Friday, February 26, 2010

Sabahans Want CHANGE - PKR Must Start With Itself

Sabah will continue to be administered by UMNO/BN after the 13th General Elections unless Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is able not just to reinvent, re-brand and repackage itself but repair itself and restore confidence to be a force to be reckoned with.What the rakyat want, is to be part of a tsunami, to wipe out corrupt individuals, institutions, installations and ideologies that have become part of the Malaysian political landscape

Society is becoming more and more chaotic while politics is in a mess. Politicians are either confused about their identities or simply suffer from amnesia. They talk about this today but can't remember about that tomorrow. Eventually, they forget about the State's needs as well as the people's interests.

Self-interest leading to betrayal, back-stabbing and deceit are, today, a norm in Sabah politics. Sabah is the only state in Malaysia that has been governed by four (4) different political entities - USNO, BERJAYA, PBS and now UMNO all, at one time or most times, under the mere symbolic Barisan Nasional. But the people continued and continue to be betrayed by politicians corrupted to the core.

Sabah has an over-supply of politicians but NO TRUE LEADERS nor ANY STATESMAN.

PKR Sabah is no different, having gone through State Chief after State Chief since it's inception.What irks the people is that there has been no improvement to the strength of the party.And why not, with the continuous in-fighting for leadership and power?

The leadership has no HALATUJU or sense of direction and they are still claiming and dreaming to be the "government in waiting". Late last year a group of renegades from PKR forwarded an application to the Registrar of Societies to form a new political party, calling themselves PARTI CINTA SABAH (PCS). There has been blatant denials from these traitorous individuals

These renegades are still members or claim to be members of PKR but no disciplinary action for their deceitful act of betrayal to the party has been taken.What's even more shocking is the state leadership has not done anything,reluctant or haven a clue what to do. Recently a copy of a bonafide document (click image attached) was obtained from reliable sources identifying 12 Supreme Council members of PCS. Ironically, these 12 "disciples of a mahaguru" still hold important positions in PKR, as Division Chiefs and Branch Chiefs among others. Some were even PKR candidates during GE12. Eyebrows are now raised as to their continued presence within the party. Will any action be taken by PKR against these "Judas"? Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim should "wake up" and overhaul PKR Sabah or the party will be irrelevant at the GE13.

Will Anwar Ibrahim finally accept the facts that PKR Sabah is in turmoil and will self-destruct unless he acts now to revamp the leadership?

On the 20th & 21st of February the charismatic, dynamic and much-loved and respected PKR President, Dato'Seri Wan Azizah visited Kota Kinabalu. At her meet the people session, 600 people were invited to attend. There was a commotion outside the venue as unknown individuals had been engaged to distribute flyers with malicious intent against Anwar Ibrahim. What was more shocking was that 70% of the "invited guests" in attendance were UMNO members. Was this an UMNO event or was it a mass conversion or baptism of UMNO members joining PKR? Either way, all the wrong signals were sent. I thank God that nothing violent occurred and the safety of the President was not compromised.

PKR Sabah is full of weaknesses. The people are craving for change and if this is how PKR Sabah is going to conduct itself as a 'government in waiting', we might as well fold-up and just pray for divine intervention.

The leadership needs to be hauled up for its incompetency and in-fighting. Some of the present leaders need to be admitted to homes for old-politicians. Let them savour or repent in style and time.

The citizens particularly the young seeking and crying for change cannot wait.

I still hold PKR in high esteem as a party capable of effecting changes for the better.

But to bring meaningful changes PKR Sabah in particular and PAKATAN Sabah as a whole must be brave enough to get out of the Sabah Syndrome - new parties always being formed by out-of-favour or discarded old politicians who play up genuine grouses of the people but after coming to power go back to business as usual - rape, rip and ransack the wealth of the state while feeding the people with rhetorics and sweet parochial slogans such as 'Sabah for Sabahans'.

We should not turn away people seeking membership of the party but we must learn to discern and pick the leaders wisely. As goes with materials - some leaders can be re-used, some repaired and some re-cycled but we must be daring enough to refuse, reject and remove those that are only good for the septic tank.
Though it is the people who vote-in the government it's the leaders who run the government. The people of Sabah had been voting for change all the while but they failed to change the leaders and have had to pay a heavy price.

This has been the sad story of Sabah.

I believe and most learned and caring Sabahans would agree with me - PKR / PAKATAN Sabah can and is the only hope for Sabah.

What Sabah needs is a new breed of leaders to lead us and carry us through without fear, favour, fame or fortune.


  1. Agreed Ronnie: Do not reject those who want to join PKR or other PAKATAN parties but do not offer instant positions at local or national level.

    If they are sincere, they, the new members or turn-coats, should serve without post or position.

    If they insist on leadership positions then they are not sincere - their agenda is personal and therefore can change with 'offers' from any direction or quarters.

    Personally, looking at some of the ex-BN faces in PKR now, I bet my last dollar, the moment they are offered something financially satisfying, they'll jump ship and pour scorn on PKR, claiming BN is the only party that can take care of Sabahans and Malaysians.

    If there are human skunks - these are them.

