Thursday, February 11, 2010

Transformation Of A Government , Is It Possible?

On 28th January, 2010, The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched the Government Transformation Programme.

His keywords were ... politicians and especially the civil service must be “big and bold” in delivering the targets for the six national key result areas under its Government Transformation Programme.

Big words, great words; then exaggerated, amplified, inflated and dished out to the masses, without a question, by a sub-servient government-controlled or 'government-friendly' media.

My question is "Can the government be transformed if the root problems are not tackled?”

We are only fooling ourselves if we go on believing that beautiful words can be transformed into beautiful deeds. For the past 26 years or so, beginning somewhere in 1984, we have been led to believe in phantom enemies and hidden agendas of the opposition. We were also led to believe that inflated but sub-standard development projects were all for the good of the people. Our nation's wealth has been drained to feed the insatiable greed of the political mafia. Corruption was well-guised as economic policies to help the bumis, privatization and Joint Ventures.

Now we realize, the enemy was within; the hidden agenda was of the ruling elites and inflated mega-projects was to feed the hungry politicians and satisfy the vanity of the chief.

If we search of our hearts deep enough and take a look at the way things work in Malaysia, we will understand and accept the fact that the root problems are:

Corruption especially 'negotiated tenders',

Abuse of power,

A confused Judiciary,

A muzzled media,

Sub-servient enforcement agencies,
be it PDRM, MACC, IRB or others.

Things have gone from bad to worse simply because people in power refuse to admit to mistakes or even crimes. At times they go after a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars while millions and billions are siphoned away under negotiated tenders.

The rampant practice of negotiated tender was and is the root cause of Malaysia's problems. But this will never be admitted by the ruling government because this is from where all their political and life-style funds come from.

And simply because money from corruption is what oils the political machinery and keeps them ticking. Without kick-backs and fringe benefits the government’s political units - both the main and auxiliary - will grind to a halt. They are so used to using money to buy people, votes, support or just silence. They would be lost in a plain playing field.

No amount of make-believe or PR stunts by the government is going to help Malaysia. No, it cannot deliver anything. It may create tiny waves for sometime - but that’s it. After a while it would be back to normalcy. Instead of scrubbing the dirt they'll be scrapping for more and more.

The only thing is for the whole machinery to be revamped, restructured and redefined.

The civil service must become 'civil' as it was intended to be. It should carry out its duties according to the law, without fear or favour and without giving in to political pressure.

The legislature must go back to making the right laws and ensuring that they are thorough in their job.

The executive should ensure the laws are being enforced and rightly in the spirit it was intended to be.

The enforcement bodies, all of them, must be under independent commissions. The commissions should be responsible for recruitment, promotion or termination and all aspects of the service. There should be no interference by the executive.

They and all others should be answerable to Parliament and thereby to the people who are masters of the nation.

Will it be fair to have a police committee investigate a death in custody? Should the PM or cabinet decide who should be the IGP or Chief Justice or how long their tenure should be extended beyond retirement? Should the government decide if negotiated tenders are right? Should only the AG decide if a case should go for prosecution? Should those who bring to light cases of corruption be charged under OSA?

Well, if you ask me, it shouldn't matter if one is sincere to serve the people.

But when one wants to enjoy fringe benefits while serving the people and slips and falls in love with the glamour and the power that comes along with it - Can you trust the government, especially one that constitutes such characters?

If all the powers are rolled into one, as in Malaysia, in reality, then it won't lead to 1Great Malaysia, but 1Absolutely Corrupted Malaysia.

There is a believe among some that a two-party system may save the country - well, maybe, to a certain extent. But what if the incoming new party uses the same 'machinery' to subvert the truth and enjoy the benefits? Look at our Sabah.

We had Berjaya taking over from USNO claiming, "The riches of the land should belong to the people". Then PBS took over from BERJAYA claiming abuse of power and marginalization. Then UMNO led BN took over claiming everything under PBS was wrong and it is still in power, but strangely though not surprisingly with PBS as bed-fellows.

What did these parties achieve? Each party did achieve something - BERJAYA leaders become wealthy, PBS leaders became wealthy and now BN-UMNO leaders are wealthy and getting wealthier.

