Sunday, July 26, 2009


The entry of UMNO into Sabah has brought about the emergence of a new "domineering" characteristic that never existed before. Today I'm convinced that the followers of this group have abandoned their original identity and joined the corridors of power - of greed, corruption and racial discrimination.

From a multicultural and multi-religious nature, Sabah today has become an egoistic and insecure unequal partner of Malaysia. The Federal Government has managed to convince Sabahans and Sarawakians that Sabah and Sarawak are mere states of Malaysia. In the words of UMNO/BN, both States are "fixed deposits” as far as securing their continued dominance in Parliament is concerned. Believe it or not that is the reality of the situation.

In the words of the Minister of Rural and Regional Development cum Vice President of UMNO,"Struggling for a race's rights is not racial; it is our responsibility as Malays to help our community”. Let us examine who is Datuk Shafie Apdal (pic left) by first asking him to explain to Sabahans, the Bajau community in particular (who are certainly not Malays) to clearly and accurately state his stand. Is he a Bajau or a Malay? Can he qualify and quantify the Malays in Sabah? Or can Musa Aman who is by all accounts a Pakistani or Masidi Manjun a Dusun actually abandon their race and now proclaim themselves as Malays?

Never before in Sabah, and many will testify to that, did segregation ever exist. It irks me to see a once peaceful Sabah where race and religion was never a consideration for friendship, has now evolved into a state of racists and extremists. What is the price that one ultimately has to pay, if this pernicious doctrine is embraced by many?

While many may view my opinion as a lost cause, the concealing of politics of racial hegemony as advocated by the likes of Shafie Apdal and UMNO Sabah has surely ruined the harmonious well being of Sabahans. In the crying voice of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (pic right) or Kuli as he is popularly known, “I am under no illusion that UMNO is bound for destruction on its present course. Neither do I hold unrealistic expectations about the possibility of reform when the rot has gone so deep".

If March 8th 2008 (12th General Elections), was a wake up call for all Malaysians, Kuli's observation truly holds much water.

Unfortunately that same tsunami or wake up call never reached the shores of Sabah to effect reforms and changes. As to whether the Opposition will make any impact or dethrone UMNO/BN in the next general elections, much will depend on the people of Sabah and the leadership of Pakatan Rakyat.Can Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic left) come up with a secret formula? Until that happens UMNO and their "business partners", PBS, UPKO, PBRS, LDP, MCA and Gerakan will continue to parrot their political masters slogan of “1Malaysia”, notwithstanding if they know what it means or not.

We may have gained Independence as a sovereign nation but the one Independence we have yet to achieve is INDEPENDENCE AS A SOLIDIFIED SOCIETY. Is there a difference between a Malaysian, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban and all the ‘dan lain lain’?

1Malaysia is a sweet slogan - from the tongue to the ears. Nevertheless it will remain so, however sweet, just a slogan. It will of course be produced in abundance to feed lapping dogs and gullible citizens. But the writing is on the wall. The life-span of the sweets is expiring fast and the citizens are waking up from their slumber; realizing the falsity and inherent dangers of blind addiction to ‘sweets’.

Unless they comprehend this and GENUINELY CHANGE for the better, Najib (pic right) and his entire Barisan Nasional will never be successful in achieving the ideals of 1Malaysia, let alone a united Malaysia. Slogans are going out of fashion and so will the BN.

Malaysia - Many Colours, Many Cultures But One Nation.


  1. Well said Bro. the saddest thing about our Sabahan people is that they can easily change their race for material gain. "Lapping dogs" what better words to describe them. And they incude, PBS, UPKO, LDP etc. etc. A master needs his dogs to achieve his political objectives

  2. The best post yet saudara Ronnie.Tears fall as I read your post,may our fellow Sabahans support your call and change the mindset of all of us for a better Sabah.

    Ahmad Sukri Ibrahim.

  3. I gotta agree with you on the title. ]

    How sad to see our people to be treated so, so and so..:(

  4. We have lost our identity as Sabahans all because UMNO,PBS,UPKO,PBRS,LDP,MCA,GERAKAN has mislead us into believing that they had our welfare at heart.
    Please continue to voice for us Sabahans Ronnie,we shall rally beside you until UMNO/BN falls.

    Mrs.Veronica Choo.

  5. This is the best piece so far in this blog although it could have been better written. But then bloggers are not writers.

    The question is: "How true are the allegations made in this piece"? Are Sabahans that dumb? This is where the illegal immigrants come in under a Hidden Agenda. Can racist Malay-run Peninsular Malaysia, which is so far away, re-cast Sabah in its Melayu mould? They tried before with the Islam thing, including bringing in illegal immigrants through the backdoor to pad the electoral rolls as Melayus, and failed. They are certainly not succeeding in Sarawak. If they can't succeed in Sarawak which is so much nearer to Peninsular Malaysia, how can they possibly succeed in Sabah?

    To remain on the safe side, Sabahans should reject any development that doesn't employ locals. This is where they should keep a sharp eye on the Sabah Economic Corridor to make sure that it is not a convenient cover to bring in even more illegal immigrants to pad the electoral rolls as instant Melayus.

    Just food for thought.

  6. DSAI,if at all changes is to happen in Sabah,your foremost important task is to ensure stability and total revamp on the Pakatan Rakyat leadership,especially PKR.

    DAP on the other hand are an arrogant bunch,especially Dr.Hiew,MP of Kota Kinabalu.

    The people are watching,act now.

  7. Mr.Ronnie,

    I fully agree with you.I am proud that I'm a bajau and no-one will take that identity away from me.Although I'm an UMNO member in Semporna,and we are bajau's and not malays.

    Sallehudin Antok.

  8. Hiew -- he's an engineer who bought a doctorate in business from an non-existent university -- is a Press Releases MP. He's only interested in cheap publicity. He thinks the people in Kota Kinabalu will be impressed with his press releases. If not for the fact that Christina from PKR is an arsehole, Hiew would have lost in KK.

