Thursday, February 18, 2010

Voices Of The Silence....We do exist.

Capitalism has failed us because governments have lost track of their obligations. What's the purpose of a government?

The purpose of a government is to ensure proper Organization, Administration & Management of the country; ensure that right laws are there and implemented without fear or favour and moderate things around.

Tax the rich to bring welfare to the sick, poor and needy.
Provide safe residences & security to law-abiding citizens; affordable or free health, education etc.

For these to happen there must be separation of powers of The Judiciary, Legislature & Executive.

A government should ensure there's clarity and prosecution based on right & wrong not 'them and us'.

Malaysia's top two leaders made starling statements,while the Chinese welcome the LO FU (Tiger) recently.Prime Minister,Najib Razak uttered stupidity when he said "UMNO adalah party yang berwibawa dan perihatin".He must have been living on the moon or ridiculously insane.Arrogance of the highest degree,is he blind,deaf and dumb to notice that Malaysia is currently the laughing stock within and outside the country?

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said "I'm sorry I made a mistake",in reference to the departure of Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Hashim,and the possibility of more leaving the opposition.We welcome the sincerity,and hope this is not a political ploy to gain sympathy.In an email I forwarded to Anwar last year,I mentioned,if at all PKR is to make an impact in the next generation,PKR has to re-invent,rejuvenate,re brand and reposition itself,or all hell will break loose.The signs are beginning to show.

How does the younger generation view the fiasco that the country is currently undergoing,is Malaysia heading to self destruction?I invited a 24 year old graduate to tell me,what's in the minds of the younger generation in his own words.

By Thyn.....

I am not the most eloquent speaker when it comes to politics. But my father asked me a question today about what I think about our country and its politics. I paused for a moment. At times I don’t quite understand my old man’s interest in enduring in the subject for I would usually avoid the topic because I feel it is a sensitive and a never ending subject to debate about. There will always be a sense of fear and entrapment when we talk about it. Hence, more often than not I would avoid it.

You see it was also that very moment I realized that we need more people (like my father) to share not only an improbable love but an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation.

A respectable world leader once said that “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for; we are the change that we seek”.

Quite frankly I have never indulge the importance of change of our nation especially when I have a habit of picking up a newspaper and skipping any news or headlines to do with politics and go to sections with ‘happy’ news because the rest I thought are better handle by ‘others’. You know they say ignorance is bliss. Now I am also quite certain that some of us share the same school of thought. We share the same fear. We share the same entrapment.

I also believe that there are other respectable activists who have talked about politics and who are greatly aware of our political disposition and has managed to influence many opinions. But my story goes to my fellow Malaysians who have not had a chance like me to open their hearts, to speak and to listen up, those who are unaware, those who are not ready to settle for the world as it is and those who have not had the courage to make a stand.

It’s safe to say ‘we’ are not completely oblivious. Some of us may be aware of merely the facade of our worries. Like who is governing who, which sacred sanctuary is being attack, who’s sodomizing who and who is being caught for internal security reasons. But when I dwell about it deeper, when WE dwell about it further, we ask ourselves have we as a member of the nation spent time to consider what pushes us apart or whether we have committed to a sustained effort to find a common ground with the issues at hand. Ladies and Gentlemen, you and I both know that Action speaks louder than Words.

My dear friends, the world is evolving. Our country faces new challenges everyday and the magnitude of the challenges calls for a new attitude. We don’t need more political tactics - what we need are more good ideas. We don’t need more point scoring - we need more problem solving. These ‘Old habits’ are passe and it’s time for new actionable and effective steps. We can no longer rely on the present. I quote again that change will not come if we wait. While some of us are still fearful of these subjects let us listen and not hear, speak and not talk. It’s time for a fundamental change.

Let us resolve that we will not let our children live in a world where they will witness the product of our foolish mistakes of our past. I am not talking about the future of our selfish desires, power hungry or popularity agendas because this time - it is about the future of our children.

We need a body that personifies the spirit of a great leader. A body that has a heart and the empathy to recognize what it is like to care and love for the nation and whose main agenda is not merely challenging our opponents’ patriotism to win elections. I am not here to brag about any political party or to steer you from your beliefs. I write to you to open your hearts to possibilities to make amends so we don’t allow ourselves to be shaped by pass events and history but act to shape them.

