Friday, January 22, 2010

Moderate Malaysia Now Under Seige?

Our culture of religious tolerance and harmony is now under siege by irresponsible political warlords out to create hostility for their own ulterior motives. Has Malaysian politics degenerated so low that desperate politicians would go to any extend just to gain power? Two very important points to seriously ponder on is the strong signal sounded by the United States Government on possible economic sanctions against Malaysia, in view of the "Missing Jet Engines" as well as the vandalism and torching of Christian Churches.

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The other is the World Report 2010 of Human Rights Watch.  Prime Minister Najib Razak took office in April 2009 promising to respect "the fundamental rights of the people," but his government has failed to undertake the systematic reforms needed to fulfill that pledge.
The New York Times carried an interesting 'food for thought' article, in which, among other things, it said, "Last week, the Malaysian government declared that Christians in one part of the country could use “Allah” as the word for God when speaking Malay but that those in most of the country could not. This is the same government that is currently running a public relations campaign called One Malaysia emphasizing the common identity of the nation’s racial and religious mix".

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Prime Minister Najib Razak must now make it clear to all Malaysians two important matters, firstly are you a Prime Minister for all Malaysians and is there 1Malaysia or 2Malaysia? Quite frankly, Malaysians were never confused at all as to our harmonious and cultural way of life. Is the Malaysian Government aware of the country's standing currently in the global community? From feed back received, its not surprising to know that we're the laughing stock ..... just to put it lightly.

Today two surau's in Muar, Johor were vandalized and torched. What is happening to Malaysia? Political warlords on their prowl, trying to create hostility? All Malaysians strongly condemn such acts and urge the law enforcement agencies to act swiftly. If cases involving the opposition were so swiftly acted upon, surely our Royal Malaysian Police could do likewise here. Any act of violence, vandalism or destruction to sacred houses of worship must never be condoned or allowed.
Let the people of Malaysia, irrespective of their race or religion know this - we stand united and solidified. We shall protect the sanctity of our beloved country and together fight to ensure peace and continuous harmony.

The Government has failed miserably to address this serious issue causing it to prolong.They have been naive in their approach with bizarre and condescending statements made by the Ministers who are clearly aggravating the whole situation.
My advice to the Government is, understand the issues and seek divine assistance from experts.

Perhaps the video clip below that I've uploaded could be a start.


  1. Yet another exciting posting from you brother Ronnie.

    At this point, any Malaysians asked what is their stand on this issue, would strongly stand firm that such act; burning Churches and now Mosques are the act by those satanic individuals that are instructed by the devilish leaders with bad intention to disunite people of Malaysia. Malaysians are united as we are all (Malaysians) aware of, but the tactics of some leaders that believing that divide and rule is still the best way to capture control over the people and putting fear and a mean control.

    Malaysian do aware that this is no longer applicable in Malaysia, but certain leaders are still adhering onto this believe system and we Malaysian should cast them out once an for all.

    because of these irresponsible leaders championing these devilish acts, our Malaysian reputation received bad reports from all over the world. Our tourism industry is badly affected. Now as the UK government strengthening its precautionary measures against terrorism, report shows that tourism coming from europe, uk and most of the Commonwealth countries are having peculiarity attitudes towards coming to Malaysia.

    We need peace in Malaysia where, Malaysian should proclaim Faces Without Races (FWR) but simply being Malaysian that we use to know. In Sabah this notion although we all Sabahans still can feel this feeling of a true Malaysian but it is fast eroding now, because of the positioning of certain people in various department and introduce superiority over others kind of attitude.

    Ronnie... i salute you for this remarkable work, your contribution surely remembered by all of us Malaysian that believes in Faces Without Races.

  2. All these despicable acts were the works of Umno thugs to create chaos in the country and then blame it on the opposition.
    The governement is rot to the core from stealing fighters engines to even the sand.
    Malaysia under the dynatical rule of the two cousins is an international laughing stock.

