Saturday, June 27, 2009

I pray that Sabah does not end up like this.

For 3 decades Sabah has been plagued with a "denial syndrome".The same chorus is still being sung today by the same wolves in sheep's clothing,and pathetically Sabahans are still snoozing.For the love of the future generation,please wake up.

"If you want continued stability, development and prosperity, vote for Barisan Nasional." This is the time-tested popular propaganda of the Barisan Nasional coalition in almost all the past elections or by-elections.

To my mind, this is no difference to intimidation or inducement and sadly, it had worked well for the Barisan Nasional all these years and i bet my bottom ringgit that it will be repeated again come the next general election or by-election.The up-coming Manik Urai by-election will be no different.

In Sabah, the issue of hardcore poverty has been one of the core issues and main concerns for the last three decades, from the Berjaya Government to PBS Government and now the BN government.

The irony is, amidst the fervent shouting of "poverty eradication" slogan by our politicians all these years, it seems that our rural folks are getting poorer while the politicians become richer by days.What is even more mind-boggling is,majority of these politicians are the very same wolves that most of you voted,and no thanks to most of you,this will probably continue unless you decide enough is enough.

This somehow further prompts me to ask these questions "what has happened to all the poverty-eradication programs all these years? Where have all the taxpayers' moneys gone to?".

I think all the 'look-good, feel-good' self-deceiving statistics and press releases by the Government and the relevant Minister could no longer hide the hard and sad facts on the ground.

The younger generation today have that opportunity to altered history and rejuvenate vigor into Sabahans who are still snoozing.While some may say that this may be a tall order,I on the other hand beg to differ.Stand up and be heard and set things right,or go down in history as being able to make a difference but did nothing.

With that said,I now share with you this thought-provoking 6 minute video and pray that Sabahans will not end up like this.


  1. Sabahans will end up like that if people like Jeffery, Musa, YTL and all the cronies are still the leaders of the country.
    In Malaysia to be leaders and politicians is to get rich!!!
    The allocations did not go to the poor but into the pockets of these politicians!
    I know of one PBS leader even has a Finance company, bungalows in Australia. What more the present ruling leaders own millions of dollars not ringgit of propety in Australia and New Zealand...As far as Sabah is concern it is gone!

  2. Very dreadful and pitiful but I don't think ammno or bn will ever bother if sabahans end up like that.

  3. For that matter I don't think even PKR or SAPP leaders will ever care what happen to Sabah, knowing from the past that these leaders were doing the same thing when they were in power. It is only now when they have lost their ability to make money and squander the state that they are trying to hoodwink the people into believing that they are fighting for justice for Sabahans.
    Just look back when Jeffery was in PBS what happened to Yayasan Sabah, and when YTL was the CM during the rotation what happened to the Saham Sabah and the many other dealings..
    Now only these people are harping on justice and all the bullshit..As for the present Umno/BN leaders they are taking their turn to enrich themselves and their cronies..
    Sabah is a lost cause "nasi sudah menjadi bubur"

  4. The illegal people since 1963 had ruled Sabah.

    The illegal people do all sorts of illegal things as feathers of the same birds flock together.

    Then they blame the local - what the hack!

    We can name them one by one and many are still around. So the local leaders would do the same imitating others robbing the state DRY.

    Yet some people call SMART SHIT or Sure Make All Rotten Through -Selfish Hideous Illegal Trap over and over again.

    Also blame 666 or the known secret society at this socalled Habis or Hapus for Sabah and Sabahans.

    Wise up but albeit a bit too late.. as some people never learn until they reach HELL.


    Yes, I agree with all the postings above. They are all THIEVES - in fact, BIG THIEVES. When someone, anyone, enriches himself from a position of responsibility, it is GRAND THEFT.

    They should be charged under treason because our state and country are in great danger.

    They STEAL, ROB and SIPHON-off our state's and nation's wealth. They camouflage theft and have the chick to call it DEVELOPMENT.

    Either they are devoid of language-knowledge or just take the citizens as naive and stupid.

    Their "God" is only at the tip of their lips. In their heart there's only 'wealth & power'. Our leaders are definitely devoid of morality or ethics.

    But don't give up. The only thing that you can do is use your vote wisely. You may not get it the 1st time but ...

    CHANGE & KEEP CHANGING until we get morally upright leaders - those that will use the nation's resources wisely and ensure that the raayat have shelter and food before they build their grand palaces and dine themselves to death.

  6. Barisan National will be history in the next 13th general election.But to do that as rightfully said by Ronnie,we the younger generation must stand up now.

    I'm a 29 year old engineer and we shall commence work now to register this to all our brothers and sisters in my age group.
    Thank you SIR for giving us that gentle kick in the butt.

  7. Better late then never Mr.Ronnie.I agree with my fellow age group anonymous comment.We shall start work from now,how would you like to lead us SIR?
    You have inspired us and I also pray you will say YES.

  8. It's interesting that Ronnie has reach out to the younger generation which is admirable and I think this must be supported.But more importantly, we must see the emergence of new leaders and not the familiar crooks and con artist like Jeffery Kitingan,Yong Teck Lee,Christina Liew,Chau Chin Tang.This comment section may not be sufficient if I have to name all of them.

    UMNO/BN in Sabah has failed to live up to the expectations of Sabahans.Musa Aman and his bandwagon of bullshits must go.The video worries me and before it really happens,I agree we need to wake up.
    Thank you for the wake up call.

  9. OMG,the stench of Jeffey,YTL and the rest of those con artist can now be smelled world wide!!!.The very thought of their name now stinks and unless somebody has a louder FART,Sabah will never be released from the crutches of BN.

  10. So many areas in Sabah are still without water and electricity and worse off Sabah is till today the second poorest state in Malaysia.What stability,development and prosperity is BN talking about?

