Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ku Li Opens Up More Uncertainties?

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah may have been the last man on the face of the earth who spoke to the late Tun Fuad Stephens on the 6th of June 1976,pursuant to the controversial 5% oil royalty to Sabah.The death of Sabah's first Huguan Siou (Paramount Leader of the Kadazan / Dusuns)that perished in a "strange", fatal plane crash on the 6th.June.1976,will continue to haunt Sabahans and probably Malaysians in general for decades to come?Was the last conversation between Tengku Razaleigh and Tun Fuad Stephens on the oil royalty of 5% or was it 30%?, we will never know. Are there secrets that have yet to be unearthed?

I had the distinguished pleasure of interviewing Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah during his visit to Sabah on 2nd.April.2010 at Hyatt Kota Kinabalu,over lunch,that lasted for about 2 hours..Among those present were Dato' Dominic Puthucheary,Mazlan Harun,Thamrin Ghafar Baba and a few others.Ku Li was here as part of his nationwide roadshow,championing the oil royalty issue that has now become the focus of attention among the oil producing states in Malaysia.This was the transcript of my exclusive interview with Tengku Razaleigh.

Ronnie : Tengku,you were probably the last man on earth to have met the late Tun Fuad Stephens,prior to the fatal plane crash.Did Tun Fuad agree to the 5% oil royalty?

Tengku : I had a telephone conversation with Tun Fuad Stephens on the 5th.June.1976,and he agreed to the 5% oil royalty,since Sarawak had also agreed to a similar percentage.

Ronnie : We understand that there was an agreement between the Sabah Government and the Federal Government/ Petronas,which was to be signed on the 7th.June.1976.The signing ceremony however was deferred to the 14th.June1976,in view of the fatal plane crash.Were the contents,particularly the percentage of the oil royalty in the agreement dated 7th.June and 14th June similar?

Tengku : Yes.Both agreements were similar and no changes or amendments were made,only the signatories were different.Datuk Harris Salleh signed on behalf of the Sabah Government,in his capacity as Chief Minister and witnessed by Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

Ronnie : Tun Fuad Stephens boarded a Nomad Aircraft on the 6th.June.1976 bound for Labuan at 10am.In his entourage were State Cabinet Ministers of Sabah.What's mind-boggling is,why did Tun Fuad Stephens travel to Labuan with his Minister's to meet you,knowing very well that you would be in Kota Kinabalu on the 7th.June.1976 to formalized the signing of the oil royalty agreement? Was Fuad Stephens actual intentions to meet you in Labuan to re-negotiate the 5% as he finally realized that the percentage was insufficient?

Tengku : No.Tun Fuad Stephens agreed to the 5% oil royalty and he was not re-negotiating the terms.

Ronnie : Were you joining Tun Fuad Stephens on board the aircraft that was bound for Kota Kinabalu on the 6th.June.1976?

Tengku : Yes,actually I boarded the plane and strapped myself with the seat belt.I was together with Datuk Rahman Yaakub (Chief Minister of Sarawak). Datuk Harris Salleh then came on board and invited me to accompany him to Kudat/Banggi to visit his cattle farm.I subsequently unfastened my seat belt together with Datuk Rahman Yaakub and boarded another Nomad Aircraft.

When we arrived at our destination,we were immediately requested to disembarked and move away from the aircraft.I was rather puzzled and was later informed that the plane carrying Tun Fuad Stephens had crashed in Kota Kinabalu.I felt very sad,knowing I had just lost a dear friend.

Ronnie : So, Datuk Harris signed the agreement on 14th.June.1976 on behalf of the Sabah Government or more approximately on behalf of the people of Sabah.Tengku,Sabah being an oil producing state in Malaysia was once the richest state in the country.Today as you are very well aware,Sabah is now the second poorest state in Malaysia,although governed by Barisan National.Has any attempt been made over the last 34 years by any Chief Minister after the death of the late Tun Fuad Stephens to re-negotiate,request or demand a higher oil royalty percentage from the Federal Government?

Tengku : No Chief Minister has attempted to request for an increase of the 5% oil royalty from the Federal Government.

Ronnie : Sabahans have been crying foul over the manner that the Federal Government has been treating Sabah,do you honestly think that Sabah should be demanding for higher oil royalty?

Tengku : The people of Sabah have every right to request or demand for a higher oil royalty,the question is whether the Federal Government is prepared to oblige.

