Thursday, March 4, 2010

Charity Begins With The Voters

Why would a state encourage illegal immigration in spite of strong opposition from its citizens?

According to objectives and norms the immigration department should be protecting citizens from being overwhelmed by migrants, that they and the state will monitor and restrict illegal immigrants’ entry into the country and strictly control citizenship applications on behalf of its citizens.

This is what happens in all democratic countries run by decent leaders.

“My research on Filipino immigration to Sabah shows how Malaysia utilizes census practices and documentation to incorporate an illegal immigrant population from the Philippines. Illegal immigrants play an electoral role in Sabah because of the loosely institutionalized nature of citizenship, a feature common to many other developing countries. Our examination of Malaysia reveals several elements of illegal immigration and citizenship that are common to migratory flows in other developing countries”.........KAMAL SADIQ, University of California-Irvin.

Barisan Nasional's "victory" in the 12th general election could not have happened had Sabah and Sarawak turned the chips around. But how did this happen?

Sabah's population has escalated from 3.1 million in 2003 to 5.1 million in 2009, according to reliable sources. Where did this 2 million people come from? Are these the " FIXED DEPOSIT " that Najib has been bragging so much about? Perhaps an immediate investigation should be conducted by the relevant authorities such as the, Registration Dept, Immigration Dept, Health Dept, the Police and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission. There again, on seconds thoughts, it’s a vain cause. The outcome will sure draw blanks...’NO FURTHER ACTION’ as it has been in the past.

In a press statement issued by two(2) parrots aligned to UMNO/BN, namely John Ambrose and Clarence Bongkos Malakun, both have proven their worth as boogey men of UMNO/BN. Ambrose had this to say " developments in all areas are on-going and with the present undertaking among the people there is a strong tendency that the BN will again be retained when the next general elections is held".

Malakun however had said the BN government in Sabah, under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, had been performing excellently, not only on matters concerning physical development but also on matters related to social development, particularly maintaining racial harmony among various ethnics here - “Indeed the level of tolerance among the various races residing in Sabah has been acknowledged at large, as unique, if not the best.”

Now, allow me to ask these self-proclaimed very "distinguished gentlemen" … what ‘people’ is Ambrose referring to and which ‘race’ is Malakun talking about? Either both are totally blind or they must be living on the moon.

On behalf of the people of Sabah and all Malaysians, we demand an explanation from Najib Tun Razak and Musa Aman to explain how in the world could "illegal immigrants" qualify to obtain cash payouts in the name of KUMPULAN WANG AMANAH PELAJAR MISKIN (KWAPM), through BANK SIMPANAN NASIONAL , BANK RAKYAT??

Ironically, schools are being used to authenticate the legality and authenticity of the applicant and recommend the students for such payouts. Is there a conspiracy guided by instructions from certain quarters in the government?

It's common knowledge that the issuance of Malaysian Identity Cards through fraudulent means is being used to legitimize "illegal immigrants" as voters. They automatically become bumiputras, are given land, projects and even stand as candidates as well as become Cabinet Ministers.

Documentary evidence has been produced such as in the publication of “I.C. Palsu” and sworn declarations of involved people. Till today, no action has been taken and the government refuses to set up a Royal Commission on the illegal immigrants and “Project I.C.” issue. Though unethical it may be, it’s not at all surprising as the word ethics does not exist in the dictionaries of the corrupted.

Claiming ignorance when there’s negative publicity is bliss in the political arena.

As such I wouldn't be in the least shocked if the present UMNO/BN government of Sabah denies or claims ignorance on this revelation. Such will be the arrogant statements of UMNO/BN "Pollute-cians" as their main priority is smooth sailing to victory in the 13th general elections.

The Opposition parties in Sabah should get their act together and start unearthing what's going on behind the scene of UMNO/BN and expose them, rather than demanding seats for the next election and clamouring for publicity.

A government’s main purpose and mission is to ensure the livelihood and wellbeing of its citizens in a fair, liberal and just manner.

Besides that, its primary objective is to ensure SAFETY and SECURITY of and for ALL ITS CITIZENS.


  1. "A government’s main purpose and mission is to ensure the livelihood and wellbeing of its citizens in a fair, liberal and just manner.

    Besides that, its primary objective is to ensure SAFETY and SECURITY of and for ALL ITS CITIZENS."