    Tidak malukah Kerajaan UMNO/BN Sabah,penipu yang paling besar.

  11. The problem with Sabahans is that money will buy them, and these young generation of leaders do not have millions to buy these voters over. Those crooks before and now in power have made millions squandering the State's wealth during their time at the top and in the next General Election they will just dump and buy over all those poor kampung folks just like how it has been going on since 1963...You so-called young guys must be able to convince the voters ...Talk alone will not convince the kampung folks to change.
    You young guys must devise a strategy how to convince them to change..Otherwise it will just go and on a vicious cycle with all the same group of people on with different brand...same sardin in different cans..
    Just look who are those people in PBS, PKR. SAPP UMNO and other little party, same old faces who had fallen out of favor or who had lost the fight over the loot...last time...when they were ruling the state. The problem of PTI was never solved despite all those talks and promises, you do not see many PTIs in town now because they have gone into hiding and into the interior because of the news about impending crackdown but this is just to appease the dissent, to win the trust of the voters knowing that the BN is weakening in the West, and KL cannot afford to lose Sabah and Sarawak...
    This tactis has been going on for years lah! even during TDM's time..when everything has quiet down then you will see the PTI coming out again...why?
    KL has been using the PTIs to win elections,in Sabah by giving them IC and making them legal voters...
    Ah ya leaders like Pairin, YTL, Jeffery and Musa cannot do anythinglah...this is just like a cancer..
    They are just interested in making more money...and dumping money Australia and NZ which you will find that these people own properties in Northern Territory of Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales..and many more so if anything happened to Sabah they can just migrate, because knowing well that some day Sabah will be gone...Those poor Sabahans are the ones who are at the losing end by voting these people into power..BUT do the poor kampung folks have a choice????
    A revolution maybe!!!

  12. Please check that out how much was spent in global travelling in the PBS time?

    I heard it was 1 billion ringgit for nothing for Sabah except makan angin... true??

    Joshua Kong

  13. Brother, good work! I pray that your have strength and wisdom to continue the uphill battle. Sadly, I have witnessed something not too far off from the short movie, just over the weekend in our very own Sabah.

  14. I see in the DE that Musa is out and about and is healthy.
    What is this story about brain tumor, you guys msut have tumor and not thinking straight!

  15. Ronnie,

    I see your trying to "putt for change" by blogging in addition to playing your extravagant hobby of golfing. Perhaps you should do some soul searching yourself. I agree with the previous commentators - you said Musa has brain tumor..where? The photos and news have obviously proven you wrong! So it's obvious now that you, just like many (not all) of the other bloggers out there are outright liars!!! An ungrateful lot that liberally criticize without proof or constructive comments.

    You advocate for change but what is our alternative? Jeffrey Kittingan? If he ever becomes CM Sabah will surely go to the dogs. Loo at how he attempted to annex Sabah out of M'sia and then squandered billions from Yayasan Sabah on his mistresses. Yong Teck Lee? He is only now opposing the BN because his greed for power was not satisfied. Even a blind child knows that! He wanted to contest the KK parliamentary seat but was denied that opportunity. He had his time as CM & look how he squandered the people's life savings through his dodgy share schemes!

    So tell me Ronnie...ppl like you talk like it is so easy. But remember things are easier said than done. Heck you don't even offer an alternative! So what are you advocating for? You can't advocate for change when you haven't suggested an alternative to change to!

  16. you pray that Sabah does not end up like this? At the same time you advocate against BN?? Helloo!!

    Sabah is famous in history because we are the only state in Malaysia that has changed government several times before. We kicked the BN out before & had other alternatives. But NONE worked! So how??? Change again?? Can you guarantee its better?? I dont see any good alternative at the moment!

  17. At least we see tremendous development in Sabah today under Musa Aman which was seen only during the Harris era, if not for some greedy YBs who screwed his ideas.All these years from PBS to the rotation CMs time, nothing significant were seen except squandering of State's wealth....
    Pairin, Yong, Dompok, Osu, Kah Kiat anything good? Except under Kah Kiat there was some move to take care of the PTIs, other than that talk squander...only
    Any suggestion other than what Musa can do or is doing?

  18. At the moment BN is still the best choice for Sabah.The others are just opportunists, just waiting to get into power and lick Sabah clean.
    Which of the so called opposition leaders are clean and trustworthy? None of them,they are as corrupt and greedy as the rest in the pretext of fighting for the Sabahans...Big least under BN, Sabah is still okay, development can still be seen.The people in PKR, SAPP and the rest of the opposition parties in Sabah are all dried up, just waiting to take over and squander...all kering and thirsty...

  19. It's rather amusing that the last few comments have been extremely supportive of UMNO and their BN bandwagon of corrupt scoundrels.

    Clearly trojan horses of BN.Best choice for whom?You people make me puke,I'm not in the least surprise that you have been instructed to place comments here to window dress your political masters.Much development under Musa Aman?You people are not only naive,but conscientiously stupid.

    You honestly believe the people are that stupid to fall for such cheap talk,you must certainly be backward and uninformed.The only thing that I would agree is people like Jeffery should gracefully step down.His days in Politics are over.But the real issue at hand is to remove UMNO and their BN ball lickers.There are comments that says that Musa is healthy and has no brain tumor.Musa has total control over the newspaper,in fact his family owns one themselves,so far he hasn't denied anything,WHY?The reason,he's trying to figure out how did the blog master find this out when it was kept under wraps.It shows that even Musa's closes aid and family members don't like him.Go check this out!!

    As for PKR and SAPP,you talk about them being opportunist,please clarify what are you?

    Uncle Lim.

  20. Why ask this person and that person to step aside or step down? Why don't you step foward and be counted?