Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liew's team sweep KK division, rival cries foul

By Queville To-FreeMalaysiaToday

KOTA KINABALU: The incumbent chief for PKR Kota Kinabalu division Chrisitna Liew defeated her contender Ronnie Klassen with a majority of 165 votes after polling 252 votes against Klassen’s 87 votes. There were seven spoilt votes.

Her running mate Roman Lo also beat his opponent Dr Chong Eng Leong in the contest for the deputy chief post by a majority of 120 votes when he polled 228 votes against Chong’s 108 votes.

Her other running mate Wong Kin Yin also beat her opponent Benny Quek with a majority vote of 150, by polling 234 votes against Benny’s 84 votes. There were five spoilt votes.

In the battle to head the women's wing, Liew's running mate Roslind Bion polled 65 votes against Chu Shuk Fun (51) votes. There were two spoilt votes.

In an immediate response, Klassen claimed that there were irregularities in the voting process and that he had lodged an official protest with the election committee before the vote counting began.

Among others, he claimed that Liew had convened the Annual General Meeting (AGM) much earlier at 9.25am instead of 10am as stated in the notice of meeting, besides claiming that her people were seen marking the ballot papers on behalf of members, instead of them going into the designated voting area to vote on their own.

He claimed that one of the election officials upon being alerted by him had went over to stop Liew’s people from doing so.

He also claimed that the ballot papers did not tally with the number of members who turned out to vote with 325 members attending but 350 ballot papers submitted.

“In any election there’s always a victor and loser. I can accept defeat if it was truly done in a democratic manner,” he said.

“The tactics employed by my opponent are beyond the true spirit of a friendly contest. I may have lost but my fight for change in PKR will continue,” he added.

Klassen also refused to sign the result sheet.

“I will not recognise the result and I will protest till the end. My team members have taken photographs and a video of what transpired during the voting,” he said.

Liew: Let officials decide

Meanwhile, in her response, Liew said she would leave it to the team of six election officials from the party headquarters to deal with Klassen’s complaints and allegations.

She thanked the members for their support to her and her team in the election, adding that it had reaffirmed their struggle to continue the work for the party.

“Our struggle is clear from day one – to change the corrupt, arrogant BN (Barisan Nasional) government to a Pakatan government in the next general election,” she said.

She also said she would be calling for a meeting with her new committee soon to activate the election machinery in full gear.

Meanwhile, Penampang PKR secretary Franky Lobinjang disclosed that its AGM cum election has been postponed to Oct 3 and the division was waiting for confirmation on the venue from the party headquarters.

“We will inform all the members once it is confirmed,” he said.

When contacted, PKR vice president Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said his contest with Danny Andiapi would only be held on Sept 26.


  1. Christina does not know how to play fair Ronnie,you were cheated whole sale.I was there during the AGM and also voted.The whole process of the AGM was conducted illegally.Where was the Permanent Chairman who was supposed to conduct the entire proceedings of the AGM?Why was there no AGM for the Wanita and Angkatan Muda?

    I will testify that the elections were rigged,and third party individuals belonging to Christina were seen by me and many others marking the ballot papers outside the premises.This is no better then the cheating of UMNO and BN.

    Ronnie,you are a true leader,and we in PKR Kota Kinabalu salute you.HIDUP RONNIE,HIDUP PKR,HIDUP PAKATAN RAKYAT.

  2. Nah! see among you all sudah tipu atas tipu what more if you people become the government!! maybe lagi tipu besar, as for Ronnie sorrylah bro you should play lagi kotorbah, baru ajar, as the saying goes "it takes a crook to catch a crook"
    Well the whole Malaysia is rotten to the core says DR M. I think I believe him!

  3. Macam mana ni belum memerintah pun sudah gaduh-gaduh pasal pemilihan Ketua Bahagian, be a gentleman lah any contest there will be always a winner or a loser, congratulations to the incumbent and to the newcomer unfortunately a loser don't lost your cool, just remember that President of USA Abraham Lincoln lost many elections before he can enter the White House.

  4. Total number of members registered and collected ballot papers 325 members.
    Christina obtain 252 votes,Ronnie Klassen obtain 87 votes,while spoilt votes were 7 votes.Therefore total number of votes cast were 356 ballot papers.
    This is simply math,how could the results and election be valid?Yes I agree cheating did take place.As a retired Election Commission Officer,I would have cancel the election and term it as invalid.

