Wednesday, August 5, 2009

“1Malaysia. Govt 1st. People Last"

ONCE AGAIN, the Barisan Nasional (pic left) (BN) led Sabah State Government demonstrated its “sheer callousness and arrogance” by approving salary hikes for the State Cabinet Ministers, Assistant Ministers, House Speaker, Deputy Speakers, assemblymen and political secretaries, between 10 and 30 per cent beginning June 1.

“Sheer callousness and arrogance” because this was done in a time when a majority of the people in the country, Sabah especially, is feeling the pinch of the global economy downturn.

Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datuk Radin Malleh (pic right) of Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) even got the cheek to say that "the increment was in line with the increasing cost of living".

If even the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman (pic below) and his Cabinet Ministers are being affected by the increasing cost of living, what about the ordinary folks of Sabah then, who do not have all the perks and privileges enjoyed by the formers of who live in luxurious houses and chauffeur-driven in Government vehicles which fuel expenses and maintenance fully borne by the taxpayers?

Why not take a pay cut and experience the hardship that the people are going through now? This way they can truly be with the people - "berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjang". After all, weren't assemblymen elected to serve the people? Or do they feel they deserve more than what they are getting after having worked so hard turning Sabah into the poorest state in Malaysia through lop-sided deals, inflated negotiated tenders and 'duty-free' logging??

This can only happened in the absence of a formidable opposition in the State Assembly.

And it again showed the ‘true nature’ of the BN government, who obviously cared for themselves more than the people who voted them into power.

The other two glaring examples of BN State government’s sheer callousness and arrogance were when it decided to dump the national cars Proton Perdana for the luxury Volvos in Middle of last February, then followed by its controversial decision to get the State-owned Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) to convert its long-abandoned, dilapidated Khidmat building into a private hospital, claiming it to be in the people’s best interest..

The most outrageous endorsement to such move was probably from the Deputy State Speaker cum PBS Information Chief, Johnny Mositun who described it as “the best Kaamatan gift” for the people of Sabah.

The State Cabinet right from the Chief Minister to the political secretaries should be grateful that the people of Sabah were so kind that they had not demand for their salary cut. By right, they should first find ways to assist the employers in the State to raise the wages of the employees, especially those from the low-income bracket who are currently struggling to make ends meet with their meager income.

Maybe none of the children of our Chief Minister and his Cabinet Ministers are working for others in the state, or maybe they just don't have to, as they all of them have their own projects or companies to run. Therefore they are ignorant of the fact that Sabah workers are probably the lowest paid in the country, despite a high cost of living.

This is the reason why our youths and school leavers, especially those from the rural areas like Ranau, Telupid, Kota Marudu, Pitas, Pensiangan, Sipitang etc continue to leave the state to work in Peninsular Malaysia or Singapore, as the employers there could afford to give higher pay.

Instead of raising his own salary and that of his entire State Cabinet and their Political Secretaries, the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj. Aman should make good use of such increment to help the poor and destitute in the State.

The pay hikes move had also completely thrown the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak's “1Malaysia. People 1st. Performance Now” motto out of the window into the drain.

But, I must commend Luyang Assemblywoman, Melanie Chia (pic right) for questioning the salary hikes for the State Cabinet and its lot and calling for its postponement until the global and national economy becomes more stable.

I hereby strongly call upon the opposition Representatives in the State Assembly not to accept this increment as a sign of protest and to maintain your integrity, to show that you are indeed with the people, especially in this difficult time.

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  1. Spot on Sir.The people are just fed-up with the luxurious spending of Sabah's UMNO/BN Government.

    We are continuously being lied upon,cukuplah Musa Aman.Start packing and look for somewhere to retire.

    Jeremy Tan.

  2. You hit the nail on the head: Sheer Arrogance!

    This is 3rd World politics. Get the votes by hook or crook (mostly by crook) and once elected rule like absolute monarchs.

    By I pity them, not sympathise, mind you. These blind so-called people's leaders. They keep throwing so much bull-shit that after a while they start believing in their own bull-shit and even claim that it is their birth-right to be rulers.

