Thursday, December 3, 2009

“Minister-in-the-dark” caught in the limelight

OUR learned-and-honorable Plantation and Commodities Minister, Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok was in the limelight recently, again for the wrong reason. This time he was accused of lying about the minimum wage of plantation workers, by Sungai Siput MP, Dr D Jeyakumar. (read the attached full story below)

While I’m not a fan of Dompok, I would humbly appeal to Dr Jeyakumar to give our innocent-looking Dompok a break, if not forgive him. This is because like what he recently claimed on the controversial proposed Kaiduan Dam project in his Penampang constituency, Dompok was probably also “in the dark” over the real situation and plight of plantation workers.

The other reason could be because Dompok could have mistaken that he was talking about plantation workers in Sabah, a majority (believe to be more than 90%) who are foreigners, illegal immigrants included.

But having said that, I somehow wondered whether Dompok was really always “in-the-dark”, or just that he wished the people would think so and forgive him for his slow response to their plight, just like in the case of the Kaiduan Dam issue.

Hence, my question to Dompok is – when are you going to come out from the dark and start shedding some light?

Jeyakumar: The minister did lie

Sungai Siput parlimanetarian Dr D Jeyakumar did not budge from his stand that Plantation and Commodities Minister Bernard Dompok lied about the minimum wage of plantation workers.

Jeyakumar, the MP from Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), said the minister mislead and misrepresented facts when he told Parliament on Oct 19 that the net income of an oil palm harvester was about RM1,700 and a rubber tapper's around RM870 a month.

Dompok, in a written reply to Mas Gading BN parliamentarian Dr Tiki Lafe, said that the earnings per worker was well above the poverty line which is at RM720 per month.

"How about single mothers working as weeders in the rubber estates or oil palm plantations?" asked Jeyakumar (right).

"What makes us angry is that he is hiding the facts? The majority of workers in estates are women and earn an income of about RM500 a month but that was not reflected," he said.

"Dompok's answer referred to harvesters and tappers and not the weeders, who form the majority workers in the estates now," said Jeyakumar.

"How many locals are working in the estates now? And you talk about just two categories and avoid the major one where Malaysians work," said Jeyakumar, referring to those employed as weeders.

"His answer is misleading and is bad for people in the estates. Those wanting to help them are getting the wrong information. The ministry is doing them a disservice, and we are very unhappy," he stressed.

Improbable figures

Jerit coordinator Y Kohila too, said the answer in Parliament was misleading. The question was how many Malaysians are dependent on the plantation industry and how much they were earning?

"The Minister's answer was about 600,000, where a tapper earned around RM870 and a harvester around RM1,700. This is definitely misleading as rubber estates have dwindled.

"And a rubber tapper definitely does not earn RM870 a month. Secondly, harvesters earning up to RM1,700 are mainly subcontractors," she said.

"Workers earn around RM13.70 a day including other allowances. Taken into consideration are market prices and the height of trees. They earn only around RM500 to RM600 a month," added Kohila (left).

She added that there are few locals who are employed as harvesters and usually the job is contracted out with higher payment to subcontractors and foreign workers who are able put in 12 hours a day.

"The deputy minister says that if 78 tonnes are harvested a month, a salary of RM1,700 is achievable. This may be true but it means working more than 12 hours a day from 6am to 7 to 8pm daily for a month and harvesting about 200 fruits.

"Not only that, workers are supposed to pick up the dropped fruits, clear the dried branches and leaves. Doing all this and harvesting 3 tonnes a day is not possible under normal circumstances," said Kohila.


  1. Can someone please do us the honor by switching on the lights,so that this poor soul can see.And please remove your dark shades,in order for you to have some clarity.

    My beloved people of Penampang,let there be light in your wonderful constituency and elect a man that has vision.

    Justice Pao.

  2. Hence, my question to Dompok is – when are you going to come out from the dark and start shedding some light?

    Perfect choice of words,Ronnie in describing this Dumbpork.The people of Penampang have suffered enough,time for change for a more competent man.

    Kampong man.

  3. Dear fellow readers, this Dumpork is always in the dark because he's in fact a 'Megatron' (head of the Decepti-cons)in disguised bah!

    Besides being the shortest-serving CM during the CM rotation system, Dumpork will also go down the history as the one who failed to defend his own religion over the 'Allah' issue, despite having set foot in Vatican City & kissed the hand of the late Pope John Paul II.

    Instead, it was our courageous brother Ronnie Klassen who sticked his neck out to speak up and campaigned against the power-that-be over the ban on the use of the word 'Allah'. Once again, kudos to our brother Ron.

