Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional craving for Putrajaya,at whose expense?

On one hand UMNO/BN will do anything to stay in power, while Pakatan Rakyat is working towards replacing them in Putrajaya. This is neither a celebrity contest nor another American idol search. This is seizing the opportunity to be the next government at any cost, but at whose expense?

Has it occurred to these two political parties that they are gambling with the lives of the very people who voted them into office? Who cares two hoods how they win, as long as they get to Putrajaya? Well, the people do care, and if anyone feels otherwise, perhaps migration would be the best option.

Let us examine Sabah, which should be one of the richest "states" in Malaysia but now is the second poorest "state" in Malaysia. How did this happen to a "state" rich in natural resources? Sabah is still till this day rich in oil. Who in their sane mind would think this is possible? And UMNO/BN and Pakatan Rakyat are only keen in racing for their jewel prize... PUTRAJAYA.

If Putrajaya is ultimately the place to govern Malaysia for Malaysians, then UMNO/BN has miserably failed in governing the country, because Sabah is still the second poorest state in Malaysia.

Of late, UMNO/BN Sabah leaders have been at each others’ throats, to see who should be rightfully given a specific seat in a constituency with strong words such as "stop bullying fellow Barisan Nasional component parties”. In retaliation, UMNO says "this is a Muslim seat and was only given to you on loan".

In my last posting, I stated that Sabahans are Beggars in their own land; soon Sabahans will be fugitives in their own land. The root of the matter is, this is all about UMNO … UMNO and only UMNO? Barisan Nasional component members have now become pariah's in the eyes of UMNO.

Recently the UMNO Supreme Council convened a meeting to deliberate the Sports Betting issue on a license that was purportedly issued to Vincent Tan, and chaired by non other then the Prime Minister himself, Najib Razak.

At the press conference immediately after the meeting, Najib blatantly said "the government has decided not to issue the license to Vincent Tan”. In a nutshell it was UMNO that decided and not the Federal Government. This is arrogance of the highest order, there again tell me what else is new.

Pakatan Rakyat in Sabah on the other hand is another sob story. Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) has not shown anything concrete either, to say the least. DAP on the other hand has been rather active of late with the numerous visit by the 'Father of Opposition" Lim Kit Siang. I had the opportunity to have had breakfast with him recently, and in his twitter he labeled me as "an interesting fella".

Some have called me worst like "shit stirrer".

Recently I accompanied 5 Sarawakians to the MACC office at Shah Alam, Selangor, where a report was lodged against Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak on his wealth beyond comprehension. The Deputy Director, Yip Pit Wong later however REFUSED to provide a copy of the report. What bullshit. The photo shows me wondering ….. Who’s next to be thrown out the window at MACC?

Another interesting event that took place recently as well was, a Police report that was lodged against me by the President of MAJAP, Datuk Clarence Bongkus Malakun over the Allah issue. This is the very man that asked the Christian community in Sabah to abandon the word Allah. The charge was framed under the Multi-Media Act section 223, under which if found guilty one is liable to a fine of RM50,000 or a year's jail or both.

Clarence B.Malakun must have gone "Bonkers" to have thought that intimidation would tickle me. I will fight to the very end to ensure that the people will not be hoodwinked by government stooges out to con the people, for their own personal agenda?

To my recollection the Holy Father is Pope Benedict and not POPE CLARENCE?

I call upon Sabahans and Sarawakians to rise and seize what rightfully belongs to them. The 13th General Elections is fast approaching and UMNO/BN must be shown the exit door.

We must now strengthen Pakatan Rakyat and if need be take control of change, for the current "leaders"don't appear to understand or seen as wanting to CHANGE or bring about CHANGE.


  1. Whatever it is Umno will still be the government come next election! Why? because the opposition just cannot unite and work for the common goal. And there are so many opportunists in the opposition so much so that the whole coalition is in a big mess. As for the BN/Umno despite they seem to be divided in many of their opinions they are one step ahead because they are in control of the present government which they can manipulate to their advantage.
    As for Sabah, Sabahans can just dream on, because most Sabahans are opportunists and very narrow minded bunch especially the leaders and kampung people who cannot even see the broadside of things and as we all can see in the past, for mere planks and plastic water tanks they will still vote for BN or whoever can give them the honey and sweets.
    Tidak boleh percayalah semua sama sahaja, senang kena beli!! Cakap banyak sahaja tapi tidak ada action!

  2. Kudos to you saudara Ronnie.You have displayed courage,determination and a true advocator of CHANGE.You are not alone,for Sabahans and Sarawakians are behind you all the way.

