Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mayor with No direction and No vision?

My humble advice to our dearest Mayor is- your days of crooning your favorite song"Madu Tiga"(made popular by P.Ramlee)in Karaokes are over,and unless you buck up,I suggest you ship out gracefully and allow someone more competent to take over the job.
And by the way,I take it as a great insult,his offer of "Kopi-O"to me to promote him in my blog.

KOTA KINABALU or KK in short, is the capital city of Sabah, East Malaysia and prides itself as having the 2nd busiest airport in the country, the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) which was recently upgraded at a whooping RM 1 billion(pic).

Gateway to Asean countries like Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines, KK is also passionately known as a “Nature Resort City”. KK or “Api” as it is popularly known among the local Chinese community was transformed from a once sloppy, unsystematic and sleepy water village into a bustling town and favorite port of call for many international cruise ships.

While a majority of tourists and golfers from all over the world who visit KK would reckon that KKIA is a first-class international airport, the traffic system of KK City is however a nightmare to many, with traffic congestion a common scene in the city(pic).

Hence, there had been numerous calls by concerned citizens as well as NGOs in the past, urging the Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) to improve the traffic system in the city.

Ironically, instead of improving the infrastructure for the traffic system, recently, we have Beaufort-hailed Federal Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing, Datuk Lajim Hj Ukin(pic) announcing that the Federal Government will spent RM200 million to construct a new headquarters for the Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK).

A lot of people whom I know called me up to express their disgust over the announcement which they thought was questionable if not ridiculous. Many of them also took the Mayor of KK to task for failing to set the priorities right.Crystal clear is the newly implemented transport(bus)system in the city.The total monopoly of a bus company appointed by DBKK as the operator of the city routes is further testimony of bad governance.Who is behind this city bus company?

Countless complains and grievousness's has been brought to the attention of DBKK by businessman,traders and city folks and highlighted by the main stream media.Until DBKK comprehends what economic survival really means,city folks will have to continue to dig deep into their pockets,perhaps even skip meals just to pay the extra bus fares. Government of the People by the people for the people?Think again,the people have been short changed big time.

Let us take a closer look and examine who this Mayor of KK City is. He is non other than the flamboyant Datuk Iliyas Hj Ibrahim(pic), or better known as “Datuk Double ii”. An avid golfer, his home club is the prestigious Sutera Harbour Golf, Marina and Country Club whose membership is currently priced at a cool RM120,000. His membership number is “GI 0013” and plays to a h'cap of 14.

But the more interesting question is, how did he get the job of Mayor of KK almost immediately after his retirement as the State Commissioner of Police? Many people would vouch that it wasn’t based on merits or qualification but because of his relationship with the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman(pic).

This made his appointment a controversial one especially when there were many candidates out there who were many times more qualified and capable than him. This shows that one need not be highly intelligent or capable even to become a Mayor of a city but what’s more important is whom you know in high places.

In a recent tele-conversation with Iliyas, he admitted to me that his capacity on any projects undertaken by DBKK is only RM10,000. If at all he needs funds to improve KK he must obtain Section 37,which is an approval from the Chief Minister. That being the case the Mayor of KK is merely a stooge and puppet. How can a Chief Minister be given so much power?Does that also mean that the CM appoints the contractors as well? If that is the case, any nincompoop can become a Mayor.

The Minister in charge of DBKK is MCA State Liaison Chief, Datuk Edward Khoo(pic), who is also the Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister. His position doesn't really make much difference especially when you're barely surviving in your political career.

The puzzling thing is Iliyas is comfortable with his position although he has no idea (direction) and vision whatsoever as how to improve KK City. A Mayor is supposed to be entrusted with the responsibility to ensure systematic development for city folks; to make a firm stand when the City is facing a health-care crisis of being without an adequate general hospital (Queen Elizabeth Hospital is partly unusable), a smooth traffic system, efficient public transportation, proper garbage disposal system, maintenance of a high level of cleanliness and the sewerage(human waste)disposal system which is reliably learnt as non-existent in KK, and not merely delivering speeches at functions exalting his political masters.