There is no substitute for hope but if we think change can happen by hoping without acting tough and smart then we will misunderstand this moment and miss its opportunity. In 2008, 139, 696 Malaysians have left the country. In 2009, 304, 358 have migrated the country. Now we might think that this disturbing news has nothing to do with the way the nation runs but I think the times are too serious for this kind of politics.

We need to stop making our problems the topic of a global discussion. It is humiliating and it has inevitably put us in a shameful and unwanted spotlight. Are these the things we want the world to remember us by and what is really the point of all these? No, it does not in anyway boost our economy and transform our country to a high middle income country. No, it does it in anyway promote or invite tourist to want to visit our beautiful country.

Our government should stop imposing on what is right for the people. They need to stop presuming what is best for us. What we yearn is for a government with clear visions and constructive policies. We yearn for the ability to speak our mind. We want the privilege to say how we are governed. We want a government that is transparent so we ourselves can learn to instill confidence in the rule of law and equal administration.

Clearly the above is something we are still all unyieldingly hoping for but if we think that addressing larger problems like that is too ambitious and that such effort will be too contentious then we do have serious problems ahead. The moment has come for us the young generation to put ourselves forward and reshape the destiny of Malaysia. Let us stand together in one powerful voice in preparation for the next general election.


  1. Kudos to this young man,an inspirational piece.I'm a 60 year old man,and i was inspired.Saudara Ronnie bring out more of these young people.

    Retired Civil servant.

  2. When I was in government I thought the glass was half full. Now you have taken the words out of my mouth. Who are you? Ah, never mind. Get more young people like you to express their views. Otherwise like the youth of Zimbabwe you may inherit a currency like their Zimbabwe Dollar which had nine zeros(000000000) remmoved by presidential fiat.Ramalx

  3. Syabas to this young man for his take on the whole issue which explains a lot and also to Ronnie for his wonderful work which he has done so far in bringing to light what is going on with the government which we seem to be oblivious about what is happening around us. God Bless

  4. I am deeply touched to read the comment coming from the mind of a younger generation and although i would say that i am still within the range for being younger (how i wish) i must say that i have failed to do what i suppose to do.

    For many years i always believe that silence is golden, i retired from the government service and settled with a notion that "tidak apa" attitude. I know i have worked so hard to ensure that the focus of why i was employed by the govenrment was to provide services to the rakyat. I will work and performed to my best ability and ensure that people will get the best treatment and with fairness. After working for many years, i realized that i have not seen any justice to my belief that we as the govenrment servants must adhere to, to perform and to achieve better servcies to the rakyat and therfore helping to transform the fate of our rural communities. But things gets so depressing towards the end because i can not stand it any more. I have contribute so much and performed well (acknowledge by international bodies and i have seen my work producing better results) but i have never been appreciated, i remained to be where i was until the last day when i decided to retire. All my colleagues (those with special kulit) that are not worthy for the positions are getting theirs (promotions) while i am settling for static movement of my salary year in year out. Although my superior told me that i should be deserving better increment but it was not. So the best ultimatum would be to resign. Yes i did resign.

    That is the scenario in the govenrment services today, any departments you look at there all are promoting those that are not performing. People like us are not worthy because of our "Kulit".

    Now the goevernment mentality is shaped by these people, those that don't even know how to speak or express themselves but they will get all the credits. Many of them are showing their degrees and Phd from over seas but they can't even speak proper English. I am not saying mine is good but at least i am confident with this language.

    Now my own kid asked me why i did not advice them to work for the government, but rather advcie them to stay overseas and work there because at least their contributions and talents are appreciated.

    This is the situation in Malaysisa today, anything you said against the government, you are being fearful of being thrown into the cooler box and rooting there. Many intellectual Sabahans are like that today and now as an old man, when is this going to change? I am thankful that saudara Ronnie has provided an avenue for us to voice out our silent cry... my dear 24 year old guy, you are the light that needs to shine and bring those that are still in the darkness see the truth. Malaysia can not continue to see all their professionals moving out from this country.

    This is the government that ignited "kulitisme" and it has to stop. I wish i am younger than and be a stronger voice but i am old now, but at least i will make sure that my children will not have to walk the path where only a single race dominates Malaysia and the rest are seen as Kuli.

  5. The time has come for us to perform our duty as a citizen of this country. We should remove what is not good for us. We should tell those who did not open their eyes of what happening here. We should share what the truth is. We shouls aspire for the better of this beloved country. This young man speak the truth about what happening here. Our people are leaving this country not because this place is not good, but the condition we lived in is totally different from our preception and our movement and ability to talk is controled,no freedom at all.

