Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Musa Aman whisked away to Singapore"?

IS EVERYTHING OK WITH THE CM? This is the question that is being constantly raised by top civil servants,senior politicians as well as the media fraternity in the state of late.

This is because Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman(pic) has been conspicuously absent from various official functions,most glaring being the national Tadau Kaamatan celebration at the Padang Merdeka on Sunday,which was officiated by Deputy Prime Minister,Tan Seri Muhyuddin Yassin.Also in attendance during the function were Minister of Home Affairs,Datuk Seri Hishamuddin,Minister of Information,Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim and State Cabinet Ministers.

It is reliable learnt that Musa is now in Singapore undergoing treatment for an undisclosed ailment.Not heart but something else.He was urgently flown to Singapore on Sunday afternoon in a private jet(pic) belonging to one of his Chinese timber tycoon friends.Ironically,all the widely publicize talks about Sabah Medical Centre by both the Federal and State Government on having the state of the art medical facilities and expertise doesn't seem to impress Musa or his trusted lieutenants,that he had to be whisked away to a foreign country for medical treatment.

Apparently,all senior officers in the CM's Department had been given the "gag order"not to mention a word about his "mysterious disappearance".The local media too are in the dark about it.However,according to sources close to his aides,Musa's ailment could be "stressed related".This could be true judging from the tremendous pressure which he had come under in the recent months,from the constant bombardment from the opposition,particularly from SAPP on various issues like the crisis plaguing Queen Elizabeth Hospital(QEH)which is yet to be fully resolved,the conversion of the Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital,the controversial proposed coal-fired powered plant,the construction of the Kimanis gas pipeline to Sarawak,the ongoing trial of the controversial stoppage of the Mazu sea goddess statue project,the awkward position of Raymond Tan in the state cabinet earlier and the mounting pressure from within Sabah UMNO/BN(pic) for him to be replaced,prior to the power transition between the former PM and the current PM.

But,of all the issues,the most nerve-wrecking one is believed to be the seizure of his offshore fund worth USD 400 million by the Kong Kong authorities ,following the detention of one of his close aides in Hong Kong days before the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary by-election last year.

To end the wild speculations in the market and the "worries" of many concerned Sabahans,perhaps the CM could at least make an effort to upload a video footage of his whereabouts on the You-tube,whether he is in Singapore,Hong Kong or in Timbuktu.

Will Sabah be seeing a new CM?Who's in the race,should there be a vacancy?Why all the silence?


  1. What can be more serious that a heart problem for a politicians?We cannot be having a sick CM for Sabah.Step down now and make way for someone more competent.

    The question is,who is the most competent among UMNO/BN in Sabah?NONE..!!

    Might as well dissolved the assembly and call for fresh elections.

  2. Yeh,maybe another by-election and this time is in Sabah.It's good to see how the Sabahan react again.

  3. He can run but he can't hide. God knows where you are.

  4. ... but i like this part best !!

    "seizure of his offshore fund worth USD 400 million by the Kong Kong authorities "

    (one may never know when dream may come true)

  5. you know the drll..... sos please

  6. Mungkin mahu di opanggil Tuhan;oh my God;too extreme!

  7. When God speaks, what is the use of your millions? One can only hide so much but in the deep recesses of man's heart God speaks to the conscience and asks ' are you ready to meet your maker?

  8. need more info on USD400 Million please.... if so why is he still in opis?

  9. i know who his timber tycoon friend. He was my boss. A very temperant and notorious bastard. Owned the only ferari in Sandakan.

  10. You pathetic, insensitive buggers! What have Datuk Seri Musa Aman done to you or your family that you hate & curse him?

    Fyi, Musa is already a very successful corporate leader before he joins politics and become the CM of Sabah.

    Mr Ronnie Klassen, for your info, Datuk Musa had already explained about the issue of money laundering in HK which he is not involved at all. Please get your facts right.

    Under his able leadership, the state coffer too has improved significantly unlike the time of his predecessors including Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat & Yong Teck Lee.

    Let me ask you people this, who else do you think currently in Sabah that is more qualified, capable and loaded than our Datuk Musa to take over his place?

    You buggers should be grateful that Datuk Musa is the CM that the state is now fast developing and peace, just like his name suggested.

    So you all should in fact pray hard for his speedy recovery if it is true that he is undergoing treatment in Singapore now.

  11. look like he is going down without a fight.

  12. Mo mani padme hum

  13. well..another stupid comment from this guy....let me ask you a very simple question...if you really proud with him why there are so many villages still dont have electricity and water utility? y there are so many gravel road not being upgraded yet? you talk about development but you talk-cock. we only see development in kk but what about the other area in sabah? so pity. you talk about development but y sabah is in the list of highest poverty rate in msia? y there is still many PTI in sabah? i dare to bet that in daily local newspaper most crimes commited by PTI other than local.y this issue never being solved? it is just hangat2 tahi manuk when konon2 govermnet want to shuuuh all this fuckn PTI. later on PTI peoples shpping in 1 borneo more than local. mab u will be proud when that really happen.