    Their place in hell has been booked.
    Hell and heaven is decided by not what you say but what you do!

    And for those claim to lead the sentences will be doubled.

    Leaders (leaches?)- Repent before you burn in hell!

  3. I hope this 1Malaysia concept will work on the unity of all Malaysian or we will be dubbed as 1BlackMalaysia forever! :(

  4. Eh? State Assembly members salary increment? Mind if also have salary increment too? *puppy dog eyes*

  5. hmmm.... there must be a reason behind this..
    but I hope they will help sabahans...


  6. RageAgainstTheMachineAugust 5, 2009 at 10:42 PM

    Bah, the salary of the State Assembly members have been increased, now it's time for them to work hard for the people. There is no time to waste once the good news is over..

  7. I believe everything happens for a reason:)
    Whatever it is I do hope it will benefit the sabahans...


  8. You're right, but that's the whole point of being a politician: You get to recklessly spend money, cause it is not yours.

  9. Is their salary increament justify? i find it such an irony since the reason for the increament was 'due to increase of living expenses'..does our leader live in an 'average' living?what does 'increase of living expenses' mean by them? does it mean it is hard for them to pay for a 4@5 star restaurant or buy a new house?is it really justified when rural folks having trouble finding a job or earn a living?
    i am not against their increament but i found it as'injustice' for the rural folks who had to endure bad road condition,struggle with competition with other for work just for a meagre income..where is the leader who said that rakyat di utamakan?where is the 'pembangunan luar bandar ' project that time and time we heard? where is the money allocated for the development of the rural area? where does the money go?

  10. YB M Chia should take the lead. Donate the increament of her ADUN salary to charity or to the poors.

  11. salary hikes for the cabinet ministers, assistant ministers, House speaker, Deputy speakers, assemblymen, political secretaries, between 10-30% beginning June 1....
    Can we the sabahanas have salary increment too... hehehehe

    Luvly Girl

  12. Agreed with Luvly Girl:)

    P/s berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjang:P


  13. In this case, berat sama dipikul is right. But ringan dijinjing sendiri-lah. Haha.

  14. Gotta agree with you on that Luvly Girl..

    How about increasing those working Sabahans salary due to high living expenses where groceries prices is hiking up?

    I hope this will work. And to the MPs please work hard for the people and don't just lazying around.

  15. agree with Aki. YB M Chia should take the lead. Donate the increment to charity home to show Leadership By Example !! You will earn the respect of sabahans. Your political career will take off to another new level....

    Not against salary increment for politicians but now isn't the right time.

  16. Hah! A hefty increment indeed but is it justifiable while average sabahans are feeling the pinch?

  17. I am out of words. Salary increase in this time of economic downturn, besides these crooks don't need salary, they have squandered enough, more than their salary.

  18. Plunder Sabah dry and stashed the loot in Australia and New Zealand, and when the heir Sultan of Sulu come claiming just fly off and live happily ever after. Sabah will be so poor that even Mohd Kiram and his descendants will not want it anymore. But what happened to the poor sons of the soil. I am so sad!
    Wake up KDMs..wake up don't singarung only!

  19. Ah, you guys don't know anything, don't you? The extra money is for them to buy votes. You know, spread some largeses around while the Rakyat is feeling the pinch. *wink*

  20. The salary increase for all ministers is a glaring proof that Musa does not give a damn on the welfare of the rakyat. Ministers who accept the incrrease are no better that Musa. They are all wolf in sheep clothing.
    I have yet to hear a minister daring enough to come out in public and forgo the increase and/or defer the payment until the economy recovers.
    Well,do not expect a single one from the BN. All have become a toothless tiger fatten my BN...a tail wagging dog waiting to catch a bone thrown in the air by its political masters.
    Wake up! Musa do not give a damn on the "rakyat first". He is actually going against the PM 1 Malaysia concept. So, you "boneless" leaders where do you stand..
    Come on Man...fight for our right...our forefathers live on ubi kayu and u still see the light of day...but u, u eat, drink and dine with the finest of all foods and drinks, can you guarantee that our generation will see the light of day...
    The Ketuanan Melayu yang diperguangkan oleh bangsa lain dan kamu leaders dalam parti-parti komponen BN yang memastikan konsep itu dikekalkan tidak sedikit pun tahu/faham bahawa the survival of our future generation our race and religion depend on leaders who is patriotic and bold enough to fight for the Sabah rights..