Now we see the emergence of PKR and DAP(Pakatan Rakyat) in Sabah, trying desperately to create an impact in wresting the remote possibility of forming the next State government.Does PKR and DAP possess credible leaders capable of championing the state,it's people and reposition Sabah back to it's glory days? Quite honestly I don't think so,not yet anyway.

The people must see credible personalities emerging from PR. This is a lengthy mindset changing process. There must be credible people and the rakyat must be familiar with these personalities. They must be household names way before GE 13. PR must start to bring these people to the surface.The sickening thing is,there is an over doze of POLITICIANS but NO LEADERS. Pathetic but catastrophically true.

History will show that no ruling parties or governments, anywhere in the world, have 'transformed' themselves to become clean, clear or caring. In words, yes. In deeds, NO! Why should they when the going is good? Governments have been overthrown by revolutionary new leaders or through open revolutions.

In a revolution, even if it succeeds, there is a high price to pay and this normally is paid by the poor, suffering, simple citizens.

It looks then; the people do not have much choice. Call it what you may - Paradigm shift, Mental Revolution (Revolusi Mental), Brave New Order – The people have to go for revolutionary leadership that is sincere in working for the people. And if the New Order proves to be a fake or Old Order in new clothes then change the government.

And keep changing until you are absolutely or reasonably satisfied.

KONG HEE FATT CHOY to all our Chinese brothers and sisters in Malaysia and around the globe,and a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY....from Ronnie Klassen and Family.
May the year of the Tiger bring prosperity,good health and wisdom to all.


  1. A master piece once again and Saudara Ronnie you have hit the nail.Politicians are brain dead,and only pray to the ringgit.UMNO/BN are all pack and ready to go but my 2 cent question is,is Pakatan Rakyat ready and posses the capability?

    In Sabah,I'm not too convince that's possible.PKR has no leadership,while DAP's recent demand in wanting 12 Parliamentary seats in GE13 is testimony of their arrogance.SAPP claims with their autonomy plan,they will win sufficient seats to form the next state government,day dreaming if you ask me.

    So,what are the choices of the people?Looks very bleak,vote UMNO/BN again,that's a suicidal decision.Though choices ahead,whatever it maybe I'm sure the people of Malaysia particularly Sabahans may have the answers.

    Being realistic..!!

  2. Sincerely Brother Ronnie, this is absolutely true.

    I am not commenting about how the BN govenrment has been governing the country, as i believe more tha 3/4 of the population of Malaysia know the truth about this.

    The question is can PR can wrestled the BN govenrment in the next GE? As for Sabah, pretty sad. I have not seen any good leaders yet, but i believe these good leaders are watching and perhaps they are already there but so a metter of time to surface and taking charge.

    SAPP? demanding 40 seats? Datuk Yong must be joking. But with their authonomy plan i believe some seats may be secured by SAPP but not 40 seats. DAP i hope that they contained themselves within the urban area. But as for PKR? Well i can not even think of any place that this party can be accepted when the leadership crisis is hovering within PKR? The current leadership is far from being ok, they are like an old toothless dogs that are feeling the nail in the but but unable to move away from the pain. Because they are power crazy for some, rejects for most and perhaps there are so many trojan horses sleeping within the PKR.

    PKR in Sabah must be trimmed, and it needs to be trimmed fast. I respected the elder leaders of PKR like Dr. J, CL and Ansari, but i believe the boat of change is here and i don't think you have seats anywhere in this boat. But you should continue to be united and to be seen that you guys can actually work as a team.

    Realistically PKR is acceptable by people from all walks of life. Both in the densely populated area of the Muslim and Non-muslim (KDM) areas. But we need leaders. Perhaps getting fresh and younger candidates for PKR will be the soluton.

    For PR to form the next government in not almost definate in Malaysia but as for Sabah? Not yet it is going to be UMNO's stronghold, and nothing we Sabahans can do about it. How can we Sabahans be sure that the UMNO will not bring in over 600,000 phamtom voters with blue ic into Sabah again like what they did during the year 1984/1985. Now this figure has grown into 1500% increase!!!!!! Now if any of the PBS, UPKO, PBRS, MCA and etc... leaders come forward and challenge that this figure is not true? They know it but because of thier own plotical cari makan, they are willing to sacrifice Sabah. Those that are follwing this paries, ask yourself why? and by the way by you supporting these parties you are the accomplish to bring Sabah into a heaven place on earth for these people. All areas in Sabah these IMM13 are being given a ticket to stay for good and now they have their own land, while the poor KDM are still waiting for their land title.

