Thursday, February 4, 2010

Transforming The News For Malaysians

Our Prime Minister's recently launched "Government Transformation Programme"(GTP) is yet another public relations stunt, still believing that Malaysians are an ignorant lot. This public relations act was a gross failure, wasting public funds at a time when Malaysians, especially Sabahans, are suffering financial hardship due to increased cost of food and shelter. But it must have succeeded in making some cronies happy.

1Malaysia, would perhaps be the mother of all publicity stunts catered to hoodwink the people,by the current regime.The recent outburst by Nasir Safar,a special officer to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and a former assemblyman for Pulai Sebatang in Johor, caused a furor at a seminar on the 1Malaysia concept when he made derogatory remarks about Chinese and Indian immigrants coming to Malaysia.The racist remarks made by this 30 year close friend of Najib,is tantamount to being seditious and should be immediately reprimanded.

To think that Malaysia has transformed is not totally wrong, having lost it's relevance and credibility among investors, not forgetting being a laughing stock in the global community.

The Government has miserably failed in addressing the recent spate of burnings,arson attacks in Churches and surau's, and most recently wild boar heads found "placed" in a mosque.
I thank the Almighty Allah, that Malaysians have matured by leaps and bounds in understanding and realizing that these lowly acts were politically motivated by those currently walking the corridors of power as a desperate move in wanting to stay in power. Minister of Misinformation, Rais Yatim, in Port Dickson recently, said "Readers will most likely shift to the Internet". One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to know this but shockingly, our "learned" Minister of Misinformation is only now aware of this. Much important news and the truth about it never seems to appear in Malaysia's main stream media, unless given the go-ahead.

An avid reader stumbled upon this piece of information which was never published or reached the shores of Malaysia or did it? How did this one get away?

PM Najib's Visit to USA Last December was not well received by the White House.

Prime Minister Najib Razak was in Washington DC on 26th December 2009, busy eating nasi lemak and mee goreng as BERNAMA proudly reports. No mention of meetings with State Department, on Capitol Hill, with the White House, or any think tanks. Instead he bragged about 1Malaysia to the choir of Malaysians who had already heard it so many times. He also offered some comments on Malaysia's economy, which according to a recent report is failing to make much progress these days.
No media in US would want to interview him and also no one in US would like to be seen with him.Also at the same time India's Manmohan Singh was in the US and what did Barak Obama do? He went out of his way to charm both Mr. and Mrs. Manmohan Singh in a White House black-tie state dinner.He didn't even notice Najis's presence in the US.Tell me if not the Mongolian girl then what is it that merits being ostracized in the States for Najis? However Barak Obama has placed great respect for the Minister Mentor of that tiny red dot to invite him to the White House in late October for a tete-a-tete with him so that he can pick Harry's brains on what his thoughts are of a changing world and America's role in it.And LKY is no longer the PM of Singapore!....Recieved Through Email

What is the point of a 20 million dollar contract with APCO if our prime minister cannot even get a manufactured speaking slot at the National Press Club? We're not even talking about Brooking or SAIS where one has to have something meaningful to say to be invited. Anyone can speak at the Press Club so long as they can afford the cost of organizing the function. Does the concept of 1World not carry much weight in the halls of international diplomacy or in the most powerful city in the world? I guess not.
I think taxpayers should demand to know why, after spending that much money on a DC lobby our prime minister cannot even get an interview on the local news.

On the other hand, Anwar Ibrahim, on his recent trip to the United States, in just a few days, held events at Brooking, SAIS (even our US Ambassador attended the function), Georgetown and the Council on Foreign Relations. He met with officials from the House Foreign Relations committee, the Senate Foreign relations committee, the State Department and the White House. His visit was covered by the media including the Wall Street Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review and the Washington Post (but not Bernama), Saudi television and ABS-CBN from Manila.

Does the Prime Minister's flimsy schedule have anything to do with the scandal that just won't go away? Not PKFZ. No, it wasn't the Bukit Antarabangsa slide nor the collapsed bridge. Well, then was it due to the Mongolian who is taboo in 1Malaysia conversations?
Your guess is as good as mine.

By the way, I wonder, in the time that Najib spent in the US, how many new designer bags did the Prime Minister's wife purchase?

Breaking news....a growing FaceBook group has emerged  known as PAKATAN FRIENDS. I urged all readers who have facebook accounts to join the group and play a contributory role and be a voice of the people.The people's power must prevail .The link can also be found on the sidebar of my blog.


  1. Another good piece of article by R Klassen, however grateful if you expose some hot issues in Sabah context.

  2. Najib is once again check mated by Sabah's number 1 blogger.Great piece of news.Our Malaysian media will only print what the government wants the people to know,anything that's damaging in particular to the PM or Minister's will be put a gag order.

    That is 1Malaysia for you.BTW,I've just join the Pakatan Friends group.