Ronnie : Tengku,allow me to sidetrack my next question away from the oil royalty issue.The upcoming Hulu Selangor by-election has now been fixed by the Election Commission.Nomination will be on the 17th.April while Polling has been fixed on the 25th.April,2010.In your opinion,how would you rate the chances of UMNO/BN and the Opposition?

Tengku : The Hulu Selangor by-election will not be easy for Barisan National.PKR will draw support if it's Malay candidate is good.Barisan National will not get the support from the Malays.

With that I concluded the interview.

Have the people of Sabah been betrayed by the greed and arrogance of the past Chief Ministers of Sabah? Will Sabahans finally decide what is important and what rightfully belongs to them or will Sabahans still continue to allow the crooks that walk the corridors of power to dictate and decide the fate of Sabahans at their own desecration?

I also attended the talk by Tengku Razaleigh themed "Minyak Sabah Untuk Siapa" which was organised by the Sabah Dusun Association and the Persatuan Bloggers Sabah at the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association Hall in Penampang,Sabah.Ironically,the same Tengku Razaleigh that was so fiery and vocal in his speeches in Kelantan recently about how Kelantan was short changed,wasn't the same person.

The presence of "fully armed" police personnel at the venue was also mind boggling.Did the police special branch or UMNO play a role in toning down Tengku's "NO HOLDS BARRED" fiery readiness to expose the truth? Was Tengku Razaleigh going to disclose the truth of what actually transpired in his last conversation with Tun Fuad Stephens?Was there a hidden hand that prevented him from telling the truth?

What was hoped to be an eventful talk and dialogue about the oil royalty by Ku Li turned out to be mere rhetoric and a shamble due to poor turnout. It was not too well-organised - publicity materials were unseen,other then the banner located at the entrance of the Building,which was too small,that one needed a magnifying glass to read it's contents.To those that did attend,it was a wasted and frustrating night for many,as visibly seen by the disgruntled faces.

Nonetheless, it was a daring effort, and hopefully we can see some improvement in the near future.


  1. Dear Ron, indeed a fascinating post with an element of conspiracy.

    What was not mentioned is whether Sabah IS getting the agreed 5%?

    And, I beg to differ with Ku Li on the outcome of the Hulu Selangor by-election.

    BN will win handsomely.

    Always admire your championing issues for the people of Sabah.


  2. Good Info. At least Sabahan tahu hal sebenar...
    Walaupun bagi saya 5% tu jumlah yang kecil tapi itulah perjanjian yang telah ditandatangani :)

    Searang ni kalau kita masih tidak puas hati, perkara yang boleh dilakukan ialah re-negotiate royalti minyak ini semula.

    Harap2 akan ada pemimpin yang tampil memperjuangakn hal ini demi negeri Sabah :)

  3. Wake up Sabahans, before it's too late..

  4. Memang betul kita ada hak untuk meminta agar royalti minyak dinaikkan. Tapi kita cuma boleh minta sebab akhirnya keputusannya terletak pada kerajaan pusat samada dorang sudi berunding ataupun tidak.

    Apapun saya yakin kalau ada pemimpin yang berani suarakan permintaan ini, mungkin ada peluang utk royalti minyak dinaikan.

    Cuma sekarang ni, based on apa yg c Ku Li cakap blm ada yg minta jadi mcm mana pusat mau bagi kan. hehehe

  5. Is UMNO breaking up? or there is udang di sebalik batu?
    How come Najib or TDM are not commenting about this Razaleigh going around talking about oil royalty or maybe this is just a damage control reverse psychology tactic to try pacify the people. On the other hand the BN looks to me is in such a mess that there are so many factions, that nobody knows what to do?
    To me also Razaleigh is indirectly trying to encourage Sabah to ask for more royalty. Some sort of instigation. Who is Razaleigh working for Umno or is he trying to take over the PM.
    I am sure TDM is not too happy about this and of course Najib, if this is not of course all in the "plan".
    The question is Sabahans being taken for a ride again?

  6. Now I'm getting confuse here but let the past mistakes by our past leaders be a lesson to be learn for not only the present leaders but also for all of us.

  7. Let the truth unfold itself..We will just have to wait and see..

  8. Was Kuli hinting that Datuk Haris had something to do with the plane crash? Should open the case for further investigation....

  9. We have the right to demand for a higher oil royalty.. So, let's ask for it. heheee

    p/s senang cakap, susah mahu buat :P

  10. arrrrrghh!! It's complicated :(

  11. I was among the many disappointed people at the KDCA listening to Razaleigh,and honestly wasted my time.If Razaleigh came to Sabah to reveal to us Sabahans the truth,he has grossly insulted Sabahans.

