Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sabah UMNO puteri dies in illegal abortion?

IT APPEARS that nothing seemed to be alright with Malaysia politically, economically, socially and even health wise nowadays. Interestingly, everything seemed to be connected to the UMNO-led Barisan National (BN) government, whose reputation is now in its record low.

Among the appalling incidents that are still fresh in the minds of many Malaysians include the controversial deaths in custody which include 22-year-old A. Kugan, DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock, who died at the premises of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters, and now with the scores of deaths caused by A H1N1 virus epidemic which total number has now reached…..76? at the time this posting was uploaded.

This inevitably reminded me of an interesting comment by a golfing buddy of mine that all these could be due to the ‘curse of Altantuya’? He believed that as long as the real culprits behind Altantuya’s gruesome murder are not brought to justice, her soul will not rest in peace and she will continue to wreck havoc on those who ordered her despicable execution using the military grade ‘C4’.

Very recently, on 7 August, a 27-year-old woman from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was reported to have died in Cakung, East Jakarta , in an untimely manner.

According to a news report by the Jakarta Post dated 8 August, 2009 ( link to news report), the deceased had died after she underwent an abortion in an abortion clinic there, to get rid of her four-month-old fetus.

It was also reported that East Jakarta police arrested a midwife who allegedly ran the illegal practice, as well as her two assistants from the clinic.

What’s significant about the incident is that the deceased, Alimida binti Zakaria is said to be a member of UMNO Puteri Kota Kinabalu and the ‘biological father’ of her four-month old child, is an official of Kota Kinabalu UMNO Youth, currently working as a senior officer of the State-owned Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC) while the father has a medical profession background specializing in treating women. The wife is said to be a close relative(1st cousin) to the current Chief Minister of Sabah , Datuk Musa Hj Aman (pic below).

According to reliable sources, Alimida’s body was brought back to Kota Kinabalu on the 13th August and was buried on the following day at the Likas Muslim cemetery. The funeral was attended by family members and close friends.

Alimida’s family was said to be now questioning her actual cause of death. They were earlier told by the two men who accompanied her to East Jakarta that she had died in a road mishap. The two men are said to be close buddies of her boyfriend cum ‘biological father’ to their now aborted child. Alimida’s family had no idea of the actual purpose of her trip.

Meanwhile,a specialist gynecologist in Sabah when contacted by me said that abortion is illegal in Sabah, and nobody should be doing it.An abortion will only be perform if the patients life is in jeopardy.When ask what could be the cause of a patients death if an abortion is done on a woman in her 4th month of pregnancy,the gynecologist said,lost of excessive blood,unequipped facilities and no medical experience.

Apparently, her boyfriend had requested the two to accompany her to East Jakarta as his own wife was going to give birth..

Alimida’s friends and colleagues in Puteri UMNO as well as in the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), were said to be outraged after reading the news about her untimely death in the Jakarta Post.

According to one of her close friends, Alimida was a nice and approachable person but certainly not the wild type. She also claimed that Alimida’s boyfriend had promised to divorce his current wife and to marry her after this.

“He even promised to buy her a house,” claimed Alimida’s friend.

This friend of Alimida and a few others plan to approach Alimida’s family after this, to try to convince them to seek justice for Alimida.

It was also reliably learned that Alimida's name had been mysteriously removed from the Kota Kinabalu UMNO Puteri's name list, probably an attempt to disassociate her from the organization in order to protect its good name and 'maruah' (dignity).

I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to the family of Alimida Zakaria.May justice be served on her death.


  1. Aiyoh,like that also can kah,the horny fella should be arrested and incarcerated.Already got wife and new baby also want to gatal.Better check properly oh,maybe he rape her and now running away from responsibility.

    Why am I not surprise,Musa Aman's nephew again,alamak.Kudos to you brother Ronnie,I thank god Sabah still got has you,if others I think already kena suap not to write this story.

    I also send my condolence to Alimida's family.Don't worry Pak cik and Mak cik,we help you find the truth.


  2. hhhmmm ist true????

  3. wow... hhhmmm... Is there any evidence???

    Luvly Girl

  4. What a sad story :) but I hope that our CM has nothing to do with this issue...
    My heartfelt condolences to Alimida's family


  5. What has Musa Aman got to do with this abortion or whatever case. I think it is not fair to connect this story to Musa. Yes abortion in Malaysia is illegal but I know many has been done them secretly.
    Why do everything sinister have to be connected to Musa Aman, this is just too remote to have him come to the picture. This is just to gain some political milestone.
    Come on man this is politic kampung. Musa was not involve, beside I do not think he even know this. And Musa is so damn loaded if he is connected he could just helped out by arranging some private jet and fly the girl out to Singapore instead of going to some kampung in Indonesia.
    I think you guys are just too cheap in this storylah,,other things okay lah ini apa kena mengena sama si Musa. Politic politic jugalah tapi cerita ini macam banyak murahlah no profesionalism...

  6. There was no need for the late Alimida's to have herself aborted. If the boy friend is a Muslim and I belief both parties are, what is the problem of the boy to marry a second. A life could have been saved. Talking about abortion in Sabah it is quite freely carried such clinic is located at one of the floors at Wisma D.S.Tawau. It used to operate from this building, but not sure for now.

  7. How do you expect to topple Musa Aaman and the BN in Sabah with this kind of disunity among the opposition party.( See the excerpt from the DE today)

    And the story about the abortion to discredit Musa Aman will not work too. Sorry guys unite first and have a common goal.
    And the writing is on the wall that SAPP is going to rejoin BN and a face saving for YTL is the excuse that Badawi is no more the PM. So fellow Sabahans be aware!
    Musa on the other hand is still strong politically so for the time being just ZZZZZZ
    on and dream some good dreams just like SAPP.
    Cina sama Cina pun tidak boleh sepakat, apalagi Kadazandusun. Moginum nopo!

    PKR tells SAPP: Stop dreaming

    Published on: Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Kota Kinabalu: Fellow opposition Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) should just "stop dreaming" that it can form the Government as a stand-alone party in the next elections.

    The advice came from Deputy Chairman of the PKR Sabah Leadership Council, Datuk Kong Hong Ming. He was commenting on reports that SAPP was luring PKR members in the State.

    "Pakatan Rakyat is the second biggest component party in Malaysia and it has representatives who can present their views effectively in Parliament.

    "So how can a stand alone party form the government without the support of Pakatan?" he asked.

    Kong also said nothing has affected the position of three Parti Keadilan Rakyat Sabah leaders - Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, Christina Liew and Ansari Abdullah - in carrying out responsibilities to help Pakatan Rakyat capture Sabah in the 13th General Election.

    He said in fact these leaders had been given a bigger role and responsibility together with the central PKR leadership to organise the party's administration at the national level.

    Speaking to reporters after the get-together ceremony between the Council leaders and party members, here, he said the Council or MKN had made some changes, which is currently awaiting approval from the Registrar of Societies (RoS).

    According to him, the MKN had decided that the branch head would also be changed to branch chairman and all the 35 chairmen of in the State had been given a role in the MKN.

