Thursday, July 30, 2009

“Khidmat Hospital” project - the real motive

Dr Chong Eng Leong (pic left) was certainly right for questioning whether Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman’s adamant decision and rush to convert the shabby Wisma Khidmat into a private hopital is really for the benefit of the people of Sabah at large, or for the privileged few.

I also fully concur with Dr Chong for saying that if the State government really cares for the people’s welfare like what it always claimed, it should perhaps get the Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC), a Government-linked Company (GLC) which owns the Wisma Khidmat, to provide loan to the Ministry of Health (MoH) to construct more government hospitals in Sabah.

Minister of Health,Datuk Liow Tiong Lai (pic below left),during his recent visit to Sabah to oversee the seriousness on the status of Queen Elizabeth Hospital,was also brief by Musa Aman (pic right)(who appears to portray himself as a medical expert)on the conversation of Wisma Khidmat into a private medical facility.The Health Minister had clearly indicated that the Federal Government has no interest in his plan,to convert the abandon Wisma Khidmat into a hospital.

Dr.Chong was therefore absolutely right for saying that questions are abound surrounding this private hospital project, in particular over its real motive. Many of whom I’ve spoken to, including those from the medical fraternity, over the issue in the last few weeks were skeptical and scornful of Musa's decision to rush to complete the project within one year.

A majority of them were of the opinion that the real motive behind the project is the RM100 million and probably more that would come once the project is implemented.

“Aiya bro! Project means money lah. Without project how to make money? And knowing Musa Aman well, he just wants to sapu whatever projects there are when he is still in power lah. It doesn’t matter whether it is a private hospital or a cemetery, as long as there’s money to make, he will sure sapu one. He is not known as the “super vacuum” for nothing lah, bro!” said a local contractor who undertakes many government projects.

He even suggested that I should probably do some research on a Sabah-based Architect, Melvin Kiandee who is said to be one of Musa’s proxies who is also the Architect behind the “Khidmat Hospital” project. Melvin who is a brother of the Deputy Parliament Speaker, Datuk Ronald Kiandee (pic left), is also said to be the Main Contractor for the Sabah UMNO Building. He is also believed to own another multi-million private hospital project at the Sutera Harbour which construction has been much delayed due to unknown reason.

However, it was not known whether Musa’s adamant decision to proceed with the “Khidmat Hospital” project has got anything to do with the now stalled private hospital project at Sutera Harbour.

The other popular notion was that Musa and his cronies failed to get anything out of the Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) acquisition by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as the deal was between the Ministry and SMC. Therefore, by hook or by crook, Musa and his cronies are determined to implement the "Khidmat Hospital" (pic right) project.

There was also this cheeky comment by one of the readers of this blog who quipped that Musa’s desperation to establish “Khidmat Hospital” was probably for his own use to treat his brain tumor, if the recent rumor about it was true.

But, whatever it is, Musa's claimed intention behind the project is unconvincing unless he could satisfactorily answer all the questions raised by Dr Chong in his latest statement.

And he (Musa) should stop making use of such dubious characters like PBS Information Chief cum Deputy Sabah State Speaker, Johnny Mositun aka Johnny Boy (pic left) and Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun, who is currently the IDS Chairman cum President of Council of Justices of Peace Sabah (Majaps), to insult the intelligence of Sabah people.


  1. Sabah has gone back in history,no direction,no conscience and no foresight.The UMNO/BN government in Sabah are only interested in filling their owned pockets.

    No hospital,but more and more health centers,karaokes and jackpot clubs are approved.Where is the priority?

    Uncle Lim.

  2. Sejak bila Musa Aman jadi pakar perubatan? Bila Musa ini nak berhenti sapu habis projek?

    Musa,insaf la,cukup la,ataupun kamu fikir dengan projek hospital ini,kamu pasti pergi ke syurga ke?

    Ketua Menteri yang paling korup.


  3. The Khidmat building is as old as QEH. it will not last long if it is converted into a hospital. Subsequently, new funds would be used to do the repairing works again.

