Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The present government needs to be filtered more than anything else

BESIDES the escalating A H1N1 mortality, the ongoing inquest on mysterious death of DAP political aide, Teoh Beng Hock, the most talked-about-and-debated issue of late must be the controversial attempt by the BN government to put up Internet filter blocking “undesirable websites”.

This somehow reminded me of the controversial posting in the blog of former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahatir Mohammed (left)shortly after the announcement of the present Cabinet line-up by his protégé cum present PM, Datuk Ser Najib Tun Razak(below right), claiming that “several unsavoury characters who had been accused of being corrupt while in the previous government” had slipped in into the Cabinet.

Interestingly, four months after the formation of the new Cabinet and the appointment of the six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ministers last month, we have not seen any of the suspected “unsavoury characters” being dropped. In other words, they are still there, probably quietly continuing with their old trait.

Perhaps it’s only appropriate that Mahathir should now come out and call for a “thorough filtering” of the present Cabinet (below right) and to remove these “several unsavoury characters”. Otherwise he should immediately retract his statement and publicly apologies to Najib and his entire Cabinet as well as the Malaysian public for misleading them.

The present BN Government also needs to screen and filter all of its ministries, departments, judiciary and law enforcement agencies of “unsavoury characters” who had caused a lot of damages to this country. This includes the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) whose reputation has further plunged to all-time low with the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock and the outcome of several other cases very recently.

It’s interesting to note how Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim (left) who on 7 August, 20009 confirmed and strongly supported the controversial “Internet filter” plan, was quick to dismissed it on Wednesday. This was obviously due to an outcry from politicians from both sides of the divide as well as criticism from industry bodies.

While it was reported that Najib had disapproved the “Internet filter” plan, he owes the Malaysian public a truthful explanation on how such a plan came about, with the tender exercise calling for companies to put proposals to assist the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to evaluate an Internet filter, done secretly without informing the public.

After all these years, we’ve seen many of the BN’s “good guy, bad guy” play-acting.

But, if it is proven that such an idea was indeed the brainchild of Rais, then maybe he should gracefully bow out, for what he did was rather irresponsible and a total violation of the “No Censorship” guarantee stipulated in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Bill of Guarantees announced by Tun Dr Mahathir during his tenure as Prime Minister.

As a senior and learned minister, Rais should be aware of the far-reaching impact of such move, if implemented. Under the Sesawe project, there are altogether 18 countries currently blacklisted as “pariah nations of the Internet world”, for implementing similar move.

Rais should realize that unfettered access to the Internet is economically crucial for Malaysia, as it was reported to have attracted RM1.6 billion worth of investment from technology companies annually.

The said move if implemented, would seriously hamper the series of economic liberalisation measures announced by Najib recently to attract foreign investment, and diversify Asia's third-most trade dependent economy away from its reliance on electronics and commodities exports.

Boosting banking, finance and the knowledge economy, all of which are key planks of Najib's economic strategy, would be impossible without a fast and unfettered Internet access. This ridiculous restriction will not only reflect badly on Malaysia but also cause existing investors to pull out from Malaysia and potential investors to shy away.

In short the Barisan Nasional Government is as good as convincing foreigners that Japanese sushi is in fact cooked food.

Therefore, Rais is clearly unfit for his present job in this dynamic ICT era. He probably must have forgotten the fact that he is essentially a civil servant whose salary is paid by the taxpayers. Hence, whatever move or decision he made must be in the best interest of the nation and its people, and not that of his political masters. It seems that he is worse than his two predecessors.

At least one of them had the courage to engage in a public debate with opposition leader like Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (left), instead of throwing tantrum and chiding some reporters who were merely doing their job.

The proposed move also demonstrated the government was incapable of countering the many issues and questions raised by the cyber journalists and bloggers on the Internet. The government need not impose a tight control on the mainstream media and fear the online news portals and the bloggers, if all these while it had done nothing wrong except things that are truly in the best interest of the nation and the people.

