Monday, September 13, 2010

Is this UMNO/BN's idea of Good Governance?

UMNO and Barisan Nasional have miserably fail the people yet again.This news hit the news-stands in Kota Kinabalu and has appeared in most news websites.

The illegal immigrants are the occupants of this illegal housing, and everything here is illegal. It started with illegal use of condemned buildings, renting houses to illegal immigrants, stealing of electricity and water supply, no sanitary installation, and many other illegal items.这里的人没还市政厅的门牌税和地税,但非法移民却能享受市政厅为他们免费清理垃圾。 民联的领袖们表示,难怪这些人尽管受冒着被将倒塌的房屋压死也不搬迁。该处许多房屋的钢筋混凝土结构已经破裂成碎片,任何轻微的动摇将会导致该破房子完全 崩坍。

The few rows of this pathetic abandoned terraced houses in Taman Makmur along Lintas Square in Luyang, Kota Kinabalu is the focus of many public complaints received by the leaders of the Sabah Pakatan Rakyat which included Dr. Chong Eng Leong, Benny Quak, Ronnie Klassan and Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the KK MP.

The PR team arranged a joint inspection on the 12th September, to check on the various complaints arising from the people. This place is truly a filthy slump area in the beautiful City of Kota Kinabalu. The housing had been condemned by the authorities as a disqualified housing with its OC lifted some thirty years ago due to the structural defects of the buildings and unqualified supervision procedure. The serious crumpling of the building had caused most of the building becoming impossible to live in.

The illegal immigrants are the occupants of this illegal housing, and everything here is illegal. It started with illegal use of condemned buildings, renting houses to illegal immigrants, stealing of electricity and water supply, no sanitary installation, and many other illegal items.

The people here don’t pay house assessment and quit rent, but they enjoy the constant service from the Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu in clearing their garbage for free. The PR leaders said "no wonder these people don’t want to move out in spite of the danger of being crushed by the collapsing houses". The reinforced concrete structure of the housing had already broken into pieces and any slight movement can caused the house to collapse totally.

Dr. Chong Eng Leong sighted that the ill health condition of no sewerage system in the housing and the people here are "shitting" everywhere especially just next door is the Luyang Polyclinic causing much health hazard. The drains here are filled with dirty water, garbage and mosquitoes. He said how can DBKK did not border to take action on this abandoned housing. He further said that he had earlier on made a police report and published in the newspapers on why allowing the Illegal Immigrants to stay in the housing and the authorities took a blind eye over it. So far the police and the authorities did nothing.

Dr. Hiew the KK MP said that there is law covering the harbouring of illegal immigrants and include providing them with shelter is a punishable offend. He urges the DBKK and the police together with other relevant government bodies to work together to clear the area and help those house owners in Taman Makmur to redevelop the whole housing immediately or give them an alternative solution to solve their problems. Kota Kinabalu City cannot be spoiled by the unsightly look of Taman Makmur.


沙巴民联领袖邱庆洲博士,庄永谅医生,郭义海,罗尼加拉申(Ronnie Klassan)和其他领袖经常接到许多市民的投诉有关在路阳岭兰花园住宅区的问题。 在路阳岭兰花园有二十多间排屋被遗弃多年,如今已成为非法移民的安乐窝。

民联团队安排在9月12日前往视察有关该处的问题,并发现该处正如市民所说的一样。 这个地方确实是在美丽的亚庇市中心造成极度碍眼和有毁市容。由于不合格的建筑程序,工程监督和结构有缺陷,该些房屋在约30年前已被地方当局取消其入伙 纸,并鉴定为危楼。 此外,多数的单位已崩垮,造成了严重损坏。 现在该些破烂的房屋已被非法移民非法占用为其住所。 在该处每一样都是非法的,例如,非法使用的不合格的建筑物,出租房屋于非法移民,盗窃电力和水的供应,没有卫生设施,以及许多其他非法事件。

这里的人没还市政厅的门牌税和地税,但非法移民却能享受市政厅为他们免费清理垃圾。 民联的领袖们表示,难怪这些人尽管受冒着被将倒塌的房屋压死也不搬迁。该处许多房屋的钢筋混凝土结构已经破裂成碎片,任何轻微的动摇将会导致该破房子完全崩坍。

庄永谅医生说,该处没有污水处理系统,而且环境欠佳,该处的非法居民到处拉屎,而隔壁就是路阳医院,这将造成的极大的健康危害。 在这里的水渠充满污水,垃圾和蚊子。 他说,亚庇市政厅怎么可能没有发现该情况,并且没有对被遗弃的房屋采取行动。 他进一步表示,他较早前已向报警,并在报纸上公布详情,他不明白为什么当局没有进行对居住在这些的房屋非法移民采取行动,反而视而不见。到目前为止,警方 和有关当局并没有采取任何行动。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,现有法律已有条例涵盖提供住所于非法入境者,包括为他们提供庇护。 他敦促亚庇市政厅及警方联同其他相关政府机构携手合作,清除该地区,并帮助那些在岭兰花园的业主立即重建整个住宅区或给他们一个替代方案,以解决他们的问 题。 亚庇市不能被岭兰花园破烂的房屋影响市容。



  1. How do you guys expect the local authorities to take actions against these illegals when they are needed to vote for BN in the elections?
    And what do you expect when everything else in the nations is in the mess, with sky high crime rates and murder cases so rampant...from the top to the bottom..from using C4 bomb to burning.
    What else is left now for Malaysia???

  2. Great move by Pakatan Rakyat Sabah.It looks like the MP of Kota Kinabalu has more faith in Ronnie Klassen the candidate for PKR Kota Kinabalu division in the on going party election.

    Good decision....Ronnie Klassen for KETUA CABANG KOTA KINABALU.If there's anyone that can bring CHANGES,is Ronnie.

  3. PKR must be different a bit lah with "cabang" instead of " Bahagian" or "cawangan" hu makes me wonder what these words or term really mean!
    But as long as Sabah do not fall from the mouth of a tiger into the mouth of a crocodle okaylah!! As I see it Sabah has all these years after joining Malaysia has been in a nd out of all these vicious animals...till today...semua pun sudah botak from kayu balak to tanah these next PKR bunch if take pleaselah leave some good things for the rakyaat and their great grand children jangan makan habis juga like everybody else...they have voted for you..please to pu you people in power hoping that things will change for the better...
    Good luck my fellow Sabahans...I think we have seen enough from Mustapa till now...who are the the wealthy now only the politicians and their relatives...the rakyaat still toil and struggling...
    and as for the poor Kadazandusuns still singarung,,,Wake up wake up everybody, bukalah mata semua!!!!!