    We should do our job this coming election to determine the next goverment that should govern us. Event if we manage to change this goverment of today I still wonder wether it can be better than what we have today but if we do not do it we naver know. Actually we are the one can choose, all we need to do is just do the right thing when we are alone in the voting room just x the right candidate thats all. Make sure it is the other side......

  6. To Anonymous 8:40 AM

    You are still sitting on the sidelines, like you have all your life. It is never too late to make a stance. What you you have to lose?

  7. Come the next GE, all eligble youths should be registered as a voter. 0ur youth with the exception of few, are not brave enough to be critical. I cannot see now how much influence the youth of today could influence the voters to change the government, possibly five years from now.

  8. Blogging to reach the internet community to teach them the truth is good.The real challenge is how to reach the people in the interior who don't read the internet.BN has a good network in the interior of Sabah and Sarawak with their crooked leaders who misinformed the people to support BN in every election.

  9. I read recently that BN is giving 1.00 each for registring new voters.Well this people may be paid 100.00 for convincing the voters to vote BN.

  10. To Anon Feb 18, 7:42 PM,

    Yes i know i have nothing to lose. Thank you very much. Yes i must believe tht this is the time ti stand for change.

    Many of us are still being caged under the hypnotism of being fearful, what would happened to my wife job?, my children job, and on and on.

    Fellow Golden age groups, we are still significantly important.

    Vote for Change.

  11. To Anon February 19, 7:16 AM

    A very positive statement. I salute you.

    My Singaporean friends used to complain to me all the time about the PAP Government and yet, when it come to election time, they'd vote for PAP.

    Like someone said: You get the Government you deserve.

  12. Aiyah! Water tanks, RM50.00 some planks and a promise that will be forgotten afetr he elections would do the job a it has always been for Sabah!! Just wait and see the coming election. UNLESS Sabahans are willing to change especially the Kampung people..then there will be change. At the moment as I see it only a small number of Sabahans are seeing the change needed.

  13. Unlike we in Malaysia, Sabahans are hopeless and still uneducated. Look at all your homeless children in KL begging for food. I really pity them.

    I use to remember we think that Sabahans are rich because of timber and oil. BUT our Mahathir are smarter than your Harris, we have strip everything that you people have by devide and rule.

    Mahathir smart, he master mind project IC so that they can vote for UMNO.

    It is funny until NOW you people still voting for UMNO..Ha..ha..ha.. because you peple has been train by Mahathir to give small brain people few ringgit for keeping UMNO in power. No wonder Najib and KJ say you people are fixed deposit. During General Election they withdrawl this FD.. a chicken feed for there ready voters.

    As a chinese in Malaysia, I hope Sabahan should wake up and protect your resources. You people have nothing. We in Selangor have free water.

    Why vote for BN who only give you RM50 wever 4 years while PKR can give you water worth thousands of ringgit for free every days.

  14. Yes, Malaysia is changing to Talibanism!!
    Soon Malaysians will be riding on camels and horsebacks and smoking hookah!!
    Hey fellow Sabahans who has all this while beenfree and open, and singarung, be prepared no more montoku, tapai or bahar!! otherwise all of you will be rotanlah...

    International gathering of Muslim experts to discuss caning of women

    KUALA LUMPUR: An international Islamic conference would be held soon to discuss whether it is the norm to cane Muslim women found guilty of committing offences under Syariah law.

    Women, Family and Community Development Minister Senator Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said she hoped the conference, to comprise Islamic experts and ministers from Muslim nations, could be convened within three months.

    “I will bring this up with the Cabinet soonest possible,” she said, adding that her ministry, through the Secratariat for the Defence and Empowerment of Women, would organise the conference and the venue would be confirmed later.

    Ulamak and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) would also have their forums at the conference, she said after signing a memorandum of cooperation between her ministry and the Sultanate of Oman’s Social Development Ministry on Monday.

    On a question by a reporter on whether such debates would create tension, Shahrizat said, “We should not fear debating any issue.”

    She said that Syariah laws, when implemented with wisdom and fairness, were “the most beautiful laws” in the world.

    On concerns over differences between the various Islamic denominations, Shahrizat said these denominations should learn from one another and she herself would be interested to learn from other Muslim countries.