  2. Well written and hit the spot.
    But the question is who are these people who wanted to form the PCS. They are all opportunists too from PBS era.
    All are the same milk trying to come in a new bottle.
    PKR Sabah need new untainted leaders and not kucing kurap!!!

  3. The only person in Sabah today that has the balls to stand up for what's right and defend the people of Sabah is non other then NO HOLDS BARRED RPK of Sabah,Ronnie Klassen.

    True leadership comes from the heart and the passion for the people comes from how brave and intelligent one is.I am not polishing your shoes Saudara Ronnie,but if there is anyone capable to lead and change PKR Sabah,it is you.You are the Anwar Ibrahim of Sabah.

    Keep up the good work,Sabahans will rally behind you,for you have shown leadership.

    Lawan Tetap Lawan.

  4. PKR leadership should also take action on traitors and conmen in the party.They are those who cheated an Australian on project belonging to DBKK worth millions of ringgit, cheated Sabah Bank with forged land title and poor local Sabahan of their money, and cheated his business partner of rm800,000 an the cosin of a large sum of money and land.This is serious becos it had tarnished the image of the party.

  5. You are 100% correct Ronnie,the 12 bas***ds should be sack immediately.If they can betray the party,they will also betray the people.Why are they still in the party?Anwar,listen to the people,especially our number 1 Sabah blogger,PKR will become stronger without these betrayers.PKR has good leaders around,open your bloody eyes and ears Anwar.

    How come 70% of UMNO members were present at the talk with the President?Who was the mastermind in inviting them,and who is responsible in the distribution of the flyers discrediting Anwar?

    I think PKR leadership in Sabah is useless,better change yourself first before you talk about change.

    Justice Pao.

  6. It's more than just the listed names, the head and cohort behind them are those should be expelled too!

  7. I believe that Dato Seri Wan Azizah's visit to Sabah was a hijacked attempt by certain people within PKR focusing in initiating blunders performed by Dato Seri Wan Azizah and thus can be used against her. These are the same PKR leaders whom are wolves men and clothed in sheep purest skin.

    Look at how the whole sendiwara within PKR had been played. I believe the "12 disciples of the maha guru" concern in none other than Dr. Jeffry himself. Look at the line up? All his trusted goonies. If PKR disciplinary action committee is not going to do anything after this? People what do you thinK?

    Please burn these "wongkings" and spare us the PKR blanket...this is the only hope for us to realize CHANGE in Sabah.

  8. Yes..yes..yes,these 12 traitors with their mahaguru and more that betrayed the party must be hung up the wall and stones thrown at them by the people.Don't use all the old tactics minta kesian to cheat the people,we are more intelligent now.

    Luckily nothing bad happen when Wan Azizah was in KK.There are forces in PKR who are trying to destroy the party,we thank god the only person daring enough to stand against them is our defender Sir Ronnie,he has open the eyes and minds of the people.

    KDM Keningau.

  9. unfortunately, the party that i support has many corruptions cases and untrusted police is around us however i still support the CM.

  10. May God have mercy upon us and intervene because it is so sad most of the corrupt leaders outnumber the good ones. Anwar is unrelentlessly being persecuted and so is LGE. The forces of hell seem hell-bent to destroy anyone fighting for justice and democracy.
    Anwar boleh!
    Pakatan boleh!

  11. Frankly, can you find even one good politician in Sabah, especially in PKR Sabah? MOST IF NOT ALL of them are f*cking corrupted opportunist!

    During the last GE, if not because of these stupid corrupted so-called leaders, PR would have won more than 1/3 seats in Sabah!

    Just hope my comment will be published or else your blog is no better than BN!

    Thank you!

  12. In the first place, is the PCS a registered party in the ROS? If it is, that means the 12 people should be sacked. But if it is not, then how? When we quote the Daily Express dated December 6, 2009 entitled, 'Jeffrey claims his boys just being impatient', and the line-up of the Committee members of PCS, it was obvious that he and Christina were not involved. Only sth to do with his camp. To be frank, when it comes to the fight for the 20 points, I totally respect Dr Jeffrey. A true sabahan leader is the one who dare to voice out these very important points. The oil royalty is also included inside the 20 points. Other than this 20 points, a true Sabahan leader must be 100% bumiputera whereby when he is to chased out from Sabah, he has no other place to go because there is no one like his kind. Which means to say that, his blood is not spilled from any other region in this world. We have someone who has Phillipines(Pilak) blood, Indian blood, Pakistani blood, Indonesian blood, Western blood, etc in them. These people are not 100% bumiputera of Sabah. If we choose them to be our leader, they will invite their kind to Sabah like what happened during Harris salleh's era. I think we still remember the false IC Card issue which was very famous with its name as Project Mahathir. That is the danger here. People like mahathir and harris are not 100% malaysian bumiputeras. Their blood both spilled from India. See what they did. If we choose, DusunKadazan or Murut, then we are on the right path. Even people of Brunei blood is a wrong choice. See what they did to the composition of Federal agencies workers. I even heard that a guy once just a driver being promoted to an officer when even writing a formal letter he doesn't know how. This is the example of a wrong choice of choosing our leaders. They have places to work in Brunei if they go there but they choose to stay here because the Brunei blood leaders give them the opportunity to work and live a very comfortable life here. Sorry if I mention sensitive issues here but to be a real Sabahan leader one must fulfill the 2 things I mention above. Its better to choose not a very good leader of 100% Sabahan than a not very good leader of 50% Sabahan. Think about this. For you Ronnie, perhaps I totally have no problem in choosing problem. In Ranau we have Dusun leaders who are UMNO people. United Malay National Organisation, but they are Dusuns. This is what we call a betrayal to the DusunKadazan society. (I prefer to say DusunKadazan than KadazanDusun because the alphabet D comes before K). So what they enjoy is the vote from the illegal immigrants who stay in Ranau even until today. Come election time, these scum people will use these scum PTIs. They even feed these people. These types of leaders must not be enlisted in the leaders' section if they join PKR or any other Pembangkang's party next time.