  8. While abortion is the greatest sin and also the greatest crime, i would like to divert all readers' attention about this incidence. What if she is our daugther? In any case our deepest condolence to the family of Alimida, and any parents would be really diverstated with such news. We as parents we always have a forgiving heart for our own siblings, no matter what they turned out to be or what they did, we are parents so our compassion and love surpasses anythng beyond. Although what she did was not right in the eye of God, (this is the 4th times she did it!) that is pure murder, but who are we to judge. Judgement is in the hand of Allah.

    Her death was largely due to negligence and poor or lack of health facilities. If she could been in a better hospital, she could had been alive today, and probably nothing like this owuld ever happened. I hope that the government will soon establihed our hospitals especially in KK. Our alarming issue now is our own patients are on the floor getting treatments.

    I believe there are more unreported cases such as this, are hapenning in the interiors right now. Now the governement is still promising about the basic infrastructures and aminities,given to the rakyat. Isn't this was promised every elections? Now the interior people are being robbed of their own existence. Lands are given to giants companies. As we become the world statistic as being poor, and being under the observation of the UNDP as in its data shows Sabah being the worst.

    People go figure. What are our leaders have done to our wonderful country.

    I don't care..... i just want a chance for change. Just as chance.

    Say yes to change.

    Orang Kampung

  9. How can some of you honestly think that it doesn't involve Musa Aman?For goodness sake stop shoe polishing his boots,his not going to give anything or perhaps he already has.

    His"sacred name"at this moment in time is worth more then all the millions he has.He cannot afford his name smeared over this especially when the mother of the "biological father"is the cousin of Musa,and worst off the poor girl has passed away.Have some compassion for the deceased,a wrong was done and it irks me to think that no one is taking some responsibility.

    I salute you Ronnie for highlighting this,hopefully women will no longer be lured into cheap promises by UMNO's bunch of crooks and con artist.

    We ladies should not be so easily hoodwink,I'm so sad that this young lady had to go all the way to Jakarta,having the abortion here would have certainly cause more publicity and tainted Musa even more since the young man is the nephew of Musa.Going out of the country would have not created attention,but now some how back fired.Why abort in the first place,the young man could have married her?Only an animal will do what he has done,this young man will now live with that conscience that a young woman has died because of him.I wonder how you will sleep from now on.

    My condolences to Alimida's family.Stand up and fight for justice.

    Mrs.Julia Chong.

  10. This is a total cover-up.A woman has died,and nobody seem to care two hoots,why the silence?
    Why is it so coincidental that UMNO Puteri's website is conveniently shut down?

    This government must go,where is the transparency?Too many mysterious deaths these days reported and unreported.

    Ronnie,once again you really and truly amazed us all,your courage to voice for the people is unmatched even by any standards compared with any of the present BN or Pakatan leaders.Keep going Sir,the people of Sabah are behind you.

    Uncle Lim.

  11. That is so sad to hear about her death.

    My heartfelt condolence to her family.

  12. Why is Datuk Musa Aman was dragged into this?

    Come on, there is no need to drag the CM in this case. I don't he is involve in this case or know anything about this, besides dead man don't talk. Whatever it is, we can only guess and theorize.

    So, stop dragging the CM in this mess. He had a lot of thing to do than this.

  13. Please, a muslim man does not need to divorce his wife in order to take another, he could marry up to 4 wives, legally.

    In my opinion, her poor excuse of a boyfriend had never intended to marry her, besides, there is no need for an abortion, she could just use the baby as an excuse to trap him into marriage. You need to fight fire with fire. In these cases, woman are always the vulnerable ones. Careful of who you trust, and use birth control!!!

  14. Let us hope CM has nothing to do with this.
    He has lots of things to do than getting involve in this. Fingers crossed.

  15. We all support you Ronnie! Good work.
    Be strong. We are againts any oppression from UMNO Devils!

  16. What does Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah have to say about this. Perhaps he can write an article on this episode in Utusan Malaysia, condeming the persons involved in this tragic death.

  17. You reap what you sow. This woman's boyfriend will reap the rewards of this illegal sex-adventure and the abortion. Just wait, GOD IS GREAT. HE will show the way. Musa Aman sudah tak aman; he and all the 'be-end' croni dan go to HELL. Hidup Rakyat Malaysia. Hidup Kerajaan Rakyat. Undi Pakatan Rakyat.

  18. You people are fantastic joker, now after the brain tumor now Musa Aman is linked to his nephew's abortion fiasco.
    I agree with Anak Watan, on the logic of the whole thing. I do not think Musa has got any idea of what is going on. You fellas are just trying to play politics. Come on this is a real joke now it looks to me that you guys are trying recreate JFK and Marilyn Monroe story. Ha ha Sabah politics is so advance now.
    But sorry to say whatever it is there is very slim chance for the opposition in Sabah because they cannot even agree with one another and unite to fight the BN. Too many greedy leaders around, pocket first, people later.
    To Mrs Julia Chong, can you prove the link to Musa Aman? Or you are just following the crowd.And I wonder whether you are really a woman.
    Come on woman your politicking is too cheaplah blindly saying without knowing the the true facts with proof.
    Uncle Lim is just "batu api" come to the real thing even the tail go inside. For all you know you Uncle Lim might be the agent for the SB trying to instigate Ronnie to the extend there is violation of the multimedia law.
    As for Ronnie the blogmaster, thank you for your space but do be careful and be ready to disappear like RPK, it is only a matter of time.
    Hishamuddin and his gang has already hinted.

  19. This is not a political issue, this is an issue of moral. If she is a UMNO Puteri member and the guy is also an UMNO member, it's a moral issue that UMNO has to deal with.

    And since both of them has commit sin, and in Islam they should both be punish under Syariah Law.

    The question is, will the Religious Department in Sabah or the Head Office in Putrajaya take any action?

    And will the PDRM take action on the two guys who help the lady to undergo abortion in Indonesia?

  20. My condolence goes out to the family of Alimida.

    Now it is not a matter if the "father" is related to Musa Aman or not.He is an adult and should be accountable and responsible for his action.It would not be fair to Musa Aman to carry his burden.

    Abortion should not have been carried out here or in Jakata.There are ways of handling the situation.

    He should be brought to justice for his doing.

  21. Aiyoh! UMNO in Sabah must be a house of sins. Like this also boleh. Where is morality?

  22. Whatever it is, CM has nothing to do with this. Impossible. If it's true her victim has a relation with the CM, then he should be ashamed for bringing more mud slinging to the CM's name and rep.

    Enough said and stop saying this is a cover-up and assume that the CM is involve. He has much more better things to do than getting involve in this irresponsible case of a nephew of his.

  23. Haven't they heard of birth control? or Emergency contraceptions? Why seek an uneducated midwife to perform the abortion?
    And I thought Muslims are forbidden to indulge in pre-maritial sex and extramaritial relationships?