  4. Aiks? Wisma Khidmat as hospital? Hurm..

  5. I just can't understand that a private hospital taking precedence over a general hospital.

    Musa Aman should be relieved of his position as Chief Minister as he's going senile.

    Jeremy Tan.

  6. "And he (Musa) should stop making use of such dubious characters like PBS Information Chief cum Deputy Sabah State Speaker, Johnny Mositun aka Johnny Boy (pic left) and Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun, who is currently the IDS Chairman cum President of Council of Justices of Peace Sabah (Majaps), to insult the intelligence of Sabah people."

    Ouch, the last paragraph sounds harsh. I hear arrows stabbing at Datuk Musa much to my chagrin. *sweats*

    I hope he knows what he's doing. *sigh*

  7. Anything that provides health care to the public deserved applaused. For all purpose and good intention, the priority is to go ahead with the construction of a general hospital because there quiet enough numbers of private hospital around KK to meet the public needs who can afford. The way things are moving, there are so Many questions than answers, making it suspicious some one in authority is making huge ' bonuses ' out of the mess!

  8. Convert wisma khidmat into a private hospital? huhu...
    If its for benefit of all then Ok la tu:)


  9. Maybe Musa has his solid reason for doing this...
    Whatever it is I just hope Musa make the decisions for the sake of sabahans:)

    Xavier Patrick

  10. Why was Wisma Khidmat left vacant or even abandoned for so long?

    Is there any report on the status of the building?

    How would the big lifts (at least two) for the hospital bed be constructed on an old building?

  11. Nah! Who are being make use to sokong sokong all the hanky panky deals by whoever is in power, The KDMs themselves. Kurup, Johnny and Bongkos are all behind Musa.
    Do you guys know that last time Anifah Aman got a big office in that Khidmat building when he was still a contractor. On the ground floor was some supermarket.
    Now Sabah is under 3 Tun Mustapas not only one like during the Usno time!

    I was also wondering why a private hospital not a governemnt hospital. So when poor uninsured patients are treated in this hospital who is going to pay for the treatment.This is another "illegal" way of making money through legal means? Like if a poor patient from the kampung is referred to this hospital then the hospital will billed the Govt for payment? Is that right? So in the long run Musa and his gang will make tons of money even if he is no more the CM.
    Hai seh! this is very smart and very crooklah.
    Wow I see your pic Musa Aman in a graduation gown. What he got a PHD. ah? From where, online University or some degree mill university. Banyak pintar jugalah ini manusia semua.
    Like this I have nothing to say lah, I surrender. No more talk. Bye,

  12. Hidup amnoo bro! walaupun dah tahu cara amnoo tapi masa pilihanraya.masih undi amnoo....palui !

  13. RageAgainstTheMachineJuly 31, 2009 at 5:10 PM

    Eeeeehhh? Wisma Khidmat? As a hospital? Oh my. *speechless*

    Oh well. If that is the case, I hope it brings more benefits to the people instead of disadvantages.

    Good luck on that Datuk Musa.

  14. Why a private hospital and not a public one? What's happening to SMC then?

  15. well, it is better to have an additonal hospital than no hospital, be it private or general hospital.

    However, it has to serve the people of Sabah, rich and poor.

    Stop complaining.......U think u could change things ?

  16. Stop being such a stereotype person Anon above.The question here is why a private hospital and NOT A GENERAL HOSPITAL?

    A private hospital is a business entity whichever you look at it,theoretically or practically.Don't expect them to serve the poor.This Khidmat Hospital is planned for one purpose,to make money and nothing else.

    I have yet to hear the UMNO/BN lead government of Sabah seriously campaigning for the rebuilding of the current "CLOSED" Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

    Dr.Airil Othman.

  17. Dear Dr. Airil Othman,

    Sorry for my feign ignorant but I think you misunderstood what I meant.

    You see, what I mean is that services couldn't be offered by the general hospital could may be available at the private hospital when the need arises. That is medical services available in Sabah.

