Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anifah Aman - the Rise of A Racist

SINCE INDEPENDENCE, our nation’s history has been strewn with countless instances of our politicians making racist remarks or even practicing unbridled racism to incite hatreds among the various races for their (politicians) own selfish and corrupted agenda.

It may appear twisted and mind boggling to those outsiders who are not familiar with some of our peculiar political cultures, but the perpetrators of this sickening, racist act did actually depend on it to leapfrog all the rank-and-file to become Ministers and even Prime Minister.

This somehow reminds me of our Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup (pic) who berated bloggers in this country for instilling hatred against the government among the people of this country. Here’s a poser to him: “Who are actually the ones who sow the seeds of hatred first?” Over to you Joseph Kurup.....

Recently, an avid reader of this blog chanced upon this news report that appeared in the front page of Sabah's leading newspapers, the Daily Express, on 31st August 1985 (pic).

On the surface, it would appear that there was a patriotic Malaysian who was concerned with the bad influence which our national culture could be exposed to.

But one does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that beneath his apparent nationalistic demeanor, this man was showing his disdain for the culture of a substantial portion of the Malaysian people which is of different ethnic background from him, to say the mildest. He has simply shown his utter dislike and intolerance for the culture of the others.

This man even has the temerity to ask the then Prime Minster to intervene on the lantern issue. His action clearly smacked of racism and could well be a veiled attempt to instill apprehension and hatreds among the various races of this country.

The interesting, if not shocking part is that, almost 25 years later, this man has now become the Foreign Minister of Malaysia. Yes, that's right, you have not heard me wrong. He is none other than the ever flamboyant, loud-mouth Anifah Aman (pic right), who is also the brother of the current Chief Minister of Sabah, Musa Aman (pic below left).

Come this October, the Chinese all over the world including fellow Malaysians whose ancestors are the Chinese, will be celebrating the Moon Cake Festival, in fact with more indulgence and on a bigger scale than many other countries that have a sizable Chinese population. Apart from exchanging and partaking in savoring of those sweet moon cakes which come in various shapes and flavors (of which most of them are even being endorsed with the “halal” certification nowadays), there will also be displays of a lot of colorful lanterns by both children and adults, in every nook and corner of the country.

To some extent, today the Moon Cake Festival has even become a significant cultural event that reflects and symbolizes the unique multiracial and multi-culture background that Malaysians are proud of. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia even described it as "Truly Asia" in its promotions of Malaysia as a premier tourists destination.

Now that Anifah Aman is our Foreign Minister, perhaps he should come forward to make clear his stand on the issue, on whether the manifestation of this Chinese culture among the Malaysian Chinese still irk his ire? Will he be asking our current PM who advocates "1Malaysia" to intervene? Above all else, will he openly and unabashedly brand this cultural practice a threat or bad influence to our national culture?

I would like to suggest to the newly formed opposition committee that shadows the Foreign Affairs Ministry namely, YB R.Sivarasa (PKR), YB Kamarudin Ismail (PAS) and YB P.Ramasamy (DAP) to shadow Anifah Aman and put him under a microscope.

If he has now changed his stand, perhaps it is only appropriate and graceful that he tender his sincerest apology to the Chinese worldwide, and those in Malaysia in particular. Otherwise, he should immediately resign from the current PM's "1Malaysia" cabinet.

This is also to save the long established good diplomatic relation between Malaysia and China, especially after all the hypes and official receptions of celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Sino-Malaysian diplomatic ties recently, which culminated in the official visit by the Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak (pic left) and his entire family to Beijing, to meet up with the Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao.


  1. Wow,thank you for the post of the day RPK of Sabah.I wonder if Anifah's business partner Datuk Robert Tan is aware of this.

    Anifah Aman-hypocrisy has been his rise in politics.

  2. Maybe the minister concerned has reached his senile age!!! With all the alcohol and partying that he has done during those wonder years (as i know he did) has changed his views. Or has it changed for the better? I know it hasn't!!!

  3. Dear 1stAnon above and friends:
    What racism? What business partner?

    All those guys at the top have:
    1Race, 1Religion, 1God = MONEY.

    All the racism and racist remarks are to keep the raayat preoccupied with them while they gang up together and rape the nation.

