Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jeffery/Christina....The thorn in PKR?

The guns of Navarone have taken aim,but this time the pathetic targets are leaders within Parti Keadilan Rakyat Sabah(PKR).What was the ever charismatic de-facto leader, Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim thinking when he said during a press conference " I never saw the resignation letter of Jeffery Kitingan".As President Abraham Lincoln once said,"You can fool the people some of the time,but you can't fool the people all the time".

Does Anwar honestly believe Sabahans still live on trees...!! There is no denying that the reform agenda for change by Anwar has the thumb's-up by Sabahans, yes that includes the many who are still with UMNO/BN. Enough with all these David Copperfield illusions and get your act together.The people are thirsting for change and support your reform agenda,but will not bow down to the selfish demands of unscrupulous characters.

Were the voices of the majority heard,that propel Anwar to reinstate Jeffery Kitingan and Christina Liew?Why was PKR Sabah State Chief,Ahmad Thamrin silent in addressing the situation,when he perfectly knew the majority were not in favour on their returned?Was he merely safe guarding his position,surrendering to Jeffery's demands or was it poor leadership of the highest order?Ironically,what happen to the other state leaders?A precedent has now set in,the central leadership appear to have no qualms with any of it's leaders taking the party to hostage and ransom with their ultimatums.Like a sing-along in a Karaoke session,you sing the verses and we'll sing the chorus.

The one certainty we can all agree is,UMNO/BN and their bandwagon of con-artist are happily laughing all the way to the next general election.Should the present scenario persist,PKR is history and doomed to eternity,in Sabah at least.The younger generation must not fall prey to these hypocritical chameleons whose agenda has always been personal with total disregard to the aspirations of the people at large.We should now seriously examine these "sai- lang" leaders who have reached their prime,yet embarrass to admit. The people are watching and they don't like what their seeing.

I received an interesting article by email,written by someone calling himself NOBLEMAN-this could be a wake up call from within to the leadership of PKR Sabah.Enjoy reading.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

SABAH PKR CONVENTION 2009 : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Nobleman

“Ini adalah konvensyen terbaik yang pernah diadakan di Sabah”said Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his closing address on Sunday at Atlantis Restaurant to the cheering crowd of more than 1500 party leaders.

The State PKR Chairman Saudara Ahmad Thamrin Jaini and Datuk Kong Hong Ming the chairman of the Organizing Committee were beaming. Christina Liew wept uncontrollably but only God knows why, as she has a very poor command of the National Language. So it can’t be the speech delivered by Anwar. Newcomer Datuk John Ghani who was seated next to her looked confused. He must be wondering why...!!Keningau Divisional Chief, Gapari @ Jeffrey who was still on sabbatical leave sat impassively without betraying his emotion.

Among the crowd were John Jinus Sibin, Jeffrey Yap, Hj Awang Bakar, Peter Linuk, Adris Taripin, Amirbeck bin Laja and their fellow AJKs from Keningau, Kota Kinabalu, Tenom and Batu Sapi Divisions. The party owes them unspeakable gratitude for holding the forts when the going got tough-all the fanfare of ultimitums. These were the good guys.

“ Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan telah membuat keputusan untuk berbuat demikian,saya menghormati keputusan dia,tetapi bukan bererti saya bersetuju dengan tindakan dia. Hak dan kebebasan untuk membuat keputusan adalah di tangan kita sendiri dan perlu di hormati. Keputusan yang saya buat ini adalah atas dasar prinsip moral dan maruah. Sebab itu saya meneruskan perjuangan saya didalam PKR dibawah pimpinan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,John Jinus Sibin Setiausaha Bahagian”. That was his sms to Hj Ansari Abdullah on the 5th. November, 2009 at 1.59pm.

On the first day of Ramadhan, while Muslims elsewhere were celebrating Hari Raya to commemorate their victory over human weaknesses and desires, a memorandum was crafted to humiliate Pakatan Rakyat Whip and Party Vice President YB Azmin Ali, the Sabah State PKR Chief. PKR Sabah was tested to the brink as the oncoming drama unfurled. It had to wither it's most bitter and painful storm since it's inception in Sabah in late 1999.