The main reason why the masses started to boycott the mainstream media for the online news portals was because of the manner the mainstream media were exploited to become the ‘mouthpiece’ of the ruling government and a ‘convenient tool’ to smear the opposition.

The worse being the suppression and concealing of the ruling government’s wrongdoings or incompetence.

I may not be trained as a journalist but I do understand what does freedom of the press means, as one of the “Founding Fathers” of the United States, George Mason passionately put, that “The freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic governments.”

On that note, I must salute the President of Gerakan cum Minister in the PM’s Department, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon (right) for his firm stand against censorship of the internet and that there should be freedom to voice differences of opinions.

"Why should we have that (censorship of the internet)? We should be able to debate and engage in debates - even if they are critical we accept and we have to respond to the freedom of views and expressions," he said.

Koh said the government can correct its shortcomings through the criticisms and opinions of the public through the internet.

"If we stand corrected by constructive criticisms then we will gain the public's confidence," he said.

While he agreed to some form of censorship for pornographic material on the internet, he firmly maintained that there should be no attempt to drown out political dissent, warning that if there are more attempts to curb public expression, it will only fuel hatred towards the BN government.

Before I sign off, I would like share with you a famous free speech quote by renowned American Constitutional Scholar, Thomas I. Emerson – “Suppression of expression conceals the real problems confronting a society and diverts public attention from the critical issues. It is likely to result in neglect of the grievances which are the actual basis of the unrest, and this prevents their correction.”


  1. Rais Yatim is a skunk, he will pawn his soul to the devil, that half past six lawyer.Just wait when DSAI becomes the PM he will change his colour and change like a chameleon.
    As for the TBH inquest it is just a "wayang Kulit". And the HINI Flu, it is just the media bullshitting about the action taken by the Health Ministry. The action taken by the health authory is just full of flaws. Go and see in the hospitals, how the medical people are doing their so called screening. Big big lie. The talk talk talk but people are still dying.

  2. God must be having a severe migraine.He must be summoning all his closes aids now to find out if these bunch of "clones"were the work of Satan.

    Uncle Lim.

  3. The truth will reveal....
    Surely God will straighthen the "crooks"....

  4. censorship is good for us if its not misused by some people;

  5. BN and PKR are just the same...
    Need filtered? Yes, bring out the new faces..

  6. Eeeh "undesirable websites" ???

  7. Ouch Uncle Lim.

    That's so harsh.

  8. Say yes to Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of expression.

  9. At the launching of Patriotic Day yesterday at Putra Jaya i heard PM saying that no country in this world can compare with Malaysia's achievement. I was very surprised but yeh in a small way may be. In term of developments in all sectors in particular infrastructures, Sabah is 50 years behind. Just to mention one rural road the Kinarut /Kiduan/Mangis stretch.The villagers residing along this dusty road, despite many requests to the government thro their elected YB, there is little if not none at all to alleviate the problems. Is this the kind of progresses the PM is talking high about. In Sabah I am sure there are more one to be considered to be very patriotic. It is a pity that the Federal did not make an effort to identify and reward those who have displayed high degree of patriotism not just amongst the elite of politicians and government servants, but to include the ordinary people be they in the town, or ulu kampong. The characteristic of the government of the old ways in managing this country have not shown any changes that perhaps reflect the PM's vision of One Malaysia. Slogan after one another does not serve any purpose, what matter most is the actual implementation of the Slogan and make us truly a proud nation devoid of racism, hatred, and discrimination.