    We must not let ourselves be diverted by petty and emotional issues.

    And not to forgrt parochial issues - just look at Pairin, Maximus, Dumpok and all those KDM 'warriors'; and Yee Moh Chai, Raymond Tan etc. What happened to Sabahan rights they were fighting for?

    Ah! As long as their rights and bank-accounts are all taken care of, so, who cares for the people?

    These are truly 1Malaysia leaders:
    1Malaysia>1Den of Thieves

  4. Dear 1MayDay,

    Agreed.Now let's hear some of those UMNO/BN comments coming to defend Anifah.As far as Pairin,Maximus.Dumpork,Yee Moh Chai,Raymond Tan,Joseph Kurap,Vicky Liew etc etc etc,they only cheat for more money.

    Uncle Lim.

  5. Ahhh, did he say anything about race? O.o

  6. I do not see why Malaysians should use a Hongkong-made lantern for our National Day celebration. Why not Malaysian-made? It was the buy Malaysian campaign at the time. So, nothing wrong to protest against the Hongkong-made lantern.

  7. It never seem to amazed me how puppets from BN like the above anonymous commenter comment without knowing anything.Buy Malaysian campaign?Did he even bother to check when the Buy Malaysian campaign started!!

    As a Malaysian Chinese I'm insulted with the newspaper report on what was said by Anifah Aman.The Malaysian culture encompasses all races in the country,and not just one race.Embed that in your thick skull and we'll be able to live harmoniously.

    Pariah racist Anifah,my relatives in Kimanis will never vote for you ever again.

    Uncle Lim.

  8. What bull shit are you guys talking about? Anifah is a good guy man, you all are just jea;ous of fact you all are jealous of all these guys because they are making money at the top and you guys are in the pi struggling...

  9. Ulu Kimanis needs a Dusun assemblyman. We have two secondary schools on the coast, and non in Ulu Kimanis and Ulu Bongawan! Is it because the majority of us there are Dusuns? Just look at the Ulu Bongawan road! And does Anifah know that most of the people in Kampung Wolit have to walk through the jungle and cross a river (no bridge) to reach their houses.

  10. I was wondering. Did this comes out in the paper or the internet news?

  11. well, I don't personally konw these guys, there must be a hell load of pressure going on for them on the top, we can't expect everyone to be perfect. Therefore, we shouldn't be talking about them behind their backs when they haven't a chance to defend themselves, and the fact that we weren't exactly in their shoes, we really shouldn't be talking about things that we're not certain of.
    p/s: I do agree about the lanterns, why import from HK when we have Made in Malaysia products?

  12. Only Anifah Aman got the answers....
    but do not blame the idea of 1Malaysia!

    True Heart.

  13. To Uncle Lim:

    If someone defends Anifah, that doesn't mean he/she are BN/UMNO supporters.

    Whatever it is, no point of yapping in here. Might as well, you guys ramai2 tell directly to him about your opinion and your dissatisfaction to him..

  14. What has a latern got to do with Anifah?
    As far as PKR or the opposition are concern these people cannot even unite to form a strong opposition, everybody got their own agenda while the BN is squandering all the money, and here we all the "kucing kurap" barking in the internet as if dogs barking at the mountain...
    To be frank I say we are all just "mata merah" lah seeing all these UMNO/BN people making the money..
    Anifah Aman..he is smart toeing the line and "isi perut sendiri" and that is the name of the game these people will do the same if you get the chance...True or not?

  15. True..Anifah doesn't care jackshit about Sabah..and it's true too..UMNO has brough it's racist filth to Sabahan shores..

    But look carefully fellow Sabahans..WHO allowed UMNO to enter Sabah?? Was it not a Sabahan by the name of Tun Mustapha?? Who was it that opened the floodgates of illegal immigrants..swarming into the state to this very day and given citizenship (read bumiputera-ship) in exchange for votes??!! Was it not a Sabahan Tun Mustapha and Harris Salleh??

    Why didn't PBS..with all the State's resources develop the state when it was in power?? That time Sabah was so rich even without Federal help we could stand on our own...was it not the Kitingan brothers and the rest of PBS milking our state coffers dry??!!