    How can you trust a person who buys a bogus doctorate?

    In the next General Elections, KK will fall to Sapp. Probably, Yong Teck Lee wil be the candidate.

  9. Assalamwualaikum,
    Saya amat kagum dengan pendirian dan hujah saudara Ronnie yang saya hormati.Memang benar,bangsa melayu tidak wujud sama sekali diSabah.

    Rakyat Sabah yang berugama Islam telah hilang kebanggaan kaum sendiri atas sebab politik.Permimpin politik Sabah dari UMNO telah hilang wawasan,dan ini amat menyedihkan oleh kerana mereka hanya mementingkan diri sendiri.

    Maria Ismail.

  10. Sependapat dengan Maria Ismail...
    Tetapi saya cuma terfikir mungkinkah pemimpin Sabah yang boleh disifatkan sebagai hilang kebanggaan kaum sendiri atas sebab politik mempunyai alasan tertentu????

    Isla Jaim

  11. Musa Aman is not a Pakistani but of a mixed parentage of Afgan and Dusun.
    Yes, there is no pure Melayu in Sabah but the Bajaus of Sabah comes under one of the early Austronesian group of people which is also of the Rumpun Melayu.
    The Sabahans were to be blamed for the entry of Umno into Sabah especially Pairin and his PBS gang that includes Jeffery himself. Had the PBS kept their promise with the late Tun Mustapa, Usno would not have been dissolved which paved the way for Umno to come in. The late Tun Mustapa is a very parochial and PBS should have kept their pre election agreement before the fall of Berjaya in order to keep Sabah is for Sabahans under the 20 points.
    Secondly the greed of the KDM leaders themselves had further weakened Sabah politics. When PBS was in power the State govt embarked on a policy of discrimination against the Bajaus, Brunei and the Muslim Sabahans which in turn made these people turned to KL for help.The blantant discrimination of Malays (I term the Bajaus and Bruneis etc..those of not the KDMs group as Malay for easy reference)in the State Civil Service was so pathetic. Junior civil service officers who are not of the KDMs group were promoted to take over from the Malay officers who have been at the top for years, some were even highly qualified but because they are Malays/Muslims they were transferred out or forced to work under their at one time junior officers. Is that not an insult?
    And in the JKM the KDMs were ruling like a tyrants and in Yayasan Sabah Jeffery was sitting there like a Godfather.
    Timer concession who had been given out to Berjaya leaders were cancelled and given to PBS cronies. Same vicious cycle!
    Who was tasked to ensure the downfall of PBS in Sabah by Mahathir? It was Anwar Ibrahim himself who had worked discreetly with the one and only one Yong Teck Lee. That is why they are good buddies today. Mathathir knew also that if he can take away the Chinese support in PBS the party will fall. And of course if he can create a rift among the KDM leaders everything will collapse. That was achieved which led to the birth of PBRS, UPKO etc..and the frogs and also the ISA arrests...then the final is the toppling of the "Huguan Siou"
    Sabahans deserved what they get today, for their greed, their leaders' greed and their ignorance!!!
    You guys out there say what you like the political landscape will never change in Sabah, especially with the very people who had engineered to take the rights of the Sabahans now are trying to propgate the return of it to the Sabahans just for the sake of winning elections. Afetr that everything will just be the same business as usual, squndering left and right. Then another group of crooks who had been sidelined will come up and try to topple the victorious crooks.
    Jeffery, Yong Teck Lee and the others are just discards. They have had their share of the loot.
    I am not Umno or PKR supporter becuase I have seen enough and I have decided to live overseas, get out from all this shit. Sabah is a beautiful and rich country if it is properly administered. But alas Sabah has been falling out from the mouth of a tiger into the mouth of a crocodile and into the mouth of a dragon...on and on and by the time the people realised it Sabah is already so poor that even the Sultan of Sulu does not want it anymore>

  12. Whether our argument make sense or not, I'm not in any position to judge...
    But I'm an optimist, Malaysians should always make it a better Malaysia:)

    True Heart

  13. Malaysia is my home. Malaysian is my family...
    So I love 1Malaysia...
    Plz do comprehend this and genuinely change for the better:)


  14. The Tsunami call will never reach Sabah shores but if ever reaches Sabah, bales of the paper with the picture of the Agong will be used as barrier to block the surge. You know what I mean? (Kepala Agong bah)
    That show Sabahans can easily be bought especially their leaders!!
    Bising bising tidak guna, at the end of the day singarung, araimai iti and pehi pehi with Mykads will vote for those with the most kepala agong!
    Dream on baby!

    What is this talk about Bangsa Melayu, Bajau and all the races?
    Make a good policy with no bangsa bangsa and religious discrimination then we call ourselves Malaysians like the Indonesians>
    And no more keris weilding moron leaders, ha it scare d the hell out of me, hah hah

  15. Berhujah lah kamu semua, rakyat Sabah akan dimabukan dengan wang dan janji palsu masa pilihanraya nanti. Akhirnya Umno dan kuncu kuncunya juga akan menang.Kenapa? kerana rakyaat Sabah tamak dan tidak memikirkan masa depan anak dan cucu cicit.
    Pemimpin Umno Sabah bukan hilang wawasan, tapi hilang fikiran kerana sibuk merampas kekayaan Sabah.
    Semua sama juga. Umno, BN, PKR semua satu perahu. Apalah lagi pemimpin PKR Sabah, sudah lama kekeringan, tunggu durian jatuh.

  16. The encroachment of UMNO into Sabah politics have profound changes in that it has polarised the pribumi to the far right. It was never discussed or ever thought by the founding father of Malaysia that one day UMNO, a Malay dominant party from Peninsula, would rule Sabah. The excuse was that under PBS government. Sabah, might seceede and to have links with the Phillipines. It is a far fetched assumption. Today no matter how one look at, feel about it,UMNO presence in Sabah is seen as a neo colonialist master.UMNO totally in power,offer other pribumi political parties little room to manourve to be a master of their own once again as promised under the Malaysia Agreement. The sound of Hidup Melayu a slogan popularised by UMNO leaders still rings in every one ears. By this slogan, I might be wrong to infer that only the Malays and not the others have the right to exist and prosper in Malaysia.