    The BN government’s main objective and mission is to ensure the luxurious life-styles and wealth-accumulation of:
    1. UMNO leaders + Warlords
    2. Any left over, rarely though, will be for ordinary members.

    - by fair, foul or filthy means at whatever or whoever's expense.

    Besides that, its primary objective is to ensure SUSTAINENCE and IMMORTALIZATION of the RULING CROOKS.

    Anyone and everything else that stand in their way, including the citizens, are expendable.

  2. the JPM, Immigration Dept, Custom Dept etc. were all infested with these PTI relatives & friends...not surprising that they can actually can get the necessary documents to legalize their stay here...

    Go to Donggongon, there are a lot of Pinoy & Indons immigrants...i dare to say that they are surpassing the Kadazans in terms of populations in Penampang alone....

    drive through kobusak road...Then start counting how many Pakistanis shops or canteens have been built...

    Then try drive along Kg. Koidupan just behind KDCA at 6-10 PM then you can see a lot of immigrants coming back from their workplace to their rented room or house...belonging to the locals...

  3. Once again you keep us on our toes again my friend.

    Let me correct you there Mr. Klassen, it is not only these PTI children are getting RM450 per month, they are also getting an additional RM 650 to 850 per month per student. This is the special school allowance for these children. Now go figure, RM450 for Bantuan Miskin, RM 650 for Bantuan Persekolahan, wow these PTI school children are getting RM1100.00 !!!!!! wow .... how are these two power crazy, over the moon hypocrites (Ambrose and Malakun) are talking about that the interest of the KDM are being protected?

    I know many people in Penampang the real people that deserving this allocation much more than these PTIs. The KDM too are miskin, go to sonsogon, and other remote areas. The Pacos people are there to give then a helping hand, where are two lunatic to protect the interest of their people.

    I know you guys (Ambrose/Malakun) mau cari makan but please speak out for the people. How much can you gather wealth on earth. Remember how you will end this world. People are spitting at your graves and the worst your children will have to live with such humiliation because of what you both did. Protect the interest of the people. Not yours.

    If this document Ronnie Klassen had posted had no truth in it, of perhaps was fabricated like what you most UMNO people would do, than challenge the authenticeness of this document at the JPN.

    Now Mr. Klassen your heading should spelt out like this: PTI Children are Treated 5 Star in Sabah while the Locals are Cinderella.

    PTI's benefits:

    1) KWAPM RM450
    2) Bantuan Persekolahan RM 650
    3) Bantuan Kasut/Baju
    4) Bantuan Tudung (Muslim Only)
    5) Free Rumah
    6) Free Air
    7) Free Electric
    8) Zero Income Tax
    9) Bantuan Sunat
    10) Bantuan MYKAD
    11) Free Khidmat Hospital
    12) Free Cukai Pintu (But the No.1 litters in Sabah)
    13) Free transportation to go and withdraw the bantuan from the Bank

    .... the free and benefits are on on and on.... so i do not blame DAP Lim Kit Siang for being brave enough to say that the KDM are loosing a lot in their own home country.

    So please help all our rural folk to apply for this benefits. Any one of you had been denied from getting this send an email to Ronnie Klassen, and i know he will help to bring this issue to the global seen, and let all the KDM leaders wet their pants while standing.

    CMB and JA how are you going to explain the population growth in Sabah that is now 5.1 million?

    Kiulu FC

  4. Hate illegal immigrants! Why these foreign fellows can be bumiputri, why these II foreigners' status got better treatment than chinese and indian!

  5. During the USNO era (1963–1975), there was a surge in “breeding” activity especially between 1971-1975. The growth rate then was reported a staggering 6.3%.

    It was during this time there was armed conflict in the southern Philippines. The influx of refugees into Sabah may be the reason behind the sharp upward spike.

    The Berjaya era came from 1976–1985. Again there was a huge population growth, above 4%. The conflict in southern Philippines continued and more refugees streamed into Sabah.

    The PBS era from 1985–1995 marked a growth rate of about 3.4%. However, in the 1991-1995 period, the growth rate was registered at 5.5% — but there was no more armed conflict in the southern Philippines.... who is the CM then ?????

    So what was a plausible explanation? There was a huge increase in the number of Indonesians working in the oil palm plantations and this could be attributed for the massive jump in the population of Sabah.

  6. Clarence Bungkus,John Amrose,Bernard Dumpork,Joseph Kurap,Pairin Pariah Kitingan,Jeffery "Katak" Kitingan and all the Kadazan so called leaders,you are not even half the man Ronnie Klassen is.I've noticed many have hentam Ronnie here,but he was man enough to accept.