If at all his intentions were to shoe shine his masters, he has also miserably failed in this area because the city is still plagued with many problems. Shoe polishing is perhaps his gifted talent. A dynamic Mayor in my books should go down to the ground unannounced, unaccompanied by any of his officers to see first hand and listen to the city folks.

Numerous complaints have been brought to the attention of the Mayor including the Karamunsing shopping complex(pic) which has clearly breached every building by-laws, reduction of parking bays(pic), extensive renovation(pic),narrowed corridors(pic) which is dangerous in the event of a fire; the issuance of licenses to vice dens under disguise of hair saloons and reflexology centers. In addition there is extravagant spending of tax payers' money in his bid to turn KK into an “entertainment city".Even the water-front development could be deemed illegal if any city dweller takes DBKK to court.
That brings to mind something that I read in the papers some two years ago where Mayor Illiyas had stated " open spaces belong to DBKK". Illiyas should have consulted the AG on this rather than have taken cognizance and comfort from some developers who supported his stand. (It sounded more like back-scratching from them)
DBKK does not own the open spaces in the city. It is only the custodian and care-taker of such public amenities.

Commercial development of open spaces are illegal and immoral. Period.
What kind of legacy is Iliyas going to leave behind?

KK is not a city that is entirely made up of fools or hypocrites and shoe-polishers like him. It's also a city that is made up of genuine, sincere and down-to-earth people who expect and demand a safe, clean and comfortable living environment.
Therefore, the Mayor is duty-bound to live up to the expectations of the people,instead of being completely subservient to the whims and fancies of his political masters.

My humble advice to our dearest Mayor is – your days of crooning your favorite song "Madu Tiga" (made popular by P. Ramlee) in Karaokes are over, and unless you buck up, I suggest you ship out gracefully and allow someone more competent to take over the job.
And by the way, I take it as a great insult his offer of "Kopi-O" to me to promote him in my blog.


  1. Come on man, you will be doing the same thing if you get a chance. The kopi o offer you refuse and took as an insult because you are not too sure yet..if you get the chance you yourself will enrich yourself and cronies..Be it Umno, PKR or whichever party, come on lah Ronnie Klassen!
    These bunch of crooks are in the process of making their money, but be patient when PKR takes over if ever, you will also get your chance to take the piece of the cake, and once you make your millions go and migrate to Australia and live happily ever after, just like everybody else....
    What good governance are you talking about? In Malaysia that is non-existence, the word does not exist in Malaysia and all the politicians do not even know what it means.
    There are lot of things in life that even Havard does not teach you, ask you bodd Jeffery who is a Havard graduate whether this is true or not...?
    By the way did you get anything during PBS rule? I bet you must have got a substantial "Kang Tau" as what the Chinamen use to say...
    Hang in there Ronnie you will get your chance if ever PKR gets to is same old same old...old milk in new bottles

  2. Kudos to you Ronnie if it was someone else as always he would have taken the kopi-o.This Mayor was no better when he was in the police,selfish sob.Keep up the good work Tuan the people of sabah are looking upon you.

    ASP Cari Pasal

  3. Eh? Are you saying because of his relationship with the CM, he gets the Mayor post? I think he did a few nice thing for KK before you brought this up. I'd say, in what way do mean he has no vision and no direction?

  4. Tell me which police top brass did not retire rich? Almost 99.9% of them retired loaded. And that 1% are those who were from the icebox section of the Dept doing paperwork and no contact with the public all the life. Those loaded ex-cops are not loaded because they got big pension but from payoffs during their time in the service..As far as the Mayor is concerned what he gets from being a mayor is just for petrol and cigarettes, it is peanuts
    If you guys have travelled and lived the world over, things like what is happening in Malaysia are no different in other countries even in the US which boasted transparency...
    So guys make hay while the sun shines...
    polish the shoes good and make it shines and make sure you get good return..
    I have seen it all and seen it good.
    Happy hunting fellas

