Monday, March 22, 2010

A Blast From The Past.....Was The Oil Royalty 5% Or 20%?

Is the Petroleum Development Act 1974 unconstitutional? Petronas doesn't answer to Parliament and is only answerable to the Prime Minister of the day-hence if my memory still serves me correctly the Prime Minister of the day is Najib Tun Razak.But 36 years ago,the time the Petroleum Act was enacted,the Prime Minister was Tun Abdul Razak (22th.Sept.1970-14th.Jan.1976), while Tun Hussein Onn serve as the Prime Minister from 14th.Jan.1976-16th.July.1981.

Ironically,call it just pure coincidence,we are now seeing off springs in a similar capacity.But today we're more keen to re-discover the events that took place in Sabah,which could have change the fate of Sabahans,especially when oil was actually first discovered in 1882.

On the morning of June 6th.1976 @10am,Sabah Chief Minister born as Donald Aloysius Marmaduke Stephens and ,later known as Tun Haji Mohammad Fuad Stephens boarded a Nomad Aircraft from Kota Kinabalu and bound for Labuan. Along with him on the flight were State Ministers Datuk Salleh Sulong, Chong Thien Vun, and Assistant Minister Darius Binion. The purpose was to welcome Malaysian Finance Minister Tengku Razaliegh Hamzah and Sarawak Chief Minister, Datuk Pattingi Hj.Abdul Rahman Yakub,who were visiting the oil refinery at Labuan.

On the 7th.June.1976,the visiting Finance Minister cum Petronas Founding Chairman, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was scheduled to sign an Oil Agreement in Kota Kinabalu between the State Government of Sabah and Petronas. Unfortunately the signing ceremony never took place, not on the 7th.June.1976 anyway. The reason.... Chief Minister Donald Stephens, Salleh Sulong, Chong Thien Vun, Peter Mojuntin (the Golden Son of the Kadazans) along with 7 others perished in the controversial accident of the Nomad Aircraft carrying them on the 6th.June.1976, in Kota Kinabalu. That tragedy is also known as the DOUBLE SIX TRAGEDY or DOUBLE SIX CRASH.

The question lingering in the minds of Sabahans till this day is - was the final discussion prior to the signing of this Oil Agreement 5% or 20% ?? Will we ever know?

Catastrophically, after only eight days after the First Huguan Siou, Donald Stephens, perished in that controversial crash, and on the 14th.June.1976,the Government of Sabah signed an agreement with Petronas, granting it the right to extract oil and earn revenue from the territorial waters of Sabah in exchange for 5% in annual revenue as royalty.

Today, after 34 years, its questionable if National oil firm Petronas could be unlawful as its founding law was approved before it signed agreements with all the states, according to law professor Datuk Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi.

He also explained that according to the Malaysia Federal Agreement, land belongs to the states, which complicates the provision in the agreement surrendering control of petroleum found onshore under the Petroleum Development Act 1974.

“I think there are some aspects of the Petronas Act that is unconstitutional,”

Under the agreements signed in the mid-1970s all state governments were promised cash payment or royalty of five per cent for petroleum extracted onshore or offshore in return for surrendering their control of petroleum resources to the national oil company.

Shad also pointed out that the Act was passed before all the states had signed the agreement.

“The constitution says when you take somebody’s property you have to pay adequate compensation,” said Shad.

Federal powers:

In Schedule 9, List I of the Federal Constitution, the following topics are assigned to the Federal Government:

> Except as to State rights over permits and licenses, the Federal Government has rights over development of mineral resources, mines, mining, minerals and mineral ores, oils and oilfields, petroleum products, safety in mines and oilfields: Para 8(j).

> Gas and gas works, production and distribution of power and energy: Para 11(c).

> Foreign and extra-territorial jurisdiction: Para 1 (g).

> Treaties, agreements and conventions with other countries and all matters which bring the Federation into relations with any other country: Para 1(a) and 1(b).

Peninsular Malaysian States:

When it comes to Peninsular Malaysian States, the following matters fall in State hands:

> Land: Schedule 9 List II, Para 2(a). Under the Interpretation Acts, 1948 and 1967, Section 3, land includes “the surface of the earth … all substances therein… all vegetation and other natural products… whether on or below the surface… and land covered by water”. The territorial waters of Kelantan will come within the definition of “land covered by water”. Territorial waters are defined by Section 4(2) of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance No 7, 1969. Subject to some exceptions, they refer to three nautical miles.

> Revenue from lands: Schedule 10, Part III Para 2.

> In addition to the income from land, one notes that in Article 110[3A] there is provision for discretionary payment on such terms and conditions as maybe prescribed by or under federal law of the export duty on “mineral oils” produced in the state. Petroleum comes within the meaning of “mineral oils” under Section 10 of the Petroleum Development Act.

Sabah & Sarawak:

In addition to the rights of other states, Sabah and Sarawak enjoy some special sources of revenue.

> Schedule 10, Part V, Para 1 assigns import duty and excise duty on petroleum products to Sabah and Sarawak.

> Schedule 10, Part V, Para 3 assigns royalty and export duty on “mineral oils” totaling 10% to Sabah and Sarawak. “Petroleum”, as defined in the Petroleum Development Act, falls within the meaning of “mineral oils” and, therefore, 10% combined royalty and export duty on it constitutes part of the guaranteed revenue for Sabah and Sarawak.