    Ronnie,you are surely a true defender of Sabahans.KDM's we must rally behind Ronnie.


  7. aiya.... that is 1malaysia lar including PATI!

  8. sakit kepala bila saya lihat orang cina dari semenanjung lagi defend the right's of the kadazan people.. MANA Pain rain .. Huguan talou!!!Ini kdm leaders skrang all NATO No Action Talk Only.. just like herbert Tai tasu..stupid punya YB!!! dia buta kah!!!pnadai2 cakap kdm ok tiada masalah.. mungkin dia mimpi kot..

  9. Those people that are shooting Ronnie for being blunt and brave enough to bring the truth out in the open..and you are protecting your KDM leaders that are not only have robbed the rights of the KDM but continue to champion the situation so that what is going before your eyes today continues.

    I just wonder one day when everything else had been robbed off from you than you will know. The money that these leaders are giving you is not worth a cent for the betrayal you have done for your own generations and for Sabah. This is the last place where KDM existed on the planet earth, why are you allowing it to be dominated by immigrants and the control from these people that so called the protector of the rakyat.

    Go into any government departments today, universities, government agencies and etc... what do you see. Is it normal? When at your backyard thousands of these immigrants are boarding into Sabah, while your own people the KDM, Chinese, and Indians are leaving the States. This is because these every leaders never try to solve this problem, and it is long due. Protect them if you want and see who is squatting at your backyards. Your own people because they have no lands to build their houses on, no jobs where they can work, and still being lovable enough to trust you and vote for you.

    Kiulu FC

  10. Is this Ronnie Klassen a full blooded KDMs or a campuran. Thai is why he has the guts to say what is right. And he has no bias!! Good job Ronnie Klassen. Well the surname is a Klassen which is a Eurasian like Donald Stephens. That rings a bell right?
    Sabahan tulin has no guts except for the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin,( may he rest in peace)
    The Golden son of the Kadazans.
    As for Pairi, Kurap, Dumbpork and the rest they are all just filling their pockets!!! and nothing else singarung nopo kalaja!!!!!that is the fact! angkat kaki sahajalah!!!

  11. Huhuhuhu..General Election is just around the corner...Can't wait..;D

  12. PTIs are everywhere. Not only in KK but everywhere. Majority of PTIs are in the East-Coast. Lahad Datu have the majorities of Tausuq..Crazy man. My grand-aunt live in Singgah Mata and from her the backyard of her house, I can see lots of them. It's like seeing a wave of black ants. It's like the locals are being over-run by them..*sweats*

  13. Correct me if i am wrong the name Klassen sound more of a Dutch origin! Again correct me if Iam wrong. The late Dtk. Peter Mojuntin being from Penampang a predominantly Kadazans district ignored the interests of the 'Dusunic ' tribes, hence the label the Golden Son of the Kadazans. As for Pairin, Kurup, and Dompok, in a way they have contributed the advancement of the Kadazandusuns, though not to our satisfaction. It is not fair to simply to ridcule them. Talking about the late Tun FUad Stephens (Donald Stephens) being Eurasian, he for whatever reason, abandon UPKO and happily became Malasyia Ambassasor to Australia. So beware .......

  14. Clarence Bongkos need to please his boss in IDS of which is control by Musa Aman nephew. He has no choice. What do he care about u KDM? He is rich already with his housing projects and huge salary in IDS.

    One wonder why he is the chairman of IDS. How can he be the there an institution for people development when his own race was sideline.

    KDM is the poorest of all the race in Malaysia and only Lim Kit Siang dare to point this out.

    Of all our Malaysian children why ONLY KDM begging in KL. Why not even ONE federal of state project given to a KDM companies. Unlike Jeffrey Pembangunan Insan project for YS, Jeffrey "tried" to build KDM based companies but under Bongkos he do nothing but accept his big fat salary.

    You can see Bongkos with his "sumbung" face drop by in Kompleks Karamunsing IDS office once in a blue moon. His face so sumbung until I want to vomit. I hope he rot in hell.

  15. hiha, ronnie the bravest, ronnie, the hero, ronnie the saviour, ronnie the so and so. what did ronnie do? ..?????

  16. CBM was one of those PBS leaders who had sold Sabah for a song when he was chief for Sabah Paper and Pulp Mill at sipitang. Now, he is pawning his soul to he devil for nothing, not really, now that he has IDS job.