  5. I'd say, let him do his work. We will just wait and observe.

  6. What vision did all the past Mayors have? Kamaruddin, Peter Chong and Ghani Rashid..
    What have they done? Kamaruddin Lingham retired loaded ( not that bad actually) he is not too corrupt,Peter Chong damned loaded and now living happily in Australia, ah that Ghani Rashid retired loaded but quiet...he loaded himself even during his tenure in Konelayan, so my friend Ronnie Klassen, you must plan now what you want to do if your gang gets to rule...hopefully....your gang in PKR who were formerly in PBS are all loaded but still not enough, so hentam here hentam there to bring Umno?BN down and take over the looting of Sabah...
    I am blunt and I say thing directly no beating round the bush.I have seen all these plundering of Sabah since the Usno time till today..

  7. As a resident of Kota Kinabalu and a retired civil servant I'm glad that the Mayor is being put to task.I fully concur with Ronnie that the Mayor has no direction and no vision!

  8. In Malaysia it is whom you know and not what you know to get into the top in the civil service so I am not surprise that this ex-cop got to be the mayor because of his connection to Musa.
    About those vice dens in disguise, this has been going on for years, the police, the Customs,the DBKK have all got their share.
    The police knew there is vice but the top brass got their share of service, the Customs knows that liquor being sold without licence but they got a cut, the DBKK knew what is going on but just close an eye an continue to renew their licenses because their officers use to patronise these joints, so semua pun ada bahagian...siapa yang mahu ambil tindakan...
    Yang bising bising kerana tidak dapat bahagian, benar tak?
    So the DBKK is corrupt, the Police is corrupt. the Customs is corrupt and semua pun ada kuraplah...
    Who is competent enough to take over the job of being a mayor of KK? I suggest we get Mr Bean to do the job!!!or maybe the former zzzz PM to do the job, whom I remember years ago had suggested employing security guards to guard Sipadan Island against war hardened Filipinos pirates during the height of the hostage crisis involving some American tourists..

  9. All CM Musa Aman cronies jadi kaya-raya,even a texi driver can be a minister. time for change for sabah

  10. I have to disagree with you sir. I think Datuk double ii if you would like to call him that is quite respected by KK residents. He has done much to improve cleanliness, landscaping etc. I'd rather have him than abdul ghani rashid sitting there making a nuisance of himself. At the very least, datuk double ii sits there quietly doing his job and the difference is there for people to see. Of course you can't expect overnight change..but I think datuk double ii is doing a better job than PKR Sabah is doing organizing themselves with DAP Sabah and SAPP!

    As for those who ask for change in Sabah..u pikir baik baik dulu. Change to what? Jeffrey Kitingan? Ansari? ko urang lupa sda ka masa dlu diurang curi dari Yayasan Sabah??! Kalo PKR btul btul mau take over Sabah..follow DAP's lead..jangan simpan candidate yg suda ada sejarah kotor..Give Sabahans a good alternative choice then we will do our part. PKR Sabah skrang pun cannot even agree with DAP to avoid three way clash..kalo ada agreement sblum tsunami tu, takkanlah sunyi si Jimmy Wong tu di DUN Sabah??!! takkanlah satu urang ja opposition MP Dr Hieu dari Sabah?!

  11. Hello Minx,

    You must be suffering from acute lost of memory.The residents of Kota Kinabalu are not morons,how long do you expect the residents to wait and observe?This Mayor has already been in office for the last 5 years and what does he have to show?

    How many projects have you already obtain from the Mayor?I'm elated that Sabahans have finally got someone who has the balls and put the interest of the people 1st before his to voice out all the shit of the corridors of power.

    Kudos to you Ronnie the people of Sabah are no longer stupid.Thank you for waking us up,we shall support you.

  12. 'The people of Sabah are no longer stupid'.

    Yes..we are indeed wiser. But not wise enough. We were not wiser from the very start when we put Tun Mustapha as CM. He was enjoying and spending away our timber money in other countries instead of using the money to develop the state..hence his nickname 'international playboy'. Dr. M and the Feds were laughing away looking at us Sabahans fighting each other while they sucked our oil and gas dry..why else he 'forced' the idea of 'rotation' on us if not to weaken us??

