Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sabahans Are Fed-Up , No More Compromises.

The Federal Government has failed miserably in addressing the Allah issue and more seriously the arson attacks on Churches and recently a Sikh Temple. Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has said the situation was under control and the attacks were isolated incidents.How stupid does Hishamudin thinks Malaysians are,8 Churches and a Sikh Temple vandalized,and he blatantly says it's only isolated cases and under control?

Barisan Nasional component parties should now re-examine their position and their coalition status with UMNO. The Christian Community of Malaysia are currently under siege by unscrupulous arsonists out to create disunity among peace loving Malaysians.

Is Clarence Bongkos Malakun a Christian?

The President of the Council of Justices of the Peace, Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun has urged Christians in Sabah to make a compromise for the sake of national peace.

He is urging Christians to drop the word "Allah" in Malay-language services and Malay-language Bibles. He said that though this has been the practice for so long in Sabah, for the sake of peace, Sabahan Christians should abandon it, as this has caused anger to a certain section of extremist Muslims in Malaysia.

It is so easy to call for compromise. Sabahans have compromised for too long on many things since the state merged with Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia. We had to compromise on language, education, natural resources etc. Finally we have someone who is asking us to compromise on the way our Christians practice the religion.

I question the intention of Clarence Bongkos Malakun. Perhaps he thought it was noble of him but then it seems only noble to him. A local daily reported Malakun as saying"many fellow Christians would disagree and perhaps "start to condemn me"but "if we are really true Christians,we should be forgiving,reasonable and peace loving people". It is my honest belief that through this very statement he has already condemned himself. But allow me to ask him, "Do you in the first place have the Christian credibility to ask Sabahans to drop the word Allah?"

Clarence Malakun should first examine himself as a Christian and whether he has breached the Catholic faith. Was his call in his personal capacity or a stooge of the Government or as a Christian? If his call was as a Catholic, then he has no local standi, having broken the most sacred sacrament of the Church. Marriage is a sacrament that is indissoluble. Once a marriage has been consummated,it endures until one spouse dies.The Church does not issue divorces or recognize divorces issued by other institutions.

My advice to Malakun is to do some soul searching and seek forgiveness from God,for you do not qualify to give any advice.

As a Justice of Peace, and more so as the head of the Council of JPs (MAJAPS), Datuk Clarence should seek Peace in the name of Justice or seek Justice in the name of Peace.

Failing this, he should hold his peace and not make things worse.

Sabahans' tolerance has reached it's limits.

Why should Sabahans be the one who have to compromise all the time? When was the last time the Federal Government made a compromise? We had to compromise on petroleum,allowing Petronas the glory of our oil and in return a miserable 5% royalty.

We are now asked to compromise on religious freedom, even though the founding fathers of Malaysia guaranteed it for us.Where do we draw the line?The Muslim's in Malaysia, particularly Sabah are not confused and have no qualms over the Christians using the word Allah.Our Muslim brothers and sisters have outgrown the hoodwinking of the government for too long.UMNO just can't come to terms on the gospel truth that they have lost the support of the Malays.UMNO is in total denial of this fact.

There have been just too many compromises. The problem is that Sabahans have made the compromises, but the government keeps demanding for more and more. When will it ever stop? Today, Christians in Sabah might have to drop the usage of Allah because they burned churches. What about tomorrow? What if they demand Sabahan Christians stop displaying crucifixes outside churches?
What if they demand that churches stop ringing bells? What if they demand more and more things which would altogether wipe out the Christian faith and identity?

Are we going to compromise and keep on compromising?

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  1. I certainly agree with your post for an idiot like Clarence Bongkos Malakun, I quote "My advice to Malakun is to do some soul searching and seek forgiveness from God,for you do not qualify to give any advice.

    As a Justice of Peace, and more so as the head of the Council of JPs (MAJAPS), Datuk Clarence should seek Peace in the name of Justice or seek Justice in the name of Peace.

    Failing this, he should hold his peace and not make things worse."

    Talking on things he knows nothing about just to get a fanfare. Truly one big Idiot.

