Monday, June 15, 2009

Sabah Government silent over Tawau coral reefs mining incident – another ‘national shame’!

The Sabah Government,under the leadership of Datuk Musa Aman should be put under a microscope for being silent over the coral reef mining in Tawau,Sabah which is a "national shame".The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission must investigate,expose and prosecute these "day light robbers"of our national treasures and heritage.

IT’S RATHER sad and ashamed that just when the Sabah State Government is passionately encouraging Malaysians as well as people from all over the world to vote in one of our tourism icons - Sipadan Island, as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature(pic), a group of unscrupulous Malaysians was busy mining coral reefs in Tawau.

This was reported in the Malaysiakini on Sunday, 14 June, 2009.Two(2)days have since passed,and no official statement has been issued by the State Government.Was it because this significant finding was exposed by the opposition or was it a "trivial matter',that didn't warrant public attention?Why is the State Government silent over this matter? Kudos to Tawau PKR Chief Datuk Kong Hong Ming(pic) and his source for exposing such a horrendous crime on nature and humanity. Had not for their courage in exposing this, the devastating destruction of our precious coral reefs in Tawau could still be continued.

What was mind-boggling was that such activities had been carried out right under the noses of the relevant authorities undetected for the past one decade.Surely the State Government with all it's ears and eyes on the ground,logistics and enforcement,can't be deaf,dumb or blind. I believe the relevant authorities have lots of explaining to do here especially if the claim by Kong that a report had been lodged by his source to the Environmental Protection Department in Tawau earlier, was true.Suffice it to say,that our politicians have the tendency to think and convinced themselves that we the rakyat are indeed morons.

I strongly urge the State Government and the relevant authorities to spare no effort and leave no stone unturned in investigating the matter and to take sternest action against the culprits as well as those who were in cahoots, regardless of who they are, even if it involves some very senior government officers or politicians. A clear and strong message must be sent to would-be perpetrators.

Failing which, I guess we would then loss whatever moral grounds there is to continue to ask people to vote in Sipadan as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature since we failed to protect those coral reefs in Tawau which size of affected area is several hundred times larger than the one in Sipadan that was damaged by a steel barge in 2006, especially if the claim that the mining area about nine kilometres from the shore would encompass five acres.(picture left showing coral debris found at the processing site)

I wonder what’s the estimated cost of losses that incurred based on the economic value of the coral reefs that were destroyed by the unscrupulous miners?

Coral reefs are a valuable ecological and economic resource in Malaysia, estimated to worth some US$635 million (RM2.2 billion) per year, mainly from tourism and fisheries revenues, not taking into account of shoreline protection and their research potential.

And I hope our State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun(pic) too would give his full and serious attention in investigating the matter and to give the people of Sabah a truthful explanation on what was going on that led to such a devastating incident that fit to be called a ‘national shame’.

Lets hope this time the State government would not attempt to hush-hush the issue like what it did with the Sipadan barge incident three years ago, where it was reliably learnt that the contractor involved, Kumpulan Surati Sdn Bhd was left off the hook with just a public apology and bearing the clean-up cost.

I also call on NGOs like Sabah Environment Protection Association (SEPA) to closely monitor the issue and to put pressure on the State Government to better protect our precious natural resources.

It’s rather unfortunate that once again, Malaysia, Sabah in particular is in the international limelight for the wrong reason.


  1. Once again Ronnie you've pictured it correctly.I read the article appearing in Malaysiakini and was eagerly waiting for the state government's respond.No respond seem to be forthcoming from them,why?

    Are they trying to sweep this under the carpet as well or protecting a politician who has a hand in this?We Sabahans better wake up.

  2. Where are all the UMNO/BN Aduns and MP's in Tawau?Have all of you lost your eye sight and hearing abilities?Under your bloody noses,yet gone undetected.

    Any of you having a stake or commission from the operator?Kasi malu Sabah di mata global.

  3. My post IS SILENCE GOLDEN? might point you to the reason why THEY zipped up!

  4. In another shameful case is the prostitution in the sea off Tawau.
    Don't the illegal Government know about this as it is related to this article below and I believe it is more like 500,000 involved with human trafficking as per my books in 3 ed - EPIC of Sabah. Joshua Kong

    230,000 Indonesians 'trafficked' in Sabah
    Joe Fernandez | Jun 16, 09 5:23pm
    The Jakarta-based International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) estimates that the illegal trafficking of Indonesians in Sabah to be as high as 230,000.