  17. I tend to agree that Clarence Bongkos is the wrong person in IDS.This man should not be in politics as he has no political personality much less charisma.I wonder where his support comes from.Why not just let him be a housing developer.In politics?Oh No!I think my farmer uncle can smile better and can be a better politician than this Bongkos.

    I too experience the same thing when I met him in MUIS bulding.I think he was there attending a meeting of some sort and that was many years ago.His face was so sombong that I too wanted to vomit.Why did the KDM support him anywhere? No more leaders kah?

  18. Anon..March 6,2010 2:56am,

    Talk is cheap la.Ronnie has done and perform far more then you think.We thank the Almighty that he has sent Ronnie to Sabahans,if not these news will never be reveal to us Sabahans.

    Go shoe polish your UMNO/BN warlords for your days are numbered.The people will kick you out at the 13th GE.

    Keningau PFC member.

  19. SEE what Anak Watan said. This type of attitude is the cause of all the split and divisions of the Kadazan Dusuns...That is why the KDMs will always be oppressd because they are not united always considering themselves Dusuns or Kadazans.
    Who are the Dusuns and who are the Kadazans or the Muruts or whatever. Are they not the sons of the soil of Sabah? Bodohlah kamu, itu pasal kamu semua kena tindas!!!
    You betray your Huguan Siou, you consider yourself as superior tribes...bodoh semua rugi!!! PBS, PBRS, UPKO or whatever will always be kerbau kena tarik hidung!!
    Anak Watan!!! Open your eyes!!!if you are a Kadazan or Dusun, don't just drink and think about your ego!!! KDMs come from the same rumpun!! SO UNITE FOR THE SAKE OF THE RACE and the maruah of the sons of the soil.

  20. KDM Warrior, Pernahkah kau ditangkap ISA, apakah sumbangan anda dalam KDM? Mengaku Warrior taik PALAT..Kau Punya Idol Ronnie Klassen NI pernah kena tangkap ISA kah?

  21. "Daun-daun akan bergoyang sekiranya angin itu bertiup samada dari Borneo atau Malaya". This is what happened when a Tiger from Malaya the Rocket Evergreen DAP leader Lim Kit Siang voiced out that KDM were the big losers since BN took power in Sabah.

    Puppets, jokers or parrots like Datuk Pairin, Datuk C Malakun and Datuk Js Ambrose were shaken, embarrassed, sad and desperate when DAP Lim hurled his bombshells that KDM were the big losers because its true and its a fact.

    I'm sad that when these leaders are defending his people they don't look at the "big picture".

    Lets focus on Government Civil Service for example, the KDMs are often discriminated against in terms of appointments and promotions. These unfair practices have been going on for a long time (about 16 years).

    It is therefore fair to say that due to such discrimination we find that KDMs no longer play a significant role in the civil service today. Please check current list of Permanent Secretaries of Ministries (If not Pairin is the boss "topun" lah Felix Madan promoted), Head of Department and District Officers in Sabah.

    Malakun is just reporting "dia punya orang-orang saja" holding few second-class post compare to the 38,000 civil servants. Malakun should resigned from his post as IDS Chief , MAJAP and KDCA Deputy Pres.

    The homeless and jobless Sabahan Youths in Kuala Lumpur is a very sad episode especially to the KDMs.

    As a Minister of Infrastructure, Pairin should create many jobs for the youth of Sabah. Hence, he should resign his post as the President of KDCA.

    For J Ambrose, please stop to be a parrot and concentrate to develop your Kampung Dabak i.e, complete renovating the kampung balai raya, helped to solve the traffic congestion in St Michael School and St Michael Church, re-look for a budget for the abandoned St Michael Cathedral Penampang and contruct a short-cut new road in between Kg Dabak, Kg Kambau and Kg Penampang Proper to the main town Donggongon.

  22. Who is gaining from this pece of shit? Only the YBs and the elite and the rich. Average rakyaat do not play golf.!!!!
    The rakyaat need lower cost of living not play golf...
    This is Malaysia.

    Import Duty On Golf Buggies Abolished, PM Announces

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 (Bernama) -- Golf clubs were presented a gift by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Sunday when he announced the immediate abolishment of the import duty on golf buggies to spur the development of the golf industry in the country.