From the above, it follows that the constitutional right of Peninsular Malaysian states is confined to fees for permits and licences and for extraction of any petroleum that is derived from their land and territorial waters.

Anything beyond territorial waters, e.g. on the Continental Shelf, is entirely in federal hands. All gas is in federal hands.

Legally, the oil and gas belongs to the states. The only way the federal government can ‘steal’ this oil and gas would be to come out with a new law that allows them to do so. If not it would be illegal for the federal government to touch the oil and gas. It belonged 100% to the states.

And this new law or Act called the Petroleum Development Act 1974 allowed the federal government to unilaterally (note the word ‘unilaterally’ and not ‘bilaterally’) amend the terms of the Federal Agreement. Normally, it requires all the parties to the Agreement to agree to any amendments to that Agreement before it can be amended. In this case, only one party made the changes (unilaterally) and the other parties were forced to remain silent.

The Federal and State Government of Sabah have a whole load of explaining to do.Were there two sets of agreement - one dated on the 7th.June 1976 and the other 14th.June 1976? Was the oil royalty 5% or was it more?

Why didn't any of the Chief Ministers after Donald Stephens demand for more oil royalty for Sabah? Sabahans have been hoodwinked long enough and the time has come for Sabahans to demand what rightfully belongs to them.The State Government of Sabah has been silent and it's quite obvious,they will remain silent-hence a puppet government.If history could be reversed would Sabahans today enjoy a much higher oil royalty had the illustrious sons and freedom fighters of Sabah did not perished?

Interestingly,Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has been invited and has agreed to deliver a talk and answer questions in relation to the petroluem issue on the 2nd.April.2010 @8pm at the KDCA Buiding in Penampang,Sabah.I would encourage all Sabahans to attend this event and probably listen to all the unanswered questions.


  1. What caused the crash that kill those people? Was it sabotaged to stop the oil deal? Only God knows!!!

  2. Bhai Ronnie,

    Whoa... I never know about it. I will check out my entire archive for this matter. Thanks for revealing it.


  3. The plane crash tragedy. Was the oil royalty 5% or 20%, we don't know, but we know Harris Salleh survived to sign the deal.

  4. Oil in Sabah is almost depleted only now we make noise, I think it is a bit too late, and action have to be taken now!!
    But sad to say Sabahans are still sleeping or some are still too busy drinking bahar and tapai. As for the Huguan Siou and the KDMs leaders they are too busy filling up their own pockets and just waiting to fly off to Australia if anything happens!!
    As for the SAPP they are still trying to join in and get the share of the cake which they have not have enough time the last time they were in the government and of course under the pretext of fighting for the people. For the Sabah BN leaders , ha now hentam cukup cukup lah sebelum kena tendang keluar!! I feel sorry for Sabah. IT has been plundered left and right since independence!!! Hey Sabahans open your eyeslah besar besar sebelum terlambat!!!

  5. Thank you Ronnie for resurfacing and reliving this matter.This petroleum issue has now become a hot topic in Malaysia with Kuli questioning the Federal government.

    Nobody has provided an acceptable answer and Sabahans in fact perhaps all Malaysians will never know.The events that took place is highly questionable and too coincidental to believe let alone accept.Was the plane sabotage or was it pilot error?What are the odds of a plane crashing when a significant oil agreement was supposed to have been signed?Was the discussion between our Huguan Siou Donald Stephens and Kuli in Labuan to inform the Federal Government that the only percentage he will agree is 20% or perhaps 30%? Maybe Donald Stephens could have told Kuli,the oil belongs to Sabah,so we will give you 20% and 80% belongs to Sabah,could this be the case?

    Once again Ronnie thank you from the bottom of the hearts of all Sabahans.You are truly a warrior of modern time.

    Justice Pao.

  6. If there have been two separate documents, one dated the 7th and the other was the 14th June, than one of us Sabahans or Malaysian for that matter must be in the possession of any kinds of printed forms of these documents. These two documents would served as crucial documents that really are, can help to change the fate of the Sabah's state and her people.

    But the question is why none of our past and present leaders dare not seek the truth about this?

    Now that Datuk Harris Salleh is no longer in power, i still believe that Datuk knows so much about this and i can only hope that before the sun is set let the people know...! Now Tun Mustapha had long gone, which he too i believe was well aware of the situation. Sabahans were long been molded and leaders have been hypnotize by the federal government so that we will always be blinded by this fact. This has certainly a blast from the past...!!!! and it hurts.

    Ronnie i pray that one of these days a good Samaritan Sabahans will be contacting you and feeding you with more insight about the documents. I hope too that this Samaritan will rest even more in peace when Allah finally call upon as he has done something Golden for his people of Sabah. Let this be a historical fact and this person be recorded in the history that he has ended it with a well deserving purpose of life.

    Kiulu FC

  7. We should get more than 5% of the oil royalty. It belongs to us yet we only get the small amount.WTH?!

  8. Dear Ronnie,

    Thank you for daring to voice out your concerns because you people must have been taken for a ride all these while. If the corrupt regime can marginalise their own malays in the opposition states they would not hesitate to so do to you. If the Project I/C Mahatahi can rob the natives of their rights they will rob your oil also.