  17. My friend anon, PBS was solely to be blamed for the entry of Umno into the Sabah politics, it was not a mere inuendo that Sabah under PBS might seceede from Malaysia but it was a fact at that time, if not for the drunkard plotters who were boisterous during a drinking sessions and pouring out the secret in one of the pubs without realising that SB officers were all around.
    And who was behind it it was that very Havard graduate a product of Fletcher.
    But do not forget also that the late Tun Mustapa also nearly suceeded in doing the same thing during the Usno era which led to his downfall and the rise of Berjaya.
    Umno is here in Sabah to stay, no doubt about it, whatever you all say it will never change.

  18. I yearn for the day(I believe it's near) that my fellow Sabahans will stop being negative and naive.Yes,I agree PBS was the deciding factor and cause of UMNO's entry.Yes,that the politicians were crooks and crocodiles during their era as well as present day.Yes,the outcast are still around preaching changes with ulterior motives.Yes,it's the same old con-artist with different packaging.

    Malaysia have gain Independence 46 years ago,and what has Sabah really got to show?The poorest "state" in Malaysia,but how could that be when we are actually partners in the formation of this wonderful country?Some people has short change us,WHO?
    Very simple answer,USNO,Berjaya,PBS and now UMNO.

    Yes,I also agree that UMNO will never change,but aren't my beloved Sabahans going to do something about it.Are we enjoying their luscious rape that we want more?

    Yes,Jeffery,YTL and the bunch of wolfs in sheep's clothing are trying to paint a good picture that they have repented and will now fight for a better Sabah.Yes,their time has run out with no return.

    But my fellow Sabahans,what are we as a people doing to change and fully effect a better Sabah and for it's people.The only thing that's been constantly said in this comment section is,so and so is no good.Yes,there's nothing wrong in blowing off steam and lip whip these good for nothing political morons,but what's the alternative.

    Do we support Pakatan Rakyat or continue enjoying the constant rapes of UMNO/BN and be damned with what happens to our future generation.

    Enough of all these mumbo jumbo and backward history and start looking beyond.


  19. Whatever, Sabahans will stick together, don't try to corrupt us of forsaking our camaraderie... We just couldn't care less of this racial issue, it doesn't matter if you're Black or White.

  20. To Charity:
    You sounds like MJ's song. Hehehehe..

    Charity is right. Whatever it is, Sabahans will stick together. We do much more better without the corruption and racial issues. Thank you very much.

  21. I don't give a damn of what we have no control in. Just focus on all the little good stuff we have instead of fussing about all the big stuff we couldn't have makes life more peacefull. There is nothing we can do about the politics, voting is the only thing we can do in our part, even so, the outcome of the elections are not within our control. So why do we have to get all upset about these things?

  22. Thank God Gina millions of Malaysians don't share your opinion.It is such naivety such as yours that weakens a country.

    Politicians sit high because people like you and me put them there.If they have done good,we continue to put them there.But when they hoodwink and cheat the people,then we can also remove them.That's call people's Power.

    Don't be so naive and negative,the country is slipping,don't contribute by assisting to pull the trigger.

    Jeremy Tan.

  23. Jeremy Tan,

    I'm talking about the racism issue, dammnit, or are you a racist yourself, so you do agree that we should just let politics break us up? Why must we let the politics preventing us to live in peace with one another?

  24. For Christ Sake, there is no such thing as a politician who doesn't dabble with corruptions.
    No matter how many you put there or removed, there is no guarantee that they would not cheat the people. People's power is not the point, it is the people we're voting that couldn't be trusted. Don't be naive.

  25. Ronnie, you are bold and i salute you. There won't be change, that's for sure unless sabahans are ready. Keep up the good work.

  26. It is through history that we learn how to deal with the present and future.
    Again I say, say or do what you like Umno is here to stay in Sabah, no matter what! What has been done by all those crooks in sheep's clothing in the past can never be undone. Especially the KDMs, they will always be subservient to KL leaders. We Sabahans only talk and talk, but no balls to even carry a gun and fight for our rights.
    Come election time singarung will take care of everything! So what bullshit of people's power are we talking about. To me Sabah is long gone. To all of you guys you are just wasting your time. Yes, I am pessimistic, Sabah is "nasi sudah jadi bubur!" Who are we looking up to for help now, still people from KL right? but the only different is that they are in the opposition. Sabahans are puppets and the puppet players are the West Malaysians. So today Sabah PKR puppets are being operated by the same puppet players from Semananjung right?
    Talk and dream on fellas!
    PTIs and corruption are still rampant in Sabah, bickering among Sabah leaders is still there. Sabah claims has never been solved! It is still hanging there.
    The same polticians who have been sucking Sabah dry are still trying to get into power to squander some more. What pride is there anymore for Sabah?

  27. To my Anon friend above that mentioned about Sabahans only talk....I've had my balls ready and now prepared to carry that gun and fight for my state and my people,are you ready to join me.

    Lets meet and discuss strategy.

    Uncle Lim.

  28. Sabah politicians/leaders are probably the most mistaken creatures. They are not frogs but chameleons, shrewd ones even.

    Not only they have no qualms abondoning their own race and to adopt a new or more superior one, they even conveniently changed their religion.

    Such a trend is not because the Malays are strong but because the race or community which these politicians/leaders belonged to are too weak in terms of their character and moral principle, thus easily influenced or lured by those with strong principal$$$.

    These chameloen-like politicians/leaders would do anything to maintain their status quo, even if they have to sell their own mother and their soul to the devil.

    So, becareful of what they promise or tell you next time. Don't be fooled!

    Chameleon Dundee

  29. Neutral ObserverJuly 28, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    Uncle Lim.

    You are brave. I salute you. We need people like you to voice and point out the points.