    Well written Ronnie,you are still Number 1 among the defenders of Sabah after Tun Fuad Stephens.Sabah should appoint Ronnie to fight for our rights and seek the truth.

  12. I just don't understand this at all. The oil belong to us SABAHAN. WHY only one or two people decide on getting 20 or 5%?? WE SHOULD BE GETTING 100%.

    Did the Sultan of Brunei give any oil to other??? NO..NO...NO..We were a nation joining another nation. WHY do we give 95% to them????

    Sabahan should get a REFERANDUM on oil and Labuan matter. Harris the Pakistani CANNOT represent Sabah as 666 kill all the leaders that we have voted to office.

  13. Azlan & Asmawati,

    Pemimpin kita mana ada telur berani bersuara...Hereka semua nya dah kenyang. Di BN hanyak Kalabakan dan Kinabatangan saja berani bersuara, Musa adalah billionaire mana mau tolong kita urang Sabah.

    SAPP sahaja yang berani bersuara. Hidup Ah Yong

  14. Stand up for your right!!! You dan do it Sabahan...

  15. Winnie, we exercise our rights with our vote. It is indeed very easy.

    Have we become so jaded that we couldn't be bothered to fight our own fight but instead let outsiders like PKR and DAP to do it for us? That's how UMNO get a foothold in Sabah in the first place.

  16. Tengku Razaleigh did mention that Harris Salleh saved his life by inviting him to board another plane.

  17. Oil royalty can be reviewed — Razaleigh

    Asked why Sabah was still one of the poorest states in the country even though it is blessed with rich natural gas reserves, Razaleigh, who is also a Member of Parliament for Gua Musang, said Sabah had received a huge amount as royalty from Petronas, but it was not an easy job to come out from the national problem.

    “There are a lot of things that the government is doing to please the people, such as health, education, social and so on; it is not only to eradicate poverty,” he said.

    “The people should question how the royalty was spent to eradicate poverty, what measures have been taken by our representatives towards improving our living standard.

    “If we do not question, we may not get what belongs to us. We should demand to be informed how the money was spent, whether the money was enough and if not, should we ask for more. We cannot blame others if we do not make the effort to know what is ours,” he said.

  18. Lets not debate over what had been agreed earlier, the dead could not review and those who survive could not simply speak on behalf of them. If Sabahan feel there is a need to review the % given to Sabahan then act on it.
    No venture no gain !!

    Heard that the sarawak govt get 20% on the oil royalty ?? How about it ?

  19. the truth is 5% oil royalty for sabah is based on agreement. so we can not blame the government or anyone regarding with this issue. If we want more try to re-negotiate

  20. I am for who I amApril 4, 2010 at 10:20 PM

    As far as I concerned, we can't put our blames to them anymore. It is pointless. I mean, we have much more to do instead of pointing our fingers. Come on la, I'm tired to let people understand the whole frame. We are not blind and deaf..we are the one who should come forward to speak up. Yes, we are strong enough to say-Give us back our oil royalty but do we really mean what we say?Comments are everywhere but actions?Zero.So, what's the big deal of shouting without something goes on? Don't create more dramas,again.Thank you.

  21. so its confirm that Tun Fuad Stephen actually acknowledge the 5%...but the question is on what basis was the 5% given to us....what was the term & condition of the agreements?Ku Li should elaborated this question more to enlighten us the Sabahan...

  22. Isu royalti minyak hanya layak diucapkan di bibir.Siapa yang berani mengubah apa yang termaktub dalam perjanjian?

  23. side track a bit...

    seems like "visit cattle farm" is unplanned and very high in priority and harris has to go on-board to bring ku li down from the fatal Nomad aircraft. I was too young to know the actual facts back in 1976 ..but from the Ronnie-Ku Li interview, it sounds strange to me.

    who shall we trust, harris ? Ku li ?