  14. Hi! can anyone please translate the last posting on "Mo mani padme hum"? Thanks!

  15. (Cont)Keep on posting mr ronnie on the sabah goverment........we r sabhan...never sell our privilage to "others" if we want to see our children have their own privge...

  16. And who was the other close aide that was caught in Hkg with "the close aide" with the money at Hkg Airport?? It is alleged that it was none other then "The Sabahan Lawyer" defending him in the Mazu case!!!

  17. Musa will fight tooth n nail to hold on the 'LUCRATIVE' job, after all, that's what his family look for. If at all there's going to be a change in Sabah, it's got to go to his 'LUCRATIVE' brother. Others go suck your fingers.

  18. Long overdue as it is an illegal Govt since 1994 with the power grab by UMNO and confirmed rigged GE 2004 and GE 2008.

    So it is timely illegal UMNO be de-registered as it is loaded with illegal members with project IC of something like 200,000 in Sabah UMNO.

    So we need IGGG for the whole nation and Sabah as well.

    Joshua Kong

  19. Peaceful Moses , translate from the bible.
    You better like him than ASU SUKAM (Is correct not wrong spelled), YTL , CKK,Sakaran,Tun M and Pairin , the one who betrays the KDM....and all the buaya in sabah.
    ask your self , who hs enterprise Sabah better than moses, other than his sifu Harris.
    At least he reinvest his wealth in Sabah, unlike others who parked them in australia,HK,Singapore, BVI...
    at least he bothers to develop Sabah,
    He is of paki decent not BUMIPUTRA, that is the difference. Confirmed by , Mahathir,Harris

  20. Haha..."wind waer changing around"... !1Borneo going to bankcrupt...all the shop owner dont want renew contract...all shop owner go to Suria Sabah... wakkakka as we know 1Borneo is Musa Project... Tune Store dah tutup kedai... Parkson masuk.... wakakkak patutlah Musa masuk Hospital... wakakakka "Angin dan Air berpusing-pusing tukar"....matai na ka Musa.... wakakka

  21. A man only dies with his glory and never his wealth.

  22. What a nasty thing to say. I can't believe you guys wish him to be dead. Whether he made a lot of mistakes or not, he is just one imperfect human being like you, me and the others. So, enough said and lets all wish him well so he can continue his work as a CM.

  23. Heh? Is it true? I just talk to him this morning.

  24. My dear Anonymous(No:10),

    While I can understand that as a shoe polisher and perhaps one that has obtain millions,there was no mention of money laundering in my post.I think your twisted facts has only confused you and suggest you read the post again and get your facts right.

    If you are aware of Musa's money laundering activities,please forward Putt For Change the details and I shall be more then happy to post it.

    Credibility,Accountability,Transparency and Capabilities are the foremost important ingredients to administer the state,and being loaded is certainly not one of them.


  26. Under BN government!!!!????, you go to Kg. Rompon Tambunan and u will noticed the road condition, the so called wakil rakyat there is no longer be needed,why? its been almost 30 years but the road never been upgraded but all these stupid villagers still voted him just becoz he is konon2 huguan siou.

  27. Om Mani Padme Hum
    "means May all be protected from Harm, Fear and Danger."

  28. Panthera!
    You are a gentleman.
    Blessed are the peacemakers for they willbe called the sons of God.

  29. Bro, you have a flair of writing...of calling a spade a spade. Continue the good works. Sabah needs someone like you...Bro, be a Petra for Sabah. Am sure RPK is watching closely your postings. It is also high time for all Malaysians to know what is really happening in Sabah. Too many things happen but they are all swept under the carpet. The MACC and the Police have yet to come out publicly on the corruption allegations reported by Dtk Jeffery.
    Bro, yesterday the leaking roof at Sabah's Putrajaya is amusing...Tiles falling off and now this, tells a lot.
    Perhaps even the sale of the SMCs could reveal a number of fat worms wringgling out to get more food...

  30. its payback time musa...
    the devil will drag u to hell...
    go devil go...

  31. Can someone tell me in which era of Sabah Government is clean since Independence without hanky panky?
    Since the USNO time till today Sabah's wealth have been squandered left and right by the so Sabah called leaders. Grumman jets fiasco, forced conversion during the USNO era, the massive mismanagement and Labuan turned to FT in the Berjaya era, the massive mismanagement during the PBS era where the Yayasan Sabah became just like a mafia organisation and stupid project like building a fountain in the middle of the sea near the Likas bay, then during the rotation CM time the state treasury was almost empty with all the money being squandered away in London casino,the water meter fiasco the Saham Sabah fiasco and now the massive logging in the National Parks area...
    These are just a few my beloved Sabahans!
    I have lived through all these era and have seen all these, and today I still see the same old things happening.
    I got so fed up or pissed off that I packed my bags and went to live in the US.
    I am now living in the US not a perfect place but more transparent and more freedom to say my piece....
    Good luck my Sabahans brothers

  32. Good comments left, right and centre we shall see what really happened ?
    Sabah is still lacking everwhere, just came back from Semporna, Pulau BUM BUM.
    Look at the school there....broken kandang kambing being called a classroom!
    Broken roof & ceiling, broken computer, broken table & chairs! What else is not broken ?
    So, who ever thnigs he is doing a good job please visit and see for yourself...