    Now..Sabah UMNO/BN is at a very strong position..WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO ARM TWIST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO GIVE MORE AID AND GET RID OF THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS??!! NOthing... because it is the very same Sabahans..who are still robbing us of our crumbs...

    Sabahans..we have only ourselves to blame..we should look forward..look for new leaders..only with strong political will can you fight in new leaders..leaders who are untainted..

    kasi kurang sikit araimaitii tu..pikir baik baik..

  16. I like what 1MayDay about IMalaysia concept...and Uncle Lim please open your eyes lah toe the line angkat kaki sikit sikit dapat banyak banyaklah, hidup pun senang, bising bising no money what for?
    All these years the game are all the same be it UPKO, UNKO, USNO, Berjaya,PBS, Umno same story...
    Can you change that now?
    Which leaders in Malaysia is not racist to some extent, even the British are racist, the Yankees are racist...

  17. aiya u all just know meh? now he want climb ladder high2 mah....lantern or no! Wah robert geng must miss him drinking stout at le meridien kk.....long time no anifah...put new make up ohhhh

  18. Yes vote for untainted leaders, but the problem those new clean leaders got no money to buy money greed Sabahans especially those illiterate kampung folks who think that ikan masin, water tanks and planks are good enough to be a good "kerajaan".
    Sabahans are to be blamed for all the shit that Sabah is in today...The Pairin brothers and their gang had milked the State dry, the rotation CMs had cleaned up the crumbs.
    The same vicious cycle is still going on to this very day....
    By the way are we all scared that Anifah also will one day become the CM of Sabah?And for sure Shafie Apdal will not like it..but then if Shafie becomes the CM more PTIs from Phillippines will come in.
    That will be worst than Mustapa....
    All the Filipino Bajaus will be celebrating ...they will not have to work anymore, Datu Akjan will be their ketua kampung "alam na kita maginang, ai na Shafie ketua mantili Sabah"....
    I am not a Filipino but I am a multiligual...
    To be frank what has Sabah achieve all these years? The foremost and most important question that involved the security of the Sabahans,the PTIs(illegal immigrants)was never solve which I think will never be...until kingdom come.
    Sabah leaders who ever they are just greedy and never think of their future generations..especially the KDMs, moginum nopo aiso suvai talk and singarung, that is all...
    The Sabah Chinese is partly to be blamed for what has happened, had they been united since the begining things may be different, but their God is money and many had even went to the extent of converting to Muslim to get favors from the Government..getting big fat governement contracts, timberland etc.. but behind the scene they are still eating cha siew..and even been photograph cutting the roasted pig in public but after a big huh hah in the media all was swept under the carpet by Muis. Even this so called religious body is corrupted....
    Sabah is gone man

  19. Why dig the skeleton in the closet? Anifah is now the Foreign Minister and you guys are just little nobody making noise just because you all did not get the share. What more now whole of KK is becoming the Aman empire, you all cannot do anything. Money is power. That is universal.

  20. Aiya,this is like RPK Malaysia Today except it's a Sabah version.

    Oitz, enough bamboozling in here..Don't you guys have anything to do besides making noise, complaining and whining? *raised eyebrow*

    Why dig skeleton in the closet? So what, if he drinks alcohol and partying in the old days? What he does in the past or present is his business.. It has nothing to do with his work.

    Enough said people.

  21. I was reading the newspaper of the demonstration in Bongawan by villagers against an eviction order and PKR is involved to gain political milestone with Dr Jeffery at the helm and Chau Chin Tang.
    Can somebody enlighten me who is behind the Tawau based plantation company? Must be some big Umno/BN connected company otherwise PKR will not be bothered to interfere.
    Now where is uncle Lim? he should be championing this cause because he claims that his relatives are in this area KImanis and Bongawan.
    It is sad to see that the leaders in PKR in Sabah are just the same crooks,just like those in BN. What have they done when they were in power? Now only they are trying to make a comeback in cheap way hoping to get the support and once they get into the state cabinet and rule they will rip the state left and right. What Sabah needs are new leaders who will really work for the people not foxes in sheep clothing.

