Friday, July 10, 2009


Former Selangor Menteri Besar,Khir Toyo may have some stiff competition in his bungalow fiasco as his comrades in Sabah are making headway and are not to far off.
This somehow reminds me of some of our Sabah politicians' palaces in Sabah. Perhaps we should strongly recommend Sabah Tourism to list them as part of our tourist attraction.

One such politician is the Deputy Chief Minister(DCM) of Sabah,Datuk Yahya Hussein (pic left).An Assistant Superintendent of Police prior to his early exit from the Royal Malaysian Police Force(PDRM),his last posting was the Officer Commanding Police District(OCPD)of Tuaran,before calling it a day to be active in politics.

This Putatan YB,has now not only join the ranks of the likes of Khir Toyo,but has raised eyebrows among the people as to the massive size of his bungalow,while only being the DCM.While it maybe his prerogative as to how he uses his "earned money",he should also now explain where and how he managed to own such a humongous piece of property fully equip with all the luxuries of life.The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission(MACC) should immediately commence investigation on Yahya Hussein as to how he obtain the funds,and Yahya must come clean with the outcome of the investigation made public.

Situated in a beautiful sea frontage setting,Yahya Hussein's bungalow (pic above) with all it's finishing is reliably learnt to be estimated at RM 20 million?From the size of the bungalow,it would be hard to even imagine that Yahya Hussein's property would cost lower then Khir Toyo's Balinese-mansion of RM3.5 million.Also in the list of the rich and famous of the Putatan warlords is YB Ramlee Marahaban(Assemblyman for N.54 Bugaya),who is coincidentally Yahya's neigbour(note the massive size of his house,pic below)

As the State Agriculture and Food Industries Minister as well,one wonders,what economic changes has Yahya implemented that will see Sabahans free from the crutches of poverty?In a recent poll conducted in my blog,"Who would be more qualified to replace Musa Aman as the next Chief Minister of Sabah"?,it was not shocking that Yahya Hussein did not even receive a single vote.If the results is any indication of his incompetency as the DCM, Yahya Hussein may see his next 3 years as his final lap in politics before the people shows him a painful exit at the 13th General Elections.


  1. "earned money"I sure our beloved Ronnie was being kind but sarcastically critical.Yahya has robbed the people come next election he is a gone case.

  2. I have driven by this good for nothing scumbag's house.A friend of mine was one of the contractors.You would think that it was meant for our TYT.

  3. Ronnie, your writing may not be as good as some of the best bloggers in the country, but your courage in highlighting what the mainstream media and even the handful of so-called bloggers that we have in Sabah dare not commenting about is certainly unmatched and deserves to be saluted.

    Yahya is very lucky that he is in Sabah and not in Peninsular Malaysia, other wise his bunglow and lavish lifestyle that is clearly beyond his means and incomes would have been made the headlines long before the Javanese Toyol.

    I once heard that prior to the 2004 general election, Yahya's super bunglow attracted the attention of the ACA (now MACC)and he almost didn't get to be a candidate. But after all the big hoo-haa, not only that verything was fine with him he was later even made the DCM till today.

    Therefore, I just doubt it very much that either Yahya or the MACC could be bothered by this latest posting.

    OKK Putatan

  4. I thought stuffs about Yahya and his so-called-millionaire-style-house has stop..Looks like it's emerging again..Hurm...When I passed by that house, I didn't know that it was belong to Yahya..Now I know already..Ooooh!

  5. Give us all a big house like yours, and we'll all vote for you... If you plan to spread some largesse around with our tax money, that is the only way to do it. A penance for your sins...

  6. Latest reality TV in Malaysia:

    "Who has the most expensive house"

    Participants fighting against one another to build the biggest most expensive house, by using the least (clean) money. Remember to tune in everyday to check out the latest development.

  7. Oookkk, so, maybe he has a big house..what's the big deal with it? that's why I hate discussing about politicians this, politicians that..a never ending discussion..the same thing all over again..

  8. Do you need architects? Kita tak bagus, tapi murah lah.

  9. Heather,
    Hahahahaha.."Who has the most expansive house"..Nice one.. Maybe we should direct that as the latest reality TV show in Malaysia.

    I like how you summariza the!~

    My 2 cents? Wait for the next GE. From there you can just vote who ever you want.

  10. What's the point of all the fuss about a damn house?

  11. Don't be too sure about next electionlah! This is Sabah and Sabahans are well known for either being naive or too smart especially those orang kampung who can be bought,just for a mere planks, water tanks and some sweet promises. And of course please do not forget those PTI with MYkads.They will outnumber you anak tempatan>

  12. Why shouldn't the issue of Yahya's house be brought up?Politicians like this DCM are subject to public scrutiny.Their dubious manner must be made available for us to know.

