Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Batu Sapi May Trigger Snap Elections

The stage is set and the dust has settled,for the first by-election or "buy-election" in Batu Sapi,Sandakan,Sabah.As expected it will be a three corner fight,Hj.Ansari Abdullah of Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) Pakatan Rakyat,Linda Tsen of Parti Bersatu Sabah(PBS) Barisan Nasional and Yong Teck Lee of Sabah Action Progressive Parti(SAPP).Will the late Edmond Chong leave behind a legacy to the people of Batu Sapi,we shall know on the 4th.November.2010.

With his wife Linda Tsen as the candidate for Barisan Nasional,PBS is once again rekindling back the sympathetic "minta-kasihan"support they once enjoyed during their era in 1985,only to be remembered as demonic to the might of Parti Berjaya.With society having shaken off their ignorance and fully politically matured,a disaster is imminently forthcoming.The walkout by PBS Muslim members that took place at their operation centre is testimony that all is not well in Barisan Nasional.The 500 disgruntled PBS Muslim members that stormed in the centre,shook the day lights of Musa Aman,Pairin Kitingan and other assemblyman.Deputy Prime Minister,Muhyiddin Yassin tried hard to hide his dissatisfaction upon hearing on what had happen,only to say at the end of it all,BN's victory is vital.

On the eve of nomination,while taking a break over tea with some journalist,UPKO's Supreme Council Member,James Ligunjang join me and had this to tell me,"BN has no chance in Batu Sapi".Across my table then came along Sebatik's former assemblyman from UMNO and greeted me.His parting words on the chances of BN "not so good".As ironic as it may sound,it came as no surprise to me.UMNO/BN is well aware that they have lost Batu Sapi.

The faction group of Shafie Apdal and Musa Aman fiasco and a third force within UMNO has emerged once again,this time with renewed energy and destined to exit Musa Aman for good,may result in one of the dirtiest ousting of a Chief Minister.For Musa Aman,this could well be "sai-lang" for him,as his position is now being further treathen by party stalwarts.As the Director Of Elections for UMNO/BN,a lost could well be his exit,something that most UMNO leaders and members will surely be celebrating.

With all the on-going grouses in UMNO/BN,the one thing we can agree here is that UMNO/BN is about to self destruct and Batu Sapi will well be their downfall.Nonetheless the gates of the nomination centre was open today,filled with colour,shouts of reformasi,Sabah Sabah and BN tetap menang(sure win) was heard from afar.Parti Keadilan Rakyat's(PKR) grand entrance started with their 1 km walk from their operation centre to the Dewan Masyarakat Sandakan(Community Hall),as early as 8.30am,and led by the party's candidate Hj.Ansari Abdullah,Party President Datin Seri Wan Azizah,National and State Leaders,and more than 1,000 highly charged members and supporters.

With PKR and Barisan Nasional,having the most number of members and supporters present at the nomination centre,SAPP on the other hand had the smallest entourage.But what was most noticeable,was the presence of UMNO/BN and SAPP members and supporters finding the tent of PKR more conducive.If this is by anyway an early indication on PKR's march to Putrajaya,then their presence in seeking refuge in PKR'S tent maybe a good omen.My congratulations though to the Police and the Election Commission in handling the nomination well.

Nevertheless,25,582 registered voters in Batu Sapi of which 59.02% comprises of Muslim Bumiputra,38.06% Chinese,2.69% Non -Muslim Bumiputra and 0.22% others,will decide their faith and who they prefer to send to Parliament.Generally this is a predominately Muslim constituency,and PKR's Ansari Abdullah may hold a better edge over the rest.Sandakan is desperately in need of a vocal and gallant Parliamentarian to voice the voices of Batu Sapi.

For two terms under UMNO/BN,the people of Batu Sapi had to endure sufferings unbecoming of a "so-called" urban developing town.What irks them the most is,the Chief Minister of Sabah,Musa Aman,the Deputy Chief Minister Peter Pang and a Deputy Federal Minister V.K.Liew are either Assemblyman or Member of Parliament in Sandakan,yet Sandakan is plaque with severe utility and economic problems,hence resulting in many leaving to seek greener
pastures elsewhere.

