Saturday, July 18, 2009


Malaysians today mourn the mysterious death of a young man.
Will his death bring Malaysians together or will his death be in vain?

Will Malaysians ever be safe again while being questioned by the Police or MACC? Can the law enforcement agencies guarantee the safety of any Malaysian while being questioned by them? These are the questions lingering in the minds of all of us.

The "grin" in Deputy Prime Minister,Tan Seri Muhyuddin Yassin's (pic below right) face during a press conference when asked about the "mysterious death" of Teoh Beng Hock (pic above left), was disgusting as it clearly showed his scornfulness against the death of an innocent fellow Malaysian who happens to be a political aide of an opposition leader.

This certainly does not do any help to calm but fuel the public outrage against Teoh's tragic and mysterious death which left too many questions unanswered by the highly-controversial Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) who interrogated Teoh for many hours prior to his death.

Preliminary findings in the pathologist report showed that Teoh's death was
of multiple injuries due to a high fall. One surely doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion. But this certainly still not good enough to rule out any foul play as what was indicated by Selangor Police Chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar earlier.

The public are now questioning whether Teoh really plunged to his death or has been dead even before that and his body later placed at the place where it was later found?

The opposition coalition of Pakatan Rakyat has come out strongly and holds the MACC fully accountable on the mysterious death of Teoh. Opposition Leader, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic left) even called for a Royal Commission to investigate the incident.

And even BN leaders like Tan Sri Koh Tsu Khoon (pic below right) (Gerakan) and Datuk Liow Tiong Loi (pic below left) (MCA) had voiced their unhappiness over the incident.

Strangely, there was this absolute silence of the UMNO/BN Sabah, not even a condolence message from Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup and Datuk VK Liew, or may be because Teoh happens to be from the opposition?

This is the second death among youths that has happened in our country this year alone, while they were in custody by our law enforcement agency. Many months ago, an Indian youth by the name of A. Kugan was allegedly to have been beaten up to death while in police custody. The public have yet to be informed who were responsible. No arrest has been made thus far, and the perpetrators are still walking free today.

The tragic and horrendous death of Teoh has again put the credibility of the ruling government and its law enforcement agencies in the docks of the court of public opinion.

While our Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak (pic right) conveyed his condolences to the
bereaved family of Teoh and also called on all quarters not to make statements or speculations which could confuse the public, this is just not good enough to calm the public outrage and to convince them of a thorough investigation into the matter looking at the many bad track records that the relevant authorities had in the past.

What Najib should do is to allow for an independent autopsy to be conducted on Teoh's body at the same time to set up a Royal Commission to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation on his death.

My heartfelt condolences to Teoh's families and his fiance.


  1. We should launch a nationwide boycott of MACC to force the Federal Government to dismantle it and replace with a new body appointed by the King and answerable only to Parliament.

    If people refuse to co-operate with the MACC, there's nothing that it can do. It can't be taking thousands of people to court and to jail.

    Now, MACC reports to the Prime Minister who can use the body against the Opposition. That's what is happening at the moment.

  2. My fellow Malaysians, what is going on is actually done on purpose by a group of Umno top people purposely to instigate the Chinese to fight back and result in racial riots which will then give the govt the excuse to suspend Parliament and declare an emergency so that the handful of them will stay in power. They know that their power base is crumbling fast now and that sooner or later the ruling party will be forced to call for fresh election and they know very well that they will lose because the people are losing confidence in them to rule the nation.
    The major split is among the Malays and what these leaders are doing is to make the Chinese angry and in doing so hoping that the Malays will unite for a common cause.
    Why are only the Chinese leaders being targetted in the probe and why was a witness being grilled to madness.
    The graft probe on Malay leaders are only those in the rival camps because in Umno iself there is also a split
    Now is the time for all right thinking Malaysians to unite irespective of their race or religious beliefs but for a common cause of a free and democratic Malaysia.
    As for Sabah and Sarawak the problem does not arise because these people of these two state are tolerant, but even that the KL leaders are trying to divide them and rule.

  3. The conspiracy theory of the 2nd Anonymous comment sounds grim yet cannot be ruled out completely.

    The Chinese community in the country must now remain absolutely calm so as not to again become the sacrificial lambs for the 2nd time, after the infamous May 13 incident.

    In the meantime, Pakatan Rakyat should play a crucial role to unite Malaysians of all races and religious background to fight against the unscrupulous BN conspirators.

    God save Malaysia!