  3. WHAT A BIG JOKE!! Malaysian Islamic experts!!

    Allah Not An Accurate Translation For God - Islamic Experts

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 (Bernama) -- Seven Islamic experts who attended a forum organised by the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) here Thursday to discuss the use of the word "Allah" as a replacement for God, were of the view that the translation was not accurate.

    The seven experts were Assoc Prof Dr Kamar Oniah (rpt Oniah) Kamaruzzaman from the Usuluddin and Comparative Religion Studies Department of the Interational Islamic University Malaysia; Datuk Dr Abdullah Md Zin, the Religious Advisor to the Prime Minister; PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang; Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) supreme council member Dr Mohd Nur Manuty; former Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin; IKIM's Humanities and Economic Studies Centre director Dr Mohd Sani Badron and Md Asham Ahmad, a Fellow at IKIM's Syariah and Law Studies Centre.

    The forum entitled "Terjemahan God Sebagai Allah: Mengenalpasti Punca Permasalahan dan Penyelesaiannya" (Translating God as Allah: Identifying the Cause of Problems and Finding Solutions) lasted some eight hours from 8.30am and was chaired by IKIM director-general Datuk Nik Mustapha Nik Hassan.

    IKIM chairman Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, at a press conference afterwards, said the forum also surmised that the translation of Allah as God was factually wrong because it contradicted the concept of God as espoused by Islam in Malaysia.

    He said the forum succeeded in achieving its obejctives, which was to identify the causes and clarify the background of the problem on the translation from the perspective of religion, language social aspects and law.

    "The forum also stressed on the understanding and context of the use of Allah in the Quran, touched on Islamic jurisprudence on the use of the word Allah by religions and cultures other than Islam as well as reach a unity in thinking among Islamic experts and leaders," he said.

    Abdullah added that the stand of the experts would be brought to the attention of the government and that another forum on managing crises between religions would also be organised by IKIM on Jan 25.

    He said the forum on Jan 25 would also involve leaders of the Malaysian Consultative Council on Buddhsim, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) and was aimed at seeking solutions to misunderstandings to preserve the multi-racial harmony in the country.

    Abdullah said IKIM hoped the followers of all religions respected the boundaries of their own religions so that unwanted incidents like what happened recently would not recur.

    "In today's discussion, we all agreed that all Malaysians must respect and uphold the Constitution of Malaysia, which allows freedom of religion to be practiced in peace and harmony," he added.

    -- BERNAMA

  4. Ronnie Klassen,you are a true defender for all Malaysians.Your have demonstrated that Malaysians are 1 and nothing must divide that.

    You came out bravely to seek the justice for Malaysian Christians and now defending the Malaysian Muslim,you are by far a symbol of Malaysia.

    Malaysians are surely behind you all the way and yes will fight alongside you and anyone else to protect our beloved country be it domestic or foreign.

    Justice Pao.

  5. Great article Ronnie...

  6. With all the bashing that Najib is getting from within and outside of Malaysia,one wonders if he's tick skin,ignorant or blatantly arrogant.

    Hear the calls of Malaysians Najib,dissolve Parliament and allow Malaysians to live in peace.If you're popular and the Prime Minister for all Malaysians,then you have nothing to fear.You have all the more to gain,what have got to loose?

    What's the worst that can happen,if you win you continue becoming Prime Minister,unless your own UMNO "good friends" decide to oust you out.Should you loose,Anwar must hold to his words in appointing you as the Malaysian Ambassador to Mongolia,so you see either you are still a VVIP.Take up the challenge.

    Ahli UMNO Pekan.

  7. Are they Muslims or Christians?

    Four nabbed for arson attempt on surau in Muar (Update)

    PETALING JAYA: Four men, including the son of a policeman, were arrested by Johor police for Thursday’s arson attempt on two surau in Muar, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said Saturday.

    He said the suspects, aged between 16 and 28 years old, were picked up in separate raids conducted on Friday from morning to evening, and, with their arrests, believes the case has been solved.