    You have my support, West Malaysian

  9. reveal that issue after 34 years...interesting!
    but everyone don't make your answer or conclusion in negative way. just wait 2nd.April.2010 8pm at the KDCA Buiding in Penampang,Sabah. listen to all the unanswered questions from Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

  10. PRESS RELEASE of Joshua Y. C. Kong 22 March 2010

    088 247823 (also fax) 088 474513 (also sms) 0128380897

    P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


    Re: Petroleum Development Act 1974 Act 144 (PDA) and its implications

    With the latest developments in the Public Forum organised by the Malaysian Bar Council held on 20th March, 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, on the Oil Royalty Issue, I would like to call sgsinon the Duli Yanf Mahal Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agung XIII Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah to institute a Royal Commission of Inquiry on PDA and Petronas.

    I had lodged a few Police Reports on our oil wealth and the massive national profligacy with scores of pressing questions unanswered. Each time I had called for Royal Commissions of Inquiry.

    Now two major issues have come out from the recent Bar Council’s Public Forum namely the unannounced and non disclosure of the biggest oil find by Petronas in the world and the legality of PDA and Petronas in the framework and management of the oil operations . We have seen how our oil wealth had been manipulated since 1974.

    Whether the biggest oil find is in Malaysia or Sabah or elsewhere yet to be officially confirm, it is still questionable how the nation would fare when the known fossil oil as dwindling in the nation would soon be fully depleted in a few years time. Malaysian coffer is very much dependent on the oil revenue annually especially in recent years.

    So it is timely that the country can move forward and compete more effectively with a proper inquiry on the status of the PDA and Petronas in a wide range of issues in the context of halal, haram or something in between for the revenue so derived from the fossil oil.

    Joshua Kong

    Chartered Accountant,


    Ex Deputy President of Sabah Consumers Association 2006-2009

  11. Umnoputras summoned perkasa and their manhood ketuanan into action. But I suppose we can summon the spirits of all those who died in may 13 as well as all those who died in the sabah air crash and also the spirits of beng hock and kugan and altan and many others into action. Err, I suppose these spirits are already in action this very moment. Well thanks fellas. Thank you all.

  12. Hopefully the truth prevails....Nail the government to the end and prepare their coffers....Enough of their bulshitting....

    Dear Sabahan's,

    Enough of being ignorant all this while....wake up and show your respect to your unforgotten fighters of your rigths...


  13. Funny how all state agreed to the PDA. In the end, all that money end up in the klang valley, a filthy place with no resource.

    My suggestion is that Petronas be split. The resources gained from sabah and sarawak, be under the ownership and control of both state govenrnment, including what was garnered from the past.

    If the accident was planned, Tengku Razaleigh is now linked to two murderous act, one involving an accountant for the bank bumi fiasco in hong kong and this one.

    Since he voiced his opinion on the PDA issue, we must ask tengku razaleigh the reason for coming out with such act. What was Tun RAZAK'S DIRECTIVE (as he was a prominent right wing UMNO guy) and what was his idea and reason for coming up with this PDa thingy.

  14. We can all thank Harris Salleh for this mess.

  15. To all Sabahans and ALL this evil,racist n corrupted BN by getting more votes for PR via a " VOTER-GET-VOTERS" for PR via chain emails,words of mouths etc etc.Its NOW or NEVER, for a FREE and BETTER Malaysia

  16. Kita wajar mendapat lebih dari 5%!

  17. Dear brother Ronnie,

    My tears fell after reading your blog,the emotions and sadness still lingers in the minds all Sabahans.Your courage is beyond imagination...a messiah sent by God.

    I also hope some good Samaritan will contact you and hand over the document dated 7.6.76,so that you could expose the truth.I'm sure by your blog which has come from your heart,and with only the people's interest at heart,you have also summoned the spirits of all who perished on the 6.6.76,to guide you to reveal the truth.

    May the Almighty God Bless you and guide you Ronnie.You are a true leader and defender of the people of Sabah.

    Maggie T

  18. The biggest oil field has been discovered says the Tengku R. Surely what he says carries weight, but where is the location, a big ? mark. My guess is the location is somewhere between Pulau Ligitan and Sipidan in the Semporna District, and the other likely spot is the Klias Peninsula Beaufort. Where ever it is, Malaysians must benefit from the oil revenues and not benefitting to a few only.

  19. A couple of months ago i read an article pertaining the discoveries of oil and gas at Malaysia. It was a surprise to me that none of the international oil companies that Petronas had joint ventured with are owned by the Sabah State Government. It was more sad to note that most of these companies had bigger working interest ratio than Petronas. In many case these companies had 75 to 85% stake. I wonder why all this while the state government did not formed its own oil company to joint venture with Petronas so we could earn more than the usual famous 5% royalty.

  20. Oil,Gold & Silver,Diamond,Coal,Copper etc..etc. These are resources found in abundance in Sabah and their findings were made thru scientific means. Are we still going to get 5% once the UMNOputras start mining them?...No way Jose' can only happen over our dead bodies!