  24. Why target for 20% when by right the oil belong to us. WE SHOULD GET 100% JUST LIKE BRUNEI. 30 years ago, only Harris said everything and he was not even born in Sabah

  25. Nobody is blaming anybody here in this article! What this article is all about is what actually transpired in the oil discussion between the then late Berjaya stalwarts and the Federal Govt. What was the actual percentage that Sabah was asking? What Sabahans want to know is it 5% or 20%? And what is the truth behind the plane crash that killed those Berjaya founders. What Sabahans want to know is if there was a conspiracy behind the crash, just because maybe the late Tun Fuad and his leaders had refused the 5% or had asked the Federal leaders to give them time to think about it in KK before signing the agreement the next day.
    So since Tengku Razaleigh has started talking about the royalty, the present Sabah State Government should seriously think of renegotiating an increase in the percentage for the benefits of the Sabah state.
    Datuk Harris is still alive and for the sake of Sabah he should give his opinion.

  26. Phew! After the lack-lustre dialog by YM Ku Li at Hongkod KDCA, at least we get some one or two revelations as follows:

    1. Datuk Harris should now response whether its true that he saved YM Ku Li's life? Why he managed to convinced YM Ku Li to followed him to P Bangi who had already seated in the ill-fated nomad and already strapped his seat-belt? Is YM Ku Li was telling the truth or he knew what's going to happened and invited the then Sarawak CM and a Pahang VIP to followed Datuk Harris as well?

    2. If the ex-CM of Sarawak is still alive, we are glad to hear his revelation what happened during the morning and afternoon of 6/6/1976?

    3. According to the book of "The Golden Son of the Kadazan", it was written that when the ill-fated nomad plane was about to land at the KK airport, it was instructed by the Airport Controller to fly again to make way for a commercial flight who was also about to land. Why a plane consisting of VIPs (CM of Sabah and Senior State Cabinet Ministers) were given second priority? There is one chapter written about the 666 Tragedy and coincidently it was found in Chapter 6 of the book. No wonder why this book was banned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs!

    4. I heard that the Airport Controller personel on that particular day 6/6/76 sudah jadi orang gila skrang.

  27. Yeah, the oil should be all ours the first place. We should take back what is rightfully ours!

  28. No thanks to Harris, if not for him, all this would not happen. Of course, no thanks to Mahathir and his Project IC either.

  29. Cakap senangbah tapi nanti bila undi punya masa kena kasi 50.00 ringgit sama free mini bus pigi mengundi undi juga itu BN. Sama juga. Cakap banyak tida gunabah..Berjuang bukan meginum saja, angkat kaki sama cakap tapi biji pun tiada bila mau bertindak.
    Dad nu betutur ekoh ekoh, ling sama!!

  30. We cannot go back time and changed everything.. but we only can learn and do something when we know what is actually happen on that time.. If only we knew the truth.. But i bet to have the real story of this tragedy.. All are gone and the real story also wiped out... and if only Haris or Ku li make any statement about the tragedy, i am afraid to believe it...

  31. The forum at dewan KDCA was a total disappointment to many who attended the function.

    I saw many walking away half way the forum with grouses. Many were talking politics outside the hall while speeches were going on. They either could not hear the speaker or simply there was nothing exciting to listen.

    The gentleman from Kelantan who was supposed to know it all was not telling anything new that the audience had not already known before they went to the function.

    Basically, it was a overblown function badly organized and poorly managed and staged. To be honest, it was a waste of time.

    I had high expectation on the event. But I did not learn anything new in that night.At the end, like many others who were there, it was a disappointment.

  32. Nah datang lagi ini ayam bandar "urban chicken" kasi itu idea negatip sama kita urang Sabah.

    The truth is in our 20 point agreement, Sabah control land matters. As all our leaders died in 666, Harris can not represent Sabah, hence Sabah 20 point is violated and hence Petronas agreement became void

  33. it is more important to investigate what is the real content of the agreements...what is the basis of the 5% royalties & where actually the rest of the money go...

  34. We could only blame the past leaders, who gain for own benefits.

  35. How many of you have attend this seminar/talk?It is better to get their points before we could ever say anything further, without knowing the real debate between Razeleigh and fellow commentators.

  36. Sabahan, please grow up and grow up very fast. Stop complaining and blaming others for your misfortune.

    In case you do not know, just to remind you once again that you had been betrayed by your own leaders again and again. They robbed and raped you. They got away scot-free. It is happening every day.

    The problem is just that you do not see when you look, you do not listen when you hear.

    Frankly, it does not matter whether it is 5% or 20% or 100% of oil royalty to Sabah. It makes no difference to you as a man in the street if you had and have rotten and corrupt leaders. Sabah will always remind poor.

    It is not how much you have, it is how your leaders manage your state and wealth.

    What happened to your timber and land resources, which you had 100% control? They are going and very soon gone.