    Asked whether women were caned in the Sultanate of Oman, its Social Development Minister Dr Sharifa Khalfah Al Yahyaeiyah said the country adopted Syariah law as the main law of the country and the issue of caning did not exist because women and men were not caned, whether under Syariah or civil laws.

    “As a moderate, progressive and modern country, women and men are treated equally under the law,” she said.

    When women or men committed illicit sex, they were imprisoned for a year but not caned and when a person murdered another, he was not only jailed but also had to compensate the victim’s family, she said.

    On Feb 9, three Muslim women, aged between 18 and the mid-20s, became the first women in Malaysia to be caned under Syariah laws for engaging in illicit sex.

    In July last year, the Kuantan Syariah High Court sentenced part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 33, to six strokes of the rotan for drinking beer, but the sentence has yet to be executed.

    The ministries of the two countries would cooperate in fields such as women, family and children development, senior citizens and people with disabilities, as well as gender studies, said Shahrizat.

  15. Sabahans have always been taken for a ride by sweet promises that was why Sabah joined Malaysia in 1963.
    Before Sabah decided to join Malaysia during those days the Sabah Dusun leaders (that was what they were called before the KDM term was used) were flown and belanja to Kuala Lumpur and the late Tunku and his gang told those poor yorkel that if they could convince their people to agree to join Malaysia, Sabah would be developed like KL, and of course those still ignorant leaders were easily impressed. So when they came back to Sabah they told the people that if Sabah were to be a part of the Federation, Sabah would see vast development, but alas! Sabah all this while have just been a milking cow for some unscruplous leaders, Sabah has been plundered of her wealth left and right all these years and only a handful of people are getting rich and the average Sabahans are still "kais pagi makan pagi and kais petang makan petang" despite all those natural resources that Sabah has. Until TODAY!! who are gaining from all those mega developemnt projects in Sabah? not the average Sabahans, who should be getting all the benefit. Just look why are the Sabah youths in Kuala Lumpur stranded without jobs and cheated. Sabah's wealth is enough to feed Sabahans ten times over if it were properly managed!! But Sabah has fallen out from the mouth of a tiger into the mouth of a crocodile. The present so called Sabah leaders are just as greedy as the ones before all are just thinking of their own pockets. All are just making money and giving just peanuts to the people. As for they themselves they are dumping their ill gotten fortune in Australia, UK and New Zealand..Prove to me if I am wrong!!!
    From the USNO, Berjaya, PBS, the rotation CMs (or should I call it the rotten system) and till today it is just the same. All hentam here and hentam there. PKR has still to prove its worth yet despite all the sweet promises.
    For some of the PBS era leaders who are now in PKR, I hope that they are really for the people this time and not for their pockets!!!
    I know some of those PBS leaders made tons of money during their hey days and investing in Australia ans they are still in PBS today making money but if anything happen, they will just emigrated to Australia or New Zealand where their houses are already standing by with their children living there already!!!
    And who are losing? those poor kampung folks who had loyally voted for them to be in power and making them millionaires. As for those poor ignorant folks they are still hoping for a durian jatuh!!
    Of course once in a while these YBs would go around the Kampungs with the newspaper people tagging along (of course even the reporters will be taken care of especially the Chief Editors) and this YBs would be holding a spade or a bunch of rice seedlings for the camera. Then that will appear in the front page of the newspaper the next day telling the whole world that this area or that area is going to be the rice bowl for the State, but in at the end of the day it was just a publicity stun and another fail project!!! And Sabah still have to depend on Lembaga Padi Beras Negara for imported rice!!
    Recently I read about some shit Youth project
    in the interior whatever!! That is just another big propaganda! get the young Sabahans stranded in KL first, give them jobs and rehabilitate them if needed first. Now I see talk about Sabah House, wonder who is going to make money on that project!
    I think many years ago there was a Sabah House in KL wonder who sold it??
    I am sorrylah for my fellow Sabahans, nasi sudah jadi bubur for Sabah.
    I am just observing and I pray and hope things will change for the better.

  16. The problem we are facing now is "are we changing for the better ?!"
    Most of them are "self-interest " driven by power and greed, how to implement change ?
    May get into a "bigger ,deeper dark hole" if not careful especially in Sabah.

  17. PKR for now have prove that they do not entertain coruption as shown in Penang. Zahrain left PKR because his 2 Million tender was not approve by Penag CM.

    To hell with those who corupt. Over heard DSAI statement to Jeffrey stating that if he was caught with one sen of public money he will be fire from PKR immediately.