    So, if everyone is complaining, there will be no hospital to be build whether as in general or private hospital, maybe?

    I don't want this to happen. So do all of you, right? Of course I prefer more general hospital build in Sabah.

    So, enough of complaining coz it won't bring us anywhere.

  18. There is no point for another private hospital. The people needed a general hospital that they could have affordable access to (even though the service is crap, but its the best they could afford), while the rest of the people who wanted better service and have to dough to pay for it, there are already several private hospitals available. Of course, you guys already know this right? The point is, if the government insist on building a hospital anyway, make it a general one.

  19. Federal and past state leaders should be blamed for the present predicament over the lack of hospitals in Sabah. The past CMs should have look into this matter long time ago but they were too busy squandering away the state wealth especially during the rotation CM time. The past CMs just could not be bothered about healthcare for poor Sabahans because they themselves are loaded and can afford to go to Singapore and other countries for medical treatment.
    But even today had the QEH not fallen apart, do you think anybody bother to take any action?
    All this time there have been too much corruption and mismanagement in the administration of the QEH. There are medical equiptments being supplied under negotiated tenders in the past which nobody in the hospital knows how to use or operate them and left lyiing around in the dust.
    Go take an audit and see if what I said is true or not. What action has been taken on the the contractors who did a shoddy job on the couple of operating theatres that developed serious leaks when it rains?
    What action have been taken on the suppliers of medical equiptment which even the QEH doctors do not know how to use. What action have been taken against the head of QEH for allowing the purchase of the equiptments?
    The ACA or whatever MACC should be looking into this into this long time ago.
    Hey what about doctors? Where are the doctors coming from, or just panadol doctors?
    or maybe one of the doctors is Dr Airil Othman himself. hah hah hah,

  20. At least you see Musa Aman make hospital and other projects, but by his cronies. It is good to see Sabah has some development. In the past under the PBS and rotation CM time is there any major development? Nothing at all. All the CMs were busy filling their own pockets.Now you people are saying Musa is squandering, but the people get benefits too. New and better hospital could have been built and by now everything would have been completed. But unfortunately those crooks in the past State Govt were too busy on some other business like the saham Sabah, water meters which brings no benefits to the ordinary people only to a handful few who are rich.
    Now Musa has got this idea of improving the healthcare situation in Sabah ( of course with ganjaranlah) you people make noise, just because you people cannot get the piece of the cake.
    With this hospital despite the fact that MUsa will make money out of it at least the people will have the benefit to get good healthcare. Now which which do you you people want a good healthcare or nothing at all. A good hospital or a run down leaking and dirty hospital. It is just because you all are jealous of the whole thing!
    If you all are so hype up about how Sabah is being administer, join politics and stand for elections.

  21. Everybody talks of hospital, hospital hospital. What about doctors? We must have good doctors also. Not those tudung and panadol doctors okay? Otherwise no point having hospital, hospitals hospitals...

  22. Hi uncle Lim, hospital do not generate moneylah! it is karaokes, jackpot joints, pubs and other entertainment centers that make money.
    If you get a chance to be in the group on the top will you not be doing the same thing. Come on man, you will also makan lah, unless of course if you have wings and fly around, which means you are an angel!
    How many changes have Sabah undergone, it is all the same. The kepala agong is stronger than what you are trying to propogate. Umno is going to stay in Sabah no matter what and Musa Aman is getting richer while we argue here in this blog, but how many people read or have internet access? Haiseh uncle better just angkat kaki sajalah and get rich!

  23. 'Public' money is used to construct 'private' hospital? I can't understand....

  24. Musa is a total jerk and he lives up to that reputation as not just a stupid jerk but a stupid greedy jerk, now that placed him on a class of his own.

    Mana ada kucing tak makan ikan? Mana ada 'om' tak makan biawak, so many ada Musa tak makan project? Sapu je lah macam biasa.