  2. I was certain this post would hit the blog,patiently waited for this.Sir Ronnie,once again you have nailed another con-artist to the wall.The question is whether Clarence Bongkos has a soul,and God will judge him.

    Sabahans have long been robbed and raped,yet no one has made any effort to resolve the frustrations and grievousness of the people.The people have been made to compromised just to satisfy the greed and lust of the Federal government.

    The people have you to thank for in raising issues and speaking with your heart.No politician has so far done this,other then of course barking here and there just for political mileage.The god lord has sent forth his messiah.

    Justice Pao.

  3. Arise my fellow Sabahans,for we now have the opportunity to decide for ourselves.We have given one to many opportunities to UMNO/BN in Sabah,and they have failed us to the core.

    May we together summon the holy spirit and pray for God's wisdom to change the present government.We have done this before,we can do it again.Brother Ronnie,lead us for you are truly the chosen one.

    True Sabahan.

  4. Actually Clarence Bongkos isn't that intelligent after all.He gamble his soul with his political masters to incite more hatred.Did he honestly believe that the Sabahan Christians were just going to listen to him and drop or abandoned their sacred usage of the word Allah?

    In actual fact Clarence Bongkos should now make a public apology to Sabahans not only for belittling their intelligence but insulting their religion.Who the hell did Clarence Bongkos think he was...A SAINT?The whole of Penampang are fully aware of his background,did he think he can just get away like that?You are an insult and betrayer to the Kadazans and Christians,and may God find it in his heart to forgive you.Your earthly wealth cannot accompany you when your time is up.

    Penampang Resident.

  5. Hisapmudin must really believe that Malaysians are nincompoops.Church torched while the rest vandalized,and he is convince it's only isolated cases and everything is under control.

    I fully agree with bro Ronnie,does he think Malaysians are really that stupid.Hello Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat are you ready to form the next government?

  6. First we have to start by changing the huguan siow or whatever his called. He has shame the native by silence. Down with whats his name.

  7. Why waste time to argue all this? We have talked too much without action, and tired of all these talks. Just vote BN out next GE and state election, end of story.

  8. It is time we throw out the Barisan government. The Barisan leaders are no longer serving the people. They are serving themselves.They can do even at the expense of infringing on the rights of people to practice their religion. It is time they go so that we can be assured of religious freedom as guaranteed by the Federal constitution.

  9. Kick him out of Sabah and let ala punish him. This kind of monkey is a nuisance and should be terminated. Sabah should pull out of the federation and form a new nation with Sarawak and Brunei.

  10. what about Dr Maximus, who is also in charge of national unity and integration,where is he in all this? did he also like Dr Faustus sell his soul....?

  11. Other religions beside Islam practices plurality i.e. all religions lead to one god. Islam practices RELATIVISM ... that means relativism cannot practices tolerance ... i.e. whatever they do or want are a ways all religions in Malaysia got to accept.

  12. Bongkos has a fake "PhD" ...konon graduated from Washington International University
    How dare he try to represent the Christian populace of Sabah!!!
    On that note, DAP Hiew is also a fake "PhD" holder like like Bongkos

  13. beware fellow sabahan....PTI will be used by BN(UMNO) to increase their vote. mostly PILAKS & bugis from indon...mainly muslim

    The area is kalabakn,semporna,Kunak,tawau,lahad datu,kinabatangan

  14. Two issues they said. One, confusion. Ans: This one is stupid. Two, an attempt to convert muslims. Ans: Only an imagination by umno.

  15. This is not about stupidity its about Racist Games and Evil Games to stay in power forever for UMNO racist. Its about staying in power to collect from the Gravy train of corruption. The pie has been sliced now. Its about creating an environment for a CHAOS and thereby invoking emergency and ISA net catching.

    While you are free and able to Roam about freely. I suggest you be an unknown Mat Kilau and keep burning the staging points of all these Evil Plans. Those UMNO Branches(small or Big) and the UMNO racist leaders have to do something to disrupt all these UMNO evil plans....Yes we can ...disrupt disrupt ....DISRUPT. For every attack 20 UMNO branches should be burnt down....that is the language they understand......Break them down....even Police station are no good to society these days...they are becoming Murder Chamber!!