    We want to know where he got the money to build such a big house.Even before the banks approves a loan,the bank must be satisfied with his income.Be transparent and explain,what is your income,how much deposit did you have to pay the contractor,did you take a bank loan if yes how much was the loan,the repayment amount and for how long?Or was the house a gift from someone for services rendered?

    Only a corrupted politician can own such a house.

    Uncle Lim.

  13. I personally know the contractor who built the ugly house.

  14. Anon,

    Please reveal the details of Yahya's house from your contractor friend.I don't know about ugly house,but it's sure one bloody expensive ugly house.

  15. Why is it that people with loads of money usually prefer tasteless ugly houses?

  16. Perhaps this trend would continue to become a trademark for our country. People all over the world would come to Malaysia to see the views of bloody expensive ugly houses. Tourist attractions!!!

  17. Neutral ObserverJuly 10, 2009 at 9:14 PM

    To Uncle Lim:

    Are you having bitter feelings towards our politicians?

    Looks your comments post have this bitter and resentment feelings.

    Oh well, your view..It's not like I can change your view.

    Ahhh yes, corrupted politician...tell me, is there any clean politicians in Sabah? i don't think so but maybe there is some..corruption is everywhere around the world and not only in Sabah, Malaysia. It's everywhere..

  18. That's a Bajau architecture, you know, just like there are Minangkabau architecture house in Negeri Sembilan. So this one is the Bajau architecture and I don't think it is ugly and it is sure one bloody expensive house.Seriouslah guys, I am not kidding about the architecture.

  19. OCPD is Officer in Charge of Police District, I don't think it is Officer Commanding Police District as you wrote.

  20. Neutral Observer,
    YES,you can bet your last ringgit that I'm feeling bitter about the politicians and I'm not at all ashamed of that.Should I feel proud and happy that our politicians have squandered,robbed and pawned all our state treasures for their own pockets?

    Hello..where are you from? Agreed that corruption is everywhere but,come on you seem to support the idea of corruption.Wouldn't you support the idea of reducing corruption?

    Uncle Lim.

  21. Sabah used to be 'Land Below The Wind'.

    Due to all the fluke & real tail-end of typhoons Sabah Tourism is hard-pressed to sell this tag-line.

    How about 'Land of Corrupted & Arogant Politicians'?

    Corruption is everywhere, all over the world, yes! But does that make it right - legally or morally?

    Show me a religion that condons corruption. What more by the leaders - Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Habis Padi.
    Lama2 raayat makan pasir.

    1Malaysia, 1Way Corruption
    1Law for ruling politicians, Another for others.

  22. Didn't you guys get headache thinking of this kind of craps??? OK fine, maybe we have our own stand but don't you think that whatever Yahya do, suppose he has his solid reason...
    Big house, expensive house or whatever la.... huhuhu... calm down my fellow Sabahans:)
    Let's think that maybe he deserve it:)


  23. Yo Yo, yes corruption is everywhere but that does not mean it can be a way of life like what it is in Malaysia today.From the top to the bottom.
    I support what Uncle Lim said about corruption. I am living in the US, I left Sabah many many years ago because I was so disgusted at what was going in Malaysia especially in Sabah since the Usno era. I have no regrets because whatever I forsee at what is going to happen at that time it is happening now.
    As for corruption it is everywhere even here in the US but at least here there is freedom to say it out and there will be inquiries by independent committees, not 100% good but everything will come out and the culprits will be exposed and go to jail. In Malaysia the corrupt instead of going to jail will get richer and still up there on the top squandering away as long as he or she is in the ruling party. And everything will just be swept under the carpet as if nothing happened.
    The trouble will come only if the culprit joins the opposition party.Then you will see the ACA or MACC or whatever the so called "graft fighter" will come and start to dig.
    So if Yahya happens to join the opposition sure enough you will see him in the front page of all the newspapers in the country.
    Am I right Uncle Lim?
    Malaysia, if the people are not careful especially its leaders will burn because of corruption, racial and religious riots.
    I was reading of the article about the "desecration" of the Holy Communion by the two Al Islam journalists. This act should not be condorned and the Government should go all out to condemn this act for the sake of its 1Malaysia concept. This is very disturbing indeed.
    What if some non Muslim is to walk into the mosque on Friday with his shoes on. What will the Muslims or the government do?