    Too shy to post the photos, might send another minister to IJN!

  33. If he is sick, the world must not be told, it is a state secret. Otherwise the enemies will pray harder for him to die faster...come on folks...if he is to die that is the work and rights of the almighty!

    We cannot even determine if we can have the next breath, who are we, just mere mortals all.

    He flies off in a private jet owned by a big tycoon...china man off course...east and west Malaysia same case, all rich people china man....Malays tumpang se-kaki sahaja.

    Now if he kicks the bucket we have by elections and new guess is another goon from Najis pockets!

    Maybe the brother, call him asap....ANIFAH the AMAN...very good FM. can make better CM!

  34. I wish everybody stop writing negatively about the CM.Its a shame for he is not able to defend himself against the onslaught.Have a heart.If the CM is unhealthy we all should pray for his speedy recovery not curse him.Which schools did you all go to? What a waste for you all learnt nothing but bad habits.At this moment politics should be set aside and replaced with compassion.In short we all must wish him well and back in the office to lead the State and people.

  35. Why is everybody condeming Musa. If you guys are put in his position instead will you not take the opportunity to do all the things that he is doing? For that matter, just like all the past leaders and ministers, which of these guys did not retire loaded? Those who are no more in politics and poor are those who did not keep when they were in power, thinking that their glorious days would last forever...I can tell you guys this, you guys are just envious, of them..Those PKR leaders had their good times when they were in power in BN or whichever party was ruling those days...especially in Sabah those hey days of USNO, Berjaya and PBS and worst still during the rotation of CMs days, everybody were rushing to squander before their term expire, I challenge you guys, will you guys be perfect.
    Well I am not trying to "angkat kaki" but as I see at least during Harris era Sabah had seen a lot of development and under the present CM Sabah is undergoing tremendous development,the only problem is that some of you guys did not get the piece of the cake and that is why you all are making hell of noise at Musa...Well my friends I don't mean to offend or side with anybody or any party but don't you guys think this are the facts???
    The present PKR leaders in Sabah are just outcasts from the previous administration,where they haven't gone a chance to make that much during Berjaya and PBS era...for that matter one of the leading Sabah PKR leaders had been a Godfather at the Yayasan Sabah during PBS era..and I think DSAI has made a mistake in taking these hypocrites if PKR is to get the confidence of the Sabahans..
    As for the SAPP what good has the leader done for Sabah when they were in PBS and when they were controlling the state under the rotation system...what happen to Saham Sabah?
    And what happen to the Tg Aru government Houses fiasco, who has benefitted from all that when all the state civil servants were kicked out of their government quarters and the land sold off to some guys who disappeared to Taiwan????Lest we forget!!!What happen to Innosabah????
    And now another vicious cycle for Sabah huh??
    Sabahans have very feeble memories and so forgiving, blessed are these poor kampung folks. come election time a few ringgits and empty promises will melt their hearts and they will sell their soul to the devil....

    Tell me guys am I wrong in what I have written??????

  36. BN/UMNO/Musa/Masidi - the greatest contradiction of the century. (see below)

    Masidi says Musa need rest and sleep and yet he is in constant contact
    and could be reached anytime of the day outside Sabah. Was he in ICU in Spore? How could that be if he is in ICU or Hospital?
    A superman and a superspirit, indeed. What is what?
    Does he need federal permission to leave Sabah for whatever reason?


    Musa disappoints the rumour mongers

    Published on: Saturday, June 13, 2009

    Kota Kinabalu: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman laid speculation over the status of his health to rest, Friday, by showing up personally and in good spirits to perform Friday noon prayers at Masjid Bandaraya, here.
    He greeted well wishers and also chatted with them.

    The rumours surfaced following his absence at the National Harvest Festival 2009 Celebration officiated by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at Padang Merdeka on June 7.

    Meanwhile, State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun saw no need for the appointment of an acting Chief Minister whenever the CM chooses to take a short break outside the State.

    Masidi said what people did not know was that Musa was in constant communication and could be reached anytime of the day.

    "Hence, it is not necessary to have an acting Chief Minister when Musa's absence is not affecting the administration of the Sabah Government.

    "He (Musa) is just slightly exhausted over his tight schedule and sleeps between three to fours a day.

    He needs a good rest out of Sabah as it is no use resting in our State as people will keep knocking on the door most of the time.