  21. The aftermath of 6.6.76 has brought endless questions,on what actually happen in the ill faithed crash that perished our beloved Huguan Siou.Donald Stephens gave his life for what he thought would lift the livelihood of all Sabahans.But it was never meant to be.

    Today we salute the courage brought upon by Ronnie in questioning what really happen in the morning of 6.6.76 at Labuan.As God is our witness,we are convince that Donald Stephens told Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah that Sabah will not agree to the 5% oil royalty.Did he die in vain?Sabahans we must know what happen and correct it for the benefit of our future generation.UMNO/BN has invaded our land and have robbed us of our land,oil and our very existence.NO MORE,we must now stand as ONE and oust UMNO/BN out of Sabah once and for all.

    Voice of the New Generation.

  22. Brother Ronnie, your daring unselfish and care for the rakyat of Sabah i salute you greatly.

    Those time was the saddest part of many Sabahans, i remembered my father told me how they actually lining up from Sembulan to St' Micheal Church Penampang, to pay respect for the Golden Son of Kadazan. They all pay tribute to the late Peter Mojuntin and Tun Fuad. A Virgil prayer was conducted at many churches at that time united seeking God revelation and God's grace.

    People than was not really aware what transpire than, all they know was a great leaders was blown up in the air. My late brother in law was there at the seen. He came back and told us how terrible it was. They have to net out all the mixed fresh floating in the water and put all that into few coffins placed by the beach at that time.

    I also remembered my father told me the condition of the body of the late Peter Mojuntin, some parts were missing but his wholeness is still. Those people that queuing up to pay tribute to him back than was came back in tears and their hopes were crush. People in Penampang are looking upon the late Peter Mojuntin children and hoping that perhaps one day when his elder son be like him.....He won the election not because of his leadership but the leadership of his father, the legacy that a father had passed on to his son... Now you know who he is and we know what he has done so far. The Penampang people has his report card. I hope he will stand up and say enough is enough and he will stand before his people and bring a new fresh revival of self and march on to face the up hill struggle of all Sabahans are facing right now.

    If he cares. If he cares enough to see that his people would have the chance to be treated the true sons and daughter of the land. The real Kadazan of the land. (Kadazan means in kadazandusun language is the true people of the land - this is how we Kadazan or Kadayan got our identity) Therefore we were called Kadayan Lotud, Kadazan Penampang, Kadazan Papar, Kadayan Maragang, Kadazan Rungus, and more of us according to our dialects but we are all Kadazan. Politics divides us and that's how many of us do not even know that true meaning of Kadazan/Kadayan) -- The Late Tun Fuad and Peter Mojuntin would have known this, but what can we say with our presents leaders. They care only but to secure their future in Australia.

    It is hard to swallow and it is hard to think of the past. How sad it was and i felt that before i die i pray and i always pray that younger leaders will be resurrected and brings us all out from this mess.


  23. This is interesting news about our oil revenue...

    Dr, Jeffrey Kitingan Questions the BN on WHO ARE THE SIX OPTION HOLDERS IN PETRONAS?

    The veil of secrecy shrouding national oil company Petronas poses a challenge to Barisan Nasional’s claims of being responsible and accountable, according to PKR in Sabah and Sarawak.

    Its chief Jeffrey Kitingan, in an open letter, has urged Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to lift the veil and immediately review the oil royalty agreements with Petronas.

    "I would like to raise several issues in regard to the situation in Petronas, which, I believe, most people are not aware of," he said in the open letter published in Sabah Progressive Party's website.

    "This is especially pertinent in the face of several revelations, such as that the oil wells in Sabah will dry up six years from now.

    "The issue has also been raised that Petronas 'could go bust in 2018' forcing us to ask: Where have all the huge amounts of Petronas money gone to?

    "Has Petronas been managed so badly that despite it being the nation's biggest money earner, it is now facing the possibility of going bust (bankrupt)?

    "The problem with Petronas is that it was designed to be a secretive organisation. The Petronas agreements have been classified secret. Why?" Jeffrey asked.

    'Incalculable losses'

    "What clauses are in the agreement that the people should know? This secrecy also includes Petronas' detailed annual reports, which are shielded from public scrutiny, making it an organisation without public accountability.

    "The other shocking revelation... is that 80 percent of the oil produced by Petronas is not sold directly to the world market but is channelled through six 'option holders' who obtain the supply from Petronas below market prices. These option holders are the ones reaping the benefits in the oil price hikes.

    "Who are these people?” asked Jeffrey

    "Why are (they) there in the first place? Why has such a system been created for Petronas? Are these people representing certain private interests?

    "It is also understood that this supply through the option holders is sold by contracts, with a binding agreement for 20 or 30 years, causing huge losses to Petronas when oil price increases as Petronas would then have to continue selling at the old agreed price.

    "Only 20 percent of Petronas' supply is sold through direct open bidding.

    "Because of these arrangements, Petronas is sadly not maximising its revenue by dealing directly on the open world market. Instead, it has been incurring incalculable losses for the nation and for the people.”

    'Window of opportunity'

    “How much this monstrous loss is, we will never know,” Jeffrey said.

    "MPs should boldly bring up this very important issue in Parliament or deal directly with the federal government for the benefit of the oil-producing states.”

