Monday, July 19, 2010

The 1st Lady's fall a bad omen for BN & Najib?

Did someone pushed Rosmah from behind?

A bizarre minor earthquake occurred in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah recently,which shock the 8,000 odd people believe to be present,fortunately all escape unhurt.This unexplained phenomenon may have even attracted many Taoist and fortune tellers eager to venture deeper into the unseen universe.Can the dead resurrect with vengeance?

The hottest topic in the State now is none other than the 'unrehearsed' incident where the Prime Minister's wife Rosmah Mansor slipped and fell on the floor while descending from the stage after delivering her speech as the President of Bakti (Welfare Body for Wives of Federal Ministers and Deputy Ministers and Barisan Nasional MP).

There's now a bizarre twist to the incident which many thought was a self-inflicted one. A few individuals with "unique vision" who were present at the occasion claimed to have simultaneously saw a dark and sultry female figure standing behind Rosmah, just moment before the incident. The figure was said to have stood there for few seconds before vanishing into thin air. Since the tale of the strange incident spread out, people are now wondering whether Rosmah was actually pushed from behind by the 'mysterious figure'.

Many people also joked about it that the mysterious figure could be the ghost of Altantuya who has come to Kota Kinabalu following the Malaysia's second submarine, KD Tun Razak which just arrived at the Sepangar Naval Base.

Joke aside, many considered the incident a bad omen for BN and Najib in particular, that it could signify the fall of Najib's administration and the entire BN, in the next general election.It was also reliably learnt that photographers who manage to "click away" the fall of Malaysia's "First Lady",were warned not to print the photographers,if they know what's good for them.

It may sound unbelievable and far fetch, but it's not impossible, especially in this Bolehland.


  1. There's a Hindi film of yesteryear titled "Mera Saaya", literally means "My Shadow". A song from the film carries the same title. It goes something like this:

    Tu jahan jahan chalega
    Mera saaya sath hoga...

    which literally mean:

    Wherever you go
    My shadow go together...

    Could that had happened to RM?

  2. Hai seh, what a concotion! betul kah ini?

  3. Hurm, hard to believe. But as long she's OK, oklah that.

  4. She fell? Oh dear. Black shadow behind? Uh, you sure? I find it hard to believe it. *wondering*

  5. Tanda yang buruk bagi PM? Ada kemungkinan juga.

  6. Too bad there are no photos.

  7. It depends on how you look at it. Might be a bad omen, might even be Altantuya's ghost. Or just an accident.

  8. Pity of Rosmah being said to be a bad omen for Najib. Good thing she didn't get injured when she slipped and fall.

  9. Let's don't be too superstitious about the incident.

  10. There is no such thing as bad omen. If BN or Najib happens to fall then its due to their lack of leadership qualities and not because of Rosmah.

  11. This is just the begining, have no fear Rosmah more will be on the way. Repent now and you be forgiven go tell the truth in court as you husband will protect have no fear Malaysian Judges have all being compromised.

  12. Oh for God's sake, she is just a normal human being. Everyone slips and falls once in a while; a wrong step, a slippery floor...why make such an issue out of this yah?

  13. This is called KETULAHAN in our local do bad things...worse things will come to you and your generations to come.

  14. may be she got a push from you know who, altantuya?

  15. I like her nose job, almost like michael jackson's. How about the hairdo, amazing. Again, the ...Which part is genuine?

  16. Well she should slim down a bitlah, baru sexy, otherwise just like mama mama..bah.

  17. I do remember MIC's great leader once fell down right in-front of Malaysia's highest Indian temple located at the Batu Caves, and then, what happens later in the GE of 2008?

    A refresher reminder here is that he fail to wrest back his 'safe-seat' of Sg. Siput in Perak.

    Can this be another prediction of what is going to happen in the next GE that is right round the corner? Well, our God does select His 'prophets' in His own mysterious ways you least expects.

    God has sounded His warnings to His people, but His people mostly have not heeded His warnings. God is also not happy that certain people can refer Him in 'selected' names, while others cannot. God may not strike us, but He sure does give us a-lot of ample warnings.

    Whether it is true that a 'dark and mysterious figure' appears right behind that lady to give her a push is nothing too small for the prayer of every righteous person, for the word 'PUSH' is an abbreviation of 'Pray, Until Something Happens'!
    We Christians do not believe in praying for the bad of others, whether unto either believers or for the non-believers, but do believe that God will always bless those who are more oppressed than the others. God will always protect the poor and needy, including those who are in power, but He will guide those in power in His own ways.

    If we stand to go against His Way, we have the face His wrath, whether in our present life or after we are gone. For those who walks in the corridors of power, please repent and confess your sins to your Father in Heaven. He is a compassionate God, for He will forgive your sins and will remember them no more if you open your mouth and heart in confessions to Him.

  18. Bro Ron,
    Your above story is hilarious but this time its a bad taste men. The danger of this story is if its not true, then any future story or issue in this blog will reflect a joke is always a joke. Its better to address Sabah's issues like illegal immigrants, land problem, dams problem, coal problem, IC palsu, poverty, crime and the latest issue like hiring illegal immigrant to be legal workers in Sabah (tidak masuk akal bah ni).

