Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Parti Keadilan Rakyat's President Dato Seri Wan Azizah blatantly lied in her statement,that the position of "Director of Communication PKR Sabah" doesn't exist,has never existed and Ronnie Klassen was never the Director of Communications of PKR Sabah.Wan Azizah is a BLATANT LIAR of the highest order,and questions are now ask if PKR is truly fighting for the rights of Sabahans.Sabahans have been hoodwink by UMNO/BN for the last 47 years,the people have suffered enough.

In her statement that appeared in all the local media in Sabah,she blatantly stated that,there was no such post.As a responsible Malaysian citizen,I lodged a Police report on the 11th.Feb.2011,against one Datu Akjan Ali Muhammad in his self proclamation as the "Sultan of Sulu" which appeared in a news portal.In the name of protecting the country's sovereignty and safe guarding National Security,I lodged the report alongside Dr.Chong En Leong at the Kota Kinabalu Police Headquarters,Karamunsing at 1.58pm on the 11th.Feb.2011.The report was lodged in our capacity as responsible Malaysians.

Ironically,the PKR President in her statement,stated that the report lodged by me,was not the stand of the party and does not reflect PKR's opinion in the matter.Is Wan Azizah telling Sabahans that PKR fully concurs with Datu Akjan as the self proclaimed Sultan of Sulu,since my report does not reflect the opinion of PKR?Bear in mind,similar reports were also made by SAPP and ironically by UMNO and Barisan Nasional.Has Wan Azizah been away for a long holiday and only just return to Malaysia,and lost total sight of what's happening in Sabah?

For the record,I had received an email from Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim,in June 2009,informing me that he would like to put me up in the state leadership.In mid-July 2009,I was offered the position of Director of Communication for PKR Sabah by Azmin Ali at the advice of Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim, during our meeting at Shangrila Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel,Kota Kinabalu.I did not immediately respond to his offer,and needed time to consider.

It was only 2 weeks later that I agreed to accept the post,and the announcement of the state line-up was formalized and was published in all the local media,on the of 3rd.July.2009, My immediate duties was to engage with the younger generation,in the cause of the party and to ignite the tsunami of change.On the 20th.Dec.2009,I organized a Dialogue cum Forum in Kota Kinabalu,where I successfully managed to assemble 150 young professionals,with the hope of getting the young generation to become leaders in PKR,eventually replacing the old and withered leaders.The guest of honour was none other then Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim himself.Why didn't Anwar say that Ronnie Klassen is not the Director of Communications in his speech?

In January 2010,a new state chief,Thamrin Hj.Jaini, took over PKR Sabah,after Azmin Ali was unceremoniously ousted out of the state,as the state leaders wanted a Sabahan to lead.I was retained as the Director Of Communications and had attended all state leaders meeting held at the PKR Headquarters in Penampang.My contribution has been enormous for the party,and I challenge any state leader to say otherwise.To name a few of my contributions and sacrifices,

1. The establishment of a huge network of supporters in the Internet all over Malaysia,Sabah in particular.
2. The establishment of a network of Sabahans residing in Peninsular Malaysia,to assist needy Sabahans.
3. Our joint network between PKR and DAP in assisting jobless and homeless Sabahans in Peninsular Malaysia.
4. My assistance and support together with my team members in all the by-elections.
5. Providing input to the state leaders,and setting up of groups to engaged with the younger generation at grass root level.
6. The setting up and joint effort of common groups overseas,to spread the word of Change.
7. To keep members,supporters and voters abreast on current issues through messages in the Internet,particularly in FaceBook.
8. My blog was used to enhance the image of the party as well to improvise the party through mistakes done.
9. To take UMNO/BN to task on issues affecting Sabahans through my blog,which was my mouth piece to the people.
10. To liaise with the media on all press conferences and press statement.
11. To provide a platform for all party divisions to voice the problems of the people.
12. Encouraging party leaders to engage with the people through FaceBook,in order to have first hand knowledge on the grievance of the people.

In addition,I had to succumb to Police apprehension and countless reports lodged against me by UMNO/BN.In short,I was UMNO/BN's biggest nightmare due to my constant attacks at them.The party hail me as a active and dynamic Director of Communications,performing well above expectations.All these efforts were without party funding,and I had to used my own funding and at times practically begging for financial support from friends.