    Crazy Biawak

  25. This is what Johnny Mositun is saying in the DE today support of Musa.

    Kota Kinabalu: The State Government's initiative to upgrade Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital must be supported so as to alleviate the much talked-about issue of lack of medical and healthcare facilities in the State Capital.

    "We regret that political parties such as Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) and purported people's champions like Dr Chong Eng Leong have repeatedly harped on the proposed Khidmat Medical Centre," said Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Information Chief Johnny Mositun.

    He said it was politically incorrect to equate "charity to the people" with dollars and cents and that for Dr Chong and SAPP to question the State Government's initiative using State fund is devoid of logic and sense.

    "Now we are facing the SAPP and the like's complaints of insufficient medical facilities.

    "But, when the State Government took the decision to go ahead converting the Khidmat into a medical facility to complement the vacuum and rescue the situation, the same group of 'champions' came out strongly against it.

    "We wish to know what they are actually asking for," he said in a statement here, Saturday.

    Mositun, who is also State Deputy Speaker, said it will be gravely irresponsible of the government leaders to abdicate by advocating that since medical matters come under the Federal Government's control, the (State) Government needs not do anything.

    "We congratulate and pay tribute to the State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman for allocating RM100 million to upgrade the Khidmat buildings into medical facilities within a year.

    "The suitability and safety of the Khidmat buildings as highlighted by SAPP and others should not be an issue because consultants would be asked to look into all aspects of the project," he said.

    Towards this end, he called on all Sabahans to bear with the situation and not to be unduly influenced by the opposition "nay sayers" propaganda.

    "We must have faith and let time take its course for the completion of the noble people-orientated Khidmat Medical Centre project. We wish to remind that this is a life issue and the State Barisan Nasional (BN) Government will not be less concerned as those in the opposition," he said.

    The State Government had now taken the initiative and taken charge of the situation within its control.

    "We, therefore, urge the State Health Department and Ministry of Health and all relevant parties to work and complement to solve expeditiously the issues surrounding healthcare and facilities, especially with concern to the QEH Tower Block, purchasing of SMC, the shortage of medical specialists and supporting staff.

    "Also needs to be quickly solved is the lack of decent spaces to facilitate the need of UMS medical interns in the various hospitals," he said.


  26. i think Musa is getting way too greedy now. i mean, i believe that all politicians are corrupted in some way. i dun mind that they pocket some of the money. but Musa is going overboard.

    what has gone thru my mind just by reading this post and comments? "why do i pay taxes dutifully only to see it go into less-than-beneficial to the publc projects? what is the use of our Anti-Corruption officials? and lastly, why cant sabahans pluck up enough courage to NOT vote for Musa and his minions? "

  27. Anon,
    What do you mean by Musa going overboard? Is there a limit squandering. The ACA or MACC as it is known today is controlled by UMNO so they can only act on the direstives of the PM who happens to be from UMNO. And Sabahans are all as greedy as the politicians themselves because come election time their votes can be bought by mere sum of money or "bantuan kerajaan" so do hope for any change in the next GE. In Semenanjung maybe some changes but in Sabah sorrylah.

  28. We have a damn corrupted Government. No vision, no objectives, so much to say People First Performance Later, 1Malaysia. The Governement build and built and develop and developed projects with no consideration to the environment. Some projects and huh hah, we found out in the Blog only. Otherwise it is quiet and calm until you see suddenly a building is already up for sale/rental.For changes not to vote Coalition Govt next GE, we can do that unless we are not using ballot box but online voting. Ever wonder why the Government still using the old voting system, lined up, check IC, filled in the form and put your vote in a transparent ballot box? If the Governement is so smart and clever in having developed so many projects for the Rakyat, I doubt they ever thought of better voting system especially online or computerised which is much cheaper and less requirements of human resources unless they have other intentions. So now whatever is being said here, it is still GOOD to brain wash our Rakyat even to the illiterate so that they wake up and realise how useless and corrupted our present Government. Less they also become boot lickers.