  13. Sack them when we are strong NOT WHEN WE ARE WEAK!

    DSAI will keep an eye on them but no, no not now...PKR is very very week in Sabah!

    This is because PKR of Sabah are all frogs except to name a few.

    But what to do, nasi sudah jadi bubur.

    By right, in the early inception of PKR to Sabah, the leader in KL should choose those who are not from any party, Dr, lawyers, enginer to name a few. After all, we need only 40-50 PKR calon. Don't tell me itu pun susah mau cari. Masakan mau dicari2 belas2 parti2 dari BN, hmmmf...

  14. Ronnie,
    At this important juncture of Sabah politics, the disenchantment of the people of Sabah with BN must be fully exploited by PKR and the coalition members.

    Agreed with you that the PKR leader must crack the whip and have the courage to reject those fit for the waste-bin. Otherwise, these political discards will be used by BN in the coming state elections to cause an uprising and create a perception that all is not well within the PKR or opposition.

    It is better to select a small but effective number of loyal members and to sreen carefully those leaders who truly fight for the cause of changing the Sabah State government. The BN had been too long in power and corrupted to the core.

    The trojan horses will potentially come from your list of protem committee members in Parti Cinta Sabah. This party is similar to the one in Peninsular Malaysia which is Parti Cinta Malaysia based in Penang and there will be one Parti Cinta Sarawak come nearer the Sarawak state elections.. This is the tactic of UMNO to divide and rule even within the BN coalition.

    These Parti Cinta .... are in fact set up by UMNO to rope in disgruntled politicians from the opposition and those dissapointed members in the BN component parties who did not see eye to eye with the leaders but wished to remain within BN.

    PKR and other opposition parties must be aware of this and set high criteria for admission of members to weed the political oppurtunists.

  15. To Anon 26 Feb 11:33,

    I do not agree with you at all about the leaders of Sabah should be 100% Sabahan ... "Its better to choose not a very good leader of 100% Sabahan than a not very good leader of 50% Sabahan"... I would rather have a good 50% Sabahans the good one than all the NOT SO GOOD 100% Sabahans, this concept is UMNO concept. Look at the 12 disciples line up? They are all NOT SO GOOD Sabahans selling their souls to the tactic of BN just like what Anon 27 Feb 3:33 said. This is purely a tactic to divide PKR and with these people on board, i agree with Ronnie that these disciples must be sent to septic tank without delay. They are better be composts that help to nourish the environment than them being there and devoid our chance of Change.

    Look at the other example of so called 100% Sabahans. I read it somewhere in the blog that your Huguan Siou has PR status in Australia, while crying out his crocodile tears to the people that voted for him. What has he done? the 50% Sabahans, like Tun Fuad Stephen, Haris Salleh, Dato Mustapa and Ronnei Klassen if that is what you are trying to incline. These have contribute to the development of Sabah. What Huguan Siou have done, bringing UMNO in. Go figure. You can not go against the fact may friend.

    Now look at all the listed 12 Disciples, they are personal allies to Dr. Jeffry the beloved brother of your beloved HS.

    Statesmen are made because they care for the people, than those politicians that are good only to sell their soul to the devil. WE need to move on, otherwise Obama won't stand a chance to stand as leaders in Sabah if this how your thinking is.

  16. Sabahans and Sarawakians will regret if they trust the Orang Malaya, whether Umno or Anwar. There's no difference between them both. Just fighting for power and money. Why did Anwar leave Umno? Or rather why did he get sacked. Because he wanted even more power to make even more money at the expense of some other people. These other people fought back and kicked him out. Before he was kicked out, his people were openly saying that these other people had made enough money and should leave. Of course these other people were not satisfied with what they had made. They wanted even more and especially for their future generations. So, that's how stupid Anwar got kicked out. Serves him right! Why trust a bugger like that? People forget that in sabah, Anwar as involved in issuing MyKads to illegal immigrants and placing them on the electoral rolls. Anwar is a political chameleon.