    Thinking Malaysian

  4. The death of Saudara Teoh Beng Hock signals and signifies a new approach by the ruling mafia-elite to send a message as well as threaten the People of Malaysia.

    But only the extremely weak-hearted will succumb to such scumbag tackticks.

    Malaysians are now breaking down the wall as well as seeing through the fog of race-based issues created by the elitist-scumbags to divert attention from the fact: The resources of the nation are being syphoned off and Malaysia ultimately will end up as a Latin Republic.

    What we have seen all these years and especially in the last few months is (the re-emergence of) Mahathirism :
    1. The Law is what the government says
    2. Enforcement is the privilege of the executive
    3. All enforcement agencies become the tool of the Prime Minister
    4. The Prime Minister & government are never wrong (demi-gods)
    4. To hell with others' opinions

    But fear not fellow citizens. The writing is on the wall for the ruling elite.

    The Malays are not split - its just that more and more of them are getting out of the racial coconut shell; more and more of them are thinking as Malaysians, not just Malays.

    You can hide the Truth but ...
    ultimately Truth shall emerge;
    You can kill people who carry Truth but...
    You can never kill Truth.

    My heart weeps for Saudara Teoh.
    Let not his death be in vain, lets stand united against state-terrorism.

  5. OMG! How sad to see an innocent fellow Malaysian died. My condolences to his families and fiance.

  6. MACC should be haul up by an independent body chaired by the public and interrogated so that we the people will leave no stone unturned.

    A young man has died and his unborn child will grow up not knowing who his father was.

    Yes,I agree with Ronnie,strangely why is Pairin,Dompok,Kurup and VK Liew being Presidents of a component coalition party of Barisan Nasional don't have the human compassion to publicly convey their condolences to the bereaved family of the late Teoh Beng Hock?Even animals will acknowledge the lost of their own kind.

    My condolences to the family of Teoh.

    Uncle Lim.

  7. (NST) KUALA LUMPUR: Teoh Beng Hock is "worth more to us alive than dead", according to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as he was a key witness in an ongoing case.

    A senior MACC official said this was because the 30-year-old political aide to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah had not been detained or arrested as he was a crucial witness in the probe which had just opened.

    "He was considered a crucial witness and was assisting the MACC in sorting out files and documents which had been taken from his office."

    He said it was absurd to allege a conspiracy behind Teoh's death.

    "First and foremost. Teoh was a witness, not a suspect."

    This moron MACC spokesman must be thinking and believes that Malaysians are nincompoops.

    Is he saying that it's alright for a suspect to die?Even a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.A human being has died,not a chicken that you slaughtered for your ayam masak merah lunch.

    My heartfelt condolence to Teoh's family.

    Jeremy Tan.

  8. Dont blame the Police ,MACC ..we should take the blame as we the people are being so ignorant.We trust and believe in the Legal System where the courts of laws would uphold justice for all ..Dont tell me that all the Judges are blinded by fear and do not have a decent heart like Justice Pao to preserve the morals and dignity of human life.
    Slogans and empty promises are advertisements to elude focus on issues ..even the influenced media are so politically controlled that maybe we are waiting for God to remove his blessings and impose a wake up repentance call ..which may lead to a destruction of this govt .
    My fellow Malaysian Malays, Chineses,Indians,
    Sikhs , Eurasians bros and sisters its time that we open our eyes and make a change as we are the people power . An appeal to all my fellow Malaysians who are in govt service the name of humanity u should all resign if u have a heart to serve the people interests and stand together for justice and change.
    I know our sympathies and heartfelt condolences cannot make up for this great loss of a good son but im sure all Malaysians mourn for ur family.

  9. My beloved country Malaysia is cunningly being oppressed by politicians with no direction.

    The country is ruled by uncertainties which will get worse.We desperately need a savior and soon.

    Fazilah Kamarudin
    1st Year Law Student
    University of Bristol

  10. Anything is possible in this new administration..."where bodies are snatched", "people go missing", "files go missing" and "lives are taken"...and all these happen and conveniently forgotten over a short period of time. People just get away with all these crimes because of the strong connections and money. It was said that our administration consist of many component parties which sit, deliberate and come up with collective decision. yes it is made up of 14 to 15 such such political parties that serves each other's interest. However there may one or two more which have joined in the fold - they aren't political parties but they add to the one big existing mess in the .... These two are the Police & the MACC. With the MACC in, now it can be renamed as MESS


  11. This sad and beyond belief incidence is an eye opener to all Malaysians. The last person or persons who have seen or spoken to the deceased have a lot of solid and convincing statement to the POlice. The questionable death of this young man surely poses a lot of misconception in the manner of rule and order,which in many instances, have violated our rights and freedom. Enough is enough of this blantant misused and abused of powers. What options do we right thinking people have. Just sit and pass it over. I say Change we must. The time has come and change it will come the next general Election.Wake up citizens of Malaysia.