  22. Anifah Aman should be in Bongawan, is it not it falls under his constituency?or maybe he is too busy, being a foreign minister. Just let the PKR do the job after all he has nothing to lose. Money still coming in. True or not. PKR can work now and wait for your turn to make money!!

  23. I'm glad some of you missed my presence with my mouth lashing but with fairness.As a 68 year old man I eaten more salt then most of you commenters.There was a comment that this is like RPK Malaysia Today only Sabah version.I thank god that this blog master has the tentelor to establish his blog for the sake of all Sabahans,Malaysians as a whole and for the world to know who are the corrupted,racist,rapist and robbing politicians that govern our motherland Sabah.

    Never before has Sabahans were ever given that opportunity to comment on our politicians.They felt invisible and continued their hoodwinking and brainwashing and the sad thing is Sabahans were always fooled by them,until today.

    The one thing most of you have confess is all the UMNO/BN politicians are rich,obtain during their tenure in government past and present.Doesn't that amount to corruption and robbing the state?I don't dispute at all when any of you say that people like Jeffery,YTL and their bunch of crooks have done similar actions during their time.And it's important that they should not be supported come the 13th general election.

    Why dig the skeletons from the closet,ask one comment?My answer is why not?Why must Anifah be forgiven when he hasn't got the balls to come out and admit and apologize?Who the hell does he thing he is?Just because he happens to be Musa Aman's brother gives him the right to do whatever he likes.My centre finger to him.

    For Jeffery and Chau to support the people in Bongawan,some may say it's cheap publicity and trying to gain political mileage.While I may not be a fan of Jeffery and Chau,in fact they should call it a day,they were there under the name of PKR.But there again,where was Musa Aman's son-in-law who is the assemblyman for Bongawan?If he had resolved the peoples problems,PKR would not be even called upon for assistance.

    Another thing I would also agree is PKR will need to come up with new faces.SAPP is only interested in state politics,which to me is shallow minded.Sabah will never prosper if we are not involve in the national agenda.

    As for my family,we have decided to forget about UMNO/BN and support PKR.

    Uncle Lim.

  24. Hey Uncle Lim,
    Who is the YB for Bongawan, is it not Karim Bujang? Is Karim Bujang the son-in-law of Musa Aman as you said.
    I agree with you that Jeffery and Chau Chin Tang should call it a day, they have made their money during their time in the Stae cabinet.
    Well Uncle Lim you said you are 68 years old, I am as old as you and we have seen enough from Mustapa to Musa right?
    But can you guarantee PKR can be better than these fellows now at the top.
    To me I think Sabah is a gone case. The Sabahans have got this money mindset, easily bought with sweet promises coupled with some plastic tanks and cement and they will all vote whoever the devil is.
    It is big mistake for PKR to take all the discards into the party because it will only ruin the good name of the party.
    As for YTL, he has squandered enough during his tenure as CM under the rotation, he and his buddy Ambrose Lee.

  25. My sincere apologies,an honest mistake you're right anon Karim Bujang is the assemblyman for Bongawan.Musa's son-in-law is the assemblyman for Membakut which is not to far from Bongawan.

    Thank you for correcting me,but what then happen to Karim Bujang?Is it fair to say then that,since Musa drop Karim Bujang from the cabinet,he has gone into isolation and couldn't be bother with his constitutes?

    Yes I'm convinced PKR will be able to perform far better then UMNO/BN in Sabah,provided con artist like Jeffery,Chau Chin Tang,Christina Liew and all the discards are thrown out.We have endured 46 years of torment from Mustapa to Pairin to Musa,how much more can we take?Don't right off Sabah as gone case,remember the political landscape is changing never before experience.We should instead seize this opportunity and throw UMNO/BN out.YTL is a gone case,we've made mistakes in the past but let us not repeat them again.

    The good name of PKR depends very much on us let us uphold that believe and strengthen it.

    Uncle Lim.

  26. Let's just not waste our breaths criticizing about all these things that we have no control in. There's nothing we could do about it anyway. Like they would actually listen. Fat chance.

  27. Sabah! gosh! at last they are beginning to see with their eyes open!
    Good old Uncle Lim ! yeah! way to go man! Give this corrupted BN @#$%FCUKERS THE MEDICINE THEY DESERVES!
    Funny thing about sabahans politicians there is no name to describe them and finding a clean one you need to be at the gates of heaven!