  5. What else to talk about , it seems that most of the branch election were al messed up with claims of cheating in Papar and interior area. How to win the GE with all this mentality. And the most important is how do you expect the people to trust you PKR people to rule..the state or the nation with all these cheating,especially semua pun bbulum kaya lagi nanti suda jadi kerajaan, habislah Sabah lagi botak...

  6. Si christina ini cakap jangan sokong saudara ronnie sebab di orang MALAYSIA dan bukan orang sabah.saya pun orang MALAYSIA dari Petagas.Yang saya mahu tahu si christina asal dari mana?christina bukan asal dari Indonesia kah?Apa hak dia si christina yang bukan asal dari MALAYSIA memberitahu orang kita di Malaysia jangan sokong saudara ronnie yang asal dari MALAYSIA.Perempuan bodoh,angguh dan biadap.

  7. In the last agm,we had been complaining about the irregularities at the penampang agm. we suggest to the pkr central leadership to rectify them but it just fell to deaf ears. Now it is again happening. How can we have a fair leaders from a clean election then. Even at Penampang we have about 200 newly registered members althouhg it had already been closed where back in 27 june 2010. Another thing were the permission of non resenditial members to get registered and votes in a any particular division. If i am not mistaken in Penampang there are about 25 to 30% who are non residents of penampang who would definitely make the differences. I am afraid outsiders are the main political players at penampang now. I hope the party could do with a seperate constitution in sabah which suits the local setting and norms here. I just could not understand with the election procedures. Notice of meeting was not been sign by the secretary, the venue not been discussed, Only a handful were given with the notice of meeting, contending parties are not given any confirmation of nomination, no objection period were given, no numbering of qualified candidates and candidates are not allowed to cast their numbers for the candidates numbers. I fould it puzzling why this is happening in pkr which is supposed to be a transparent and clean party. If this scenario continues at pkr then i am afraid we are going to go back to square one,

  8. PKR urus rumah kamu dulu dengan baik baru boleh menang pilihan raya yang akan datang. Cepat urus sebelum semua Parliamant dibubar, sekarang BN sudah nampak PKR dalam keadaan kucar kacir, ini masalah BN boleh ambil peluang kasi habis PKR untuk selamanya....

  9. ronnie...kesian kau kena tipu orang..pasal kau tia pernah menipu seumur hidup kau..saya tau...kau patut menang tu hari...apa mau jadi sama ni pkr..saya rasa kau yang layak jadi pemimpin...pasal apa kaki si christina liew mau lawan qualification kau..dia hanya lawyer lah orang kita tida mau pilih orang yang ada calibre dan pengaruh cukup hebat..dengan masa yang singkat saja banyak perubahan di Sabah kau buat dari kau punya blog ni..saya sungguh kecewa..sya dangar kau ni orang penang..betul ka? kenapa kau patriotik sama sabah..tapi kalau ya pun kau ni lebih patriotik dari orang sabah...saya sokong kau sampai la orang kasi sia duit..nah tu lain cerita sudah....sorry boss lawan tatap manang lain kali

  10. With all what is going on in PKR I think the party is a gone case. PKR can dream of taking over the government unless its leaders and memebers are willing to work together and set aside all personal greed. Otherwise PKR can just dream on and talk all nonsense and fight among yourselves, and of course to the advantage of the bigger bunch of crooks BN.
    Sorrylah another era of BN is coming!!!
    As for Sabah, sad to say another era of colonisation and squandering, PTI and fake Mykads....and as for the KDMs well continue
    "rumamai and singarung"

  11. Ha..ha..ha..Sore loser

  12. Hello anonymous Sept 25....5.42am,

    If you are making reference to Ronnie being a sore loser,you need to have your head examine.I was among many present at the polling when the election took place.What we all saw was a desperate woman cheating all the way.She and her deputy used ah longs to intimidate members.Ask who is her deputy,and you will know,an ah long,does illegal 4D and a drug pusher.

    She tells members not to support an orang malaya in the meeting.She is such a hypocrite,where is she from,she was born in Indonesia and she has the bloody guts to tell Malaysians not to support a Malaysian.Who the hell does christina thinks she is?But she tells the members to support Zaid Ibrahim,where does Zaid comes from,isn't he orang malaya?
    Christina should resign from PKR and join SAPP.I regret being in her Wanita committee.


  13. We heard from RK, now we should hear from CL.