    It is timing and opportunity for the opportunists and power brokers.

    Even an Ex-CM is now riding on state rights as if he has just entered into political arena yesterday.

    What happened to state rights when he was the CM of the day? May be he was too busy with some other lucrative deals and venture? Now he needed state rights to get back to power again. It is all free.

    Do you need such a re-cycled politician who has nothing to show after as one term CM Sabah, proudly, the byproduct of Dr M's divide and rule game to Sabahan.

    Beware and be warned. History has repeated and can repeat itself again.

    There were just too many politicians, new and old, have been riding on you Sabahan for too long.

    Unless you have the right leadership up there, it does not matter whether it is 5%, 20% or 100% of oil royalty for Sabah. Good luck to you all, poor Sabahan.

  37. Obviously all Sabahans are very vocals about getting what should be a fair deal for your oil royalty issue.

    Like most people said you guys are just talk and talk and talk and talk ...... just feeling ada glamour your post kana keluar di blog ini sudah. but you dare not do anything for Sabah. Semua Panakut!!!!

    If Sabahans are serious: Call for a peaceful demo. Mr. Ronnie is well verse with this. Call for a peaceful demo demanding the CM of Sabah to nego back with the Federal Government about the 5% issue. If you can have 50 people coming out to show their support .... kau kana lottery la. but i bet 30 pun susah!!!!!
    But the whole idea is when it comes to cakap... bulan pun jatuh. Itu orang Sabah ni boleh tahan. Buat tidak serupa bikin.

    I would like to challenge Ronnie to organise a peaceful demo on this issue: demanding the CM of Sabah to nego the oil royalty, since no CM ever came and brought up this subject so far. Including your infamous Huguan Siou.

    Tapi dia yang war-warkan perkara ni waktu PBS dulu, tapi bila menang dia ada minta ka? ....Na dia pula jadi saksi Datuk Harris sign the agreement.

    Huguan Siou kamu memang tidak boleh pakai. Bagus Huguan Siou dia dilujutkan.... na bagus juga kalau Encik Ronnie buat demo mintak kaum KDM lucutkan gelaran Huguan Siou dia. Kalau ini pun orang KDM tidak boleh buat... caya sampai bila bila...cakap saja...! Bagus buat di Facebook: Lucutkan Gelaran Huguan Siou Pairin Kitingan!!!!! agree ...not agree!

  38. Is Masidi the Sabah CM now commenting about the oil royalty?
    Cheap publicity, protocol wise he should not cmomment on the oil royalty.

    Oil royalty: State Govt did pursue issue, but...

    Published on: Tuesday, April 06, 2010

    Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: The State Government will look at any possibility available to improve the quantum of the oil royalty payable to Sabah.

    "This is not an easy issue because it has gone on for too long.

    "I just think that maybe Yang Berhormat Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, as the architect of the agreement (on the oil royalty between the Federal and State governments) should have voiced this out when he was still holding office in the Government," said State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Datuk Masidi Manjun, Monday.

    He was responding to former Finance Minister Tengku Razaleigh who had said at a talk on the petroleum royalty organised by NGOs at the Hongkod Koisaan, last Friday, that there was nothing to stop Sabahans from asking for an oil royalty increase.

    He had said that Sabahans could ask the State Government to hold fresh negotiations on the royalty with the Federal Government.

    The agreement was signed by Datuk Harris Salleh in 1976 and witnessed by Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

  39. Thank you brother Ronnie for this vital information. What question that intrigue me most is:

    Why? Datuk Harris wanted Kuli to join him in the other aircraft? Almost like forcing Kuli to get off because something must be wrong with the craft. Meaning he Datuk Harris knew about the bomb that probably being placed in the aircraft?

    What is so special about the Kandang Sapi anyway? When a normal sensible person that knew so well about the future of Sabah rested on the oil royalties deal, and willing to forgo the opportunity to strengthen better relationship with the CM of the day, sensible Kuli should have stayed on on that aircraft with the CM? What was Harris role in the oil deal? Why suddenly he become a ready made CM less than a week later? Unless Harris knew about the bomb and perhaps he must have hide a very important evidence here.

    Now as for Kuli he definitely knew what had happened... Can you imagine you are being invited to see a cow farm than sealing a very important oil deal on behalf of the Federal Government? Unless Datuk Harris that may had known about the bomb whisper to Kuli that prompted him to unbuckle himself and off the plane?