    He delivered the good news for the estimated 200 courses in the country when presenting prizes at the Maybank Malaysia Open that went to a surprise winner in 18-year-old South Korean teenager Noh Seung-yul.

    "I have been told that one of the ways in which we can help the development of quality golf courses in this country as well as to ensure that golf clubs in this country provide better facilities is to to consider removing import duty on buggies.

    "So, on this auspicious occasion, wearing my hat as the Minister of Finance, I would like to announce the immediate abolishment of import duty on all golf buggies in this country," he said.

    Najib said the government would continue to support the development of the golf industry in Malaysia because the country remained a favourite destination for the sport.

    Last year, the country received 350,000 visitors who came to play in Malaysia where golf is a year-round affair.

    The Prime Minister also congratulated Noh who stole the limelight from his much older challengers.

    The Korean turns 19 only on May 20.

    "So,we have a very young winner and it is good for golf. Take heart that age is not a barrier to be a champion and that should be a source of inspiration for all Malaysians to be a champion," he said.

    He was pleased also that the tournament had attracted 1.2 billion viewership around the world.

    A happy Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) president Datuk Robin Loh welcomed the removal of the import duty which he said was 50 per cent.

    "We have been asking for this since April last year. An 18-hole golf course normally requires 70 to 80 buggies and this will be a big saving," he said.

    For example, an imported buggy of RM20,000 would cost RM35,000 with the import duty and other taxes, he said.

    -- BERNAMA

  23. Anon..March 6,2010 2:56am,

    There was nothing worth mentioning before PUTT FOR CHANGE was launched by Ronnie Klassen. If you think you and your UMNO/BN allies can do what he can do... Sabah will be a better place for all of us to stay.

    But unfortunately this is only good for shoe polisher like you and your goonieesss.

    I hope when we change the government may you find prosperity beyond your means because Sabah is a blessed state all of us are in better position to build and gain wealth. Even with uu in it.

  24. Who is to be blamed on what is happening to Sabah? Sabahans themselves especially the KDM leaders. They themselves are greedy and fought among themselves without thinking of the consequences what is going to happen to their own people and state.
    This time there is only one more chance for the Sabahans to unite and claimed their rights. The Bajaus and the KDMs should unite and claim back Sabah instead of fighting among themselves.
    Form a party like USNO and unite for the sake of Sabah.
    USNO was the only Sabah party that can pose a threat and able to demand the rights of the Sabahans.
    PKR or whatever is still a Peninsular based party and will end up just the same as it is now. So to Sabahans, KDMs talk to your Bajaus brothers, and other anak Sabah and recall those glorious days of the Sabah where Sabahans can demand for equal rights instead of being treated as second class citizens, to the extend of even being given second hand or used power plants.
    SAPP is just another race based party and the rest like PBS, UPKO ans PBRS are just 'angkat kaki' political parties serving only its leaders' pockets. And of course more opportunist parties will be registered come election time.

    Anak Sabah Tulin

  25. No worry.. Next GE is just around the corner. hehee.

  26. KDM now is a minority, thanks to Mahathir with his project ICs.

    Mahathir was booooo in KDCA 21 years ago and the next day he instruted JPN to recount the number of Kadazans. Now KDM is less than 20%, so apa mau bising2, sindiri bodoh.

    KDM like Clarence, so sombong and tidak mau the sino or indo to be Kadazan, now he himself kill the spirit of KDMs.

    Clarence can bugkus himself

  27. Ai yo!PATI pun boleh dapat layanan lebih baik dari'kaum-kaum lain 'di Sabah! Hanya di Sabah. Malaysia Boleh

  28. Macam mana mo maju and defend Sabah kalo orang KadazanDusunMurut tidak bersatu? All i can see here is satu support yg ini, satu yang support yang itu. No wonder some of our people prefer to be on the fence because of this.

    Inilah politik. Paling bikin panas.

  29. Funny. The mistakes start with "them" who help to supply the illegal immigrants for MyKads. All in order to keep "them" ruling the State much more longer. The one who suffers? Our own people.

    This is why ego, pride, greed and power hunger is very dangerous when mix together..

  30. USNO era is something everyone is still trying to forget coz they were the cause of all our problems now. They only champion the PTIs and not the Sabahans. Being a MALAYA COLONY is really a great disadvantage to us and this MUST end at whatever cost. LONG LIVE NORTH BORNEO!

  31. In Malaysiakini today,

    Anwar: Toe the line or get out of PKR

    Vasugi Supramanian | Mar 8, 10 6:57pm

    "PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has issued a stern warning to members who are more interested in putting self-interest over that of the party.