  29. Yes, there are many ways of rigging the polls especially in the interior areas where ballot boxes are brought to the counting centers by boats. In opposition strong areas the ballot boxes will be thown away into the sea or rivers and replaced with the BN boxes. This has been happening.
    And in some areas the PTIs with mykads will do the job.

  30. Anon (Aug 2, 2009, 4.00PM)
    The government purchase votes by using taxpayers money too, as taxpayers, there are nothing wrong with receiving goodies from them. Not just Sabahans, can you deny that your kids did not receive the free bikes or uniforms? It depends how you see it. People may accept their bribes, but it doesn's neccessarily means they would definitely vote for them. It was your money the first place, just take it lar.

  31. All of us here writing in this blog is just like a drop of water in the sea. The majority of Sabahans will still vote for BN come election time, because the present PKR Sabah leaders are the same crooks who have had their time squandering when they were in power.
    For Semenanjung it is different, the Malays are split and they are many smart and very knowledgeable Malays. For Sabah sorry to say that the Kampung folks are still easily bought to vote for BN especially when the BN leaders are of the same ethnic race. So here we are we talk, write and argue but final say are the voters and the amount of money being dump. For the KDMs just slaughter a few buffaloes and give singarung and have aramai iti, semuanya beres. Say what we like things are the same and never change.
    Who is Pairin, Kurup, Dompok, Bumburing, Jeffery, Ansari,Yong Teck Lee and the rest of the gang from PBS. They are the same crooks who were sailing in the same boat only to split because the loot were not enough.
    Unless there are new untainted leaders in the PKR don't hope for a change. These leaders are just opportunists especially Jeffery who jump from party to party.
    I will not waste my vote on these leaders. We will just make them richer and Sabah poorer by voting them.

  32. Those who are complaining and whining this and that must remember, no matter how you refuse these leaders, there are still some Sabahans voted for them. What? You want PKR to rule Sabah? Sabah will get much more poorer by then. Think about it.

    If Wisma Khidmat to be turn into a hospital, then so be it and also if it is for the benefits of the people, why not? Otherwise, if you don't want to see this Wisma Khidmat be turned into a hospital, go and see the CM and give your point of view and gives some suggestions to him.

    So, enough said.

  33. I see that there is a reshuffle in the Sabah PKR. Being a veteran in the political arena I think what PKR is doing is agood move to slightly improve its credibilty with all those leaders like Ansari, Jeffery and some of old PBS stalwarts play only as an advisory role instead of directly involved in the running of the party, becasue of their tainted past. The only leader who is to some extend can be repackaged and resll to the Sabahans is Yunuf Maringking. He has been very quiet and hve never been too greedy, very low profile personality.
    Good luck PKR!

  34. The dozen forest reserves a PR gimmick, claims PKR

    Published on: Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Vice President, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, dismissed the "creation" of 12 forest reserves in Sabah as a public relations exercise to mislead people and the international community that Sabah still has large tracts of forest reserves.

    "Three million hectares of forests were given to various FMU companies for 100 years. What is there left of forest reserves in Sabah? Huge tracts of land are being cleared and destroyed for oil palm plantations.

    "They are not telling the truth, it is a mere reclassification, like logged Class II areas now being upgraded to Class I when there are little trees or timbers left," he said in a statement, Tuesday.

    Jeffrey, a former Director of Yayasan Sabah, said the present State Government was destroying the State's biodiversity by carrying out an unprecedented forest clearing for oil palm plantations.

    "This mono crop practice does no good to our environment. If they are sincere they should get back the land given to Benta Wawasan and revert them as forest reserves, or give them to the landless natives.

    "How could they simply assign 19,000 hectares of forest reserves in the East Coast for a Yayasan Sabah subsidiary to plant oil palm trees? This is a disaster to our future environment," he said referring to a police report he had lodged on the matter.

    On the hike in salary for State Cabinet Ministers and elected representatives, Dr Jeffrey, a former Bingkor Assemblyman, said, "this is just a bad time to do it".