  24. Well at least Yahya Hussein spent his wealth in Sabah,but what about the other leaders and politicians who siphoned out money to Australia, England and New Zealand to make it not so obvious.
    He is a true Sabahan and a typical loyal Bajau. I salute to him for that. Even the late Tun Mustapa owned properties in Australia and England, but I have never heard of Yahya owning estates outside the country. His money stays in the country.
    Unlike the rest of the gang even those from PBS and SAPP, they are known to have owned properties in Darwin Australia and New Zealand. Some with proxy. Yahya is a true Bumiputra lah!
    I am not a big fan of this Yahya fellow, he is kind of a reserved person but I think he is quiet smart to make his money.heh heh.
    Kamu semua pun sama jugalah kalau dapat peluang!

  25. how home no one check out the big snake heads, the white hair one and the tunour one. they have the humungouesest house in KK and Kuching. both is even more palance looking with huge royal columns. i know the tumour striken one is something like the panthenon in greece. both has more than 1 KM road from the entrace of their gate to the house. the cars that they drive, the car that their cheldren drive. RRs, Harleys, Merzs. i can tel you where the house is in KK. it caqn be seen from the golf course along the highway in Luyang.

  26. When the house was not finished yet (95% completed), me and my wife drove by, and.. i had the courage to go inside. Because i am the Mat Salleh, the doors went open. Woooowww.
    It is big, everything is big. The bathtub.. not for one person only, but.. you can bring your 4 wifes, haha. The library, the staircase leading up. I was really impressed (and.. i am used to certain standards) how rich this fellow must be.
    Like to see pictures from Musas house as well, so... we can compare :)

    a white guy.

  27. What is wrong with his Bungalow? His constituentcy still likes him and voted him in. Afterall what can you expect from a Sabahan.
    Sabahan votes can be bought with cheap home made liquor.

  28. Why don't all you guy ask him personally??? Who knows he had his solid answer...

    True Heart

  29. I am not envied either becos am still happy living in an atap roof. I still consider myself rich becos I still can get my food from my ancestors padi field. I deserve my life like this becos I no high school lah and cannot be a politician. somtimes after a hard work in the field, I sat on the bunds and wonder how to get really rich with big padi barns.

  30. Do come and visit Sarawak and tour the houses oops?? the palaces of our leaders?????

  31. Motto of the day: If you can steal it flaunt it.

  32. Motto of the day: If you can steal it flaunt it.

  33. Enjo says

    My 2 cents? Wait for the next GE. From there you can just vote who ever you want....

    This is what we hearing from sabahan but at last BN emerge has winner!

    Why this thing happens! because we vote sabahan!

  34. Yahya Hussein is corrupted as shit.

  35. You have not seen the palaces in the land of the hornbills. Take the river cruise and the tour guide will proudly mention who are the house owners. Once i took the cruise and these are what they said. 'That house belongs to the former .... minister' or 'that house belongs to the sister of the ... minister'. LOL

  36. I agree with anon saying that Sabah votes can be bought with home made liquor.
    Not only with moonshine but with salted fish, plywood and water tanks. And in the Interior of the State little Honda generators will do the trick. How pathetic!
    Sabah has gone through so many changes of State Govts and leaders, the squandering is still going on? Why because the Sabahans are stupids. As the saying goes" In the Land of the Blind the one-eyed man is the King".
    Especailly the KDMs, they are supposed to be the sons of the soil but to they are never united and since 1963, they have always been bought and sold.
    Who betrayed Joseph Pairin and sabotaged PBS when the the party was ruling Sabah? The Kadazan leaders themsleves together with some Chinese crooks. Joseph Pairin's own brother was one of them!
    Now the KDMs can just dream on of being the son of the soil....

  37. Agreed with Lemure... What's the big deal with Yahya's big house?
    Why you guys mad at him? Is he too bad? or maybe you guys jealous at him.... hehehe

  38. Yahya Hussein baru saja kaya bah. Lain lain YB kamu tida marah. Kenapa Yahya Hussein saja. Kamu ini semua dengki saja bah itu.
    Kalau kamu ada peluang kamu pun gok semua juga.

  39. Hey White Guy, what a heck of a white Guy are you or you are a big fake?
    What are you talking about? Why are you a white guy messing with our local Sabah politics, you interfering coyote! Buz off you are just a fake!

  40. The most qualified to replace Musa Aman as the next Sabah CM is Anifah Aman and his deputy should be Shafie Apdal.

  41. Anon july 11,821am

    Who says Yahya Hussein does not own any property/properties outside sabah??? Ask him abt Australia.