    The people of Sabah will also remember Dumpork for his sensational play-acting in handling the Kimanis gas pipeline issue in the beginning but 'ejaculated' halfway through, like being caught in the act by his wife.

    So, i hope all you Penampang folks know what to do comes the next GE.

    John Ambush

  4. Yeah, I read that accusation in MK too. I think he should be prepared to say something instead of hiding behind the curtain.

  5. Dompok, you're very kesian la. Everybody is bombarding for your silence. I think you should clear the mess first la. They are not satisfied with your answers. Standing ovation..

  6. Dompok, you need to speak the truth. Don't cover yourself with lies. They are eager to know the truth. I can't blame for doing so.

  7. How can he acting like that? Hope he will fix this thing. Otherwise people will not going to put a trust in you anymore. I do hope this kind of criticized will open up your view and please fix it up.

  8. He may say whatever he like, assuming that most estate workers are too iliterated and ignorant to contradict him. What is he trying to accomplished by lying about the figures?

  9. If Kaiduan Dam is not built then there will be no power generation, hence not electricity to homes and BINGO! - no lights. Our dumb dumbpork will still be in the dark and finally loses his 'vision' and 'direction', if there is any left. Pathetic!!!!

  10. Yes John Ambush,you're right our brother Ronnie Klassen was the only one in Sabah probably also in Malaysia other then our Catholic Herald to stick his neck out for all Christians.As a Christian and Malaysian we are proud that we have Ronnie to voice for us.Where was this bloody Dumbpork?

    Also Ronnie was also the first person in Sabah to come out in the open and highlighted the Kaiduan Dam matter to support the kampong folks against the Sabah government.He caught the entire government with their pants down.Again where was Dumbpork?This is suppose to be his constituency,PENAMPANG.Our KDM community regard him as a brave man,fighting for the rights of the people.

    This Dumbpork is really minister in the dark.We will punish him at the next election.

    Penampang Warrior.

  11. Actually Dumbpork is not the only Minister in the dark.To put it more accurately,practically the entire Federal Cabinet are either ignorant or in the dark.The State Cabinet of Sabah however are completely deaf,dumb and blind.

    Let there be light.

  12. Hah hah ha what a big joke when I see Dompok's face here!! I don't think highly of this guy. What has he done when he was the Sabah CM, nothing, nil zero...really he is a dumb pork...a char siew...He is recruiting orang asli to his party just imagine that, his own Kadazandusuns right has not been taken care sekarang geng orang asli pula, orang asli ada di punya pemimpinbah, jaga dulu Bangsa sendiri, a real dum dum and a pork heh heh!! Ronnie Klassen, go stand against him in the next GE...

  13. Memang benar apa yang dikatakan olih kawan kawan sekalian tentang si dombok ini.Sebagai pengundi di penampang,si gemuk ini hanya pentingkan diri sendirinya.Menyesal penduduk muslim dipenampang mengundi dia.

    Sorilah dombok pilihanraya yang ke13,kami akan bungkus kamu.

  14. Jangan lah mara mara si dumpuk yg gumuk. Kesian lah dia.

  15. "Sungai Siput parlimanetarian Dr D Jeyakumar did not budge from his stand that Plantation and Commodities Minister Bernard Dompok lied about the minimum wage of plantation workers".

    YB Dr.Jeyakumar,for your information this is not the first time this dam dumbpork has lied.He has being lying through his teeth with his fork tongue for ages.

    Dental Surgeon.

  16. Saudara Dompok,jika anda berterusan begini,tidak hairanlah akyat jelata akan menindas anda. Jangan salahkan mereka jika masa tu telah sampai.

  17. Mr Klassen, don't underestimate Tan Sri B Dompok, come GE13 the only bullet to nail down the Penampang people from his nightmares is to request a budget from the 10MP to build the new St Michael Cathedral Penampang which he abandoned exactly 10 years ago when the Penampang people punished him for his 'froggy move' and made a sacrificed of the Chief Ministership.

    The moral of the story is if he is successful to request for this budget from the Federal Govt, 100% the people of Penampang will hail him "the messiah" to rebuild the "Temple of Jerusalem" i.e. the St Michael Cathedral Penampang and those people (those jokers above) who had been condemning him now and then will be his followers again.

    Its just a waste to condemn this guy if we don't stick to our principle. If we want a change or put for change in Penampang, blow it now until the time for change arrive. If we are serious about this change, the next GE13 is the right moment to change this leader no matter what, eventhough he can build 1,000 St Michael Cathedrals or churches in Penampang.