On the day of the convention, PKR Sabah had survived the onslaught by its own so-called leaders because there were those in the Division level who had the guts to stand up and defend the struggles of the Party. To these Borneo warriors, the Party and its objectives are more important than individuals, whoever there are.

John Jinus Sibin and his colleagues in JKC Keningau had prevented the party from being dissolved. “Once Keningau is dissolved, Kota Kinabalu will also be dissolved” so say Christina Liew in Malaysiakini. Earlier she had resigned as a member of the Party’s Central Committee on the ground that her mother were ashamed that she was not reappointed as Deputy Chairman of Sabah PKR.

However, when she tabled the motion to the committee members of Kota Kinabalu Division for it to be dissolved, Jeffrey Yap and the other committee members opposed the motion. No other member of the Divisional Committee supported her. For all these transgressions against the Party, she was rewarded with the appointment of Deputy Chairman PKR Sabah. Her partner in crime, Gapari @Jeffrey Kitingan was reinstated as nominated Vice President. Christina’s Mother will be celebrating like Santa Claus this Christmas.

Gosibin the acting Chief of Tenom with his “Kadoh Agundung” hairstyle and Datuk Nahalan Damsal were nowhere to be seen. Sylvester was busy carrying his computer, chair and table from the Papar division office as he and Evelyn Gobili had just taken their “sabbatical leave.” Daniel John and Moses Iking must be occupied with Parti Cinta Sabah. They were “the bad” guys.

There are other good guys, like members of the Organising Committees for the dialogue, convention and dinner including Dr Roland Chia, Ronnie Klassen, Jonathan Yassin and Datuk Chau Chin Tang the moderators. The eloquent speeches of YB Zuraidah Kamaruddin the Wanita Chief, YB Tian Chua the Director of Strategy and Hj Ansari Abdullah at the Convention and YB Tian Chua and Dato Chua Jui Meng at the Dinner made the Convention a memorable curtain closer for a stormy 2009 for Sabah PKR. The highlight was of course from the ever charistmatic leader of Pakatan Rakyat, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

I leave it to you to decide who are “the ugly” but while doing so, please do not forget “the good” guys like John Jinus Sibin and the rest.



  1. The Bad guys are Jeffery and Christina and all those plotters like Daniel John and his gang who were trying to register PCS or whatever party. And of course Jeffery was behind it trying to take the whole of PKR top leadership at ransom..of course this pretender claimed that he has no knowledge of what his cronies are doing.
    Honestly speaking Jeffery and Christina should be kicked out for trying to stir trouble. Let them join whichever party they want to join, after all Jeffery is already well-known for his reputation being a frog jumping from one party to another if he did not get what he for the whole bunch his cronies like Daniel John, these people are just opportunists....discards from other BN parties..
    On the other hand of course DSAI should be very careful and listen to everybody first before making any rush decision, and consult those Sabah PKR members who are quiet, those not taking sides, those who are not that vocal...these are the people who will give the true picture of what is the strength of the party in Sabah, not those making publicity stun and going to the media for political mileage..
    There are members who are just "little people" in the party who will tell things...

  2. First Jeffery,Christina and their bandwagon of con-artist orchestrated the memorandum.There succeeded in unceremoniously removing Azmin Ali,then taking the party to hostage and ransom with ultimatums.

    With all their actions,one would have thought that they would have been sack from the party,regardless of their so-called "strength"(which actually amounts to ZERO).To the surprise of all the die hard members,supporters and fence sitters,DSAI took them back.

    Wrong signals have now been sounded and the party will surely now disintegrate and rot.DSAI has made a wrong mathematical decision,which will create a wave of displeasure among the people of Sabah with the view of supporting PKR in the next general elections.

    Already many are deciding to leave en-bloc,and unless a messiah is within the mist,PKR is going to be history.

    DSAI,speak to people who have the people's passion in their hearts and knows who the real enemy are.Jeffery and Christina are not what you assume to be.Your decision has created in no uncertain terms,the beginning of the end of PKR.

    Jeffery's plan is taking shape,to destroy PKR,and you're either blind or dumb to think that Jeffery and gang are strengthening the party.This is so Pathetic,especially coming from such a polished man as yourself.

    The new line up announced by Thamrin(a stooge of Jeffery)is again testimony of his relationship with Jeffery.Sadly in name,Thamrin is the State Chief,but performs as instructed by Jeffery.