  8. US Embassy should share security intelligence: Shafie Apdal

    SEMPORNA: The US Embassy should share with Malaysia, any safety concern it might have about its citizens in Malaysia, said Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

    As the two countries shared a common interest in the safety of their people, the embassy should cooperate, in the event it received information about threats to safety.

    "They (United States) must share information from their security intelligence with us. It involves their people in our country.

    "However, safety in the east coast of Sabah, especially this district, is guaranteed. Our safety personnel are always on the lookout," said Shafie, who is also Semporna member of parliament.


    Can Malaysian Govt be trusted when her National Security is in doubt. Churches were burnt, fighter engines were stolen and sold, rampant corruption and poor human rights record!!!!

  9. This Shafie Apdal fellow is waiting in line to be the next Sabah CM.
    Do not be surprised if ever the opposition is strong in Sabah and has the potential to win in the next GE he will switch sides.
    But good luck to him hope he will succeed, maybe he makes a good CM, still untested.

  10. Pax Vobiscum!

    Whatever happenings in Malaysia today is actually the doing of a few corrupted leaders in the government trying desperatly to stay in power, knowing that the whole BN is crumbling but in doing so the whole thing has backfired. The whole world is watching Malaysia, now especially countries which has high marks for human and religious rights.
    The situation in Malaysia in the last few years is deteriorating so much so it looks as if the country belongs to only a handful of Umno or BN leaders.
    The plundering of the nation's wealth is very obvious and ver shameful to the extent her national security is at risk.
    It is indeed very amazing that Malaysian Airforce fighter engines could be stolen, shipped and sold to another nation. And of course it is also amazing to note that only a seargent was implicated in the fiasco. This is ridiculous, because without the signature of at least a General, such big stuff cannot be released out of the airforce security area for any purpose.
    And why it took so long for the authorities to nabbed the culprits in the burning and vandalising of houses of worship, only after Malaysia has been put under the watch list of the International Human Rights body.
    Can Malaysia be like the good old Malaysia again where the Indians, Malays and Chinese or the Christians, Muslims , Buddhists and Hindus sit together in the coffeeshops and drink. Very sad indeed..I wonder..
    Rich non Muslims Malaysians are starting to emigrate and more are talking of emigarting to a favorable countries. So that means capital flight.

  11. Topbinai Ronnie K, you are the blogger "Raja Petra of Malaysia-Today" of Borneo. Keep it up until we reach our destination i.e. to change the political landscape of Sabah in the next 13GE soon.

  12. Wonder, what is happening to Malaysia???

  13. Did you people see that Mahathir is fanning the fire again. That old man should retire and do penance instead of trying mess up the nation. What is happening today is the residue of his own doing when he was the PM.
    See what happened to Sabah with his rotation CMs plan. The state went back to stoneage and all the CMs became millionaires.

    Sabahans must think carefully now as to what is the next course of action in order to claim back their rights and prosperity. It seems now only a handful tend to gain prosperity but majority are still the same despite all the buildings here and there but the kampungs folks are still struggling, while the leaders wined and dined.
    The KDMs especially are so divided with so many parties. Why can't the KDMs just have one party and unite for a common goal?
    Where is the KDMs paramount leader?
    Whatever it is Sabahans today is Sabahans 30 years ago, still with same mentality.


    Wonder who is behind all these vandalising of the houses of worship to create chaos in Malaysia?
    Any guesses please? Right thinking people will know the answers.

    Surau arson suspects acted on their own: Hishammuddin

    PUTRAJAYA: Police investigations indicate the four men caught for attempted arson at two suraus in Muar acted of their own volition, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said in a statement here Sunday.

    "The incidents in Muar were the action of irresponsible individuals who were up to mischief to attract attention," he said.

    Hishammuddin also congratulated the police for the speed and efficiency in which they conducted their investigations and for acting without bias in arresting the son of a police officer who was involved in the incidents.

