Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Truth Is The Remedy To All”. Fuad Stephens and his Cabinet Members "POLITICALLY ASSASSINATED" ?

As sure as an orphan would want to know his parents, Sabahans want to and must know the truth as to what really happened on the 6th.June.1976.Was the death of Tun Fuad Stephens and his Cabinet members an accident or ‘accident’? Reliable sources claimed that the fatal Nomad Aircraft carrying Tun Fuad exploded in mid-air and dropped to the ground where a second explosion occurred. Why was the aircraft requested to circle and not given the green light to land?

Doesn't the Chief Minister of Sabah take precedence over everyone? Did the control tower inform the pilot to circle because an Air force Hercules C-130 was about to take off? Reliable sources also claim there was no Hercules C-130 on the tarmac that was ready to take off on that day.

In my earlier 2 articles in my blog on the oil royalty issue, we referred to information that was never made known to Sabahans. The revelation by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah that he was already strapped to his seat alongside Datuk Rahman Yaakub(Chief Minister of Sarawak) and a member of the Pahang Royalty and together with Tun Fuad and his Cabinet Ministers and later requested to disembark from the aircraft by Harris Salleh to visit a cattle farm in Kudat/Banggi is not only baffling but against any protocol- hence a huge can of worms has now open.

It is also tantamount to insubordination and an insult to the Chief Minister then, Tun Fuad. Harris Salleh in a recent press statement ( Daily Express dated 7th.April.2010 ) denounced this fact in what he claimed to be " grossly inaccurate and carried away with pleasantries ".

Was the visit to the cattle farm more important than the historical event that was going to take place - which was the signing of the petroleum agreement between the Sabah Government and the Federal Government/Petronas? Was visiting this cattle farm in the agenda of Razaleigh's visit? Who is now LYING ? The people of Sabah now demand to know the truth. Was this a " political assassination "?

Researching this event gave me the opportunity to come into contact with many Sabahans who are still till this very day angered by the events that took place on the 6th.June.1976.Was there a " BOMB " planted in the ill-fated Nomad Aircraft ? If a bomb did exist who planted it and under whose instruction?

And who is Lee Kang Yu ? It was reliably learnt that Lee Kang Yu was a trusted aid and trustee to Harris Salleh, who fled to Hong Kong where he later passed away. His thumb print had to be used for verification for withdrawal of assets before he could be laid to rest.

Did Lee Kang Yu plant a bomb in the Nomad Aircraft, and who gave the instruction? Among the first person to be at the crash site was senior information officer,TK Wong,who lived a few metres from the crash site.Ironically,the police arrived almost immediately and condoned off the entire area.No known report was submitted by the Information Department to the State Security Committee on the ill-fated crash,why?

In the purported conversation between Tengku Razaleigh and Tun Fuad Stephens, pursuant to the oil royalty, Ku Li had claimed that Tun Fuad had agreed to the 5% oil royalty as Sarawak had earlier also agreed to the 5% oil royalty.Sabah and Sarawak have over the years till this day have had a brotherly relationship.

Now Sarawakians should be asking,did Rahman Yaakub agree to the 5% oil royalty? On the morning of the 6th.June.1976,Tun Fuad and his Cabinet Ministers flew to Labuan with an objective to re-negotiate. Tun Fuad was in total disagreement to the 5% oil royalty hence he brought his Cabinet Ministers to say their piece to Tengku Razaleigh. Did Tun Fuad and his Cabinet inform Tengku Razaleigh that if the Federal Government did not agree to his demand for an increased share percentage for Sabah, he would publicly announce that he was going to pull Sabah out of Malaysia?

In the afternoon of Good Friday (2nd.April.2010) at my lunch interview with Tengku Razaleigh, I sensed a man that was just waiting to tell the truth, but decided to provide bits and pieces and allowing others to complete the jig-saw puzzle. On the evening of the same day, Tengku Razaleigh was no longer the same person I met earlier.

Was he threatened by anyone, group or enforcement agency? Tengku Razaleigh was supposed to deliver a talk on the Petroleum Development Act 1974 as well as the problems plaguing the oil producing states in Malaysia.

Why did Tengku Razaleigh bring up the matter of the plane crash on the 6th.June.1976?

Was he deliberately trying to tell the truth but not the whole truth?In the presence of about 1,000 odd people who were in attendance at the dialogue, Tengku Razaleigh clearly stated that he was all strapped up in the ill-fated Nomad Aircraft and ready to fly with Tun Fuad to Kota Kinabalu, until Harris Salleh boarded the aircraft and "invited" him to visit the cattle farm in Kudat/Banggi, which apparently was more important and took precedence over the signing of the oil royalty agreement.

Another interesting episode of the crash, was the inconsistent manner in which the Inquiry was conducted. The Magistrate concerned requested for a full re- investigation in "an open verdict" as reported in the newspapers but did the authorities re-investigate the crash ? Why not?Whose was the hidden hand that instructed the authorities NOT to re-investigate the crash? Perhaps the time has come for this Magistrate to appear and tell the truth.

Since the exposure of these new developments in my blog, a few political leaders have "suddenly" come out demanding for the case to be RE-OPENED. I applaud the daring stand taken by Datuk Yong Teck Lee and Dr.Jeffery Kitingan in demanding a new investigation on what actually happened on the 6th.June.1976.

What is mind boggling and beyond comprehension is the reversal of the stand of the Sabah State Government. Chief Minister, Musa Aman in a press statement(Daily Express, dated 7th.April.2010 ) said "the amount of allocation from the Federal Government pouring into Sabah is more important than discussing an increase in the oil royalty for the state ", " KL has been very generous with funds for Sabah”. He further added "to me ,what's important here is we don't talk about oil royalty".

My question to Musa Aman is, when did Sabah become so rich that our own resources are not important to discuss? Allow me to jerk the memory of our delusional Chief Minister. Sabah is currently the second poorest state in Malaysia and the oil in Sabah belongs to the people of Sabah. Are Chief Ministers required to take an oath of secrecy never to divulge the truth on what actually happened on the 6th.June.1976?