  28. Uncle Lim,
    How do you think you can strengthen PKR when the same crooks are running the party in Sabah?
    We can just criticize them here in the website but how many people in Sabah can read what we are writing in the net, for that matter how many Sabahhans have access to a computer.
    But what puzzles me is that Sabah seems to be run by the Aman clan now. Wow that's amazing!
    That shows how naive the Sabahans are!
    But on the other hand personally I think the Aman brothers are good people if you know them but shrewd businessmen especially Musa. Anifah is a happy go lucky and Ayub is docile but a very deep thinker and a strategist.
    Being an old timer, I know all these politicians from Usno time to the present.
    I went to school and worked with them when I was in the Government so I know most of them except some of the new faces in the BN. Jeffery was the Yayasan Sabah Godfather during PBS era.To me all of them are the same, they are just going for the money and Sabah is a milking cow, that is why I said Sabah is a gone case, but as long as there is development I think there is nothing much Sabahans can do. I tend to agree with anon that to find a clean Sabah politician you need to be at the gates of heaven!
    The early politicians just after merdeka may be clean but then the cicumstances at that time did not permit them to squander, most of them were just greenhorns and did not know the "lobang", it was Mustapa who started the plundering, together with Syed Kecik and the vicious cycle goes on and on till today. The mindset in Sabah is that to join politics is to get rich. To be a YB is to make money not to serve the people.
    The political landscape in Malaysia is changing for the better? I doubt it, when the same old crooks are the ones who are trying to take over. Old stuff in new packaging.
    When Anwar was the DPM, he was the one assigned by TDM to look into as to how to wrest power from PBS which he finally succeeded in breaking PBS rule in Sabah by persuading YTL to create havoc. And in return for that YTL became the CM which paved his way to milk Sabah. Yes Sabahans make mistakes after mistakes but never learn.
    Sabah has seen enough from Mustapa's Grumman jets fiasco,Konelayan waste, PBS's fountain in the middle of the sea to the Saham Sabah fiasco( still going on today) the JKM vehicle maintenance blunder, to the Perkasa fiasco to the Yayasan Timber Shipping blunder.Just name it!! Sabah oh Sabah have seen a lot.
    Uncle Lim if you are really the veteran, you have seen all this.

  29. This blog is indeed a MT of Sabah but the only problem is that most Sabahans do not read or without computers. Those who are literate are just complacent and do not bother what is going on around, only a handful are politically inclined. I think Sabahans are also getting fed-up of politics, and that politicians are all the same. Come election time they can even promise the people the moon and stars, but when they get into power nothing but peanuts for the people. The people still have to toil especially the Kampung people. Of course, off and on these leaders will pose for a few photos planting padi, do some crap farm thing, give big speeches about the state viability of becoming the rice bowl state, everything under the sun. And of course poor reporters from the DE and NST will write fantastic stories because all their Chief Editors are already in the pockets of the politicians and ministers.
    So when the TYT birthdys comes around these Chief Editors will get BK, ADK (angkat Dua Kaki) and some real good polishers will get Datukship and of course $$$$$.
    Look at the Chief Editors of the Daily Express especially, the leading in Sabah newspaper where its readers constitute some almost 90% of the literate Sabahans . "Semua kena pelihara" for helping to promote these crooks to stay in power.
    This are facts, not a fairy tale.
    Well at least we should be thankful to Ronnie Klassen to be able to give us a venue to express our disgust at all these crooks, which I hope he will not end up like Raja Petra. Good luck fellas.

  30. I agree with Eri... "If someone defends Anifah, that doesn't mean he/she are BN/UMNO supporters..."
    Me,myself doesn't know these guys...
    But 4 my opinion, maybe they have their own reason & apart from that we can't expect everyone to be perfect!
    So why not we give them chances to explain...
    maybe their explaination can reduce our dissatisfaction:) hehehe...


  31. Yes, I agree with you to Honesty. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I know some of you have a reason to express your disgust and I also think some of you out there might have a tiny bit of personal grudges against Anifah. ^_-

  32. Stop wasting your breath over something that you have no control of or in other words, you can’t do anything to change it.