  10. I agree that there must be freedom or democracy but Malaysians are not ready for total freedom because we Malaysians have still the animal traits and the literacy rate is still low, total freedom means we are capable of creating chaos. So the freedom must have a limit so that it will not be abused.On the other hand the government must be responsible not abuse its power to the extend that basic freedom is also being curbed and to stiffle legitimate dissent among its citizens.
    Even in the most democratic nation in the world there like the USA there is no total freedom.
    Freedom of expression if it can be damaging to the nation and can create chaos and riots should be curbed. But that also have to be properly assessed. The ISA is good if it is not abused by the ruling group to stay in power. So freedom actually is a very very wide terminology, and subject to varied interpretation depending on which side one is in.
    Unfortunately today the govt is trying to curb freedom to benefit certain group of people and to stay in power. Anyway guys I wish you all good luck.

  11. If the government were filtered one would find only dregs and nothing else!

  12. The title of the blog says it all.

  13. Chapchai,

    I believe, even the dregs are nonexistent, they are nothing but empty voices.

  14. I wonder if the Chief Minister of Sabah knows what it means by filtering?As it is his "vacuum cleaner"tag is confusing him.He may have to look deep into a dictionary,and may find his name alongside the words filtering and vacuum cleaner.

    Jeremy Tan.

  15. Musa Aman is still politically strong, come next election the BN will still win in Sabah.You guys are just a handful of disgruntled lot because you people did not get the chance to get what you wanted. Besides the whole bunch of PKR lot in Sabah are just a bunch of spent force. All their leaders are no more popular, their shelf life have expired. Sabah needs new untainted oppositon leaders. Than we all can talk about going against BN. Todate no chancelah! unless something drastic happen. The Sabahans are comfortable now for the time being! Only making noise are those trying to gain political mileage and trying to get a share of the loot.
    Jeffery, Ansari, Daniel John and the bunch of discards from PBS mana ada kaki sudahbah. They should just call it a day. Semua pun suda pokailah, harap haraplah ada donations dari businessmen. The only chance for these guys to be able to win is that when the situation in Sabah is really bad that the rich businessmen are unhappy and start donating to the opposition. Sabah politics is money! nothing else. Todate most of the major business tycoons are happily getting the share of everything why bother to break the rice bowl, And the biggest of them all Sari Tan is happy. So people don't hopelah sementara waktu.
    Yong Teck Lee can just migrate to Australia, he has made his millions already. Or just play safe rejoin BN now that Badawi is no more the PM. Good excuse at least and that will also be a face saving excuse.
    Call Musa whatever name you like he is still in power and majority of Sabahans are still behind him. And most important of all he is racial and religion blind. Which means he is not race or religious bias. That is a plus point for Musa because of his mixed heritage and having grew up among the natives in the interior. Just look at who he associates with in business.
    As for Daniel John, he can just play billiard for the now until something change (if any). As for Edward Linggu if he is in PKR, hang in there who knows. And the rest aspiring exs PBS, BERJAYA, USNO, SAPP etc, just dream on ....zzzzzzz till the big bang comes!! 2012....Good Luck
    My name is Dr. Spock so if you people like to say your piece on what I have just wriiten go ahead. What I have said are the facts. I do not support BN, PKR or whoever, I am a political observer.

  16. Facts,fiction or being disillusion, call it by whatever name Dr.Spock,the reality of it all is the UMNO/BN Government and the likes of Musa Aman is slowly but surely becoming a fore gone conclusion.

    Yes,I agree untainted leaders must emerge and the old guards must call it a day.I noticed new faces in PKR's line up of leaders in Sabah,and I must say there are some good one's there.The national leadership of PKR is seen as filtering the old and promoting new faces.

    PKR with their coalition partners have my full support.

    Young generation.

  17. Dr Spooky:

    I guess you must be either a genetic garbage or a product of inbreeding (anak haram)of the Aman family.

    You'll be flushed down the toilet together with the Aman family one day. I believe that day is coming soon!