    "Leaders of the oil-producing states should seek a review of the oil royalty rate and push for a differentiation of prices and benefits for the oil-producing states and the non-oil-producing ones.

    to be continue.....

  24. Continue from... Dr. Jeffrey Statement...

    "This review is being offered by the alternative government, which is committed to giving the oil-producing states at least 20 percent oil royalty,” Jeffrey said.

    "This is a window of opportunity for all of us to demand a review of the Petronas agreements, and to make Petronas more open and transparent.

    "PKR also demands that the system of having the six option holders be abolished.

    “A new system should be created in which the three oil-producing states are in control of the marketing arm of Petronas. This will make Petronas trade directly in the world market with the aim of maximising revenue for the benefit of the nation."

    "Obviously, Petronas is a huge business organisation which is not accountable, secretive, and has been open to a lot of abuses, including the decision to use its revenue to bail out various individuals who faced bankruptcy as a result of the Asian economic crisis 10 years ago.

    "If the federal government truly wants to be
    responsible and accountable to the people as it claims it wants to be, it can begin to prove its sincerity for excellent governance by looking into Petronas."

    Document sited from:

  25. If Sabahans throw out UMNO and Co, who then will take over, it will still be PKR a Peninsular based party. The vicious cycle will still continue. Where is the Sabah based party? Where are the real Sabah leaders who will really fight for the rights of Sabah and its people? I am just confused, with all the PTIs in Sabah, hai seh apalah jadi kita ini?

  26. Now they are pushing so hard for the coal powered power station so that they can mine the Maliau Basin for coal!!!And pollute the whole state then leave the people to suffer just like what they have done with Mamut!!!!

  27. As all these true comments has been said, it is true that the ruling government will raped us of our land at this very moment cos they know that they're days are counted. They are doing steps to abolish the sino. Now, our own people don't even realize that sino is no longer applicable in birth cert, (i assume is so because they can lower our polulation and with more p'sular cominng to Sabah, the majority faith rules ),mine the coal, build the dam, dig our oil, strange is that, it is not petronas who is digging, correct me if i am wrong, they've actually employed under contract an international oil company to do it for them using KJ's chemical which in their t&c, you want this oil field? use my chemicals to dig...

    yes, lots are being said in malaysiakini, the malaysia today,the malaysian insider...

    lots of "dimansuhkan", previously in 2009, i've read and saw that sino is no longer applicable, i assume it is now removed from the list cosi couldn't find it anymore.

  28. im sure, Sabah CM also notice this and he tries to demand for it for Sabah. but what can we do? federal government dont listen to state government.

  29. all the Sabahs source goes to peninsular.. goes to K.L and they used the money for their development!

  30. i really think, federal government is the mastermind. As a Sabah native, im sure, Fuad Stephen and Musa Aman disagree with the 5% royalty. and how come the agreement with Petronas is done before they know that Sabah agree with the 5%?

  31. kenapa susah sangat kerajaan pusat memberi hak royalti yg sebenar kepada kita? kenapa susah sgt mereka nak tunaikan tuntutan ke atas hak kita sendiri? kenapa asyik berdolak dalik dengan hak royalti?? betul2 tak puas hati dengan kerajaan pusat.

  32. i agree wit ronnie's comment but disagree when he said Tun Fuad, the other Sabah CMs and Musa Aman never demand for more royalty. i sure they did but federal government always limit it all. not only the budget for developing Sabah, but also the issue of land and oil royalt. they create rotation system that made it hard for Sabah to be develop and discuss the umportant matter. Sabah still need more development and the rotation system sisn;t help at all.

  33. we still doesn't have the capacity to formed our own oil company...which means we dont have the technology, the expertise & the sources to do so...if we really want to formed the oil company, the obvious choices we have is collaborating wih the existing oil company...

    Petroleum industry are very competitive, so the oil company will do anything to maximize their profits & try to gain more influenced...they usually will only give a small percentage of tax or profits to maximize their own gain...

  34. im still hoping CM Musa will fight for it in the next parliament discussion because we have been hoping and never give to get our right. sedangkan isu mahkamah tidak adil apalagi soal politik.

  35. It's Dr. M's dirty scheme to prevent Sabah from backing out like Singapore. Because he wanted our oil.


  36. hope CM Musa bring this matter to parliament. we can count on him.

  37. Sabah is a rich state but why still have many poor people and one of the poorest state in Malaysia?

  38. untuk pembangunan Sabah, kita memang patut dapat lebih dari itu. sya pasti, Cm sedang berusaha mendapatkan bajet yg lebih untuk membangun Sabah sebagai ganti kita tidak mendapat 20% royalti minyak tu.

  39. Itu la Sabah fail ilmu hisap, kena hisap darah oleh kami di KL. Bagus la kamu gaduh2 supaya kami teruskan hisap lemak kamu sampai kamu jadi bangkai. Ha..ha..budu.

    Bapa Najib memang pintar buat script dan harap Najib teruskan kepintaran Razak.