Oil is a gift from God to the people of Sabah, and ‘His’ name is not Musa Aman. Musa Aman's remarks, clearly proves that Tengku Razaleigh was probably not lying when he mentioned that NO SABAH CHIEF MINISTER had ever made any attempt to re-negotiate, request or demand from the Federal Government for a larger oil royalty stake for Sabah. Musa Aman has therefore insulted the intelligence of Sabahans and should do the honourable thing by resigning or better yet dissolving the entire assembly and call for fresh state elections.

Could history have changed for the better had Tun Fuad and his Cabinet Ministers not perished in that controversial crash? The truth must be told and the people of Sabah have every right to know the truth and no one has the right to say otherwise. I therefore urge the family members of Tun Fuad and his Cabinet Ministers to join and assist me as well as all right thinking Sabahans who till this day are devastated by the death of our warriors to demand for the truth to be told. The tears of many are still flowing, let us not remain persecuted by "cover- up's ".

“Truth Is The Remedy To All” said Guru Nanak, Sikhism’s revered founder and so - let the truth be told.

And, if made necessary through new facts and revelations, let’s correct and rewrite Our Sacred History.


  1. I remember the event clearly. At that time, the suspicion was that the plane was sabotaged and the federal government in cahoot with local leaders were behind it. But nobody dare to say it openly because those were the days when your conversation could be eavesdropped by government spies. Rumours were flying high that the federal government were pissed with Stephen.


  2. Banyaknya persoalan... Saya juga punya keinginan kuat utk tahu kebenaran.. Tapi takda siapa yg tahu kebenarannya melainkan TUHAN dan yang terlibat.
    Manusia hanya mampu menjawab persoalan teka teki melalui andaian tp belum tentu dapat menjamin kesahihannya.
    Appaun saya harap, hal ni diperjelas sebaik mungkin supaya kekeliruan dapat dikurangkan :)

    Posted on : 09-04-2010 | By : Sabah Today | In : News
    April 09, 2010
    Kota Kinabalu: Moyog Assemblyman Donald Peter Mojuntin said whatever motive others might have in wanting to revisit the June 6, 1976 tragedy, his mother Datin Nancy Mojuntin still lost a husband and her children, a father.

    Datuk Peter Mojuntin was among the 11 people who were killed in the Nomad air crash in Sembulan, near here.
    “Will a re-investigation of the tragedy bring back any of the victims to their respective families? The families of the victims have gone through years of heartache and sorrow, years of uncertainty, years of trying to figure out who was responsible for their sudden loss, not to mention years of trying to find a closure, so that they can get on with their respective lives.
    “I hope those asking for a re-opening of the case realise this, We should respect the victims as leaders who are an intricate part of our historyÉloved and revered by some but also perhaps misunderstood and disliked by others.
    “Nonetheless, despite that, we cannot deny them their place in the short history of our beloved state of Sabah,” he told the Daily Express, Thursday.
    Donald, the eldest son of Mojuntin, stressed that what was expressed in the statement was his family’s collective views.
    “This is the opinion of my Mum, my brothers, my sister and myself.”
    He was commenting on the opposition Sabah Progressive Party’s (SAPP) call for the investigation file on the crash that claimed the lives of leading Sabah politicians – including newly-elected Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephens – to be reopened to remove all doubts about the true causes.
    Its President Datuk Yong Teck Lee had said Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s first hand account of how he was seated behind Stephens in the aircraft but left it at the very last moment that saved his life also opens up old speculation of how the plane crashed in Sembulan.
    Razaleigh had said he is alive because decided to accept an invitation by then Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh to visit a cattle project in Banggi island, with the intention of returning to the State Capital in the evening for the signing of the 5pc petroleum royalty agreement.
    Razaleigh said he was seated behind Stephens and decided to extend the invitation to Sarawak CM Patinggi Tun Rahman Yakub and another person from Pahang.
    Donald questioned the motive of political figures talking about re-investigating the incident. He said if it is for political propaganda then, at least in his family’s opinion, it is wrong and uncalled for.
    “Those well-respected victims are no longer here to adjudge, who in their opinion, is on the right political track and who is not.
    What right has anyone to say that these sacrificed leaders will agree to their political ideology or struggle?” he queried. Donald further contended that the victims are no longer here to present or defend their political beliefs.
    “So, it is best to let them rest in peace and let the members of their respective families get on with their lives.
    “For my family, whatever happened and whoever is responsible, let God Almighty make the judgment. We can’t and shouldn’t go on with life living with suspicion and anger.
    “It took us a long time to accept that but it was necessary to find a closure.
    With prayers, we have made our peace,” he concluded.
    Meanwhile, Toh Puan Hjh Rahimah Stephens, widow of the late Stephens, said she preferred not to talk about the tragedy. “It’s over,” she said tersely when contacted.
    Likewise, lawyer Kartini Salleh, the daughter of the late Datuk Salleh Sulong, declined to say anything.
    “I have no comment because I have no information at my fingertips.
    I’d rather not talk about it,” she said.
    (Source: Daily Express and SabahToday.com)]

    And you insist on digging up no matter how painful for the family members and friends to talk about this? Geez,things are getting complicated.

    I hope you are not using this as you party's political agenda.

  4. Questions, questions and more questions than answers. Isn't it amazing how God work in amazing way? Besides, only HE knows what happen on that fateful day of the tragedy.

    Oil is our important source and Ku Li have just revealed a bit and link to the tragedy which struck everyone in surprise and all of the sudden the urge from YTL and Jeffrey to re-open the case?

    Dead man don't talk my friend and that includes those who are involve and was there with them in Labuan. No matter how you dig it. More questions will pop up instead of answers. ;)

  5. Logik pun kan masing2 ada andaian pasal ha l ni. Tengok ja la kronologi CM Sabah.. Pas kes ni, Harris pula jadi CM.. hhhmm, siapalah yg tak curiga kan. Tapi tu la kita taktau cerita sebenar ba.. so daripada merumitkan keadaan, better kita bg idea mcm mana Sabah boleh terus berkembang maju kan :)

  6. agreed - Let the truth be told!!!

  7. Dear Limure,

    I served under the late Tun Fuad Stephens and my family mourn till this day.I have treasured every moment working under a boss that cared for the people of Sabah.Yes,I respect the family of Tun Fuad,Peter Mojuntin and the others not wanting to bring back bad memories.

