Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UMNO/BN's Rakyat Diutamakan Down The Drain

If anyone still believes that the political tsunami that hit the shores of Malaysia which change the political landscape was a bad omen,it surely doesn't appear so.The popular votes went to Pakatan Rakyat,a coalition of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR),DAP and PAS.Parti Keadilan Rakyat's (PKR) candidate for Batu Sapi,Hj.Ansari Abdullah was today "baptized" after the jetty he was walking on while on his campaign trail collapse,resulting in him and two other aids plunging into the sea at the Sandakan jetty to Pulau Api Api.

If this baptism is of any indication of good things to come,then the people of Batu Sapi will long remember the injury and pain he had to endure for the sake of the people.Fortunately Ansari escape serious injury and was up again in his campaign which took him to Pulau Api Api.When ask if he was alright,Ansari said...What would have happen if it was a pregnant woman or children and not me?I dread to imagine the circumstances had that happen and went on to question and cautioned the UMNO/BN assemblyman for Sekong,Samsuddin Yahya and urged Samsudin Yahya to direct the respective state agencies to examine all the other jetties on the islands in the constituency to ensure public safety and comfort.

I guess the question that Ansari should be asking is,"Where was the allocation to repair the jetty in the first place"?It was reliably learnt that the rakyat had complained to the assemblyman countless times,yet nothing has been done.My question is,must someone perish before action is taken?Where is all this big talk of UMNO/BN about "Rakyat Diutamakan".It should read as "Rakyat Diketepikan"?

How can this happen to Sandakan,when the Chief Minister of Sabah,Deputy Chief Minister and Deputy Federal Minister are all from Sandakan? Musa Aman,Peter Pang and V.K.Liew must come out clean and explain this disaster to the people of Batu Sapi.UMNO/BN is so fond of telling the people that only UMNO/BN can bring development to the people,bring about tragedy is more likely.The empty promises will be remembered by Batu Sapi,all talk and no action.

Sandakan is also home to the largest "orang utan"sanctuary in the world,and a heaven for tourist.UMNO/BN has failed Batu Sapi,and the people of Batu Sapi will punish UMNO/BN and show them the exit door.

To add salt to injury,I had the opportunity to speak to a lady who had just exited from a Chinese temple,and had this to say about the UMNO/BN candidate,Linda Tsen,"this woman is still in mourning,her husband just passed away,she has no respect for her late husband"."This Pairin and Musa must be desperate to win".

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Batu Sapi May Trigger Snap Elections

The stage is set and the dust has settled,for the first by-election or "buy-election" in Batu Sapi,Sandakan,Sabah.As expected it will be a three corner fight,Hj.Ansari Abdullah of Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) Pakatan Rakyat,Linda Tsen of Parti Bersatu Sabah(PBS) Barisan Nasional and Yong Teck Lee of Sabah Action Progressive Parti(SAPP).Will the late Edmond Chong leave behind a legacy to the people of Batu Sapi,we shall know on the 4th.November.2010.

With his wife Linda Tsen as the candidate for Barisan Nasional,PBS is once again rekindling back the sympathetic "minta-kasihan"support they once enjoyed during their era in 1985,only to be remembered as demonic to the might of Parti Berjaya.With society having shaken off their ignorance and fully politically matured,a disaster is imminently forthcoming.The walkout by PBS Muslim members that took place at their operation centre is testimony that all is not well in Barisan Nasional.The 500 disgruntled PBS Muslim members that stormed in the centre,shook the day lights of Musa Aman,Pairin Kitingan and other assemblyman.Deputy Prime Minister,Muhyiddin Yassin tried hard to hide his dissatisfaction upon hearing on what had happen,only to say at the end of it all,BN's victory is vital.

On the eve of nomination,while taking a break over tea with some journalist,UPKO's Supreme Council Member,James Ligunjang join me and had this to tell me,"BN has no chance in Batu Sapi".Across my table then came along Sebatik's former assemblyman from UMNO and greeted me.His parting words on the chances of BN "not so good".As ironic as it may sound,it came as no surprise to me.UMNO/BN is well aware that they have lost Batu Sapi.