  40. Isu oil royalty tu sebenarnya sangat hebat diperdebatkan pada
    masa zaman PBS lagi:). Setahu saya, royalti minyak yang Sabah
    dapat ialah 5% bukannya 20%. Cuma itupun saya tidak
    pasti....actually isu 5% atau 20% itu tidak penting! Yang penting
    ialah, kenapa bukan Sabah harus dapat royalti minyak lebih 20%?
    Mungkin 50%? Well....sebelum kita bercerita lebih lanjut tentang
    isu tu...lebih baik kita gali semula sejarah lama berkaitan dengan
    isu royalti minyak di Sabah tu. maksud saya, siapa yang membuat
    perjanjian? apa perjanjian tu? berapa lama perjanjian tu? kenapa
    orang-orang terlibat pandai-pandai bersetuju dalam perjanjian tu?
    Bila sudah tahu cerita then barulah kita boleh blame orang sana
    sini. Sekarang ni...kita susah untuk tuduh-menuduh sebab kita
    actually perlu selidik disebalik isu royalti minyak ni.
    Isu royalti minyak ni...semakin banyak dibincangkan semakin
    menimbulkan kemarahan.....patut agar orang-orang bertanggung
    jawab dapat menjelaskan kepada rakyat sabah sendirilah......well
    itu pendapat saja aaaaa.....

  41. solidleong@hotmail.comMarch 24, 2010 at 2:54 AM

    Wake up sabahans. Show pink lips that sabah is not his FIXED DEPOSIT.

  42. More questions unearthed,but answers are being avoided by both State and Federal Government.What are there worried...the truth being made known to the people?Will the truth when reveal send all those involved to JAIL? If that would be the end result,so be it,send these scumbags to jail. Who are all these perpetrators blocking from the truth being told? Where is and who has the agreement which was to have been signed on the 7th.June 1976?

    KK PFC supporter.

  43. If the Federal Constitution could be amended 700 times over the last 52 years,why has the Petroleum Development Act 1974 never amended in order for a higher oil royalty for all the oil producing states in Malaysia?

    Is Petronas really a secretive organisation,and only meant for milking by UMNO/BN?


  44. Jom !
    Bangkitlah !
    Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia.

    Please view the following videos.

    1st video :-
    We the people – Charlie Chaplin speech remix

    2nd video :-
    The Great Dictator – speech

    The speech transcript from the clip is as below :-

    “… I’m sorry but I don’t want to be an Emperor – that’s not my business – I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white(Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia). We all want to help one another, human beings are like that.
    We all want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the earth is rich and can provide for everyone.
    The way of life can be free and beautiful.
    But we have lost the way.
    Greed has poisoned men’s souls –
    has barricaded the world with hate;
    has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.
    We have developed speed but we have shut ourselves in:
    machinery that gives abundance has left us in want.
    Our knowledge has made us cynical,
    our cleverness hard and unkind.
    We think too much and feel too little:
    More than machinery we need humanity;
    More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.
    Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.
    The airplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me I say “Do not despair”.
    The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress: the hate of men will pass and dictators die and the power they took from the people , will return to the people and so long as men die [now] liberty will never perish. . .
    Soldiers(Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia) – don’t give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you and enslave you – who regiment your lives, tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel, who drill you, diet you, treat you as cattle, as cannon fodder.
    Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men, machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts. You are not machines. You are not cattle. You are men. You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don’t hate – only the unloved hate. Only the unloved and the unnatural. Soldiers(Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia) – don’t fight for slavery, fight for liberty.
    In the seventeenth chapter of Saint Luke it is written
    “the kingdom of God is within man ”
    - not one man, nor a group of men – but in all men – in you, the people.
    You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy let’s use that power – let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give you the future and old age and security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie. They do not fulfil their promise, they never will. Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people. Now let us fight to fulfil that promise. Let us fight to free the world, to do away with national barriers, do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness.
    Soldiers(Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia) – in the name of democracy, let us all unite!

    Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia

  45. Itu lah orang Sabah budu...Senang saja...1 tolak 1 jadi kosong. Petronas hisap minyak kita untung 10 billion kasi anak Mahathir jadi kaya 10 billion. Rakyat Sabah zero.

    Orang Sabah dapat 50 ringgit saja dalam 5 tahun lepas itu Najib lagi hisap kasi Barang Naik.

    Tapi orang Sabah masi undi UMNO yang control Petronas. Anak Si Mahathir boss Kencana Berhad yang kaut semua untung.

    Pikir la lu orang, sudah lah kena hisap kasi lagi kita punya anak bini untuk di hisap. Kamu memang bodoh dan di anggap sekeping kertas FD saja..ha..ha..ha

  46. Sabah belong to UMNO headed by our Musa, so YOU Sabah people must know that the Malays are the boss of Malaysia.

    SO WHEN WE ARE THE BOSS WE HAVE 95%. U non-Malaysian can scream and shout but we are still the boss. Go back and tanam jagung la

  47. We will never know if during that time, whether it was sign to 5% or 20%..I find it very suspicious..*rubs chin*

  48. Our oil source will be depleting soon in few years and soon, we are left with nothing as everything was sucked dry.

    I hope the CM would bring this up in Parliament.

  49. when the issues become hotter, the government will not stay silent and doing nothing. when people give a voices, the government will do something better. democracy give the priority to our voices. certain issues that may invite chaos will be brought to parliament.