    He said those who cannot subscribe to the party's principles and the reform agenda should “leave PKR”.

    Let's hope same standard applies to PKR Sabah.

  32. Fat hopes KDM become CM in PR said Datuk Herbert Timbon Lagadan, this stupid idiotic botak said in Daily Express.

    The idiot should laud PKR proposal and stand to have UMNO place a KDM now as CM but instead he make a full of himself by keep making stupid kerbau tarik hidung remark.

    His statement will ensure his next downfall

  33. i think the reason PTI are welcomed to Sabah its because of its cheap labour they provide. Somewhere in the labour system there must be a crack where they (PTI) are utilized more than only for labour purposes. And it has all come to this. We must stand for our rights

  34. As if they had not benifited from this "blunder ", who to blame and why start blaming these days? it is all out of greed and power to those who are involved !! Sabahan are not united and allow the foreigner to take over our land in a way.

    Our Cm has been adressing this issue all these while and I am sure you will realise that it is not an easy issue to settle !! Give him time to prove and put in our own effort as Sabahan too to solve this matter.
    We must take back our beautiful land below the wind.

  35. PTIs are flooding in Sabah and it's getting more and more. As far as I concerned, even a PTI can vote cuz they have the ICs now. They have the rights now. Oh yeah, they are not lazy bum like us.Even we are deadly protesting yet it's only on the surface, sorry to say.PTI will be the most joyful ones in here.

  36. Sememangnya kes pendatang yang mendapat biasiswa untuk melanjutkan pelajaran bukan satu kes baru. Memang pun wujud dan menghairankan.

  37. just look at these replies in this blog....sabahans sudah masuk trap UMNO...iaitu "Divide and Rule"..dia asing-asing kan sabahans berdasarkan KDM tiada harapan lagi lah...TAPI ingat bukan KDM saja...lain lain kaum pun tidak akan dapat apa apa sebab yang kaya ialah kroni-kroni politicians... Tau kah kamu, SABAH ada banyak minyak di luar pantai KK & Kudat.

    Jadi, semua sabahans jangan lah gadu gadu. Biar lah kadasan kah, dusun kah, baju kah, sina kah,...yang penting kita pakat pakat dan bersatu padu supaya hak hak and kekayaan negeri kita tidak disalurkan ke poket poket politicians....

  38. To anon March 9 6:05 AM

    Kau cakap itu very very true. Banyak baik punya cadangan tetapi malangnya in orang Sabah banyak tamak dan gila wang.
    Semua mereka sudah kena cuci otakbah itu. Cakap cakap saja nanti bila undi punya masa semua undi calun monyet juga. nah itulah semua pun sekarang di rakyaat Sabah jadi monyet. Jangan haraplah itu Pairin, Dompok. Kurup dan dia orang punya genglah..KDMs selama lamanya tidak ada chanlah mau naik lagi.
    Itu Herbert Timbun Lagadan sudah kena timbun bah cakap pun tidak tentu, palui punya pastor...

  39. PTI is only one of so many problems Sabah is facing. the government is ready to shift economy to technology and high paid professionals. So i guess the government is ready to look at all employment at a professional level even in construction such as in developed country.

    so i guess the demand for PTI will drop.

  40. Herbert Timbun itu pastor kah? Patut lah bodoh satanga mati, botak dan tiada otak

  41. Najib had given his ministers the KPI, what about him, who is going to grade him.

    Take this poll:

    How would you grade the PM's KPI (key performance index) during his 1 year in office.

  42. Anonymous (March 10, 2010 6:57 PM)

    Jangan kau panas bah, nanti sakit jantung, palis2, hehe.

    Saya pun harap masalah ni boleh selesai cepat ba - biar rakyat dapat hidup dengan tenang.

  43. Bah, tunggu lah kemunculan ku nanti ya.. hehehe
    kalau aku cukup kukuh berdiri la.

  44. Read about this in today's Borneo post and Malaysia Today.From what I can see Saudara Ronnie is the brains behind PKR Sabah.People tend to trust Ronnie more then other PKR leaders.Keep up the good work Ronnie,you are certainly leadership material and Member of Parliament in the making...may the 13th general election put you in Parliament,so that you will voice for all Sabahans.

    Kadazan Tulin.