The faction group of Shafie Apdal and Musa Aman fiasco and a third force within UMNO has emerged once again,this time with renewed energy and destined to exit Musa Aman for good,may result in one of the dirtiest ousting of a Chief Minister.For Musa Aman,this could well be "sai-lang" for him,as his position is now being further treathen by party stalwarts.As the Director Of Elections for UMNO/BN,a lost could well be his exit,something that most UMNO leaders and members will surely be celebrating.

With all the on-going grouses in UMNO/BN,the one thing we can agree here is that UMNO/BN is about to self destruct and Batu Sapi will well be their downfall.Nonetheless the gates of the nomination centre was open today,filled with colour,shouts of reformasi,Sabah Sabah and BN tetap menang(sure win) was heard from afar.Parti Keadilan Rakyat's(PKR) grand entrance started with their 1 km walk from their operation centre to the Dewan Masyarakat Sandakan(Community Hall),as early as 8.30am,and led by the party's candidate Hj.Ansari Abdullah,Party President Datin Seri Wan Azizah,National and State Leaders,and more than 1,000 highly charged members and supporters.

With PKR and Barisan Nasional,having the most number of members and supporters present at the nomination centre,SAPP on the other hand had the smallest entourage.But what was most noticeable,was the presence of UMNO/BN and SAPP members and supporters finding the tent of PKR more conducive.If this is by anyway an early indication on PKR's march to Putrajaya,then their presence in seeking refuge in PKR'S tent maybe a good omen.My congratulations though to the Police and the Election Commission in handling the nomination well.

Nevertheless,25,582 registered voters in Batu Sapi of which 59.02% comprises of Muslim Bumiputra,38.06% Chinese,2.69% Non -Muslim Bumiputra and 0.22% others,will decide their faith and who they prefer to send to Parliament.Generally this is a predominately Muslim constituency,and PKR's Ansari Abdullah may hold a better edge over the rest.Sandakan is desperately in need of a vocal and gallant Parliamentarian to voice the voices of Batu Sapi.

For two terms under UMNO/BN,the people of Batu Sapi had to endure sufferings unbecoming of a "so-called" urban developing town.What irks them the most is,the Chief Minister of Sabah,Musa Aman,the Deputy Chief Minister Peter Pang and a Deputy Federal Minister V.K.Liew are either Assemblyman or Member of Parliament in Sandakan,yet Sandakan is plaque with severe utility and economic problems,hence resulting in many leaving to seek greener
pastures elsewhere.

Batu Sapi cannot and should not send a deaf,dumb and blind person to Parliament.The endless promises of UMNO/BN is still being promised,yet no improvement in the people's plight and problems has been addressed and dealt with.SAPP on the other hand has two Member of Parliament,yet their voices are nowhere to be heard,and an additional one is not going to make any difference.Being an "Opposition of an Opposition" has no lo ca standi,worst off the Sabah for Sabahan is slowly but surely evaporating.The young and new generation are not at all interested in "kampong politics",they are more far sighted and understand the overall Malaysian agenda.Politicians or "pollute-ticians sometimes say the darn est things,and old school politics is surely unacceptable

With 9 days of campaigning commencing today,the sleepy and hollow town of Batu Sapi will awake at least until a new and vibrant Member of Parliament emergence on the 4th.November.The people of Batu Sapi must vote wisely,for the future of Batu Sapi depends very much who they vote come polling day.Batu Sapi must not live to dread the day when their grand children question them,on why when they had the chance to make a CHANGE,they chose not to.

Having said that,Batu Sapi may trigger a snap elections,and Najib may well take this opportunity to gauge his strength or before his Deputy does a coup to oust him.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Najib warns of 'crushed bodies', 'lost lives', 'ethnic cleansing' if status quo not kept

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

In a speech that is bound to raise the already high political-temperature in the country and drive investors further away, Prime Minister Najib Razak used violent language in his opening address to his Umno party, vowing to defend their five-decade stranglehold on the federal government even if it meant crushed bodies and lost lives.

“This is the most shocking and irresponsible statement to come from a PM although many of us in the opposition have been warning of a major showdown. But it also brings to the fore the fact that Najib is not as confident as he pretends to be. In fact, he is desperate because the chances are very high that Umno-BN will lose,” PAS central committee member Nizar Jamaluddin told Malaysia Chronicle.