  12. Only God knows why...
    My condolences toTeoh's family...


  13. The Sabah Christians politicians are all being held at ransom that they dare not voice out their opinions fearing that the skeletons in the closet are going to be dug out.
    Pairin is not clean, he has a lot of dirt during the PBS rule but the file is just being put on KIV, Dompok is not clean when he was the CM unedr the rotation, that goes for the others too. That is why they are just playing safe and sitting on the fence.
    The present KL ruling group have learned the tricks from the former PM TDM on how to handle dissent.
    Just like the saying goes" It takes a thief to catch a thief" and " There is honor among thieves"
    Don't bank your hopes on the Sabah Christian leaders, but work out for a united Malaysia of all race and religions. All right thinking Malaysians must work together for a common good.

  14. Desparate people do desparate things. This is what is happening in Malaysia today.
    The ruling leaders are desparate over what is going on and the diminishing confidence of the people in the govt.
    Now they going all out using all the govt agencies to try and extinguish dissent. It is also unfortunate for Malaysians that the world is in so much turmoil and the so called "big brother USA and the defender of righteousness and democracy is also in deep trouble due to the previous ruthless administration". So oppressed people especially Malaysians now have nowhere to turn to for help. There is no democracy in the world today. The word democracy and freedom do not exist anymore in this world. What is dominating today are greed and power.
    Oppressed Malaysians must unite and fight for their own freedom and justice.

  15. yes,they asked us to calm down,i think we will surely calm down very soon,infact,MCA and Gerakan have already calm down,i was wondering,if the guy died was a malay,and the premises was at wiama DAP,who can calm UMNO down???

    anybody here can answer me?

  16. Very sad indeed... A life was stolen from him, a chance of happiness for his fiance, a father for his unborn child, a son of his parents, a brother of his siblings...

  17. MACC should investigate Taib Mahmud, Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy, Samy Velu, Khir Toyo and other BIG fish. But make sure that civilized techniques are used and they do not fall to their death during the investigations.

  18. The Ah Longs too say the same thing after killing the debtor - "he is worth more to us alive than dead".

    So MACC, go fly kite.

  19. He left behind a fiance and a 2-month old unborn child... She didn't even get to sign the papers with him, the child would be born without a father, in name, in law and in life.

  20. Justice for Teoh!!!

  21. Just vote BN out... once and for all.

  22. The polls is still along way to go, what are you guys talking about voting the BN out. Take action now, to get rid of the tyrany and injustice. "Storm the Bastille" before it is too late.
    The tyrants will nip the dissent one by one with all the govt agencies at their disposal. The PDRM,the MACC (Malaysia All Crooks Commission.

  23. UMNO/BN is using civil servents to create terror on the opposition parties,especially by MACC,PDRM,JUDICIARY,etc.They arealso using varous NGOs to do the same thing,including racial tensions.In fact these NGOs they bahave like licensed gangster of the authority ie UMNO/BN.

  24. Jamlus06@gmail.comJuly 19, 2009 at 7:19 PM


    Those associated with the murdered of Teoh should be held responsible and until full investigation is completed they should be suspended from holding office. Included in this list to be suspended is Ahmad Said himself.

    Since the commission was established there had been endless controversial issued that had surfaced, and in most cases it always involved the opposition, as if the BN/UMNO never made mistakes.

    The Rakyat are fed up with statements made by MACC and BN/UMNO leaders. I pray that the BN will be totally voted out of office in the next General Election.

  25. my heartfelt condolence to teoh family...fiance & the child. God blessed..

  26. Condolence for his family.

  27. May he not die in vain.

  28. RIP Teoh Beng Hock.

  29. Whoever that did it... May he be plagued with guilt. Teoh Beng Hock would not die in vain.

  30. A quick check in the Sabah mainstream newspaper today has no condolence message from Dompok,Pairin,Kurup or VK Liew to the bereaved family of Teoh.These bloody politicians are worst then animals.

    Musa Aman on the other hand has call all BN component parties to continue supporting BN to ensure a victory for them in the next general elections in order for more developments.He seem to be more concern about winning and staying in power.