    Sabahans can never and will never forget what happen on the 6.6.76,but we must know the truth.I am sure our warriors who fought tooth and nail for Sabah will not permit us to just forget.I respect the family's but the people responsible must be brought to book.

    I admire the crusade,courage and determination taken by Ronnie in finding out the truth,you remind me of Tun Fuad Stephens and Peter Mojuntin,two man with the never say die attitude.Sabahans owes you a lot of gratitude and I pray that the Almighty God will give strength,wisdom and vision to tell all Sabahans what actually happen on the 6.6.76 and who are the culprits behind this tragic incident.You are a true warrior Ronnie.Thank you,I hope to shake your hand one day and tell you in person how proud I am to know a true patriot.

  8. This is so complicated. The more we seek the truth, the more it puzzled us.. huhuhu

  9. Kalau buat movie ni kan pasti meletup oo.. sebab semua orang pun mahu tahu apa endingnya dan keseluruhan cerita...

    I love Sabah & saya harap hal ni dapat perhatian.. bukan mau mengungkit tapi sudah sampai masanya rakyat Sabah tahu kebenaran. Kalau dulu org Sabah diam saja, tapi sekarang org Sabah sudah tahu hak dorang...

    Jadi sebagai Sabahan saya harap isu ni diselesaikan segera :)

  10. Sebagai seorang warga-mas,belum pernah saya berjumpa seorang pahlawan dengan keberanian demi rakyat.Syabas saudara Ronnie,semoga Allah merahmati kamu.

  11. Bahaya kamu sakap pasal bom, jangan sakap nanti kita kana si four (C4)loh.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I do hope that the "re-investigate" will be reopen again on this case as all Sabahan should know the truth on what really happen.

    I do support your move and all by Sabahan brothers to get what they deserve to get even though I'm a Perakian.

    Justice will prevail.

  13. Any investigation about the tragedy should be made after the family of the deceased... yes everyone wants to know the truth but we should also consider what Donald P. Mojuntin said...

  14. With respect the 666 tragedy victim's family, there is nothing wrong that this case shall be reopen because a lot of cases like the famous Kennedy's brothers assasination, Lady Diana's accident, M Luther's, John Lennon's, and the local Althantuya's and Teo's etc etc are still remain a mystery.

    KL Federal leaders and YM Tengku Razaleith as the Chairman of Petronas at that time was very furious with the then the ex-CM Tun Mustapha when the late Tun M only agreed to give them 10% to 20% of the oil found in Sabah Territory because according to the Emergency Power 1969, oil found in Sabah Territory belong to Sabah.

    As a result, the KL leaders plotted against Tun M and kicked him out in April 1976 and installed their new leader the late Tun Fuad.

    So in between late April 1976 until the fateful day 6/6/1976, once again the Federal leaders spearheaded by the then Minister of Finance and Petronas founder to re-opened the oil deal once and for all despite rumours that the late Tun Fuad and other Senior Cabinet Minister don't give a damn about it and they wanted re-negotiation about a new oil deal.

    Realising that these Sabah leaders were playing fool with the Federal leaders, the rest is history.

  15. I am a Sabahan and I agree for the case to be re-opened.

  16. This issue will get extensively attention. people always want to know the real story behind this tragedy, even this issue becomes more complicated when families of the victims do not want this issue reopened. we need to wait and see what will be the answers for our questions and confusion.

  17. kalau betul masa tu pun kerajaan pusat dah tergamak buat macam tu, apa kemungkinan kerajaan tak buat benda yg sama pada masa sekarang ni pada pemimpin2 pembangkang, ditambah ketika mereka diambang kehilangan kuasa ni.. moga Allah melindungi kita semuaaa..

  18. Teruskan Ronnie...
    Kau ja lah harapan kami untuk membongkar rahsia sebenar 6676 tu...Sumua urang Sabah mimang mau tau cerita sebanarnya..

  19. The 3rd prime minister of Malaysia knew better. Ask his son which is great in using keris.

  20. Much as the people of Sabah and the whole of Malaysia sympatize with the families of the victims of the plane crash, they have the right to know the truth because the victims were elected leaders representing them in the affairs of the state. Therefore, re-opening this case is not a family or private matter; it is of great public interest. This matter affects the petroleum resource and wealth of Sabah and the people of Sabah are directly affected by it. Knowing the truth will help the Sabahans to decide whether there was an assasination and whether it is worthwhile to remain in Malaysia.

  21. With respect to the victims families I believe the people of Sabah and Malaysia need & want to know the truth.

    The victims were leaders of Sabah and belong to the people of Sabah first and only then to their respective families.


  22. Probably the spirit of Alant... the Mongolian girl is calling out to all the suspicious deaths in Bolehland? If the powers-that-be can get away with one murder, they would never stop to think of another or many more if it suits their agenda.

    The new Malaysia spirit is now borne! Hidup Bolehland!

  23. bring the murderer to the book..and lets sabahan know the truth.i'm with you ronnie.

  24. am equally suprised! I was in form 4 during the tragedy. I rememdered well how all my kampong folks cried over their ill fated tragedy. 2 years after thier death, I stepped in KK to visit the crashed sites and although at younger age I remembered asking the then Dtk Mark Koding (before he joined politic, I supposed)on why there was no follow up investigation carried out...the answer was long....then sometimes in the late 90s when Donald joined politic, I thought that he will carry out the investigation...as decendant of Monsopiad, we should have the warrior's blood of bravery...but alas!....siou no even our HUGUAN SIOU is no longer OSIOU (potent)...he must have been using denture now 'aiso nodi nipon'. BTW, I agree with Ronnie, Jeffrey and Yong....re-investigate..bukan kerana politik tapi kenyataan...tidak kah c Donald fikir begitu?? come on boy, raise up like your late father...and defend him...otulahan ma ka do mohohoing do au kohusi.

  25. yayaya yayayya...

    sabahan oh sabahan..

    how long that you must have to wait to stop all the nonsense.. being deprived from your own property and liberty

    wake up and make your people aware.

  26. The story will not exactly what happen .. i am sure 100% ... may be some party manipulate it for their own purpose ...

  27. the new generation of sabah really want to know the truths...