  45. im read this article quite late however i still want to post a comment here. a government want to get rid the illegal migrant but how come PR said government give MyKad to PATI? cannot blame government 100% because it might be a syndicate from other side. u might say government is the mastermind of this but it might be not the CM. it might be people who work in government to take more benefits thru this syndicate. i heard people who involve in this matter and they easily said, we will not be blamed but government.

  46. The Federal Govt or the KL leaders know about all this IC/ Mykad project, but are indirectly sanctioning the move.
    Before the last state election there was a high ranking Immigration Officer who went round the Kinarut Refugee Settlement Scheme where they are hundreds of PTIs living there and this officer was openly telling the PTIs there to vote for BN or Umno. Today that officer has already been promoted to a Pengarah of a Department.
    All what is going on with the issuing of MYkads or ICs is actually true and the Sabah CM Musa Aman and some of the Sabah Cabinet Ministers knew about but it is a Federal conspiracy and there is not much they can do. Besides the CM has no direct control over the police.
    What the Federal is doing is to increase the Muslim voters to overcome the non-Muslim voters of Sabah, in order to "control" the so called Muslim majority.
    During the Usno era the late Tun Mustapa used a different approach. He forced convert the Sabahans to Muslim to try to make Sabah a Muslim state, but today is a modern world with all the internet and borderless world and any forced conversion or abuses the non Muslim countries will protest and that can create a bad image of Malaysia, even today as we what we can see about the burning of churches and houses of worship.
    Do you honestly think that the CM Musa Aman who is born and bred in Sabah with all his business interest in the state would like his home state to be a garbage state full of PTIs,full of people lving in the streets in shacks and huts in the middle of the city like some of the cities in the neighbouring countries, with beggars and vagrants all over the place. I doubt it, but unfortunately the CM have to tow the line to be in good books of the Federal leaders. Those Federal leaders could not be bothered anyway, they have nothing to lose they do not have any interest in Sabah, afterall they are not living in Sabah besides the long outstanding claim over the State is a thorn in the flesh. So they just make the best of the situation to make money in their home states as long as they are in power. All they do is come election time they will come to Sabah with all the sweet promises but after that things will be just the same. Only when the Sabahans make noise about the PTIs, then the KL control police force will do a bit of "tangkap here tangkap there" and call the media, newspapers and make big story out of 20 arrests. That is the drama that Sabahans are seeing all this time.
    Do not be surprised too that the election commission will do the gerrymandering again, in oreder to ensure that the BN will win in the next election again, because some of the BN constituecies have started to lose some of its voters to the opposition.
    Sabah will always be the same whatever it is, because most Sabahns do not see all this especially the KDMs who are always fighting among themselves!!!!
    Do Sabahans honestly think that the KL leaders care for Sabah especially the KDMs?
    They are only interetsed in Sabah's wealthy resources to develop the other side. After all is sucked dry, Sabah will be left to whoever got the claim over it!!!
    As for some of the smart Sabah leaders they have already squandered and invested in Australia and New Zealand where they can just fly off and live happily ever after. As for the poor Sabahans, they will be left behind to go on fighting for their rights.

  47. Dear Ronnie, I am from Peninsular and support your cause. It is a shame what the BN govt is doing in marginalising the natives and treating the Indons as locals by supporting them. Just to hold onto power they have betrayed their people.

    Look like it is hopeless if we expect Pakatan to take over at next GE because the illegals outnumber you people and they will definitely vote the govt. that feed them.Please lobby for such covert recruitment to stop.

  48. What I have put out here may or may not be relevant to what the above article is about. But this is how Sabah being treated all these years after joining Malaysia. Sabah has always been treated as stepchild despite the fact that the two east Malaysian states are "fixed deposit" for the BN govt.

    The power woes, the water woes, the state poverty level should be the focus of the federal govt because Sabah is now one of the poorest state in Malaysia after all the years of squandering by unscruplous leaders.
    Now is the time for Sabahans to demand all what is needed under the agreement in joining the federation.

    SESB boss should go

    Kota Kinabalu: State Resource Development and Information Technology Minister, Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, Saturday supported the call for Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) Managing Director, Baharin Din, to step down for failing to address power woes in the State.

    He said the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government had already been governing for more than 10 years but still the SESB cannot find the ways to solve the problem.

    He said it was totally unacceptable for SESB to use second hand mobile generator sets to generate power in the State, especially in the East Coast.

    Dr Yee said the action was tantamount to SESB not being sincere in solving the problem.

