Sunday, November 21, 2010



PARTI Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) today question the arrogant motives behind the allocation increase to all Barisan National assemblyman only by Musa Aman at the budget sitting, lambasted Ronnie Klassen, Sabah's PKR Director of Communication.

“Who gave Musa Aman the authority to dictate as to how and who should be given this allocation increase, amounting to RM62.7 million? Why only to the 56 UMNO/BN Assemblyman, a partyless assemblyman, but completely and blatantly neglecting Likas, Luyang and Seri Tanjong? Are these three Opposition constituency occupied by ‘Aliens’ and not Sabahans?”

“The tax paying and registered voters in Sabah have the absolute right to demand an explanation from the UMNO/BN Government of Sabah.Were the election promises made by UMNO/BN Sabah during the 12th General Elections as well as the recent Batu Sapi by-election mere smokescreens,that only UMNO/BN is able to bring development to the people?”

PKR views this segregation and total neglect of public funds being channel to the opposition constituency as an insult to the tax payers in Sabah, particularly the constituency of Likas, Luyang and Seri Tanjong. Public funds belong to the people, as such equal distribution must be adhered.

This announcement of allocation increase, is more of an election carrot to strengthen the positions of the existing UMNO/BN Assemblyman, since Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had indicated that a Snap Election is nearing.

“The under current signs are strong and the election tremor is now further ascertain with huge funds being channel to the 57 state constituency in Sabah,“ added Ronnie as he wish to remind Musa Aman and his fellow UMNO/BN comrades,that public funds belong to the people of Sabah and not UMNO/BN.

On another note, PKR also questions the State Government's blatant ignorance when it categorically denied the World Bank's declaration that Sabah is currently today the poorest state in Malaysia.

“Is the State Government saying that the World Bank's report is a LIE? How can a state rich in natural resources, be categorize as the poorest state? This can only be possible, when funds derived from our resources are being mis-used or mis-managed,” fumed Ronnie.

Ronnie also demanded to know for public interest, where and what has happen to the hundreds of millions derived from the 15% state government tax on the 4D revenue over the last 10 years. Can the UMNO/BN Government of Sabah kindly provide an account for public viewing, as to how and where the money was used?

“Surely if these funds were intelligently used to eradicate poverty,Sabah would not be declared the poorest state in Malaysia,” challenge Ronnie.

When ask about the current turmoil in PKR, Ronnie who is the Director of Communications for PKR Sabah, said,”I won't really describe the problems as turmoil, it's a self proclaimed problem by individuals who have created an injunction upon themselves. While I won't deny that there are bonafide complains lodged by members over the party elections, the elections committee must act without fear or favour and immediately. I have seen and heard enough, that is why I will submit a proposal to the Supreme Council that the future party elections must be reformed.”

According to Ronnie, In his proposal, the following changes must be seriously considered if PKR intend to see an equal representation in a nationalized party. Currently all positions in the party is a ‘free for all’ vote among members throughout the country.

“From the voting pattern, I've realized that Sabahans and Sarawakians are loosing out, as compared to our West Malaysian counter parts. In order for a greater and equal representation, the leadership should study my proposal seriously;

1. to contest (1 Post)

2.Deputy to contest (1 Post)

3.Vice-President ...............2 candidates from West Malaysia,1 from Sabah and 1 from Sarawak.(4 Post)

4.MPP members ..............10 from West Malaysia, 5 from Sabah and 5 from Sarawak.(20 Post)

(all members will vote for their respective candidates in West Malaysia,in Sabah and Sarawak respectively)

The current voting pattern clearly indicates that Sabahans and Sarwakians will never be well represented in the Supreme Council, if changes are not made. In addition, all cabang (divisons) and national elections should be conducted simultaneously.

“This would ensure that members would come out and vote once, rather then the current method, where members are required to vote twice which has taxed the members,” said Ronnie.

“In my recent visit to Parliament, I'm glad that quite a number of PKR's MP's that I met have indicated their agreement and support to my proposal. This is certainly a step closer to realizing a more balance national representation in PKR.We profess reforms and changes, we must also be seen as reforming and changing,” added Ronnie.


