Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of Racist Ranters and Religious Bigots

A Ketuanan and Religious Chauvinist has ignited a torch proclaiming a Jihad against Non-Muslims in Malaysia, particularly the Christians, who number about 3 million. The peed-piper sounding the siren is none other then Malaysia's very own "Osama bin Laden", UMNO's mouthpiece and mongrel, the incorrigible Ibrahim Ali.

Let us not be deceived that the UMNO/BN government, Utusuan Malaysia, Perkasa, Pembela and many other of its crony ‘jihad’ agencies are not working hand in glove to achieve their objectives.

It would be interesting to see if Ibrahim Ali or any other of UMNO’s ketuanan melayu stooges would dare to make such statements in Sabah or Sarawak which are predominately Christians or call for 1Melayu 1Bumi or a Jihad against the Christians.

Not too long ago, Church officials were instructed to remove crucifixes and avoid singing hymns when PM Najib attended the Archbishop's Christmas party.
  This was the beginning of a war against the Christians and all right-thinking Malaysians, who believe in peace and harmony. UMNO had signalled to the masses that it would resort to anything to stay in power, even declaring marshall law to continue staying in Putrajaya. Shivers seem to be running through their spineless "partners in crime", the BN component parties.

Will there be another May 13 in the event Pakatan Rakyat wins the 13th General Election?
As months went by, an earthquake rocked the country, the issue of the Alkitab  surfaced. The bible was translated into the only language known to the natives of Sabah and Sarawak since 1888, in their daily worships - Bahasa Malaysia. But UMNO unleashed its "gangsters" to wage an open war against the Christians in Malaysia.

The Holy Bible in Bahasa Malaysia, which were confiscated by the Home Ministry, were later released conditionally, stamp-marked with the words"For Christians Only, By Order Of The Home Ministry”.

The Christians came out roaring with displeasure, and rightly so, that the holy bible had been defaced.

Faced with the possibility of loosing the Sarawak state elections, UMNO/BN came out with a "10 point solution" to the Alkitab issue to pacify the Christians, thus resulting in BN winning the elections, although with a lesser number of seats in the state legislative assembly. 

What was meant to be a "win-win solution" for the Christians in UMNO/BN's terminology, was short-lived when another of it's mouthpiece Pembela came out "waving their kris" calling for war against the Christians, that they will not have a Malay version of the Holy Bible, as this would confuse the "Ketuanan Melayu". Now the 10 point solution appears to be something of the past, as if it was never issued at all.
Sarawakians were once again hoodwinked. Hopefully it's not too late for Sarawakians to make amends in the 13th General Elections.
If the Alkitab issue was an earthquake, think again. UMNO's very own mouthpiece, Utusan Malaysia, ignited a C-4, with their lead story 'Christians would make Christianity the country's official religion and to have a Christian as Prime Minister". If shock waves were felt by you by the headlines, the UMNO/BN Government, catastrophically but not to the surprise of the majority of Malaysians, only issued a warning to the paper.

Christian leaders were subsequently "invited" for a luncheon meet with Najib, in what was supposed to be a "peace treaty", "showering of gifts" or even perhaps a warning, "keep your Christians at bay or we will unleash our kris for your blood"?
What actually did transpire at that lunch pow-wow is anyone's guess, but many were not too happy with the outcome.

But what we can conclude is, UMNO/BN will not respect or give way to any one. Interestingly, UMNO was extremely silent when his Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong attended the Royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate.

Ironically, no-one from either the PM's Department or the Agong's protocol dared to tell the English Royal Household to remove all Christian paraphernalia like crosses or to sing any hymns as it might be deemed offensive to the Malaysian Muslims.

Perhaps Ibrahim Ali should have been there and insisted Westminster Abbey remove all their crosses beforehand and also not allow the singing of hymns!!! Would he have dared? He knows that any such request would have been met firmly with a "Bugger off!" from the Brits, couched in diplomatic language, of course!!

Did his Majesty the King and Queen as well as the Sultan of Brunei and his consort feel uncomfortable whilst attending the Royal wedding? All right-thinking Malaysians will concur that they were comfortable and enjoyed every minute while they were there.
So we can say with conviction, that if our beloved King had no qualms being in a Church with hymns being sung, what gives the right to mongrels like Ibrahim Ali or Pembela or any other fanatical Muslims in Malaysia to ridicule and insult the Christians?

The Christians have always been a peace-loving people and will always remain so.

Can there be peace or religious harmony if retards like Ibrahim Ali are allowed to provoke and ignite racist ideologies?

The government must decide whether they want a truly 1Malaysia or a 1Melayusia! 

 For the sake of a safer and more peaceful Malaysia, I suggest they provide and place Ibrahim Ali, together with his puppeteers, in a rightful abode - an asylum for lunatics or a security enclosure both for their own 'protection' and the protection of peace-loving Malaysians from their venom. 

Assala-malaikom; Peace be unto all my brothers.


  1. Bullseye! (Pena Rajawali)

  2. Once again Ronnie,you have nail the right spot.With such religious bigots Malaysia is doomed to hell.From all Malaysians Ronnie,you are not alone.............HIDUP RONNIE.

  3. A very well written article dear Ronnie. God Bless You.

  4. The Goverment shud do something otherwise that bastard [Ibrahim Tahi]will destory the peace and harmony we enjoy all this while.

  5. may this bugger rest in peace (opppsss ...hell)

  6. They believe in Second Coming of Christ but they betray Jesus Christ's Body (Christians). Please pray for them unceasingly so that they repent and become part of Jesus Christ's Body sooner or later. In Jesus' Name. Amen

  7. This frog is so desperate to show his own kind that is modest and religious person but in actual fact a real racist with low class of religious knowledge. Org macam ini hanya tahu MAKAN BABI sahaja HARAM!!!