    If this is how PKR is going to portray itself to the eyes of the people,then we have wrongly supported what DSAI has been professing all along,reform and change.

    There is no reform and change agenda at all.

    Barisan Reformasi Sabah.

  3. it has always been a norm in any parties that, when it comes to the truth, the top people will well cursion it so that it will sound even better. But today's leadership must be able to hear from both sides, afterall in anything else, there will be the story and the truth of the story! I do hope that DSAI will use his ears well to hear what the grass root people really have to say. There are two sides of the coin ba...

    Putting the party under ransom? This is worst than Abu Sayyaf....because this is putting the future of all Sabahans onto the chopping board..... and for what? personal gains?

    Leadership character using his own party to the gun point is just like ... "Ashes in the wind-burnt and begone!!!! Abu Sayap!!!!

    Oh know please don't allow me to think that these two leaders are the Abu Sayap of the East?

  4. I believe Dr. Jeffry/Christina by now should be able to understand the hint what people say about you.

    I have seen these two are trying to champion people through their empty promises, giving hopes to them that they will be given this and that!, I know that many leaders were gullible enough and been promised by Jeffry and Christina that they will be candidates for that particular area and they will use them to the maximum... naturally they will work hard to gain that trust and confidence both from their leaders and the people... but at the end... they simply change the whole story and putting dead men as their candidates...without giving any explanation or a word of thanks to the leaders that have been used?????

    If these two leaders are still leading the PKR, than i will have pack my suit case and moving on.

    But than again i have seen that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, hopes for PKR Sabah will be felt once more. I would love to look at Sabah PKR as a Bonsai tree right now, it is small but it definitely strong and beautiful. But it needs to be trimmed from time to time.... and i believe these two should now be trimmed from the whole brunch of the tree. Let their cronies are off with them too.

  5. UMNO/BN are laughing all the way to the next GE13.Their plan to plant Jeffery to destroy PKR has succeeded with flying colours.

    And the fool who fell right smack into UMNO/BN's trap is DSAI himself.Hello DSAI,are you another Badawi,sleeping?Wake up,Jeffery is destroying PKR and you're contributing to his action plan.Have you lost your mind,or worst off lost your bloody testicles?DSAI,talks about loving the party and respecting the decisions of the party leaders,if this is what we're supposed to support,you can go to hell.

    Kadazan Warriors.

  6. Jenis pemimpin apa si thamrin ini?huru hara sedang berlaku dalam PKR,dan thamrin hanya tunduk dengan keputusan bahawa Jeffery diterima semula.Silap besar kami kaum suluk menyokong beliau.Kami mendesak supaya thamrin letak jawatan sebagai ketua perhubungan negeri atau kami akan bungkus kamu dalam pilihanraya ke13,kasi malu saja orang sandakan.

    pengundi Libaran

  7. PKR Sabah already lost all credibility in terms of leadership and halatuju.No crisis?? You people must be dreaming,there's a turmoil happening,and all you people only interested in post.Terima Kasih Jeffery,kita sudah berjaya hancur PKR Sabah.

    Anyway,I glad things have worked out this way,now UMNO in Sabah sure win next election.Kong Hong Ming can now go on his knees and beg Yong Teck Lee to take him.As for the rest better join UMNO or PBS,LDP.

    Hidup UMNO.

  8. Ahh...the ever charismatic,credible and fearless favorite blogger of mine has once again taken another prick to task,this time from PKR.

    This is what I termed as a good and credible blogger,no holds barred.He whacks UMNO/BN politicians and also takes PKR's politicians to task.This is call check and balance.

    Jeffery and Christina deserved the highlight here,as no one seem to have the balls to take this two bloody chameleons to task.Any responsible leader would have sack them,but DSAI has decided to keep them,WHY?No idiot would have made such a suicidal decision to keep Jeffery and Christina,unless there are in cahoots to destroy PKR.

    The Sarawakians are now asking Jeffery,who orchestrated the removal of Azmin because he is a West Malaysian,why do we need a Sabahan to look after the affairs of PKR Sarawak?Do you think Sarawakians are not capable,get the bloody hell out of Sarawak-that's the message from PKR Sarawak to Jeffery Kitingan.We don't need traitors and frogs here.