  21. Whatever, as if we could do anything to halt the increments...

  22. Blatant ignorance of the economic crisis and sheer arrogance in administration of state finance.Musa Aman must be aware that he's loosing grip and confidence from his own bandwagon of bandits,that he has no options but to entice his assemblyman with this salary increment.While the UMNO/BN Government of Sabah are certainly jubilant with this windfall of the people's money,the rest of us continue to suffer.WAHAI rakyat Sabah yang saya hormati,bila nak tukar kerajaan?


  23. kalau tukar kerajaan pun... gaji boleh naik meh...

  24. There is NO perfect party/gorvenment as there is no perfect human being.

    But it is important to strive for a better Malaysia, among them is equality for every malaysians. Any party who champion for certain race eg. Ketuanan Melayu should not be allowed as it is destructive in building 1Malaysia !! We need a leader who fight for our right as a Malaysian, NOT a leader who only fight for his race/religion or to be exact, his own packet!! fellow sabahans, do your part now.

  25. Salary increments for these bunch of people who did nothing for us and our country? Hell no!

  26. You people talk of changing the govt only. Can Sabahans get a guarantee that a new state govt will not be the same, the leaders in the the new party or opposition party are the same crooks who will take their turn to reap Sabah dry. And salary increase can still be passed by them in the assembly if they are the majority. Sabahans had seen so many changes of Govt from USNO to UMNO but the squandering never stop.

  27. Radin Malleh has nothing better to do than to ' akur ' orders from the big boss to propose and support the ' gaji ' increment. The question is whether these government Ministers really deserved such a high jump in their income bearing in mind the other sources of income they received under the table to the tune of thousands ringgit. Ever since the BN govt returned to power in March 2008, the government has done nothing to uplift the living standards of the common people by providing jobs, the upgrading of rural roads and to plan viable economy which we can be proud of. Look at Saham Amanh Sabah, the KM has said more than once to rescue the ailing SAS, but hanya cakap2 sahaja. Honestly speaking, Sabah BN led government, have no grey matter how to run this State, unlike our former Colonial Master who have proven themselves as the one of the best administrators and their legacies are still to be found in our midst to the present day. Our ministers are only interested in building big mansions more than being really committed to help the needies. The slogan ' turun padang ' was the war cry of the Ministers, but it all end up to ' panas panas tai kucing ' The Ministers are just to dammned lazy to wake up early to ' turun padang ' So at the bottom line is since the government ministers have performed their duties miserably, and do you think then honestly says they deserved the ' naik gaji' With that kind of low class service assessment, the verdict is the ministers deserved nothing but a kick in their asses. Cheers

  28. Salary increase,new volvo,big mansions,more money to spend on mistress,more singarung aiya the list goes on and on!!

    I agree with anon these UMNO/BN assembly deserve nothing but a kick in the asses.Expose and take these good for nothing robbers and let the people throw them out in the next election Ronnie.

    I notice your blog hits has sky rocketed,you are truly the voice of the people.Everywhere I go people are talking about you,especially the younger generation,I thank god he has sent you.

    Uncle Lim.

  29. Assalamulaikum,

    Saya setuju dengan apa yang dinyatakan olih uncle lim.Adun kita sudah hilang waras dan dengan gaji yang lebih sekarang,gundit gundit mereka pasti akan senyum lebih lebar lagi.

    Abang Ronnie yang kami kagumi,teruskan perjuangan rakyat pasti mendukung kamu.