    To Gina,
    I agree with you 100%. Politicians who raise the racism issues should be stoned. If it is on high-rise, that would cause chaos and splits.

    Jeremy Tan: I think you misunderstood Gina's point. She says something different and you interprete differently. How lame. Yes, the country is slipping away and agree with that but don't you think politics that involve race issues is causing trouble? What naivety? Gina is stating the truth. Or you can't handle the truth?

    From my point of view? The race card is being played and lay out on the table which that won't be a good thing. It will divide and the impact can get much more worse and history repeats itself. But the damage for this country is done and there is no point of return.

    We can still save can save Sabah's pride but that won't do if there is only few who wants to save our beloved state. It will need more than few to do so.

    It's time to wait for the next GE.

  30. Uncle Lim,
    We can meet and discuss about the strategy, but how do I know whether you are not an SB officer trying to fish out information.Please do not forget that "anjing perintah" could also be reading this blog. So I suggest we meet in Los Angeles, California. How about it huh?

  31. Wait for the durian to fall?
    All Sabahans must unite in order to change in the political horizon, but the problem with Sabahans is that there are bound to be Judasess.
    I doubt Sabah will change because the KL Umno leaders will try their very best to retain Umno's domination in Sabah.
    Say what you guys like Musa Aman has done a good job in developing Sabah especially KK despite the fact that most of the development projects were given to his cronies or his relatives. This has been going on since Usno time anyway, whoever is in power everything will be given to the supporters. We make hell of a noise, because we happen to be out of the golden circle, so we try all out to discredit whoever is in power.Right? This is universal even in the USA. It's all the president's men who get s the "Kangtau".
    So my fellow Sabahans, toe the line if you people want to be rich.

  32. Anon,if there's one thing I hate the most are hypocrites.For a moment I thought you were one of the many brave one's,no matter what the obstacles were.I guess I was wrong.You are just one of the many who is all talk and no action.You were actually referring to yourself in your comment.
    I forgive you,the Chinese have a saying,if you dare to say something make sure you're prepared to do it,if not SHUT UP.

    Uncle Lim.

  33. Yes,many are afraid of backlash!! I can understand.Like to comment only but not to commit!!Ahmad Sukri,you're not the only one to have teary eyes.I feel sad that our country has gone this way after so many yrs of independence with the wealth not fairly distributed & with corruption involving millions!!!
    Why should we look,judge or select another M'sian for friendship, appt or scholarship by only the looks,colour in other words by ethnic origin & religion!!!It's a skewed & narrow-minded way of judging.You judge by his quality & possible potential for future contribution to the economy--viz his character & ability in performing well.So you follow the principle of meritocracy to succeed.Any Govt that follows race-based policies cannot survive for long.It will self-destruct just like what Kuli predicted here!!.He has the good foresight.Just wait to see!!

  34. An interesting article appeared in the Malaysia Today website,"MELAYU TAK WUJUD SEBENARNYA".

    Read more

    A Malaysian.

  35. Malay is not a race but a nationality. Hence, we have books on Malay nationalism. That's why anyone can be Malay just as anyone can be Indian, Malaysian or American for that matter. The only stipulation to be Malay is that you must be Muslim, speak Malay and habitually practise Malay culture, customs and traditions, according to the Constitution which recognises the Malays

    The story of the Malays is the story of a nation within a nation just as the story of the Dayaks and the KadazanDusunMuruts.

    Melayu, in the Javanese language means "one who ran away" or refugees. So, anyone who ran away became a Melayu. The word lanun and melanun also originates from the word Melayu. The Melayu ran away and became pirates. The language of these pirates became a trading language and borrowed heavily from Sanskrit during the Hindu and Buddhist era in Southeast Asia to become the bahasa Melayu of today.

    If Muslims in Malaysia want to avoid being categorised as Melayu, they must not habitually speak Malay and practise Malay culture customs and traditions.

  36. Uncle Lim,
    There is also a saying in Malay "hangat hangat tahi Ayam" You are one of them. I said that if you are really serious in what you let's meet in LA. Or maybe you are one of those katak dibawah tempurung.
    And I am saying how can I know that you are not an SB officer. Do you know that Malaysian SB is one of the best in South East Asia!

    To Jeyiki,
    you have said well. In order to succeed how can one just commit without knowing what is on the other side. Yes, nothing has been fair in Malaysia.
    What is going on in Malaysia is a strategy to unite the Malays, which was used by the late PM Tun Razak. That was why May 13 occured and all the Malays were united for one cause. I am sorry to say that but it is a fact. The 1Malaysia concept is all but just an eyewash to show the world,just for the sake of international image. The govt is not practicing what it preaches. If you have ever attended the Biro Tata Negara course it would open your eyes. Of course if you are a one track mind Malay you will agree to what was taught but if you are a moderate Malay who is for muhibbah and fairness the policy is disgusting.
    For all what I have said here I think my good friend uncle is lost in a limbo.
    Yes what Tengku Razaleigh said is true that raced based policy will destroy the govt.
    In Sabah, the race-based policy has not been practiced that rigorously as in Semenanjung because the CM is not a full breed Malay and Sabah and Sarawak have always been unique in term of racial mixed marriages and religious tolerance.What has been going on is that it is KL leaders are not happy at the real muhibbah in Sabah so they are the ones who has been trying to divide Sabahans in order to rule to the extend Sabah has got PBS, PBRS, UPKO etc..Why do they allow these party to register to create a split among the KDMs and the non-Muslims, but not the Malays by not allowing Usno Baru to be registered.
    Who is to be blamed, it is the Sabahans themeselves. Here we talk and talk but how many Sabahans will really listen and analyse the problem. The problem in Sabah is not much of a race or religion it is actually greed, the rampant corruptions and squandering of the state's wealth by a handful few who are close to the present state govt, but if one is to really see they are not Malays, some of the companies who got the projects have many Chinese shareholders and other races but these people are close to the CM.
    It is those who did not have a chance to get these privileges are making all the noise.
    But if one is a widely travelled person you will see that this is not only happening in Malaysia or Sabah alone, it is happening even in the most advanced countries in the world like the US, UK and Australia.
    In the US, when the Republicans lost the white house to the Democrats, the same thing is happening now. And of course the Republicans are now complaining and trying their best to stop every damn legislations that the Democrats is trying to push through. The only difference is that in the US they are doing it in a transparent and civilised way and of under the scrutiny of the people.
    The situation in Malaysia is indeed very complex. Can Malaysia actually follow the the principle of meritocracy and open market policy when the Malays and Bumiputras have all this time been spoonfed by the govt through the NEP.
    The Govt cannot open up immediately and open up, because that will drive the Malays back to stone-age and create chaos in the nation.
    This is a point to ponder especially for Uncle Lim.

