketua AMK, yang disifatnya sebagai "self-centered" (berpusatkan diri).

Syed Husin Ali secara terus-terang dengan kritikannya terhadap budaya tidak menepati masa dalam parti, "Perpaduan organisasi tak begitu mantap, kerana disiplin tak kuat."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liew's team sweep KK division, rival cries foul

By Queville To-FreeMalaysiaToday

KOTA KINABALU: The incumbent chief for PKR Kota Kinabalu division Chrisitna Liew defeated her contender Ronnie Klassen with a majority of 165 votes after polling 252 votes against Klassen’s 87 votes. There were seven spoilt votes.

Her running mate Roman Lo also beat his opponent Dr Chong Eng Leong in the contest for the deputy chief post by a majority of 120 votes when he polled 228 votes against Chong’s 108 votes.

Her other running mate Wong Kin Yin also beat her opponent Benny Quek with a majority vote of 150, by polling 234 votes against Benny’s 84 votes. There were five spoilt votes.

In the battle to head the women's wing, Liew's running mate Roslind Bion polled 65 votes against Chu Shuk Fun (51) votes. There were two spoilt votes.

In an immediate response, Klassen claimed that there were irregularities in the voting process and that he had lodged an official protest with the election committee before the vote counting began.

Among others, he claimed that Liew had convened the Annual General Meeting (AGM) much earlier at 9.25am instead of 10am as stated in the notice of meeting, besides claiming that her people were seen marking the ballot papers on behalf of members, instead of them going into the designated voting area to vote on their own.

He claimed that one of the election officials upon being alerted by him had went over to stop Liew’s people from doing so.

He also claimed that the ballot papers did not tally with the number of members who turned out to vote with 325 members attending but 350 ballot papers submitted.

“In any election there’s always a victor and loser. I can accept defeat if it was truly done in a democratic manner,” he said.

“The tactics employed by my opponent are beyond the true spirit of a friendly contest. I may have lost but my fight for change in PKR will continue,” he added.

Klassen also refused to sign the result sheet.

“I will not recognise the result and I will protest till the end. My team members have taken photographs and a video of what transpired during the voting,” he said.

Liew: Let officials decide

Meanwhile, in her response, Liew said she would leave it to the team of six election officials from the party headquarters to deal with Klassen’s complaints and allegations.

She thanked the members for their support to her and her team in the election, adding that it had reaffirmed their struggle to continue the work for the party.

“Our struggle is clear from day one – to change the corrupt, arrogant BN (Barisan Nasional) government to a Pakatan government in the next general election,” she said.

She also said she would be calling for a meeting with her new committee soon to activate the election machinery in full gear.

Meanwhile, Penampang PKR secretary Franky Lobinjang disclosed that its AGM cum election has been postponed to Oct 3 and the division was waiting for confirmation on the venue from the party headquarters.

“We will inform all the members once it is confirmed,” he said.

When contacted, PKR vice president Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said his contest with Danny Andiapi would only be held on Sept 26.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sabah PKR candidate lodges police report over campaign slander

By Michael Kaung......Free Malaysia Today.

KOTA KINABALU: The battle for PKR posts in Sabah has taken on a criminal twist with one candidate lodging a police report over campaign strategies adopted by a rival.

Ronnie Klassen who is challenging Christina Liew for the Kota Kinabalu PKR branch chief post has lodged a police report against the latter for allegedly slandering him.

Klassen said that the report was lodged at the Karamunsing police station on Aug 31 and he had also submitted an official report to the party's disciplinary board as Liew had breached PKR's code of ethics.

He told a press conference on Tuesday that Liew, who is also Sabah PKR deputy chairperson, and PKR Kota Kinabalu women's chief Rosalind Bion had sent slanderous and malicious SMSes against him and his team to members of the division.

Klassen is challenging Liew for the post at the party elections on Saturday, Sept 18. Also in the fray are former Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) leader Dr Chong Eng Leong and former Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Luyang community leader Benny Quek Yi Than.

Chong is vying for the deputy divisional chief post while Quek, the vice president's post. They are challenging Roman Lo and Wong Kin Yin who are the incumbents. They are also pitting Chu Shuk Fun against current Kota Kinabalu division chief Rosalind Bion.

According to Klassen, the SMSes sent by Liew and Bion alleged that he was unscrupulous.

“I can take any kind of SMSes but when she (Liew) gets personal and breaches Section 2.4 of the party's code of ethics, this I cannot tolerate. So my message to Christina is, don't stoop down so low in wanting to attack me.

“This is a very friendly party election and we are not here to slander or attack anyone. If I want to attack anyone, I will attack Umno or Barisan Nasional, not the party members,” he said.

Time for change

He said that his group was challenging the current Kota Kinabalu PKR division leadership because they feel that it is time for a change.

“My purpose is to clean the party up and raise the level of patriotism among the Kota Kinabalu division's 3,340 members.,” he said, adding that most of the members were also in the dark as to what has been happening in the division all this while.

Klassen is challenging Liew to a debate over what she had accomplished for the division in the last 10 years and what she will be doing for them in the next three years.

“As PRK de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and other party leaders are coming to Sabah tomorrow (Wednesday), maybe we can invite them to come to the debate,” he said.

Klassen said that he was an independent of any faction within PKR and denied claims that he was aligned to former state PKR chief Ansari Abdullah, a rival to PRK vice president Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

He described his team as a “new breed of members” who believe in the party's cause and he urged party's leaders to 'stop fighting'.

“My advice to them is to stop all this. If they have their ears to the ground then their would have heard that this is what the people are saying,” he said.