Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thundering silence of the so-called Christian leaders

It's kind of puzzling that Christian leaders in the country like Tan Sri Bernard Dompok (pic left), Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan (pic right),Tan Sri Joseph Kurup (pic below left), Datuk VK Liew (pic below right), Datuk Maximus Ongkili (pic below left), Tan Sri Leo Moggie, Datuk George Chan, Datuk James Masing, and others in Barisan Nasional have been silent over the controversial article "Tinjauan Al-Islam dalam Gereja:Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Melayu Murtad" that appeared in the Al-Islam magazine published by Utusan Karya Sdn.Bhd.

Is the thundering silence because of their fear of loosing their coveted positions, perks and privileges or, have they quietly converted to other religion? And come to think of it, what about the Christian opposition leaders in Sabah? Why are they silent as well?

In a post that appeared in the NutGraph blog on the 10th.July.2009,it was reported that a Muslim journalist accompanied by another person went to two Catholic Churches in Kuala Lumpur on an investigative mission to find out if allegations that young Muslims were being converted to Christianity were true.

The journalist,whose by-line in the article (pic below right) was,Muhd Ridhwan Abdul Jalil,describe the holy communion ritual as "upacara makan roti putih"and wrote about how he was given the wafer by the priest.The article also carried a photograph of the wafer(which he spite out, pic below right)with a caption that identified it as the wafer that was place in his mouth.

This is "total disrespect"as Christians regard "holy communion"as a sacred matter,held with great reverence and cannot in any way be mishandled or (treated) with a lack of respect.The Muslim journalist and his friend had "violated our sense of privacy" and had the cheek to say that there were many Malay-looking people in Church,who coincidentally were Sabahans.

The Catholic parishioners in Penang did the right thing when they lodged a police report (pic left) on the matter. Lets hope the police would carry out a thorough investigation, without fear and favour, and make public the outcome of their investigation on what was the real motive behind the controversial report.

It is learnt that police have classified the case under Section 298A (1) of the Penal Code for causing disharmony, disunity or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will, or prejudicing the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion.

If convicted, the duo, both non-Christians who worked for Al-Islam which published the article in its May edition, could be jailed between two and five years.Investigations commenced after a police report was lodged against the two men.

Federal Criminal Investigations Department director Commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said police have so far recorded statements from at least four people, including church authorities, in connection with the article.Police are expected to haul up the reporters soon.

I call upon Prime Minister Dato'Sri Najib Tun Razak and Minister of Home Affairs Dato'Sri Hishamudin to intervene for a speedy investigation.In order to ensure transparency of the investigation,I urge the opposition shadow commitee MP's to assist in the investigation in the name of democracy and religious fairness.

A poll has been put up at the top corner of the side bar in my blog.It would be interesting to know your choice of Government at the 13th general elections.We need to start mobilizing now.


  1. What these two jounalists have done amount to descration of the Blessed Sacrament, and I urge that Malaysian Govt takes the matter seriously and punish the culprits for the sake of 1 Malaysia concept as propogated by the PM.
    As for the Sabah Christian leaders they are just too busy minding their own pockets and I do not think they even know what is going on and for that matter I don't think they know what a church looks like!. The Sabah Kadazan Christian leaders are just trying to play safe.
    Many of the Sabah Christian leaders would rather sell their soul to the devil for money and power.
    Even Donald Stephens became Fuad Stephens what more you guys can say about Sabah Christian leaders???? The only Kadazan Christian leader who would have gone all out to defend the Christian faith was the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin. The rest are just hopeless lot.
    Don't bank your luck on Pairin, Dompok, Maximus, Kurup and the rest, they don't have the guts like the late Peter Mojuntin. These leaders are just "angkat kaki".

  2. The Christian leaders are a pathetic bunch of crooks and con-artist.They go to church just to be seen as holy,my bloody foot.How can an intrusion of a sacred place of worship be allowed.

    As a Buddhist,even I would feel offended what more the Christians.I was just having coffee with my Muslims friends,and they themselves feel insulted that another Muslim can go so low as that.To Sabah's Christian leaders,you are a foregone conclusion at the next elections.

    Where are the PKR,SAPP and DAP Christian leaders?Are you people sleeping?

    Uncle Lim.

