Thursday, September 2, 2010

PKR members go to the polls to elect new leaders.

A Message from Mr. Ronnie Klassen

In the name of change and to re-invent,reposition,rejuvenate our PKR Kota Kinabalu Division, today I unveil my manifesto in the upcoming party election during a press conference held at 2pm in Kota Kinabalu. My motto “We will work for the people,with the people”.

Our Manifesto:

1. A news letter in a form of a “tabloid” will be published quarterly and circulated to all members on the activities of the division. This information will keep the members abreast on whatever that’s happening within the division, no one will be left out.

2. We will also have our very own PKR Kota Kinabalu division live Internet TV, beamed live so as to give the global community an opportunity to know Kota Kinabalu. In addition we shall also have our very own Internet Radio talk show which will be held live twice a week.This will give the opportunity to members to voice their problems and grievance to the government.

3. We shall provide a sms blast service for all members, whereby information’s,such as activities and news will be disseminated to them immediately.

4. We shall activate all dormant rantings(branches)and form new rantings throughout Kota Kinabalu. Ranting chiefs will be appointed and given the mandate to ensure that the members problems are brought to the attention of the division.Rantings will be provided adequate assistance to ensure that the members activities are carried out without any hitches.

5. We shall provide educational incentives(RM 200) to members children who perform well in their examination. This incentive will be given to the TOP TWO students in UPSR, SRP, SPM and STPM. For members who are unable to provide school aids for their children due to financial constraints, a special fund will be allocated to assist them.

6. Bereavement assistance amounting to RM 200 will be given as an assistance to members.

7. A special committee will be form to assist members in obtaining jobs for those who are unable to , within Sabah.

8. A 24 hour HOT LINE will be activated for the convenience of members,Members can call this hot line or any committee member in the event of an emergency.

The Kota Kinabalu PKR Division Elections will be held on the 18th.September.2010. The venue will be at No:602,Jalan Sang Kancil Satu,Kota Kinabalu(Opposite the RTM), commencing at 10 am to 3 pm.If you are a member of PKR KK division,please come and vote for my team and for CHANGE. If you are not a member,please inform friends of yours who are members.

Thank you.

Ketua Cabang : Ronnie Klassen.

Timbalan Ketua : Dr.Chong Eng Leong

Naib Ketua : Benny Quek.


  1. Kudos Ronnie Klassen,you have proven yourself to be a worthy leader.We shall ask all friends who are members to vote for you,Dr.Chong and Benny.HIDUP HIDUP....HIDUP RONNIE KLASSEN SEBAGAI KETUA CABANG KOTA KINABALU.

  2. I was a straight A's student both in UPSR and PMR and by the time, i never thought of receiving any incentives from the governments. I don't even know if there is a program for that. But then I found out that the other states in Malaysia was actually giving an incentives for those who excel in school. That makes me thinking, why don't Sabah do the same thing as our neighbor did. And again, when I was in a matriculation college, some of my friends even receive some extra cash (it is not 'some' actually, it even reached 1k) from their government. I was disappointed. All of the Sabahans are. So dear sir, if your no 5 manifesto is not just an another sweet talk, i say congratulations.

  3. May the best man win and you've proven to be one......keep it up.

  4. Good one Ronnie Klassen!But its all up to the rakyat to choose. Good luck!

  5. I hope PKR Sabah will be strong and united enough to face BN in the next GE.
    With all the back biting, it looks to me that there is no hope lah for any opposition to topple the BN in Sabah. Anyway I wish good luck to Ronnie Klassen. Let's see the outcome first and the development then we can all judge.

  6. Do not just talk and make sure you can deliver what you have promised before the election.

    Now it is the time for the people to judge and believe who can deliver and willing to sacrify for the people. BN? Oppositon ? God knows !!Good luck

  7. With Benny Quek and Dr.Chong surely sabahan will never be bullied again. We can entrust good guys not like those mere talk but always change themselves instead of helping to change Sabah for better!

  8. Ron, bukan Ketua Cabang tapi Ketua Bahagian KK ba you tanding, semoga bro akan menang dan membawa perubahan untuk Sabah dari segi politik, ekonomi, teknologi, socio-ekonomi dan kebajikan rakyat.

  9. I am from Petaling Jaya Selangor.Recently I was present at a gathering and forum at the PJ library Hall and heard Mr.Ronnie Klassen spoke to the applause of all who were present.The goose pimples brought back memories of the late Peter Mojuntin,warrior of the KDM's.

    Mr.Ronnie Klassen was so fiery that the audience has finally seen a new leader has been born and brought to us...the rakyat.

    I also saw the video clip of Mr.Ronnie Klassen's speech in Kota Belud,when he spoke at the rally against the construction of a DAM by the BN.This is the leader Sabahans have been waiting for so long.

    The mighty Allah has finally send us a warrior,Mr.Ronnie Klassen for Ketua Cabang Kota Kinabalu and en route to being our wakil rakyat.

  10. Terima Kasih Saudara Ronnie kerana sudi datang ke Keningau dan melihat sendiri perkembangan parti di sekitar kawasan Keningau.Walaupun kami sebagai ahli PKR tahu yang Saudara Ronnie memang kerja kuat di Kota Kinabalu,kami disini ingin berterima kasih kerana dapat meluangkan masa kamu melawat kami.Ini adalah pemimpin yang tulen dan berjiwa rakyat.

  11. Can somebody put a video clip of Ronnie's speech in youtube. I am a Saban living in the US and like to watch what is going on in Sabah.

  12. menifesto hanya sekadar menifesto...lepas menang janji hanya tinggal air liur dan begitulah realiti yang selalu berlaku pabila dekat-dekat pilihanraya dan selepas pilihanraya...:)

  13. pergolakan politik Sabah selalunya tidak lari dari pepatah "Lompat si katak Lompat" dan "orang-orang yang tidak puas hati kerana tidak menang" dan "hanya tahu cakap tetapi tidak serupa bikin"

  14. simpati PKR terhadap penduduk Sabah adalah hangat-hangat taik ayam!

  15. Whatever it is, we are 1 as Sabahans...we only care for our owns good!!!!