    Sorry la. when i see these people that supporting any of the BN parties, especially amongts the KDM i feel like i want to puke? Blame it on their ignorance or what but they are equally be blame for all the stagnation of Sabah's economy, rising of criminal offences, and etc... Go and check at any of our local jails? in Kepayan Jail, they are over 1000 imnates but how many locals? not even 20?

    I was travelling along Kimanis road from Kuala Penyu, i stop to buy dried Ikan Bilis and Udang along the way. Have you done this? Listen to their dialects, i asked who owned these lands behind you? Oh we got it from the govenrment. They said. My heart sank and in a way i was frustrated. When in Tawau, Lahad Datu , Pitas, Kota marudu, Kota Belud areas, and many more areas, our people are fighting over land grabbing issues.

    Wake up Sabahans....

  3. Malaysia,governed by the most corrupt,tainted and irresponsible government ever is today the laughing stock in the world.Investors are redirecting their investments elsewhere,the economy is unbalance and the people are suffering.The UMNO/BN government couldn't care two hoods as to what is becoming of the country,their only intentions is to dry up the country.

    Sabah is another sob story.I totally agree with Ronnie and Anon Feb 7.41am,that PKR has no leaders but too many politicians.You have a clown who is the State Chief,Ahmad Thamrin,who doesn't have a clue how to steer a winning combination to wrest the state from UMNO/BN. Rumour is he could be a trojan horse of UMNO,but certainly a stooge of Jeffery Kitingan.

    With politicians like him,PKR can forget about winning any seats in the next GE13.PKR needs new leaders,where are they?Reliable sources reveal that the old and weary politicians are just not keen to promote the younger generation,this will spoil their chances of making one final fling.Bloody selfish politicians.

    Sleeping Sabahans,the alarm bell just rang la.Bagun....

  4. You mean the GE13 is not too far away and PKR is still a sinking ship in Sabah with no captain capable enough to steer the ship.What a load of bull.PKR Sabah better pack and get out.

    Open your bloody eyes and stop being selfish.Think of the people of Sabah and not your fu****g self.You bloody bunch of nitwits better buck up or all you f**kers are sejarah.

    Sorry Sir Ronnie,I'm just piss off with this idiots who think they are sure winners,bunch of old cows.Sir Ronnie Sabahans are behind you,please whip these bas***ds for us.

    PKR Diehard.

  5. There are too many politicians, and government servants blantantly showed off their wealth and properties beyond their officials income.Simply because they are getting extra income from other sources. So it is naive of the government to talk about transformation not and until the government carry out all out clean up to get off the bad apples. So this talk of big transformation is just talk talk lah.......

  6. There are many good leaders out there but fighters ! Potential good and up-coming leader would be quickly put into "silent" mode by our evil politicians, and our judiciary unable to protect these good leaders......In reality, there are not many "Nelson Mandela" in this world !
    We shall be more vocal to tell other Malaysians the truth, so that we, Malaysians can wrong the wrong and right the right. Our judiciary is helpless !

    Anoy 11Feb 7:41am:
    Me too, sicken by our corrupt govn, those hardly able to pronounce "bah" also entitled to govt subsidy or help. My regular taxi (in KL) claims he is sabahan, he got the valid individual taxi license from authority in KL last year (he praised Najib's efficiency in approving his taxi license application!), but to me, he is just an indonesian !!
    My grandma, who is a sino-dusun, practically she is more dusun than chinese, is still holding a red IC.

  7. To Anon 2:31PM, We must read the message between the line "Big and Bold" this is what the new transformation is all about.

    Only the BIG guys in the Government servants can be seen living beyond their official income and their are BOLD enough to ask "mana saya punya"? statement.

    Bad apples need to be soak up with yeast and leave it for few weeks. At least they are useful to ensure a merry go round!

    For BN to learn about transformation they need to learn from our PR government in Penang. Malaysians know nothing about how Penang has been transforming into Good Management Practices, Good Governance and transparency. How do we expect Malaysians know about Penang Government when the BN looks at it as threat to them. Other than looking at the little thing and blow it to the whole Malaysians.