Batu Sapi cannot and should not send a deaf,dumb and blind person to Parliament.The endless promises of UMNO/BN is still being promised,yet no improvement in the people's plight and problems has been addressed and dealt with.SAPP on the other hand has two Member of Parliament,yet their voices are nowhere to be heard,and an additional one is not going to make any difference.Being an "Opposition of an Opposition" has no lo ca standi,worst off the Sabah for Sabahan is slowly but surely evaporating.The young and new generation are not at all interested in "kampong politics",they are more far sighted and understand the overall Malaysian agenda.Politicians or "pollute-ticians sometimes say the darn est things,and old school politics is surely unacceptable

With 9 days of campaigning commencing today,the sleepy and hollow town of Batu Sapi will awake at least until a new and vibrant Member of Parliament emergence on the 4th.November.The people of Batu Sapi must vote wisely,for the future of Batu Sapi depends very much who they vote come polling day.Batu Sapi must not live to dread the day when their grand children question them,on why when they had the chance to make a CHANGE,they chose not to.

Having said that,Batu Sapi may trigger a snap elections,and Najib may well take this opportunity to gauge his strength or before his Deputy does a coup to oust him.



  1. Lawan tetap Lawan!!

    Rakyat Sabah bangkitlah bersatu menentang kezaliman!


  2. PBS wil retain the seat by default.

  3. I believe that for once the PR will have the chance to proof to the BN component parties are gone for good. I believe the Batu Sapi people will path the true spirit of change and registered in the history book that the change for Sabah was started in in Batu Sapi.

    I believe that despite of over 20% of the total voters in Batu Sapi are from those project IC people the 60% or more real Sabahans with the heart for change will choose PR.

    SAPP has proven itself as being the mere puppet for BN as they are willing to compromise the very change for us Sabahans to affect change. Batu Sapi will be in the History.

    As for the Datin Linda, our deepest condolence to you and your family, and we al believe as the Late Datuk is a believer, he is definitely with Jesus right now. But as for many Chinese and the Christian communities, you are suppose to be under "pantang". For the Chinese it is "soi" for even have an audience with you and as for the KDM a very big pantang for not respecting the 7 days mourning period, and to be able to go through the series of obligations under the customary belief or else people that came closer to you will get something really bad. How much of this customary beliefs are still practice today? But as for the majority it is crucial.!!!! and that is purely respect to the departed.

    vote for change!!!!!

  4. I also believe that PR will win this election. when the last election is being considered, the DAP and PKR won the majority.

    But SAPP what makes you think that you are championing the rakyat? Someone told me that SAPP is being finance by UMNO to create divisions amongst the Chinese. If we consider Datuk Yong the "tai ko" had a very bad court cases and he must be under the control of UMNO. So Batu Sapi people please remember do not mislead by SAPP agenda to fight for the rakyat. We had given PBS the mandate in 1995, and look what had happened. PBS brought in and gave UMNO as a gift to Sabahans. All the other local parties have become chicken feet compare to UMNO? Now are we going to repeat the history? Change through PR is the ultimate solution.

    Lawan tetap lawan

  5. Vote for PR and we will improve our educational system.

    Starting from next year (2011) primary one pupils and Form 1 students are starting the Science and Mathematics in the Malay medium. My daughter whom has gone through her whole primary education in English for Science and Math is now has to go through a traumatic process to comprehend these two subjects that will be taught in Malay.

    If you are agree with this than vote for BN but if you are not than please help us to maintain these subjects being taught in English by voting PR. PR believes that Math and Science subjects bust be taught in the English language.

    Batu Sapi voters we are praying for you for change. Thanks you

  6. I am very sure PBS will win the Seat :)) very2 sure!! Amin!!

  7. I know the voters in Batu Sapi are very wise to choose who would be their MP. I don't think they are all dummiest.....

  8. Semua kerajaan negeri ada tunggakan hutang pinjaman

    KUALA LUMPUR 26 Okt. - Jabatan Audit Negara melaporkan, kesemua 13 kerajaan negeri gagal membayar keseluruhan tunggakan pinjaman mengikut tempoh yang ditetapkan sehingga penghujung tahun lalu.

    Bagaimanapun mengikut jabatan itu, tiga negeri iaitu Sabah, Sarawak dan Perak berjaya melangsaikan sebahagian besar daripada keseluruhan pinjaman mereka itu berbanding negeri-negeri lain.