  3. Sebagai seorang yang berugama Islam,saya amat menyesal apabila membaca cerita ini dalam blog saudara Ronnie yang saya hormati.

    Walaupun saya tidak kenal wartawan yang tidak waras ini,dengan rendah diri saya ingin meminta maaf kepada umat Christian diseluruh Malaysia.

    Maria Ismail.

  4. I've read about this somewhere. What a disgrace to all religion. As a Muslim, I am ashamed for something like this to happen. Whatever happen, one should not invade the privacy of a sacred holy place. Such thing should not happen and must prevent it from happening again in future.

  5. This 2 journalist doesn't represent the country and what they are trying to do is to stir religion conflict among the Muslims and Christians which I hope that it would not happen. They have shown their disrespect by invading the holy place for prayers and by eating and spitting out the holy communion. They have stoop so low that they have cause an outrage.

  6. In the name of the Father, son and holy spirit, amen.

    The Lord Jesus teaches us to turn the other cheek and to love our enemies.

    May the Lord forgive you.

  7. Maria Ismail you are a true Muslim. I respect you for your frankness and humility. If only there are more people like you there will be peace. Once again may the God of Abraham and Moses bless you.

  8. Ya betul Maria Ismail:) Saya juga seorang yang berugama Islam namun saya tidak bersetuju dengan perkara ini... Kepada Ronnie Klassen; pada mulanya saya sangat minat dengan pandangan anda, cara anada menghuraikan hujah... namun kali ini saya sangat kecewa:( Kenapa nak kaitkan dengan isu agama? Kepada semua pemimpin yang beragama Kristian dan kawan2 Kristian di dunia saya meminta maaf dengan ikhlas...
    Ini mungkin pandagan peribadi Ronnie dan bukannya pandangan keseluruhan umat Islam... TQ:)

    Umat Terkilan

  9. Agreed with Maria Ismail, memoria, Bishop John Lee and all fellow Sabahans who understand that this article was trying to stir religion conflict...
    I hope it would be never happen...


  10. Pairin and Max were once vocal when PBS was still in the opposition, but after rejoining BN Government, their mouths have been zipped. Can these people be trusted?

    It seems to me that they can no longer say something what they are supposed to voice out in the interest of the Sabahan community. At least Bernard can be heard once in a while, but after his recent appointment in the Federal Cabinet he, too, has slowed down. Knowing Dompok, he would definitely bring this up in the Cabinet meeting.

    As for Max, don't expect him to say anything on this issue as he is not a Catholic.

    Kurup, well he is a Catholic but still I cannot see how he can bring it up to the Cabinet meeting, unlike Dompok. At least he (Kurup) should make a statement regarding this issue if he knows his religion well. If not,just keep quiet, otherwise he would fumble again just the way he ostracized the bloggers.

  11. Apa hal sampai timbul isu agama ni...
    Kalau nak cakap pasaal dosa & pahala; caci maki orang pun dosa juga tau...


  12. Hai uncle Lim...
    all this while, I love to read your comment (idea) but now... huhuhu
    I do hate some of politicians attitude but not their religion...
    For me, myself If I don't like any of Sabahan leaders, I prefer to comment his/her based on what did they do to Sabah and Sabahans... Whatever their religion are, it doeskin matter... as long as they can do their job (help us)...

  13. Good morning my fellow Malaysians,

    This is an interesting post,which should open our eyes for mutual respect with one another.I totally disagree with Umat Terkilan,are you sure you know what you commented?I suggest you read the post again and understand the contents before you accuse Ronnie of "Kenapa nak kiatkan isu agama"?

    This is something that actually happen and we should be grateful that he has brought this to our attention.I'm sure his sacred intentions was to ensure that mutual respect must be adhered by all Malaysians irrespective of our religious belief.

    These Christian Leaders have long overstayed our kind hospitality and trust.They are there only to disillusion us into believing they care for us,obviously now proven it's all about money and position.We the younger generation will never trust these leaders any more.

    Jeremy Tan.

  14. Hai Jeremy Tan...
    can you just specified the name instead of using 'Christian Leaders'...
    You are totally disagree with Umat Terkilan with 'Kenapa nak kaitkan isu agama'?
    But dint you think that the word of 'Christian Leaders' or 'Muslim Leaders' or 'Chinese Leaders' are quite sensitive? (that's my opinion la:) hehehe

  15. Dear Anonymous above,

    Whether it's ignorance or an opinion,I would gladly name these Christian leaders though it has already been mention in this post by Ronnie.