    He added that SESB should have made all the planning well ahead and not wait for certain problems to crop up before swinging into action.

    "In fact, the present action of using second hand generator sets was still causing power shortage and hindering development, especially the Sabah Development Corridor.

    "SESB should not simply sweep the matter under the carpet and if you can't do it then you should step down," he said.

    Meanwhile, former Tawau MP Datuk Geoffrey Yee demanded that SESB disclose the true status of the used mobile generator sets to reduce the power interruptions in the East Coast of Sabah.

    "We are all aware that used or old cars would not function well which is the same analogy that can be used for using second-hand or used mobile generators set, which are not economical.

    "This is because we have to spend more on servicing or maintenance cost to ensure the sets are functioning," he told a press conference.

    Geoffrey, who fully supports Kalabakan MP Datuk Ghapur Salleh's call for Baharin to resign, also asked the uitility agency to organise a dialogue session with elected people reps in Sabah to explain the real situation.

    He said it is embarrassing to note that maybe the SESB officers did not understand a statement by the Prime Minister who promised to tackle the problematic supply of electricity here by installing new mobile generators sets in Tawau and Sandakan.

    The Prime Minister made the statement during his visit here during the fasting month, last year.

    "What the people want is 100 per cent service without power interruptions as had been said by Datuk Seri Najib and not the enhancement of 81.6 per cent for Sandakan and 87.34 per cent in Tawau as claimed by SESB after the installation of 'second hand' mobile gensets.

    "It would not be fair for Sabahans who are paying for the service as others in the country but receiving different treatment when given the second hand gensets.

    "This is really very disappointing as we are receiving second class service from third class officers," he said, adding the matter has to be explained to public as it has been prevailing for years.

    Geoffrey also questioned Baharin's logic that buying or booking new generator sets would need a long time due to certain procedures to be followed.

    He stressed that if those certain procedures are the excuse, then the prevailing matter would not be resolved.

    "For sure, the people do not want second class equipment and third class officers because those officers would not know how to solve a problem."

  49. Nasi sudah jadi bubur, latest statistic. KDM only 20%, Chinese 15% and Muslim 85%. Now stupid Clarence and Herbert still dreaming and do not want to help their own race. At least DAP & DSAI stated they care for us native. So Bungkus, Timbum & Pairin can go to hell

  50. Do not vote for your own purpose, but vote for the sake of Sabah, indeed.

  51. Malakun is wrong. So is John Ambrose. All these idiots are traitors to indigenous Sabahans. Don't forget that Malakun said Christians in Sabah should drop the word "Allah". Maybe UMNO is going to field Malakun in the next state elections. When UMNO says it is okay for Sabahans to be second class Malaysians, Malakun might vouch for it.

  52. This is soooooooooo sad...
    How can this happen to us.. Ohh NOOOOO!!!

  53. Banyak masalah timbul oo..
    ada2 ja aduii.. Tapi aku harap semua masalah ni dapat ditanggani dengan baik. Amen :)

  54. Bah sama2 lah kita mengahrap yang terbaik. Saya yakin suatu masa nanti hal ni pasti selesai juga :)

  55. Amat pelik tetapi benar tentang jumlah populasi penduduk Sabah yang meningkat secara drastik dalam tempoh 5 tahun? Sebenarnya kesahihan fakta ini wajar dikaji semula. Adakah ia berasaskan andaian atau
    itulah apa yang sebenarnya berlaku di Sabah? Maka, penubuhan makmal untuk mengurus isu kebanjiran orang asing di Sabah yang difahamkan sedang dalam misi pelancaran. Saya melihat....kita adakan mengetahui
    kebenaran pahit tentang isu populasi Sabah tersebut....cuma ada isu
    yang boleh disebarkan kepada rakyat tetapi ada juga yang hanya tutup sebelah mata walaupun ia sebenarnya kenyataan yang memeritkan!

  56. Isu pendatang Filipina ini tidak sama dengan isu pendatang Indonesia. Yang pelik di Sabah ada konsulat Indonesia bagi menangani segala
    perkara berkaitan penduduknya. Tetapi mengapa Filipina tiada? Sebenarnya bagaimana kadar kemiskinan di Sabah diukur? Adakah banci penduduk efektif dalam mengenalpasti jumlah penduduk Sabah? Dan bagaimana kita tahu penduduk tersebut berkata benar dan benarkah dia adalah warganegara M'sia?