    Menurut laporan itu lagi, negeri lain termasuk empat di bawah pembangkang sehingga kini gagal membayar sebahagian besar tunggakan itu malah tidak dapat melunaskan jumlah minuman yang ditetapkan untuk tahun 2009.

    "Sebanyak 607 daripada 1,203 pinjaman di 13 negeri tersebut gagal dibayar tunggakannya menyebabkan hanya RM614.4 juta dapat dikutip daripada jumlah RM885.38 juta yang sepatutnya dibayar pada 2009.

    "Ini menyebabkan tunggakan bayaran balik pinjaman kerajaan negeri meningkat RM542.01 juta (13.3 peratus) daripada RM4.08 bilion pada penghujung 2008 kepada RM4.62 bilion pada penghujung 2009," jelas laporan tersebut.

    Menurut laporan itu, semua kerajaan negeri mempunyai bilangan tunggakan bayaran yang besar kecuali Sarawak dan Perak yang hanya mempunyai dua tunggakan sementara Sabah tiga tunggakan.

    "Selangor mempunyai nilai tunggakan tertinggi dengan RM829.86 juta untuk 37 pinjaman yang perlu dibayar dalam tempoh dua hingga 13 tahun.

    "Pahang pula mencatatkan bilangan pinjaman tertunggak paling tinggi iaitu 113 pinjaman dengan nilai tunggakan RM565.08 juta," tambah laporan itu.

    Jabatan Audit Negara menegaskan, jumlah tunggakan yang meningkat pada penghujung 2009 tidak termasuk tunggakan bayaran balik pinjaman Bekalan Air Luar Bandar bagi lapan kerajaan negeri berjumlah RM204.27 juta yang telah dihapus kira.

  9. Is there any guaranteed to have a better Batu Sapi if PKR win the coming by-election? I did ask the same old question again and again.... and as far as i see, no matter how hard the opposition tried to influence the rakyat to vote for them, its only end in smoke....No avail!

  10. Hanya pengundi sendiri yang boleh menentukan kemenangan sebuah parti. Diharapkan rakyat Batu Sapi akan bersedia mengundi pada 4 Nov ini.

  11. calon yang berjaya memenangi hati pengundi, calon itulah yang akan menang..rakyat pasti tahu siapa yang selama ini berkhidmat untuk mereka. rakyat juga akan memilih calon yang bekerja untuk rakyat dan bukannya memilih calon yang hanya muncul pada ketika pilihanraya saja.

  12. semua yang bertanding mengakui persaingan ini pasti sengit dan masing-masing yakin ada peluang untuk menang...kepada yang bertanding, bertandinglah dengan bersih dan adil. tunjukkan kemampuan dan bukannya bercerita tentang keburukan pesaing.

  13. This 3 cornered fight will be an interesting one. The voters will need to cast their votes wisely. Make sure they are voting for the right candidate.

  14. Well, all the best to all candidates. May the best man win!

  15. @ Kulou

    If PBS win, is there any guarantee that you will have a better Batu Sapi? I am sure you know how good Batu Sapi has been under BN for so long

  16. kawasan Batu Sapi sebelum ini adalah kawasan BN, sehingga kini dilihat sokongan rakyat Batu Sapi masih kuat walaupun ia mendapat saingan sengit daripada SAPP dan PKR.

  17. PKR??ohh no for PKR. I be like BN than PKR. heeheee BN will win..sure and really sure..

  18. Please go back some years ago, PBS became subservient to UMNO and subsequently UMNO took and plundered much of the resources of Sabah. Why vote for PBS/UMNO again. Vote for a change please. And for now only Pakatan is the only choice. Think hard people of Batu Sapi or your future will be gone.

  19. Mari kita undi siapa yang terbaik untuk Batu Sapi. Kalau ikutkan memang yang terbaik adalah BN datin Linda Tsen. YTL tidak boleh kerana buat Sabah berhutang saja. PKR ansari pula tidak pernah menang lawan Datuk Hajiji di Tuaran.

  20. Memang saya sendiri mengakui persaingan Batu Sapi ini sangat sengit. Parti yang bertanding semua ada pengaruh di Sabah terutama sekali SAPP YTL. Tapi BN tidak akan kalah dengan mudah begitu saja. Saya percaya bahawa BN akan membuat yang terbaik untuk meengekalkan kerusi tersebut.