  37. To rid Sabah of UMNO, the only formidable Political Party to set things right in Sabah is PKR. Unfortunately and like the BN, PKR likes to keep as its leaders those already 'Tried, Tested and Proven (cynically)' ..... Hope you, Ronnie, can list out who amongst those in PKR or PAKATAN would shine out and at least convince us to place our votes in the coming General ELections. I for one, wish that all the 'has beens' or 'prove-(cynically again' politicians in PKR would just call it a day and let those untainted guys and gals, young or elderly, as long as untainted to lead PKR and Pakatan. BN has missed out on these people but that is because those tainted ones in BN are currently elected BUT PKR has no elected political leaders in Sabah .... is that not an opportunity for PKR to make great and radical changes to its lineup and hopefully do away with BN and make a real change from the STate to the Federal Government. ..... Ronnie, u r a doing a great job with your blog, please extend these thoughts on putting in new untested and untainted leadership into PKR Sabah so we can be hopeful of the difference that it gives the electorate as opposed to BN's. Regards

  38. You all just do not want to accept the fact that the Malays are ruling.

  39. Haish, what is going on with the country today? Everything is going haywire. *sigh*

  40. I agree with Hopeful that untainted leaders should lead Pakatan. In the next GE I doubt Pakatan can win any seats if the same discarded politicians are in the coalition. I also agree with Hopeful that the only strong party to set things right in Sabah is PKR, but with politician like Jeffery and some of those former PBS leaders in the party they will only ruin the image of the party.

  41. Anon,

    Why must Malays insist that they rule? If you are really good, you don't have to be afraid that Chinese or Indians take over your places. If there is a fair chance given to all races to rule, I would have nothing to say. Its not that we don't want to accept the fact that Malays are ruling... Its a fact that you're afraid that you couldn't catch up with other races that you insist that you are put first in everything, this is why the term Bumi-putera surfaces. You get top priveledges to buy houses, cars, lands, entitled for scholarships... You got to admit that you Malays are dependend to such benefits while the rest of us just scrap through like ordinary people. You can see the unfairness here, the recism... We're not complaining, but it doesn't mean you should brag either.

  42. Victoire,
    say what you like, there is nothing you can change, the Malays have dominated the govt since 1957, Malays are not afraid that the Indians or Chinese take over. Please remember during colonial time the Malays did not get any privilege from the British, so today after Merdeka it is the Malays turn to reap all the good things which were given to the non Malays by the orang putih. Malays are not stupid but they also have to protect their rice bowl and their generation.
    During the colonial days were the Malays given a fair chance in the administration of the govt. Who dominates the govt? The Malays were considered stupid and cannot be educated and the most the Malays got to become were drivers and office boys only.
    So now after independence, it is the Malays turn to be the boss.So what say you. Malays is going to dominate the govt forever as long as the country Malaysia exists on the face of the earth.
    In the face of the earth can you find fairness and justice. It is only a word. If justice and fairness exist even the birds will not eat the worms.
    There is no fairness and justice in the world. Even in religions do not practice fairness.
    The most advanced countries in the world US which has the best system do not even practice fairness, look how the Red Indians were treated, look at how the Balcks were treated.
    So to say justice and fairness there is none at all.
    So if PKR or Pakatan wins and rule the BN people will complain that there is no fairness and justice. It is just a vicious cycle.
    Ponder what I have said, no hard feelings. It is a fact.

  43. Anon,
    At least the U.S allow Obama to be President. They are willing to lower the barriers to welcome a change, while in Malaysia, there is not a bloody chance for the Chinese or Indians to rule. The way you put it, its like: It's all about the revenge, you guys deserves it. Oh yes, that makes you and your race sounds like arrogant snobs. Whatever, I don't wish to further involve in this crap you're talking about. Discussion Closed. STOP.

  44. Dear Anonymous,

    I know you are defending Malays but hey!I do think that Indians are bad treated than Malays.Most of the Malays are enjoying working under govt sector and etc.So what's the big deal for you to say that MALAYS ARE BAD TREATED THAN THE REST?Most of the Indians are working as cab drivers too.Chinese do work at the factories too.Everybody is equalized.Please,take a look at your surroundings more clearly.

  45. Anon, not all Malays think like you. You are an disgrace to our race.

  46. Lex, are you living in the US now? Do you know what is going on in the US now?
    I am not talking about revenge but I am talking about the real fact. I say again as long as Malaysia is in the world map as a nation the Malays will dominate the govt, no matter what.You guys can wait until kingdom come, nowhere will Malaysia have a Chinese or Indian PM. In Sabah and Sarawak a non-Malay (muslim) can at least have chance to be the CM, that also includes the unfederated Malays states. But PM sorry lah, no way whether you like it or not.
    To anon who told me to take a look at my surrounding, please read what I wrote , I am not referring to the present time but during the colonial days!

  47. Anon,

    I'm not here to disgrace any race.This topic is about Sabahans and I'm one of it here.Lets make it clear,Malays are the major race in whole of Malaysia so why you are so frustrating and unsure about it?I mean you can get things easily.Why you are so scared about your position in here?

  48. Anon (July 30, 2009 7:14PM)

    Anon, anon, anon. You give up too easily and I find you comments are quite arrogant but oh well, that's your point and can't change that.