    Bernard Dompok..Joseph Pairin Kitingan..Joseph Kurup..VK Liew...Maximus Ongkili.

    Jeremy Tan.

  16. I notice this post appearing in Malaysia Today, at last someone from Sabah has risen to wake up Sabahans or we may have thought that UMNO/BN has total control of Sabah.

    Keep up the work Ronnie Klassen

  17. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

    Love your enemies.

    Turn and offer the other cheek.

  18. I gotta agree with you Umat Terkilan.

    Religion shouldn't be an issue coz it will disturbed the racial harmony.

    But, each and every one of us has a different point of view.

    Whatever it is, as they say, "Never mix religion and politics cause it will erupt tension and racial harmony will be disrupted". :)

  19. Thundering silence of so-called Christian Leaders - Why are they silent as well?

    For my opinion they (those man above) keep silent because they thought that what’s best is stop the finger pointing and start thinking what’s best to deal with the problem:)

    we are not them… so I guess they have their own solid reason by remain silent.. ok kio:)

    I’m not taking their side; I’m only talking like this as the most logic explanation of their attitude:)

    Luvly Girl

  20. Try reversing the roles and guess what will happen??? Christian journalists spying in m................?????

  21. We, Christian people has been discriminated totally in Malaysia. Please wake up our Sabahan leader... BD/JPK/JK/VKL/MO.. where are you? You should stand up and ask Kerismudin to charge them under ISA.. this is serious..

  22. I think if a journalist do an article on a certain faith and write about is ok. For me, i do also visited holy place not of my faith. This is to understand and respect others' believe. But to visit, write and condemn in a journal is despicable. If the authority let these two off the hook, then it will sent a dangerous trend in this peaceful country.

    My wishful hope is "Leave religion alone and don't don't mix with government activity and policy". The tax payers don't pay you to govern the places of worship. There are respective religious head in each faith. Let them council and guide the spiritual needy person.

    It is no secret countries that mix religion with government are not peaceful, always fighting and backward despite the self denial syndrome of each government head. Each believe themselves are holier than thou, and hence the unrest and oppresion happens.

    Do not force others believe what you believe, that's what differentiate human from animals.

  23. God teach us to love not only our friends but also our enemy. I never considered our Muslim community as an enemy. I think they are my good friends.


    Two of my elder sister converted into muslim and we don't have any problem with them at all. Most of my neighbour village is mostly muslim and we don't have any problem until now.

    Many of the "orang semenanjung" shocked when they see how so close we are like brothers and sisters here in Sabah (between Muslim and Christian).

    Don't believe? then come to Sabah and see yourself..

    God Bless...

  24. We, as humans, are imperfect...
    So I guess, those man above must be have their reason why they keep silent...

    Apart from that, The Catholic parishioners in Penang already lodged a police report.

    So I hope police can carry out investigation on this controversial issue...

  25. I understand the frustration as I too do not agree with what the reporters of the magazine have done (intruding a holy place of worship) However I too agree with a previous Anonymous as to why must Ronnie politicize this? By doing so he is in fact trying to stir up religious sentiments or anger. The authorities are ALREADY acting on it & it's even in the national papers that serious AND the government are very concerned. If our leaders were to raise their voices it would look like they were clamoring for cheap publicity because action is ALREADY being taken.

    But if you were to take this approach then why just pick on the BN? NO ONE from the opposition has said anything either!!!

  26. Maria Ismail,

    if only everyone could be like you, having respects for each others culture, religion and beliefs, we would be able to achieve equality and also fulfill the 1-Malaysia concept.

  27. Haiya Ronnie Klassen got political ambition lah. Or maybe he did not get what he want and now he is whacking the BN. Look at all his articles. All sooo bias! Hello!! I am still waiting for confirmation that Musa Aman has brain tumor. What happened to your "reliable source" huh Ronnie? It's so easy to criticize but look at the mirror first.

    What is our alternative? The people in west M'sia thought they had an alternative but look now at how Pakatan Rakyat is tearing themselves apart with squabbles for projects titles and positions!!!