  17. Just one...mind you ur own business rather than others business, If only we want change let us do it ourselves..

  18. JUST wonder who do you think should fit into your idea of being a good leader by your standard.

    What is the motive that ronnie and gang want us to believe for reason only known to them that there is no single good leader in pkr sabah. Was it personal or there is another ulteriuor motive? perhaps ronnie and gang are planted by UMNO who are out to destroy pkr sabah that is now fast gaining ground and momentum in sabah.

    It is absolutely untrue that it is all bad in pkr sabah. There is nothing absolute. Good and bad, yes. Just let us know what it takes to be a good leader by your standard.

    I remember clearly not too long ago a senior pkr leader always thought no one was good enough to lead pkr sabah except him.

    But i donot think merely writing in the blog and getting a few to support your writing and views singing the same tune will make anyone a better leader that pkr sabah deserves.

    I should be a blogger too if that is the case. Come to think of it, why not. i am the best leader that is for pkr???

  19. Ronnie is jealous because he can not get close to Wan Azizah...This kind of statemen has greed

  20. Anon March 1 5:18am...Anon March 1 6.51am,

    If at all cowards are to be distinguished by their stupidity in their assessment both these Anon's are perfect examples.Show yourself by name and contact if you believe you have what it takes to be a hero.I am not surprise if both of you are in the list of 12 disciples produced by balls of steel blogger Ronnie.

    As a frequent follower of this blog,I can sincerely say that Ronnie is a strong and passionate advocater for the people.On the other hand the people wants a new voice without fear or favour.

    Ronnie has awaken the people shown that change is now possible.Who cares if Ronnie is unable to get close to Wan Azizah,it more important that Ronnie gets close to the people.Without the people there is no Najib,Musa Aman,Anwar Ibrahim,Jeffery and Pairin Kitingan.

    Voice Of Sabahans.

  21. Lie to the people and do not tell the truth!

    Media-govt ties vital, says CM

    Published on: Sunday, February 28, 2010

    Kota Kinabalu: The media have been advised to exercise discretion and avoid reports that may spark racial and religious tensions, which will undermine the peace and harmony in the country.

    "I cannot overstate the importance of responsible reporting by the media especially in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society like ours," said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

    Speaking at the Kota Kinabalu Journalists Association (KKJA) Chinese New Year luncheon at Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Saturday, he said the media is actually a "good friend" and an important link between the Government and the people.

    He said this is especially within the context of disseminating government policies, development agenda and achievements to the people at the grassroots level.

    "The media could also be of great service if it instilled awareness among the people on the importance of supporting the various government projects and programmes under the Ninth and Tenth Malaysia Plans, the NKRAs and Sabah Development Corridor," he said.

    In relation, he said the media forum is an avenue for feedback and public reaction towards government development programmes and how well they are implemented.

    "In essence, your reporting could serve as a barometer on the quality of the public delivery system and how it can further be improved upon.

    "However, bear in mind, you must be balanced in your reporting and not just highlight the bad and overlook the good that has been achieved," he said.

    Musa called on the media in Sabah to play a role in cultivating the spirit of unity and harmony namely through the publication of reports and photographs that capture the Spirit of 1 Malaysia. Such spirit, he said could be clearly seen in the joint celebrations of the various festivities in the country including Chinese New Year.

    Musa who is also Finance Minister commended the KKJA for its role in maintaining the good relationship and the spirit of co-operation between the media and the Government.

    "You too can play a role and contribute towards maintaining the political stability and racial harmony as well as facilitate the economic development of the country and Sabah, in particular," he said.

    At the end of his speech, Musa made a special announcement that the State Government would contribute RM50,000 to help fund the KKJA office renovation works.

    This year's KKJA Chinese New Year celebration was also made special with the presence of several federal ministers and elected representatives.

    Among them were Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat who is also the MCA President, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon who is the Gerakan President, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk V.K Liew who is President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Deputy Information, Communication and Culture Minister, Senator, Heng Seai Kie.

    Making a brief appearance at the celebration were DAP secretary-general, Lim Kit Siang together with Serdang MP, Teo Nie Ching, Kota Kinabalu MP, Dr Hiew King Cheu and other Sabah DAP leaders.

    After meeting up with Ong, Koh and the other BN leaders as well as members of KKJA there, Lim and entourage left for their party's functions in Kota Belud and later Tuaran.

    Other VIPs were Resource Development and Information Technology Minister, Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datuk Edward Khoo, Assistant Local Government and Housing Minister, Datuk Edward Yong, Sabah Credit Corporation Chairman, Teo Chee Kang, KKJA Founder and Advisor, Jimmy Goh, Chairman, Emil Wong Bak Kion and honorary advisors of KKJA namely, Datuk Agnes Shim, Frankie Liew, Francis Goh and Julie Yapp.

    In the same ceremony, Musa also presented the appointment certificates for two new KKJA advisors namely, Datuk Edward Yong and Datuk Lau Kok Seng.

  22. Ya, that is all you need, praises and ego trips to nowhere for ronnie and gang. It is bad culture for such foul language. Be humble.

    This not a reformist blog. No different from other self serving media for too obvious motive and purpose. But it did lift ronnie to a certain height for a very brief period. Sustainabilty and substance, none? Finally, it gave way to gravity, the only way is DOWN.