  19. Dear Anonymous,July 21..2:01am,

    For your information,I was one of the many thousands present at the official opening of Wisma Wanita where Rosmah did the honours.I will attest the authencity of the fall of Rosmah.

    Puan Annie,civil servant

  20. My dear Ann,
    Attest lah klau berani(civil servant), nanti kana C4 tau!

  21. Rosmah is a big joke ever.

  22. ya, why no pic? what's gonna happen to sutera harbour?

  23. stop complaining my dear fellow sabahans and make sure that BN will never win the next election even if they try to put new faces and these new faces makes ALLURING AND CHARMING promises to whisk you off your feet.
    remember politicians knows what the people NEED and they will cleverly use that to make false pretenses.
    Make CHANGE a possible thing! and to you. POLITICIANS out there in this country don't whither round trying to CON your way in just for MONEY! there are no shopping malls or ferrari cars to buy 6ft underground. remember that there is a higher power than MONEY and it is called GOD!

  24. UMNO/BN is falling like ten pins in the next general elections.Only fools will vote for them.Nepotism,corruption and abuse of power are so glaring and seen in the open.I am just fed of the UMNO leadership.Its time to show them how to live without having any power to wield as they like and live the ordinary citizens lives.Pergi pasar,duduk kedai kopi mamak dan makan nasi lemak.Now its all 5 star hotels coffee house and restaurants.The rakyats must teach them a lesson.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  25. You all talk nonsense, look at the DE news about how she seduced Robert De Niro to come visit Malaysia the BolehLand.
    Now Malaysia in the good books alreadylah all money talks

  26. Ini macam bikin takutlah. Cerita hantu. Jangan jangan ada orang punya gimbaran itu yang tulak dia bah itu.aya takut ini macam punya ceritalah, bagus suruh dia resign sajalah. Cukup kaya suda mah!

  27. Sayang lah no pics. It would be headlined "The fall of Rosmah". Better check if got any of the organising committee members are missing being blown to bits with C4 for infuriating the so called first lady

  28. Haha accident, fall down!!! May God Bless her!

  29. Ya la why bother to this issue. We are not attractive to this. Beside it could be happen to anyone of us. Chill!!

  30. Ronnie,
    Datuk Rosmah just slipped as I can attest that the wooden flooring was slippery as I had the opportunity to dance on the stage the sutera staff had to use oil to remove the glue from the wooden flooring.. It was not on a carpeted. I guess with her high heels and weight, she slipped but she was rescued by her bodyguards before she could fall.

  31. It's A Bloody and Corrupt Regime.............I do trust they ALL Fall and The NBon Malays finally get to shine and show what MALAYRIA can achieve !!!ALLAH U AKHBAR

  32. Wow, got bodyguards like the US First Lady ah?Apa kaki oh, ada bodyguard . Wah ini macam lagi besar kepala lah lagi kembanglah.

  33. sure rosmah will sue her shoemaker....patah tumit bah....nasib wig tidak terlepas...hairstylist sure get recommended is time for the curse of the rock to take it's place...

  34. Jadi kalau Anon July 25 2010 10.42 pm cakap "was rescued by her bodyguards before she could fall" meaning to say that Dtk Rosmah tidak jatuh lah tu. Ini lah urang-urang cakap "hearsay" saja apabila menuduh bukan-bukan. 1 point to Dtk Rosmah!

  35. Whatever it is - Tuya's ghost or RM's misfortune - we Chinese believe that our reaction is a reinforcement or extension of the deep desire to see RM's misfortune. Of course it's bad for Najib and BN as this is how we all feel towards them: negative feelings. When GE13 comes?

  36. wow...i thought i was reading a horror story here just now...

    for a woman like her...anything can happen... maybe she deserves it or maybe not...but what to already happened... I'll take that incident of her as one of my personal top hilarious moments of VVIP. Though I didnt see the said incident myself. (Well, let's just pretend tht I did see it too. Who cares anyway, right?)

  37. 從來愛都不知它的深度,非得等到別離的時候.................................................................

  38. Maybe the blood level is a bit low in her alcohol stream.....

  39. Ronnie bro,
    What are you referring her as 1st Lady?? i thought it had been made very clear that 1st Lady she is NOT!!!

  40. What 1st Lady? Since when did Malaysia got a First Lady. First Lady is only for President's wife of a Republic nation like the USA.
    Mimpi lah Malaysia ada First Lady, ini sendiri angkat bakul lah!

  41. White Paper if SAPP form the State Govt: Yong
    Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) will produce a White Paper on the Saham Amanah Sabah (SAS) debacle when it forms the next State Government so that the people will see the full picture, said President Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

    "I would say, just wait till SAPP forms the next State Government and we will produce the White Paper on SAS at the second sitting of the Legislative Assembly after the 13th General Election, then we will see the full picture," he said.

    "Because after the Dewan sitting the BN Cabinet ministers would have been put on record their stand and reason that would be useful reference for us at a future date of our choosing," he said.