    Abhijit Dasgupta, ICMC’s senior manager said that the figures were derived from a study of 700,000 Indonesian migrant workers in Sabah.

    “We estimate that there at least 100,000 legal and illegal Indonesians working in homes, restaurants, cafes, bars and brothels,” said Dasgupta.

    “The others are in the construction, agriculture and plantation industries.”

    Dasgupta said this when presenting a paper ‘Combating Trafficking in Persons for Sexual Exploitation’ at a seminar in Samarinda, Kalimantan.

    While he could not provide the latest figures, Dasgupta cited a 2003 study by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment in Jakarta which estimated that about 5,000 Indonesian women were trafficked for prostitution in Sabah.

    Dasgupta laid the blame on Sabahans for the huge influx of Indonesians workers as they were unwilling to be employed in dirty, difficult and dangerous work.

    He also said the growth of the market economy and a tendency to procure cheaper labour to make maximise profits contributed to the problem.

    Dasgupta also pointed out that Malaysia only passed its Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act in 2007.

  5. umnuuu sabah boleh...apa pun boleh ba di sabah...tiada kes punya la...

  6. Sabah is indeed a sad case where its rich natural resources, from those on the surface of the land to underneath it to the sea were all whacked by those in power & their cronies or proxies.

    After emtying the copper/gold deposit in Mamut and causing great ordeal to the Ranau folks (untimely death/deformed birth)due to lead/mercury poisoning, and their padi fields contaminated,then whacking all the virgin forests of the timbers, now even the corals in the sea are not spared.

    So, what next or what would be left for our future generations?

    This somehow reminded me of the famous quote of our Sri Tanjung DAP YB, Jimmy Tiger Wong made in the State Legislative Assembly sitting - "vacumm cleaner" to describe the state of affairs in the state under the present administration.

    I say my fellow Sabahan bros & sisters, before the state is "vacumm cleaned", we better show the present administration the door come the next general election.

    I may be working in overseas now but i shall come back to vote the BN out. But i have a special request for the opposition in Sabah - please get your act together & prevent clashing with each other in the next election.

    And most importantly must get rid of deadwoods & con artists like Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, brother of Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Hj Awang Tengah, Christina Liew, Chau Chin Tong. Please replace them with some new faces with clean & credible background.

    Hidup Pakatan Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat!

  7. I was told that prostitution was held in foreign ships anchored in sea off Tawau.

    Like the UMS team recently observed that there was little presence of the security force in the east coast, can the authorities concerned verify this piece of information.

    Don't let all eyes shut.

  8. I agree with the guy who said that the PKR must get rid of the deadwood and con artists, because these guys are actually dicards and opportunists. They are just another bunch of frogs who will not hesitate to jump party where there is money.

    Wah now there is a floating whore house off Tawau. must be in the international water... I am not surprise that this is true.

  9. Destruction of sea bed off sea in Tawau Sabah is a recipe for natural disaster and tragic in the making. Remeber victims of tsunami. Let s pray folks in Semporna and Tawau will not suffer the same faith.Indeed, it is a crime against humanity and destruction of the order of nature and mother earth. Why Sabahan have been allowing the indescriminate destruction of the State, their natural resources and their quality of life including the loss of sovernty. Who are responsible and accountable for them? Answer is ALL OF SABAHAN. Stop pointing your fingers at others. IT IS ALL OF YOU, SABAHAN. Time to wake up. Embrace progressive changes.

  10. Don't worry about this. Let the responsible committee to investigate this serious matter. We will just have to wait and see.

  11. Sabahans are just like the frogs in the slow cooker - by the time they realise it, they're cooked!

    Sabahans have scumbags like Pairin, Jefrrey, Maximus, Dumbpork, Kurap, Vicky Liew, Yee Moi Chai, Pandikar Yang Amin Tapi Tak Mulia, Ronald Kiandi, Johnny Mositun @ Johnny Boy & all the UMNO warlords, putras & puteris to thank to.

    I also agree with fellow anonymous who said that if Keadilan Sabah were to survive & succeed in Sabah, it just got to get rid of people like JefFrey & his one-time girlfriend Christina, Cacing Tang, Hj Awg Tengah, and a few more.

    There's a popular Cantonese saying "If these people can be trusted, then the female pig too can climb up the tree".

  12. Totally agree on throwing out deadwood. How can one brother in BN and the other in PR. No shame ka. Greed. Hp lightning strikes them.

    Change we need indeed.