    We are in a real world, which is not only measured by praises but in substance and real contribution with results to good cause. Accept the truth and reality.

    PKR Sabah is doing just fine. Housing cleaning is part of the on going process and along the way, good leadership will prevail and good leaders will evolve into better leaders.

    For now, those who leaders who are willing to come forward without fear to serve and contribute wholeheartedly for a good cause are the good leaders of PKR. One day, some of you will prove yourself as the worthy lot. Naturally, some may fall along the way to better men and women.

    PKR is not looking for a saint to lead.

    Ordinary good and decent people like most of us will do.

    Recent PKR events are good benchmark and indicators that people of Sabah are becoming to accept PKR as a good alternative in Sabah.

    Those are good signs but not enough. Donot get it into your heads. Move on and do better.

    By the way, I was in the crowd at your chinse new year open house in kian kok. It was a great success of a very meaningful gathering of people who are longing for change that people of sabah have not witnessed for such a long long time. It was out of the ordinanry and a really good event.

    Come on ronnie and gang, give credit where credit is due. It can not be all bad.

    But then again, you can believe what you choose to believe.

  23. Anyone thinking that PKR Sabah is fine and strong must either be disillusioned or warlords dictating the party.If the scumbags in the party are not weeded out now,we will be seeing the same old scumbags in the next elections and that would be the end of PKR Sabah.Believe what ever you want these scumbags are just here to fed for themselves.

    I read with interest an article in the daily express " PKR gave in to our demands" today,the President of PCS Daniel John Jambun saying that their application was withdrawn.Daniel must be thinking that Sabahans never went to school.Firstly,the fact that an application was submitted to the ROS and his denial that an application was submitted,was already malicious and contravene the constitution of the party.

    Secondly,what demands is Daniel John talking about?The 20% increase of oil royalty was already announced by Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat during the 2008 what bullshit is Daniel John talking here.

    There whole purpose as I can see is greed of power and never was it for the people.It's good that this blogger has surface this and awake the people so that the people will not be cheated by these scumbags ever again.

    AJK Ranting Inanam.

  24. Najib and Rosmah are on a shopping spree,this time it's not expensive handbags or expensive dinners with young and beautiful Mongolian models.The merchandise are shits from the septic tanks shopping mall in the form of PKR renegades.Now you know what I've been talking about all along.These renegades have betrayed the people.PKR will be stronger,believe me.The younger generation will rise.

    PFC Fan Club.

  25. PKR Sabah is dead with Daniel and Jeffery still hanging around the party. As long as these rejects from PBS and their gang are still in PKR Sabah, the party will have no chance in the next election.And besides that Musa Aaman is doing a good job despite all those accusations by some. PKR Sabah needs untainted new leaders not opportunists.
    Just look at all those in PKR Sabah, they have had their good time squandering away during PBS rule and now still not satisfied becuase they wee not in the golden circle of Sabah BN.
    Semua pun buaya, and nothing more!!!!

  26. I was a fan of you Ronnie, but until you consistently wanted to be "the true leader" and a so called "statemen" without any consideration for other people feelings.

    Calling fellow PKR Christina Liew cry baby. You are no statemen but a hiprocrite

    PKR need leader that can UNITE all not a so called statemen who are selfish.

  27. Why don't Sabahan have their own party.. i mean no need to ask outside people to run for us... I am aware that too many Sabahan are now wise enough to think and to take an action. No need other party from west la.... for example Sarawak! See...learn from them!

  28. I beg to differ. Ronnie is right. Christina liew is indeed the number ONE and 100% political cry baby. That is the truth, that is, if you really know her. No doubt about it.

  29. Heard this from the grapevine.....PCS is a tool of UMNO to split the members and votes.The 12 disciples are stooges of Jeffery who has already sign a pact with you know.

  30. This is an interesting article which should be read by parrots and hypocrites.Also people who enjoys the "royal treatment",and when they don't get what they want,they rebel by forming new political parties.These "tong sampah's" should be put where they belong.

  31. Ronnie,

    I propose that you put it to the leadership of PKR that if they wish to remain as they are i.e. the state that it is in today - with all these people of dubious causes and demands including has beens in Sabah Politics (don't get me wrong, these people have had their fair share of chance in wanting to represent Sabah as candidates and some even Elected YB's before ) THEN PKR WILL BE DOOMED.

    Solution is a total reformating of the entire line up of Sabah PKR. Take out those who have been candidates and bring to the front lines of PKR Sabah - totally fresh, confident, reliable and disciplined members - who will be able to relate to the Sabah and her people and the visions that Sabah deserves as a partner in Malaysia.

    Using these people whose baggages are obvious will only weaken the spirit and potential that PKR has to offer to us Sabahans.

    What is the use of 'Change' when DSAI is unwilling to implement a change of leadership! These people are his friends and we appreciate their 'loyalty' but if they want to - work side by side with DSAI but support the Frontlines - who should be made up of clean, committed, reliable and confident people.

    The party can search for these people as the Sabahans are filled with them. They will not shine out until these old has beens and repeated candidates are not asked to give way and work at the side and support the new and fresh faces.