    The Ghost Buster

  18. Young Generation,
    Please bear in mind that Shafie Apdal is just waiting to be the next CM if Musa Aman goes down and Shafie is an UMNO stalwart, and a very pro KL, but by the look of it he is not really in the good book of the PM, that is why he is in a way banished to Semenanjung to head Umno branch which he is not even familiar with because he is a Bajau from the heartland of Sea Bajau area. I think he also has great potential to defect to the opposition if the deal is right.
    Just observe as time goes by how the PKR coalition gets the momentum.
    For Sabah PKR there is a lot of work to be done to gain the confidence of the Sabahans.
    We can say whatever we like here but the most important thing is the grassroot support.
    Yes, the national leadership is filtering the old and promoting the new faces, but will the old faces accept that because they themselves are still trying to go up there to get the share of the cake ?
    In Sabah the mindset is that to be a YB or to be a politician is to get rich, serving the people is secondary.
    What more the new faces are just salary earners or just small time businessmen.
    As I said earlier, unless the wealthy businessmen are unhappy with the present Govt than they will dump money to the opposition. Everywhere in the world politics is about money and interest groups.
    The most powerful interest groups in Sabah are the Chinese businessmen because they controlled most of the big money making companies with links to the Govt. All these years the Sabah bumis were actually being manipulated by the Chinese tycoons whether we like it or not. At the moment the big players in Sabah are now in BN's hands, and most of them are getting share of the cakes.
    No doubt some of them when election time will give some angpows to the opposition just in case the opposition wins, so they play a double game but at this moment it is unlikely.
    Do not blame the Chinese because they are not bumiputras and do not have the priviliges to get contracts or projects so they have to play this game.
    So my friend young generation you have to look at both sides of the coin. Anyway good luck.

  19. Dr.Spock you say..

    Well what does your observation tell your about PBS leadership right now?.Still intact is it??..Suprising that you have mentioned also party like BERJAYA,USNO in your last few words, i assume a futile effort in descredit a party that is not even in registered in ROS.Strange do you think.mentioned something that has been lose in political discussion.Indeed you attack on the opposition is futile.People have will speak out their mind in the next can bet on that Mr.spock.I have a question for you,Who do you really think is the spend force in sabah politics?..BN or PR?.Maybe both are.indeed i see a different path to sabah politics.You never know those non existence parties may rise up from the grave and haunt you in your sleep.Russian Rolet is a dangerous game mr.spock, you should be careful of it.You never know the gun chamber may have a live bullets in it.Imagined the mess if you blow your head off?..Dangerous game is it."Mind over faith".Dont put all your bets on BN or you might stand to lose all of your money in this Game..
    Playing to be ignorant on the fact that you haven't choose sided yet.Bad choice of word if you ask me & only a fool will believe you when you say "neither camps" does not hold suppot..
    haha to you..A silly man with his silly comments..
    Party moginum

  20. The warning sign has occurred for Malaysia. It is from Sumatra some 7.0 on the Richter scale.
    The Malaysian leaders must "bertaubat", and the MACC must take the steps to appease the spirit of the dead.
    Stop indulging in Black Magic but turn to God or Allah.
    The next one will not be just a warning like a tremor but it will be a Tsunami!
    Hear ye hear ye!
    KL will be like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  21. PKR will not get a chance in Sabah, sorry to say as long as leaders like Jeffery and his gang are still in the party.
    The Kadazandusun leaders will never be able to play a major role in the BN or PKR.
    Do you think the Malays will give away what they had taken back after PBS.

  22. Hisham: We’ll act against those who incite hatred on the Net

    PETALING JAYA: Those who use the cyberspace to incite hatred or insult any race or religion or the monarchy, will soon find it increasingly difficult to hide behind the ‘mouse’.

    Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said: “If we allow it to go unchecked, the attack on these pillars may jeopardise the safety of all Malaysians. It will then be too late if we act after a clash.

    “We are not clamping or censoring the Internet. But when it comes to issues involving race, religion and our royalty, the Internet cannot be allowed to go on to de-stabilise the country and do whatever they like,” he said.