    If Kuli is involved in this conspiracy and Harris, we the people of Sabah want to know the truth. The responsible person must faced the law. What are the siblings of these leaders that had died in that planned crash do?

    This posting given by Ronnie was already few days old and yet of these siblings of the leaders died in the 666, have not done anything to voice out their concern? If one of them happened to be my father? I will not rest until the responsible person that may have instructed someone to place the bomb in the aircraft face the law.

    This incident have changed the spectrum of Sabah politics, we Sabahans could have been better off when Tun Fuad and the rest of the leaders are still alive today.

  40. Why blame past leaders, the present leaders should also be blames for not looking into all these. They are just busy filling up their own pockets just like the past leaders. In fact all the Sabah leaders are hopeless, talk and no action. All of them are just fighting for their own gains in the name of the rakyaat only!!

  41. Musa in Daily Express today say that the fed allocation is more important. Here again another Harris who "wanted to please KL" for his own personal gain.

    Sabahan are fed up with leaders who think they are inferior to the KL idiots. However the Kalabakan MP is the only exception.

    Musa here and again fail his ilmu hisap as he must have well known that 60% of revenue came from oil. Our Sabah budget was only 20 Billion while Petronas income is over 800 Billion. Hence if we only get 50% we will get 400 Billion.

    Think again Sabahan.

  42. Something tells me that there is something sneaky going around as Harris invite Ku Li to go to Kudat.

    Well, half of the cat is out of the bag. I'd say it's time for Harris to have his say too. It's unfair if Ku Li's statement is not supported by tapai/tuak-lover himself..hurm..

  43. More questions than answers. Apa barang. But I sense conspiracy. Something is fishy going on surrounding the tragedy.

    As for oil, we need to ask where have the money gone to. Don't mind if it's for the development and to eradicate the poverty in Sabah. But if it's use for something else, well, that is too much already.

  44. Its getting more & more complicated when this issues discuss more & dig deeply....

  45. It is worth to re-look or review the 666 tragedy because its still remain a mystery whether the failure of signing the oil agreement in Labuan has got to do with the air-crash which killed all the great leaders of Sabah on 6/6/1976.

    Lets go back little further before the 666 tragedy i.e. sometime in 1975. Actually there was already the oil negotiation between the oil-producing states like Sarawak, Trengganu, Kelantan and Sabah and Petronas which was chaired and spearheaded by YM Tengku Razaleigh. It was agreed that the oil royalty was 5% except Sabah.

    The then CM of Sabah the late Tun Mustapha agreed to give only between 20% and 30% of the oil found in Sabah to Petronas. His reason was that according to the Emergency Act 1969 Sabah has the right to negotiate because the oil was found in the Sabah territory.

    This outcome made Tengku Razaleigh mad and furious and he said, "No way". Furthermore the then CM of Sabah the late Tun Mustapha made a request of US$600 million loan but of course turn downed by the Federal Leaders.

    And when the late Tun Mustapha threatened for secession and to pull out Sabah from Malaysia, Tengku Razaleigh called Datuk Harris Salleh to calmed downed the situation and pursued the late Tun Mustapha to forget the secession. The Founder of Malaysia the late Tunku Abdul Rahman was also asked to pursued Tun Mustapha to forget his plan but the late Tun Mustapha did not budged.

    As a result, the Federal Leaders led by the then PM Tun Razak asked Datuk Harris Salleh to kick-out Tun Mustapha by forming a new political party. And Party Berjaya was born and the then TYT the late Tun Fuad was asked to led the newly-formed Party Berjaya during the April 1976 GE.

    By end of April 1976, the invisible USNO and the great late Tun Mustapha was toppled by the newly formed Party Berjaya.

    Less than two months after the great victory, the Federal Leaders Tengku Razaleigh called the Sabah leaders the then CM Tun Fuad and his senior cabinet Ministers to come to Labuan to negotiate the oil agreement for the last time.

    According to Tengku Razaleigh at the Hongkod KDCA recently, the late Tun Fuad agreed the Sarawak's 5% royalty agreement but the question now is why the nomad airplane crashed and killed all the Sabah leaders including CM Tun Fuad?

    There were many conspiracy theory of this 666 tragedy. After Tengku Razaleigh recent revelation, we want leaders like Datuk Harris Salleh, Datuk Pairin, Datuk Patinggi Rahman, ex-State Secretary Hamid Egoh, the Nomad airplane engineers, air-traffic controllers and to name a few and of course the widows, children and siblings of the late Sabah leaders victim of tragedy 666 to come forward and to tell the truth but nothing but the truth once and for all for the good of the people of Sabah and Malaysia in general.