    That is my two cents about it.


  32. This is exactly what is happening in Sabah which I wish to share with everyone.I'm a 28 year old lawyer currently working in KL.As a Sabahan,I'm proud that we have a blogger that has awaken Sabahans,well me at least.

    Where to Cross The Border?

    If You Cross The North Korean Border Illegally
    You get 12 years Hard Labour.

    If You Cross The Iranian Border Illegally
    You Are Detained Indefinitely.

    If You Cross The Afghan Border
    Illegally, You Get Shot.

    If You Cross The Saudi Arabian Border Illegally
    You Will Be Jailed.

    If You Cross The Chinese Border Illegally
    You May Never Be Heard Again.

    If You Cross The Venezuelan Border Illegally
    You Will Be Branded A Spy And Your Fate Will Be Sealed.

    If You Cross The Cuban Border Illegally
    You Will Be Thrown Into Political Prison To Rot.

    If You Enter Britain Illegally
    You Will be Arrested, Prosecuted And Sent To Prison And Deported

    If You Are An Indonesian or a Filipino AND ILLEGALLY CROSS THE MALAYSIAN BORDER...especially to Sabah,

    YOU GET:

    MyKad (Identity Card) or PR (Permanent Residence / Pemastautin Tetap)
    A Driving License,
    Voting Rights
    Job Reservation,
    Special Privilege to be Considered as a Bumi (Native)
    Credit Cards,
    Subsidized Rent Or A Loan To Buy A House,
    Free Education,
    Free Health Care,
    Subsidized Petrol

    Oh Malaysia, what a great country!!

    PFC Fan Club member.

  33. PFC Fan Club member. I just love to read your piece , indeed you are right and damned right man. This nation Malaysia memang bolehlah !!!
    I am a Sabahan and I live in the US. I left Sabah many years ago, I forsaw all these many years ago which prompted me to leave. I am tired of all what was going on in Malaysia especially the race and religious discrimination.
    Malaysia especially Sabah is a beautiful country if only it is properly govern without all the discriminations and corruption.

  34. Interesting to read as one of writers put it - ...the front lines of PKR Sabah - totally fresh, confident, reliable and disciplined members - who will be able to relate to the Sabah and her people and the visions that Sabah deserves as a partner in Malaysia..

    Whoever wrote these words must be completely naive or knowing just about nothing about politics and the real world that we are in.

    These so called TOTALLY fresh confident reliable and disciplined leaders must either be some new born babies or some non-existent imaginary being or just your unproved theory.

    If one is totally fresh, how could he or she be leader in the first place?

    How can a person be totally confident if he or she is never put to the test and totally fresh?

    How do you know whether or not a person is reliable and disciplined until he or she has been put to the test and challenge?

    Please do not imagine things that are unrealistic and impractical thinking that all those guys up there are bad and no good.

    By the way, where are these totally fresh confident reliable and disciplined people who aspire to be leaders?

    May be they are now enjoying their perks, good income jobs, high positions, fat salaries and all the previleges that come with it.

    Can you hear them telling you that 'are you out of your mind to ask them to risk all their benefits and put themself at the front as totally fresh, confident, reliable and disciplined leaders?'

    Whoever believes this kind of idealistic slogan and cheap talk must be very naive if not a nut or know nothing about politics.

    All these rhetoric of new leaders replacing the old are no more than just cheap and fancy talks.

    It is like some politicians who claimed that they are fighting for our state rights similar to the sabah for sahahans slogan when they themselves were the ones who had destroyed the state and sold their soul to the devil for having pawned and brokered our state rights and the wealth and interests of sabahans to their political masters and own pockets during those years when they were at the helm of power and high positions.

    Everyone has a role to bring about a change for better future.

  35. The registration of PCS is pure conspiracy, focused to divide PKR and seeing the glee smile of all these 12 disciples of the Maha Guru. The PCS president is trying to protect his innocent by saying that oh we had withdrawn our application and treating that as if there is nothing crucially wrong had taken place. This is like raping and did not ejaculate and differ to say i have nothing wrong!!!!!

    It was the initial intend that these 12 stooges were being prosecuted and not trying to hide and pretend to be innocent; and even dare to "berebut-rebut mau ambil gambar dengan DSAI" Ayo!!!!!! If you have been there and see these people, you will be off your chair laughing. So desperate trying to get closer to DSAI during the photo session. You can see the eyes looking at each other telling the message that i should be standing next to him.... and the corresponding look will give the other me me me me me......!!!!! Anyone noticed this? Or am i hallucinating!

    But what i believe that this incident reminds a conspiracy wanting to create pressure within PKR and these people are always be on the top cream. But what i really believe that if this is the tactic of the famous Sun Tzu, although the application of PCS was withdrawn, no one would ever be on guard to realize that a fresh application was indeed had been submitted. Mr. DJ you are clever la.

    Kiulu FC

  36. Sabah is not part of Malaysia! Read this piece about what a Sabahan who was stranded in KL said!!!

    Ranau lad who sleeps by roadside, eats once daily

    Published on: Wednesday, March 03, 2010

    Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Another of the unfortunate Sabahans in KL, Hermis Saimin, said he left his Kg Melinsau at age 16 in the hope of finding work in Singapore.