    "In fact, the Government is not in any way affected by his (Musa) absence and he is in constant communication. I suppose there is no need as he (Musa) can be reached in any time of the day," Masidi said.

    pw:nuptials 60c
    grieve co-apartment

  37. Q1 Why is the Mininster of Tourism, Culture and Environment commenting and not one of the DCMs?
    Q2 If the Minister is marketing Sabah as the place to "rest and relax", how come the CM has to fly away to "busy Singapore" to rest?
    Q3 Can the Minister of Culture please include in cultural training the need to respect people's privicy including our politicians and particularly our beloved CM?

    I hope our CM has had a wonderful rest and we can thank Singapore for their hospitality.

    P.S. Can our beloved CM comment on the tree lined streets, quality of infrastructure, and most importantly the quality of medical health care delivery compare to QE Hospital in Sabah?

  38. Who do we believe now?

    Masidi's version or Musa's version?

    If on holiday, why go suddenly and using a private jet of timber tycoon to further rape the Sabah forest?

    MA is too arrogant as who pays for this 'holiday'?

    Why go away on Sunday rather than monday after the important cultural event?

    BTW, why is the 8 storey building in 2 acre land in Tanjung Aru still vacant more than 2 years of completion?

  39. After writing the invisible item -JK's Digest No. 1 of June 2009 (89 of 2009) How many major costly ghosts?,

    `1. Musa Aman rumoured to be in Singapore for what?
    Now Musa Aman in a later press statement said he was on holiday with the family. So who do we believe? If on holiday, why travel by private jet suddenly likely with string attached to rap Sabah forests further.
    The other serious implications bases on both Masidi and Musa press statements are aplenty such as reported if really true:-
    1. If he really travelled by executive private jet of the timber tycoon (an almost extinct group), he would owe an obligation or the State Government would have to pay extra costs. No wonder our forests are further depleted.
    2. Why he has no faith in the local medical facilities including those of KL? No wonder he never handled the medical /QEH crisis in Kota Kinabalu properly.
    3. Why there is an inclination to fly out to seek medical help and that is only available for the rich and powerful albeit illegal position. No wonder illegal mentality to rule the State illegally.
    4. By flying out in private jet, it indicate the backwardness of air communication of Sabah even after 46 years with MA in most of the years involved with politics. No wonder we are the poorest state in Malaysia and only some cronies are rich.
    5. If MA really need a rest, then there are surely plenty of places in Sabah to do that. No wonder RPK {musa cannot do that ] can hide himself in self exile somewhere in the nation to continue writing in peace.
    6. Was it a stroke of some sort as reported somewhere in the Internet? If so, where got problem as the reasons of such things are plenty - exhaustion, haunting of ghosts, haunting of evil spirit or sorcery; haunting of the double 6, 1976 as MA left on 7th June 2009; haunting of his unexplainable wealth; haunting of Mazu, haunting of 1Malaysia; haunting of land grabs in Sabah- some of that exposed in the newspapers - what about the SEDCO land where the Sabah UMNO hq is located but title is still likely withheld?; haunting of sexual perversion including some women also wives; haunting of power grab in 1994; haunting of Permatan Pauh where millions of Ringgit were lost; haunting of Saham Amanah Sabah where RM64m was siphoned off; haunting of many Police Reports lodged against him; haunting of MBA plus many others. No wonder very tough to be top person albeit illegal when the spirit of Kina or Gunsanad could be linked?
    Finally, my piece of testimonies. I am a poor man and I had gone through 40+ years of wilderness all alone with the presence of God. I cannot afford to see the medical doctors in Kota Kinabalu let alone fly off to other places. I had gone through thousands of such attacks like wind strokes which I believe are momentary. In the initial stages, I used to consult doctors a few times but no diagnosis could be given. That made me even poorer. So I learn the naturally way as my life comes from God and so when in trouble I seek God in Christ first. Whether you like it or not, that approaches are FREE of charge and I recovered almost instantly.
    So I hope any state leaders should pay for their weaknesses when the strength is in God, as they give the opportunities to some hospitals to make plenty of money while the State would lose its forests to the timber tycoon who I believe is also an outsider. The threat of writing this item is seditious but the threat of death due to ill health not properly addressed is real. I have to do this irrespective of threat of sedition or death as that is how I have survived for more than 40 years in wilderness thanking God as my creator.

  40. Maybe Musa is testing the loyalty of Sabahans, to see what happen if he disappears mysteriously, to the the reaction of the people.
    As far as the two leading newspapers like the DE and the NST (belongs to him) will not speculate becuase all the chief editors are already under the payroll. So the hu ha will only be seen in the internet and not many people especially the kampung folks will have an access,but he has his FBI agents at the grassroots level listening to rumours and help his gauge his popularity.
    About the QEH fiasco I think Musa have not much say in that because everything is decided by the Federal but of course he can still give his opinion.. and recomend but still it is up to the KL.

    The Amanah Saham fiasco if I am not mistaken was during the two CMs during the rotation, so I do not think Musa has anything to do with it.