    I thank God for internet. Freedom access to information. If we depend on the local media, we are all being mislead. Until at the last minute we are too sorry for ourselves.

  8. Brother Ronnie,

    You are absolutely right and from the bottom of my heart i really admire your struggle. Despite of receiving threats from doing what you are doing best, you press on in the name of Change for Sabah.

    I believe not many people know about your challengers and hardship towards swimming amongst the sharks to ensure that the message of hope, and the sail of change will be heard to as many Sabahans as possible.

    Press on brother, no one seems to row with you at times but your strength is divinely being channeled through you.

  9. No leader but more politicians? Definitely true.

    We have no strong leaders to protect our rights and stuffs. A leader to convince the people that their rights will be protected.

    So, far by now, I am observing the political scenes from a far. PKR has a long way to go and GE13 is almost near and BN is still ruling. If we can't trust any parties or local political parties, who should we trust then with our rights to be protect from ripping away much further?

  10. Our political scene is in such a limbo.

    All politicians are all NATO. No Action Talk Only which is bloody frustrating and annoying.

    C'mon Mr. Politicians, keep to your words and stop day-dreaming. Don't any BS excuses to the Rakyats.

  11. to anon february 11 7.41am
    Sabah is UMNO's stronghold and nothing we sabahan can do about it you could you say that? Have you talk to all sabahan? Did they all say they never vote for UMNO? U mean only phantom voters vote for UMNO in Sabah? Genuine UMNO voters among sabahan are abundant ok, ppl like u who talk big and look down on others who are not at the same boat as you makes most of us sick of you opposition. You're insulting other sabahans rights who vote for UMNO.

  12. People suffering,Foreign governments questioning the Judiciary of Malaysia,Jet engines missing,unresolved murder,unresolved deaths,abused of power,corrupt administration,abused of public funds,tainted law enforcement agency,aiyo...the list can go on and on and Jessel is talking as if UMNO is God.

    Ask world leaders Jessel and don't just stay in the nutshell,get your facts right.The phantom votes is so clear and the presence of unidentified voters in elections are further proof.Let's see what happens in the next GE13.Jessel,you may have to swallow your pride and crawl to the opposition for a job.

    Justice Pao.

  13. There are far too many part time politicians in our midst.Make noises for the sake of getting the votes.The crisis in Penang within the DAP and PKR doesnot augrus well for Pakatan come the next GE. Whats up Keep our fingers +.

  14. Read this:

  15. Jessel,
    Are a genuine stupid idiot or are you getting some $$$ from umno?

  16. Najib bull shit!!!

    Najib EAT Shit!!!

    Najib 杀人犯!!!

  17. Jessel,

    There is a link to everything we say, think or write.

    United MALAY National Organization, are u Malay? But your name sound like gesel-gatal saja.

    You are right we Sabahans did vote for a race based party and has already became the fixed deposit for UMNO. We are only a piece of paper for Najib, an FD which help them win the election so that the link can be maintained with their corupted practise and futher exploit Sabah. But what u care Jessel-you aren't a real Sabahan.

    They also happily use Sabah to park their RM5 Billion France submarines at Sepangar Bay as Fixed Asset in case they need to use it to get away. BUT too bad our RM5 Billion sub which is equivalent to Sabah 3 years Federal allocation CANNOT dive into the South China Sea.

    A Mongolian was killed due to the submarine request of 0.001 percent commision and if DSAI did not harp on Atlantuya linking her hantu to our PM, Saiful cute little butt would not be the world most analyze little hole.

    Jessel microscopic mind might think sodomy II is also real and may be fantasized to have his gesel too. But Sodomy II actually link to Sodomy I.

    It is not true when we say the UMNO lacked creativity when they use the same OVERTURNED conviction against Anwar for Sodomy II. For UMNO Sodomy is the ONLY link that work and has proven to work. This is true even more so as the AG of this country is Gani Patail who have successfull jailed Anwar for 6 years. What is anther 20 years for him and only if Pak Lah did not let him go.

    You know Jessel, your are right in everything and it link with UMNO final link, our beloved Mahathir who jailed Anwar for 6 years and the only reason why he wanted Pak Lah replaced by an equally maverick like Najib is because he DO NOT WANT TO BREAK THE LINK.