    Nasi suda jadi bubur. Skrang we should look forward and work hard to strengthen the first thing to do is to bring in new blood and young generation leaders..who truly want change for the state.

    And please...please get educated people this time..not former hotel bell boys like one of our Sabah federal ministers..or somebody that 'no manners' wan like our Kinabatangan MP.

    jgn kita urang sabah kena main main lagi.

  13. kalo btl btl mau settle problem mayor ni.. FIGHT FOR MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS!! PKR Sabah ready to do that ka?

  14. I was there, went to observe how they work, how the respond, the govt institutions, KK council, Road Works and what I saw in them were merely BLANKS. There are reasons for how they react, reasons obvious to observer to see that they were under some voodo spell to listen and do nothing, with some unwilling words if you are lucky to hear them speak, words like we will see would be the comfort words from them, that much they could offer; we are wasting our time with them(zombies) though I agree they need professional help. Some of these people in the govt offices carries big title too but their face looked at you as if you are a mirror of their ghosts, always waiting for you to say something and they stay 'at' your face not in your eyes(poor chap). This is what demoralised people are and I bet one get demoralised too after seeing them just a psychiatrist get depressed seeing too many of those depressed patients. Now do you agree they need professional help? That was 8 months ago and now I read this article I am getting in that mode again "depressed".

    The state we are in or rather the state of Sabah where the state of KOTA KINABALU(API) is really in the state of un-deserving civil service workers that needs to be 'cured' lest these underserving people will never catch up with the wind albeit called the land above the wind or perhaps those irresponsible politicians are floating too long, high time grabbbbb them by their balls. They stop spinning and pretends nothing happens with the Bad service(sorry quality cannot be used here bcos there is no such thing as bad quality).

    Buck up civil service or ship out. Politicians or PoliticKINGS pray if you must at your temples, churchs or mosques. You will not be spared if you serve God to serve yourself. You can only serve the people(God do not need you to serve him, he witness).

    The sickness of BAD GOVERNANCE, a real plague from West to East Malaysia. My centre finger needs rest, ok!

  15. with people such as these who commented that they support datuk double ii, i doubt any change will be coming to sabah soon. u are spot on bout queen elizabeth's a piece of junk more fitted to be a mortuary than a hospital.didn'y i read somewhere that musa hassan rather perform his treatment for whatever ailments he has got overseas rather than this 'mortuary'. SABAH PEOPLE, you deserve what you've got.3rd world for change the next time and be wiser,fools.nuff said.

  16. I don't think anyone here has written in support of datuk double ii..all that was said was there ain't no better option..

    vote for change?? change to what?? another crook?? SAPP-PKR Sab-DAP Sab must work together..the people of Sabah did actually vote for change..had the opposition combined forces and not squabble for seats and instead share their resources..Sabah would have at least 10-12 MPs..and the same number of assemblymen..

    those that always scold urang Sabah say we are stupid and need to vote for change next time are truly people who do not understand the ground in Sabah..

    Siapa mau undi urang mcm si katak jeffrey atau YTL?! kalo dia btl btl mau bikin sabah bagus..dari dulu pun patut buat Yayasan Sabah bagus..bukan guna duit YS untuk kasi kaya kaya sendiri! ko ingat duit utk bina villa besar besar di bukit padang tu datang dari mana??apa lagi si YTL..duduk di kerusi CM 2 tahun dah lah diam diam makan bnyk duit..skrang bising bising lagi..napa dulu x bising?

    Pilih calon yg bersih tu..yg xda rekod katak atau rasuah..yg btl mau kasi buang orang PTI..yg btl mau kasi kaya rakyat sabah..urang yg berpendidikan..bukan pemandu bas..bukan hotel bell boy..bukan mat salleh punya houseboy (bet u guys didnt know Tun Mus was a houseboy before huh??)..sia rasa urang sabah pasti undi punya..