  21. we need another party to act as check and monitor to the government.

  22. it would be difficult for the opposition to win in Batu Sapi as they fought among themselves.

  23. Batu Sapi voters is mature enough in choosing leaders in their constituency, so let them choose whoever the best for them...

  24. 3 party fight for this Batu Sapi by-election SAPP, PKR and BN. We don't know who be the winner??People vote is determine who will be win this by-election.

  25. BN akan menang sebab rakyat Sabah masih buta dan pekak, bukan seperti anak-anak Semenanjung yang sudah insaf dan sedar.

  26. Dear Sabahans,I have the opportunity to serve in Sarawak and Sabah twice,the first time is Sarawak middle of 66 and the first in Sabah in middle of 67 came back to Sarawak middle of 68.
    In 1977 came back to Sabah night stop Kuching.I was so surprised to that Kuching had a very rapid development compared to Kota Kinabalu when when I saw that KK has very little change from what I saw back in 67 as compared to Kuching. DO YOU STILL WANTS BN.Thinks please

  27. pertandingan 3 penjuru akan berlangsung dalam pilihanraya di Batu Sapi. ia satu pertandingan yang sengit dan menarik, setiap parti mempunyai strategi tersendiri untuk menang. rkayt pula hendaklah bijak semasa mengundi. buat pilihan yang tepat.

  28. It might happen. Even Muhyddin is never underestimates both SAPP and PKR.

  29. Bro RK,
    Overall may agree with your writing about Batu Sapi after nomination yet knowing your standing and if as politician certainly your comment of SAPP to add one more MP makes no difference is wrong.
    If that is the case why should PR or BN strive hard and would not it be good since by saying that PKR/PR just generously enough to withdraw his candidate, still not late and vote SAPP MP to parliament.I beg you won't and it sounds cracy right.
    BUt one thing please be faithful to guard Sabah with dignity as sabahan if you are really one!

  30. all candidate, do the best.

  31. Bajet 2011: Beli 257 buah kertia perisai dgn peruntukan 8 billion utk apa, sdngkan negara kita aman dan makmur belum ada ura-ura nak berperang dgn sesiapa sdngkan kawasan luar bandar masih memerlukan kemudahan sprt sekolah, jalan raya bekalan api letrik dll. Harga sebenar kerita perisai yg paling canggih hanya dalam sekitar rm10 juta x 257 = rm2.7 billion tetapi harga yg ditawarkan oleh kerajaan Najib ialah rm31 million x 257 = rm 7.967 billion. Kes pembelian kapal selam yg tidak boleh menyelam yg mengakibatkan kematian Altantuya belum redah, masih dalam siasat di France, kerajaan Barisan Nasial rancang lagi skandal lebih besar. Apa guna kapal ta boleh menyelam hanya terapong-apong di Sepanggar. Duit rakyat langsai, kontang pemimpin UMNO kembang meletup. Itu lah sebabnya Kerajaan Najib kekeringan wang dan menanggung hutang luar negara lebih 300 billion akibatnya ramai penerima bantuan KWAPM untuk murid2 miskin sekolah luar bandar dibatalkan. Tukar Kerajaan BN UNDI PR. Satu harapan untuk Malaysia.

  32. When will the people of Sabah desposed the tyrant BN who had plundered the state for 40 over years with so many corrupt politicians in their fold ?

  33. Can you all guarantee that if PKR or SAPP or whichever party wins there will be change for Sabah. Nonsense! look at what is happeing since independence, who are the rich and prosperous, and who has been squandering the country in the name of development and at the expense of the people. The leaders themsleves, the people are still fighting among each other on who to vote.
    Out of all this huh hah, The Late Tun Mustapa(may he rest in peace) and his family became filthy rich, The late Tun Fuad and his family became rich, the ministers became rich, Harris became rich, PAirin pun sudah kaya, Dompok pun sudah kaya, Salleh pun sudah kaya, apa lagi Yong Teck Lee, semua pun sudah kaya, all these politicians have been squandering and it is still going on now and forever...susahlah...the only thing is think we the people have to judge the balance.....good luck my fellow Sabahans...jangan gaduh gaduhlah rebut itu tulang ikan...harap ada isi tinggal tingal lah....