    He added that three ministries, including his, plus the relevant agencies, including the police, the Attorney-General and Multimedia Commission personnel would meet and discuss this on Wednesday.

    “What we are trying to do is to ensure that there are enough provisions for the authorities to take action, and not just the police,” he said yesterday after opening the Lembah Pantai Umno division meeting.

    Hishammudin said a template would be created to protect the innocent and warned those who used the cyberspace to hide behind accusations that incite anger that action would be taken against them.

    “We do not want the innocent to be prosecuted. For example, we did not take action against DAP’s Loke (DAP Socialist Youth head Anthony Loke Siew Fook) as he reported that the blog (which insulted Islam and Perak royalty) is not his,” he added.

    On another note, Hishammuddin said they had yet to decide whether Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s contract would be renewed, adding that it was more important to ensure that the public accepted the police force.

    “Whether it is extended for one year or not, to me it is not as important as getting the police force to be accepted in the minds of the public. And that is not just dependent on the position of one man,” he added.

    Dr Spock

  23. Non Existent parties like Pasok, Bersekutu and those little peanuts parties.Stop dreaming and see reality, these parties cannot even agree who their head is and Anon Aug 16 was saying they may rise from the grave. C'mon man you are a greenhorn in politics. You were not even born when Sabah joined Malaysia. You don't even know who Tun Mustapa is. And for that matter even who Harris is you do not know. Call for election today and you will see all the opposition party in Sabah will be wipe out.
    In Semenanjung the PKR at least will stand a chance but in Sabah, PKR sorrylah...dream on a little bit more.For other opposition parties, do not waste your money on the deposits. It is sure to "sai-lang"

  24. What is important in politics is the numbers game. If the opposition in Sabah can forge a one-to-one electoral pact, BN will lose the majority of the Chinese seats and the middle-aged votes.

  25. Yes if only the opposition can agree, but rememeber a time will come when there will not be a so called Chinese area because the EC is talking about another dealienation process, which means that those BN people especially Umno is started to sense that they are going to lose Chinese areas, so with the dealienation the crooks can push in their goons to get the majority.
    But sad to say that in Sabah, history has proven that Sabahans can never be united , we are too greedy. Everybody want to be YBs, if failed to get the nominated, stand as independent and spoil the whole thing.
    PBS was the only party who managed to crush the BN, but because of its greedy leaders everything was lost at the end of the day, and the very person who was sent by TDM to destroy PBS is now trying to champion the right of Sabahans.
    Very sorrylah, for Sabah.
    Iho nobo aiso suvai kalaja, moginum nopo.

  26. Filter yourselves before you think of anything else... Don't waste the Rakyat's hard-earned taxes for pointless fripperies...

  27. The Rakyat were brainwashed to go with the flow since school days. Where the teachers refused to accept any other answers except their own model answers. They discourage the students to think or develop their own ideas. This is why the people are afraid to think, and afraid to rebel. They would accept what was presented to them because it would be what the government want them to do. It is a bloody good scheme to prevent the independence and rebellion amongst the people.

  28. Enough is enough... NEXT topic plz.... hehehehe

  29. Anon,

    The next topic is up to Mr. Ronnie Klassen. This is his territory.

  30. Quote:
    Non Existent parties like Pasok, Bersekutu and those little peanuts parties.Stop dreaming and see reality, these parties cannot even agree who their head is and Anon Aug 16 was saying they may rise from the grave. C'mon man you are a greenhorn in politics. You were not even born when Sabah joined Malaysia. You don't even know who Tun Mustapa is. And for that matter even who Harris is you do not know. Call for election today and you will see all the opposition party in Sabah will be wipe out.
    In Semenanjung the PKR at least will stand a chance but in Sabah, PKR sorrylah...dream on a little bit more.For other opposition parties, do not waste your money on the deposits. It is sure to "sai-lang"

    will see who will be the one "SAI-LANG" in the coming election Sir..