  17. hi kwn2 terutama sekali pada mereka yang mengytuk orang yangbelum dipasti bersalah besar...dont judge others lest you will be judged. I think it is not Illias mistakes to b in there and I think it his his right to enjoy while the sunshine is there. cuba tengok konon,,dia main golf dengan rm120,000 setahun tu macam tiada bagi dia...saya dengki macam dia tu...but what to do, I am just one of those kucing kurap dipinggir2 jalan. for jeffrey or YTL,let us not judged them as katak sembarang katak. they are actually katak berwawasan untuk bela anak-anak katak di sabah yang sudah kekeringan kolam air. Katak2 ini bukan katak yang tidor tapi katak yang cuba membela nasib anak2 katak itu, termasuk bapa katak yang pandai mengata saja. "periuk bilang belaga hitam"

  18. There's no doubt that KK city has improved quite a bit under the present mayor as compared to his predecessor who is arrogant and a "loose cannon".

    But isn't that's a mayor's duty and responsibility to see to it that the city is safe, clean and presentable under the taxpayers' payroll?

    He should be ashamed of himself if he deems fit to claim credit for anything done in his capacity as the mayor of the city, unless he's doing it for free or have done something that's truly extraordinary like introducing some policies that are beneficial to the city and its dwellers.

    If this mayor really wants to leave behind a legacy that would become the fine yardstick for future mayors, he should at least do the following:

    1. Abolish the the parking fees collection contract with Wawasan Ikhtisas and revert it back to DBKK;

    2. Better improve the traffic and public transportation in the city;

    3. Encourage cycling in the city - cutting down pollution, promote healthy lifestyle, and is good for tourism;

    4. As an ex top cop in the State, he should better improve the security of the city which is still much to be desired;

    And he should also explain to the people on how could he allow Karamunsing Kompleks to carry out all the illegal renovations that are hazardous and literally a 'death trap' should a fire take place.

    Datuk Jame$$$ Wang

  19. Ha ini macam punya mentality yang banyak baik, pilih calon yang bersih bukan itu susu yang sudah bangas kasi masuk dalam botol baru..
    Masa dulu memerintah ada chance mau kasi baik semua sibuk kasi kaya diri sama kuncu kuncu, sekarang suda hilang kuasa baru bising bising konon PTIlah, inilah tiulah, hai ya itu semua tipu helah supaya raakyat undi balik suda itu bila suda duduk sana atas semua pun lupa...
    Yang rugi siapa orang Sabah yang semua kena tipu..Jeffery, YTL, semua pu sama juga. Ada pula main judi di England pakai duit Sabah sampai habis berjuta juta. Tukar meter air 80 sen satu dari Taiwan charge sama pengguna 200 ratus ringgit...
    Ya betul itu cari calon yang bersih...

  20. Ini Datuk Jame$$$Wang mana satu? yang kena ACA dulu kes supply sardin untuk mangsa banjir di Kudat..atau yang Datuk kuat curi kayu balak...

  21. Hey Mastar Ronnie, ada apa cerita baru lagi yang boleh di debate?

  22. Anonymous no.9..

    What the hell?

    Instead of calling me having an acute lost of memory. I'm just an observer. No use of complaining in here but I dare you to complain to them only if DARE..

    Project? Who am I to get project from them? I don't do bribery and don't have anything to offer.

    I'm just an innocent observer in case you haven't known yet.

  23. I guess who ever you "put" there , you will find the same problem .

    How to trust the leaders these days?

  24. How iliyas got the job as Mayor is no mystery neither a shock,I wasn't the least surprise.As a former colleague of his in the police,iliyas was never what you would call a mentor.He's the most selfish human being alive,and will never lay a hand to support a fellow colleague,it has always been for himself.
    Even as mayor he sleeps most of the time in his office,he hasn't a clue whats happening in the city other then to listen to his officers.I fully agree that any nincompoop can become mayor of KK because iliyas perfectly fits that description.
    Musa's plan work perfectly well with iliyas as mayor.