    Bumi Kenyalang.

  9. Terima Kasih sekali lagi kepada yang saya hormati dan amat kagum,blogger tersayang dan berani diSabah,saudara ronnie klassen.

    Memang tepat tulisan kamu,tiada seorang pemimpin PKR Sabah yang berani hentam Jeffery dan Christina.Semua hanya fikirkan jawatan mereka nak jadi calon konon.Kalau begini gaya dan cara mereka memimpin,saya dan rakan-rakan kami akan keluar parti.

    pengundi Libaran.

  10. The comments here show how ignorant they are about the politics of federalism practised by the Malayans towards Sabah and Sarawak (either UMNO or PKR). These people should at least read the history of the formation of Malaysia and studied how these Malayan leaders manipulated the Borneo states for Malayans benefits and advantages. Only then you will truly see what Dr Jeffrey's struggles in politics. Don't get blinded by the propaganda initiated by this blog!!

  11. How do I trust PKR Sabah with these two behind it?

  12. PKR is not rested yet. They have more things to say now.

  13. Don,

    You know what? You can't.

  14. To Anon Dec. 6.26AM

    You must be one of Jeffery's goon. What are you talking about Jeffery's struggles in politics...This blog is telling the facts not must be dreaming..since PBS time what good has Jeffery done except trying to create split in all the parties he joined??!!
    Tell me what has he done done when he was the director of Yayasan Sabah? or when he was a YB
    What politics of Federalism are you talking about? What has that got to do with Jeffery..nothing, is it just because he was harping over the 20 points, must be one of the kuncu kuncu who tried to register the PCS....Both Jeffery and Christina should be kicked out of PKR,...PKR needs fighters not opportunists

  15. its seriously a shameful bit my friend. these people does not seem to have shame at all in their lives.

    can i laugh for a bit? hahahahahaahahahaha. at least i am laughing. nothing else but a laugh.

    anyhow, there would be an incognito effect once there is no change made to the administration of the state's party leadership.

    coming back to that, now i am wondering this. is this a transit point here now?


  16. Sdr Ronnie,
    Memang tepat tulisan sdra ini, saya amat hairan sekali kenapa Pimpinan Pusat PKR tidak berani mengambil keputusan tegas tentang perletakan jawatan oleh Jeffery dan Christina kenapa? Mungkin dalam telahan pimpinan PKR Pusat bahawa jika dua Manusia ini tidak ada dalam barisan pimpinan PKR Sabah maka PKR Sabah akan berkubur tanpa nisan benarkah begitu? Keputusan DSAI menolak sama sekali perletakan jawatan DJK dan CL seolah-olah membayangkan PKR Sabah hanya untuk mereka berdua sahaja kenapa? Apakah DSAI telah mendapat feedback dari peringkat Grassroot dan keputusan sedemikian rupa perlu diambil saya rasa tidak.

    Sdra Ronnie,
    Kita telah belajar dari sejarah silam bahawa musuh yang paling kita takuti adalah musuh yang berada dalam selimut, jadi saya sarankan kepada semua agar segera bangkit baiki semua ini dan bersihkan PKR dari musuh "Musang Berbulu Ayam & Gunting dalam lipatan" dengan segera sebelum terlambat.


  17. Saya Percaya Pencacai PKR takut akan kehadiran semula JK dan Christina. Ronnie memang takut dengan kembalinya mereka berdua. Kata kata yang diberi oleh DSAI semasa Konvensyen supaya melupakan persengketaan nampaknya sengaja dilupakan oleh RONNIE demi kepentingan diri sendiri.

  18. Sometime I think Ronnie is also an oppurtunist as he cannot accept JK & CL at all. Ronnie by being stuborn and put negatve light on fellow PKR members ALSO create split.

    Give everybody a chance to prove themself or by posting this blog Ronnie wanted to creat a space for higher post in PKR.

  19. Jeffrey? Snickers. All he'd done is cheap publicity along with Christina. They quit and rejoin PKR. I'm not sure why PKR wants them back. How can we trust PKR now?

  20. PKR and other opposition parties have no chancelah, They cannot even agree among themselves, how to win the next GE...too much wind talk only and yet everyone cannot agree with each other, especially the parties like DAP, PAS and PKR cannot even agree with each other, susahlah like this!
    As for this blog master Ronnie I think he is talking facts not fantasy, what he is telling is the truth of what is happening!