  28. The truth will out only if PR is the government of the day. Relegate BN to the trashcan at GE13 so that Sabah's heroes will get the posthumous justice due them.

  29. Keep the pressure up Ronnie, after all Tun Fuad does not belong to his biological family alone, but to us all Sabahan...

  30. ...agree the case should be not only re-opened but re-investigated -to find the truth- otherwise this will happened again -who knows

  31. We are mourning the truth but who the hell will going to tell us? Demon?Bobohizan?

  32. As sikh guru said, "Truth is the remedy". Family members,If this can happen to your loved ones,sure it will happen again to others.Please agree for a re-investigation. The souls of the perished will not rest in peace until justice is done.Whats wrong in knowing the truth unless family members know the.......Amen

  33. Dalam hal ini, kita memang perlu merasa simpati dgn keluarga yang telah ditimpa kemalangan masa tu. Tapi, sbgi isteri,anak-anak dan saudara-mara kepada yg ditimpa kemalangan itu, elok juga kalau tahu punca kemalangan itu dan cerita sebenar di sebalik tanda tanya yang mencurigakan. Secara lojik, kenapa Ku Li sudah pun memasang talipinggang di tempat duduknya, tiba-tiba harris salleh dtg menjemputnya pergi melawat ladang lembu di Banggi. Bayangkan duduk bersebelahan ialah Ketua Menteri Sabah dgn misi yg sangat penting iaitu perbincangan ttg royalti minyak Sabah. Apa kena mengena dgn ladang lembu si harris salleh. Kenapa Donald Stephen tidak dijemput bersama? Dia adalah sama taraf Bos dgn Ku Li, bagi pihak harris. Jadi, ahli-ahli keluarga mendiang Donald Stephen dan Peter Mojuntin, marilah kita satu hati. Do this once and for all. Mungkin apabila ini boleh dipecahkan, kita boleh tahu siapa harris salleh sebenarnya dan kaitan beliau dgn persekutuan pada masa itu. Kita buat ini bukan untuk segelintir org tetapi seluruh penduduk Sabah. Mungkin ini boleh mencorakkan lagi senario politik semasa Sabah kepada episod yg lebih positif. Sudah tiba masanya untuk kita penduduk Sabah berjuang mencari kebenaran. Jika tidak, org2 yg mungkin terlibat dalam komplot merancang pembunuhan ini akan sentiasa menang. Jadi kita berhadapan dengan win-lose situation. Memang di dunia akhirat cerita boleh jadi berlainan, tetapi tidak salah juga kalau kita selesaikan kes ini di peringkat bumi. Saya rasa TUHAN juga mungkin merestuinya. Sekian


  35. A life worth dying is a life worth living..
    I take off my sigah to you...
    There are many younger sabahans who supports your cause Brother Ronnie and i am one of them even though im not into any political parties..

    And in time there shall be more of us to be like you thanks to champions like you...

    God bless and protects you.

  36. isn't strange that the families of the victims do not want to know the truth? that doesnt sound logical.

  37. Hi,

    My personal opinion is this is just another political agenda by political parties.Trying to hoodwink Sabahans.Bear in mind when the PDA was made most people still live in kampung and there is no highway.The cost of 1 oil rig will be the same as the revenue of Sabah for 5 years.Without Federal money & help all the oil in Sabah & Sarawak will belong to some Sabah politicians family n cronies n foreign funders and Sabah will not be better than it is today.All politicians are the same.Self 1st Rakyat last.Malaysian Politician Psyche.

    Why suddenly all the anti BN supporters are betting their lives on Tun Fuad.These same people are the ones calling him degenerating names when he was alive.Puppet,slave,kowtow,conman etc2..Now these same guys wants to paint him and his cabinet as heroes of Sabah.Ironic & unbelievable.

    Malaysians are a bunch of selfish & hypocritical lot.When things don't go their way they shout and scream but when its the opposite they stay quiet n smile saying its a blessing.What is the point of having a federation if each states wants to act like a semi autonomous state like Spain.Spain btw is on the verge of collapsing economically after Greece in EU.Malaysians love to use Singapore as comparator rite?Are the central admin not pulling all the strings e.g TEMASEK?We are just a small country for gods sake.Can u c Malaysia clearly in the map like Rusia India China US?

    Just because ur mother decided to lay birth in some oil producing state does not entitle u more benefits than other Malaysians.Berat sama dipikul ringan sama dijinjing.If we use the logic of the majority of this blog commentator then people in Perlis,Kelantan,Kedah,Terengganu should die in poverty bcz Malaysian states should be selfish and dont bother about the others.Kiasu.

    Whats the difference when UMNO politician use the pendatang issue when they feel irritated and Sabah Sarawak using the cessation treat now and then.Even the great liberal democratic Americans killed each other when the South wants to withdraw from the federation a.k.a American Civil War.Imagine that in Malaysia!The whole superpower nation is waiting to make money by taking sides.Look at Africa and Middle East.

    Politicians always have an agenda benefiting themselves rather than the Rakyat.During war or famine they still eat meat n drink wine and be merry and give some stupid talk at public places to placate Rakyat since Roman Era.I have never trusted any politicians and bet on them not betraying the Rakyat in a way or two be it BN or PR.Hell is full to the brim bcz to many people choose to be a politician.

    I hope Mr Ronnie Klasen will not bring instability to Sabah by using conspiracy theories for the sake of votes.I love change for the better but Im a Malay so I hold dear to my pepatah kerana seekor nyamuk satu kelambu dibakar.U say our branch of powers are compromise but yet ask the Executive to launch an 'independent' investigation.Come on la.The conspiracy theory will always be there no matter what we do.I have not read any brilliant realistic economic idea in this blog yet.How are u going to make Sabah better?Stop digging the dead.No point.Dig for Gold la brother.

  38. The loss of so many elite Sabahans on that fateful day was one of our most tragic event in Sabah politics. I would like to question KU Li's motive to reveal facts what it appears to be raising suspicions on the cause of the ill fated plane crash. For so many years he had shut his mouth and didnt have the guts to come forward and make a police statement to the effect. Until otherwise proven, the Australian team of investigators of the crash concluded that the probable cause of the accident was due to technical and overloading.