    But sometime we Sabahans are caught getting bribes to vote for BN. We also corupt. We now suffer the consequenses of coruption by voting for them. Now our water has been cut for not being paid while PKR Selangor have free water.

  18. PKR will have no chance in Sabah at the moment unless some big issues. Musa is still strong and what he has done is still good in the eyes of many Sabahans.
    PKR has to be careful because those leaders in Sabah PKR have baggages from previous administration, like Jeffery and some of his followers. As for SAPP, Yong Teck Lee has a lot of things to explain during his tenure as a CM.

  19. What about race and religious beliefs bias???
    What about non-Muslim or non-Malays, any bias??? I doubt it....

    Najib: No gender-bias approach to employment

    SIBU: Employment into the public sector will be determined by market forces, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    He believed the trend where there was more women than men in the public sector would continue into the future because female undergraduates out-number the males in universities.

    “The criterion to join the public sector does not involve the gender issue, but more on the ability to meet the expectations of the Government and the public,” he said after ending his visit to the state yesterday.

    In Bentong, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said if a survey was conducted at the workplace, it would show that the productivity of women were equally as effective as the men’s.

  20. Just can't resist posting this lesson about politics here and hopefully more people will wake up to the reality that we have been had for far too long already !!! Cheers brother.

    Son asks his father, "What can you tell me about politics? I have to learn about it for school tomorrow." The father paused and said, "OK, son, the best way I can describe politics is to use an analogy. Let's say that I'm a CAPITALIST because I'm the breadwinner. Your mother will be the GOVT because she controls everything, our maid will be the WORKING CLASS because she works for us, you will be the PEOPLE because you answer to us, and your baby brother will be the FUTURE. Does that help you?"

    The little boy said, "Well, Dad, I don't know, but I'll think about what've you just said."

    Later that night, after everyone had gone to bed, the little boy was awaken by his baby brother's crying. Upon further investigation, he found a dirty diaper. So, he went down the hall to his parent's bedroom and found his father's side of the bed empty and his mother wouldn't wake up. Then he saw a light on in the guest room down the hall, and when he reached the door, he saw through the keyhole that his father was in bed with the maid. The son then turned and went back to bed.

    The next morning, he said to his father at the breakfast table, "Dad, I think I understand politics much better now." "Excellent, my boy," he answered, "What have you learned?"

    The little boy thought for a minute and said, "I learned that CAPITALISM is screwing the WORKING CLASS while the GOVT is sound asleep ignoring the PEOPLE, and the FUTURE'S, full of shits."

  21. I hate politic!!! But I do hope our politicians can focused more on people's need instead of their personal interests..

  22. It's true that action speaks louder than Words.
    Hopefully our leader can practice on this..

  23. Love the article :)
    For me, it's all in our hand..
    So let's wait till the next GE and decide what we want!!!

  24. Siapalah yang tak mahu yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kan.. Sebagai rakyat setiap hari saya mengharapkan agar para pemimpin dapat mengotakan apa yang dikata...

    TAPI.. hhmm biasalah bukan semua manusia sempurna kan..

    Sekarang ni, apa yang boleh kita lakukan ialah menunggu kedatangan next GE.

    Masa itulah kita tentukan pilihan kita kerana akhirnya nanti pilihan kita itulah yang akan menetukan masa depan negara :)

  25. It's true Asmawati..
    So pandai-pandailah kita buat pilihan nanti kan :)

  26. I hope that one day we'll be heard. Perhaps next GE's the day :)

  27. We don't call it "double six" but "triple six" 666 - tragedy because the devil had the greatest part in it. No body heard their discussions - wrong! Jesus and his angels were there: so were Satan and his angels.

    What Tengku Razaleigh spoke was just 'half truth' meaning 'he is lying'!

    God still talk to His present day true prophets, and there are many around: a transcipt of what had been said will be revealed when the time comes, in the mean time, let it remained 'confidential' because God is giving some people the chance to repent, confess the truth and come clean or else they will spend eternity in hellfire - those people are like Tengku Razaleigh, Datuk Haris Salleh and members of the BN (Barisan Neraka) - so people of God, keep your spirit up and let the good Lord handle it in His own way.

  28. Takpa, suatu masa nanti semuanya pasti terbongkar..
    Tak p mana juga rahsia tu.. itupun kalau ada rahsia la. hehee