At the 61st Umno annual assembly, Najib – who is the party president – was cheered by members as he led them through reverberating shouts of Hidup Umno (the Malay equivalent of Long Live Umno) three times. Umno pundits had actually been expecting a slightly cooler reaction with many members waiting to grill Najib for his 1Malaysia plan, tepid performance and recent flip-flops on a series of political and economic issues.

“Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya,” Malaysiakin reported Najib as saying. Putrajaya is Malaysia's administrative capital.

Racial cleansing

In his hour-long speech, Najib even warned of the possibility of 'racial cleansing' such as in Rwanda and Bosnia if unnamed parties continued to challenge and debate the preferential status now enjoyed by the Malays.

Nurul - Umno likely to hound her
Some of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders who recently and openly debunked Umno's claim of special rights include PKR's Nurul Izzah Anwar, who created a mini-tsunami in the country with her Malaysia or Malaysaja series of articles. She has challenged Najib, former premier Mahathir Mohamad and ultra-Malay rights group Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali to public debates, which all three men have shunned.

Malaysia's federal constitution does not state that Malays have special rights or rights that are above the other ethnic groups. However, there are clear provisions that the Malay community is entitled to special positions in the economic and educational sectors.

Nonetheless, this is not the way Najib sees it or is willing to acknowledge it to be.

“What I am saying is not surprising. In the 20th century, we have seen cases of punishment without trial in the United States, the holocaust tragedy in Europe, the slaughter of Palestinians in the Middle East and the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda. Imagine, what is the outcome, if every generation of Malaysians question the social contract which were agreed upon by their forefathers,” said Najib.

Pakatan calls for calm

Meanwhile, Pakatan leaders have called on Malaysians to stay calm and ignore Najib's invective. They slammed him for the "grossest" hypocrisy, pointing to his maiden speech to United Nations last month where he called for moderation and even offered Malaysia's help in creating a movement of moderates over extremists

"Shame on Najib for trying to frighten the people. This is the worst type of scare-mongering and bullying. If the people are still not convinced by now that he and his Umno-BN must go, then this speech will convince them," PAS leader Dr Hatta Ramli told Malaysia Chronicle.

"If Malaysians decide to change for the better, no one can stop the landslide, so stop the drama. Najib only shows his fear and hysteria of impending rejection by the people. He has degenerated so far down the line that he is even bragging to Umno that he is willing to use force to thwart the wishes of the rakyat (citizenry). And the sad thing is, Umno members are themselves deceived by this racial emotionalism."

Malaysia's 28 million population is expected to go to the polls again in early 2011. At the 2008 general election, the people gave Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan coalition control of 5 out of 13 states. Significantly, they also withdrew Umno-BN's long-held two-thirds parliamentary majority. This majority has been blamed for the rampant corruption and abuse of power by the ruling elite as it gave them the power to ram through whatever laws they wished.

Malays form about half the country's population, indigenous people about 10 percent, Chinese 28, Indians about 10 percent and rest by unlisted ethnic groups.

Pre-empting criticism from Umno members

Political support amongst the Malays is split between Umno, PAS and PKR. Chinese have abandoned BN's MCA and Gerakan in droves and are expected to vote for the Pakatan in the next election. Indians and the Bumi are harder to read as both have traditionally been BN loyalists, although the Indians switched over to the Pakatan in 2008.
Members were expected to grill Najib and his 1Malaysia
Despite rosy popularity surveys by pro-government bodies, there is also a growing number of pundits who believe that Najib may dissolve Parliament next year, but not the BN-controlled state governments so that he will not lose all should the people decide to go for change.

Some also believe Najib was trying to deflect Umno's attention from his weak performance and leadership by swinging sharply to the right and trying to out race-champion his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister.

"Dissolving just the Parliament is one theory that is making the rounds. But it is hard to tell. The facts are Najib is a political coward. He may even decide not to call for a GE next year. What he is trying to do now is to rally support for himself from Umno members and GE is always an effective way," Batu MP Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

"Umno members will get so hyped up by his speech, they may forget to blast him for his non-performance and flip-flops. He has been in power for nearly two years but has achieved nothing other than spending millions on expensive public relations and wasteful mega-projects. But whatever his strategy, he will not be able to fend off a challenge from Muhyiddin in the Umno election next year."