    Yes, you are pissed off over those MPs (that includes Anifah) for giving you promises but nothing came out from it. Yes, you are angry because Sabah is getting poorer and poorer. Yes, you are getting all worked up because of the government and the ruling party’s way of managing the State and you even risked getting heart attack and blood pressure hitting the roof because you are “overly excited”.

    I understand all of that but it’s not even worth it to get overly worked up when you can’t even do anything to change except to wait for the next general election.

  33. Oh thank you!!! I'm definitely not a BN/UMNO supporter... I just thought that we shouldn't be pointing our fingers, blaming everyone except ourselves without a shred of proof, life is hard, got accused just to defend some poor soul who didn't have a clue we're talking behind his back.
    You got to walk a mile in their shoes before criticizing them, and when you finally did, you're a mile away from them, and you got their shoes.

  34. What proof are you talking about? The proof are there for 46 years if you are smart enough to understand what I meant. You must be a young chiku or a sami.
    And in the next general election it will be the same old story. Don't bank your luck! The PTIs with mykad will vote the same people and win the polls and the milking will just go on.

  35. I am an Umno/BN supporter and I got plenty of candies for them for toeing the line, so what can you guys do? I made the money and you guys are just making noise just because you all did not have a chance to make. But be patient for your turn. Hopefully of course there are some left.Never mind crumbs will do!

  36. Now what, I see in the newspaper that the government is monitoring bloggers, says Rais Yatim. Silencing dissent.Heh heh so much for democracy ala Malaysia, not ala carte heh..
    But whatever it is time will change. As in Buddhism "everything is impermanence" things change every minute.
    Who knows a new begining is in the horizone, hopefully for the better.

  37. Blog ini syok sendiri sahaja. Nothing will come out of it just as in the case of MT which mixes a few paltry facts with mostly fiction.

  38. Ah ah my friend MT is not paltry facts and fictions. RPK got all the facts and proofs man! There are people from Umno/BN sending him all the informations with copies man. Do not be mistaken RPK is not a fiction writer.
    He is a first class investigative journalist, which is why Umno/BN people are so afraid of him exposing the truth which they cannot rebut.

  39. Hey fellas, Read RPK's article on MAS fiasco in the MT. Disgusting indeed! Malaysian Govt is corrupt to the core.

  40. This is why I never bother to vote...

  41. terible,thats why i never vote them....

  42. No. comn, all pengampu, see you all at next election PRR13.

  43. nowsaday, malaysia no more rule and regulation!eventhough have also not use anymore. they can do what they want without follow the rule and why they still want to set up the rule and regulation?even the government and the minister also didnt follow the rule and regulation,how the citizen will follow it

  44. Siapa anifah???plumber ka?
    bila kerajaan BN@UMNO pergi China kowtow dgn pemimpin China terutama Njib dan Anifah.nasib baik pemempin china tak minta Anifah minum air cuci kaki PM China..kalau anifah diminta, dia akan minum dan kata:"BEST DRINK in the world !".

  45. I feel so dissapointed with UMNO, like the "genster in the light", they have so many scheme, they are leaving moral already, one day they will replace by the oppossition party, and i also think that most of the people waiting the time the BN replace by opposition party.

  46. i know this anifah guy la. arrogant n with a mafia (tai-koh) mentality. certainly no leadership quality in this person. but like they say, it's not what u know but who u know that matters.....

  47. Teruk sangat ka pemerintahan UMNO? Kita ada pandangan masing-masing tetapi x perlu la terlalu menghentam UMNO...
    Ada juga tau pembangunan yang dibuat oleh UMNO...

  48. hmm.. Whatever la :P
    But for me, Anifah is a good guy:)

  49. No worries Datuk :)
    You're the great guy :)

  50. hahahha kong si...
    Tak ikut perkembangan semasa ka... hehehehe

  51. Don't worry Datuk... I'm here for you :)

  52. ayoo... I don't think UMNO too bad for Sabah la... Come on la babe,Don't be too emotional bah!

  53. Don't expect people to be super duper perfect la...
    As long as he can do a great job for the sake of sabahans kira OK la ba tu...