  24. My heartfelt condolence to Alimida's family.

  25. To those saying the CM is involve in this, give me proofs that confirms CM is in this case.

    Yes,as a Muslim, I don't agree with the abortion thing and that guy who promise the sky high to the victim should be a man, come forward and be responsible. He should stop being a coward. But accusing that the CM who is not confirmed involve in this case is pure and utterly pathetic and lame.

    C'mon people. Don't just talk and follow the crowd. If there is proof, then I believe it. If there is no proof, I repeat, NO PROOF, then you are slandering and insulting the CM.

  26. hmmm... Me myself also say yes to change... Change FOR THE BETTER :)
    But in this case, I'm not going to blame anybody...
    Kata orang bertepuk sebelah tangan saja xkan berbunyi tau... hehehe
    Whatever it is I hope the truth will brought up soon:)

  27. If there's no cover-up,why the silence?This incident has hit international news,and Malaysia in particular Sabah is highlighted for all the wrong reasons.

    The CM must come clean and explain,don't tell me his just going to keep silent when it's now global news.If the CM hasn't the guts to explain,then get his nephew to come out and show responsibility.

    My condolences to the family of Alimidah.

    Rashid Ibrahim...2nd year law student,UK.

  28. Ronnie my man... This is the kind of low class politicking that will destroy PKR. Stick to facts and dont insinuate. Let your readers decide based on factual issues rather than try to naughtily connect it politically. You credibility will plunge southward if continue like this. The story started niely but it went sour when you try to drag people in it.

    Expose corruption and wrong doing or abuse of power - I support. Making accusation based on wild imigination - I object!

    Learn Ronnie! If you want to be a whistle blower, so be one! But your exposure must not be seen gaining political mileage from it. Otherwise, people see you just another political animal with no regards for decorum.

    Am I just being wishful thinking here

  29. agreed with Neutral Observer & Fedylya :)

  30. It's so sad to see a young woman died while doing abortion and pregnant out of wedlock..

    Condolence to her family. What a sad news.

  31. Dear Uzbek,

    No one is above the law,and anyone thinking he/she can HIDE from blog sphere better get used to the fact that it's impossible,no matter who you are.

    My reading from the post clearly pictures Ronnie's noble intentions of seeking justice for the deceased.If the persons involved coincidentally are link to politicians,which of late seem to be the shameless case going on in the country,then they must be transparent and accountable.

    The people have every right to know,you can't sweep anything under the carpet now as was practice before.

    Dr.Airil Othman
    Associate Professor
    Political Science.

  32. Aiyoh brother Uzbek,you planted by umno kah?Look at the bigger picture mah,everyday people only talk talk in my coffee shop but no action wan.All only know to singarung and hendam pkr becos got people pay the drink.

    Kedai kopi boss.

  33. I'm not pro Musa but believe that he is innocent to her death. what does he got to do with her pregnancy & abortion in Indo? unless he is the biological father !
    It is not his fault if his staff has any illegal inimate relationships.

    But removing Amilda's name from UMNO website in trying to disassociate her from umno now is very unethical & irresponsible. Musa should take responsibilty on this.

    orang ulu ulu

  34. I think the skeleton is there as the child could be born look alike someone....

    then... finish lah...

    Joahua Kong

  35. Saya heran baca artikel ni. Memang tragik wanita tu meninggal masa mo buat pengguguran tapi mengaitkan si mati dgn UMNO dan Musa Aman? Ini soal moral dan juga peribadi kedua-dua individu tersebut. Ronnie, takkan org UMNO saja yg pandai buat ini benda? (seks luar nikah,pengguguran,suami curang dll). Lepas tu kaitkan kes ni dgn Musa Aman apa hal? Ada bukti ka? Kamu rasa semua masalah family dia tau kah? Pangkatnya sebagai CM bukan lesen utk dia campurtangan semua masalah ahli-ahli keluarganya. Tulung lah

  36. What a low class politicking this is, the CM got so much other important things to take care instead of involving in things like this even it is his nephew was the culprit. You people are just saying things without proof.
    This also shows that the victim is partly to be blamed, in first place why get involved with the guy knowing very well that he is married. That shows that the victim was after the money knowing this guy is the nephew of the CM and must also be loaded. It takes two hands to clap. And here you people are just trying to discredit the CM without studying the the facts making you all look so damn ignorant and cheap.
    If indeed the abortion was done in Indonesia, there is nothing the PDRM can do because the crime was committed outside the jurisdiction. It is the Indonesian police which should be taking action against the clinic or the nurse.
    And some of you even "temberang" signing in as law student and Dr Professor. come on man this bullshit don't sell anymorelah..look at the BN candidate in Pematang Pasir, he is a disbarred lawyer..semua pun sama juga..big crooks trying to gain political mileage, be it PKR or BN. At the end of the day semua pun makan and hentam kaw kaw sampai negeri bankrupt. Now haiseh cakap tentang morality and justice..after sudah jadi menteri nanti tuhan pun sudah lupa.
    Ini cerita semua macam mahu jadi malaikat, ini semua auta punya cakaplah.
    Kalau you orang mahu jadi menteri, mahu kaya, pergi tanding pilihanraya.
    Sabah is long gone case, the country is a milking cow for the politicians, and the people are the victims because of their greed and ignorance.
    Some are talking no one is above the law, that is another false belief, because the law is made by man. Even the so called most advanced and democratic country, like the US, the politicians are still above the law. whatmore corrupted country like Malaysia, just see what is going on in KL today. Who is above the law! who is the law? The next thing is even this website will be close by the Mutimedia law.

  37. No offence,4th time abortion? HALOO? This lady had not learnt her lesson...that guy had the nerve to pack her off to to some back street clicic in E J for the procedure(the 4th time???) whereas his dear wifey probably had the baby in an up market hospital? Some kind of jokes or what?

  38. Another joke in Sabah politics. Calling another crook to jump into the bandwagon. hah hah
    Frogs in the making!
    From the DE
    Door open to Jeffrey: PBS

    Published on: Friday, August 21, 2009

    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) on Thursday extended an open invitation to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan to rejoin PBS.

    Its Vice-President, Herbert Timbon Lagadan, said Dr Jeffrey should seriously examine his position in PKR and the Pakatan Rakyat (PR), which is "inclined towards violent-creating acts in their own nurtured politics of extremity."

    "I therefore call upon Dr Jeffrey, a promoter of peace and rule of law, to quit the opposition and rejoin peaceful PBS now as a show of disapproval over a growing unethical behaviour of some PKR leaders," he said in a statement.

    He alleged that supporters of Dr Jeffrey have realised and complained over what appeared as PKR advisor Datuk Anwar Ibrahim's condescending attitude on East Malaysian matters, including disrespect and colonialist-style of treatment towards Sabah leaders.

    He said the PBS would always welcome back Dr Jeffrey. "After all, he was one of founding members of the party in 1983 and 1984," he said.

    On the unruly behaviour of opposition assemblymen in the peninsula, Timbon, who is also State Community Development and Consumer Affairs Assistant Minister, said regardless of political affiliation any YB must respect the rule of law.

    He said it is sad to note there are growing number of opposition YB's who choose to act almost like gangster.