    "They should first think of the income of the poor at this time, and not the income of the Ministers, Assistant Ministers, Speaker and the Yang Berhormats. Where is the slogan "Rakyat Didahulukan" or People First?

    "Or it would be better if the State government increases the annual State Assemblyman allocation to RM1 million (from the current RM400,000) so that more benefits go to the people," he said.

    For this my comment is : What significant move had Jeffery himself done during the PBS era when he was the Director of YS, besides taking care of all the timebr shiiping and making money!
    And of course behaving like a Godfather.

  35. Jeffrey's faction sidelined, says PBS

    Published on: Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Vice President, Herbert Timbon Lagadan claimed some of the points he raised against the condescending attitude of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) towards Sabah have been proven through the acts of Sabah PKR Chief, Azmin Ali, himself.

    "Except for one or two, I am made to understand, the new line-up of Sabah PKR as announced by Azmin yesterday (Monday) are essentially those from Haji Ansari Abdullah's camp.

    "Dr Jeffrey Kitingan's diehard supporters like Daniel John Jambun were obviously sidelined. Now, can Dr Jeffrey or Daniel tell us if they were consulted at all on Azmin's state line-up?" he said in statement here, Tuesday.

    "This goes to prove my point of contention that PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim harbours a deep mistrust towards Dr Jeffrey and especially the independent-minded Kadazans and Dusuns," said Timbon, who is also State Community Development and Consumer Affairs Assistant Minister.

    Reiterating his call to all PKR leaders and members to rejoin Barisan Nasional (BN) for a more fruitful bond of unity to ensure a successful "1Malaysia" concept for Sabah, Timbon claimed Sabahans are now more than ever wary of Anwar's tactics as far as Sabah and Sarawak matters are concerned.

    "It is pertinent for Malaysians in Sabah, therefore to give Datuk Seri Najib Razak's agenda of "People First" a chance to succeed here, after all, this is what we had been asking from the Federal Government ever since we formed Malaysia in 1963.

    "I for one would be a very happy man if Najib would take up his late father Razak's commitment on the "Borneonisation" of government departments in Sabah when the latter was the Prime Minister," Timbon added.

    For this my comment is that, Jeffery past history is not clean when he was in PBS so this move was actually to hoodwink the Sabahans in odered to lure them to vote for PKR. Daniel John has had his time when he was the political secertary of Tan Kit Sher during the PBS era. Same old milk in new bottles.

  36. What a load of BS. Good lah got new hospital. At least this will take a much faster time to be ready for the public rather than constructing from scratch.You could say an instant solution. We obviously need more hospitals..for now there are only 2! QEH and SMC..well the other small ones such as rafflesia bla bla. So well done Mr.CM!..yg penting pembangkang diam sana and wisma kihdmat..prepare to be transformed into a hospital.

  37. alaa.. bro.. kalau nda dapat projek tu diam2 ja lah.. apa mau jeles rezki orang lain..

  38. Some ppl here are just following the bandwagon,when others complaint on wisma khidmat-private hospital project they simply if not easily followed. The fact is, if its good for the ppl why complaint? We have articles on these at Byk yg cakap wisma khidmat bangunan lama suda lama kosong,mesti ada sebab napa dia kosong bla bla bla...dgn niat ingin menimbulkan keraguan kpd org ramai...cunning

  39. We don't need another hospital building that is about to collapse anytime... rethink your strategy, I urge you.

  40. if u say its about to collapse, pls support with evidence. Wisma khidmat lebih kurang satu zaman dgn kompleks karamunsing but look at kompleks karamunsing now. Looking better after 'surgery'

  41. To Anonymous who posted on August 7, 9.29pm, you sounds like one of Musa boot lickers. You seems to know who and who got the projects ehh. Whateever you are trying to say here, we can tell which camp you are from. You know like "A Leopard never lose its marks" once a leopard always a leopard.

  42. J2day,

    I was speaking hypothetically and figuratively.