    He also requested the police to increase their surveillance and monitoring of houses of worship to ensure such unfortunate incidents did not recur. - Bernama

  15. Law enforcement agency,PDRM halts Anwar Ibrahim's speech in Kuala Lumpur,but arrested the microphone instead.

  16. Why do people like these still exist in peaceful Malaysia.The Malays in Malaysia are more intelligent than what this Ibrahim Ali disillusioned to believe.Read this link.

  17. Malaysia is not a peaceful country anymore.They need to accept the fact that Malaysia is way far racist now.Take a look on what they have done to people.Shame on you~

  18. Malaysia kini bukan seperti yang sebelumnya.Kebencian dan kealpaan semakin menjadi.Mereka hilang pertimbangan dan menjadikan tempat ini sebagai sasaran.Apa kejadiannya?Begini la..

  19. Kesian, apa mahu jadi sama Malaysia ni. Nampak aman tapi rakyatnya semakin renggang. hmmm, saya harap semuanya kembali normal - hidup aman tanpa sengketa :)

  20. you (YOU!) are right. Malaysians are very racist, the product of racist policies! In my work,i interact with many foreigners..they said " Malaysia is a beautiful country but screw up by lousy & racist politicians"....

    in some of work permit application form for offshore job, need to check if one is West Malaysian Bumi or East Malaysian Bumi or Non-Bumi, or Expatriate (foreigner).....can you smell the the racism ?? The policy laid down DIVIDE the peoples....

  21. OMG!! I tak berani imagine pun hidup rakyat Malaysia berpuak-puak. Ohh NO!!!

  22. I just hope and pray everything will be OK soon.
    So don't fight, let's united for benefit of all :)

  23. Very sad indeed for Malaysia.
    Eventhough I left Malaysia many years ago and lived overseas, Malaysia is still my homeland, but with what is going on I feel very sad, and I pray things will be okay.
    But I forsee this things to happen long time ago which prompted me to leave and live overseas not because I am not patriotic but I know that one day discriminations, racial and religious tension will increase.

    Desecration of mosques condemned by all

    Home Minister: Everyone please remain calm

    PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has expressed his disappointment over desecration of mosques with wild boar heads.

    “I am extremely disappointed by the disrespectful actions of a few Malaysians at places of worship,” he said in his Facebook posting yesterday.

    Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has asked Muslims to remain calm and not jump to conclusions.

  24. After cow head was dumped near a Hindu Temple, churches were burnt and vandalised, wild boar heads were thrown at the mosques.
    I think it is too late......

    Very sad indeed.

    Najib: Vital to mutually respect the religious beliefs of one another

    2010 Thaipusam dates extended for huge turnout

    BATU CAVES: Respecting each other’s religion must be a key virtue to be vigorously defended, said the Prime Minister.

    Malaysia being a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, requires its citizens to mutually respect the religious beliefs of one another.

    “I want to stress here that respecting each other’s religion is not only a key virtue that we must defend, it is also one of the principles in Islam,” said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    He said Islam in its true form, did not look down on other religions. It also disallowed Muslims from desecrating the places of worship of non-Muslims.

    Najib added that in a multi-racial society, there could not be just one point of view all the time.

    “It is also crucial for us to strive for a common goal in wanting to bring the country forward,” he said in his address to tens of thousands who flocked here on the eve of Thaipusam yesterday.

  25. Do you think the US travel warning is a joke!
    No! the US have even eyes in the sky. So the possibilities of these pirates coming over to Sabah waters and create a havoc is not impossible. So what is the huh hah over the travel warning? With all the corruption right up to the core of the Malaysian Govt, almost anything is possible.

    Boat with crew held by gunmen but freed

    Published on: Saturday, January 30, 2010 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Sandakan: A fishing boat with a crew of six to eight men were reportedly captured by gunmen after apparently straying into the Philippine waters near Boan Island early Thursday.