    I'm not saying that our status quo is perfect. Heck it needs alot of improvement! But I am scared shitless to see a change of government where we will have people like Jeffrey Kittingan, Yong Teck Lee, Christina Liew or Ansari as our government!!!

  28. Thanx Rina:) thats what I mean..
    Dont mix religion and politics otherwise (.....????)

    Umat Terkilan

  29. I say, don't mix religion with anything, ever.
    It was a sensitive issue, afterall.

  30. UMNO started the mixture of politics and religion.It's the only weapon they have to stay in power.Those of you who are ignorant of this fact should,please refrain from making comments.You are not talking to school going kids.

    Remember Ahmad Ismail on his remark against the Chinese?I can only pray that Malaysia still has a future.Quite honestly,I have a slight admiration for Ronnie.My question is,what have all those who have negatively commented here done?

    It's so easy to hide behind a disguise.How pathetic.

  31. Aren't you the one who's hiding behind a disguise? Reveal your name if you dare.

  32. My apologies Lex,I'm Dr.Airil Othman an associate professor with a leading university in Indonesia in Political Science.

  33. A'ah..Relax my fellow brethrens..

    Regards on this issue, what if it was done the other way round?

    Karma will come and bites their arses.

    I gotta agree with you Rina, Maria Ismail and Umat Terkilan. Like race, religion shouldn't be an issue.

    Luckily Sabahan people can mix around together even if they are from different religion. Unlike the WM. *frowns*

  34. Very well then, at least you've proved that you're not a coward, you've earned my respect.

  35. Why in the world would this 2 fools of journalists invades the privacy of the Holy Place? Don't they have any respect. What a disgrace to the people of Malaysia.

  36. I was reading this on Malaysia Today, Malaysia Kini and The Nut Graph. I find it, this journalist is so insensitive. What right do they have to go and take up the holy communion under false pretenses? Seriously, they don't represent the Malaysians. The consequence of their action is racial imbalance and religion rift.

    Looks like I gotta agree with some of you about this idea.

  37. What these journalists did is to me, righteous. If Christians can distribute pamphlets with caricatures directed at Muslim children, trying to lure them into believing that Allah the Almighty in Islam = one of the three Gods in Christianity, Al-Kitab (Injil) in Islam = Bible (rich in versions) in Christianity, why can't we take protective measures? We're just leveling the ground here. And you Muslims who commented, if you feel sorry for what these brave journalists did, maybe you need to re-check your faith and im not saying that i don't have to. Is there anything wrong with a group of people who couldn't see their own mistakes, couldn't see their own 'imps in eager caucuses' planning to cause disharmony, while pointing fingers at others? I demand the government to monitor churches' activity closely before taking actions against these journalists!

  38. The heading says it clearly "SO CALLED". The bottom line is that these are politicians and like other BN politicians their priority is SELF INTEREST - "what can I benefit?" (though i would have thought that to look good in the christian community, these guys would at least mumble something to least look like they care for christian intersts in their own SELF INTEREST).
    You can call yourself anything. You are what you do in real life. How you live and walk is the true you and NOT what you claim you are.


  39. Hey Anon what are talking about Christaian distributing pamphlets with cariccatures. Prove it. No such thing. You must be dreaming man. In Malaysia it is illegal to propogate other religion to Muslims. Are you one of the ball carriers or just plain ignorance???

  40. Hey Anon Jr.,
    If i have them, i'd go straight to a copper, no need to have you throw tantrums at me, right? It happened at Cheras and its well known. Let's hear it from the three churches you can find there, in storehouse buildings (wonder if they're legal). I'm just saying, lets not miss anything while having these chaps who 'infiltrated' the church, 'hand-tied'. Cheers.

  41. It’s the law for all Malays to be Muslims. It’s the act of loyalty to the Sultans. That’s from what we have learned in Sejarah anyways…
    Maybe that's why Anonymous (July 15, 2009 3:43 AM )mean by 'What these journalists did is to me, righteous'.
    Huhuhu... its too sad la kalau orang Sabah fikir cam ni
    Sory Anon, but are you trying to stir religion conflict?

  42. 9 students who were visiting their Muslim friends at University Putra Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur were accused without basis of trying to convert their Muslim friends into Christianity.The 9 students were arrested by the Police and are now in the lock-up.