  39. Why is the truth so fearful for some people?

  40. Why all of a sudden the change in the tone by Donald and Dompok? Sudah buka mata kah?
    It takes a Ronnie Klassen, a Klassen to open you orang punya mata kah?

    Sabahan should be on Petronas Board'

    Published on: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Besides requesting for a review of the oil agreement, the government should also look into providing an active seat for a Sabahan Cabinet member in the Petronas Board of Directors or Management Committee.

    United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) Information Chief, Donald Mojuntin said there were 11 people in the Petronas board of directors and 15 in the management committee but none of them was from Sabah, which is one of the four oil producing states in the country.

    "There are also 37 wholly-owned Petronas subsidiary companies listed in its website and not even one has the word 'Sabah' on it," said Mojuntin who is also an Assistant Finance Minister.

    He said the appointment of the personality from Sabah to the seat in Petronas could perhaps be made through the State Cabinet.

    "The person must be a professional and knowledgeable in the oil and gas industry. Transparency is the order of the day," he said.

    Recently, former Finance Minister Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah had said the people of Sabah have every right to ask for a review of the agreement between the State and Federal governments in 1976 if they feel that the five per cent royalty is no longer applicable.

    Upko President, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok who is also Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister, also noted there is no harm in asking for a review on the quantum of royalty Sabah is getting from Petronas for oil and gas extracted from its shores.

  41. Just can't understand why loved ones of the deceased do not want to reopen investigation with such heavy cloud hanging over the whole matter. Noble reasons of any kind cannot justify the denial of truth and justice, especially to the people of Sabah. The unfortunate heroes who fought for Sabahan's welfare should not die in vain. Sabah is a rich state but the people are living like poor second class citizens.
    I really wonder whether oil money is being used to cover up?

  42. Govt can't even be truthful in teoh beng hock's case, lingam gate (correct,correct,correct), the death of kugan, PKFZ,etc.
    You expect them to be truthful now.
    Get a life. Kick them out in next GE.

  43. It is the sabah cabinet that was killed or murder, and although we the sabahan respect the wishes of their family and relatives, Sabahan demand the truth. Those that were killed in the crash are not just the father or husband or relative. They represent Sabah state and the entire people of sabah. And what happen that day also sealed sabahan faith and lifes for better or worse. So for those that wish to hide the truth or what ever reason given, goes against the people of sabah. I hope we sabahan dont just let ourselve remember them as "Mati Katak" that include the so forgetful and called Family.
    This is A state and public matter not a private matter.

  44. Contact the Capt family ( Capt Gandhi). I am sure they would know something too. many have migrated though

  45. You crooks can lie to our faces but remember you can't lie to GOD! I really hope those murderers suffer in hell!! Save Malaysia!!!


  46. The truth is - they were all murdered just like the recent Poland air crash. Through out history good people had been killed by the evils for much less. Why do we need the kangaroo court to tell us otherwise. Hold the truth in your heart when you go to the polling station. For if they can kill and cheat for miserable sum, they will do anything to be in power. These are crime of mass murders.

  47. The question raised by Donald M on the appointment of Sabahan in Petronas was long long overdue, but whether the voice of a loner will carry weight is remain to be seen. Sabahan MPs from all parties cannot remain silence on this matter. Whether these MPs have the guts to bring up the subject in Parliament is interesting to know. Dont lose sights that hardly any Sabahans are employed in Petronas, the majority are Bumi Malays. So
    long as discriminatory policies are not obliterated, the slogan 0ne Malaysia is just another false representation of hope.

  48. Great post. I'm all for it. OPEN UP and INVESTIGATE, for goodness sakes. I'm sad for the families if they don't want to know the truth. So be it, I respect that. However, they should also respect the fact that their family members who perished were the State's leaders and hence, us Sabahans also have links to them, albeit without blood. So, to those who says we're digging the dead by re-investigating the case (this time with credible people), I'm sorry but I refuse to be under tempurung kelapa - this is practically what KL has put over our heads all along on this matter. KL also banks on the families' sadness as this well deter people from getting to the truth. As a Sabahan, I have the right to know what happened to my courageous leaders.

    OPEN UP & INVESTIGATE!!! Why o why do the leaders even put up a front of going to mosques, churches, or temples, when even stuffs like these are kacang for them to do? Evil stays hidden, yes, but kuasa Tuhan mengatasi segala-galanya, and if He wants the truth to be known, it will be known, doesn't matter if it takes generations to appear!

  49. The truth is we Sabahans sudah tiada kuasa since 666. Pakistani Harris had:

    kill all our leader, given our oil away, timber gone to sarawakian, our native land given to IOI, our Labuan island given up, our scholarship given to illegal imigrant, our religion destroy, our job gone to KL, our women converted, our life become 2nd class.

    What left is a lame Donald Duck which UMNO place John Ambrose as the next MP.

    Donald you better wake up. U can not sumazau only but have to be like Conrad, the real warrior.

  50. In a nutshell, forget out civil, federal, supreme or whatever courts, the only sensible thing to do now is the opposition should promise and put this issue in their manifesto in this coming GE13 i.e. to re-open the 666 tragedy case and to review the oil royalty to 20%.

    I'm sure this will be the turning point of the voters especially the fence-sitters to vote the opposition to kick-out BN and give them the power in Parliament to re-open this case and review the oil-royalty.

    Simple as that but everybody must have a gigantic effort to reach this objective.

  51. Memang tidak salah untuk mengetahui hal sebenar tapi adakah mereka pasti siapa dalang yang harus bertanggungjawab?

  52. The damage is done. Re-open and investigate and then what? Dead end my friend. Even if you can investigate, witness or suspects are either migrated and pass away over there or have already pass on here.

    But then again, if you insist, then go ahed..

  53. I think we should ask for oil royalty increment. And the silence from our ministers is killing us and the curiosity is heightening..

  54. As a Sabahan and Malaysian citizen that love this country, we must discuss this topic with a spirit of patriotism. Open up and investigate it because until now most Sabahan especially young generation dont know the truth. As a Sabahan, I have the right to know what happened to my courageous leaders. Go ahead Ronnie, Jeffrey and Yong Teck Lee. Let see what our goverment reaction. Why so scared. Kuli also need to revealed everything

  55. Excellent topic Mr Klass. You got class men. The revelation by Tengku Razaleigh during good friday at Hongkod KDCA on 2/4/2010 made Sabahan more confused, hence a huge can of worms has now open.