    That was three years ago.

    "I did not know that I will end up becoming another statistic of the country's homeless people," said Hermis, who stopped school after Standard Six, and is still struggling to find a job in KL.

    He went to Singapore with a friend from Kota Marudu who worked as a private recruitment agent and worked as a dish washer in Singapore, earning about S$750.

    "I didn't get all my salary because it was deducted every month. I worked for nearly a year and only after that the employer gave my passport backÉmaka dalam perjanjian tujuh bulan saja (although in the agreement it was supposed to be after seven months)," he said. But just as he wanted to leave Singapore, his passport went missing.

    "I still had my Malaysian identity card. I sought assistance from the Malaysian High Commission there and then went to Kuala Lumpur," he said.

    Hermis admitted that while in KL, he often had to live by the roadsideÉsusah oh, sedih, rindu sama family, tapi apa boleh buat (difficult, sad, I miss my family, what to do)," said Hermis.

    "I had this big dream that if I can survive here, I will be able to assist my family in Ranau, but it turned out to be like this," he said. He had been living independently since his parents divorced.

    "I feel I want to go home, but I still have no job here.

    Wait until I get a job, definitely I will go home," he said.

    On how he managed to get by, he said he sometimes slept all day or ate only once a day, wherever or whenever there was food.

    On his experience sleeping by the roadside, he said he was once hit by someone while fast asleep.

    "It was a local man (peninsula people) who hit meÉdurang di sini (KL) anggap kita ni bukan macam orang Malaysia, kamu orang Sabah, durang anggap kita macam orang Indon (some people in the peninsula treat us like we are not MalaysianÉthey think we are Indonesians)," he said.

    There were nods of agreement from other homeless Sabahans who were listening in during the interview when he said this in KL recently.

    Asked if he got help from any government agency or the police or whether he knew about Rumah Sabah, he said he did not know where to get any assistance.

    "Saya langsung tiada apa-apa, cuma ni baju, seluar, IC (I don't have anything on me, only this shirt, pants and IC)," he said.

    The shirts and pants many of the homeless Sabahans wear were also given by charitable organisations, mostly church groups.

    "Jarang saya ada duit oh, paling pun ada orang kasi, yang kenal sama saya lah, saya tidak pernah minta sedekah, saya masih ada perasaan, takkan muda-muda sudah buat macam itu (seldom I have money, even that is given by those who know me, I never beg, I still have feelings, I am still young, should not do like that)," he said.

    He said these generous individuals are Sabahans working in Kuala Lumpur and that sometimes he hoped he would be lucky enough to find money on the ground.

    Asked if he kept in touch with his family members in Ranau, Hermis said he did not have their telephone numbers but knows that his mother had since remarried.

  37. Ha ha ha ha ha ha Malaysia boleh. Submarine cannot evn dive!!! now space research...hah hah hah!!!
    Hoi Sabah wakeuplah!!!

    Angkasawan wants to build aerospace research centre

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s first astronaut wants to build an aerospace research centre in Negri Sembilan to share his experiences in the field.

    Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha has found a 20-acre land in the state, not far from Sepang in Selangor, and is currently in the process of meeting potential investors.

    He said he planned to start the project in 2012 or 2013 and hoped the Government would be keen on the centre.

    Dr Sheikh Muszaphar was speaking to reporters after the prime minister’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, launched his book, Journey To Space: A Memoir of Malaysia’s First Angkasawan, and a DVD entitled Angkasawan Inspirasiku here Thursday.

    On the proposed centre, the astronaut said a number of activities, especially suited for students, would be held there.

    “I also want to set up camps on outer space where students and children could come and stay there for three to four days, and learn everything about astronomy and the stars, all under one roof,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar said 100 astronauts from 35 nations would attend the Association of Space Explorers Conference in Kuala Lumpur from Oct 4 to 10, this year.

    “Every year we meet up. We will send them all over Malaysia to give talks to students. This is to stimulate interest in science and aerospace,” he said.

    On his book, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar hoped it would help ingrain upon the younger generation that there was nothing impossible in life.

    “I hope this book can be used in all schools as textbooks. My dream is that every child should have this book so that they can understand (outer) space,” he said.

    Dr Sheikh Muszaphar said the book was written when he was undergoing a year-long training in Rusia before his journey into space.

    The orthopaedic surgeon was the first Malaysian to go into space when he was launched into the International Space Station aboard Soyuz TMA-11, with the Expedition 16 crew on Oct 10, 2007. -- Bernama

  38. West Malaysian use all our money to send a Malay to space. Rosmah now want to go to space so that she can see Mongolia better.

    UMNO use all our money for mega project like submarine, petronas twin tower, penang bridge but in Sabah our "flyover" near T. Aru also never complete.

    Lim Kit Siang was right KDM is the worst race as our children are begging in the street in KL paved with our natural resources.

    Not only KDM already being spit at but now di Pijak lagi oleh Huguan Siau Pairin tiada guna.