  21. Anon...Dec 29,4.34am.

    Ronnie has earned his place among Sabahans with immaculate credibility.His hard hitting yet factual blog,has open the minds of the people.

    Giving Jeffery another chance??? Which mental hospital did you crawl out from?Jeffery has been given all too many chances and he has mislead the people.His past record with Akar,PBRS and PBS is living proof of his greed and incapability in handling matters of importance.

    PKR had given both Jeffery and Christina the chance to proof others wrong,and they blew it big time.No more chances,both of them should get the hell out of PKR..NOW.

    As for your stupid idea that Ronnie is eying higher post,he has already reach a much higher position..the respect he has earned in his blog.The people will decide,and they have decided,Ronnie is our man.

    Barisan Reformasi Sabah.

  22. Sabahans should be thankful,that among all it's people in the land below the wind,daring enough to take the leaders to task,emerged a no holds barred man by the name of Ronnie Klassen.

    Leaders in Sabah from UMNO/BN and the Opposition are worried of him.Ronnie has put his life and the lives of his family on the line for the people of Sabah.

    His presence has now made Sabahans,rethink who are the true leaders of the state.

  23. Saudara Ron is sincere about his investigative "journalism" and we should not judge him by what he has said and/or otherwise but we should deliberate on the issues that only he has got the guts to disclose to the starving public. I am quite sure that many of our readers aspires to be like him but would rather express their true feelings in anonimity and we yearn for a "sacrificial lamb" like RK. Carry On RK.

  24. I thought Ronnie Klassen is buddy buddy with Jeffery, jangan pula jadi Trojan Horse of Jeffery.
    If Ronnie continues on like very good some political party will just buy him over. That is the tradition in Sabah mah!

  25. Barisan Reformasi Sabah,

    I use to like Ronnie but sometime we have to give and take. By not being able to compromise on differences we might not be able to make PKR strong. If PKR won the GE, Ronnie could benefit. But if he cannot accept DSAI position, isn't he similar to JK.

    The language u use calling me a mental patient and stupid reflect your own state of mind. This uncivilzed language made me more distant from brother Ronnie.

    Anon 29 Dis

  26. Saudara Ronnie ignore what ever these wind thinkers are talking about you. They are there not to make differences for our beloved state Sabah, but they rae there hoping that the crumbs of Jeffry and Chrstina be fallen upon them.... ka ka ka ak akkkkkkk!!!!! How pathetic!!!

    I have heard your speech sometime ago and it was my first time, and i have never heard any Sabahan speaks like you. You speak from your heart, and it can be felt. Many leaders i have heard, they speak because they were asked by someone else or because they just are full of hidden agendas, personal gain and nothing in their tone that sound a little bit that cares for the Rakyat.

    You speak with an a fresh wisdom and hits the heart of listeners..... I don't care if other people may say that i kipas your foot!!!! I don't have to... you are indeed a deserving leader that Sabah and Malaysian have been waiting for all these while.

    You are the Obama of the East... a 21st century leaders...and i challenge you to press on and on...

    Those cronies of J & C (Wow se-JC diurang, se-group) are useless. I have heard them but nothing sound louder but an empty can!!!

    Dare to Change!

  27. I agree with Anon Dec 29, 7:47 PM,

    This Ronnie Klassen guy was threaten to jail few times already because he cares to voice out the truth.

    Those are confessing the truth are doom to jail in Malaysia, just like Raja Petra. But if you in fear, corrupt, murderer, scandals, speak nothing but lying through and through you are going to be awarded with the highest honor.

    He is the best leader so far that dare to voice out the plights of Sabahans.

  28. Dear Anon 29 Dis,

    I was indeed happy and honoured that i may sound like Ronnie through my write ups.

    Come on brother smell the flowers, that is change, smells those big ass of your leaders and be where we are today.

    Barisan Reformasi Sabah.

  29. Indeed Jeffrey and Christina is the thorn in PKR but Jeffrey insist to resign from his post but was not accepted..DSAI reinstate him and now the PKR rebels are not satisfied with DSAI? Give me a break, if PKR wants to topple BN, those rebels who are the real thorns should be kick out..