    Sabahans are also partly to be blamed for being so naive and very compromising. Most of the Sabah leaders big talked only when they are in the opposition just to get a chance to be bought over and then what, everything okay. Just look atthe present Sabah PKR leaders and other opposition leaders. Where were they before? They were from PBS, Berjaya and BN, They themsleves have been squandering left and right when they were in power. Now only when they have fall out of favour that they started to point out the mistakes or the corrupt practices of the present administration....sama jugalah... So what is the different...
    who are fools the Sabahans....themslves..
    How many dedicated leaders do Sabah have since independence only a handful like Peter Lo, the Sabah Health Minister late Richard Yapp and a few poor fellows, but of course during those days thing are not so sophisticated and maybe many did not have the chance to squander because of the circumstances at that time..
    Now with the era of fast life and money talk everybody wants to be the champion, everybody want to join politics and become YBs to make money..YBs mean to make money not to serve the people...come election time promise the people the sun and the moon, sudah jadi menteri everything habis..
    Kalau boleh tuhan pun dijual, even God will be the object for grabs in order to win elections and at the end of the day make money! Here again am I wrong? or is it a fact?

  41. My dear Datuk Masidi Manjun: How do you know for sure that Musa only sleep for three to four hours a day? Are you sleeping with Musa and his wife or just with him alone? What are you guys been doing lah? Homo or threesome? OMG!!

  42. Musa, if u are no longer have the ablity to handle the state administrative, it's about time for u to quit, get a good rest, go on holiday, come back & spend more time in prayers. Repent, stop sucking the state wealth. I believe u had enough savings to support u & ur coming 4 generations. if not, then u can always ask ur lil bro for some pocket money lar...for sure he will help u one... to be honest, u have done nothing great in the state other than building new empty & lost making malls in the state. Please consider this: Resign....

    Ronnie, ever thought of running for MP in the next GE? If Jeff Ooi can do it, I am pretty sure u can also win it, easily.
    Consider that too;) thanks.

  43. About the Saham Amanah Sabah, the RM64 millions are in a Police Report lodged by me over the excessive price paid over in the RM200m deal in Aug 2008 for 800 million of units.

    The rot in SAS is still going on, no white paper.

  44. Why the delay for official action? Why more talks and no actions?
    Talks alone is no good if no action. Only after good action, then it is meaningful to talk. So it is another likely gone case for Sabah in its depletion culture of almost everything. Joshua

    '1.2m tonnes corals destroyed'

    Published on: Thursday, June 18, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Tawau: Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) division chief Datuk Kong Hong Ming alleged Wednesday that the extraction of coral reefs has been going on for the last 10 years off the Semporna Marine Park.
    Kong said the supposedly illegal activity had resulted in an estimated 1.2 million metric tonnes of delicate corals being destroyed over the period.

    He claimed the operators applied for a licence to extract sea sand apparently as a cover, explaining a large number of heavy vehicles and boats being used by them for such purposes.

    He also said the operator had obtained valid licence to mine sea sand from the Mineral and Geosciences Department of Sabah in April 19, 2007 but claimed that no renewal of the permit was done after its expiry date.

    The operation was initially reported by a source who knew about the activities to the Department of Environment in the district but no action was taken prompting the matter to be taken up by Kong.

    He said the extracted corals were being processed into powdery form and sold as material for bone surgery, dentistry or pharmaceuticals marketed under a specific label.

    Kong explained that he visited one such illegal site where some 1,000 metric tonnes of corals were stored but for unknown reason the stockpile was mysteriously removed two days after the visit.

    "However, out of the thousands of metric tonnes of the mined corals only about 30 per cent of them could be processed," he said, adding that the processing was being done in a highly sophisticated factory in Balung.

    Kong said the operator had also conducted their operation before moving to the present site at Kalumpang sea near Balung.

    Meanwhile, the Sabah Environmental Protection Association (Sepa) expressed concern over the alleged illegal operation.

    Its President, Wong Tack, said he had contacted the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment and was glad to learn that the Minister, Datuk Masidi Manjun had instructed a thorough investigation on the issue.

    Sepa also received an assurance from Environmental Protection Department (EPD) Director, Yabi Yangkat, to get to the bottom of the issue.

    Wong Tack in a statement here said the Minister had promised action if there is any proof of wrong-doing. Sepa, he said, would be monitoring the situation closely.

    "Sepa would like to thank the Minister for his prompt action and also thank Datuk Kong for bringing the issue out. We want to see stern action taken if there is any violation of the laws or destruction of the marine environment.

    "We also want to ensure there is no irregularity in the approval or licensing procedure," he said, adding that Sepa believed there was weakness in enforcement and monitoring of many marine activities in Sabah's coast.

    "We are in a process of establishing a marine unit in Semporna. With that in place, we hope we can assist in improving the situation," he said.

  45. Congratulation to Dr Oh Ei Sun or 513 in Chinese sound. 513 wants to handle 1Malaysia.

    When anyone wants to talk of 1Malaysia now, it is an acknowledgement of once 2M, 3M or even 4M when races, religions and regions are concerned.

    Wasn't it NOT 1 Malaysia or one Malaysia or want Malaysia since 1963?