  50. I am sure copies of whatever agreements about the oil royalty is kept somewhere in the JKM or the State AG chambers. But how come when PBS was in power those PBS leaders did not dig that out and demand higher royalty.Were they too busy trying to hentam? Or maybe because during the PBS era Tengku Razaleigh was sympathetic to the PBS and it so happened that he was one of the signatory to the agreement so that is why Pairin or Dr. Jeffery were reluctant to bring the matter up.
    Iho nobo meginum nopo kalaja.Om ih manuk talapas om ih tangan bau tahi kangku diau!!!

  51. hentikan menyalahkan Sabah. zaman tu ramai orang yg masih kurang berpendidikan. mereka2 yang berpendidikan pula belajar diluar negara ( orang Sabah hebat maa.... study oversea kalau mampu ) sekarang Orang Sabah sudah berpendidikan, tau hak dan menuntut hak mereka.

  52. Hey, I heard there will be a ceramah "Minyak Sabah Untuk Siapa". The speaker will be no other than Ku Li himself.

    Don't know if it's true or not.

  53. With the oil and gas depletion, what source of income will it be for the State? Time to pay up FEDS...

  54. If i am not mistaken i remembered Datuk Seri Pairin was one of the signatories of the agreement as a witness. Perhaps he could share some light in it and should support the new generation to fight for a just and fair share of our oil for the sake of our poor people.

  55. Orang Sabah Paloi semua kana kasi bodoh - jalan-jalan masi teruk air karan sekolah teruk ba - kana kasi paloi kayu balak sudah abis tapi ingat kita masi ada resources lain batu arang first grade bro - minyak tu yg terbesar dekat-dekat dengan tawau yang jadi isu mungkin itu kata Tunku Razaligh x - Simpan arang di bawah di Lahad datu nanti kita korek kalau tiada ape lagi - boleh tahan seratus tahun tu tidak abis ba. Kena cari parti yang betul-betul jaga sabah dan di control oleh sabahan la baru alright timpinai/denakan - macam boleh start sekarang tau - Denakan/timpinai kasi satu hati balik kerana kita pribumi sabah baa - tukang terbalik semua kalau kita satu hati macam dulu tambah kuat tapi sekarang ape ada timpinai berpecah ada PBRS/PBS/UPKO , UMNO/SAPP/PKR/DAP/ macam- macam parti bah mau jadi presiden sahaja semua tu - tidak fikir hak orang sabah sendiri fikir diri sendiri aje - Macam dulu Parti Perikatan USNO/UPKO/SCA kan kuat semua nasib AKAR belum merayap - maka renung-renung dan fikir-fikir semua denakan dan timpinai/cina sabah mengenai gunung kinabalu tu

  56. I think it'll be a mystery that we'll never find out. There was no investigation for the plane crash then.

  57. The Tourism Ministry has no relevancy to join in commenting about the 2 hand gen set fiasco. What a another shit-head minister???
    What trying to have some cheap publicity??

    Minister defends used gen-sets

    Published on: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) made the right decision in purchasing second hand mobile generator sets to address power disruptions in the East Coast, State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun, said.

    According to him, SESB made the right move given its limitation of power supply and financial capabilities.

    "To be honest with you, I think there is nothing wrong with the mobile gen-sets because these are supposed to be temporary while waiting for the commissioning of the coming IPP Ranhill in Sepanggar by end of this year.

    "I was made to understand that Unit 1 has been commissioned and the remaining units will be in full operation by end of this year.

    "That is why Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin was brave enough to say he would resign by end of this year if the power problem in Sabah is not resolved," he said.

    The installation of the second hand generators became an issue when Kalabakan Member of Parliament, Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh, likened it to treating Sabahans as second-class citizens.

  58. Jangan panas ba tompinai.. Nanti kemarau panjang pula :P hehehe
    Apapun bagi saya, tak salah meluahkan apa yg kita rasa tapi biarlah berpada-pada..
    Paling best kita sama p mengundi parti yg kita fikir betul2 layak utk negeri kita next GE :)

  59. Jangan cakap orang Sabah budu ba.. nda bagus.. Bah tengok ja la zaman tu bah, mmg org sabah blm tau btl bah hak dorang.. tp tak bermakna dorang budu ba..

  60. I'm sick of this idiot saying Sabah belongs to UMNO and they are the boss having 95%. He sounds like a non-local and apparently his 95% translate to frequent blackouts, bad roads, broken bridges,water supply problem, land grab, and so on and so forth. Get some education my friend and get in touch with reality.

  61. harap2 para pemimpin kita bagi perhatian serius dalam hal ni. Jnagan dibiarkan saja nanti bertambah pula kekliruan yg wujud. hehe

  62. Anoy 22 March 7:47pm,

    it is still NOT too late ! There are new found oil fields in sabah water. From west(KK) to East (sandakan).

    Besides, I hope brother Ronnie can enlighten us with story of tranferring Labuan to Federel care.

    Sad Sabahan

  63. Hi Anon, siapa yang idiot. Kami orang semenanjung suda la angkut minyak kamu, angkut tanah kamu, angkut hasil bumi kamu dan kalau boleh isteri kamu juga.