    Besides, there are many negative view against the notion: There is a reason why Wisma Khidmat was abandoned for several years. Also, it is wrong to presume that Karamunsing is in the same condition as the Wisma Khidmat. Karamunsing is occupied all these years while Wisma Khidmat was abandoned. Abandoned and unoccupied buildings are usually unsafe due to lack of maintenace. Go take a look at all those buildings near the Tanjung Aru beach... unsalvageable.

    It is not suitable for medical set up because it is built for commercial purposes then.

    Limited space for parking can also cause congestion in that area.

    I hope you would reconsider your stand in this matter, it is after all, out of our tax money. However, this is merely my own opinion, if you have any other supportive material, I am willing to hear it.

  43. Sometimes we need to think outside the box and think positively. If the plan brings more benefits to the people, then just let plan goes on. We all need more hospitals with better qualities and stuff. Just trust the CM judgement on this.

  44. ya, most of the people of Sabah could not affort to fly to Singapore or oversea for treatment so let this be the hospital which can serve the people of Sabah.private or Govt ? we need both !!

    So the people of Sabah should fight for better facilities and reasonable cost of treatment with the Govt policy intervention if any.

    Speak out and pls. do not be an "obstacle" for the building or "making" another hospital in Sabah!! Hidden agenda is another matter.

  45. Gotta agree with you on that FM.

  46. That was true, I had to admit it.

  47. We really need both private and government hospitals with better qualities on services and staffs.

    Some couldn't afford to fly over to Singapore or anywhere. So, what's the point of bickering on this?

    If you keep opposing whatever the CM does, then you will not get anything that will benefitted us, the Sabahan.

    Have faith in the CM.

  48. Whether this place is suitable or not, that's another matter. What matters is that we need more hospitals and also better qualities of doctors and nurse.

    Think positively and don't think just inside the box.

  49. At the moment, what is important is that we get our hospital. With the flu just around the corner, we shouldn't complain so much.

  50. Oh good coz we really need more hospital with better qualities of services and doctors and nurses.

    Hope this plan is going to work. Keep it up Datuk.

  51. I don't care whether its private or general hospital...
    The most important for me is... 'the services provided by the hospital' :)

  52. Just take it positively my fellow sabahans :)

  53. Its true... we should take it positively :)

  54. I want to wish Good Luck for Datuk Musa:)
    Keep it up Datuk..

  55. “Khidmat Hospital” project - the real motive???
    hhmmm... of course tolong orang Sabah la... hehehe

  56. Agreed with Aty... Its for Sabahans (poor @ rich still Sabahans right:P)
    That's why its build in Sabah... hehehe

  57. Thanx Junita :)
    Its build in Sabah and for sure its for the Sabahans... hehehehe
    Like Ash said "we really need more hospital with better qualities of services and doctors and nurses...."
    Good Luck & Keep it up Datuk :)

  58. As long there is a hospital, that is all that matters.

    Better qualities of services and doctors and nurses. Hell yeah, that is what we really need, man.

    No, I'm no one to angkat kaki and didn't get any pay for this comment before you start bombarding me. It's my point.

  59. Hurm, a new hospital? Sure.
    Besides, it's for the people.

    Hope there will be more hospitals. Don't care whether it's private or government own. As long there is more specialist and doctors and nurses with much more better equipments,I'm happy enough.

    -End of Transmission-

  60. Finally,more and more people realised the benefits of this moved by our state goverment. Private or gov,who the end of the day we all need hospitals. People who opposed this move, i wonder if you guys would ever use khidmat hospital when its completed later next year :)

  61. Gotta agree with J2day.

    Who cares if it's private and govt? We all need more hospitals.

    Eh, completed later next year? That's fast..:)

  62. Saya tak kisah bilangan hospital ditambah..
    Yang penting kualiti perkhidmatan tu yang harus diutamakan...

  63. Hospital penting juga ba untuk kita...
    asalkan ia bawa kebaikan kira Ok la tu :)