  46. What anon wrote April 7, 2010 8:05 AM is the real story behind everything about Sabah and the late Tun Mustapa.
    Yes that was what happened but none of those mentioned wants to tell the truth for fear of repercussion or have have already had their share during Berjaya era.
    The truth in fact will only open the eyes of the Sabahans and the desire to be an independent country, that is to get out of the Federation.

  47. Yong and Jeffery must take the challenge thrown to them by Harris. No more cheap publicity. Go to the court. Settle the issue once and for all. Disclose all to Sabahan. Be responsible and respect the families of the victims.

  48. Looks like things are getting much more complicated. First the oil percentage and now this? Can't things get anymore worse..*sigh*

  49. Anonymous (April 7, 2010 11:08 PM)

    Guess it's time to put the victim's families to ease then right? I think they are still troubled over tragedy even tho' it happens 34 years ago.

  50. mokilo

    That is a long long time ago story. I think that agreement can be review for the sake of Sabah because we are far behind compare with other states in malaysia.

  51. Dulu lain sekarang lain. Dulu satu ringgit dapat beli sarapan tapi sekarang sekurang-kurangnya 5 ringgit.
    Memandangkan Sabahan menyokong kuat BN dan kini BN menerajui kerajaan negeri, kerajaan pusat patut menimbang permintaan ini.


  52. What the death of Tun Fuad Stephens a political assassination,initiated by Tun Razak and gladly undertaken by Harris Salleh? Was there a bomb,many heard the plane explode before it hit the ground with another explosion?

    Fellow Sabahans please find out and inform our true defender bro Ronnie.If there's anyone who has the balls to do it it's Ronnie.

    Kadazan Mouse.

  53. Donald is difinitately not like his Father, the real Kadazan warrior. He is not even like his uncle who dare to kill to defend himself and his love one.

    Donald as one of your school mate. I saw you being inform of your dad passing in 07/06/1976. You were a young lad then.

    History can not be buried just like that as 666 not only kill 6 of our best Sabah leaders but also now kill more Sabahan due to 95% of our resource being siphoned to KL to build the Twin Tower while even the flyover near where your father crash cannot be completed.

    LEST WE FORGET, WE DIE WITHOUT DREAM. Remember this Donald when we we in England??

  54. Anonymous April 8, 2010 1:23 AM

    Baru sekarangkah si Harris mo bersuara lepas YTL sma Gapari bising2 pasal nei kes? Betul2 itu orang busy dengan kilang tapai dia oo kan..*shakeshead*

  55. Why are you guys saying "666" instead of "66" as in Double-Six Tragedy?

    But then, let's remember the good thing about them who had perished in this tragedy.

    Time to lay this case to rest once investigation (if there is any) is done and come to conclusion.

  56. According to the then Federal Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Mohammad Ali when he replied to one DAP MP during the session in Parliament on 28th October 1976, the conclusion of the investigation where several Sabah Leaders including the late Tun Fuad Stephens died in the air-crashed tragedy in Sembulan water, Sabah on 6th June 1976 was not due to "mechanical problem" or sabotaged.

    It was found out that the caused of the accident was due to "Human error". The investigator found out there were heavy loads of electrical appliances like TVs, Hi-Fi etc which was stored at the back of the nomad plane which caused the tail of the plane difficult to make a landing.

    However until now, people especially in Sabah are still not convinced of this investigation.

    With the power of God, YM Tengku Razaleigh came to Hongkod KDCA on good friday 2/4/2010 and revealed new things like he was saved by Datuk Harris when he himself already sat down with seat-belt strapped in that ill-fated nomad plane.

    With this new development, it is alright that SAPP YTL, Dr Jeffrey and Datuk Harris Salleh to give their points and it is good that this case shall be re-open in spite of YB Donald P Mojuntin and Toh Puan Rahima reluctant to commit in this issue anymore.

    The reason is I still remember that Yayasan Sabah (Sabah Foundation) had sponsored full-scholarship to all the air-crashed victims's family for their primary education until graduated in the University local and overseas. One product is the present YB Donald P Mojuntin, the Assistant Finance Minister of Sabah.

    And I think there were many more conpensations given by the Government which cannot be revealed and thats why they cannot talked much about this issue anymore.