    Maria Ismail

  30. What did the PM achieved in his first 100 days as PM.Unless we as Malaysia are blind, the euphoria is the Najib has done nothing in terms of fair treatment Non Malay bumis and Non Bumis in the government sectors. The expectation was that he would revamped the civil service, first by appointing Non Malay Bumis ande Non Bumis Malaysia to head Federal and State dept. In Sabah, the post of NRD was localised which is fact long over due, just a drop in the ocean. Todate there is nothing to indicate that the government is moving towards this direction only cakap cakap sahaja. So what are we are talking might high about Satu Malaysia. It agreed that the launching of Amanah Saham Malaysia is laudable, but the government has no choice because it has to find extra cash to fund giant project such as the all kinds of corridors the government proudly talked about. In fact these corridors doesnt really benefits the common people, some may be. It is part of a wide range of political propaganda to hoodwink the simple minded rakyat in Sabah.
    Sabah has not prospered in terms of physical and economic development.Almost all the rurals roads are still are gravels. Despite what the Minister has claimed, the rate of poverties are still rampant. In fact there is no propers census carried out. Let the Minister shown in black and white if he has one. As usual our Minister is fond of talking through their noses lah. The roots causes of these shortcomings is due to corruption in the highest and lowest levels in all the Ministeries concerned. When the British was ruling this sate, there was no corruptions and there was fairness to every citizens. No wonder the British were very successful to rule mother India in the early days. This was a brilliant achievement never surpassed by any colonial masters, simply because in spite of the width of the country, the Colonial
    Administrars were uncorruptible. Why cant our Malaysians Ministers, and government servants be ' uncorruptible '. To fight against corruptions in Malaysia, thro this blog to high light all practise of corruptions be it big or small scale.

  31. Hi Uncle Lim,

    How is our appointment in LA? I see you are very positive about throwing out the BN in the next GE. Don't be be too sure. Umno is going to stay and rule in Sabah long as Sabah is in Malaysia whether you like it or not.
    The Election Commission is already talking of dealienation of the poll boundaries which means that BN is strengthening their position.
    It only a handful of us here bullshiting in this blog but majority of Sabahans do not even have access to internet, especially the Kampung folks. What younger generation are you talking about, when most of the younger generation cannot even vote. This blog hits has skyrocketed because some people are visiting the blog 5 times a day. But I must salute this blogmaster for his guts putting this blog but as you see that Rais Yatim is talking of China style internet filter, but the PM said no, but eventually it will be done.
    Here we are talking of the need for race and religion blind leaders, which I doubt there can be any in this world even in the USA where I am now residing. But here in the US there are venues to turn to for help and freedom of dissent. In this world Race and religions will always be in politics.
    I quote here from a book entitled
    " God without Religion" by Sankara Sananam.
    He said "Organized religions have done much harm by professing the superiority of their followers and creating such divisive categories as true believers and godless heathens, God's chosen one and pagans, the heavan bound and hell bound, and the enlightened and unspiritual, Overtly, "us against them" distinctions attract congregants by psychologically empowering them. Covertly they forge polarized perceptions and a distorted view of human abuses catalyzing endless violence"
    In Malaysia this had been practiced very much by whoever is in power.
    Uncle Lim, I left Sabah many years ago after seeing all the same vicious cycle of plundering by the various State Govt leaders from Usno to BN, but I am always keeping upto date of what is happening there because my heart is still in Sabah here I cherished fond childhood memories.
    So what ever it is good luck to you guys.
    I know all those top guys in the State Cabinet since Harris time till today but I do not subscribe to their ideals that is why I decided to live in the US where at least I am free.

  32. This piece hold truth to what contributed to what is happening in Sabah.
    I do not know the writer but I came across this in the net. But this article has hit the spot for Sabahans and Sabah today!

    Problem created by KDM leaders
    By: Francis Koh

    I WOULD like to comment on the "Kadazan" or "Dusun" issue which was the subject of an indepth study by your newspaper for several Sundays.
    Right from the beginning when the Dusun were Kadazanised there was already dissatisfaction among the Dusun. That's why Usda was formed or revived. Thus, I disagree with Dr Jeffrey that late Datuk Mark Koding used Usda for his political interest (Daily Express 15.3.09).