  3. Ronnie... Sabah has too many "ball-polisher".

  4. parti kedilan rakyat has not shown anything!Then the state liaison chief is only to blame for inaction and not being creative enough.Again who is to be responsible? THE PERSON WHO APPOINTED HIM!

  5. i believe, that BN will do the best for all malaysian people and PR don't think you can take over the government from BN. BN will defense for the elation chair.

  6. The 13GE is approaching. The choice is in our hand. Vote for the most promising candidates!

  7. the govt will do their best for people...

  8. Whatever you said Ronnie, I think if you are not in PKR or any opposition party, people might listen to your words. Think about it.

  9. I agree with the views given by Anonymous July 27, 10.30am and AnonymousJuly 27, 5.06pm.

    To begin change, we must have more vocal, qualified and loyal party members who are not afraid to speak their mind of issues affecting themselves and their party. Our current bunch of leaders do not have the daring and determination for change as they seem voiceless and lost-in-space. The BN/UMNO will stillbe a force to be reckoned with coz "they are in control of the present government which they can manipulate to their advantage".

  10. Well said Anonymous July 28,1.27am.

    I view Saudara Ronnie being the most vocal,daring,qualified and charismatic leader who is not afraid to speak up for the people and PKR.He is certainly so far proven to be the people's choice.

  11. kenapa sabahan senang kena beli ah ??
    can someone come up with effective slogan to brain-wash fellow sabahans, something like:

    "Duit ambil saja,
    undi lain kira "

  12. excerpt from The star: Monday 28 June 2010:

    "Man kills housemate before plunging to his death"

    ".....However, Johnny, a Kadazan from Sabah, broke free, grabbed a knife and stabbed himself in the abdomen."

    "...Police believe Johnny had lost his job as a guard at a fish pond in Perak, which led the elder brother to invite him to stay with him for a while"

    Feel sad because my fellow sabahans cant find a job in sabah, travelled to semenanjung with hope for a better living and earn some extra money for the "beliau" at kampung, but ended his life tragically.

    Sabahans are "beggar" at our own land is true for the rakyat. (of course not true for some of the useless MPs or YB).

  13. Next GE is just around the corner.. So buat pilihan yang terbaik dan bukannya dipengaruhi oleh emosi semata-mata.

  14. Well you people are talking about Ronnie being qualified to be a candidate, bur please bear in mind that in Malaysia especially Sabah money talks. Ronnie must have a big taukeh behind him to win the next election otherwise talk is just too cheap. Any of you people willing to chip in to support his campaign?
    The name of the game is moneylah, my friend, no money no talk. Lots of money is needed to win election in Sabah. Cakap kosong tidak guna.

  15. the people choice is in their tip of finger..let the PKR 'quack' 'quack' or 'cip' 'cip' but wise Sabahan should see, judge and choose for better future...

  16. it is the dream of people of Sabah to seek better government and better place for living. why do Sabahan need another gov and leader?

  17. Bro Ron, FYI Clarence Bungkus is JUDAS ISCARIOT's reincarnation, could you download all the comments made by your fans to this JUDAS during the height of the ALLAH issue in this blog?

  18. Todate how many good leaders are there in Sabah?
    It looks to me that the leaders before being elected to be YB were talking all the nice things and fantastic promises, but once they are up there they are just too busy filling their own pockets and joining the gang squandering the State. What the rakyaat get are just peanuts.
    So to me Sabah is in the vicious cycle all the time.
    From Usno till today under the BN. Who benefitted? only a handful of people who are close to the leaders in power.
    The common pepple are just the same toiling away to survive despite the fact that Sabah's resources is so much that it can feed the Sabahans ten times over>
    Those leaders past and present have made their money and invested in Australia, Canada, Britain and the USA especially the CMs..

  19. Semua mo jadi PM. Bila suda jadi PM, macam2 jadi..sampai bila mo jadi mcm nei? To me, dua2 boleh lupakan mimpi mo duduk di kerusi dan office PM di Putrajaya kalo rakyat tidak dipentingkan dan diperjuangkan keperluan dan hak mereka dahulu.

  20. PKR and BN craving for Putrajaya, at whose expense? Good question. I know everyone knows the answer but I'm sure will not giving out the real answers.

    And if they really want to get their hands on Putrajaya, well, i think they better act up on their promises to the people instead of doing nothing at all.

  21. most of Sabahan is not ready to accept new government..