    He said that if more assemblymen behaved in uncivilised manner, they would breed uncivilised and rebellious societies.

    "No one is above the law, which includes also the assemblymen.

    "Police should arrest these law-breakers, otherwise this nation will disintegrate into anarchy," he added.

  39. Roonie, good effort. Justice must be done. No cover up please. People are intelligent enough to know your message.

    What happened to the theft of sea coral reef in Semporna? A cover up again? Why NGO SEPA so quiet about it? May be..........uhmmm. Okay, I see or I don't see?

  40. This is what I call concieving out of wedlock. TBH does not count.

  41. very sad indeed..
    May god have mercy on her soul and her babies..

  42. yesss MU vs Wigan 5-0, politic is just like this sometimes they win sometimes they lose.. so what.. why so fanatic.. beside our politic standards is still way ketinggalan zaman.. try use American system then we can see a big diffrence in malaysian politic.. but then again its impossible here..

  43. Perhaps the time has come for UMNO Puteri members in KK to re-evaluate your position and membership with UMNO.If such a cover-up can happen to one of your owned,imagine what can be done to you.

  44. To anon Aug 22. 9.34am

    I was just wondering where you are living now. If you are in Malaysia, I think you should come to US and live here and see for yourself the real thing about US politics. The US politicians and their politics are no different than our Malaysian politics in terms of race,religion and money. The only thing is that in the US the way they do things here is very subtle and legal. Even corruption is legal corruption. They somehow made the system in such a way that corruption is legal. As for race and religion it is no different, in the US it is the Black and the White people. The Christians and the Muslims.
    In Malaysia the corruptions is crude, the big businessmen will give money to the politicians or candidates in return when these candidates win and become "menteri" then these donors will get projects. In the US it is the same the big corporations will donate to the candidates, the only different is that the donors and the candidates must declare and record the amount of donations, but what goes on after they win is another story.
    Even the media or TV channels have their "horse" or kuda. The CNN is more for the Democrates while Fox Channel is more for the Republicans.
    So there is no such perfect system. The US system is not perfect only a little bit better because the people can criticise the Govt without being persecuted, the NGOs are very powerful and if there is any hanky panky the people can exposed it and there are laws where the Govt cannot sweep everything under the carpet, but of course things are not 100% foolproof.

  45. what is it about people that instead of finding a solution we tend to focus more on creating/inventing/spreading problems..... just a thought though....

  46. Greed and jealousy is the answer to aku.
    Globalisation and knowledge had created all this.

  47. Anon, Aug 23, 8.58

    So, are you suggesting that we all forgo knowledge and let the politicians lead us all with a ring through our noses?

    It was like back in China, when Qin Shi Hwang was ruling. He ordered the burning of many books and the burial of the scholars because he was afraid that with knowledge, the people will rebel against him and question his intents. In the process, he accidentally unified China (at least some good came out of it)

    Think about it. All of you.

  48. Don't be sad Datuk Musa :) Just focus on your work in helping Sabahans...

  49. Aiyah....Musa Aman has no conscience to be happy or sad la.He only bows down to the ringgit,and faizal is still encouraging Musa to continue robbing the people,that is his focus la faizal.

    Wake up la my fellow Sabahans.

    Ringgit Malaysia.

  50. BN-UMNO? Second Low? Dude, that was harsh. But all political parties are the same and I'm sure some of the members involved in bad deeds and scandals except it was reveal YET.

    What happen to Allahyarhama Alimida was very unfortunate. She would be alive now if she was brought to clinic with a very much cleaner and better facilities instead an illegal ones.

    Whatever happen between her and the "biological father" is that she was promise with things that wouldn't happen. Janji manis orang bilang. A Muslim man can marry up to 4 wives and abortion is sin in Islam. I'm sure they know about this but instead they commit an affair and she wants to abort her 4 months old fetus. Sad. For now, the judgement is in Allah's hand and that is between her and Allah SWT. May her sins be forgiven and rest in peace.

    Now the "biological father". He should have taken responsibility and wed her. Right now,no matter what relation he had with Musa, whether through his wife or what so not, that is no excuse for him to go into hiding and let the CM be burden with this mess. Berani buat, berani tanggung bah.

    My 5 cents? Musa had nothing to do with this and he had other things to do. So to all you Musa haters, quit talking without by stating CM is involve in this and that and do this and that.

    And wahey! That is my view. Accept it whether you like it or not.

    My condolence to Alimida's grieving family.

  51. This case is very unfortunate. It is sad to see young woman died and also to lose love one at time like this. Let it be a lesson to the ladies out there. Abortion is a highly risky procedure and it can put your life at risk especially if it's not a clean and sanitize environment and equipments.

    As for the "biological father" cum boyfriend? He needs to be responsible. Why be a coward and let someone else burden by your mess that you have created? ^_-

    Oh boy, I am definitely polishing anyone shoes but as for the CM,I know he has nothing to do with this. Stop saying that he is involved. Give proofs that he is involved.

    Those who hide behind "Anonymous" names, be careful whatever you say coz it be used against you if you are sued for defamation and slandering in court just like "cohen vs "Skank in New York" anonymous blogger" case.
    My heartfelt condolence to the deceased family.

  52. Gotta agree with Lex on that one.

    So, think about it. All of you.

  53. Dimana2 saja, berzina hanyalah penghinaan terhadap wanita.
    Jaga akhlak, jaga agama, janganlah berzina sebelum bernikah secara yg sah.

  54. Who said some of us are polishing CM shoes? We need proof whether the CM is directly involved or not. Otherwise, it is an action to discredit him and mud slinging his name. Sorry to say la, without any proof, I don't believe any BS that some of you guys sprouting about the CM on this case.

    To Ronnie, you are a great blogger just like RPK and I enjoy reading your post. But in this Internet world, anything can happen.

    To the deceased grieving family, my condolence on your lost. The truth will be out soon and patience is a virtue.

  55. Emmerdale,

    As a neutral person,you are certainly right by saying that Musa Aman is not involved.But there again was there any part of the article written that Musa was involved in the "ACT"?I don't think so.

    I believe you are going way out of proportion.What was stated is that the "biological father's" mother is a cousin of Musa.So lets get our facts right.

    Neutral Observer.

  56. Curse of Altantuya? Oh geez, I find it weird looking at that sentences.

    On the post, the deceased died when she underwent for abortion to get rid of her four months old fetus. WTH? O.o Four months old pregnancy? That is dangerous and very risky. Especially those who are almost full months pregnancy. But what is done is done and time cannot be reversed. The deceased have brought a secret to the grave where it will remain undiscovered.

    It's Ramadhan fasting month now and the grieving family have lost their beloved daughter/ sister. May she rest in peace and my heartfelt condolence to the family.

    As for her boyfriend, don't be a nitwit and be responsible. You are an adult.

    To those who diss the CM, find proof before you say anything. Otherwise, you are talking like you are in a coffee shop or something. Get a life.

  57. Ohoooo..

    WTH? Dude, i didn't even mention any names. Did I say it?

    Honey, it's my point. Whether you like it or not, you can't change anybody's point.