    Yang tersangat idiot ialah kamu kerna kamu lah juga yang undi kami..bodoh. Kamu tiada pilihan sebab kami ada duit minyak kamu. 95% lah.. ha..ha..ha.. jangan mimpi mau hancurkan UMNO sebab kami kaya dan kamu adalah negeri termiskin di Malaysia..sebab 5%. Jagan lupa uni lah BN untuk terima habuan 5%.

  64. Saya actually hairan.. kenapa selama ini rakyat sabah berdiam diri???? Cuba Sabahan tolong jawab, kenapa kamu berdiam diri???

  65. Malaysia is the land of thieves, crooks and crocodile.
    Malaysia is so advance that its Air Force jets fly without engines. One particular model is the Malaysian F5E jets.
    Malaysia also have astronaut who can make teh tarik in space.

  66. And also not forgetting Malaysia also have Porn Star minister. Good advertisement for Viagra!!!


  68. Nameless, mungkin sebab sebelum ini dorang taktau apa2 ba.. Ya la internet baru saja ba ni famous.. Cuba kalau dari dulu ada media alternatif... naaa konpom Sabahan tau apa mau buat. hehee

    Kan Sabahan?

  69. Jangan panas bah.. Telampau pandai ka kamurang ni sampai terkeluar perkataan 'IDIOT'.. Kalau kamu pandai sudah telampau kenapa kamu tidak kasi selesai ni masalh..
    isk, kin hairan betul..

  70. Ini kamurang sakap butul butul kamurang main main saja. Mana lagi itu menteri semua suda kaya kamu bising bising singarung saja, itulah kamurang kana ksai buduh.
    Dari dulu lagi itu Kadazan Dusun yang kana kasi buduh, masa undi itu BN kasi karabau sama tuak nah semua mabuk sampai tida bolih pigi mengundi.

  71. Dino,

    Masaalah tidak akan selesai selagi UMNO memerintah. Ada kah UMNO pernah sebut diaorang mau kasi 20% minyak balik Sabah? Kelantan pun susah mau dapat 5%. Kelantan bukan satu wilayah seperti Sabah dan Sarawak.

    Hanya Anwar PKR yang terang terang pernah sebut 20%. Mungkin ini gimik politik, tetapi sekurang kurangnya dia ada hajat sedemikian.

  72. We want KU LI to tell the truth tomorrow as follows:

    1.What transpired between him and the late Tun Fuad in the morning of 6/6/1976?

    2. Why the late Tun Fuad left Labuan in the afternoon of 6/6/76 as he suppose to sign the Petroleum Agreement the next day 7/6/76?

    3. Why revealing the truth now? Is it 5% to Petronas and 95% to Sabah as per agreed by the late Tun Fuad? If he is serious about this matter tell the people of Sabah what really happened in the morning of 6/6/1976?

  73. Merdeka is the answer for Sabah and Sarawak!!

  74. Why Sabah get 5% or 20%. The land belong to us, we should be getting 100%.

  75. Agree with Anon April 3, 2:22 AM.

    If you have a sawah padi, a pakistani came and to plant padi. He hire a pilipin to work on the land. Later he give u only 5% profit of the land.

    Might as well we hire a pilipin by our self and get 99% and pay the pilipin 1%.

    Sabahan & Sarawakian have been cheated since 1976. Stand up and be counted for. we are not stupid. The Razaks have fool us until today.

  76. [“I think there are some aspects of the Petronas Act that is unconstitutional,”]

    Unconstitutional? Like how and in what way is it unconstitutional?

    There should be more explanation on this unconstitutional certain aspects of Petronas Act.

  77. I'm guessing this Oil Royalty issue is getting hotter. I can see politicians alike from both opposition and ruling party will not sit quietly and let this died down.

    I'd say everyone should take a chill pill.

  78. I want to hear all the Sabah Ministers point of view on this oil royalty issue. Jangan kamu diam2 kama di sana. Bagus all ministers kasi kluar pendapat dorang and sama2 mencari jalan penyelesaian bersama rakyat. Kalo diam2 dan satu pun tiak jalan, teda guna jua tue.

    For the people and Sabah.

  79. rakyat Sabah harus bangun daripada tidur. cukup lena sampaikan tiada bangsa yang berani bersuara sudah pasal hal-ehwal Negeri Sabah.kalau Sabahan mau tunjuk kepintaran, semua peguam yang ada gabung tenaga dan fikiran dan file a case againts Petronas pasal agreement tu. tubuhkan satu jawatankuasa khas menyiasat segala dokumen penyediaan perjanjian Minyak Kerajaan Sabah dengan Petronas@Federal Govn. Mohon Statement of Account from Petronas on the Payment made Payable to State Governmnet.

  80. Saya menjangkakan Tun Fuad ingin memohon kenaikan royalti minyak 20% dan sebelum sempat beliau meneruskan niat tersebut...insiden yang tidak diingini telah berlaku. Akibatnya, Sabah kekal dengan royalti minyak 5% dan selepas itu tidak pernah ada lagi usul untuk kenaikan
    royalti minyak. Kalau ada pun...sekarang ini, ia dilakukan secara tidak ikhlas dan lebih bersifat politik.