  13. Disgusting, that is all I can say about Sabah politicians especially those in the ruling party!

  14. Easy for any armchair crtic to attack and comment as if they know better or they are better. What happen to those supposedly good and credible potential policticans. May be unborn or just waiting for their opportunity when Pakatan Rakyat has become the government. I think at least people like jeffry and the like have the courage to stand up for now, no matter what their agenda are. If not them, who else are there? What are the alternatives, Yong Tet Lee? but the problem is he reminds Sabah people of ASSabah, NBT and other losses. Give PKR a chance.

  15. While I can subscribe in the philosophy of disagreeing to agreeing,the purpose of commenting should be in relation to the posting.

    In case most of you have conveniently forgotten,allow me to jolt your memory.My last recollection on the status of the Sabah state government is,it's still being administered by UMNO/BN.Unless there was a change of government yesterday,may I suggest you get your priorities right.

    We seem to appear to profess CHANGE,but ironically many out there don't really know the definition of change,how pathetic can this be?

    I can't help but imagine,with such shallow mentality and with such ridiculing intentions,the PEOPLE will be DOOMED,when the opposition take over the government.I say when,because I believe this will happen,but with such mentality,how do you expect to get the people's support?

    I strongly urge all parties to start re-branding,re-inventing,re-energizing and most importantly GROW UP.Old school politics is a foregone conclusion my "learned"Sabahan opposition politicians.Understand that and think of the people or ship out.The enemy is UMNO/BN,don't be confused with that.Putt for Change will continue to take the present government to task,but I will not hesitate to take PKR(Sabah),SAPP and DAP(Sabah) to task if they fail the people.

    I call upon the leadership of PKR(Sabah),DAP(Sabah) and SAPP,members and supporters to STOP this bickering and work towards a common good for the people.

    I value your comments and for supporting my blog,but lets enhance our image by standing up for the people and not a personal agenda.

  16. Changing for the better, but it seems that Sabah has fallen out from the mouth of a Tiger into the mouth of a crocodile. From the frying pan into the fire. The vicious cycle keeps going on and on...

    The general mentality of Sabahans is that to be a YB or politician is to get rich, not to serve the people. Serving the people is secondary, the priority is to fill own pocket first...

    PKR, DAP or SAPP are not in power yet but if those people are ruling they will be doing the same thing, squandering the the State left and right like what the ruling group is doing, and here we are just barking at the mountain year in year out, and of we are a bit fortunate because we have the internet to vent out our frustration, but alas not everyone are literate and have computers in Sabah.
    Susahlah kawan....Last time under the roation system semua pun makan, sekarang unedr one system pun makan, apa macam ini? Hati semua tara satu, semua pun cakap ini, cakap itu tapi wang tara, dia orang sana siok siok makan, kita marah marah sini masuk satu telinga keluar sebelah telinga, apa macam??
    Lebih baik saya tara mau pulang Sabahlah, tinggal sini USA lagi ada hati senanglah swine flu ada pun tara apa, itu buaya saya lagi takutlah....

  17. Yeah stay there in the US. Don't come back lor.

  18. Wah our friend saying " at least Jeffrey dare to stand up for now....Hai say,did what did he do when he was heading Yayasan Sabah during PBS time....macam Al Pacino lah
    Godfather...all the YS timber shipments, hai say what happened?
    And when the Income Tax officers raided his office, found tons of cash...of foreign denominations mostly European currency..where the money come from??
    Fortunately, but sad to say those KL or Federal people were also corrupt, semua kena runding and donations to UMNO semua selesai return the guy "stabbed the elder brother in the back" and brought PBS down...habis cerita...and si kawan jadi lompat katak lompat in the end lompat to PKR..Habis itu jadi bomoh pula mau cari budak hilang di Tambunan!!
    I happen to be one of the raiding officers menurut perintah! Wasted efforts, I retired and maybe write a day

  19. I have lost confidence in the way our government is running the country. Look around and one can see all the sign of corruptions in the form of many projects that is beyond the actual estimate or cost at the expense of the rakyat. The 0ne Malaysia concept does not amused me either. Time will tell that such slogan is just either slogan. The rich become richer, the poor became poorer. 0f the three contending political parties, none of it will serve the people to bring about long over due developement in Sabah. Sabah need a new party headed by brilliant and honest leaders.

  20. So, what happen to this corral reefs issue?

    Seems like there is no news.

    The questions now is, did they or did they not the authorities investigate this case.

    I hope there is somewhere or something that could be done. Beside these coral reefs is part of our national and State treasures.

  21. all closed by government

  22. Bagaimana dengan isu ini sekarang?