    Read the writings on the wall Musa Aman,it shows you're worried.The people have decided,may the spirit of Teoh haunt his murderers.

    My condolences to the family of Teoh Beng Hock.

    Lawan Tetap Lawan.

  31. Lawan tetap lawan,

    Memang benar komen kamu.Orang PBS,UPKO,PBRS dan LDP memang tidak berperikemanusiaan,hanya fikir kepintangan diri sendiri dan menipu rakyat.UMNO Sabah pula ikut cakap boss mereka,tiada tulang belakang sendiri.

    Terima kasih saudara ronnie kalau bukan blog kamu rakyat Sabah tiada ruang untuk meluangkan apa yang terbendam dalam nadi kami sekian lama.Saya harap saudara ronnie dapat memainkan peranan supaya dapat membantu membangkit maruah rakyat Sabah supaya pada pilihanraya yang akan datang,kita buang saja UMNO/BN yang bau najis ini.

    Saya sudah bangun,macamana kamu kawan,masih tidurkah?

    Orang Petagas.

  32. (Bernama) - The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has called on all quarters to stop pointing fingers at the agency for the death of political aide, Teoh Beng Hock, as investigations were still on-going.

    MACC chief commisioner, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan, said since the incident was reported, many quarters had issued various statements and made comments to the point of raising speculations and affecting investigations being done.

    "Let the police investigate and solve the case. Don't muddy the situation," he said when contacted by Bernama here Monday.

    Teoh, 30, was found in the corridor of the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam, that also houses the Selangor MACC office on the 14th floor at 1.30pm last Thursday.

    Teoh, a political aide to Selangor executive councillor, Ean Yong Hian Wah, was a witness in MACC investigations relating to the alleged misappropriation of state allocations.

    "I too personally want to know what actually happened," he said

    This clown has now shown signs of guilt as he is now in an untenable position not knowing what to say.The Police have now found Teoh's hand phone,why was MACC keeping his phone if they actually released him earlier?My advice to the Police,bring MACC down and leave no stone unturned,crucify them or forever be cursed.Stop this you scratch my back I scratch yours bullshit

    Maybe,you could regain some dignity.

    Retired Police Officer,
    Bukit Aman.

  33. 1.On behalf of the family of the late Teoh Beng Hock I put a curse on the ancestors dead n alive and the descendants born and unborn of the Bastrd Chief of MACC Ahmad Said Hamdan and all his officers esp those who took Teoh to the MACC office and those who question him.
    2. The same curse is also cast on the Bastard IGP Musa Hassan and hos officers of PDRM for the death of KUGAN. The curse is esp for the officers on that day in USJ police station.
    3. Pls note that your brother Kong Hong Sun has already suffered the curse in the unusua death of his son.
    4. The curse is also placed on Bastrd and Pariah Editors f Utusan aND bERITA hARIABN FOR WRITING their bastard n pariah editorials.
    Come fellow Malkaysians help me to send this curse to all blogs esp in Malaysia so that thes curses can become stronger n more effective.
    FOR TBH and Kugan.
    The Ag Gani Patail will also be cursed if he did not ptosecute the murderers of KUGAN.

  34. Najib is calling for no speculation because he scared his dept. anyhow make statements to "defend" MACC.

    Doing so with stupid statements which will cause more angriness within the community. So he will go down faster.

    The country's administration is very flawed. We need fresh election. Let's have a fresh government now! Let the people choose.

  35. Tragic is too mild a word for Teoh's death. Just a reminder to fellow malaysians or the majority of them - who voted BN and UMNO into power again and again? Of late, at least 3 deaths unexplained - Altantuya, Kugan, now Teoh. How many more to come? To leaders of Sabah BN component parties, the worst crime that you contributed and committed was to turn Sabah from the richest state to become the poorest in malaysia, not to forget the floods of PTI induced by your UMNO political masters into the State to help you and BN to win elections and gain political power. Leaders of UMNO Sabah(Ex-USNO leaders), PBS, UPKO,PBRS, LDP (now without SAPP) should be ashamed of yourself and stop pretending that you are championing for the rights and welfare of your own kinds. Whenever you kiss the hand of Najib and other UMNO leaders, just remember to caution yourself the hands that destroyed Sabah.