  18. Dompok,please do something in this matter. Don't shut your mouth. StAND UP!

  19. Si Dumpuk itu kesian bah dia, dia itu mabuk bah.
    Just listen when he made a speech, no charisma at all!just like a naavuk guy...
    he must have some senoi blood or sakai...

  20. I hope the KDM's have learn their lesson with all their good for nothing leaders.Dumbpork,Pailin,Maxi,Kurap,Jeffery(Cinta Partyman).

    KDM voter

  21. No wonder UMNO is laughing all the way.The KDM's in Sabah will never be the same.Take a good look at how they divide their own race....Pairin(PBS),Dompok(UPKO),kURUP(PBRS)and now joining the frey Jeffery(Parti Cinta Sabah).What a joke,and they call themselves united.Bunch of scavengers and squandrels.

    Quite frankly they should merge together and form a political party since they all have a common goal and call it..PARTI TIPU RAKYAT SABAH(PTRS).

    Rakyat Jelata.

  22. Anon Dec 5 9:59

    You can say that again, I fully agree with that all those cheating so called leaders should form a party have hit the spot.. And I think Sabah has still alot of timber left in the forest reserves for them to hentam and dig the coal in Maliau Basin..just like what had been done in Mamut..poison all the natives..
    These mother F have squandered enough already during the PBS time and still not happy...

  23. Breaking news.....Parti Cinta Sabah,a coalition partner of Parti Tipu Rakyat Sabah(Barisan KDM) submitted it's application to ROS to be formally registered.The application was submitted by Kanul and Daniel John,and once approve,the party will be handed over to Jeffery Kitingan to spearhead.There is no secret that Jeffery is behind this new party.

    Daily Express today carried a story,Jeffery denies any involvement in Parti Cinta Sabah.He say's his men acted hastily.What BULL Jeffery,do you honestly think Sabahans are that STUPID.The year is 2009 and not the 80's,where your brainwashing and hoodwinking worked then.

    These pea brains KDM leaders have successfully achieved only one thing,the segregation of a race once enjoying majority in Sabah.

    I call upon the KDM's in Sabah to rise and disassociate themselves from the tyranny of these con-artist leaders.A new leader must emerge among the new breed of people,for the people with the people.Any takers?

    I put my money on Ronnie Klassen,so far the only one I see who has the balls to take on UMNO/BN in Sabah,including useless PKR leaders.

    Justice Pao.

  24. Bernard Dompok is an embarrassment and an insult to the people of Penampang,and Sabah as a whole.Donald Mojuntin on the other a joke.

    Penampang warrior.

  25. This Jeffery guy is always pretending, when in fact he is behind everything.
    This guy Daniel John is his macailah...and this Kanul used to be his spokesperson.
    Don't bullshitlah.
    And I wish to ask frankly is this blogmaster Ronnie Klassen really independent or very close to Jeffery too?

  26. All the political world is a joke. Ours are particularly amusing. Politicians are a form of entertainment in Malaysia.

  27. Dompok needs to clear the mess. He should! See all those abandoned projects here and there..I was sickening.

  28. Hey bud, don't just put your ass on that cusion.Don't insult Sabahan for god's sake. We need a charismatic and passionate leader to help us out. But see,what's happening? Sabah is going nowhere now.Sadist man!

  29. Dompok o Dompok..memang sia2 kami mengundi ko.Tidak jua terlaksana ikrar ko sama kami di sini.Jangan butakan mata dan tulikan telinga.

  30. If only we have our own Annual "Akubainey" Awards - the oscars would have gone to none other than our 2 clowns from for short memory and the other totaL LOSS OF MEMORY


  31. Haya! Let us show our pitiness to this hyper sentimental guylah. During his tenure as an MP in Ranau also, he used to be very-very quiet. He bought one piece of land near the Tagal Kg Luanti Baru and rear a herd of cows for milking purpose. The sad thing is that when the workers clean up the place, the dung-filled fluid will make its way towards the river below the tagal. For the fishes, obviously they will gain but not the humans. Anyway, this thing goes unnoticed until today. Come rainy days, the polluted fluid will arrive faster at the river. Now, perhaps as a plantation minister, dompok is okay about this. Maybe, he gathers that so long as dung can be consumed by non-humans, likewise, man. That is agriculturally speaking, so to speak. So, kesianlah dia. Dia tidak tahu apa2 bah itu. Commodity-wise, he thinks all of us are his commodities. No difference between cows and humans. If both can be eaten, so we don't only have kari sapi but also kari manusia. Wau, so yummy ah. Talking about the dam and the salaries of plantation workers, well, there is not much to say because he is not up to that level yet, actually. Baru mahu belajarbah, sampai pinsin! Kesian.