    Jessel you must have heard the saying what goes around come around. Mahathir want to maintain the link with you Jessel by using Jessel, Najib and Rosmah to hold the link.

    May the force be with u Jessel and remember don't break the link. Lets us all make love and not involve with ANajibWar.

    However Jessel, all link which are evil and monopoly by a few bad devils and his followers will always be DESTROY by ALLAH of any religion and hope you are not in that bad DNA link.

    Love from us all,

    Simon Sinoman, Cevin Lim, Jeffrey King and few KDM warriors.

  18. Ronnie,

    You really sound like Anwar's daughter who HATED corupted leaders. You are a real good person and wish many leaders are like you.

    Anwar's daughter did say that she will personally KICK OUT bad leaders from PKR. I also hope CL and JK is in her list. However my dear brother, PKR need support from all NOW as we currently have no choice as Anwar might go to jail again.

    Happy Chinese New Year Bro.


  20. I just hope after next GE, we will have strong leaders to protect our rights and stuffs.

  21. aaahh macam mana pun kmaurang marah, saya yakin umnobn tetap kekal jadi pilihan bah.. Tak percaya tengok la nanti next GE siapa yg menang???

  22. Asmawati,with people like you enjoying all the fruits and financial wealth from UMNO it's not surprising you adore UMNO.You are a selfish B*t*h..Malaysia doesn't belong to you UMNO dogs.

    Fed-Up Malaysian.

  23. To anon Feb 12 2010 9.26PM
    What I see in that website is another Tun Mustapa in the making in Sabah if Safie Apdal is to become the CM.
    Shafie Apdal is going to make tons of money like all the others CMs anyway!

  24. Dear Ronnie,

    Allow me on this the CNY to wish all our Chinese brethren, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

    May the roar of the Lo Fu, our national mascot, bring greater unity and understanding among all races in the face of any adversity.

    Happy CNY

  25. Do not take the Australian MPs for fools, they are not ignorant like some Malaysians. The world communities are not stupid.
    Malaysian Government can tell lies to these good people but end of the day nobody will believe.
    Malaysia will be a shit nation anyway with all the corruptions and the discrimination by the government.
    What real situation? Lies lies lies lies!!!
    I do not believe a shit what the PM says...

    Australian MPs will be briefed, PM

    R. Sittamparam

    KUALA LUMPUR: The government will explain the “real situation” to the Australian members of parliament who had called for the sodomy case against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be dropped, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today.
    “Wisma Putra will handle this and explain to the Australian MPs. I don't think they are aware of the real situation," he said to reporters after attending the Gerakan Chinese New Year open house at the party headquarters in Cheras here.

    The prime minister was responding to a comment by Australian MPs who had lodged a formal protest to urge the government to drop the sodomy charge against Anwar in the interest of building "confidence and impartial rule of law in Malaysia".

    About 60 Australian MPs, including frontbenchers from both sides of the divide, had signed a letter in support of the de facto PKR leader and former deputy prime minister.

    Australian Parliament foreign affairs subcommittee chairman Michael Danby had delivered the letter to the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra recently.

    On Saturday Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said in statement that the commission in Canberra would explain and clarify the facts of the case to the Australian MPs.

  26. Who the hell want to respect law of the jungle?
    This is another Mustapa in the making!!!
    He is all out to be the Sabah CM, another big crook!

    Respect M’sia’s laws, Shafie tells foreign communities

    KOTA KINABALU: Foreign communities should respect Malaysia's laws as the country had always propagated respect for the judicial systems of other countries.

    Commonwealth Parliamentarians Association chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, said other countries, especially Commonwealth members, should think thoroughly before making statements on how a particular country dealt with an act considered against the country's laws.

    "Maybe, in some countries, a certain act by a person is legal. But in Malaysia, it is against the law and that person must be brought to justice," he told reporters when met at the Sabah MCA Chinese New Year Open House here Monday.

    Shafie, who is also rural and regional development minister, was asked to comment on the formal protest by Australian members of parliament, urging Malaysia to drop the sodomy case against Parti Keadilan Rakyat's de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    He said that, as association chairman and member of parliament, he was "very disappointed" that Australia chose to interfere in Malaysia's legal process, adding that it should not politicise the laws respected in the country.