  36. Can you believe it that the police came out with a statement in the Star that they are probing possible underworld connection over the death of Teoh? What a big joke!ha ha ha!
    The statement also said that from the CCTV seized from the MACC office showed only Teoh entering the building and did not show him going out and that he died some five hours before his body was found.
    I am ashamed to be a Malaysian!!!
    A Malaysian extremist has been high on the wanted list in connection with the Jakarta bombing, what a shame!!Now here back home all these sinister murders are going on. What is happening to Malaysia? Too much greed!! Soon Malaysia will be in the list of the most dangerous country in the world.

  37. Bernama -- People, especially the opposition, should stop speculating on the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock or make it a racial issue.

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said the opposition, especially the DAP’s parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang, should let police investigate before making any conclusion.

    “Do not divert the issue to something else, I’m the Minister of Law, I know what I said and don’t try to put words into my mouth, I think he’s the one who should shut up and not make a racial issue out of this. Allow the police to investigate,” Nazri told reporters after his speech at the ‘Forum on Integrity and Compliance: The Malaysian Agenda’ organised by Siemens here today.

    Mohamed Nazri said the MACC could not be directed to stop its investigations.

    Asked if MACC officers involved should be suspended or not, he said the question did not arise as the case was still under police investigation.

    On the actions of people questioning MACC investigation methods, he said they had been used for years. He said the same process was also used on Barisan Nasional exco when they are investigated.

    Mohamed Nazri also said the absence of lawyers during questioning was not a big problem.

    He said he believed MACC officers were professional and saw the matter with “colour blind eyes” and would investigate without taking into account race.
    Where did this moron come from?Has he ask himself who brought up this racial matter in the first place?This is beyond race Nazri,Malaysians are bonded together irrespective of race or religion,why are you so backward?You don't even appear intelligent,let alone speak without thinking.

    I'm confident Malaysians will also stand up and voice their frustrations and demands if the deceased was a Malay.So my advice is STOP advocating these uncalled for racial statements,such naivety..How Pathetic.

    You may be perceiving that your call is to defend the Government against the Opposition,but allow me to inform you that the rest of us tolerant Malaysians do not share and agree with your remarks.

    Please get your act together,we Malaysians demand to know the outcome of the investigations soonest possible as to the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

  38. Saudara Ronnie,I'm speechless.As a Muslim I'm proud that we have someone from Sabah who dares to speak up.There is no such thing as Malay,Chinese.Indian,Kadazan,Iban,there is only MALAYSIANS.Your post and comment is inspiring.

    If we can understand that,Malaysia will be a safe and beautiful place to live.

    Hj.Lokman Junaidi

  39. Well at least it is good to see that someone is saying that we in Malaysia should term ourselves as Malaysians. That however is far from the real picture when the govt is trying its best to segregate us and label us in almost all the policies especially the job applications to the extend even to ask for religious beliefs.
    With the BIRO TATANEGARA curriculum of indoctrination of racism, how can we Malaysians term ourselves as Malaysians.(Many of course do not really know what the BTN course is all about because only the govt civil servants were directed to attend them where the govt cordons ketuanan Melayu, but the govt is making fool of itself, the non Malay civil servants who attended the course will just toe the line if they attended it for the sake of getting Govt scholarships)
    Almost all the time the moron leaders especially from UMNO, open their mouth they blurted out racial sentiments. Indonesia despite the corruption in the country, Indonesians proudly called themselves Indonesians even though they are Chinese, Javanese, Bataks, etc..seldom you hear them calling themselves Indonesian Chinese, usually it is only foreign media in writing article mentioned Indonesian Chinese.
    The National Service is a total failure in cultivating nationalism among the Malaysian youths because the Govt policy itself is discriminating. How can the govt expect loyalty when the policy discriminates.

  40. The people ourselves are doing fine with one another, its the government that was batu-api-ing with the racial issues.

  41. Please watch on You-tube: MACC Downfall Parody. Good one.

  42. Now now watch what the PDRM said, 40 more people to be questioned over the death of Teoh. Is this a joke? Investigate the MACC I.O. first thoroughly, then go for the others. So the saying goesis true" There is honor among thieves".
    Telling the whole world that the police is going to investigate 40 people over the death is just trying to divert the attention and confusing the public.
    I think let's call Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson! to do the job. hah hah what a joke PDRM.
    Is the police trying to protect the MACC? The officers in the MACC comprise mostly of police officers anyway.

  43. Dear all, welcome to the Boleh Land of "1Bloody Malaysia".

    If BN still remains in power, i'm afraid not even God can save Malaysia. Malaysia's and the fate of our children is in our BN the door out a.s.a.p.