    Party moginum

  31. Yes, those peanuts party will be "Sai-Lang", when its leaders cannot even agree who the legitimate party leaders are.
    PKR maybe a little bit chance in some areas but as long as the same bunch of frogs from PBS, Sabah PKR can just dream on.
    The Kadazandusuns cannot even unite .
    This is just one example:

    Christopher gets official letter replacing him as District Chief

    Kota Kinabalu: The Penampang District Chief controversy unveiled a new development Wednesday when the letter to inform OKK Christopher Mojungkim that he has been replaced finally reached him.

    According to him, the letter that was signed by the Director of the Native Affairs Council, Mohd Said Hinayat, was given to him yesterday by a clerk from the District Office.

    The letter, he said, was dated July 23, 2009.

    He said he is really saddened with the situation because it is as if they don't appreciate his years of contribution to the people.

    "I am also deeply embarrassed by this episode because I came to know about my termination from the newspaper before the official letter finally reached me," he said.

    Never to give up, Christopher said he would still come to his office at the Native Court in the Penampang District Office come September 1 even though the letter clearly stated "incoming" District Chief, Sylvester Disimon, will be replacing him.

    "Even my children and supporters have been asking why am I being treated like this," he said.

    He said the least they should have done was the courtesy of informing him personally.

    He suspected that there is a "conspiracy" to oust him from the position.

    On Tuesday, he said despite the District Chief position is only a political appointment there is no provision in the Native Affairs Constitution for age limit.

    He said the District Chief could carry out his duty as long as he feels he is still capable of contributing.

    Christopher, who is 66, said he was previously a village chief for 21 years and native chief for eight years while district chief, for one year and five months.

    "I am still strong and I think I can contribute my knowledge and experience for another 15 years," he said.

    He said Sylvester, who is his second cousin of the Wong Sim Ting clan, has never met him to discuss about the replacement.

    A press conference has been arranged tomorrow (Friday) at the Penampang Native Court at 8.30am.

    Sylvester, who is former general manager of Sabah Housing and Town Development Authority (SHTDA), submitted his letter of acceptance to Penampang District Officer, William Sampil, in the presence of Kampung Hubah Village Chief, Bernard B. Jominol, Native Chief Marcus Johnioh and Vice President of Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS), Freddy Ekol.

    His uncle, Datuk Jintol Mogunting, was Penampang District Chief from 1976 until 2002. He is expected to assume his office as Penampang District Chief next month.

    Iho no aiso suvai kalaja moginum nopo.

  32. Power and position has been the foremost agenda of UMNO/BN...period.This will continue unless the present government is thrown out for good.

    Yes,I agree KK has improved in it's development,but without it being profited by Musa Aman.You cannot ignored this unless you are part of this conspiracy and profited from it as well.

    So to all those who are still licking the feet of Musa Aman and his cronies,wake up la,this is a new horizon.We don't buy this cheap shot anymore.Cukup la all this bullshit,we're no longer umur 5 tahun.

    The young generation.

  33. Ya give the young generation a chance to make money too. The young generation are envious of all thew ealth that the old politicians are accumulating. Give chance to the young generation to squander too in the name of new horizon.
    The young generation cannot be bought with plastic water tanks, planks and zince sheets, but sorry to say the young generation cannot stop the NRD from issuing Mykads to Filipinos and stopping them from voting.
    What to do lah! And young generation cannot stop the EC dealienation process. The young generation must fight and fight, talk and talk but do just singarung only and play billiard.

  34. RageAgainstTheMachineAugust 20, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    Whoever said all those who are licking Musa Aman feets are plain lame. Not everyone does that. Only some who, in hopes of getting benefits from him. There are some who stays neutral and prefer to get money the old fashion way.

    Anyway, just let the CM do his work. It's better we observe from a far and see what will happen next.

  35. I gotta agree with RageAgainstTheMachine. It's better we let CM to do his work.

    Keep up the good work Datuk.