    Clarence is working in IDS should have the statistic of how many projects be it Federal or State goverment projects was awarded to KDM.

    Clarence is working in IDS but the real person behind him is the newphew of Musa Aman. Clarence is like UMNO kerbau

  39. PCS ....i say go ahead with it. You can join Pakatan Rakyat...Pakatan rakyat is not owned by PKR alone.
    I don't think PCS is an UMNO stooges. I think PKR should work closely with PCS if they decided to continue to register the Party.
    Sapp better think quick whether you want to join pakatan rakyat or not?

    People of Sabah are already tired of getting instruction from semenanjung based party as if the people of sabah is short of leader.

    I remember at one point, PKR in sabah were arguing on who should be the leader.

    some agree that the leader must be continuously selected and elected by the party which are based in Semenanjung. That is why Thamrin was chose. The so called 3rd group.

    some agree that the leader for sabah should be elected by the people of sabah. No more waiting for Semenanjung permission from semenanjung. Unfortunately it was rejected. They don't want the people of sabah to elect their own leader (who will eventually become the CM).
    Same like BN UMNO lar...

    when they heard about the new party, baru kelam kalibut...

    Ronnie, the reason why they are not sacked yet is because it was partly PKR fault for not 'listening' well....

  40. Aherm. If PKR want to rule, start dissolve every freaking internal conflicts they have but then again, i rather stay on the fence than voting anyone if this going to be like this..

    Oh and don't misunderstand my meaning, i want to vote but if both parties are irrelevant..Might as well we steam roll the ruling Government and make a People Government for the People.

  41. Uh,Correction "should" = "shouldn't"

  42. Soon it will be like V for Vendetta! And the drama unfolds and the saga continues..

    Btw, Anonymous (March 4, 2010 6:23 PM)..which Clarence are talking about? *rubs chin*

  43. Cannotlah let's have one party only in Sabah so all Sabahans will open their eyes, sokong that UMEEEENO Sabah under the CM mah. So all the KDMs can sleep in the streets and the Indons and Filipinos can live in bungalows...then it is just like the movie Planet of the Apes. Nice oh?

  44. i cannot help but think what if both parties are the same and history will be repeated again.

    But i agree with Anonymous (05 March)Sabah Leader should be elected by people from Sabah. True Sabahan only, no PTI ah.hehe

  45. well said/written by Ronnie Klassen.
    yes, the problem the Sabahan is facing is the leaders here are more concerned with themselves than the people of Sabah.

    Will the leaders in PKR leave or resign bec of the people of Sabah or for the good of the party? NO !! How to change for the better ?

    Better support for the present Govt ??!!:}
    whom to vote ?

  46. Tunggu sajalah next GE nanti. Bagi saya parti yg menang itulah parti yg dipilih rakyat. So apapun parti tu nanti, kita tengoklah hasilnya nanti k.

  47. For me, it's all in our hand. So just wait for the next GE :)

  48. Whoever rules Sabah.... make sure settle the basic problem faced by Sabahans for a years...

  49. The first issue when the people clamoured for CHANGE is to ensure that everyone plays their part to throw out the BN government.

    CHANGE must come from the people themselves and cannot depend on the leaders of political parties. If you had been tolerating the situation for 40 over years and would just want to remain silent, there will be no CHANGE.

    The BN will continue to rule and rape the country of all its riches which rightly belong to the people of Sabah and not shared with the "illegal immigrants " who were given citizenship for political expediency purposes in order to ensure BN wins.

    The local BN component party leaders like Pairin , Dompok and Kurup know what is going on behind the scene and yet because of their greed for power and wealth are selling their motherland and one day will become second class citizens in their own state.This is treason indeed.

    Now we see a few good and principled political leaders who joined the opposition in order to effect CHANGE but sad to say there are an equal number with no ethics and prnciples who will trade themselves for a sum offered by BN to frustrate and subvert these leaders good intentions.

    It is time the people of Sabah looked at themselves and ask the Question : What do I want for the people of Sabah and my children in the next 10 to 20 years ?

  50. Ronnie,

    For PKR, it is better for Jefferey Kitigan and his right hand man to determine where the loyalty of those wanting to become leaders in the new state government right now. Better to weed the weaklings now than face more internal frcitions come nearer the GE.

    As all of us know, BN will infiltrate PKR with a lot of promising leaders under the guise of being fed up with the present BN govt but in fact are moles out to sabotage the efforts of the new leadership. They will surface to make noises and try to create the perception all is not well within PKR at the right time. UMNO is good at manoevuring all these moves using money and threats and intimidation.

    UMNO had reared some Trojan horses and released to infiltrate PKR. They are listening to the leaderships plans and moves and report back to UMNO. They will surface out at the first signal given remotely.

    This had happened even in PKR's central leadership's office in Petaling Jaya. They even bugged the inner office of PKR's HQ where only a select few can enter.The same will apply and unless the state's PKR leadership is aware of this, they will buckle with all the last minute upheaval caused by these Trojan horses.

    All these Trojan horses are groomed in reward for a handsome sum.They will sell their backside in exchange for their pride and future.

  51. I'll support any party as long as it serves for the people.