  44. I am wondering whether he was done in by his own party members. Why should the MACC throw him out through the window? What have they got to gain? His death only throws a spanner in their investigations. Besides, the deceased was not a suspect in the case, only a possible witness. That said, the MACC should not have interrogated him non-stop from 6pm on a Tues evening to 3.45 am on a Thursday morning. This makes them look bad and they will be fingered as being the cause of his death.

    Apparently, after the marathon interrogation, he requested permission to rest on the sofa at MACC.

    At 6 pm he left to go to the washroom. Someone, a party member, saw him there. At 1.30 pm the same day he was found sprawled at the 5th floor.

    I don't think that a person who is going to marry the next day would commit suicide. But probably the verdict will either be that the MACC drove him to his death or that he was killed by a person or persons unknown.

  45. MACC is trying to force him to make a false statement implicating his party members especially his YB. The video MACC parody is exactly what was going on.
    Now the police is trying to save their own kind by saying that they will be going after some 40 more people. This is a big joke.
    The MACC Investigation Officer should be grilled in the first place not some Tom, Dick and Harry. I am disgusted when I read the report.
    This is one of the worst era in Malaysian politics.
    The govt is trying to persecute opposition party members, simple as that.
    What democracy is Malaysian leaders boasting about? What 1Malaysia is the PM talking about when opposition members are being persecuted to the extend of innocent people being mysteriously murdered gestapo style.
    Is this moderate Islamic justice that Malaysian leaders are boasting about?
    If BN is so confident of the people's support, dissolve the Parliament and call for another General Election to prove its popularity, instead of making use of all the Govt agencies to stiffle dissent.
    With what is going BN is getting more and more unpopular.

  46. Scotland Yard, Bow-street runner, Sherlock Holmes... Anyone!!!

  47. Dr Watson will do or call Bala the PI who can be invisible.
    I tell you what call Mr.Bean to help out.
    As for Sabah and Sabahans they are just like buffaloes led by the noses by KL leaders. Fits the term because Sabah is the land of water buffaloes.

  48. Where is everybody now, must be very very disgusted nothing to say?
    The govt now is going to have Royal Commission and an Inquest to look into this sinister death of Beng Hock. How abou it fellas? Two inquests man! True or not uh?
    BUT everybody know what the outcome going to be!Either somebody is going to be a scapegoat or the conclusion is suicide.
    1Malaysia boleh.
    Where is Uncle Lim, no more comment ah? Or sudah kena tangkap?

  49. Mac Taylor, Horatio Caine... Call the CSI!!!

  50. If the MACC question those VIP like Khinjir Toyol and some others prominent big sharks, they will give them special treatment like allowing them to bring lawyers, and even treated like you are inviting your friends to your house, some sort or treatment i.e., Datuk come in and have a seat, what drinks do you like to have? Ok!Datuk, i am just doing my duties only and this interview (not interrogation,interrogation term will only apply to civilian suspect)is to show to the Raakyat and the opposition that even BN politician also we interrogate without fear and favour.That is why i said interview because definetly those BN politician got special treatment. Allowed to take breaks and go out for meals instead of eating the packed low quality food (if ur lucky enought).Always they dont even ask u whether you need water to drinks.After few months they will classified as NFA, actually they do nothing after the interview. The interview is just a make up a show to shown to the peoples that they are doing their job. Khinjir Toyol Balinese palace worth more then Rm3M, even Tun Dr, Mahathir said so, what have they done?? This TBH case is only involving mere few thousand only and interrogate him like criminals and not the witness.

  51. To the families of TBH may he RIP.God bless & save his soul

  52. Change the federal goverment will solve all problem....we will do it in the GE 13.

  53. i also experience even we maka a simple accident report at police station the police is unpolite to us also.i hope our gov change with also the attitude of the govement servant.hopeless malaysia....

  54. looks like we are on a path to a third world country. This is worst than during a war a prisoner is treated as a POW. Where is the dignity of being a malaysian and malaysia boleh. Please do something worth while and protect the weak This is very shameful, i wonder how we come to this level.

  55. Calling all BN component parties:

    It is time for you to leave BN! If you don't, can you give us a good reason why you should still stay and get yourself blended together with the UGLY, MAFIA LIKE, Administration of the country?

    Don't be fools any longer, there is no collective decision in BN, even normal citizen like us, who are always not in the cabinet know very well, there isn't any collective decision. The only collective decision you get is when tragedy like brother Teoh's happen, all of you should keep your mouth SHUT!