    According to a source, the gunmen demanded ransom but later released the fishing boat together with the crew without any ransom paid, after the Philippine Coast Guard and other maritime agencies interfered following a request for help from the boat owner.

    It was learnt that the gunmen removed some equipment from the fishing boat. At press time, the boat was said to be on its way back to Sandakan.

    State Commissioner Police, Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim, declined to comment when contacted.

  26. The best thing to do for Malaysia as a whole to prevent further damage economically and international image is for the BN led govt to stop persecuting Anwar Ibrahim, dissolve the Parliament and call for a general election then the whole world will see that Malaysia is a truly democratic country. Have a fair election without any dirty interference from the ruling govt.
    Then only we can all see who are the real leaders of the people.
    I read the news in the Star and the other mainstream newspapers about the PM going to India and then coming to the Thaipusam at Batu Cave and saying that the PM of Tamil Naidu said that Malaysian Indians are treated well in Malaysia. I think this is not relevant given the fact that India and Malaysia are sovereign nation.
    Besides most average Malaysian Indians do not even have any connections with Indians in India. They were born and grew up in Malaysia. Some do not even know where India is! They should be called Malaysians!!!
    Are all this a sort of damage control by the BN led weak Government?
    Whatever it is Malaysia is still bad in the eyes of the International community with all the burning of churches, insulting of Hindus and the desecration of mosques.
    Malaysia have a long long way to go to repair all these.

  27. This is normal can you expect people 100% perfect? Same to each and every govt in this world. There must be spoil here and there..but as long as we still can live and enjoing ourself, well that good enough for me...

  28. Hey Don't Care,
    What do you mean by normal? Mana you sekolah? Kampung mentality, just enjoy only and get RM50.00 and some papan before election sudah okay.

    One morning you wake up you sudah kena jual baru taulah!!!

  29. Hi Ron,

    To me, Sabah should have pull out of Malaysia long time ago, before UMNO came to Sabah. I think we have enough resources like timbers, world tourism attractions, etc etc to develop our own state. 1Malaysia is totally crap as long as UMNO are still in power. 1Borneo sounds more like it, though it has already been taken by the mall:P Now our only hope is the oppositions (I actually prefer the Independence) to win in the next GE... *sigh*


  30. PDRM...hah hah

    Cop arrested over robbery

    SUBANG JAYA: A rogue policeman's crime spree ended early yesterday when he was arrested for robbing a group of university students.
    The lance corporal attached to the Shah Alam police station had been looking for "easy money" and robbed four Universiti Selangor students about 12.30am.

    The girls were walking back to their rented house in Bestari Jaya (formerly Batang Berjuntai), when the cop and an accomplice approached them in a car.

    Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said the suspects demanded their victims to hand over their cash and hand- phones. Both suspects then sped off in the car.

    The girls, however, immediately notified the police and both suspects were picked up an hour later.

    Khalid said the lance corporal was on leave at the time of the incident and police were now checking if his colleague had a criminal record.

    "The suspects, both in their 20s, have been remanded for five days starting today (yesterday) to facilitate investigations," he added.

  31. OMG! Where is the old Malaysia thaty we use to love? because some greedy and good-for-nothing people, the unity among us is waiting to crack and the gap waiting to widen.

  32. If only the PM listen to the too late for redemption and things are getting far more worse.

    From the murder of that Mongolian girl to the burning of the churches, where are the humanity and tolerance that we have? *sigh*

  33. do u all provoking each other and create a chaotic country. do u realize, sometimes the chaos are created by their own group. im not trying to put the blame to the malay but the surau tragedy made by a group of naughty malay (men/boys). they are hoping they can provoking people by this way but unfortunately, we still blind to see.

  34. When Malaysians tolerance came under siege, it's a wake up call to change. change everything from the politics and to social in order to gain attention from the United State.

  35. Please stop provoking each other. We should be united and starts to save Malaysia from the claws of those greedy and good for nothing ministers. All they know is NATO..