  16. New name for Clarence Bongkos for his 'brilliant' suggestion - Clarence Bungkus!

  17. Well said Ronnie.
    I am a Catholic and one who divorces his wife and marries another is ex-cummunicated from the Church and denied the sacraments.
    Clarence has lost his right to speak on our behalf.
    The Sabahanas have been blidly supporting the BN all these years and if only the Sabah paries dare withdraw from the BN today, UMNO will be a dead duck.

  18. no wonder Rev.Fr. Alexander didnt want to shake Clarence's hand on Christmas Eve.

  19. No more compromise....yes, show UMNO your poeple power.
    Pls look at MCA & GERAKAN, after compromise to UMNO for 50 years, what they get today?
    GERAKAN totally waved out in Penang, MCA lost 2/3 parliament seats, left Johor the stronghold. Contimue to compormise, MCA will finally loss Johor also.

    Compromise too many will become scafify.

  20. what will happen if someone torched a mosque?

  21. Oooi, JPs of Sabah, where are you?? Do you think your head is talking sense?? What are the roles and duty of being a JP?? Don't be a disgrace to the title, do what is just to keep the peace!

    Tell us, is that Bongos guy's statement representing all yours?? Eversince the JP club formed, what have you done? Instead of protecting the interests of the people, you are selling all that is left of the people..

  22. Keris waving Hisapmuddin is indeed correct when he said that everything is under control. Why? Because 'they' controlled the unscrupulous arsonists!

  23. You can go ahead and Bungkus that Clarence guy. He is an insult to Sabah and definitely an UMNO brown noser. What is there to compromise? We have practice our religion peacefully and what we say in the church is none of anybody business. We are simply doing God's (Allah) work. Allah will not be needed in out bible had out education system been in English. We got followers that knows only the Malay language and that is why Allah is used. Do not be confused, we are tired of compromising and do not mess with our faith!

  24. There is only one way to settle up this issue. Our Muslim extremist open up their mind to be more sense and logically thinking, stop attacking the christian people. !!

  25. It's too sad to hear that. Sabah and Sarawak must be in the Malaysia and we should not consider as "Seems Like" path of Malaysia. If, sacrificed filling being expressed by them. People from Sabah and Sarawak should recap what had happened to them and achievement by the state's after become a path of Malaysia. If you are not happy with all those, send them a messages in coming GE13.... Tell them, government is to govern not to make people sacrificed....

  26. Everybody knows that the word is actually owned by no one. You are not GOD or ALLAH to judge the word is yours. We are all same as a human. Can we just share cut off this issue?

  27. In Sabah we use the word for a years. How can you expect us to change immediately? This is not a drama tv, once you click your finger, everything change. Nonsense.

  28. I really don't see, what is actually wrong. I can't think even 1 reason, why do they want to file this issue. We are not threatening them when we are using the word. We are not humiliating them. We still can live in a harmony stage. ????????????????????????

  29. The only reason why they are acting like that: "confused" ??? this make me laugh. Of course la you confuse if you cannot understand in what do your religion taught you. If you are strong enough, study your own religion, sure you will never be confused.

  30. "sabahans-are-fed-up-no-more-compromises.."


    wtf can they do anything about everything?

    sarbarhan are simply too dependent on others... bunch of spineless dumb asses.

  31. Actually it's not about racial, these church burning being done by some parties to start some racial thing so we can forget about all the problems Malaysia is dealing right now, The Altantuya, Sugar hike, oil hike this may, BN's a propaganda maa..please don't blame on our fellow muslim.

  32. My 2cents? Under Control my foot!

    As a Muslim I am ashamed that all of this has happened.Things are out of control. How much more blind can you be oo?

    My advice to Hishamuddin, we can tolerate on everything but not when our RIGHTS are being ripped off by you ignorant WMs.