  57. Kalu ini macam kita urang Sabah minta merdeka sajalah.
    Kita pigi jumpa itu UN dan kasi tahu diurang kita urang Sabah punya hajat, minta pertolongan dari dia urang supaya bila kita merdeka ada tentra UN boleh jaga kita dari ancaman luar.OOOOOKK!!

  58. Jesus of NazarethApril 9, 2010 at 5:05 PM


    Why 666? I tell u why...666 is the sign of the devil mentioned in the bible. The date was 6/6/1976. Can u count how many 6 in the date??

  59. Anonymous (April 9, 2010)

    Cakap saja senang mo minta merdeka. Tapi kena ingat, it will be a long procedure to endure kalo gitu. Ko pikir senang ka mo turun naik, turun naik jumpa UN? Paperwork mesti ready dengan alasan2 dan fakta yang kukuh dan tepat. Kalo nda, memang kena reject.

    Cakap mo merdeka memang senang juga. Tapi kalo kita merdeka pun, satu lagi predator menunggu untuk "makan" kita. Lagi sia2.

  60. Acid.Black.CherryApril 9, 2010 at 7:21 PM

    It is best to remember them than digging up the past. No point in re-open this case now. The key-point of this case or evidence may no longer exist or available for investigation. Finding the one who is responsible may lead to dead-end.

    I'm surprise Ku Li link the oil royalty to the tragedy. More uncertainties ensure and making thing getting much more complicated.

  61. This issue will be played around by politicians alike. Be it from PR side or BN especially during election campaign. Those who rise this oil issue and the 1976 tragedy will likely to make "them" rolling in their grave. *looks at the article again* Yup, no doubt about it and no pun intended..

  62. Will we ever find out the contents of the actual agreement? Perhaps the agreement is 20% or more? Perhaps the agreement is 5% but the leaders refuses to sign the deed? We are now left with so many unanswered questions and no way to find out.

  63. So let it be la... if impossible to get the answer, better if discuss other urgent issues... Wasting time!

  64. i do not know of the late Tun Fuad Stephen nor the story abt the plane crash or abt the shenanigans happened surrounding the oil royalty except those that was told to me by my parents...

    being one of the sabahan youngsters nowadays..we tend to close our eyes and ears on matters pertaining to politics...simply because our minds are set that NO politicians in sabah are worth supporting let alone voting!!! not BN leaders nor any of the opposing parties.

    Hence, some of us didn't bother to turn up for the GE...most of them did not even register themselves as voters...

    i believe if there is one true leader that can actually open our eyes ...who can actually fight for OUR rights, not specific to the rights of some ethnic nor religion...he/she can revolutionize the politics in sabah...because the youngsters are just waiting for a change...

    Anonymous April 6, 2010 1:13 AM is absolutely right...i quote "Frankly, it does not matter whether it is 5% or 20% or 100% of oil royalty to Sabah. It makes no difference to you as a man in the street if you had and have rotten and corrupt leaders. Sabah will always remain poor."

  65. Tiada siapa pun tahu tentang perkara di sebalik kejatuhan kapalterbangterhempas 6 Jun 1976. Tarikh tersebut tidak jauh dari tarikh 16 Sept 1963 dan saya mengagak kemiskinan di Sabah ini sememangnya berpunca
    dari peristiwa lampau. Apa pun, para pemimpin harus beriktiar mencari jalan untuk rakyat Sabah supaya dapat keluar dari kepompong kemiskinan dan tidak harus gentar dalam membuat keputusan berisiko asalkan ia untuk kepentingan bersama rakyat. Sabah sebenarnya tidak ingin dikaitkan lagi dengan kemiskinan!

  66. Tiada siapa pun dapat mengesahkan kebenaran kata-kata Ku Li danpersetujuan samada verbal atau bertulis akan royalti minyak 5% untuk

  67. it is better for bornion people to struggle for independence now, it shows the successful singaporean find out that the independence from malaysia indeed a right choice. why not borneo state of sabah and sarawak? find a good leader, preferably chinese to rule that new country formed by the combination of sabah and sarawak. then sabahan can enjoy a richer and prosperous life.

  68. can opening up the past give us a better deal? I'd say we should focus more on finding ways to have more allocation for the people instead of politicking with the knowledge that we will not going to make anything out of it...

    Sabah still have a long journey before it can be at par with other state such as Selangor or even FD Kuala Lumpur...but i can see that the road is there, it just need someone to track the road, with the help of a lot of people...