    If you think the Malays have been badly treated, and how about the Chinese, the Indians and other races? Have you ever thought how they suffers even before and after colonial times or after Independance Day?

    We are the one who should break the barrier between races, we are the one who should mix around without caring if you are Chinese, Indian, Iban, Dayak, Kadazan, Murut, Bajau and as Malaysian, we should work together and not putting other races down.

    For example in the US.Yes, the Red Indians and the black African-American people were treated unfairly because of the colour of their skin.

    There is still hope for justice and fairness but if it's only one man to do so, it won't work coz that needs the support from the people.

    But in Malaysia, the damage is done and the politician have been using religion and race card to divide the people whether they notice it or not.

    And don't you give me a crap that I am naive and stuffs. That's my point of view whether you like it or not.

  49. Ritsuki,
    Thank God for people who look at a matter from all directions instead of insisting on one. Blatant ignorance is certainly no bliss.

    you're being way to arrogant, ignorant and racist.

  50. As I ever said,I never stands in any race so I dont think I'm wrong in this.

  51. If some of the Malays still have shallow mindset, I don't think they can succeed anywhere.

    I find politicians who plays the religion and race cards are shallow, lame and plain pathetic.

    That's why I hate politics and it's politicians. *shakes head*

  52. Soon after UMNO lead government took over the reign of the State government, it was no secret that unwritten ' directive ' was circulated to ensure that the civil service and top post in the state shall be dominated by Malay Bumi.That is why so many of non Malay bumi no matter how qualified they are, fail to get the job. This is a deliberate move of ethnic cleasing in the civil service, and this is a prove that UMNO lead government practIse ' racism ' while pretending to be fair. The bumi Malays claimed that the same happen during PBS rule. 0nly qualifified officers irrespective of race or relighoun was promoted or head a department during the PBS rule. Under UMNO's lead government, an errant boy can be appointed as a Bank Manager in the Sabah Bank. What are we talking about 0ne Malaysia when the Army, Police, and Federal and State Ministries are dominated by one race only, the Malay race. The Policy sound good but there are too many little Napoleon holding the power to ensure that the slogan ' hidup Malayu ' will flourished unhindered.

  53. Dear Anon(above)
    I certainly agreed with your statement.No doubt that,they've been given high priority in terms of everything.

  54. Akibat Kemasukan UMNO ke Sabah:
    1. Yayasan Sabah jadi bankrap
    2. Sabah Bank ditutup.
    3. Sabah Finance ditutup.
    4. Kebebasan beragama terhapus dengan tergubalnya Enakmen Jenayah Syariah yang menjadikan keluar Islam satu jenayah.
    5. Lembaga Letrik Sabah dijual kepada TNB.
    6. Ketua Menteri ditentukan oleh PM.
    7. Buat pertama kali ada pembalakan haram di Taman Negara Kinabalu (2007)
    8. Hadirnya pejabat Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Persekutuan padahal Sabah ada kementeriannya sendiri dalam hal ini.
    9. Pertambahan permit teksi dan bas kepada orang yang diragui warganegara.
    10. Kebanjiran kereta second hand dari Semenanjung menyebabkan orang Sabah susah mau jual kereta durang(tidak berlaku di Swak)
    11. Wujudnya bangsa Melayu di Sabah, jadi siapa saja yang beragama Islam atau pura-pura beragama Islam boleh jadi Melayu.
    12. Mahkamah Anak Negeri tiada kuasa (sekarang perkahwinan adat mesti didaftar di JPN)
    13. Wujud ketegangan agama walaupun tidak ketara (contoh:fatwa kpd orang Kristian tidak boleh pakai nama Allah dan fatwa melarang patung keagamaan di tempat awam)
    14. Enam kerusi ADUN lantikan tidak lagi diisi (sepatutnya diisi oleh bangsa2 yang tiada ADUN spt Lundayeh, Bonggi, Bagahak, Subpan, Kadazan Papar, orang Labuan.
    15. Banyak masalah kes tanah orang kampung dirampas (cth: Paitan, Kunak, Keningau, Tongod, Lahad Datu dan Ranau)
    16. Masalah PTI bertambah. (sewaktu Musa Aman ambil alih, banyak setinggan yang kena roboh oleh Chong Kah Kiat berdiri kembali dan tiada lagi checking di checkpoint Sandakan dan Semporna.
    17. Stesen bas KK dipindah pi Inanam dan Wawasan Plaza, menyusahkan rakyat biasa!
    18. Banyak bikin flyover, tapi KK tetap jam!
    19. Percubaan menempatkan setinggan yang diragui warganegara di kawasan orang tempatan (spt Maang dan Sulim)
    20. Pembinaan paip gas di Kimanis yang tujuannya untuk mengalirkan gas untuk diproses di Sarawak!
    21. KK tiada hospital!

    Jadi UMNO = Untuk Merosakkan Negeri Orang !

  55. Join politics and fight.

  56. Well most country help minority but suprisingly malaysia help the majority (: like australia , they help the native instead of the whites and they are not racist to the chinese there although they success in many ways.If malaysia continue giving priviledges to the "majority" no doubt years later they would be useless without the government's help . Can't those "majority-people"(you-know-who) live their life without the help of the government by sucking tax payers hardwork money ? Many great people from Malaysia slowly emigrate to other countries because Malaysia refuse to help them. Sooner or later,Malaysia will be dominate by lame you-know-who people.

  57. Sabahan has always been to me a peaceful country despite lack of development and support from the federal government. We trully respect and live harmoniously. Thing has gone beyond worst when UMNO/BN took over PBS, after rumoured of idea to separate from Malaysia. Practice of money politic, and buying votes from illegal immigrant which gain citizenship in return. Rich is getting richer where the poor is getting poorer. Malay were born without knowing freedom, unable to choose their religion for the sake of crooked few, so called ideology to protect the 'ketuanan melayu'. Who are the locals? The indigenous people. Malays were origin from indonesia, chinese from china, indian from india but why treat us differently. We will never be trully OneMalaysia if priviledge is not abolish to compete freely. People must open their eyes, and vote for change. A real change.