    Just my point..

  30. JK and Christina are the THORN of PKR? Really now? Why all of the sudden you post up about this Ronnie? Nevermind..2010 is here soon..Hope there will be changes..

  31. Time to change PR...Time to change for the new year and start settling all problems especially mother of all problems..

  32. Ler...I thought Jeffrey suppose to make a new party but seems like i'm wrong tho'..damn i lost the bet..tsk,tsk..

    I think Jeffrey should just retire and enjoy the retirement..hurm..

  33. Jeffrey was still on sabbatical leave right? Wonder why everyone was so shocked when DSAI gave his ultimatums..Weird..Looks like something is going on..

    Btw, Happy New Year, Mr. Ronnie..

  34. Kudos to you Mr.Ronnie.You have earned your place among the true defenders for the rights of Sabahans.You have certainly open the eyes of the people especially the younger generation.

    Now UMNO/BN and the Opposition,particularly PKR will take you more seriously,if they haven done so yet.Your blog has inspired many,and we're looking forward to another year of great news from you.

    Be strong Mr.Ronnie, Sabahans are behind you all the way.Happy New Year 2010 to you and your family.

    Justice Pao.

  35. PKR Sabah should now concerntrate in uniting all those disgruntled memebers, because the election is coming in a few month's time. Snap election will be called and by that time if PKR is not ready, kiss the victory goodbye.
    As for Jeffery, he should retire and live happily ever after, let the new generation take over. He has made his fortune already, retire and write a book or whatever or do philantropic works instead of creating problems for Sabahans..why tamak when he has already had his chance during PBS glorious era.
    As for the blogmaster, who is untested yet, slog on, fight on, good luck to you, who knows maybe you can be a YB and a menteri in the next cabinet...but ada sponsor kah tidak? because that is the name of the game in Malaysian Politics...especially in Sabah...
    I suggest if Jeffery wants to be in the game he should not be personally involve but sponsor a horse "Kuda" in the next election.
    If he is to personally involve it will only spoilt the chance for PKR..
    Good luck fellas and Happy New Year!!!!

    Veteran Politician

  36. Jeffrey Kitingan should form his own party to serve his ambition and big goal. PKR is too small for him. He has not been happy in all the parties that he was in, including PKR. He will never be happy until he is his own boss. He will soon demand to be the party president of PKR since he is now claiming to be in-charge of Sabah and Sarawak. But Jeffrey had never run any party on his own merit. Good talker can be bad doer.

  37. Jeffrey, Jeffrey... hmmm...
    You should retired before all Sabahans hate you!

  38. The wranggling and mudslinging amongst PKR politicians for many seems to be a bad taste for a starter. Even before PKR assumed as the governing party, so much trouble has taken place, and one can imagine what will happen if a PKR candidate is being sworn as the next CM. Instead of putting more fire (batu api) to the crisis, are PKR so called leaders so naive to be disunited rather than united. The recent appointment of JK and CL ought to be accepted with an open ended mind because in politics nothing is impossible. If the crisis continues unbated, PKR has lost its struggle and worst still the confidence of the people at large. So beware !

  39. If this continues, the people will soon withdraw their confidence, support and votes. Make sure who you welcomed into the party.

  40. Anwar does not even consider their resignation. Their resignation letter is left unread. Now the dynamic duo is back in the party. Does he assumed that the people in Sabah are all blind?

  41. Don't try to fool the Sabahans. We are not stupid. Never underestimate us.

    We saw through these two and many more. Do something about it or risk losing our support.

  42. Get rid of those who gets in the way of progress.

  43. If they are indeed the thorn. Take a thong and pluck it out. Who wants a thorn, or in this case two, sticking in your flesh?

  44. We have no use for liabilities. Politic is like doing business. Make the most out of your assets and dispose of your liabilities.

  45. Too much in-house arguments..GE13 is just around the corner..

  46. My guess is that DSAI is underestimating us the Sabahans. Does he really think that by putting back these 2 dynamic duo will bring the people's confident back into the party?

    Thanks to him, the vote is splitting up in few branches..

    This is what you get when you are underestimating the people.

  47. he is trying to put Sabah under his hand also. We just choose a leader that we think he can do his best to Sabah.