    Get your point right here.."The wife is said to be a close relative(1st cousin) to the current Chief Minister of Sabah , Datuk Musa Hj Aman."

    Now who's the one who need their facts right? ^_-

  58. To the deceased family, I'm sorry for the lost of your beloved daughter/sister/niece/granddaughter.

    To the CM haters, back off will ya.

    I know you have much more better things to do.

    Enough said.

  59. Dear Anon a.k.a Neutral Observe.

    Of course there is no article written that Musa was involved in the "ACT" but didn't you read some of the comment who is dissing the CM? Hahaha lame if you didn't read the other comments.

    But that is your point anyway and Emmerdale has hers. Can't change yours and her view and we can't just please anyone, right?

    So, let us all go yamcha without even discussing anything that gotta do with politic. *whistle*

    Oh and Happy Tuesday everyone.

  60. I'd say Ronnie. How come this thing haven't come out in the newspaper yet? Or did I missed it?

    But still, I gotta agree with Anon August 24, 2009 7:39PM.

    Jagalah akhlak, jagalah agama. Lebih baik mempunyai ikatan yang sah drpd berzina.

  61. Agreed with Hydo:)
    Without any proof... it's so hard to believe:)

  62. I wonder how this man sleeps every nite,since the death of this unfortunate young lady.Can he celebrate raya with the same conscience he had in the past?I'm sure the family of the deceased are sad that their beloved daughter is gone and raya will never be the same.

    The family should seek justice and blow this out in the open.The word in town is someone has paid the deceased family a lot of money to keep quite.To the man responsible,whom we all know who be a man and face the problem and jangan sembunyi dibawah selimut dan kuasa atasan.

    Puteri UMNO

  63. Anon @ Ringgit Malaysia
    August 24, 2009 8:10 AM
    I know you hv ur own reason by saying that...
    But for me Musa Aman is our CM... wheter we like it or not he is our CM :)
    As CM, he know what to do.... I mean in helping us the Sabahans :)

  64. Yang da berlaku tu jadikan sebagai pengajaran... berhenti menyalahkan dan mula fikir bagaimana nak menanggani perkara ni daripada berlaku lagi..
    Tak perlu bergaduh sesama sendiri:)
    Takziah diucapkan kepada keluarga Alimida Zakaria...

  65. Agreed with Fedylya :)
    Sorry to say but for me bertepuk sebelah tangan tak akan berbunyi... so lets not blame 1 party only...
    or the best way... STOP blaming others:) hehehehe

  66. I gotta agree with Faizal on that. Whether we like it or not, Musa is still our CM.

    And no, I'm not Musa Aman shoe licker thank you very much but I don't see any point to dissed the CM especially in something he has no knowledge of.

    Stop la with the politik kampung. It's getting old now.

  67. Some of you people disguising yourself as a lady apparently find this amusing with your hehehe.The deceased was not a prostitute as you make her to appear.She was a nice person,but trick into believing that the man really love her.

    Menyampah dengan pandangan kamu,cerminkan diri kamu sebelum buat pandangan.Sepatutnya sabagai wanita,kamu patut meluangkan kata kata yang benar dan bukan macam iblis.

    Agreed agreed,is all we hear.Don't you have a stand of your own?Pandai angkat kaki saja,berapa banyak duit sudah terima?

    Ini amaran kepada kuasa atasan UMNO Sabah,selasaikan hal ini dengan secara terbuka,atau kami akan bongkar kepada orang ramai hal hal hubungan sulit kamu dan keluar dari UMNO.

    Puteri UMNO KK.

  68. Haish..Nampaknya, ada juga org suka mo flaming org lain. Oh well, itu pandangan saudari sendiri atau adaka anda nei saudari atau saudara? Get my drift?

    Saya tidak setuju dengan statement anda ini, "Agreed agreed, is all we hear. Don't you have a stand of your own?Pandai angkat kaki saja, berapa banyak duit sudah terima?"
    Semua blog commentator di sini bukan semua jenis angkat kaki dan tidak di bayar utk buat comment di sini.

    Mereka yg enter comment cnei adalah Point Of View mereka. Pandangan mereka. Itu hak mereka. Jika mereka rasa blog ini interesting, why not post comments kan?

    Apa hak anda untuk panggil pandangan blog commentor "iblis"? Adakah anda hebat sangat untuk comment anda dipanggil malaikat? We are all humans here. We tend to make mistake through words and actions. But sometime without realizing we have hurt some commentators feeling here by calling their comments "iblis".

    Kita sepatutnya berfikiran terbuka. Bukan niat untuk memalukan si mati tetapi it takes two tango. Besides, abortion is illegal and dangerous and aborting 4 months old fetus is very highly risky. What she did and whatever her sins is, it's between her and Allah. Who are we to say about that. She is no longer among the living. Just let her rest in peace.

    Daripada buat amaran di kuasa atasan di sini, lebih baik bagi amaran directly dengan kuasa atasan.

    No pun intended. Tak berniat untuk sakitkan hati sesiapa di bulan puasa yg mulia ini. Ada lebih baik kita biarkan the deceased rest in peace and there is no need to flaming and "fire" each other.

    Peace and out!~

  69. Wow amaran tegas dari Puteri Umno KK :)
    BUT... If someone posted their +ve/neutral comment, it's doesn't mean that their received any payment...
    It is their point of view... That's why I understand your points :)
    Maybe you are quite mad with this incident but if you really know the truth... then you should know what to do:)

  70. Puteri UMNO KK.

    The ladies including myself here didn't even say she is a prostitute or anything.We never thought this case is amusing. What we think is her case is very unfortunate and tragic.

    "But trick into believing that the man really love her"
    Yes, she is a nice person but it takes two to tango. If one didn't layan, this thing won't happen. Get it?

    Besides, it's the holy month of fasting.
    The deceased should be rest in peace and I understand the sadness of her grieving family coz I lost close ones too.

    Let us all pray that all her mistakes are forgiven by Allah and diletakkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah.

  71. Ah, what to do? The girl is dead, nothing can be done to revive her, just let it pass, so that the living could have some piece of mind and learn to move on. Let it be a lesson for those out there who are involved in similar situations.

  72. Puteri UMNO KK,

    Please don't accused people without a shred of proof. In case you didn't notice, there is not one comment that assume her as a prostitute (not including yours, of course) perhaps you're the one who perceived her as a prostitute.

    It is not right to accuse other people of accepting rasuah to write these comments. People with different perceptive and opinions gather here to voice their views. This is a free country, where a person can say what they think is right.

    My apologies if I offended anyone. If you disagree on my point of view, it is because you and I hold different perceptions, not because I'm completely wrong.

  73. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, but don't be mean when you say it.

    Also, please don't throw accusations around. We are all sympathetic about what happened Alimida. We are only voicing our opinions based on facts in front of our eyes. There are no negative assumptions or negative intents, whatsoever. So, let us all drop this, and stop pointing fingers at each other.