  3. That photo of the PM's wife portrays the image of a cheap slut! Imagine, wearing that sunshade for a photoshot......such flimsical mind to think it brings out her elegance. My foot! She looks more like a prostitute and for his aide to say that Chinese woman immigrants came to Malaysia as prostitutes.....he's living in glass house! Najib is a murderer, who would want to be seen with a murderer? Tell me!!

  4. Sabah should have nothing to do with Malaysia in the first place. Sabah would have been better off on its own, after all Sabah is separated thousands of miles bythe south china sea with the Malay peninsular and even the dialects and culture are different.
    Now Sabah and Sarawak are actually out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  5. Pakatan Friend, a genius idea. Come one come all and pakat. Let's do it right for our young generan and for Sabah.

  6. Ya lo, so much publicity from Bernama, Utusan, Star and NST mah!
    And of course mana ada standard mahu masuk NPC. Malulah!!

  7. Okay your point here is only one, right? You want to tell us that Anwar is more famous than our Prime Minister... hmmm

  8. Don't care,

    I think our favourite blogger is not saying anything.He as always has put it in our minds to interpret it ourselves.I don't think it's about Ronnie saying who's famous,the very fact that the US government treated Anwar better say's it all.Think about that..!!

    We Care...

  9. i couldn't imagine why the White House or at least any of the US officials did not even give our beloved PM a face..... Malaysia is exporting great significantly to the US and perhaps has been supporting to basically almost all US products... but an eyebrow peculiarity (like our lovely Malaysia songbird Ms. Ziana Zain famous eyebrow when its being lifted)... our lovely PM and his beautiful wife did not even get hello from them? ..Ich...ich...ich....this can boleh la.

    That tells us a lot of how influencial our PM is.... But as for our first lady, she is more interested in Carpet business la... bukan Handbags. These branded handbags you can get it from Petaling Streets. I got mine the latest PRADA model yu!!!

  10. The PM has tainted credibility and it's damaging the credibility of our beloved country,domestically and internationally.With so much problems going on in the country,i.e Anwar trial,missing jets and Allah issue among others,Najib should step down gracefully.Any PM in the world would do that,except Najib.

    The people will punish him and UMNO/BN at the next elections.Kudos to you Ronnie for informing us Malaysians.Sabah is privilege to have you....I've also just join PAKATAN FRIENDS,great work.

  11. Hi there Mr. Ronnie. I am a first time reader of your blog. I put that down to me being from West Malaysia and hence ignorant on the going ons of East Malaysia politics.

    But I am here now and would very much like to enquire your source for Najib's activities or perhaps non-activities is more appropriate here, in the US of A. Perhaps there is article of some credibility somewhere that you can link your readers to.

    Please do not judge me as someone who is here to poke holes in your arguments or article but I am merely here to reinforce your statements.


  12. Haha,funny one. Najib is trying to pull his mask down but unfortunately, Obama was not interested in it.Likewise,he preferred the Indian leader to come over for a dinner.Yeah,it wasn't a big deal anyway but I think..Obama is smelling something fishy in it.XD

  13. I don't think Ronny is trying to stir up something out of the kitchen. He potrays something that is beyond the knowledge of everyone.

  14. Nah another big desparate move by UMNO to cling to power!!!

    Report lodged against Sgor MB for abuse of power

    SHAH ALAM: Permodalan Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Sdn Bhd (PYBK), a subsidiary of Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) has lodged a police report against Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for alleged abuse of power.

    Mohamed Tamin Mohd Yusof, a director in PYBK, accompanied by YBK chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom, lodged the report at the Shah Alam police headquarters on Sunday.

    Zainal told reporters that the report was lodged following a decision by the Hulu Selangor District office to return quit rent paid by PYBK on August 2009, amounting to RM1.28 million via a cheque on Feb 4.

    The RM1.28 million quit rent was for 88.4 hectares owned by YBK in Serendah, the site where a proposed development for the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) campus was to take place, he said.

    "One of the basic requirements when allocated a land for development is to pay the quit rent," he said.

    He added that the 88.4 hectares in question had no connection with the RM5.7mil owed by YBK and the RM5.43mil that Yayasan Melaka had come forward to pay.

    The Selangor state executive council had on Feb 3 directed the Hulu Selangor District office to return the payment made to YBK.

    "What is the reason by returning quit rent paid? This shows an abuse of power," he said.

    Zainal said the government had no authority to return quit rent collected from the people because once the money was collected and banked into the government's account, the money became the property of the people while the government was merely a trustee.

    "This is certainly not right. Meaning, the government can return the quit rent paid by the owner and say quit rent on the land was not paid," he said.

    Furthermore, YBK also did not know why the money was kept by the government for so long before deciding to return it, he said. - BERNAMA

  15. Our country is being ostracized and snubbed by US and Mr. President.

    What a shame it is..

  16. Mr. PM sir..You need to do something on your reputation coz it is on the brink of tither..

  17. Najib Razak's days as PM are beginning to be numbered.The world is watching and observing with great interest.Malaysia is in the verged of destruction and unless Najib tenders his resignation,Malaysia is doomed.