  36. It is clearly stated in the letter of appointment of the District Chief that upon reaching 65 years old he has to retire.and Chr istopher is 66 yrs old.Base on news reports the process of appointing a new District Chief of Penampang did not reflect professionalism on the part of the District 0fficer action. This is just another example of a govt officer who lacks experience in administration, and how could you expect a District officer, who seems to be missing most of the time in his office, carry his job to the expectation of the man in the street.
    It seems the D.O. spend more time with politicians, than serving the needy.

  37. Lets our CM do his job... He know what to do :)

  38. Anon/ The young generation (August 18, 2009 10:16 PM)
    I'm not pro Musa but I don't think he is too bad for Sabahans...
    At least Sabah improved in it's development...
    We can't expect too much la fren...
    Musa Aman bukan Santa Claus... hehehe

  39. Firstly, I definitely don't agree with the Internet filtering "Green Dam" plan. Even Najib doesn't agree with it. Thank God that the plan was scrapped even before it happen.

    Secondly, I support Najib's economy strategy. Even though, it won't be done like straight away. Maybe in few years time. ;)

    I also support Koh Tsu Koon firm stand on censorship. There should be a freedom of speech and a freedom of pressbut sometimes some bloggers and media sstreamline abuse this freedom until it's too late to realise what they have lost. As a Malay proverb would say, "Jangan kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelangga".

    So, my overall view? I support the PM and his strategies but some of Malaysian mindset is still narrow-minded and negative. So, how are we to compete and succeed? Think positively and logicly is the key to succeed.

    Well think about it, if you think bashing the government will bring good and benefit to our people and others, so be it. Your point is your point. Can't change that but at least wait for GE13 if you want changes.

  40. It's better we start implementing the "1Malaysia" slogan than dissing the government. Ok, fine. You guys are not satisfied with the present government but don't just talk only la. You gotta act. I'm sure some of you, when GE 13 comes, will vote to maintain the present government in the country and the State. Did I struck a nerve? No pun intended though.

    Anyway, just wait and see what will happen next. End of story.

  41. Don't mean to be offensive to the pro-State government but I think the State cabinet should be filtered too by using KPIs. *sweats*

    Anway, CM is doing a great work and he knows what to do and how to handle the state. And no, I am shoe licker and I am not paid to enter this comment before you start flaming me.

    So, now, let us all enjoy the sunny day today without worrying about the politics. :)

  42. Yeah, can't expect too much in this case. Even if you yourself is the CM, can you guarantee you can do better. Being a leader is not easy.

  43. One leader will never succeed and could not do anything without the support from his/her administration team and the support from the people.

    Let us support Najib and his "1Malaysia" plan.

    Have a nice day.

  44. If the indegenous people of Sabah is not careful, they will end up just like the Red Indians of America [Reservations]

  45. It's not easy being a leader...
    So let's hope everything will be fine soon :)

  46. I will say YES to Freedom of Speech; also YES for the censorship if it's good for us :)

  47. "together we stand, divided we fall"
    So, let us support the 1Malaysia concept :)

  48. Just wait & see what will happen next :)

  49. “Internet filter”???
    hmm... Thanks God, Najib doesn't agree with it.

  50. Freedom is too subjective :)
    So the best way is freedom must have a limit so that it will not be abused.

  51. I will support PM and his strategies:)
    Let's have faith on him :)

  52. Setuju atau tak terhadap "internet filtering" ni terpulanglah pada individu yg menilai...
    Pilihan ada ditangan kita...
    Fikir logik ja la - Kita ni rakyat Malaysia yg berbilang kaum, agama, budaya dll...
    So apa pun yang kita buat harus lah mengambil kira perasaan orang lain kio :)

  53. Azlan, I think you are contradicting yourself. You said yes to freedom of speech. But agreed on filtering and censorship. They are trying to filter out unfavorable blogs and commentators like you and me here. Are you sure you read the article properly?