  34. I really wish what say here going to be a reality...

  35. Where is Christina?Where is Jeffrey? why these two PKR leader seems to distances themselves from the by-election? Seems like many Batu Sapi PKR members doesn't like PKR candidates....

  36. BN will retain this seat. There is bound to have dissatisfaction among members as personal interests always stay above the people interests whether in BN, PKR or SAPP.
    Postal voting & project Mykad are distinct advantages to BN. Generally muslim bumis in Sabah are loyalist to ruling government.

  37. Sure BN will retain Batu Sapi seat because of the excellent service of his lata MP.

  38. Wa sengitnya PRK BS. hehe

  39. Saya tak sabar nak tahu siapa yang akan menang.. hhmmm, mampukah Datin Linda menarik kepercayaan pengundi terhadapnya... waa, tak sabar nak tahu perkembangan lanjut.

  40. Aiyo,brother brother semua,ini Linda pun tidak pandai cakap bahasa malaysia,macamana mahu bela rakyat di Parlimen.Kita undi calon PKR supaya hak rakyat dapat dibela.

  41. What had happened to 'Meet Sabah' effort by DAP and Sdr Lim Kit Siang,Teo Nie Ching,Teresa Kok etc etc before in PJ.
    Ronnie Klassen was there too and he know well our wish as sabahan!
    But then many would have die or wandered with hunger,jobless because thereafter no news from anyone at all.
    Remembered well 'Save Sabah Save Malaysia' propagate by LKS but is it only politically to check sabahan's support?
    Now again seen many in Batu Sapi but jobless sabahan become a long forgotten issue right!
    LKS and other never play fun in politics so much a promise is a promise to Save Sabah!

  42. Keputusan Pilihanraya Kecil Batu Sapi diumumkan lebih awal:-

    Pemenang: PBS/BN
    Kedua: SAPP
    Ke-tiga: PKR/PR

    Jumlah majority meningkat kepada 4500 undi (lebihkurang) kepada BN. Kemenangan ini datang daripada:-

    Pengundi IMM13 = 2800
    Pengundi Post = 1500
    Pengundi Muslim = 5800
    Pengundi China = 895
    Pengundi Bukan Islam = 150

    Setiap undi mendapat duit saguhati sebanyak 3000 dan kononya dibayar oleh BN. Manakala SAPP pula kononnya membeli undi dengan 300 bagi setiap satu undi.....untung-untung untung bagi pengundi Batu Sapi la.

    Malangnya bagi PKR, sia dengar kasi belanja air kosong saja di kedai Mamak, mati mati mau tulung PKR duit saku pun tiada, mau tarik si kawan dari jeti yang roboh tu?

    Tapi ini lah hakikat pengundi pengundi di Sabah ini. Siapa ada diut boleh beli undi. Jadi sampai bila bila Sabah akan senantiasa menjadi hak asasi UMNO. UMNO banyak duit...

    Sekarang, banyak lagi pembangunan yang dijanji janjikan oleh BN di Batu Sapi. Sebelum ini banyak kemalangan di Batu Sapi bila jeti roboh, tapi kali kali si Kawan Haji Ansari juga pula yang balik balik jatuh... tapi ramai yang melihat ini sabagai suatu tanda yang baik!!!!! Tanpa beliau jatuh ke laut, mana TPM (Muyhidin)mau luluskan jeti congkrit? dan juga tanpa beliau jatuh, tiada chan la mau keluar news!!!! sekarang semua tau siapa di tuan Haji ini. Kalau Haji Ansari jatuh dari jeti yg roboh lagi pasti si kawan akan menang dalam pilihanraya ni...(Kalau PKR/PR menang: oh yang menang tu yang jatuh jeti tu ya?)

    Orang Sabah bole dibeli.. BN Menang dan Tetap Menang selamanya.

  43. It will be a tough flight for this election. I believe all the three candidates are not perfect nor the parties.

    This is the time for them to show the sincerity and heart to serve the people.

    Hope this is not a "money Politic"

  44. kamu orang parti keadilan pun 2x5 jug. Kamu Punya orang pun sama gila juga. Jalan masuk tanah aku kamurang punya ahli pigi tutup apa cerita. Cakap pandai tapi belum pigang kuasa pun sudah mau tutup jalan. 0198113951

  45. Terlalu banyak PRK di negara ini. Sikit-sikit PRK lagi.