    My deepest condolence to brother Teoh and his family!

  56. Dear Sir,
    Please don't be BIAS.
    "The "grin" in Deputy Prime Minister,Tan Seri Muhyuddin Yassin is disgusting."
    Were you at the PC? Did you take the Picture? If so, at which moment? I am very sure when not talking about the subject of TBH (RIP).
    To me, ANWAR IS WORSE.
    Please be a responsible blogger!

  57. well it is not about who is the PM or who is being the government. it is more important that we open our eyes and let the rulers of this country know that we are no longer fools. we understand our rights and we want to be treated with rights. regardless if it is anwar or najib, anyone that should rule should know that we appointed them to represent us, not to rule and take command and treat us like nobody. everything must change in this country if this problem is to resolve. right from scratch, things must change...

  58. Let us make MALAYSIA a country that we all can be proud of regardless of our race and religion by having our leaders and officers- in-charge of any affairs in our country playing a responsible and professional role in their respective duty while the people at large also play their respective role in helping to built up our country to a more advanced stage. Any wrong doers must be dealt with according to our laws with no double standard. Only in this way, our country will prosper and the world will respect us as one family nation.

  59. With a common desire for achieving Mutual sincere unity, mutual sincere co-peration, mutual sincere respect and mutual sharing and learning of the different value of the various ethnic groups coupled with a mutual sincere desire for a more prosperous nation of our one family MALAYSIA, let us show to the world that we are unitedly determined to do our utmost to achieve our common goal. Every human being are equal in term of meeting challengers in life, many of which are certaibnly not easy to tackle. Let us share our common experience and aspiration in a just and sincere manner and let us put in the real effort without which any hope will only be in vain.

  60. the MACC is a pawn and very unethical .Really wonder why must they report to the PM instead of Paliament? How can we improve and very soon we are becoming like Burma

  61. JAKARTA: Officials say a strong underwater earthquake has struck western Indonesia.

    Four people were injured as they fled in Padang and a house was damaged, said Ade Edward, a local government official.

    The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit at 2.38 pm (0738 GMT) Sunday and had a preliminary magnitude of 7.0.

    Malaysian Govt leaders should repent and stop all the nonsense or risk punishment from God. This is a warning!

  62. Tis case is too plain to be understood. Any effort by the authority to have the matter willfully covered up through unscrupulous, unethical and crooked ways will only reflect the type of mentality and they type of human value they possess. If our hope is to build a modern and civilized society, then we should expect more civilized methods of doing things with righteousness as the principle guidance and not the unscrupulous way of doing things with arrogance thinking as the principle guidance. On the other hand, if the real culprit is a religious believer and does not betray his own conscience, then he shouldn't be a coward but instead shows his boldness by coming out and admitting everything and then lets the laws take its cause and will not let the Government and the country bear the outrageous outcome of a total mistrust by the people on his behalf.

  63. We all know healthy workers will increase productivity. Similarly healthy heart and mind among all citizens of our country will increase national unity and harmony which are the most important factors for ensuring a continuous growth of our multi racial nation in this for-ever challenging world. We expect people to value the true virtue of human behavior and understanding particularly for people high in the rank, without which they can be classified as being premature and primitive in their thinking and feeling and therefore deemed to be disqualified for their posts.

  64. If normal human feeling and normal law procedfure is to prevail in our contry, then using violent means to solve matter either intentionally or accidentally by whichever party concerned, either the enforcing officers or the general public should be considered a criminal offence and should be dealt with according to the standard law of our country. Otherwise, if there is a double standard in our law enforcement system whereby the enforcing division can use their discretion to discriminately penalize the innocent party or as in this case, have the matter covered up by unscrupulous means without giving any convincing reasons whatsoever and without taking the necessary steps to investigate the relevant culprits concerned and most importantly without clearing all the doubts that have been brought to light so far, except to say that they have exercised a fair judgment on the matter, any normal human being using their normal common sense will be able to judge the true picture of the matter. no matter what the court president say and do. If the final outcome of the finding by the probing court is that no one is responsible for Teoh's death and that he died on his own free will by jumping down for good, then the whole judiciary system of our contry will be at stake.