    I would like to share another version regarding the plane crash from another reliable source who was there and was working with a relevant authority there which appeared in the blog http://www.Malaysia-today.net/Blog-e/2006/01/continuing -his-dads-legacy.htm. by Real_Vanniyan.

    To cut his story short, on 6th June 1976, the plane crashed happened in Sembulan on the air off the sea in Kota Kinabalu.

    When the plane was in Labuan before it took off to KK, there were two planes. An unidentified person (maybe Lee Kang Yu)was directing the passengers to the plane.(Datuk Harris Salleh was right when he said that there were two nomad aircrafts on that day).

    When Tengku Razaleigh was about to take the ill-fated plane, he was directed by this person (maybe Lee Kang Yu) to go to the other plane. (This version contradicted of what Tengku Razaleigh revealed during good friday at Hongkod KDCA on 2/4/2010). Datuk Harris Salleh invited Tengku Razaleigh to the other plane. (This version is correct revealed by Datuk Harris Salleh a few weeks ago).

    When the plane was in the air, the pilot ask for permission to land but the airport authority told the pilot to circle 1 round before it could land because a commercial plane is to land. After circling 1 round again the pilot was not given permission. During the 2nd round, the plane burst in the air, killing all. By then Datuk Harris Salleh and Tengku Razaleigh have landed in Kudat.

    The following reasons are considered for foul play:

    1. A Federal Minister and Treasurer General of UMNO Tengku Razaleigh, was not allowed to follow the plane of the CM, why? (where is the protocol?)

    2. His private secretary who have to follow him, was separated and was in the ill-fated plane. Private Secretary always follow their master. Why not here?

    3. Usually, when a VIP plane request for permission to land, priority is given for VIP plane. Why denied here?

    4. Why no report of the BLACK BOX? (I understand that a Black Box is not fitted in Nomad aircraft in the 1970s).

    5. What HUMAN ERROR? ( An investigation report revealed that the nomad aircraft was caused by 'human error" i.e. it was overloaded with electrical appliances like TV sets etc., but this report was unsatisfactory because there is a possibility that KL deliberately overloaded the plane to distract suspicion).

    A strong reliable information was that Datuk Harris Salleh and the Federal leaders were involved in the crash for the following reasons:

    1. Tun Fuad, Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Datuk Salleh Sulong and En.Chong Thain Vun were not happy with the way the Federal Government treat Sabah.

    2. They demanded that the Federal Government adhere to the 20 points of Sabah entry.

    3. They were having contacts with Singapore Government and the then Sarawak CM Abdul Rahman to form triple S (Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore) with Brunei Sultan as King. That is why Abdul Rahman was kicked out of politic by his nephew, the present CM. That also thru Federal help.

    4. They wanted immediate return of the illegal Filipinos back to their homes.
    5. Datuk Harris Salleh have served all the CMs in Sabah, from Peter Lo to Tun Fuad in Berjaya. He was to take over from USNO but USNO was not favoured by the Federal Government. Again he thought Tun Fuad Stephens, won't be favoured by the Federal but Razak had something in his mind.

    These were the very strong information which I got while in Sabah from a foreign intelligent.

    Phew! Based on the above revelations, hence Sabahan demand the truth of what really happened on the bright day of 6/6/176 or known as the 666 tragedy.

    One writer in this blog writes, "A Sikh Guru said "Truth is the Remedy" - the soul of the perished will not rest in peace (RIP)until justice is done".

  56. To Anon April 14 2010 9:10.

    Bro, You have hit the spot. That is one of the main reason why I left Sabah and went to live overseas despite the hard work that I have to endure but at least I know my kids has a future.
    The 1Malaysia concept I see is just a big eyewash...
    Sabah is a beutiful country if it is properly managed by real good leaders who thinks of the people but not own pockets.
    As for the KDM I feel sorry for them they will only be the puppets of the Federal.
    Hopefully our friend Ronnie will have a chance to do some good things if he ever gets elected.
    Sabah has been plundered dry till today.

  57. the truth is out there!..pls take care ronnie..we need people like you.

  58. Between 4th and 5th June, 1976, some one was called to meet the YAB Chief Minister in his office in Secretariat, KK. The interview was arranged by the late Datuk James Ongkili, then Minister of Agriculture and the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin, the then Minister of Local Government. The person was especially called to look into the allegation of 'misuse of party fund by some quarters in Party Berjaya. In the 1 hour interview, among many things, it was revealed that Datuk Harris, who was put in charge of the election fund of Parti Berjaya, was suspected of plotting to end the dominance and influence of the Kadazan, particulary the Christians/Catholics, political leaders royal to the Chief Minister.

    The rest are history.

    If there are investigations, let it be done by the international courts or some independent group or else a 'greater injustice' is done to the families of those who already have suffered. Who can guarantee their safety and the independence of the various witnesses.

  59. Masing2 ada pandangan sendiri.. kadang2 saya harap saya boleh jadi doraemon balik ke zaman lepas utk tahu situasi sebenar & kemudiannya balik ke alam realiti utk dedahkan perkara tu.. hhmmm :(
    kalau lah kan boleh buat.. huhuhu

  60. Saya betul2 teruja mahu tahu hal sebenar.. Tapi k/kala kita kena dengar juga la pendapat keluarga mangsa.. Kalau dorang tak mau ungkit g, biarlah hal ni.. Kesian ba ahli keluarga yg masih hidup..
    Sudahlah sedih & cuba mulakan hidup baru, kena cakap2 lagi.. aduuii konpom luka lama berdarah kembali oo :(

  61. Anonymous (April 14, 2010 8:08 AM),
    mungkin sebab kebenaran tu terlalu menyakitkan :)

  62. Kebenaran pasti akan terdedah. kalau bukan hari ini, mungkin esok, tulat ataupun langkat...
    kalau tak juga kunjung tiba, mungkin suatu masa nanti yang telah ditentukan Tuhan..