    "What will happen if, say, somebody broke the law in Australia, and we demand that particular person to be released? Of course, the MPs (members of parliament) in Australia would be annoyed," said the Semporna MP. - Bernama

  27. The world is behind Anwar Ibrahim.
    The Malaysian Govt led by Najib and his goons in BN is rotten to the core.
    Fighter jet engines got stolen, new submarines which cannot dive, crime rates so high and rampant corruption. What a shame!!!
    Malu lah> Worst still is the judiciary is not independant. The judges are corrupt, the AG is hopeless, what else, hell of a bloody lot of shit. I ashamed to be a Malaysian!!

  28. To Jessel Feb 12, 3:41,

    You may vote who ever you wish brother. If you love BN so much than that is your absolute voting right no one can take away from you. And that goes to so many other UMNO supporters as you said.

    Nevertheless Jessel, may be you are one of those privilege voters that was given Blue IC or your parents perhaps back in 1984 together with 600,000 immigrants given blue ic under Project IC. now this figure according to statistic Department Sabah, has grown to 1500% increase!!!!!!!!!! Now if you want to challenge this figure than you should voice it out to your UMNO (Real Sabahan)leaders if they care enough. If this has no truth about it than fine, ask your leaders again to make an official statement in the local newspaper that this figure is not true.

    Now do the Math my brother, if Sabahans are not careful and stay divided in facing this coming GE, than i tell you brother Jessel, you figure it out. We in the opposition are not banging the table for nothing, but because it is enough is enough. This is the only place we have, please don't bring rubbish into our beloved Sabah.

    If UMNO leaders have done their job well, Sabah will not be the poorest state in Malaysia and Malaysia will not be down the worst rating in the world today. You still dare to shout that this government is good?

    you need to adjust your bearing my brother... or pack your bag and leave to the place where you come from. But for the love of our beloved state and Malaysia, If you are one of those people that came and was given blue ic than, now let us build Sabah together and stop all these. We can rebuilt Sabah and Malaysia togther because we are the citizen that cares. What's wrong with Chnage anyway? At least something new.?

  29. Bullsh** Shafie, this is democarcy and fair play the Australians are talking about not violations of human rights, and political persecution!!
    Are trying to shine out now to grab the CM seat?
    You are nothing lah!!If Anwar or PKR wins you will be like a frog jumping to cross over!!!

  30. Who ever rules us...all do i care is benefits all goes to us....we are the people... we choose you coz we trust in you..

  31. Hi i am student said,

    Spot on, Mr/Miss. student. your are right. Can i ask you one question? Do you still trust BN/UMNO? Be knowledgeable, read more and never being miss-lead by the media. Do your own soul searching. You will never goes wrong. Than please tell the rest of your student friends.

    Choose Change. Change is always better than static and down hill journey.

  32. someone out there is on an ego trip to nowhere. he who condemns everyone will not make him a better man. armchair critic is to criticize for cheap publicity. if a man is so great, it is time to do act and to achieve, and no one will be in your way. my friends, a good talker is very often a bad doer. please look at ourself, what have you done and achieved, other than venting your anger.

  33. Anonymous said. February 19, 2010 7:26 AM

    How many percent do you put that change is always be better? i am once know that it will turn to be better but it also can turn to be worst...

  34. In as long as the opposition is not united, the chances of ousting BN/Umno in the next General election is practically nil. Do not need a genuis or a prophet to forsee the result.

  35. Hai Anonymous (February 13, 2010 7:55 AM)
    ....enjoying all the fruits and financial wealth from UMNO...!!!! LOL

    I'm not selfish!!! Cuma nak suarakan kebenaran...

    Lihat sendiri berapa lama da orang Sabah marah tapi setiap kali GE dapat RM50 ja konpom dorang pangkah tu parti (bukan semua lah tp siapa makan cili dialah terasa pedasnya).

    Sebab tu la saya bg komen, nda payah marah2 bah next GE masih ada - so kita tunggu dan lihat apa kejadiannya nanti...

    Yang kau panas tu apa cerita??? bikin hairan...

  36. apa2 lah... yang penting tak lama g nest GE.. hehehhee
    Tak sabar oo :P

  37. Tiada apa yang mustahil, semuanya terletak dalam tangan rakyat.