  1. Mungkin kawasan-kawasan yang lain memerlukan lebih peruntukan untuk pembagunan?

  2. use all allocation to people benefit.

  3. Who the hell are you to propose? You lost badly in the last party polls, and your popularity among PKR members in Sabah is questionable. C'mon man it is not easy to sell your minyaklah!

  4. then it will be much better if Sabah have no allocations.. whether Sabah have it or not, it will still be disputed.

  5. it's better we have such huge allocation than not having at all.

  6. Wow Ronnie , u hv yet again shown how arrogant Musa Aman is.
    How dare he! U know what, maybe u should publish how much
    the Pakatan Rakyat govt's in Penang , Kedah , Selangor and
    Kelantan have allocated to their ADUN's , especially to BN
    ADUN's in the respective states. That will surely show every
    one how fair the PR govt's is. I am sure that you, as
    the Director Of Communication PKR Sabah, should easily be able
    to get this info. If you are unable to do this, then ur criticism of the CM
    Is uncalled for.
    is uncalled for. Hv a good day Ron.

  7. Ya john. Klaau langsung takda lagilah teruk.

  8. Saya harap peruntukan yang disediakan dapat dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya untuk kepentingan rakyat.

  9. How accurate is the World Bank report? Poverty can be measured many ways and interpretted in many ways..
    What you see in Sabah especially in the streets of KK do not neccesarily means poverty..especially those PTIs living in the streets. Go ahead give them all the money and assistance and then more will come to Sabah and then you all will make more noise saying that the government is not doing anything. It is good for political mileage for the opposition!!!

  10. Even so, those funds allocated are used to help "Sabahans" out of poverty. PTI not included.

  11. Does the world bank personally came here to count all the people living in Sabah and separate them into 2 groups- Legal citizens and illegal immigrants? Before they declare that Sabah is the poorest state? Only Sabahans should be counted because illegal immigrants are not Sabahans.

    Sabah is for Sabahans only

  12. It is impossible to eradicate poverty completely in Sabah, unless the people's hard earned taxes are used to help non-citizens who are currently residing illegally in Sabah. I don't think many Sabahans nor Malaysians would be happy about it. Especially if that means more illegal immigrants will arrive at our shores demanding assistance.

  13. Who are to be blamed for what is ahppening in Sabah? Sabahans themselves for being too much of "tidak apa attitude" and above all lazy...
    Look at those PTIs, they are willing to work in the construction, the coffeeshops and doing all the dirty jobs..Ask Sabahans are they willing to do all these?They work for one month and after getting their gaji, they balik kampung//after finishing the money then they will look for another job. Come election time they want handouts from whichever party they can get...and ask for tambang to go and vote..
    Sweet talk, promises of the stars in heavan, plastic water tanks and papan...that is all for any political parties and unscruplous leaders need to get their votes...and paved the way to the cabinet and squander away...

  14. Tumpang tanya, bagaimana situasi dengan pilihan raya PKR sekarang?

  15. Tidak lama lagi PKR pun gulung tikar kalau pemimpin pemimpin party itu tidak berubah haluan..
    Lihat lah sekarang..SAPP pun hentam PKR, DAP pun hentam PKR dan SAPP..mana boleh kasi tumbang BN kalau begini semua pun mahu jadi Ketua Menteri...

  16. So far for Sabah Musa has been doing a good job despite all those huh hah over his cronies getting all the projects...but to be honest which party or CM which have not help their cornies which had helped them to get to power financially and politically? From Usno to Berjaya and PBS...and now BN/Umno cronies got a lot of rewards..honestly speaking can PKR or DAP or SAPP guarantee that all those so called "mismanagement" or squandering (to be blunt) will not happen if they come to power? All those making all the allegations that Musa or BN or Umno are squandering are just being jealous or errie hati because they cannot get the share of the loot..Even the most advanced nation like the USA cannot 100% fulfilled their election promises!! look at what is happening to Obama! Whatmore Malaysia which is still considered a third world country...where the distribution of wealth is not equal yet...
    Bising bising bila suda memerintah sama juga hentam kiri kanan juga!!!

  17. Good luck to the Sabahans.