    Apart from amending the Fed Const, it is imperative for 1Malaysia to work if ever it can work we need to start with indemnities for those deprived and degraded people especially those in Sabah in three major counts namely:-

    1. The excessive sucking of Petronas on Sabah;

    2. The hardship or burden of prices disparities due mainly to shipping costs including Cabotage for almost 3 decades.

    3. The shortchanges of the 9Malaysia Plans in the allocations of fund for Sabah, largely abused.

    others can add on this list.

    Unless that is done, Sabah and Sabahans would forever lag behind as we were once disadvantaged and now no difference even with socalled stupid 1Malaysia of bankrupted illegal socalled leaders.

  46. why 8 storeyed new building empty in Tanjung Aru?

    There is a beautiful building which was reported in an article of Malaysia -Today
    which is believed to be connected to the CM.

    Why is that empty for a couple of years ?

    any good reasons for that?

  47. why this blog is problematic ?

  48. Sabah Oh Sabah...

    JK's Digest No. 1 of July 2009 (92-101 of 2009) Time is up for something

    How are you feeling of late?

    We need to be positive to stay in tune in society but there are too many disturbing and likely negative items emerging all the times.

    Don’t blame me for the issues I raise as they are of concerned of everyone.
    1. 513

    This ‘513’ has been used as a trump cards since 1969 for the policies changes in the nation. We may not have another 513 in the nation, but things that are going on are symbolic of what happened in that day May 13, 1969 as we have yet to move away from that scenario of destruction (self or otherwise) of sort but in phased stages in the rotten system with or without all the impacts of 513 and its concern. NEP may have served some groups well but its ugly head is still with us when it has been extended without proper consideration. The latest sign maybe found in the name of the political secretary of the 6th PM whose name in Chinese sound 513. So the dilemma (Malays or others or all) is still ongoing even with 1Malaysia. Malaysia is still not liberated after 13 May 1969’s curse even after 40 years of that event. How long can this go on?

    2. 65

    Surprising the number 65 appeared in a plague after the safe of Tunku Abdul Rahman was opened after several aborted attempts in the last two years. It was possibly a strange phenomenon that someone reminded the 1st PM of his 65th birthday in such a specific manner. That was in 1968 for the first PM, the year prior to the May 13’s tragic event that ended the premier tenure of power in 1970. So what is so special of the 65 when it was also the year 1965 the Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia by the 1st PM. Was 65 meant to be that reminded year? Was it a coincidence that the safe was opened only after Lee Kuan Yew ended his visit in June 2009? Also now the 6th PM’s popularity is rated at 65% (100 days) up from 45% in April, 2009. So with the 1Malaysia (never had been), would there be a split in the nation (symbolic of 65) as a direct reversal of 1Malaysia as Malaysia is rotten and declining fast in all aspects even with the much belated concept of 1Malaysia since April, 2009? Are we prepared for that disintegration now?

    3. N41

    Manek Urai N41 of Kelantan is having a sudden by-elections on 14th July, 2009 or 1479. With the death of the previous assemblyman, Manek Urai may send a vivid message for the ruling Government (Federal and State) and in this case it is the BN Federal Government or PAS State Government. BN in the recent months since 8 March, 2008 had suffered several by-elections defeats unheard of in BN’s political history. BN even avoided a by election in Penang’s Bukit Selambau in Permatang Pauh’s parliament’s seat recently. What is in the name of Manek Urai - be it a beauty’s name or simply Broken Necklace or BN? The beauty’s (ruling) name of the political party in Kelantan is obvious PAS ( sound - pus) while BN is the other obvious name. 41 is the dead one in chinese sound may sound the death knell of either BN or PAS and so no surprise there are only 2 candidates from these two parties while other byelections contest attracted more than 2 candidates from BN, PAS and others. While this is the hope of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin wants the July 14 Manek Urai by-election to mark the reversal of Barisan Nasional’s electoral fortune, it may be hopeless for BN as it is the Broken Necklace. Or is it for PAS to lose the golden opportunity to maintain power (broken necklace or state power) following the socalled "Unity Talk or Crisis Talk" with UMNO?

    (to be cont'd)

  49. 4. 722

    There was this prophecy of the impending natural disaster on 722 or 22 July 2009 in the region which has been considered by some as rumours. There was also the weather forecast that the bad drought in Sabah would last until September 2009. But in the last two weeks we had some heavy rains regularly so much so that some days were dark sky. So how prepared are we should anything untoward happen on 722 or around that day? We know God can change any scenario if we pray hard enough.

    5. H1N1

    We do not really know how much Influenza A or H1N1 has affected us in Malaysia. There are lots of burdens in so many areas when H1N1 is concerned. Since it is a global pandemic at the highest alert, we are still in the thick of that and maybe turning worst later. Whatever that maybe, it has been very costly with all those quarantine activities around the nations whenever someone (imported or local) is confirmed with H1N1. For the first confirmed case it was for the person who had travelled on the MH 091 flight from Newark, United States and arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on Wednesday (13th May) morning. Surprised at 513 and 091 (zero dog one - some vision for someone). Can we really be well?