  32. Kamu bergadu pasal dia ni buat apa. dia tu tidak poduli punya, orang sabah dan orang dia di penampang bukan di mau tau punya..

    bila di sudah kana check mate di pulitik dia balik kampung dia di Australia, kan dia ada sia dingar ada PR sana, macam juga di Huguan Siou kita.

    Makan jagung kah, makan boliku (ubi kayu) ka orang kita di sabah apa dia poduli. GE13 kana undi juga, sabab orang kita juga ba gia kasi dia bodiri.

    Terima lah saja dia ba. Kamu orang penampang undi dia, mau cakap-cakap lagi, buat apa... oi mimpi la kamu.

    Mau undi parti cinta cinta ni, macam lagu "kucha-kucha kita hey" pula, si sarukhan, dapat datuk juga..

  33. Why are we making a big fuss out of someone insignificant. We know he is a nobody, yet we are still debating about him. Let's move on. He is not worth the drama, nor the effort.

  34. All of a sudden, he reappeared and got into trouble. There is another dilema going on..the Kibabaig's native land issue. Oh man~

  35. Use your power in the right place,Uncle.Don't just talk nonsense.This and that. You're in the middle of the road now. Where's you head going to?

  36. A minister should possess a good leadership skills and trustworthy. He doesn't have any.

  37. Bro. Ronnie - any info on Kibabaig's land issue? This could be an interesting one.

  38. Nothing can be resolved by bickering about this guy. But hopefully, people will get influenced by this course of debates. So that they would think twice when deciding whether to support him or not.

    It is our greatest wish that more genuinely sincere leaders will step up to replace these bas-turds.

  39. I bet he's struggling to deal with the Kibabaig issue. Poor Doms,how you gonna settle this matter in a blink of an eye?

  40. Dompok,act before you've killed by them.

  41. No system is so perfect to furnish all the perfect information especially if it filters through many people....
    How do we know that ur statistic is correct and his is wrong?
    All of us are not perfect and lets give him time to sort out the issue.
    By complaining does not solve anything.

  42. Just want to share this :)

    Sunday October 18, 2009
    Dompok: Plug the leaks, not build dam

    KOTA KINABALU: Sabah has been asked to consider reducing water leakage by replacing its ageing pipelines instead of building a new dam to ensure sufficient supply in the state.

    Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said plugging the leaks was more practical in addressing the situation instead of constructing a new dam and water treatment plant that would displace scores of rural people.

    “The question now is whether this dam across Sungai Kaiduan in Papar district and a treatment plant at Kampung Maang in Penampang are necessary,” said Dompok, who is also Penampang MP.

    He noted that, currently, about half of the water being channelled from pumping stations to consumers was lost due to leakages — known as non-revenue water (NRW).

    “I would have thought the first thing to solve is the NRW,” said Dompok, adding that he had once suggested that pipelines in the state be replaced at a rate of 10% a year, which would result in an overhaul of the water distribution system in a decade.

    He said if the NRW problem was resolved, the question on the need for the new dam and water treatment plant would not arise anymore.

    Last week, dozens of villagers affected by the proposed RM2.8bil dam at Kampung Kaiduan in Papar and the new treatment plant at Kampung Maang staged a protest against the project.

    The villagers said the dam would cover an area of some 12sq km that would result in about 11 densely populated kampungs in Penampang, some along the Crocker Range, being submerged.

    Moyog state assemblyman Donald Mojuntin, who met the protesters, said an estimated 1,000 people would be affected by the construction of the dam alone.

    Mojuntin said the proposed water treatment plant would be built on village reserve land as well as ancestral and private properties.

  43. I'm sure he will say something later on.Plus, the Kibabaig issue isn't done yet.

  44. Nothing more to say about all these so called KDMs leaders, they are all crooks and disgusting. That Mojuntin fellow is no way like his father the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin who was really the son of the soil who had risked his life to fight for his people. My tribute to him may he rest in peace. As for Dompok he is nothing but just a disgrace to the Penampang Kadazans in fact to the whole of KDM tribes...he seems to care more for the orang asli than his own people in his backyard..
    I feel ashamed of him as a Kadazan..The rest of the KDM leaders are just filling their own pockets...
    May I ask how many have really sacrificed like the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin???
    Come people look back and study the history...
    I think the present KDM leaders did not even bother to find out how the late Peter Mojuntin had resisted the persecution during the Mustapa era....