    The fact was that it all started after the "standardisation of Kadazan Language" seminar in Kundasang (in 1989 if not mistaken) where Datuk Pairin stressed in his speech (delivered by Tan Sri Dompok) that Dusun no longer existed as it had been resolved through a 1961 resolution.

    Koding, the President of Usda at that time, was not happy with the remarks and eventually their misunderstanding cropped-up where finally Koding lost his DCM post and formed Akar as his platform to pursue his struggle.

    There was also an attempt to stop the Dusun programme in radio at that time. And if you are affiliated with Usda would be penalised.

    I was sacked from my post as a Pegawai Luar Yayasan Sabah at that time because of my involvement with Usda.

    I wonder how true was Gontui bin Soriot (Forum 15.3.2009) when he said that Pairin was involved in making the Kadazandusun curriculum a reality as it contradicted his (Pairin) press statement in Daily Express dated 1.6.1995 (News paper cutting attached) where he disapproved the proposed curriculum with an excuse that the language can be learned at home by talking to your children.

    It was other KDM leaders like Dompok and Tan Sri Joseph Kurup who were fighting with Federal Leaders for the Kadazandusun language to be taught in school. They were no Huguan Sious but managed to do something positive for the community.

    Leave it to the people to decide what they want to be called, i.e. a Kadazan or Dusun. The most important thing is there should be no discrimination and victimisation from our KDM leaders if one is not affiliated to them.

    The problem with the KDM is, we like to fight each other rather than to work together. I wonder if we inherited the "mogisasangod" culture from our headhunting forefathers.

  33. last time goverment staff naik gaji, these ministers ada naik gaji ka?
    Anyway,they are humans too and have monthly commitments. Maybe some of them are rich enough but what about others yg 'just doing ok'? Kalau these ministers ambik komisyen from projects kita marah,ambik rasuah kita marah..maybe some of them are clean (even if not 100%)takkan gaji naik pun kita mau marah, ppl always come for bantuan or sponsorships so this salary increment could lessen their burden also if you can think from these perspective...

  34. The ones who are not happy with the salary increase are just from the opposition , that is "biasalah". The opposition will try to find fault with anything the ruling party does.Even in the US the Republicans will try to find fault with anything what Obama and the Democrates try to do, only a handful of right thinking Republicans will sokong the Democrates reform.
    In Malaysia,it is mostly because of greed and jealousy but of course those people will make good excuse.
    If the govt is to listen to everything what the opposition say than might as well the opposition take over the govt, otherwise the govt will just be at standstill.
    I agree with J2day that the people will come to the YBs for batuan and sponsorship. yes even when they cannot pay their electric bills they will come to the YB for assistance, some even came to ask for money to pay for their car installment. That is Sabah.
    There is this mindset that politicians and YBs are loaded, and that is why this people come asking for donations, assistance, name it I have seen everything.
    But then on the other side of the story the YBs and the Mninisters are partly to be blamed for what has been going on in the past. It has been the practice that once you are up there you hentam. So today to be a politicians means to get rich and hentam to serve the people is secondary, no doubt of course during the campaign the promise is so convincing. Naturally the people will think ah, itu YB kaya bah, itu menteri dapat project, which is in fact very true!
    Not only that even the Pemimpin Kemajuan Rakyats or the CDOs also will try to get the little project in their area. A good example there is a rich Minister in Sabah today who was just a PKR during the Berjaya! But good for him he is very clever and lucky!

  35. This is an excerpt from the Daily Express
    on what Malaysian Foreign Minister said:

    On the recent street demonstration against Internal Security Act (ISA) in Kuala Lumpur, Anifah said it tarnished the image of Malaysia in the eyes of foreign leaders and scared away foreign investors as well.

    "Many foreign leaders are surprised why such street demos are happening in our country because these leaders have recognised Malaysia as a role model for the Third World.

    "In addition, the investors are afraid to come to our country because what they see on the television (the ISA demo) they think it is happening everyday.