    To Datuk Clarence Bongkos, are you siding with the Sabahans or those idiots MPs? The East Malaysian have been tolerant with each others religions whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Hindus, Buddhist, etc. Tell your partners in WM counterpart to NOT to touch the East Malaysians. Do NOT disrupt the tolerance that we had for hundred of years. Even Mahathir doesn't even dare to disrupt the tolerance that we had.

    Right now, we are walking on eggshells religion ruckus. Only time will tell when the eggshells we are walking on will detonate.

    We had enough of compromises. We want a change.


  33. clarence bungkus is a political hasbeen trying to make a comeback in politics..padan muka!

  34. Compromises? While we compromise and the WM keeps feeding us the BS? I'd say, the Govern should sacrifice for the people and not the people who need to sacrifice..Enough said.. I had enough with this issue.

  35. Just watch the the youtube clippings from Al Jazeera in Malaysia Today, and see how stupid the Umno goon answered the questions put to him all read in prepared form and the stupid guy just read from what was written without relevance to the questions asked.
    As for Sabah and Sarawak, the Christians should not give in to such stupid demands and Bongkos should be "bungkus" out of the JPs organisation.

  36. Ronnie, you are Correct! Correct! Correct!.

  37. Got to make this Bungkus meet the same faith as the Dodo bird. Extinct. Even PAS has come forward to cite Its not in the teachings of Islam that Allah belongs to only a specific race. Makes it seems all the arab nation muslim scholars a bunch of ignorant idiots & UMNO the new brilliant muslim overlords. In fact UMNO version of Allah is "Ala" simply meaning we impose our own rules but not Allah's and have no idea on DO WE DIE WELL.

  38. Hurm..Time to cut off this issue. It's getting to everyone's nerves..

  39. Clearance sale by Clarence Bungkus - selling what is rightfully ours for his own benefit. Is this the way a JP act, a mockery to the Sabah JPs. Come GE13, CB will be the next candidate for Penampang, assuring you of my vote but to PR. CB is a gone case. It irritates me and the community at large to see around in Penampang. How about sending him off to Semenanjung? Agree?

  40. Rise! We all from West Malaysia support you.

  41. For many years i had been pretty concern how this issue will one day surface and then again the government is overly protecting the interest of my Muslim brothers and siters.

    I am glad that for Sabah and Sarawak, the government had given the green light that the word Allah can be used in all publication, and this also extended to Federal Territory, Malacca, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak.

    But this will not solve the issue at all. We are here scoring on 1 Malaysia concept but we are obviously being devided over this issue, now over boundaries within Malaysia?

    When i was in school, my muslim friends would tell me about "death on the infedel (Kafir)" and "Infedel will be the burning substance like the logs in hell" ...they will constantly try to convince me to convert into Muslim... because according to them death will surely be upon me (sounding like a threat). But as usual most of us non-muslim will tolerate that because to avoid anymore unforward things to happen. I remembered when we were segregated even in school and college that non-muslim in one side, and the muslim in another. Our young minds were hurting so much as we felt that we were the outcast amongst the muslim students. Yet when we go to Church, and read the Bible the only message that comes to us was,...Jesus said: " if you love me than follow your enermy as you love yourself, Do onto others as you want them to do onto you." So we believe that the power of love is so profound.. so we have peace. We are not allow to touch their praying mat because we are "najis" and that was really hurt! But if they are respecting their praying mats they should have kept them with respects and not simply putting them all over the place. We are sharing our domitary spaces. Sometime it landed on my table.

    We were band to say "Assallamualaikum"... and "Insh-allah" to them because it is only for the muslim to say these words.

    But i have a muslim uncle that is praying five times a day and every word that comes out from him was so angelic. Loving and full of hope... so i am looking at 2 windows of what muslim is like in Malaysia. But is it possible that these students were given a wrong doctrin? How can it possible that the Allah the creator of the whole universe can possiblly want all the kafir to be killed as what was explained to us?.... we were also given the impression that all the non-muslim must respect the muslim, because according to their faith the non-muslims are like their foot stool...

    No matter what happened... if this issue continues to confuse the muslim, than the government must be the first to come out and educate these fellow muslim.. that this is a wrong doctrin so therefore it needs to be addressed accordingly and giving them the understanding that muslim love peace and respect all people that the same Allah had first created them.