    What a joke,the two Muslim journalist were un-touch by the police and are still free.Hey where are our Christian leaders now?Are you going to allow the 9 students to rot in jail.

    Disgusted Sabahan.

  43. Sabah should not been part of Malaysia...

  44. To all of you arguing about religion. Can you prove that God has a religion? God has no religion it is you people religious zealots trying to compete for God. God is universal and has no religion, otherwise there will be Muslim God, Christian God etc..
    Please read the book by Sankara Saranan titled "God without Religion"
    Has anybody who has died and came to life to tell you all which reilgion is true?
    Religions were created by humans to put a label on human beings and to create fear among humankind by elite group so that they can stay in power forever.Just like in Malaysia the ruling group is trying to use religion to stay in power.
    However one also should ponder that if one is very staunch about his or her belief whatever propogation of other religions, he or she will not be swayed. In this context are the Muslims very unsure of their faith and for that matter are the Christians are feeling the same. It looks to me as if you guys are like salemen trying to sell your wares in the market!
    On the other hand if one switched to another faith and supposedly will go to hell why bother. It is that guy who will go to hell not you.And will you be guaranteed heaven after life if you prevent another guy from switching his faith?
    Think carefully guys!

  45. Faith, what faith? The true faith of these so-called Christian politicians is $$$$$$ lah.

    One fine example was none other than Donald Stephen who traded his own religion for his political/personal gains.

    Maximus is another one, except that he conveniently switched from RC to SIB in order to maintain his status quo as a majority of his supporters are staunch SIB followers.

    As for Umno Penampang Chief John Ambrose, he had in fact quietly converted except that he did not announce it.

    Don't believe? Go and ask him!


  46. Ya-lah Ronnie, church leaders and us now fend for ourselves, most of the time.

    In fact, other non-Christians bearing goodwill and fearing God come to our defence.

    The only one who made some noise in the past was Bernard Dompok. At least, a strong statement on the use of 'Allah' in the Herald newpaper. The other political leaders, semua tak boleh pakai ...

    Trying my best to hold back anger, pray....

  47. I must agree with anonymous reader who said God has no religion

    Otherwise, there must be segregation in haeven as well, with souls of different faiths occupying different sections of the haeven. That could be equally chaotic as on earth.

    Lets forget about our politicians who have no qualms of exploiting religion when they deem fit to do so, but keep quiet when they deem otherwise.

    Lets listen to this great song bellow that was written and sang by the Colonial Cousins called "Krishna".

    "Darkness coming around,
    And everybody fight with the brother,
    Everyone wants control,
    Don't hesitate to kill one-another.

    "So come back as Jesus,
    Come back & save the world,
    Bless all the future of every boy & girl.

    "Come back as Rama,
    Forgive us for what we've done,
    Come back as Allah,
    Come back as anyone.

    "Religion is the reason,
    The world is breaking up into pieces,
    Color of the people,
    Keeps us locked in hate, please release us.

    "So come down and help us,
    Save all the little ones,
    They need a teacher,
    And you are the only one,
    We can rely on,
    To build a better world,
    A world that's for children,
    A world that's for everyone....."

    The Messenger

  48. A'ah. I'd say enough discussing about religion. It is a very sensitive issue and this will cause religion rift among us that will disrupt our harmonious racial balance.

    Cool down my fellow Sabahan. Cool down.

  49. Jesus Christ teaches his followers to show patience, affectionate, love, self control, etc and respect to all people. This is reflected by what the Bible says about the 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit. For that matter, true Christians with a good understanding of the teaching of Jesus Christ will remain quiet but vigilant and show kindness and patience because they know God is in control and He will do His fight when the time comes. The God Jesus reveals is not of hatred nor rebellious, but He is the God of Love and Jesus is the Son of Peace. Halleluya to Him!

  50. If you went to other religious places, at least show some respect. No need to pretend you are one of them, I'm sure if you made your intentions clear that you're there only to watch, they would've welcome you. Going throught the rituals and then insulting it, that was a nasty thing to do to other people's religion. You would not like it if other people did this in your worship places.

    You have to learn to respect others first, in order to be respected in return.