    "I think it is very timely that all Malaysians must come to a sense that street demo brings nothing but disaster and can cause adverse impact to our economy, political stability and peace for the people," he said

    Do you people think we need to topple the govt with a bigger demo?

  36. For now the Dusuns(the majority) and the Kadazans(minority) issue have reached a dead end since neither of the two contending tribals groups have not achieved nothing.Spliting the hairs is like spliting the two far apart. For sure the the two groups will not united for many reasons. By doing so, they have lost their opportunities to fight for their common good i.e.survival. 0nly the fittest will survive. It is never too late for the two groups to reconcile in the interest of their future generations. Forget the egos and pride and instead ' Dare to Dreams " to face the challenges ahead.

  37. anonymous,biasala nasib orang ni memang susah kita mo cakap,tambah2 lagi kalau dia mmg pandai cari peluang dan kesempatan kan. Tukang sapu pun boleh jadi jutawan.
    Ckp pasal demonstrasi saya cukup bertuah sabah tdk mcm di kl, apa faedah demonstrasi tu selain merugikan negara serta ekonomi. Yang dapat faedah cuma segelintir pihak saja

  38. what to expect from a bunch of self-serving politicians? in a way, i believe it's our own doing since in one way or other, we keep them in office.

  39. We as a malaysian should be happy for the increment given to the politicians. It is however given due to their best performances during the previous election.
    We hope Sabah will be fully developed and let us erase our state name in the list of the poorest country in Malaysia..
    Together we can make a different..


  40. so sad to read the news thru newspaper, blogs, etc..
    nowadays lot of ppl joined politics because of their own benefits but not to serve the malaysians.. this is what we call "1 Malaysia"?
    i believed that only very minor of them willing to stand up and fight for the rights to us...
    the rest of them just taking care of their own rice bowl...
    they have enough pocket money to survive..!
    pay more for them? to improve their "luxury life"??? thats not right at all...

  41. So far Musa and his cabinet is doing a good job in bringing development to Sabah. Why are you people so uptight about them. What has the previous CMs done. Have any of them brought any significant developemnt to the state? Nothing, they were too busy squandering away as much as they can before their term expired. Now at least we see KK is a bustling city and many changes have taken place. Yes you guys will say I am a bootlicker. I am not supporter of any party be it BN or PKR or whatever. I am just an observer.
    As I see it for Sabah, the opposition have no chance at all, after those in PKR are just "dua kali lima" lah.

  42. Bah, gaji Rm3000 ++ mana cukup..u tengoklah org-org kampong dari pagi 6 sudah tunggu di rumah YB2 minta tolong..tolong bayar karan,beli tiket budak balik dr Uni,bayar ubat...wowwww..sampai YB Selagor cakap selepas dia jadi YB dia sudah rugi berpuluh ribu bahh.Kesian YB2 kita.Tanya tu YB Melanie Chia tidak baguskah sudah naik gaji..jawap betul-betul..kalau tak terima naik gaji sedekah pi rumah-rumah amal bah. Cakap saja. I masih ingat dulu masa Dato seri Anwar jadi TPM dia kasih turun belanja makan di penjara. Selepas dia masuk dia komplain pula makanan di penjara teruk.

  43. BN Strong SupporterAugust 17, 2009 at 3:20 AM

    Increment during the economy downturn is not ok bah. Rakyat so budu punya. afterall kan tu duit bukan duit org kampung, org kampong mana ada duit bayar tax. free tax bah. tu duit org business, towkey towkey bah. misti la kasi bahagi YB BN bah. Klu idak, tak kan sampai bergaduh mau jadi YB. bukan senang bah jadi YB. aku sokong naik gaji semua. Kalau KM, misti la naik 50% kerana tanpa KM Datuk Musa, Sabah dah lama likup. Kerana Datuk Musa la Sabah jadi Negeri terkaya di Malaysia.Sabah jadi Aman. tu la sebab KM dipanggil Datuk Musa Aman. I support you Datuk. jangan takut. kasi hentam kaw kaw mereka yang menentang kita, Datuk. Kalau bukan Datuk, Mustahil SABAH boleh jadi Negeri terkaya di Malaysia. Teruskan cita cita Datuk. Halatuju Kerajaan Negeri BN.