    Jesus died on the cross because for his love for all mankind, it doesn't matter what colour or origin, and for most all he died for our sins so that we are worthy to be standing before our God and be judged. Jesus is our salvation and He is the salvation fro the Muslim too!

    Malaysian as a whole is a peaceful country but if the leaders that carries their voices used it to their own advantage than that is wrong. Leaders must convey peace messages and not siding voices that obviously painting a very bad image for all of us Malaysians in the eye of the world.

    How do we convinced investors from overseas to come if we continue to be like this? Haiti earthquake claimed 100,000 lives and it is still asscalating. This will be the time for Malaysian leaders to shine and initiate help to the Haitians because as we respect the word Allah, than the Haitians are Allah's created people too.

  42. This MP really need to sell goreng pisang after his MPship clarance sales and bungkus in GE13.
    Please disown your faith for forgiveness and start all over again on any faith you may choose later.

  43. My fellow Sabahans,the time has come for us to say,"NO MORE COMPROMISE!"Those misguided souls who opposed Christians using the word "ALLAH" are a minority. While,I believe the majority of our muslim brothers have no problem with us Christians using the word "ALLAH",(Pls read Malaysia Today-101 East by Aljazera) I find it odd for Bongkos,(a christian?)to say otherwise.

  44. This JP is stupid and should just keep his mouth shut!! As Christians, we forgive him for he know not what he says. All East Malaysian should go to the next election and make a difference to gain our religious freedom instead of being held ransom by a small extremist group and a BN government who will not protect our freedom of worship

  45. he suppose to be called Bongkud Bolukun..LMAO.. we demand a public apology from him.. or maybe he try to gain his popularity back..

  46. heloo Jp Bngkus how much RM you got for this statement huh.....


    God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

  48. He is of, no soul, no spirit only a carcase with UMNO Shit in it.

  49. Let us "bungkus" him and send him to hell for good. GOD must be very disappointed with him for what he said. Maybe he thinks ala is a better god than God. This kind of idiot is not welcome in the "Land below the wind". Sabahans should wrap him off as soon as possible.

  50. There is no place without God, from his light(Nur)he creates and sustained every creations( On earth, other planets as well as other Universes ). God has no religion but all religion belongs to him. May God the true creator blessed all religions and bring peace to Malaysia 'the drop of water in the ocean'. Salam Damai / Peace be upon all.

  51. Bravo..this should be the way...stand up for our right..if one inch is granted, the next demand wil be for a foot...

  52. We cannot put a blame to Clarence Bongkos 100%...He only want to stop the violent... peace is the only do Clarence B concern off... So people, it is not a big issue, i guess....

  53. In fact God has no name, we mortals gave him a name to associate ourselves with him. When Moses met God at the burning bush God said His name is "I am that I am." He is an eternal being trying to communicate himself to man. So to ban others from calling Him in any language is trying to act like God himself so is UMNO is trying to tell us they are GOD?

  54. We are the people of the future Sabahan in Malaysia and well speak Sir Ronnie Klassen...May our dreams come true and you will lead us together..

  55. Bongkos Malakun. Sound like a pirate name. I hereby change his name "Bungkus Malacan @Belacan". Such an idiot who is talking stupidity at its lowest level. And his title Datuk? he must have lots of grandsons and garnddaughters with his many wives.
    My middle finger to you Bungkus @ Bongkos.

  56. Clarence Bongkos buli bungkus dah......

  57. While I agree with most of the article, I think his divorce is between him and
    God. No doubt the church states that it does not recognize divorce but at the end of the day its still between him and God and its not our place to judge him.

  58. We all should pray and relect. Ask God Almighty the way, the answer to all of this mess. Lets not forget our brothers and sisters in Haiti who is far worst then us now. As for Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun fight for what is right and justice is all about being Christian and I believe other FAITH does the same.