  58. The more political party in Sabah (yg kunun2 mewakili Bangsa Sabah), the harder for us, The True People Of Sabah to unite.
    Why must 'org Dusun',' Org Kadazan', 'Org Rungus', 'Org Murut' and other Bumiputra Races in Sabah create a party specific to their races? Someone should unite all these 'sub' parties into only 'One True Sabahan Party' more PBRS,SAPP,PBS,etc..all these nonsense should stop..
    1 party for Sabahan is enough..we dont need people who are interested in political reason!!we want a party who really hear the voice of True Sabahan!!I'm a Kadazan,and it hurts me to see that my place somewhere in Papar still dont have a well managed road and bustops..where is the so called budget for Sabah?
    People of Sabah,open your eyes.The time has come for us to stand united for the sake of our Race!


  59. Good response anonymous.But I don't know your blog name.So many here are "Anonymous".
    I still believe that spoonfeeding the Bumis can't go on forever until kingdom come la. Come on we got to move with the times otherwise big -time investors will happily give the nation a miss.You know what I mean.We need to wean off the baby Malays!!!

  60. what is the problem they gave IC's away to win of charge THE SABAH secret to dominance!
    so who to blame? maybe DSAI can shed some light as he was in the so called A TEAM that time....he knows better!
    many boxes of cash given away to buy and win voters heart, that also known by DSAI!
    all of UMNO knows about it... the mastermind none other than - TUN DR MAMAK HIMSLEF!

  61. To Maesto,
    Do not hope far united Sabah my friend if the KDMs themselves are so greedy especially the KDMs leaders. PBS managed to unite the Sabahans but it was the KDMs leaders in PBS were the ones who betrayed the people.
    Had all the KDMs in Sabah were solidly behind the Huguan Siou KL could not have toppled the Sate Govt. The KDMs leaders at that time were bought, threatened and sold by Umno. Even Joseph Pairin own brother betrayed him.Dompok, Kurup and etc..that is why so many Kadazan party.
    And please do not forget also that the people in PBS were too arrogant especially the KDMs, the party was run by a handful few who gave Pairin the wrong advice and the policy have been too discriminatory against the Muslims Sabahans who in turned had no choice but to turn to KL for support.
    Sabah deserved what they get today especially the KDMs, until kingdom come the KDMs will have no chance to lead the state and will always have to kowtow to the Malay leaders. Look what happened to the Huguan Siou now. Just being pull along by the nose like a buffalo. The KDMs dignity is gone,you KDMs have sold it off because of your greed! I am a Kadazan from Papar myself, and I am mad at my own race stupidity.

  62. To Maesto,

    In case you get mad at me for writing my mind. Read this piece from the DE, how we KDMs have to beg KL.

    Priority should be given to KDM parties: Kurup

    Published on: Sunday, August 02, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Keningau: The Kadazandusun-Murut (KDM) parties under Barisan Nasional (BN) should be given priority to contest in any new constituency that may be created in any of the existing KDM-dominated constituencies under the on-going Election Commission (EC) re-delineation exercise in Sabah.

    Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Minister Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, who is also PBRS President, also hoped the KDM communities would remain united and give their full support to the KDM-based parties which have been fighting for their interests.

    He claimed non-KDM-based parties in the BN had demanded representation in any new constituency that may be created in the Interior under the re-delineation exercise.

    He described this as "not a good action by our colleagues and kind of an attempt to marginalise."

    Kurup, who is Pensiangan MP, was speaking at a leader-meet-the-people session at Kampung Merapok, here.

    Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister and Sook Assemblyman Datuk Ellron Angin, PBRS Youth chief Vincent Lee and Sook PKR Charles Ikang were among those present.

    Kurup said under the new electoral boundary plans, the Mukim Trans Pegalan in Sook state constituency is expected to be involved and may be named as a new constituency in the future.

    He advised the people to be careful about leaders who would only make use of them to chase for power but would not do anything to fight and protect their rights on certain matters.

  63. To anonymous,
    well,begging is what our KDM can do nowadays..its a shame that we had to beg from the the time past us by,we KDM people are losing our dignity and rights..and i will not be surprised if more political party 'evolved'..i just pray that one day all this nonsense will stop and may someone from our KDM community unite all the 'blinded' KDM..let me stressed it out again that Sabah only need 1 political party that serve the Sabahan people fairly and truely..our KDM leaders nowadays are fat with people's money but the KDM people are slowly going downhill..i recently saw a KDM people who were scolded by a non-Sabahan Bumiputra because the poor guy was selling goods nearby his place,much cheaper and much better quality..the non-Sabahan guy claimed that the poor guy is selling illegal goods(which the KDM guy is actually selling his goods with license).i ask the non-Sabahan guy if he has a permit and the response that i get?'kamu ingat kamu siapa?sa tidak payah lesen bah..itu datu ****** sa punya ipar ba,tida payah lesen berniaga!kami 1 bangsa bah!'..
    irony?indeed..leaders of KDM,this will happen in the future if you dont act swiftly..we are losing our grounds..the KDM leader should start 'turun padang' and for their own eyes see what is actually happening on the ground..'Once the dignity of KDM has gone,forever it will be gone and forever we will be treated unfairly'..
    i'm just writing based on my experience..feel very sorry if i offended anyone..just want you all to know the situation the KDM is facing now (because i' feeling the pinch already)..

  64. Wow... i'm on the right place (your blog) but (sigh) still feel stucked... change is available but are we ready...? Because personally, I felt like I'm going to battle demons to get changes!