  42. Whoa, whoa there. Hold your horses Uncle Lim.
    I didn't say I supported corruption. I welcome the idea of reducing corruptions. But might as well we form an idea to fully get rid of it instead just reducing. But hello by the way, where I am from, it doesn't matter. What matter it is each and every one of us has our on view on this..No need to squabble..:)

    Dear Anak Sabah and Anon (I don't know which one coz there are a lot of Anons here)
    Yes my fellow Sabahan. Corruption is everywhere around the globe and that doesn't make it right, legally or morally. But can one who is clean get rid it alone where his "underlings" and "higher top" is also corrupted? I don't think so.

    Corruption happens when greed comes in his/her way.

    If you think corruption can be get rid off easily, that would be done all over the world including Malaysia. But, reduce? Yes, slowly. Fully get rid off? I don't think so.

    So, enough said. Whatever it is, try ask Yahya where he gets his money to build such a big house. I'm sure he will be happy to answer your questions.

  43. Ronnie, you really got the balls to 'hantam' this guy yeh! Well true enough, most politicians just having a mere salary of less then 20K can affort to build "palace". If it's Musa Aman, I'm not at all supprise as he was a businessman with business like CityFinance. But this....? DSP saja bah...

  44. Why are those commenting using 'Anonymous'? Don't they dare to show themselves? Common lah don't just hit and hide!

  45. Agree with Anonymous July 12, 2009 7.05AM(this is what I hate most, I can't pinpoint by name as there are so many Anonymous) that KDM can be bought. I being a KDM myself feel sad each time that this topic is brought up as it is damn true. As the saying goes...truth hurts. Anyway, I guess this matter is out of topic, here we are talking about one who is living beyond his means. Living on corruption, maybe!
    Name me a minister or deputy whose house is within his income? Though I'm not affiliated to any political party, I can help but admire Kelantan MB Nik Aziz. My comment regarding his here

  46. Teringat satu cerita..
    satu kg tu.. mmg kuat pembangkang...
    So mlm pilihanraya tu.. YB ni pigi hantar banyak2 beer ke kg tu utk diorang aramai tii...
    Mlm tu diorang berabis lah maginum sampai pagi..
    bisuknya.. smua tidur saja nda pigi mengundi.. :)

  47. "Spirit of Peter Mojuntin"

    Saya Pengundi: sya sokong panoh komen ko. Ni lah sebab-nya pemimpin2 kita lebih rela lihat rakyat jelata bodoh berhabisan supaya senang dikelentong dan dikawal untuk kepentingan diri mereka.

    Anakdesa: you are right about the KDM and Nik Aziz, the incorruptible Tok Guro.

    I think the worse among the so-called KDM leaders is none other the present "Huguan Sial" himself, who shamelessly betrayed and pawned his own kinds, lock-stock-and-barrel when he led the entire PBS to return to BN in 2001, despite all the cursing and swearing of BN when PBS was in the opposition.

    If Pairin has any pride and dignity at all, he should not have done so. When he dies, i think the rightful place to erect his statue would be at where once the statue of the late Peter Mojuntin, the real hero and son of soil of Sabah was once wrongly placed - near the sewerage plant next to the Sabah Credit Corporation in Donggongon town.

    I just dread to imagine how would one truthfully write an eulogy on Pairin, no doubt he is currently still the Huguan Sial.

    I shall pray and hope that SAPP would not follow PBS's footstep, in the name of "1Malaysia".

  48. I totally agree with saya pengundi. This was what happened during USNO time in Papar. The USNO fellas bought a lot of "bahar" also known as tuak and slaughtered a couple of buffaloes night before polling all the KDMs meginum/sigarung until the wee hours of the polling day. They were all dead drunk that they could not even go to vote and as a result the USNO candidate won landslide.
    I wish to point out to you that you yourself have no balls to make yourself known by name, knowing well that the Govt unedr BN will arrest any opposition views, so that is why everybody goes anon. You must be one of the BN ball polisher and selling your buthole for a couple of ringgit.

  49. Ronnie, You are lucky that you blog about Sabah politicians. Sabah politicians are well known to be docile, they are just too busy filling up their coffers so say whatver you like they could not care less. But if it is the west malaysian politicians you kacau, your days will be numbered you know,to be detained under ISA is no fun you know.
    To be deprived of sleep days and night is no fun during the initial so called investigation. Those dogs can break you psychologically. So you have to be careful. I have gone through that, and given up all those fights and decided to live overseas. I see Malaysia as whole is beyond redemption.Sabah is gone.The KDMs can dream on and keep on "ankat kaki"n order to survive..

  50. To reduce the corruption rate here in Malaysia, may I suggest we take a leaf out of China's book: Those who are involved in corruptions would be awarded death penalty through firing squad...or a public stoning.

    p/s: Tho, I'm sure it wouldn't work if the firing squad/judge was bribed beforehand...