    We are Watching.....

  18. Another blunder? No! the truth of why US issue the travel warning to Sabah for her citizens!!
    And this is what Najib Malaysia is!

    Company Manager, Supervisor Missing From Pulau Sebangkat In Semporna

    KOTA KINABALU, Feb 8 (Bernama) -- A seaweed farming company manager and a supervisor were missing during a robbery in Pulau Sebangkat, off Semporna, early today, Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said on Monday.

    "The two, aged 25 and 40, are locals," he told a news conference.

    He did not elaborate on the identity of the two men.

    He said that five men in two pump boats, two of them armed with rifles and one with a machete, came to the island in the incident at about 1.30am and fled soon after.

    Noor Rashid said police believed that robbery was the motive as the salary for the company's 34 workers was supposed to be paid today.

    He also said that police believed that the group was a local robbery gang out to make a quick profit by staging a robbery.

    "We believe that they are still in Sabah," he added.

    Earlier Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said that Sabah police were investigating the validity of a report of an incident in Pulau Sebangkat.

    "I was informed by the Sabah police commissioner about the incident at about 11am," he said.

    -- BERNAMA

  19. Where is Shafie Apdal now? What has he got to say about this incident and what has he got to say about the US travel warning?

  20. Ronnie,

    I suggest you write a title "Malaysia Future is in Saiful's Backside".

    Ha ha ha...our democracy lay on the butt of a coffee boy which has not "berak" for 2 days to preserve our demoracy in his "tahi".

    Ha ha ha...what a joke.

    As a Sabahans we are ruled by people who took our oil, our land, rotate our CM and decide on important economic reform BUT like children still play with "tahi".

    Are PKR-SABAH going to be like them stabing each other, calling each other cry baby (CL) and accuse other of power crazy (JL)OR are we going to work together and form the next federal goverment with you by my side as equal.

  21. Since when does anyone give a damn about what Rais said.

  22. Perhaps Anwar showed more sincerity in his intention to meet the President of United States.

  23. Why there are still no action taken against Nasir? What is Najib waiting for? If he cannot solve this problem, how to achive 1 Malaysia like that?

  24. Well at least Najib did not go to Disney Land as well, unlike a certain someone who went with his whole family with the people's money.

  25. Poor Anwar, no one can save him from his Sodomy charges.

  26. GTP? Hope that we could live to see the day.

  27. That's what the State Police Crime Chief meant when he said he can't take care of our security...They will only deploy their helicopter, FRUs etc etc when the opposition is organising something that will threatened the security of BN.

  28. On 8/2/10 Monday afternoon Gapari and his goons Jambun,Linggu and Matbee were at the house of Eyas in Kg Timbuk Tuaran inciting the PKR members to replace Hj Ansari as Tuaran PKR Chief.Who is playing with "tahi"?Jambun sabotaged Paul Koliling in Sapanggar, Linggu stabbed ansari in Tuaran and Matbee was helping his cousin Rahman to wack Saidil in Kota Belud.With friends like this PKR don't need enemies.

  29. Larry (February 9, 2010 5:30 PM)
    -Nasir? Which Nasir?

    GTP? Epic Fail. Big time.. By thinking Malaysians are plain ignorant, it spells doom for thinking so..

  30. I wonder what will become of Malaysia if everyone migrate overseas..

  31. Convict Anwar Ibrahim and Malaysia will burn!
    The world is looking at Malaysia now and its so called democracy!
    As for Sabah, Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

  32. Meteora, which Nasir? Didn't you read the article?

  33. I think that was pretty obvious. Meteora. How many Nasir are there on the news lately?

  34. Church burning, boar head incidents, cow head bearing... Do you call this one Malaysia?

  35. Sorry bro, I sometime also play with "tahi" but we should look at the bigger picture. It is not the fault of Najib or UMNO but Mahathir.

    He is the master mind behind all this Sodo Mee. I also was jailed by him and in the jail he force me to eat his "tahi". That is why I crazy power a bit.

    By the Ronnie, can u also sometime use the main stream Daily Express to promote me and CL. We buddy buddy with the reporters who sometime are bore.

    Thank you

  36. hmm.. Whateverlah.. But to be fair, people should read both mainstream and alternative media :)

  37. Brother Ronnie,
    Sabah's population has escalated from 3.1 million in 2003 to 5.1 million in 2009, according to reliable sources. Where did this 2 million people come from? Are these the " FIXED DEPOSIT "

    The above statement was quoted in your blog, which to me is very alarming and scary indeed and must be taken very seriously by ALL Sabahans. As these >2 million additional "citizens" are im possesion of MyKads, in 10 years time from now, they will be the one ruling us. Even the CM may possibly be from them as they easily outnumber any one ethnic group in Sabah. We should all be united to combat this REAL threat.

  38. Pembaca lebih bertumpu kepada media alternatif sekarang.