  44. Let's just hope for the best. Datuk, I trust your judgement and all. Hope you could do the best to help the Sabahans.

  45. Lihatlah diKK sekarang banyak pembangunan, masa ketua menteri yang lepas mana ada pembangunan, semua isi poket sendiri sahaja.

  46. Anonymous above.

    I gotta agree with you on that one.

    It's good that there is development everywhere.

    Good thing about having the present CM. :)

  47. It's true, that we had more development with the current CM. I trust he would do the right thing.

  48. I believe in CM. He will do the right thing. :)

  49. I believe so far from Usno time to todate, Harris and Musa are the only two Sabah CMs who had brought massive development and improvement in Sabah. The other CMs were just deadwood CMs too busy squandering.

  50. To be exact? Musa did a lot of development and omprovement to the State. The other CMs? No comment..

    Good work there Datuk Musa..:)

  51. Being a leader is not easy, no matter how strong and noble your intentions are, there are all those little people beneath you, who will try to bring you down. These people are difficult to control, because they have power and means to influence others, they can influence people to turn their backs against you, so you can't afford to offend them. And having them to cooperate with you is difficult.

    One man can do something, but one man cannot do everything. Every little change they can make through their own power is better than none.

    A leader who dares to stand out among the traitors to make a chance is better than a leader who goes with the flow.

    I did not suggest that we trust them completely, but we ought to give them some credit. Being a leader is not easy. At least they are doing something.

  52. I gotta agree with Roxy.

    We should give this leader some credit. It doesn't have to be a 100% trust but at least they are doing something to make changes and make our country a better place.

    A weak leader will never stand up to the traitors and help the people. But a strong leader is needed in order to stand up among the traitors and get in control.

    Being a leader was never been easy since one man cannot do everything without the support of the people.

    Think about it. Logicly and positively.

  53. Being a leader for the whole country is not easy. You need wits and bravery to stand up to your enemies. That same goes for the State leader.

    If you think it is easy to be a leader than you are damn well mistaken.

    So, like the others would say, think about it.

  54. I've never lead a country, but I know how hard it is to be a leader. Even leading a small team in a school project is not easy, what more an entire country!? You just can't pleased everyone, some one would always get offended.

  55. Let's support the 1Malaysia slogan. And yes, I know it takes time to adapt ourself to it but lets do small baby steps implementing it.

    My point to be honest? Musa is much more better CM than the others. Chong Kah Kiat is ok too.

    With all the improvement and massive development, I got no complain.

    Before you say anything, I'm not naive and no, I didn't receive any money on this comment. Thank you very much.

  56. Plz give some credit to the CM :)
    and let's do our job.... hujung bulan dapat gaji juga tu... hehehehe

  57. TQ Honesty & Kentaro...
    Let us hope our leader "turun padang" and help the Sabahans.

  58. To the ministers who was given salary increment, rajin2 lah turun padang and help the Sabahans.

    CM, the credit goes to you sir.

  59. Got salary increment? Good lah. Work hard and go around the states and see the people and listen to poeple.

    Don't just sit after getting the salary increment and then be lazy.

    CM, please remind your MPs to do their work.

    Kudos for you.

  60. Good for the MPs to have a salary increment but never forget your duties as the people's YB.

    Otherwise all goes just like Abraham Lincoln says "If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem."

  61. "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."-Abraham Lincoln-

    I hope the govt is not doing exactly like it was said in the quote above.

  62. Being a leader is not an easy task...
    So it's good if they got salary increment and
    hopefully they do their job well and always help the Sabahans :)

  63. Hopefully all the people's YB will do the great job...
    If not we'll loss our confident with the Sabah State Government...
    So, PLEASE prove to us that you guys deserve it :)

  64. Gaji naik maksudnnya usaha harus ditambah, kerja pun harus sempurna... hehehehehe
    Jadi OK la ba kan:P