  65. We urge our leaders to use their wisdom and to use every resources available to explore the wide spectrum of areas that could possibly change the entire fate of our nation towards a better and brighter future with sincere and concerted effort to build a safe, secured, fair and just society for every Malaysian to live in peace and harmony with one another as the strong foundation. We all know that to achieve something great is certainly not an easy task particularly for a multi racial nation like ours. It requires a lot of sincere efforts, negotiations, committments and co-ordination by the various parties concerned so as to generate a kind of mutual trust and confidence aimed at achieving our common goal which we believe is our common desire. With that in mind, we certainly have to refrain from clinging to the sense of harrow mindedness and arrogance thinking by not allowing ourselves to create any unjust event which could affect our overall co-operation. To hold the concept of using force in an unwise and unlawful manner and in areas which normally do not neccessitate the use of force is certainly an indication of arrogance thinking. This is certainly too simple a measure to employ as arrogance thinking is one of the intrinsic inferior values of human beings as opposed to constructive thinking which is a good attribute in human values. Human beings are faced with a lot of challenges but at the same time we are also equiped with a lot of human weaknesses. To tackle these challengers and to overcome these weaknesses, we cannot use the simple-way-out methods otherwise even if we achieve what we want, we are only deceiving ourselves as that kind of achievement cannot withstand the force of reality in life as the creator of human beings do not impose too simple a solution for any problems faced by human beings.

  66. The world is changing and the trend of change is not waiting for us. Let's be fully aware of that and so let us now create an environment that can foster concerted efforts to be made by all quarters eoncerned so as to portray to the world our new Malaysian standard in all fields including our judiciary and law enforcement systems so that we Malaysian are longer feeling ashamed of our backwardness, awfulness and rediculousness in these areas but have new reasons to be proud of.

  67. My heartfelt condolences to Teoh's families and his fiance.

  68. Saya harap perkara ini dapat disiasat dengan teli demi kebaikan semua pihak...
    Apapun buat rakyat seboleh-bolehnya menyerahkan perkara ini kepada pihak yang bertanggungjawab tanpa sebarang prasangka :)

    Taksziah kepada keluaga Teo :(

  69. Kes ni belum selesai ka???
    Kalau dipanjangkan, risau pula menambah kesedihan keluarga si mangsa...
    Harap2 la selesai cepat kio :)

  70. Hopefully the truth will come out very soon :)
    For now let the authorities do their job :)

  71. For now we can only hope and pray - change for the better :)

  72. Kita tak tahu situasi sebenar peristiwa ni... Jangan disebabkan sakit hati dengan UMNO semua kesalahan ditunding ke arah mereka...
    Hal ni da berlaku dan kini kita hanya boleh berharap kebenaran akan terungkai :)

  73. It's never hopeless no matter how hopeless... God please help us :)

  74. Betul tu Farah:)
    Saya agak tertarik untuk mengikuti perkembangan kes ni...
    Namun saya tetap percaya dengan adanya undang2 yang telus semua perkara pasti dapat diselesaikan dengan sempurna.
    Marilah kita semua berdoa agar kebenaran akan ditegakkan :)

  75. Justice for all!!!

  76. Have faith that everything will be OKAY :P
    Let's hope and pray for the justice :)

  77. Unlike nationalism which expresses the feeling of love and pride for our nation which every citizen of the country helps to build by playing our respective constructive role without the motive to harm any other country. With concerted efforts and sincere co-operation, we only need to do our very best and that will automatically put our country within the top 3 in the region in term of economic progress and social development. Racialism and communalism emphasize a strong sense of belonging to a particular religion or community which can lead to extreme behavior or violence or hatred towards others for no mistakes of others and for reasons which they themselves cannot totally accept if it is a reversed case. This kind of feeling, to the understanding of any person with normal human sense, is definitely one that is not helpful and contributing to racial harmony and national unity without which our country can never progress. It will only make our country more regressive.
    If any one cannot contribute constructive ideas to help build a more progressive Malaysia, we hope they will refrain from contributing destructive elements which can only bring condemnation from all quarters because we believe majority of Malaysians of all races still possess a healthy and righteous mind.

  78. Diharapkan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja boleh menegak keadilan bagi keluarga TBH.

  79. A sound and effective Administration System in a country is not measured by just having a set-up of judiciary system but one having high esteemed, learned, experienced and unbiased-attitude judges who can always maintain a sense of responsibility and righteousness to safeguard the virtue of fairness is really what is important because that is the essence of the system as only then, we can gain the trust and confidence of our people, not otherwise and only then we can have the hope to realize our Malaysian government’s new objective to achieve zero crime in our society. I believe all Malaysians will look towards that with fine expectation but also coupled with anxiety and curiosity as whether or not we can really do it.

  80. Kematian berlaku di bagunan MACC sekali lagi.