  51. To Roxy:

    Public stoning/firing squad? That is an extreme dead penalty..LOL!~

    But gotta agree with you on that..


  52. Or better still, let the briber and the bribed shoot each other.

  53. I'm a first timer here but it's certainly not going to be my last.I'm a 30 year old accountant with a private firm and I finally have an IDOL to look up to that comes by the name of Mr.Ronnie Klassen.
    I believe we are bless with his spirit which has begun to inspire us all,me at least.We can now see the true colours of UMNO/BN in Sabah and the leaders that have cheated us all this while,exposed nakedly before us in cyberspace.

    Jeremy Tan.

  54. Welcome, Jeremy Tan!!!
    Nice of you to join us.

  55. Hai:)
    Is Yahya too bad for us (sabahans)??? macam ok ja dia tu... we cant expect him to be super duper perfect la...
    For me, Yahya still ok:) he still doing his job & help others...
    Apart from that, dia selalu turun padang tau... You guys ja selalu cari silap Yahya...


  56. Agreed. No one is perfect, at least he made the effort to turun padang often. Give the guy some credit.

  57. Yes agreed Kiera,give the guy some credit.Congratulate Yahya for squandering off tax payers money and the enormous commissions from projects.He will kiss the feet of Musa just to stay in his position.

    Putatan Warrior.

  58. Ann, aku rasa ko ni mesti gundik si Yahya yang tolong dia susun dan lipat ongkos ongkos yang dia kebas dari rakyat selama ni.

    Beratubatlah kamu ni sebelum kamu disembayangi.

    Saya tahu siapa kamu ni Ann, oh si Ann. Hahahahahaha!

    Orang Ketiau Bah.

  59. So what if she is? Its not like its any of your business.

  60. Hey yer all,
    I see the Video...
    Why didn't that guy fight back? I don't care I would not be kick aroubd like that...I would throw a few punches, grab any chair or object and fight these guys. You do not need to be Rambo to do that.
    Lying around and getting kicked while not being sickens me to see that.

  61. Sabahans deserve the gpvernment they chose so overwhelmingly but in so doing chose one that the rest of Malaysia did not deserve.Thanks for the 'wise' choice you made for us. Hope you have a nice time under those BNatans.

  62. Hai, Orang Ketiau Bah (July 14, 2009 6:39 AM)
    Uii na telebih sudah ko ni sampai cakap Ann gundik.... hehehe
    Bila fikir balik popular pula aku sampai ko kenal... mungkin kita jiran ba kan...
    Ann pun tinggal di Ketiau juga... hehehehe

  63. Rumah besar pun boleh jadi isu besar... hehehehe
    Suka hati Yahya la nak duduk rumah mewah @ tak... itu hak dia :)
    Yang penting dia buat kerja dengan baik dah la...
    Teruskan perjuangan Datuk...

  64. Wow, Orang Ketiau Bah (July 14, 2009 6:39 AM) Itu tuduhan tu...
    For me you are the one who should bertaubat sebelum disembahyangi... hahahaha
    Agreed with Anon, July 14, 2009 10:37 PM "So what if she is" hahahahahaha

  65. Hmmm... plz calm down my fellow Sabahans :)
    Just take it easy kio...
    Have a nice day:)

  66. hmm... Just think that he deserve it :)

  67. Dont worry Datuk:)
    As long as Datuk turun padang and help the Sabahans..
    We are here for you:)

  68. Anon, July 13, 2009 7:51 PM

    I know you are talking based on your experience :)
    But to said that Sabah politicians are well known to be docile and too busy filling up their coffers...... Wow that's sound too sarcastic:P
    If we think it positively, you'll find that our leaders are good and they just let us convey our point of view through blog..
    So why don't us give them some credit:)

  69. Nice house. So, what's the big deal?
    To me, this doesn't amaze me that much.
    I've seen other YBs' houses much bigger than this.
    This is just a petty thing. Let's focus on some much more serious things.
    Besides, it's better to think outside the box. Talk about the good side instead the bad ones.


  70. Think positively and look into the good side of our leaders than the bad side.

    It's good that we are conveying our point of view through blogs.

    But at least give some credits if they did good things.

  71. Marah tandanya cemburu... hehehehhe

  72. It's good that we (the sabahans) love to share our ideas:)
    at least I know that not all the Sabahans are too emotional... hehhehe

  73. Kamurang ni kan... banyak komplen betul... sudahlah ayat pun xda cover2...
    relax la babe...
    Kalau betul pemimpin kita terlampau jahat kan; kamurang ingat kamurang masih boleh post komen di blog ni ka... hehehehehe
    Sabar tu iman... hahhahahahha