  22. the oppositions in Sabah is only strive to bring down the current government and only raise the issues that not benefited to rakyat.

  23. we still have enough time to think and make careful consideration which parties is the best to lead Sabah.. both BN and opposition parties is not perfect at all..

  24. "From Usno till today under the BN. Who benefitted? only a handful of people who are close to the leaders in power."

    ~This is what needs to be stopped.

  25. A step to radicalised Sabahans?

    Quran Memorising School For Sabah

    KOTA KINABALU, June 29 (Bernama) -- An Islamic school to train students in memorising the Quran would be built in Sabah's interior under the Tenth Malaysia Plan, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

    He said this was part of the state government's strategic approach to produce more Islamic intellectuals and enculturate studying and applying the teachings of the Quran, which is rich in knowledge and a guide to achieving success in this world and the hereafter.

    "This school will be equipped with modern teaching and learning equipment to produce students who will not only be able to memorise the Quran but also to master various knowledge disciplines," he said in his speech at the opening of the National-Level Quran Reciters' Assembly (Tilawah Al-Quran) by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, here Tuesday night.

    Musa said a new building for Sekolah Menengah Agama Islamiah Toh Puan Hajah Rahmah would also be built in Kinarut, about 40km from here.

    He said the school which had been in existence for 30 years in Sembulan, near here, had produced many prominent religious figures.

    Musa also disclosed that the state government was building Baitul Ihsan, a faith and character rehabilitation centre, also in Kinarut and expected to start operating next year.

    On the national-level Tilawah Al-Quran from tonight until July 3, which Sabah is hosting for the first time, he said it would help strengthen unity and harmony among the state's multiracial and multireligious people as enjoined by the Quran.

    Fifteen male and 14 female reciters are taking part in this year's assembly, with a cash prize of RM15,000 offered in each category for the champion compared to RM10,000 last year, and RM7,000 for the runner-up and RM5,000 for the third placed.

    This year too, the runner-up and third placed will each be given a Haj package while previously, only the champion in each category received the package.

    -- BERNAMA

  26. The leadership of PKR Sabah are a disillusioned lot.They have no direction at all.Jeffery Kitingan has his own personal agenda,which to wipe out PKR and take over PBS.Christina Liew is just a bi**h and will listen to anyone as long as she gets something.Ansari has no direction,like a lost child.Thamrin is a joke as the PKR Chief.

    UMNO/BN Sabah are in the verged of collapse.They are only interested in projects and bankrupting the state before the next election.The state coffers will be empty,and all in the pockets of UMNO/BN.

    Sabahans better wake up and start deciding on their future.The opposition is their best bet,but Pakatan Rakyat better get their act together.

  27. Support BN and Umno?
    Where is the press freedom in Malaysia?

    Newspapers Need To Comply With Regulations

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 (Bernama) -- The Home Ministry has found that various daily newspapers and tabloids did not comply to permit regulations and publishing guidelines as provided for under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

    Its Publications Control and Quranic Text Division secretary, Datuk Zaitun Ab. Samad said the ministry had issued 43 warning letters to newspapers in 2009 and 10 such letters in 2010.

    Tabloid newspapers have received 19 warning letters from the ministry in 2009 up till May 2010. For the same period, six warning letters and a show-cause letter for a political party newsletter.

    She said according to Section 7(1) of the Act, publications cannot be prejudicial to public order, morality, security, the relationship with any other country, alarm public opinion or be contrary to any law, or prejudicial to public interest or national interest.

    "Publications found printing malicious false news would be flouting Section 8A of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984," she said in a statement here Tuesday.

    -- BERNAMA

  28. many people like me have realized that this blog was designed to destroy PKR. This is definitely a UMNO game plan. One way to overcome the prejudice against PKR created in this blog is, I believe, PKR has to report to Ronnie every activity, programme and function that they have. Then Ronnie, might as well be appointed the PKR chief for Sabah. That is an idea?

  29. Does BN/Umno sincerely want to help/build Sabah ? in my opinion, the answer is NO.
    But the cronies-cronies want to fill their pockets.

    ".....coal power plant to be build in Tawau and met with environmentalist protests...."

    But at the same time, there is an on-going project called SSGP (Sabah-Sarawak Gas Pipeline) which would be used to transfer GAS from sabah offshore (K.Belud-kudat area)to sarawak.

    If BN/umno really sincere enough to help sabah, use part of the gas to produce electricity, clean and no environmental issue, instead of sending ALL to sarawak for Export !!