    Former OCPD

  25. Since the Mayor only reports directly to the CM and the CM decides and approves all projects in the city,what bloody accountability and transparency is BN in Sabah talking so highly about?
    I apologize for making the biggest mistake by voting BN in the last election but no more.Come next election,sayonara BN.

  26. Anon said whoever you "put" there you will find the same problem
    Correct! correct! Correct! I agree with you 100&1%..It is money that talk these days..
    The leaders these days before election looks very good with all their sweet talk, after in power "cerita sudah lain"
    But maybe give a try to new faces, not the same old crooks tring to tell the baby crabs to walk straight when they the father crabs walked sideways..
    The only problem is that these leaders had lots of money to buy support, money which they already squandered when they were in power, they are still not satisfied and wanted to make more so they started barking at the present group who had ousted them, and of course they were from the same boat last time.....they had fought over the loot and went separate ways...

    As for the police, it is "bapa kelabu anak burintek" who to be blamed...?
    As for panca comment on civil service, what do you expect when Bira Tatanegara BTN teaches all the shit.
    I have been a top civil servant, but I quit because I was disgusted at how corrupted, discriminating the whole civil service is..I just could not toe the line and angkat is not my principle..the only thing is I quit a poor man, sometimes in despair I told myself I should have towed the line like all my other friends who owned bungalows and expensive cars and eat in expensive restuarants while I have count every sen I spent.On the other hand I am happy I can walk with pride that I was not corrupt and I am not afraid of my name " jadi buah mulut orang" being corrupt...

  27. Where is Musa Aman,why no news of him since the blog master spilled the beans on his brain tumor?News paper reports that other Ministers are delivering his speeches on his behalf,has he already left for USA?Why is the government so quite.Why the newspaper not asking these questions.

  28. Former OCPD, i'm not surprise at all when you say iliyias slept on his job most of the time. This somehow reminds me of his unbroken record where he shot himself in the foot when he was the OCPD in Sandakan.

    What an irony that the only person that he shot in his three decades long crime busting career was none other than himself.

    How do you expect such a mayor to have vision & direction?

    The Jackal

  29. Saudara jackal bukan saja tembak sendiri si iliyas juga boss besar judi dan pelacuran disekitar sandakan waktu dia ocpd.
    Saya tidak hairan kk sekarang penuh dengan salun dan tempat urut konon yang sabenarnya ada hangky panky.

  30. That is soooo funny shooting your own foot...
    I just cannot stop laughing, what a "Mr. Bean" OCPD,
    Oh Ya where is Musa Aman, ha there is a media blackout on him!!!Where has he gone guys?Anybody got any idea? Surely he did not disappear into the thin air or flew off on a magic carpet with blinding clouds around him. Hey media guys where are you guys...hey paparazi !!!
    And hey Ronnie what happen why no news??

  31. Aiya..since you really want to know where he is, easy one..ko pigi sana rumah dia..senang crita..hehehehe~

  32. Mayor's daughter weds to a young 25 years old Australian who once work as a golf pro at Sutera Harbour.Grand wedding,wonder who foot the bill and how much "ang pow"he received?
    I'm grateful this blogsite exist,if not ordinary city folks like me will continue to be bullshited by nincompoops in power.

  33. As a retired civil servant,I've served the Sabah Government for 35 years.I lost total confidence in the previous and present state government and now living with the guilt of hoodwinking the people in the past,because of looking after my rice bowl.May Allah forgive me.
    But after having heard so much about this blog I'm now elated and rejuvenated that someone has come out in the open and say,enough is enough.All this while you can only hear this in coffee shops.
    Actually Ronnie,I was a good friend of your late father(may he rest in peace).We used to rendezvous often in Tg.Aru at our favorite coffee shop.You were a young teenager at that time,but I notice a fire in you and I'm glad your fire is making Sabahans wake up.I'm sure your late father would be proud of you,I know I am.
    I also read with shock a comment in the last posting"Musa Aman whisked away to Singapore" where a commenter clearly received instructions to ridicule you,by saying you are a Eurasian or some Filipino breed.
    Please allow me to set him straight,the Klassen family are Eurasians and thoroughbred bumiputras,and I personally also take offense when he mentioned about the late Donald Stephens.The commenter should check his facts but let me give him his first lesson and hope he responds.