  74. dear Puteri UMNO KK,

    you obviously have more infor than most of us here, because we do not know what was going on. Since you are orang dalam Puteri Umno, story-story lah what was going on!!!!! Kita ni suka joya juga..

    Now i do hope that pihak atasan UMNO bring this issue into the open, as suggested by Puteri herself. Baru lah orang bilang wow UMNO baru lah betul-betul ambil berat hal kesusahan ini.

    Sekurang-kurangnya, Puteri UMNO ka atau sesiapa member UMNO beri lah Al-Fatihah di surat khabar, ini macam she never even exist!!!! Macam lah n? people know UMNO is not to be blamed of her and her alerged boyfriend did, but as kawan seperjuangan kasih lah bah Al-Fatihah... Kita ni kan orang Malaysia, saling sanjung menyajungi dan bila macam ni, marilah kita serahkan kepada hadrat ilahi.

    Ba bila ada tu Al-fatihah di surat khabar?

  75. Be careful what you say or it will come back and bite you in the @$$ or in other words, everything you say will be use against you.

    One should never accuse others for making assumption when it's in fact it's only an opinion with no negative assumptions or intents being thrown around their comments.

    Nobody is wrong or nobody is right on this matter anyway. Everyone has the right to voice out their opinions since all of us here have different opinions and views on this matter and we may agree or disagree with each other. So, why don't we stop accusing and flaming each other right now. It's just a waste of time and sweat to do so.

  76. ...ladies and gentlemen...the Wrath of God (Zeus, Holy Ghost, Artemis, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, Paraclete...or maybe the Moon Goddess Diana, etc...) is still brewing up there in Buhavan!

    It stops only when the 16th of September 1963 is recognised as National Day.......

    King Cup s/o Nche Matahari.

  77. Im so sorrow for all the angkat kaki musa fan club putting their comment here as if musa is god.A little bird just whispered,that musa's term as CM is about to expired as he has a fall out with najis.

    Musa is fully aware of this,and is desperately trying to negotiate terms with najis.Fan club members of musa,please ask him personally,everyone in umno knows this,how is it musa's fan club members are so ignorant.

  78. Anonymous(Aug 25,2009)
    First of all,I want to say I'm so freakingly sorry for you.You are accusing pointlessly,man.Show me if he's desperately negotiating with Najib.What Najib has to do with this?Proofs man..

    Aunty Angeline

  79. Hahahahahaha. *clutch stomach before calming down*. Don't get me wrong. I was laughing my head off reading comments from those who are dissing Musa, the pro Musa and neutral commentors and I am not laughing at this article. Why? Bcoz some of it are pathetic and lame especially those hiding behind anonymity. Ooh, did I hit the nerve? LoL!

    Angkat kaki Musa Aman fan club? Does the fan club really exists? All I can see that they are stating their opinions. They don't see Musa as a GOD, you git. They are stating what they think on this issue and the other comments and the unfairness of linking the other without any proofs. Don't like the comments? Then don't read it you dope. Nobody ask you too. And no, all the commentors are not getting paid including me and doesn't need it as some, my guess, have their own paycheck. They don't need CM's money. It's just their honest opinion.

    Think before you link someone to be involved. If there is proof, then go ahead. Reveal it. But if not, just keep quiet and do something else.

    Musa's fan club members ignorant? Ahahahahahaha...Man, that is so funny. You, my friend, are ignorant. Wanna bet? Accusing someone involve is ignorant is just the same as jumping to conclusion without investigating.

    Now, on his term as CM. So what if his term is going to expire? Let him do his work as CM la. How do you know he is desperately negotiate terms with Najib? Were you there when he is "desperately" negotiating?

    Mind you, it's like the comments becoming much more coffee shop politic and politik kampung, as they say. It's getting very old and it's kinda lame and pathetic, don't you think?

    Think logically and outside the bloody box. Stop calling others ignorant as if your comments is so great to be compliment.

    If they support Musa, so what? It's their right. What right of you to start saying nonsense about them? It's a free country and freedom of speech. Everybody has the right to say what they want.

    Hiding behind "Anonymous" name? HAH! It's a nit-witted why to hide behind anonymity. I'm not surprised those who are giving nasty comments on someone will be unmasked and charge in the court and Google to be sued again. My advice? Get out, get out where ever you are.

    I'm saying this not to personally attack anyone in here and no pun intended whatsoever. It's just giving you a piece of my mind that's all. Did I struck a nerve and don't like it? Then just don't read my comment. I don't need nit-witted comments reply from some of you out there who are reading this.

    No, I'm no pro-Musa, not his shoe polisher and didn't get pay anything either. I'd say, you lots got nothing to do anyway, right? Get a life will ya.

    To UMNO officials, open up an investigation. Be open minded in order to give the family a peace of mind. At least they know what happen coz things will get out of control with speculations. Unlike certain someone who is trying to give a warning even if they are part of the party.

    Sheesh, can't life just be peaceful without issues, scandals and war?

    -Curtains Falls (Means the End la, you think this is my name ka?)-

  80. Why is there no Al-Fatihah for Alimida in the newspaper?

    Why didn't Puteri UMNO KK put up an Al-Fatihah? Kamu nei nama saja rakan seperjuangan tapi Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarhama teda. Mcm mana nei? Orang akan fikir, "betul ka orang nei wujud? takkan teda ahli Puteri UMNO pun yang bagi penghormatan bagi arwah?".

    At least show la some respect to party member yang dah meninggal.

    Btw, takziah kepada keluarga Arwah Alimida. Bawa banyak bersabar dan kuatkan diri dalam masa kesusahan sebegini.

  81. Tragic death. She would be alive and this could be prevented if the boyfriend take responsibility.

    Anyway, let her rest in peace and enough bickering with each other.

    Takziah to her grieving family and ku sertakan Al-Fatihah for Arwah Alimida.

  82. Hi, too much talking and speculating !!
    Let the deceased rest in peace !!
    whatever happened can not be undone.
    Not the time to blame or pointing figures to anyone.
    Sure her family will know how to handle the situation.
    Hope the truth prevail !!!


    May God bless all of you

  83. Karma will definitely the boyf's @$$.

    Ok, enough talking and speculating. It's getting really out of hand.

    Let the family handle this and truth will certainly prevail.

  84. For the grieving family of Alimida, Hari Raya will never be the same again without her around. Hope they will be strong and move on. She will be remembered always.


  85. What a coffee talk politicking this is? As if you all know that the CM knew about the abortion fiasco!

    Things like this is IC thing is more important to Sabah! This is the thing which will destroy Sabah.
    How in the first place this person qualified to get an IC when locals who were born and grew up in Sabah are having difficulties in getting MYkads. This is the thing that you guys should focus, not some remeh temeh, abortion discussion!

    Man claims being detained despite holding 'valid IC'

    Published in DE on: Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    Kota Kinabalu: An Indian businessman who has voted thrice in elections and is in possession of what he claims to be a valid Identity Card has filed to the High Court for a Revision of his detention at the "Rumah Merah" meant for illegal immigrants in Menggatal.