    6. 9999

    Simply another date for Malaysia as Suhakam was formed on 9th September 1999 or 9999 for eternity but Human Rights Commission of Malaysia is a great disappointment as what can a rotten national system offer to the people in desperation of their rights where the rich is virtually stealing from the poor so much so that the wealth gap is widening? Who are the daylight robbers, you all know very well. So come 9th September 2009 (another auspicious day), we are short of one 9 as 9909. Would Suhakam be downgraded on 9909 by the world body?

    7. Act 144 (Petroleum Development Act 1974)

    There goes everything for Malaysia especially the people of Sabah when the lopsided act over our petroleum wealth as depleted since 1976. That Act had dealt the dead blow on Sabahans as we only get meager 5% or pittance for the wealth under our soil in Borneo. 144 should be remembered as "one die die" as some people who refused to sign the Petrol Agreement had perished on 6th June, 1976 or 666. The said agreement with Sabah was signed 8 days after 666. Now, Kelantan is asking for RM1billion royalty which is a deciding factor for Manek Urai. Whatever that maybe, the nation is also 144 since our wealth is all gone and to be practical it is RM30 trillions in profligacy of illegal leaders for 52/46 years exacerbated since 1980s.

  50. 8. 100 days

    What 100 days are we talking about? Of course the 100 days of the unelected 6th PM of RAHMAN for the last letter of that prophecy of socalled leaders in Malaysia. Actually the data of the electoral performance of GE 2004 and GE 2008 (already in the Courts) confirmed the rigged General Elections of Malaysia especially the results of Najib is questionable without doubt. A swing of 241 majority in 1999 to over 22,000 in Pekan in 2004 with a discrepancy of ballot papers issued of 1,502 in GE 2004 are confirmed that the 6th PM is scandalous as far as voting is concerned. So how could he be the PM and continue to helm the illegal Government except to destroy the nation with such a track record of cheating and corruption? The whole nation once under the curse of Mahsuri in Lang Kawi (still on for a different perspective) is now under another curse of Al-hantu-nya as more and more ghosts prevail.

    Believe this or not and only time would tell, as the rain that come in recent weeks despite weather forecast of no rain until September 2009, had been very mild and intermittent sort of like tears from heaven. Tears in chinese sound like "nyan jib". I had also experienced this sort of scenario a month before the Indian famous lady PM was assassinated. Would another world leader perish? Only time would tell.

    Meanwhile the popularity rating of the PM has increased about 45% from 45% to 65% over 100 days. Meanwhile, we had a ‘storm of sort‘ on 11th July, 2009 in Kota Kinabalu very unexpectedly in the midst of a drought and that is the 100 days of power or black power when someone painted 1BlackMalaysia in response to 1Malaysia.

    Also on 11th July the PM handed out a string of ‘gifts’ but none of that would benefit Sabah. Is that the way to treat the people by ad hoc means or is it to fool the voters in Manek Urai or broken necklace (BN)? For Sabah we had this shower of a storm in Kota Kinabalu for a different meaning. We pray for a better days ahead in Sabah.

    9. Almost RM200 billion gone

    Who can give the answer to the decline of assets in the Bank Negara Malaysia of almost RM200 billion from May 2008 t0 May 2009?

    10. Almost RM400 millon gone

    It is about the alleged loss of Angkasa - a major cooperative in Malaysia - of RM400 million in investment - now under sort of investigation. Who had done that? It was under Ungku Aziz - the father of the Bank Negara Malaysia’s current Governor.

    So we need an immediate solution for Malaysia.

    So the best solution to move on for the nation is Interim Government of Good Governance - IGGG. for the common good at a time of global turmoil.

    When the executive, the legislative and the judiciary have failed to put things into proper order then it is left to the YDP Agong to do his duty. This opportunity is still available as Sultan of Perak spelt out the role of the Monarchy..

    Article 39 of FC the YDP Agong as the Government has the power to appoint any deserving Prime Minister and the IGGG to replace the illegal Government with that rotten system.

    So if the YDP Agong also fail, then according to the Rukun Negara we are left to believe in the God to help the nation out in this time like that.

    I will keep on writing until I helm the IGGG.

    Joshua Kong

  51. Stop condemn Datuk Musa la..
    I don't think he is too bad for Sabahans..

  52. Yes, its true Fedylya...
    let's give our leader some credits:)
    try to think positively and don't expect too much from him...
    At least he doing something for Sabahans:)


  54. Datuk Musa never condemn us even some of us wrote negatively about him...
    If he's too bad like some of you guys think confirm dah lama masuk lokap:P
    But he didn't do that, right..
    So please give some credit to him..
    He is our CM and we need to support him for benefits of all:)

  55. no difference from this in the rotten system where the blind lead the blind --
    Disabled senator Prof Ismail dies
    Aug 27, 09 12:53pm
    First disabled senator, Prof Dr Ismail Md Salleh died on a flight from China to Singapore early today. He was 61.