  59. Media UMNO dan Pembesar Umno sudah mula MENYEMBAH kata kata Clarence Bongkos Malakaun, seolah olah Clarence Bongkos ini Pope Roman Katholik

  60. Sabah and Sarawak would be better off going the Singapore way. UMNO/Malaysia need you more than you need them.

    If you are able to separate from Malaysia you have destiny in your own hand instead of being screwed every each way by UMNO.

    There are enough brains from non-UMNO to help you build an independent nation to greater height if you so wished.

    - Separatist

  61. We should stop discussing this issue as Herald agreed for not use the word of 'Allah'.

  62. Sabah and Sarawak should consider leaving Malaysia. I, for one, will migrate there

  63. Ron, congratulations! You have done well and done tremendously well in the cause of championing the interests of all those affected, particularly to our East Malaysian brothers and sisters.

    Are you going to stop at this? There are so many other issues that need to be brought up to the attention of the rakyat in Sabah and Sarawak. Our brothers and sisters there need to be taught the relevance of their vote to effect changes for a better future. The need to tell the East Malaysians how badly they had been marginalized in the current Malaysian society. They are worst off compared to our Indian brothers and sisters who protested in huge numbers.

    Truly, do you not agree that the Borneo Islands will be much better off if they did not join Malaysia in 1963? Do you not agree that the natives of East Malaysia will be one of the richest and most well off if State and Federal leaders had been more responsible towards the needs of the East Malaysians? Do you not agree that East Malaysians must be given priorities ahead of the bumiputras to bring up their status, or otherwise they will forever be what they are today? Do you not agree that East Malaysians must be taught that if politicians bring their sacks full of ringgits, we will finish whatever they bring and ask for more? Do you not agree that the monies belong to the East Malaysians and not a selected connected few? Do you not agree that if at all this practise continue, and it will, East Malaysians must make absolutely sure that a couple of hundreds or thousands is not enough? Do you not agree that East Malaysians must make this an election and a practise so expensive for these corrupt politicians that they will think twice of bribing again? Do you not agree that the East Malaysians must screw this politicians this time around by asking for a higher price for their votes, and come polling day, vote opposition? They always bikin tak serupa cakap and cakap tak serupa bikin, therefore the East Malaysians must know how to use this bargaining chip and get the most out of them and slap them in their face by voting PR? Do you not think it is the chance of a lifetime for East Malaysians to bankrupt these corrupt politicians and make them lose everything by voting them out? These are serious matters that must be taught to East Malaysians in order to bring changes to Malaysia. Cheers.

  64. if rumours are found to be true that BUNGKUS is holding a "fake PhD", then he should be stripped of his JP status

  65. Most Sabahan know CB is a infamous character during PBS rule who had notoriously robbed off and swallowed huge timber resources when he was in charge of Sipitan Pulp and Paper Mill.

    Sabahans will never forget his compromise against Sabah interest. Now he is up there against as IDS chief.

    I say good luck to all Sabahan. Keep on compromising. That is what your leaders are good at so that they can stay at the top. That is why you are the poorest, and you are in BN's pocket as Najib's fixed deposit.

  66. I feel realy sorry for Sabah people. One Bung Mokhtar, MP from Kinabatangan is bad enough to ruin Sabah image and reputation. Now you have another Clarence Bungkus Malakun who is keen to do a compromise to ruin your faith. Sabah is full of jokers.

  67. Your God is my God, my God is your God, I am your father your mother your universe

  68. Sabah Boleh.... anything pun boleh... gadai agama pun boleh kah?? Leaders says boleh... can compromise ma... Can you compromise your harta to the rakyat kah..? oppss.. harta tak boleh la... I compromise my religion pun pasal mau tambah harta la... by: CBM = Christian But Muslim

  69. wake up all the politician!!! Start your work!! The Rakyat need you to uphold the integrity of the Church or better still I should say voice of Borneo people. Fight for US! NOT for WEST Malaysia

    Yg pintar menghatam.. biar buat serupa cakap..
    Next Election pandai2 siapa mau undi..some idiotic comments.. better look at your face in the mirror if you guys are innocent and pure.. suka2 judge orang..nanti mati tuhan juga yg judge kamurang nanti..