  63. ACCIDENT vs ‘accident’????
    hhhmmm Tuhan ja la yg tau..
    Kalau masih mahu tanya, bah suruh bobohizan tengok-tengokan.. mana tau boleh dapat maklumat. hehehe

  64. You see Ronnie, slowly slowly stories are coming out, it takes a little patience and a lot of guts to go on. Surely the whole truth will come out and then the change will come to Sabah.
    There are still some people who are still alive who knew the whole plot.
    Good luck and may the force be with you.

  65. Do we need increment in the oil royalty payout? I believe that the more fund you have, the higher is the chances of someone misusing it...

  66. I hope it won't ended like Teoh's case.No coroner for this case, to be true.

  67. Get over it guys...it was an aviation accident.

  68. To Anon April 20 2010 4:42AM

    There must be a cause to the aviation accident!
    So that is why all these people want want to know.
    It could be a sabotage that caused the accident.

  69. They have been politicizing this matter all over again. The truth is,when we can grant more oil royalties?

  70. Itulah saya bilang kita minta meredeka sajabah. Kita memerintah sendirilah.
    Tapi jaga saja itu Polipin nanti kachau.

  71. I want higher oil royalty. That's all.I hate politics!

  72. Macam mana lagi gaman?Kita masih di ambang kebingungan..Sabah ni ada semangat ka mau memperjuangkan hak kita ni?Sa btl2 sokong si Melanie..jangan pentingkan politik dan kebaikan sendiri..kita suda bayar tax gitu banyak..in the end,sepa yang telan?

  73. I don't understand why the CM of Sabah Datuk Musa Aman said that there is no need to review the oil royalty?

    Ini lah kalu CM yang dilantik pakai remote control. Jadi fikir-fikirlah rakyat Sabah kalau memangka Parti Baru yang akan membawa perubahan kepada Kerajaan Baru Negeri Sabah pada tempoh yang tidak lama lagi.

  74. Anonymous said (April 22, 2010 1:27 PM)...

    Sandi tue boss kalo kita sendre yg mo kena jaga tue polipin semua..*sweats*

  75. This will be someone's political agenda. Thank you paving the way for "them" to manipulate whatever informations no matter how anxious you guys wants to know the truth. Believe me on that..

  76. Sudah la ba tu.. Yg penting sekarang fikir mcm mana kita dapat hak kta.. kalau mahu royalti minyak dinaikkan, bah minta lah kasi naik..
    kalau tidak dapat di kasi naik mintalah supaya setiap pelusuk sabah membangun dan terus maju. Jadi kalau pun tidak dapat kenaikan royalti, yg penting kita hidup selesa juga dalam semua aspek.
    Tapi ni pandangan aku ja la, harap2 para pemimpin kita kan cuba lakukan yg terbaik utk sabah..
    Aku punya suara tak berapa penting, yg penting aku punya undi ja.. hahhahahhaha

  77. hhmmm.. masing2 ada pendapat.. ada yg pro ada yg neutral..
    Apa-apapun marilah kita sama berharap masalah ni ada kesudahan yg baik.

  78. Isu ini kembali senyap untuk seketika.Saya sebagai seorang rakyat Sabah..mengharapkan semua agar minyak royalti yang lebih tinggi harus diberikan.

  79. Kebenaran seharusnya melangkaui batasan politik. Tuduhlah apa sahaja, tapi kebenaran pasti akan terselah jua suatu hari nanti, dan sesungguhnya hanya insan yang berani sahaja akan mencari sebuah kebenaran 'at all cost'!.

    Selamat berjuang kawan...demi sebuah kebenaran.

  80. Now Ronnie, who owns Sabah? Sabah is heading for doomed if Sabahans are not careful or keep on divided especially the KDMS and the locals "the tulin" Sabahans.

    Suluks form grouping to protect their interests

    Published on: Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: The Suluk community in Sabah now has its own organisation to serve their interests and needs following the setting up of the United Suluk Community Organisation Sabah (Usco).

    It received approval from the Registrar of Societies (ROS) in March, this year. Usco President Attad @ Bentan Alamin said the non-political organisation received the certificate from ROS on March 23 and its office is in Asia City, here.

    "Now the organisation can activate its plans to bring socio-economic development and success to the community, especially in education.

    "We want to help Suluk children as many are dropouts due to poverty.

    Thus, we want this prevailing scenario to change for the good of the community," Attad, a businessman, told a press conference, Wednesday.

    He said the organisation has over 5,000 members and each district has a five-member delegation that will intensify efforts to recruit members especially from among the Suluk community in the State.

    He said there are about 200,000 Suluks in Sabah and hoped all would join Usco together with their family members and spouses so that any of their needs and problems could be addressed accordingly.

    "Usco is not confined to Suluk community but open to all races as we practise and believe in the 1Malaysic concept. Even our membership is divided to three categories namely ordinary members among the Suluk community, above 18, or possessing permanent resident status in Sabah.

    "The other two categories are associated members among Suluk people who are residing outside Sabah but within Malaysia and open to individuals with different races but married to Suluk people.

    "The last category is honorary members to be awarded to VVIP, VIP and selected individuals from different races who have contributed much either directly or indirectly to the organisation," he said.

    Attad said the organisation also plans to pay a courtesy call on Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman and request him to be its patron.

  81. Now here is another shit that surfaces!
    What about Sabah now>?

    Pak Lah dismisses Dr M’s claims he gave away oil-rich areas to Brunei

    PUTRAJAYA: Former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi has dismissed former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s allegation that he had given away two oil-rich areas to Brunei in 2009 in exchange for Brunei dropping its claims on Limbang in Sarawak.

    In a statement, he said that regarding the maritime area, Malaysia and Brunei agreed to establish a final and permanent sea boundary in an exchange of letters on March 16, 2009 aimed at settling the boundary issues between the two nations.

    “This agreement serves to settle certain overlapping claims that existed in the past which included the area of the concession blocks known before as Block L and Block M.

    “Sovereign rights to the resources in this area now belongs to Brunei.

    “However, for this area, the agreement includes a commercial arrangement under which Malaysia will be allowed to participate, on a commercial basis, to jointly develop the oil and gas resources in this area for a period of 40 years.

    “The financial and operational modalities for giving effect to this arrangement will be further discussed by the two sides.