    There are many sabah offshore platforms in the master plan but is there any master plan to develope (build more down-stream plant) west coast of sabah ?

  30. Anonymous June 30,2:53am,

    Which planet did you come from?You must be a well paid cybertropper of UMNO.If Ronnie's blog was designed to destroy any party,it has surely done so to UMNO/BN.Ronnie has been an inspiration to the new generation,unlike many who are only keen in becoming candidates.

    Go crawl back into your corner,I salute Ronnie in publishing the comment of this UMNO Cybertropper or maybe a Trojan horse in PKR,Ronnie has displayed transparency and courage.If this kind of comment appeared in any UMNO/BN blog,they would have deleted the comment.

    Keep up the good work Ronnie,the people are behind you all the way.

  31. Saudara Ronnie,

    my only comment to you would be, get yourself a good sponsor for the next GE. We love to see you in the main playing field and bring changes to Sabah, her people and her future generations.

    Most of us Sabahans are beggars so no money, we may beg tomorrow at Jalan Jejambat Segama di Kota Kinabalu but most of the empty lots are taken by those from PTIs. Besides not many people taking that jejambat any more, many of us became so malas so we rather walk under it than on it. So tiada peluang.

    Sabahans wanted to see changes to happen but with the current situation within PKR... bagus lagi pakai pakaian lama... masih bole guna bah... i can wear this baju with patches and holes everywhere and continue to beg in KL this time. But i need to beg first for tambang airasia to KL, so to come back, no money i can be a news maker like Bro. Johnny!

    Sabah adn Sarawak deserve better. But we allow people to step on our head. so terima la.

  32. To anon July 1 2010 9:47AM

    Well my friend I agree with what you wrote telling our Saudara Ronnie to get a good sponsor for the next GE, but the problem with all sponsors is that they will want something in return if their " Kuda" wins. And surely the same vicious cycle will continue.
    So far for Sabah there is not much of opposition activities except a a small gathering and coffee talk here and there, and that also I see mostly done done by either political stragglers or some DAP dreamers.
    As I see it BN/Umno will still control the state in the next GE. It is just the bloggers who are talking so much but please remember that majority of the Sabah voters are Kampung people who do not even have access to internet and do not even know what a computer is.
    Anyway I wish everybody aspiring candidates good luck and hope you win the next GE and become a YB and do some good changes instead of continuing the plundering of our beloved Sabah.
    As far as PKR is concern I think until the party can reach a common goal with its partners , I see no hope for it to wrest Sabah from BN and Musa Aman and his gang.

  33. Sabah and Sarawak should merge into one, kick the West Malaysian government out and become an independent country. God knows we have been downtrodden by the BN for too long. They steal us blind while they live like kings. We are supposed to be independent from the British and be our own boss but look at what happened to the two states. We have become slaves to the Malays from Malaya who are now bumi whereas many of us 3rd or 4th generation are treated as immigrants. The illegal Indons and Filipinos are better off than us because they are 2nd class Malays.

  34. Semua pun pandai cakaplah.
    Now let's make a collection drive to sponsor Ronnie in the coming GE. How about it fellas?

  35. As I've read a saying by one of the commentors from Malaysia Today quoting,"Walk the talk, sir, walk the talk"..

  36. Walk the talk fellas..Walk the talklah..No point just saying in here but not out of the Net.

    Do it all the way until GE13th, i dare you all who are under Anon name..

  37. Ronnie,

    You have a must better grasp on Federal than State Politics.
    As per local, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder towards UMNO. You have NEVER complimented any decision made by UMNO. Not all of their policies are bad for Sabah.

  38. This is d desperate damage control move by the BN!!
    DE reports.... What a big joke!!!

    10,000 Notebooks for free

    Published on: Friday, July 16, 2010

    Kudat: Some 10,000 1Malaysia notebooks will be given free to eligible Sabahans in phases as part of the Federal Government's initiative to achieve a nationwide 50 per cent Internet penetration rate target by 2010.

    Information, Communication and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, said it was part of the government allocation to provide one million computers nationwide. Through the Multimedia Communications and Malaysian Commission (MCMC).

    To get the free 1Malaysia computers, eligible recipients must be earning less than RM3,000 a month in urban areas and less than RM5,000 a month in rural areas.

    Recipients must also be willing to subscribe broadband access from existing telco communications.

  39. Just too many opportunist frogs in PKR. So even if PR wins the next election, soon, they will abandon their party.

  40. Kedua-dua PR dan BN juga mahu menawan Putrajaya. Tapi adakah mereka mampu?