    State Archives Director Datu Tigabelas Datu Zainal Abidin was quoted as saying in the Daily Express on the 31st.August.2007 that a special tribute was organized in honour of Tun Mustapha.On why others like the late Tun Fuad Stephens(first CM and later Governor)were excluded,he said it was because"Stephens was a separuh orang putih(half white).

    Old but not dead.

  34. To old but not dead, what facts are you talking about when the fact I said is in fact a fact.
    Donald Stephens (MHRIP) is a Suluk/Eurasian and converted to Muslim and became Tun Fuad and even took an oath to be a blood brother of the late Tun Mustapaha (MHRIP0. They even went to the extend to cut their fingers to draw blood during the height of Tun Mustapa dictatorial rule in Sabah before his emergency power was withdrawn by the late Tun Razak...(MHRIP)
    During the hey days when Mustapha was reigning in terror Tun Fuad was nowhere to be seen, he was in Australia. Those who struggling against all the nepotism and the forced conversion in Sabah was the late Peter Mojuntin(MHRIP) who went to the extend of writing to the Pope about the persecution of the Christians in Sabah by Tun Mustapha.
    At that time the people of Sabah were very angry in fact especially the Kadazan were disgusted when Donald the so called Huguan Siou converted and took the name of Fuad..
    But Donald must be given credit for coming back to Sabah and teaming up with Mojuntin, Haji Matnoor Mansor (who also had a hard time during Mustapha rule, he was forced to flee to the Phillippines to get out), Darius Binion, Harris Salleh...and please do not forget Ayub Aman to form Berjaya and took over the state from Usno...
    Yes Eurasian will have a herd time in Sabah even today to be accepted in Sabah politics, I challenged to that effect..unles of course you change your name by converting...
    I am an old timer too myself and a Eurasian, I ahev gone through all these turmoil years in Sabah and I ahev served the civil service too and now living overseas...

  35. From what this blogger himself wrote, he did discuss projects with the Mayor. When the Mayor said he had no authority to approve anything beyond RM 10,000 the blogger got mad and asked "why kind of Mayor is this? Anyone can be Mayor like this etc etc". So, it looks like the blogger rang the Mayor to get some projects. In order to not disappoint him, the Mayor offered to buy him coffee if he wrote some nice things about him.

  36. I am very puzzled when islands are planted with expensive flowers around KK suddenly disappeared to make way for a flyover like the one under construction at Tg. Aru traffic lights. This just one instance where planning is either lacking or nothing at all just messing with public funds, needless to say to fill up the pockets of the constractors and those in authority to approve or disapprove the project. I urged the Mayor to ' bangun dari tidor ' because that is what he is. Stop to dream as the next TYT, a subject he openly talk about. The next TYT and the most suitable person is none than Tan Sri Gani Gilong. Hello KM Sabah beri chance kepada KadazanDusun Muslim lah. I hope that great day for a KadazanDusun Muslim as the next TYT will be a dream come true.

  37. ayooo... Let him do his job la...
    He know what to do la... that's why he became mayor :)

  38. Setiap perkara yang berlaku tu pasti ada sebabnya... Macam beginilah kasi biar ja ba dorang tu buat kerja...
    Kalau mo bising pun bukannya ada apa2 perubahan..
    Mayor tetap juga mayor... hehehehee
    relax la babe... Kita mmg susah mahu percaya orang lain sudah ba... tapi kalau betul kita yakin pada diri sendiri, ba pa lagi jangan kasi lama... Next GE ikut la bertanding... hehehehee

  39. kalau dia sudah perubahan dan kemajuan tu, adalah vision dan mission nya along oi. open ur eyes bigger and open ur mind wider. can u list down what has change please? rather than u complaint nowhere. there are no prove also.

  40. Kita tengoklah bagaimana prestasi Abidin Madingkir sebagai Datuk Bandaraya terbaru.