    Asked to comment on the rejection of the motion for the White Paper on the SAS at the State Legislative Assembly sitting on Tuesday, Yong said he was not surprised that it was turned into a field to attack him.

    "On the Dewan's rejection of the SAS issue it shows that the BN leaders, especially the ministers, have something to hide.

    Even if it wins the coming State election, he said SAPP would be forming an autonomous State Government and not a State Government that is appointed by outside or Kuala Lumpur and it could be just SAPP or with others.

    Other political personalities are expected to announce their support for SAPP near election time, he said "We have been getting favourable response from several people but I cannot talk about any individual name," he said.

    On Tuesday, the motion on the SAS White Paper was tabled by Likas Assemblyman, Datuk Liew Teck Chan who is also an SAPP deputy president and was allowed to be debated only to be rejected in the end.

    In winding up for the State Government, Industrial Development Minister, Datuk Raymond Tan who is a former Deputy President of SAPP said the motion should have been disqualified based on the Standing Order.

    However, he said the BN government decided to allow debate to demonstrate its transparency.

    In the debate, Yong became the central figure since he was the Chief Minister and Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd chairman at the time the SAS price tumbled.



  42. 尼采:「一棵樹要長得更高,接受更多的光明,那麼它的根就必須更深入黑暗。」............................................................

  43. It seemed a bad omen may b.People nowadays when angry they keep 2themselves without barking.Only when election comes they wil show their talent on voting,then u know & caught by big surprise/?

  44. Everybody falls now and then. It's due to gravity and not to some supernatural force/s.

  45. Malaysia is a blessed nation so far.
    we are spared with a lot of natural diaster which the neighbour countries are experiencing.
    Lets continue to uphold Malaysia !!

  46. Hah, look at this!
    Fishing for votes, damage control.
    Poor ignorant folks are taken for a ride.
    The amount being squandered are ten times more than this whole sum of this so called "Duit Raya".
    I am amused that after decades of Merdeka, there are Malaysians who are still very very ignorant and could easily be cheated>

    PM Announces RM350 In "Duit Raya" For Felda Settlers

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 (Bernama) -- A total of 101,391 Felda settlers will receive RM350 each in special payment in conjunction with the coming Aidilfitri, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced on Friday.

    A total of 11,244 other settlers within the Felda settlements, who carried out replanting but not through Felda, will received RM150 each.

    Najib said in a statement that the payment, involving a total of RM37.14 million, would be made before the Aidilfitri.

    "I hope that the 'duit raya' payment will help ease the burden of settlers in their preparation for the Aidilfitri.

    "I would also like to take this opportunity to urge settlers who are no longer with Felda to return to the agency and help develop the settlements," he said.

  47. Just like to shift the topic a bit here... clarence bongkos is a stupid fool.

  48. God is great! Be it 'good guys'-in power, 'bad guys'-in power, d-intelligent, d-not-so-clever, & d-whatever, HE uses them all to fulfill His purpose for He is Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa! As for the 'bad-guys', once they have been used by God for a particular purpose, don't even bother to search for them in the tong sampah.

  49. Let this be 911 or 916 message to the nation..

    Some leaders are dead scared now and inevitable 13 in GE13 due in 2013 are staring at them.

    This 13 is part and parcel of the holy land of Sabah or Sabbath as abbreviated.

    So it 67, 76, 85, 94 - all sudden changes of State Government in Sabah when all the two digits adds up to 13. In 67, an Election Court case happened, in 76 many court cases also happened and tragic "air bomb", and 85 was a power grab of sort that also ended in High Court after a high drama in the Istana; 94 another known power grab with the drama at the Istana lawn; since 1994, the 13 has not appeared but soon this is appearing prominently.

    BN = BeNd...and that is GE13 and 2013 (last year) if Najib decides against a snap election soon.

    Why my sharing is important now?

    It was on that fateful day in late morning I was on the way to Sutera Resort and I met a long VVIP entourage of vehicles with Police Outriders and an ambulance in siren. The meeting point was at the highest level of the flyover which cut the UMNO HQ if viewed from Asia City. I was wondering why ambulance? Now I know,
    So don't be nervous as I met the PM's wife at the highest level of the flyover symbolic I may flyover to power in KL.

    Good omen for the nation..

    Joshua Kong

  50. Another good or bad I don't know.

    You are the best people to tell me, now.

    On 29 Dec 2009, I was suddenly in the hotel - a switch of venue - where the PM and wife were to be present for a function.

    It was still Christmas mood when the entrance to the main hall of the event had a decorated Christmas tree which collapsed before the PM arrived. It was quickly replaced.

    So did any of your readers witness that?

    It is not too late to check that out.

    I was there to hand over an invitation letter...

  51. i only want a peaceful country like Malaysia with good and wise leader! I don't buy nonsense, slander and cheap stories...

  52. don't judge other you never knew when is your 'time' and you are going to be judged as well...

  53. Sejak bila Rosmah menjadi First Lady? Bukankah First Lady kita Permaisuri?