Meetings after meetings were held in my Communications Bureau to find ways to strengthen the party,and there were many occasions when I was required to travel to Kuala Lumpur for meetings with Party Headquarters Officials,all in the name of the party.No financial assistance was provided for our efforts by the party,we were totally on our own,all in the name of change and for the people,and it was an honour to fight for the people.

Was there a hidden hand who had instigated the President to make such a statement? Even if there was,Wan Azizah as an "intelligent" President of the party, should behave like a President and not stood so low to the demands of greedy leaders,but seek the facts and truth,and not being used by individuals for their own personal agenda.I dare Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Thamrin Hj.Jaini,Datuk Kong Hong Meng,Jonathan Yassin,Ansari Abdullah,Datuk John Ghani,Roland Chia and all the state leaders to publicly deny that there was never such a post of Communications Director,never was,and I was never the Sabah PKR Director of Communications,as blatantly lied by Wan Azizah.

To answer the thousands of emails,smses and FaceBook messages that I've received,pursuant to my stand.I will never abandon the cause of change,even if I were to leave PKR.My cause is for the people,and have no desire for positions unlike some who crave for a position,but do nothing.My loyalty with the party ends when my loyalty for the people begins.I demand a public apology from the President.


  1. My brother Ronnie, there is a blessing for you to be outside the court of liars, hypocrites and foxes dressed in sheep cloths. They are all subject for slaughter by the people.

    Being outside the court does not mean it is over. But entirely the beginning of a new reformation. You are the agent for Change and everyone knows that and that what you should stand for!!!!!!

    We will see more good people of PKR leaving the party... leaving those that are still there fighting for the positions that will never going to mandated by the Rakyat. Look at all the list of the new so called leaders of PKR.... ????? Sabahans decide and that shall prevails. I am honored to be apart of even the slightest chance for change...but it will come to past.

  2. Do u plan to leave the party? seek for better future. I advice you try talk to the PKR leader, if still cnt settle. Then, you have to leave since your reputation already been affected by newspaper.

  3. Very funny case;I am getting doubtful over PKR now;LOL

  4. "I was UMNO/BN's biggest nightmare due to my constant attacks at them."

    Hahaha. Were you really? Don't flatter yourself Ronnie.

    So, are you going to be Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat?

    It's your call. Either way, your brief attempt at politics would come to an abrupt end.

    Kudos to you for all the entertainment you've provided us Sabahans.

    Thank you, and Goodbye.

  5. Dear Brother Ron, my name is Michael Solibun and i want to declare this now! The so called PKR only used you to further their gain. I was with you from the day one and i can honestly say now....PKR only uses individuals and will drop them after sucking all their energy and effort. I was with you when you organized the dialogue cum forum which anwar attented. I was with you for the hulu selangor by-election and we met with many pkr "young turks" to strategize maximum impact for the cause of change.I was with you when you were interogated by the police for your stand in many issues that you raised as Director of Communications. And through all this time nothing was voiced out that your title was "non-existent". They used you my friend!And today i wish to say....after how they (PKR) has abandoned all that you did....they are CRAP!

  6. Ronnie, the fact reminds that you were never appointed as any director of communication or information chief and in fact no one in pkr sabah was appointed for any post yet except the interim chairman by wan aziza on temporary basis o bridge over the change of guard. You self appointed yourself in those position. Position to you was very important. That was the only reason why you attacked ex chairman thamrin in every opportunity after he attempted to removed you from the post because of your indiscipline. Remember. We know very well. So, do not fool all the people all the times though you may fool some of them some time. 100,000 followers and 1,000.000 fb friends????? You can be PM of malaysia?? A real big ego. Just wonder, what you do for a living or as a profession other than writing?

  7. Hey, you guys out there, you really have to check and verify who is this guy called, RCK? I just found out that he is not a KDM. No one seems to know his background? Where is he coming from? Are we to believe in what he wrote? MY ADVICE to you is donot do that, sound familiar?