    Mohd Kani Majid, 43, was arrested on April 20 this year at his 24-hour restaurant, "Kedai Kopi Jamiyah" in Inanam by Immigration authorities.

    He has not been charged by the National Registration Department (NRD) under Section 25 (1)(e) of the National Registration Regulations 1990 for the alleged offence, or by the Immigration Department that arrested him.

    Instead the latter has forced him to apply for an Indian passport.

    His lawyers, PJ Perira and Ram Singh decided to file the Revision, serving it on the Immigration Sabah Director, Immigration Department Deputy Public Prosecutor, Senior Federal Counsel, and the Home Affairs Ministry's Legal Advisor in Putrajaya after failing to solicit any response from the relevant authorities.

    On July 27, counsel wrote to the Home Affairs Ministry, sending a copy of it to the NRD Director General, Immigration Director General, MACC Chairman and Suhakam Chairman. There was no reply except from the latter on July 29 saying they would refer the matter to the NRD Sabah branch.

    On Aug 7, counsel wrote to the Prime Minister, with a copy to the NRD D-G, Immigration D-G, MACC Chairman and Attorney General. The A-G's Chambers responded on Aug. 12 saying they have forwarded the letter to the Home Affairs Legal Advisor.

    Counsel had also written to the Immigration Sabah Director on Aug. 6 and Aug. 12 with a copy to the Immigration D-G, NRD D-G and A-G's chambers requesting for documents in regard to their client's detention.

    There was no reply.

    According to Mohd Kani, he arrived in Malaysia (Sabah) from India in 1983 and worked as a restaurant helper in Papar. In 1993, together with some 100 other Indians and Pakistanis, he applied for a Malaysian IC through the district NRD office under the "IC Projek Pedalaman".

    He said he obtained the IC through NRD Papar sometime in 1993/94, and which was issued by NRD KK. He also surrendered his Indian passport to the authorities.

    Nevertheless, to satisfy himself that his IC was authentic, he wrote to the NRD for verification. He received a letter from NRD dated Nov. 4, 1994, informing him that the document was genuine. The letter bore the signature of then NRD Deputy Director Mohd Nasir Sungip.

    He subsequently applied for and was issued a Malaysian International Passport on June 20, 1995. The document which is still valid was also seized by the immigration authorities when he was arrested.

    He married an Indian citizen in 1997. She arrived on an Indian passport and has been staying in Malaysia on Visa under Section 11(10) of the Immigration Regulations 1963. They have three children, the eldest was born in India, now 11, and has a 'Dependant Pass'. The other two, now aged 10, and seven, were born in Sabah.

    Mohd Kani has been operating his restaurant since 1999 with a valid licence issued by City Hall. He is also a taxpayer and contributes to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). He registered as a voter in 1999 and has voted in three elections. His name is listed in the latest (2009) revised electoral roll.

  86. Dear Anon - August 26, 2009 4:38 AM

    Aisehman, gotta agree with you on this coffee talk politicking.

    Any proof CM now about this abortion fiasco? C'mon la. He's not stupid and you think he wants to get involve in this mess ka?..Lame assumption I would pressume.

    Instead of worrying about this, there are a lot of things for us to worry. I won't say it and I know you'll get my meaning.

    Enough said. I'm off for a drink. Anyone wants to join?

  87. CM? Involved? Lame assumptions.

    The boyfriend? Needs to grow up and be responsible. Berani buat, berani tanggug la wei. I sympatize the wife.

    The deceased? Let her rest in peace. No use in discussing about this issue.

    Overall? We should laid this case to rest. No point on playing around the issue.

    To the family, my condolence for your lost.

  88. Dear anonymous (August 24, 4:38am).

    I share your view in priortizing things that need immediate attention from sabahans, ie. the rampant of IC issues and NRD related.. Of course justice for death of innocent is utmost importance but not that of alleging CM involvent in this abortion case.

    Some of my personal bad experiences in dealing with NRD.

    1. Back in late 80's or early 90's, renew my IC at Bandau. Waited for > 5 years (normal waiting time then), finally being told to apply again as the original application missing! If remember correctly, my IC was collected back by NRD & given a temporary receipt.

    2. My grand mother (a sino-dusun) is still holding a RED IC. She born & grown up in bandau, culturally much more Dusun/Kadazan than chinese. Noticed there are many "sabahan" with strong foreign accent are holding blue IC !!

    3. During my wedding registration day at Putrajaya, i was told " you need to divorce first before get married"...bcoz according to the computer record, "you married to zubaidah yunus (cant remember exact) with a son" !!! Fortunately the officer did not believe that too as "my wife" is 50+ years old lady while i am 30+ ! After few hours of processing by relevant officers, my status back to SINGLE and continue my marriage, without filling up any form/documents !! Very fortunate that my real wife have full trust in me & believe that in NRD record is wrong.....

    4. recent trip to bali, come across an article by Jakarta Globe newspaper on 27 April 2009, with the title "Unequal Malaysia And Indonesia", claiming that Indonesia sending hundreds of thousand of its citizen to Malaysia in secret operations to help Malaysia in politically.
    (unable to paste the newspaper cut-out here)

    orang ulu ulu.

  89. Harap Ketua Puteri Umno Sabah yang juga Ketua Puteri Umno Kinabalu dapat memberi peringatan kepada ahli2 puteri agar jaga moral, jaga akhlak sbb setitik nila boleh merosakkan susu sebelangga...lebih2 lagi kalau ianya memegang jawatan dlm Puteri Umno Kinabalu(bendahari????)....

  90. I fully agree with orang ulu ulu about the Malaysian secret operations of sending Indonesians to vote in Sabah elections. the organiser is a former Immigration Officer and this project was carried out when with KL blessing and was actually done to topple PBS rule.
    The Indoneseians were given ICs and shipped through Sebatik Island and after voting they were given a choice whether to stay on or sent back to Indonesia.
    As for the Filipinos, they were already in Sabah and were given IC under the project IC. the project IC for the Filipinos was during Berjaya time.

    This are the things that Sabahans should be digging and all those corruption going on instead of politicking over some abortion story which everybody know that the victim is also to be blamed and not just blindly accusing the CM of being involved in the fiasco, To be fair!

  91. CM should not be blamed in this matter. He was not the one who impregnate the girl and ordered her to get an abortion. Blame the father if you really wanted to blame someone.

    I hope we could put this behind us soon, so that we could all move on. Let the deceased rest in peace.

  92. The Indonesians and Philippines were given I/C just to vote for them. While some of the people who are born her waited all their lives for their I/C. Their identity was even questioned. They were born here, yet treated like an outsider. While the outsiders were welcomed with open arms.

    The priorities of the authorities are the unanswered questions here.

  93. Let the case rest. There is no longer a purpose for pursuing this matter.

    My condolence for her family.

  94. Haiya, what's done is done la. No need to pursue this matter any longer. Let the deceased rest in peace.

    My sympathy and condolence to the grieving family.

  95. Dear Anon, August 26, 2009 4:34 AM

    The IC issues has been around for such a long time. When will the authorities take action? Only time will tell. The people in Sabah is expanding with 85% are so-called-Sabahan and 15% are original Sabahan.