  51. These two spies were pathetic excuses for a muslim. By insulting other religions, they've brought shame to their own religion. They claimed that what they did is in the name of Islam, but I'm sure their God does not ask them to degrade other religion, because God is almighty and certainly not "kecil hati" (I'm sorry to reduced to using rojak language, but the right words doesn't come to me.) So, we shouldn't be squabbling with each other for this matter, we ought to let it go, I'm sure by getting shunned by their own people are punishment enough.

    I hoped I got my meaning across, and that you would understand that I wasn't taking sides. If I have offended any party, here is my sincere apologies

    *How to translate the word "kecil hati"? And don't tell me its "small hearts". That's what everyone told me.

  52. Looks like this is going to be one hot debate.

    Gotta agree with Lex. Respect others first in order to be respected in return. :D

  53. All I can say is that let the Lord deal with all the slanderers. If God is for us, who can be against us?

    Peace and love to all.

    p.s. is that really Bishop John Lee
    up there? He is an Archbishop now. Just wondering whether people are making use of his name bah.

  54. I pray that like Saul the Muslim brothers who have violated one of the Christian solemn rites in the Catholis Church will be converted. God willing.

  55. very sad indeed.......1malaysia?

  56. BN govt is not only religious bias but of full murderers too, look what happened to the DAP political secretary.
    But sorry to say that Malaysia is going to burn if the present trend is to go on. History has proven that any nations where the police, army and other government agencies become a political tool the country will go to the dogs.

  57. 1 Malaysia, I shall anticipate the day.

  58. What do you expect of a religon that is spread by the sword?

  59. Haih, you think its so easy to convert Muslim to catholic meh? Once you get in, you can never get out. If it is so easy to convert, those who married muslim and then gotten divorced wouldn't face so much trouble when trying to convert lar. On the news also have mah, you have to bring it to court first, then can see how is it. Not easy ar.

  60. "Organised religions have done much harm by professing the superiority of their followers and creating such divisive categories as true believers and godless heathens, God's righteous chosen ones and pagans, the heaven bound and hell bound, and the enlightened and unspiritual. Overtly, "us against them distinctions attracts congregants by psychologically empowering them. Covertly, they forge polarised perceptions a distorted view of human abuses, catalysing endless violence."

    Open your eyes people to this!!!

  61. lvc - while i respect your stand... you are a ball-less shite.

  62. Silence is golden. It serves no purpose to enter into a debate with people wearing hooded winks and who do not stand to reason. The best argument is to ignore them. We have better things to do.

  63. There is really no need for such hooha over the issue.

    27 Therefore whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. 28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 29 For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body.

    1 Corinthian 11:27

  64. Just want to say that God & religion are overated and the world would have been a better place without them. Think about it...what history have taught us regarding religious men trying to annihilate one another to prove their love for their religion and their god.
    If there is a God, he/she/it would be having a good laugh/cry at what he is witnessing in this world.
    We are nothing but one of the many species on this earth that are like ants in an antfarm, for their owner to enjoy while it goes about in their daily life.
    Forget religion, enjoy life and just don't do to others, what you don't want others to do to you! Peace brother!
    White Shadow

  65. Islam is the official religion in Malaysia. So please respect it as it should be. My question based on the article is why they still refer Allah as God since KDN already made it clear that it is only for Islam. Why looking for something like the white bread which i am sure not everybody is aware of rather than the use of the word Allah. Why the police report did not state anything that also in the article like missionaries programme and the use of money to recruit new followers? You know that this is true.

  66. who says UMNO mix religion with politics? if they mix, this should be an islamic country totally? dont be mislead by the propaganda. If the leaders in our country really practice Islam, there would be no need for these 2 journalists to do what they have done. Because in Islam, people will be ruled equally and everybody gets fair evaluation according to the law. This is my opinion from what I have studied and seen. I have no racist feeling nor religion differences. Just that Malaysia is the official religion yet even Muslim do not understand what we are made of. It is not wealth and postion but faith only.If i SAY WRONG , FORGIVE ME.

  67. Don’t just comment the 2 journalist. Look, most Malaysian Leaders use their religion in politician matters. Malaysian Leader mostly outspoken their religion in political matters to gain their own personal interest and post. Did their God teach them to involved religion in political matters? Is a pity for their God being misused and misconduct in politician issued.