  8. I always on your side bro...keep working for our fellow Sabahan even you have to leave the party, for the sake of our land and our people better you make a wise decision, may be you and Dr Chong can rise an opposition party perhaps for the younger generation. It's only my sugguestion. ( Sorry for my broken English )

  9. The politics within PKR itself is very complex and mind-boggling.

  10. Are you considering leaving PKR then, Mr Ronnie?

  11. Use your networking to boost UBF then if your contributions are ignored in PKR. This is not the time to waste and 'cry'. Never join BN as you will be asked to tell just lies from that outfit.

  12. Ronnie, i think you have served PKR Sabah very well. You were dynamic & swift in your pursuit for the betterment of the Sabahans even though some considered you to be an "outsider". We have been waiting for "insider" to champion our rights but all those were just merely "water buffalos", they are getting "fatter" & "lazier". I agreed that PKR Sabah leaders are all out for their own interest, taking advantage of the Rakyat to be in power. You are one of the kind which do not bother about all these nonsence. Keep it up for a better Sabah!

  13. Ronnie Klassen, listen here carefully mister. STOP USING PEOPLE'S NAME FOR CREDIT and by appointing yourself as a Director of Communication without consent from your PKR HQ, you are just similar to Akjan. you're silly funny man

  14. Maybe you should just quit the party and join forces with Jeff K.

  15. Ronnie, we strongly suport you. the Logic is; "not many people would claim of holding such position over media if so it is not awarded truely to someone". PKR must learn how to orginised its own afair. we trusted you as dynamic leader. why do the PKR leaders ignore you just as that instead of feeling delighted of your contribution. this is very disheartening...

    Fm: JJ Moriga

  16. Everyone knows that "God's gift to Bolehland" was responsible for a lot of the ills that plague Sabah.

    What is the wife to do now that project IC is blowing up in his face?

  17. So many problem in PKR now..where Anwar..Kunun anugerah tuhan itu??

  18. Congratulations my dear. Time to resign from the party. You will be better off without PKR. The same goes for PKR.

  19. that's why PKR will not be able to move forward or to achieve they goal. because the one who causes the problems in the party is none other than their top leaders.

  20. Hello Ronnie. It's best to accept the fact that the sun has set or being made to set on your life with PKR.It's best to move on, and I am sure you have your own convictions.One must believe in "what" rather than "who" is right or wrong. Start afresh, step forward.Even a lame man will not tarry backwards. There are no real rules in the game of politics. If you believe that you are on a mission,and have the following, then crate another platform and stick to the fight.

  21. well its all because you are malaya bah..
    Yet well took as the reference of your achievement.

    MIC leader in KK & Penampang who are orang malaya yet what they do so far. Like PM always say Key Performance Index.

    We watching you around & we know you do your job yet PKR forget its la.

    There is some good guy in BN & Government that care about you.

    Pray to God to ask for wisdom.

  22. Ronnie, your statement is libelous and you can be sued by Wan Azizah. You should resign since you disagree with the decision of PKR HQ and go quietly. --Din Merican

  23. Dear Ronnie,

    BN might not be perfect BUT PR is worst.

    After this, PR will put you so down by saying you have been paid and bought by BN. They will call you BN's dog, betrayal, etc, etc.

    As you can see that BN is better and better now. This is the time that you fight for Sabahans in BN. As saying goes "It's better to be with the devil that you know rather than the angel that you don't know"

    Do you still believe PR will bring justice?.

  24. if PKRshould lose you they will lose more.I just do not understand why PKR want to create more problems after problems. I think sooner or later they will lose Sabah. They should instead appreciate people who do more for the party but then again they always dig their own grave yard. Hope they will buck or else do not dream of winning anything. Bosan lah...

  25. Hey Brother Ronnie, What are you waiting for? You have been humilated and insulted along with the rest of Sabahans, why still remained in PKR? Come on! Let us be united under one umbrella, under UBF. Dont waste your time by explaining to those arrogant PKR leaders. They never, and will never listen to you.

  26. Ronnie,

    You are not that experienced in politics. You think you aresmart enough to be able to fire at people and make enemies with the party's top leaders like Dr. Jeffrey and Christina Liew.