    I sense insider's job. I hope this issues will be settled A.S.A.P.

  96. Time to stop discussing about this.

    The truth will prevail and stop pursuing this matter.

    Any blame should go to the boyfriend and not the CM. Don't make lame assumption and blind accusations.

    To the family, be strong.

  97. senang berkata... tetapi yg memikul bebannya lebih parah... x bolehkah kita hentikan semua tohmahan ini bagi memberi laluan kepada roh allahyarhamah yang telah kembali kerahmatullah.. lagi byk kita catitkan ayat didalam ruang ini lagi x tenang roh allahyarhan di sana... lagi baik kita sebagai org yg punya pegangan agama x kira muslim, kristian, buddha, hindu dll doakan kesejahteraan roh allahyarham di sana... semoga allahyarham diampunkan dosanya dan ditempatkan bersama org2 yg soleh... tolong la hentikan semua ini... klu nak keluarkan isu keluarkan lah isu yg x melibatkan maruah org... bila semakin kita mengatakan perkara ini didlam blog ini semakin seksa lah allahyarham di sana begitu juga keluarganya... hormatilah allahyarham dan keluarga beliau... sya tau sdra/sdri mmg seorang warga yg prihatin mengambil berat hal sdra kamu dibumi msia ini... tetapi pd masa yg sama biar kita serah saja kpd pihak yg berwajib menanganinya... kita hanya melihat secara fizikal tetpi sdra/sdri x merasa bagaimana perit yg ditanggung oleh keluarga & sahabat terdekat allahyarham... lagi baik sdra/sdri sedekahkan al fatihah buat allahyarham sempena bulan ramadhan al mubarak ini bg yg muslim... & bgi agama lain tlg doakan kesejahteraan allahyarham di sana... bt penulis blog ini sdra mmg seorang yg prihatin terhadap semua kesulitan rakyat sbh tpi sya pun harapkan keprihatinan anda untuk menghentikan cerita berkenaan allhyarham bgi menghormati maruah keluarga allahyarham sb semakin sdra tulis semakin berat lg tanggunggan keluarga allahyarham... & klu sdra seorang yg prihatin lagi baik sdra nasihatkan rakan2 blog yg lain utk sama2 menyumbang doa buat allahyarham supaya tenang disana... kerna anggaplah yg telah pergi ini sbg salah seorang sdra senegara kita...


  98. oh my GOD...I was so surprise to hear this...almida was a nice could she can be done this to far...i think that she was cheated...this cannot be true...she was to sweet... may God bless condolence to almida family...

  99. Yang berlalu biarlah berlalu...jadikan pengajaran kepada yang masih hidup terutamanya kaum hawa agar jgn mudah terpedaya dgn janji manis kaum lelaki yg hanya mementingkan hawa nafsu semata-mata....Tuhan itu adil tunggulah pembalasan dariNYA...kalau tidak di dunia pasti di akhirat!

  100. Let's just stop to discussing about this. Let allahyarhama rest in peace. What ever happens, let it be a lesson to be learn. If we keep on talking about this, she won't be resting in peace.

    Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmatnya. Al-Fatihah.

  101. Arwah dah tiada, apa guna kita bincangkan lagi perkara ini? Keluarga arwah yg menanggung berat dan bebanannya. Sempena bulan Ramadhan al-Mubarak, marila kita menyedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk arwah agar dia aman sejahtera.


  102. Saya mencadangkan agar yg empunya blog menutup terus isu seperti ini dan gantikan ianya dgn isu yg lebih membina kerana selagi ia masih ada di ruangan ini maka lebih byk komen yg akan diterima dan pastinya lebih byk yang akan terguris terutama sekali keluarga arwah..biarkanlah arwah bersemadi dgn tenang.Dan saya pun hairan apakah relevannya memaparkan gambar CM dalam hal seperti ini.Lastly..serahkan kepada yg berkenaan utk mengambil tindakan. No more comment!Salam Ramadhan...

  103. Lads and gents,

    Don't just merely bombarding the CM in this matter.How can you tell if he's dragged into this issue?Poor little lady,how pity is that.

    We didnt know the truth until someone stand up and clears the messes.So,stop pin-pointing on him.

  104. May her soul rest in peace. God bless.

  105. May God bless her and may her soul rest in peace.

  106. KK is small town. Almost everybody know each other. From what I read..the "GUY" who fathered the aborted baby, working with SUDC, father is a gynea...I think I know WHO this person is. Not to be busy body BUT...Recently I notice he had lost a lot of weight and seems to be having alot of things in his mind. Is it because of his wife just given birth to a Daughter, Not enought sleep because of this baby OR FEELING GUILTY because this story is TRUE. What ever it is, this is BULLIKOU advice to all the KK folks, Be a GOOD Citizen. Be Faithful to GOD. Stay away from Vises, Corruptions, Mudder, abuse of power and so on. Remember, we are only borrowing this Planet Earth from the unborn. Let us think first before making the wrong the coal power plant to be built in Lahad Datu, Sabah. I think this is insane.Why importing COAL for power, when Sabah has an abundance resources such as Gas, Feul, Solar, Thermo and many other renewable resources. I can clearly say here, Because of this Coal Power Plan, I stop trusting Barisan. I will never vote for BN anymore. One thing for sure will happen to all Sabahan is, you eletricity bill sure will sky rocking after this. We pay the same tax tariff with our counterpart in S.M'sia BUT our good's, Car's, Houses and many things are more expensive than the other side. I feel I've been cheated by the leaders I Voted. I given my trust to them, but all they do is fulfilling their GREED. I remember Mahatmah Ghandi once said:- THE WORLD IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYBODY, BUT IS NEVER ENOUGH FOR ONE'S GREED.

  107. CM has nothing to do with this case, so please STOP blaming him!

  108. Adalah terlalu tidak adil untuk kita mengaitkan CM dengan isu ini hanya kerana CM ada kaitan persaudaraan dengan lelaki yang dikatakan sebagai "boyfriend" si mangsa...
    Jadi fikirlah secara rasional dan bukannya mengikut emosi semata-mata.

  109. Yang da berlalu tu biarkan lah berlalu... Sebagai manusia kita hanya mampu berdoa agar roh si mangas bersemadi dengan aman :)

  110. We can't blame Musa for this at all!! I'm sure he has nothing to do with this case :)

  111. Let bygone be bygone :)
    I hope the truth will prevail soon and any blame should go to the boyfriend and not the CM.

  112. kalau boleh saya pohon pada yg telah mencipta blog ini,tlg la padam.....sakit2 hati yg membaca,sakit lg hati saya sebagai ahli keluarga dia yg rapat dgn allayrhammah dari kecik.......hormat la gk perasan kami sewkeluarga.....

  113. Personal matter and politics don't mix, so let the family settle it with the man responsible for the illicit affair/pregnancy/abortion so that justice can be done and a lesson taught to all concerned including those men single or married who are currently or intending to fool around with other women behind their girlfriend's/fiancee's/wives's back!!!!