  65. Maesto,
    You are one of the right thinking guy, you have the guts to say what the KDMs deplorabel situation now.
    KDMs should by now realised that sooner or later the KDMs will be refugees in their own land. The present KDM leaders today are just too busy filling up their own pockets and fighting among themselves.
    Yes, I pray that the KDMs will be able to get back their pride, but of course only if we KDM unite for a common goal and no traitors. All this while the KDM leaders are too greedy and never thought of the future of their grandchildren who will be forced to stay back in Sabah where their ancestotrs have toiled for generations. Just look, even the Mount Kinabalu,if one is to ponder, the mountain itself depicted the land of the KDMs. The KDMs have for generations believed that Kinoringan dwell in this mountain. Sabah is the land of the KDMs, the KDMs are not immigrants. So to see the sons of the soil being treated unfairly is very painful!

  66. Well, we heard one part of the stories..How about the other part of it?

    We knew that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (ex UMNO) was the mastermind of buying the two PBS politicians when PBS had won merely 2 seats during the 90's. He also one of the active politicians who had brought UMNO into Sabah..

    Sorry to say but it is a fact though..

  67. And this is the same Anwar trying to get to the top again.
    Sorry to say that looking at what is going on in the Pakatan, I think the coalition will not last till next GE. PAS and DAP will never be able to agree and on the top of that with BN spies and turncoats everywhere in the PKR it will be in shambles soon.

  68. Whatever it is, as long nothing happens here in Sabah. That is all that matters. Yes, I don't agree with the ignorance of one's identity but it's better we hope for the best for Sabah.

  69. Of course, we all want the best for Sabah. Who cares what identity you are, we are all Malaysians. Why must we let our differences tear us apart?

  70. @Gina:

    True. We should put our differences apart and unite instead of pitting with each other which was a plain waste of time and sweat.

  71. We are so different in many ways... But, like Gina said, why must we let our differences tear us apart?

  72. Bersatulah demi rakyat Sabah... Ketepikan pengangan politik dulu... Fokus bagaimana nak tingkatkan taraf rakyat...
    Pasal bangsa tu terpulang la dengan diri masing-masing:)
    Apapun bangsa pemimpin, itu nombor 2... yang penting utamakan kebajikan rakyat dulu :)

  73. Bickering amongst ourselves would bring no benefits. Why don't we let go of our differences and truly realised the 1 M'sia concept?

  74. If we ourselves won't make the first move, who, pray tell, could do it for us? Gina, you've made the point.

  75. Your identity is how you see yourself. Do you think yourself more superior than the others because you are Bumiputera? What would you think of people who perceived themselves above the rest because they are richer, prettier or more famous? You'll think they are snobs, stuck-ups, arrogant... compare the two situations, you'll find that there is not much differences.

  76. The race and religion card shouldn't be drawn and played it publicly. It should be steer clear of. Sadly, it was drawn and shown to the Public.

    Anway, unity among is is a must. Put our differences aside and let's stand tall together and show the rest of the world we can make it and succeed.

  77. Obama once said: "We've got a tragic history when it comes to race in this country. We've got alot of pent-up anger, and bitterness and misunderstanding... This country wants to move beyond these kind of things."

    Don't we all want to move beyond our differences and our conflicts?

  78. If you want to become a good leader, you have to let go of all those grudges. You are the representative of each and every person in the country, no matter their races or religion. If you yourself could not let go of your personal insights, there is no way you could be a good leader. A leader should be fair and unbiased in judgment, otherwise, he is just a power hungry dictator.

  79. I gotta agree with Mark.

    To be a good leader, you need to let go all of the grudges. As a matter of fact, being a leader means you are representing and leading everyone in the country from different age, race and religion.

    Leader with personal insights is a bad example. That goes for a leader who are a racist and a bigot. A leader's judgement should be fair and unbiased.

    Otherwise he will be known as a power hungry dictator ruling the country. This will move the country to destruction.

  80. The moral of this story? Don't forget your roots and be someone you are not.

    "1Malaysia" plan will succeed if no one play the race card.

    The KDM in Sabah should start to unite and held strong. That goes for uniting with other races with any grudges or hate.

    To succeed is to put our differences whatever races you are and religion you are in.

    The key to much more stronger and harmonious core foundation of the country is to be united and tolerate each other.

  81. As Barrack Obama would say,
    "If people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost."

    So, yeah, being a leader is not easy. *sweats*

  82. It seems to me that everybody is quoting Obama nowadays. XD.

  83. Apa boleh buat... semuanya terpulang kepada individu itu sendiri...
    Paling penting dorang buat kerja dorang la..
    itu da cukup memadai:P

  84. Whatever... 1 thing for sure Sabahans will always stick together... That's why I love being Sabahans:)
    Aramaii tii tanpa membezakan bangsa, agama dll...

  85. Just put our differences aside and everything will going to be OK :)

  86. Keep blaming UMNO doesn't bring any changes...
    Some of you are really hate with our politicians... So why not you guys join politics and see if you can do better than our leader now!!!!

  87. I wish 1 day, there's no more power - of greed, corruption and racial discrimination :)

  88. Semakin perbezaan dicari, semakin kebencian bertambah...
    Lapangkan hati dan fikiran, fikir cara untuk maju ke hadapan dan bukkannya saling menyalahkan :)
    Selamat menikmati hari yang indah:)

  89. Ya betul tu Winnie :)
    Kita hanya akan menambahkan rasa benci jika terus mencari perbezaan...
    Cuba lah cari persamaan supaya kita boleh bersatu...

  90. Artikel yang menarik kerana ia menjurus kepada keperibadian individu...
    Bagi saya, apapun alasan penduduk Sabah yang berugama Islam mengganggap diri mereka berbangsa Melayu itu hal lain..
    Yang penting mereka tahu apa yang mereka lakukan - ia terpulang kepada mereka sendiri...
    Lagipun sipalah kita untuk menilai mereka :)

  91. We should put our differences apart and being together to realised the 1Malaysia concept.
    I believe, we can make it :)

  92. I believe we can realised the concept of 1Malaysia:)
    As long as we stick together and focus to better change - we can make it...
    So let's show to the world WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN :)

  93. We can achieve 1Malaysia concept if we want to - It's all in our hands...
    Ignore our differences and love yourself as Malaysians:)
    Remember "together we stand, divided we fall" :)