  45. building a dam in kg maang?well, i think b4 this project can go further, there are so many ppl living there will protest this including me because i am living nearby kg maang.please think b4 doing this project...many ppl will get involved.

  46. Anon December 10, 2009 5:05 AM

    I suggest to you...PR13 you be one of the candidates, Seems like you know how to be a good leader...
    Good Luck

    Low profile

  47. Wah, now all the crooks got no timber land to grab now want to flood the kampung people.
    Hai seh! ini macam punya cerita pun ada!
    All these YBS and politicians deserve to kick in their buttockslah! Cheat the people only ah, nothing better to do, The kampung people voted you all in and then now hentam the people...Like this, if in other countries like this you all will already be shot man...or sent to jail alreadylah...

  48. I'm not against him but I wonder why he is so damn silent about all these things.

  49. hey why why why,
    you know why he is silence about all this things.
    Silence is golden. He makes money by being silent...toeing the Federal leaders will like him...tak buat kacau..
    besides any hanky panky, MACC will not investigatelah....and besides that plenty of singarungmah...singian po vagu!!
    he makan here and there sikit sikit tutup mata sebelah sahaja...otherwise semua pun korek...that is why silent is golden to Dumbpork!!!!!

  50. You should stand up before someone attacked you with an axe.

  51. Christmas is just around the corner but I dont see any progress on the dam thing.What's going on?

  52. In the dark? Righhht..
    Dompok, just hide behind for all your life.
    But soon, you will no longer be the elected representative and MP if you keep on giving excuse like hell.

    The people is now readying their parang and axes. So, be prepare..So, enough with the excuse and start to prepare an honest one..

  53. Nothing against him but korek, korek, korek, korek lagi sekali.

  54. Since Christmas is around the corner, the issues involving the dam should be solve soon. Don't let it meleret-leret..

  55. You all keep on talking about it and how can this be settled? Stop talking about this Damn Dam!!! just wait and see... And if really you want to voicing up this issue, your place is out there not here....

  56. Silence is haunting us here.Can't you just stand up and talk like a man?

  57. Hai seh jungle what you talking about voicing out there where oh?
    I not YB yet mah how voice out there talk lonsen here lah..I think this fellow Dompok or Dom Benedictine is smart not to talk mah, silnce is very golden wow, why go kacau kacau bising bising nanti kena krek MACC how?
    Now MACC can interogate you after office hour already with the three Dugong judges decision yesterday!!
    Anyway Merry Christmas to you all, and Maaf Zahir Batin alsolah....we joke here only lah oh but we love Dompok ok?? Next election we all will vote him againlah ok, so he will bring more of our friends orang asli from Semenanjung to Sabah to help us in the dam works!

  58. apalah (December 17, 2009 4:56 PM)

    To who are you refering too may I ask? ^_-

    Jungle (December 16, 2009 10:47 PM)

    Somebody is pissed. Stop talking about the damn dam? Sorry to burst you happy bubble but this talk about the dam will never stop until the Govt act faster.

    Anonymous (December 17, 2009 4:56 PM)

    Ain't sarcasm is a bliss? Dompok bring the aborigins from WM to Sabah to help on the dam? Damn I can imagine heads are rolling if he brings outsiders to the State.

  59. Bah, suda2 lah hantam si Dompok. Kesian dekat Christmas suda nei..kasi stop dlu "bomb" dia..after boxing day, baru kamu sambung..

  60. First, Dompok was "in the dark" about the dam. And now, it's about the plantation workers.

    Oh great. More controversy by him again..Ah, geez. I don't buy his "being in the dark". Not logic at all.

    Looks like we will have to wait and see what will comes up next from Dompok..More "in the dark" perhaps? *facepalm*

  61. ya singarung time!!!
    Like this I better vote for Dr. Jeffery, he is more qualified from Havard....very smart until everything also not enoughlah!

  62. So,what's the new headlines for this? He is still in the dark, isnt?

  63. Well well what else to say about our contry Malaysia, memang bolehlah..ministers in the dark, the whole Malaysian govt is rot to the core!!! stealing and selling jetfighter engines, cultivating babies...what else??
    I am really appalled

  64. Wonder why Dompok was never out in the newspaper..Afraid kena backlash la tue..

  65. i would think taht the minister should see and meet the people himself so the are no miscommunication.