  71. The latest twist of event in the Allah issue with the Government now agrees to allow East Malaysians to use the word "Allah" is a good hard slap on CBM aka Ciiii-Bai Malakun.

    In fact, he's just another conman & now clearly a BN stooge. Everyone knows that he's now the Chairman of state-controlled IDS. And don't forget how he became rich after running the Sabah Forest Industry for a short while.

    He's a real shame to all the JPs in Malaysia. All the Christian JPs should immediately pass a vote of no confidence on him, otherwise they should drop the word 'justice' from their title.

    May he burn in hell!

    St Peter

  72. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department,Nazri just became he judge,jury and executioner when he announced that Allah can now be use in Sabah and Sarawak.This fork tongue speaking lunatic has just taken over the role of the judges in the court of appeal.He really must think Malaysians are really dumb.

    Where is the separation of powers that Najib speaks so highly about? For these efforts,1Malaysia is now a total failure and pure rubbish.

    Judge korek,korek,korek

  73. Clarence Bungkus,where are you now?First our beloved Ronnie nail you,now Nazri Aziz has bungkus you.I sincerely hope you're doing some soul searching and seeking forgiveness from Allah.

    There is this rumor in town,that your current wife's father,Wong Kwok converted to Islam?If so,is your wife also Islam?Where does that place you Clarence Bungkus?

    Curious Penampangite.

  74. It all runs in the family.....BUNGKUS and present PA-IN-LAW... fake DRs

  75. What goes around comes around,CBM you have been check mated.Majaps should now seriously consider passing a vote of no confidence against CBM,the integrity of Majaps is now highly questionable.

  76. Come on la guys.. enough with this issue.
    Don't burn our soul with anger kio :)

  77. Janganlah terlalu taksub dgn hal ni kerana sedar atau tak, kita secara tak langsung sedang mengaitkan agama dgn politik.. Biarkan dia sajalah.

  78. Actually all of you missed the point. Sabah & Sarawak Christians use the term Allah but pronounce it as allah. Muslims use the same spelling but pronounce the word with a dark L, which is the Arabic way of saying the word. Christians in these 2 states are not capable of pronouncing it this way. Therefore, it should be o.k. to have Allah as god for Christians as well as for Muslims because they have different ways of pronouncing the word..!

  79. If Sabahans were opted to join Singapore instead of Malaysia back in 1961,it is a totally different senorio today. But what could the old Sabahans do? They made a wrong choice or perhaps they didn't know how to choose then. But now it's the time right in front of you for you to scream for a change! And if you don't or you miss it again, sorry man,not even allah or what not can help you.

  80. Pada pandangan saya (tak melibatkan mana2 pihak) kita patut berfkiran positif.. Jangan kerana perkataan 'Allah' tahap profesionlisme kita hilang entah ke mana.. So setiap perkara mmg ada baik burukknya.. Jadi kita kenalah matang dalam membuat penilaian ataupun komen kerana ia menggambarkan pegangan kita k.

  81. Sabahans will not be con by UMNO and their partners in crime barisan nasional anymore.Come GE13 we will throw them out.

  82. Do you know that Dtk C Bongkos Malakun is a famous "Pelakun" or an actor? He had made many movies during his time in PBS, Calun Bebas, PBRS, PBS again and now UPKO. One box-office movie I remember he made was when he defeated his arch-rival a CM in 1999 but in the end they became friend again.

    With his huge wealth, he can buy any PHD as somebody mentioned he got one.

    Dtk C Bongkos Malakun @ Pelakun is the new JUDAS ISCARIOT. And do you know what is the end story of Judas Iscariot?

    Dtk C Bongkos, please attend the Bahasa Malaysia mass regularly so that you will be familiarize the word "ALLAH". Its a shame that our saudara Dtk Nazri, a Minister for PM, is better than you when talking about religion.

  83. Pop Quiz : What is the difference between Clarence Bongkos Malakun & a piece of shit?

    Ans : Nothing, both should be flushed down the toilet and forgotten about.