    Now Wan Azizah is playingher political gambit but rebuffing you in public and make you look like an idiot. You can bet all your hard words of protests will have any effect? Wake up to fact no. 1: In national politics people of your calibre have no place, your angry voice will not even stir a single piece of shit! Fact No. 2: You had been very daring in making enemies with Christina Liew, throwing all the shit around, believing the muck will not come back to you. Well, here it comes. YOU ARE PAYING THE PRICE OF ATTACKING CHRIS LIEW, and Chris is a buddy friend of Wan Azizah.

    Who do you think you are!

    Maybe it's time for you to go back to Malaya!

  27. I was at a press conference. Was it you who called the press conference at Palace Hotel and acting as a spokeman in support of Ansari as PKR Sabah Chief?

  28. Don't flatter yourself ronnie klaxon.

  29. When God is about to confer a great responsibility on man, he will first exercises his heart with suffering, his sinews and bones with toil.

    He will exposes the man body to hunger, subjects him to extreme poverty. He confounds the man undertakings with setbacks and troubles, therefore to stimulate his heart (or mind) to have patience and toughen his nature in order to supply (or to provide him with benefits despite of) his in competencies.

    Meaning no pain no gain.

    It's a quote from Mencius (Meng Tzu), a Chinese ancient philosopher.

  30. It is a good time for you to consider all your option..joined the party that you think will appreciate all your hard work, that will not going to turn their back on you for their own political mileage, that will heard all your complaints, your grumble, your fight..& the most important thing, that has a good,reliable chief that will not going to make a decision based on his or her so-called psychopath aide/advisor...

    That one party that suite you is BN....

  31. Sabahkini 18th Feb.
    Written by Admin
    Friday, 18 February 2011 07:55

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) President, Dato Seri Wan Azizah has cross the line and vehemently refused to acknowledge the truth,when she blatantly lied to Sabahans.Who gave her the absolutely right to make use of people for her agenda,and disowned them later just to satisfy a few.The people of Sabah were strongly behind PKR,but now are disillusioned by the real stand of PKR.

    We question the sincerity of the President and the party.The endless infighting,proves that PKR doesn't acknowledge that their enemies are UMNO/BN but their very own members.The very fact that the President has jump into the bandwagon and be part of the onslaught against members who were sincere in the struggle,signals the destruction of PKR in Sabah.

    I call upon Sabahans,to re-assess the sincerity of PKR,as the party has lost sight of their direction in championing the rights of Sabahans.Sabah PKR Leaders,have NO Interest in their struggle for justice for the people,other then their own selfish justice and agenda.It is now crystal to Sabahans and Malaysians as a whole,when Wan Azizah stated that my Police report lodged against the self proclamation of one Datu Akjan Ali Muhammad on the 11th.Feb.2011 at the Kota Kinabalu Police Headquarters as the ‘Sulu Sultan’ was not reflective of the opinion of the party,is as good as telling Sabahans, PKR has no interest in this matter.

    How can a matter that compromises the sovereignty of the country with the aim of threatening National Security,not be reflective to the opinion of the party? Is PKR condoning and supporting,the ‘Sulu Sultan’,perhaps even striking a deal with him and translating it into votes in the coming 13th.General Elections?

    Sabahans have been hoodwink for the last 47 years by the current regime,don't expect Sabahans to be ‘sodomised’ by continued fabrication that PKR is capable of doing better in Sabah.


  32. Apa sebenar yang PKR sedang melakukan?

  33. Ronnie ini hanya minta perhatian seperti bayi. Dia kata dia ada 1,000,000 pengikut blognya, dia paling kuat dan berpengaruh lah di 1Malaysia ini..

  34. What is the next move, Mr Ronnie?

  35. Mr Ronnie, don't find fault with PKR. If you are uneasy with PKR join DAP lah, what's problem. Malulah sikit...kerana itulah saya tak nak join politik kerana banyak buat kecil hati, lebih baik undi Pakatan saja daripada join Pakatan dan kemudian gaduh2!

  36. PKR sebenarnya parti yg baik tetapi datang orang2 spt Jeffery dan Ronnie serta kawan2 trus merosakkan parti! Lebih cepat kamu semua orang pegi lebih bagus. Saya rindukan PKR zaman 1999!