  68. Maria, u tak tahu apa yg u baca dan apa yg u tulis, (tak perliu minta maaf) jika ada orang yang menyiasat itu pun hak mereka. Wartawan tu bukan merosakkan upacara org lain, cuma nak tau sj. Tak kan nak biarkan sampai cubaan merosakkan aqidah pelajar universiti misalnya.. Klassen atau apa pun namanya tetap akan mempertahankan budaya, agamanya. jangan kerana (KONONNYA) kebebasan bersuara atau berpolitik, awak terikut-ikut segala apa yang mereka tulis sampai tak tahu bezakan dakyah org seperti Klassen. Klassen tetap klassen, pairin tetap pairin.

  69. Hi rome,
    u fikir u pintar, u juga extreme.bolehkah u buktikan mana satu ugama atau tuhan yg benar. adakah orang sudah meniggal dunia kembali hidup dan menjelaskan mana satu ugama yg betul atau mana satu tuhan yg benar.
    Sesiapa sahaja berhak untuk menukarkan kepercayannya.

  70. Sensitive betul kalo bincang pasal agama coz bukan semua org sama pendapat dan kepercayaan. Bahaya betul ini topic.

  71. Religion and politics is a dangerous combination and it is a poison. It's okay to discuss but every word you say in comments is like stepping on a landmines.
    Better solution? Ignore and discuss something else.

  72. Uii na bahaya ba topik ni geng... hehehhe
    nda pasal-pasal kita berperang idea... hahahhahaha

  73. Hafiz bukan setakat berperang idea ni... maki hamun pun mahu start sudah ni kalau telampau ikut emosi... hehehee

  74. Hai rome...
    Bagus ba tu idea c Maria...
    kalau semua orang boleh berfikiran rasional macam Maria, tak lah isu agama boleh timbul...

  75. Jangan kaitkan agama dan politik...
    Sama ada secara langsung ataupun tidak, perkara ini jika digandingkan konpom MALATOP!!!
    perang idea nanti di Sabah...

  76. Hey Fellow Malaysians!...catch what the 2 annonymous are saying that God has no religion:-)I believe them that religion was created by humans...Picture the story of our first ancestors: Adam and Eve (unless you believe in Darwinism or something else:-)pardon me...I mean no offense to no one)Do you think there was such names / organizations of what they believe? ( I think because they had only one faith in the beginning)...and when Jesus came His followers believe only what HE taught...People added or substracted some what was taught and they kept splitting in groups of what they think they believe and some perhaps was just mere followers without seeking what was real...and created all these denominations down through the ages of history...Jesus taught "LOVE" For the Christians, we need to examine the "10 Commandments." The first 4 is our duty to God and the remaining 6 is our duty to mankind. The scripture taught us to "...seek knowledge..." Why? God said.."...my people perish for lack of knowledge..." He is a LOVING God and HE does not use force to believe HIM. To each human beings HE gave a choice. What FAITH to belong to is one's personal conviction; and we should use caution what we say or how we converse. Have you heard of a story when a neighbor's dog urinated in someone's yard? ..that created displeasure between the 2 neighbors and then created sympathizers on both sides...it became so bad that after many years the wound never healed and later became the basis of a war? It totally sound unbelievable and such a childish or even stupid to fight about but we all know that the mind can poison each other and sours the hearts...whoever the leaders are who descriminate what people believe or descriminate races are spiritually blind and immature. We cannot allow this to happen. No one owns or made this world or universe. It is God who made everything. The scripture said.."The earth is the Lord's and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein,..." No matter what we believe there is only one God and all human beings are kindreds. God is the ultimate judge. I agree with you...seen from the life of our leaders I do believe they are self seekers...or weaklings? or perhaps there's something they are so afraid of that they have to be silent? What if they are charged to keep quiet or else...? I am reminded of an events in my childhood.(Mustafa's time) 2 policemen came to my village looking for certain individuals...I was sitting outside when they approached me asking if those certain individuals were home. They came from time to time but to no avail of catching the men. Later I learned they came at MIDNIGHT when they knew the men were home. They were jailed for 2 ? or more years? I learned they had voiced their concern against the government. Whoever we are here...lets all pray that God will lead our country to be peaceful and enjoy the beauty of HIS handy works of creation in Malaysia...Peace