    An officer at the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore said Ismail was pronounced dead on arrival at the Singapore General Hospital at about 8am.

    The hospital will conduct a post-mortem to determine the cause of his death, he told Bernama.

    A father of six children, the visually challenged Ismail became the first person from the disabled community to be appointed as senator in December 2007.

    Born in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, he was totally blind since he was 13, but the limitation did not stop him from getting his degree, masters and PhD, all in the United States.

    For his achievements, Ismail was named as the first blind person to receive a doctorate by the Guinness Book of World Records.

    He also held various key positions including Twintech International University College vice-chancellor, Twintech Holdings Sdn Bhd chief executive officer, National Association of Bumiputera Private Colleges president, a member of the National Implementation Task Force in the Prime Minister's Department and Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) former deputy director-general.

    - Bernama

  56. Musa can fly to Singapore and elsewhere for medical treatment - not necessarily better or the best as home treatment is equally important for all.

    Why not convert the State Library Hq in Luyang when the tower block on it is completed soon as the library is only receiving not many readers or users.

    Don't wait for a new building for QEH as it is too long to wait.

    The land around the Library Bldg can still be used for additional facilities etc...

    I am NOT signing the SAPP petition as the fact on QEH is incorrect.

    Joshua Kong

  57. Musa Aman? Aman mean aman, damai, peaceful. what the heck, rm 400 million,offshore money, whose money? this type of people should die fast.


    ICAC gets report on alleged Sabah money laundering
    Oct 2, 09 7:18pm
    PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin went ahead as pledged and lodged a report in Hong Kong today on a case of alleged money laundering involving several Sabah personalities, including Chief Minister Musa Aman.

  59. Is it true he is sick?

    He looks all fine and dandy to me.

    He doesn't look like he is sick. Oh well.

  60. Musa Aman should go to Hosp Mesra Bukit Padang now. Joshua Kong

    There were previous press reports that Sabah had a couple of
    billion Ringgit recently under the illegal Chief Minister also
    Finance Minister. Where has all these money gone?
    Has this money gone to pay off the water debts with hidden
    agenda? Now we are having water rationing in Kota Kinabalu.

    So how would Sabah pay off RM544m with accrued interests in 5
    years as per story below?

    All the projects under the various Sabah ministries were grabbed by Musa
    Aman according to Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat. About RM600 m annually
    for the past six years. I had lodged Police Reports on that.

    Joshua Kong
    Prime Minister of IGGG Malaysia

    SAPP queries bond move

    Published on: Saturday, October 31, 2009
    Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) on Friday urged the State Government to seriously consider reviewing its risky venture into bond issuance.
    "I recall that at the height of the Asian financial crisis, an in depth audit was made of every State Government's financial exposures," said President, Datuk Yong Teck Lee in a statement.

  61. From what I've observe our CM doesn't look sick..
    hmmm... Let;s hope he's be in good helth all the time :)

  62. I just wondering... Is Musa sick???
    I don't think so, he's doesn't look sick at all.
    Anyway, I hope he's stay happy and healthy :)

  63. We should stop writing negatively about our CM.
    If it's true that he's sick we should pray for his health :)

  64. Have a happy and healthy life Datuk :)
    Be strong, because we need a strong leader like you to help us:)

  65. Oooo guys... please stop thinking -vely about our CM...
    Just let him do his work kio :)

  66. Musa Bin Aman ur like a leech loves to suck blood,don't u have conscience sucking the blood of Sabahan. Did U get me??? Resign now Ur millions is worth dying for....Die early for Sabahan will regain its energy !!!....

  67. He's also human, not everything his doing, all about political purpose. Sometimes he also need to do on something about himself. I am not defending him or someone else but as a human, i am sure we all know about this. Personal life.

  68. He is a public figure, so no doubt people keep on talking about him. But nothing to do with this topic. As long as he doing well in make a changes to Sabah, well nothing much to comments to this topic.

  69. eii looking back, Sabah is much better place compare to previous administration...there are a lot of improvement, KK is now a growing city, with a few flyover, new shopping malls, new airport, wider road and a lot more...yes there is some set back, that the interior folks didn't get that much attention from the state gov. But dont worry, they will get it & wave of developement will come to your place!!

  70. He's a public figure, its not surprising that many stories, which has no proof whatsoever, emerged. I sense that some quater which lead by certain individuals try to bring him down by playing with issues that not even related to him. For me, he has done tremendous job as a CM, or atleast better job compare to the previous CM...

  71. This story is written on June 09. Now it's already Jan 10. Are there anymore news regarding Datuk Musa's health?

  72. I think he is in a good shape, he has seen present and officiating a number of ceremony in KK...So he has been on track to do the job that he supposed to do...

  73. Hey Mr. Ronnie, have you ever met Datuk Musa before while playing golf? I heard that he is very fond of the sport.

  74. whatever it is, please reportsomething more interesting. next news please.