    “This means that, in so far as the oil and gas resources are concerned, the agreement is not a loss for Malaysia.

    “ln my capacity as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, I signed the Exchange of Letters with the Sultan of Brunei after the Malaysian Cabinet approved the deal on Feb 11, 2009,” Abdullah said in the statement.

    The exchange of letters between Abdullah and the Sultan of Brunei signed on March 16, 2009 represented an agreement between the two countries to take certain specific steps that would finally establish a permanent land and sea boundary between Malaysia and Brunei,he said.

    Regarding the land boundary, both sides agreed to undertake a joint survey to demarcate the agreed boundary that would be final and permanent, he said.

    This work would be carried out in two ways.

    “First, the joint survey will confirm on the ground the boundary in five sectors which had already been established by previous agreements in 1920, 1931, 1933 (two separate agreements) and 1939.

    “Second, in other sectors where no land boundary agreements exist as yet, the joint survey shall determine the land boundary on the basis of the watershed principle.

    “When the entire land boundary demarcation exercise is completed, there will be established a final and permanent boundary between Sarawak on the Malaysian side and Brunei on the other side.

    “When this is accomplished, there will no longer be any land boundary dispute between Brunei and Malaysia as a whole.

    “This long-standing issue, which had existed in the past as an irritant in the relations between Malaysia and Brunei, will be settled without any disadvantage to Malaysia,” he said in the statement.

    Earlier Friday, Dr Mahathir and DAP’s Lim Kit Siang asked Abdullah for an explanation after news reports last week that Malaysia might have signed away its oil rights.

    Murphy Oil, which had entered a production-sharing contract with national oil company Petronas, for Block L and Block M offshore of Limbang, announced last week that it was ceasing operations because “it was no longer part of Malaysia.”

    “Abdullah Badawi negotiated with the Sultan (of Brunei) to get back Limbang in Sarawak.

    “In return he agreed to surrender the two blocks to Brunei. No Petronas representatives were present, only foreign office staff and the foreign affairs adviser to the PM,” Dr Mahathir had said in a posting on his blog Thursday.

  82. Nah the old milk in new bottle a big bullsh..!!
    MACC hah no report ivestigate only, what about all those allegations on the submarine deals. Why no investigatio?

    MACC probes blogger’s claims of being paid to undermine Pak Lah

    PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has started investigating allegations by blogger Kickdefella that he was paid RM4mil by the Opposition to create negative perceptions of former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    MACC investigations director Mustafar Ali said the probe was initiated although there was no report lodged on the matter.

    “We are allowed to open investigations based on letters, blog postings or media reports, we do not need to wait for a report to be lodged with us to act.

    “We have to follow the principles of law in assuming that a person is innocent until proven guilty and make a decision after scrutinising all the facts. We cannot jump the gun,” Mustafar told a press conference here Friday.

    He was commenting on a recent posting by Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, who goes by the name Kickdefella in his blog, that he spent RM4mil to buy assets and equipment, hiring operatives, and buying printing materials as part of the effort to weaken Abdullah.

    Syed Azidi arrived at MACC headquarters here at 6pm after he was told to give his statement on the allegations.

    The blogger, known to raise various issues of mismanagement by PAS which governs Kelantan, said he carried out the work over three years when he was working in the state.

    He asked how he could have obtained the funds as he did not have so much money.

  83. Fat mama said no reason to change the govt. What you say about it fellas?

    Sabah cannot afford more suckers and crooks to drain her resources. Sabah needs a change right?

    'No reason to change govt'


    SIBU: The prime minister's wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has urged the people, especially women, to continue backing the Barisan Nasional government to achieve more progress.

    She said the BN government was constantly making efforts to raise women's role in the socio-economic development of the country.

    "The contribution of women in the country has always been appreciated by the BN government and there is no gender discrimination. The administration stresses gender equality besides the 1Malaysia concept which champions the interests of all Malaysians.

    "That's why there is no reason to change the government," she told some 400 women members of Sibu BN and Sarawak non-governmental organisations here yesterday.

    Rosmah also advised members, who would be canvassing for votes in the upcoming Sibu by-election, to work extra hard to ensure a resounding victory for the coalition.

    She said the BN win in Hulu Selangor last Sunday served as an inspiration for the Sibu by-election and hoped women leaders would be agents of change.

    The by-election was called following the death of deputy transport minister and five-term Sibu member of parliament Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew from liver cancer on April 9. Nomination day is May 8 and polling will take place on May 16. -- Bernama



  85. The dead do speak, if you have a just coroner, and truth only prevails among those who practice the right path, right living, right conscience spiritually. Greed, amongst the other deadliest sins is one where it can overpower your right living and conscious mind. And however you choose to live, you will be conscience-stricken, and thats the truth. The truth lives within you, inside you, dormant but forever alive...and it breathes everytime you take a breath.

  86. if the changes that be make for a better future, then it should be...

    sabah must change for better future!!!

  87. A quote from the above article...
    "NO SABAH CHIEF MINISTER had ever made any attempt to re-negotiate, request or demand from the Federal Government for a larger oil royalty stake for Sabah."

    Come next elections, my vote will go to the candidate who promises to Demand for higher royalty...assuming whoever this person is is capable of keeping promises.

  88. Jika peristiwa kemalangan kapal terbang yang dinaiki oleh Tun Fuad Stephens ada kaitan dengan isu royalti minyak, maka sewajarnya rakyat Sabah perlu diperjelaskan lagi tentang hal sebenar di sebalik yang berlaku. Masalahnya kita hanya dengar pandangan dari satu pihak sahaja; Ku Li dan kebenaran dari kata-kata beliau meragukan atau ada disebaliknya tidak diketahui. Cuma bagi saya biarlah kisah ini dijadikan pengajaran untuk setiap para pemimpin negeri Sabah untuk
    lebih berhati-hati dalam segala tindak tanduk yang dilakukan. Bertindak dengan bijaksana dan berfikir menggunakan akal fikiran adalah keperluan wajib yang harus ada pada setiap pemimpin.

  89. Sungguh menyedihkan. Kalau inilah kebenarannya, HANYA DUA PERSOALAN WUJUD :



  90. Kebenaran pasti akan muncul. Berani kerana benar.