  84. Clarence Bungkos Malakun ni memang seorang pelakon veteran yg hebat yg sentiasa bertukar watak....macam2 watak, tak kisah samada sebagai seorang wira atau penyangak, asal kekayaan di dunia terjamin.

    Simply put, he has sold his soul to BN/UMNO - his devil master - he's a devil worshiper!

    I fully agree with St Peter that he shall be burn in hell!

    Van Helsing

  85. Dear Ronnie,

    That is punching below the belt where one's personal life is concerned. One of your commentators is right. What a person does in this life is between him and god in the afterlife.

    That being said, it is good you did not elaborate too much, just enough to be in context.

    The positive thing that has come out of the Herald action (which I do not agree with), is that ALL Malaysians are against any form of irresponsible retaliation. These heinous acts of burning and desecration of places of worship has been very widely condemned and rightly so.

    These are the actions of opportunists, extremists and criminals.

    Also, I wish to thank my Muslim brothers here in WM for their magnanimous gesture to provide safe harbour for our Sunday obligations.

    In as far as Hishammuddin is concerned, let him and the police get on with the job to nab the culprits.

    Opportunist elements acting independently can easily discredit him (and in the process, the Govt) by these reckless deeds, after his statement.

    Ronnie, sorry to use this space to call upon all BN component parties to take heed of the needs and welfare of my fellow brothers and sisters in Sabah.

    The rakyat is now very much more mature to comprehend issues. They are now more aware politically and socially and should not be taken for granted.

    Let us take a 'time out' on this issue and let the relevant parties ponder,reflect and decide.

    Take good care and best regards to brothers and sisters of ALL faiths in Sabah.

    Thank you
    Freddie De Souza

  86. Sabahans and Sarawakians can use Allah in the two states because these two states are fixed deposit in Umno bankslah..otherwise no interests payout in the next eletion. You people know what I mean,,,hah hah hah..but if East Malaysians must leave behind their Allah once they board a plane for Kuala Lumpur which they will have to take Tuhan or God...So I guess for East Malaysians they have two creators one in East Malaysia and one in West Malaysia.
    I wonder which one is more powerful or have the ump....
    Bodoh punya menteri!!!

  87. So we are allowed to used the words 'Allah'...

    Fair enough, accept this decision and move on...there's no need to condemn someone personal life as if ur know him...its just his opinion and weather u accept it or not, thats ur problem...

    I think this issues is already come to an end for us in Sabah..its in Peninsular that this issues is still need to be voice its their problems now and we should focus more on the other issues that still havent solve yet...

    native sabahan

  88. Greetings all...

    It seems like everyone is condemning Datuk Clarence for his brilliant suggestions. I pity myself seeing so many close-minded people out there claimed to be good christians and yet used harsh words and vulgars to attack CBM personally.

    Why is one to question for his religion? Have you people out there realized what had he done for his people?

    1. Have you ever donated a large sum of money to help to build a church in Penampang? Well, Datuk Clarence himself had done it because there was no money allocated in building churches that time..His deed will never be forgotten...He had donated few hundred thousands... Salute to him..

    2. Always support in term of financial aid to the foundation of Monfort Boys - Christian Youth Workshop

    It is better for us to check on what have we contributed so far before condemning others.. God Bless all....


  89. clarence can bungkus and go to hell..if narrow minded muslims in malaya wants to bring hatred feelings among multiracial community in malaysian borneo then we here should consider to re-look our position in the federation..we better exist as a single country combining with true genuine borneo spirit which are sarawak and brunei..

  90. To observer Jan 15 5:16PM

    Can u tell me where this Bongkos guy get the money to donate to the church in Penampang?
    Is it during his tenure with SFI? Where did all the money come from? Hai Seh you must be the kuncu of Bongkos lah!

  91. Can we mention Datuk "Musa" Aman? The word "Musa" refers to a Muslim prophet in the Quran! How do we address most of the politicians in Sabah? What about Datuk Abdul Karim Bujang and Abdul Rahim Ismail, as the words Karim and Rahim are among the 99 names for God according to Islam. And can Datuk John Ghani say his own name? Ghani is also one of the 99 names for God and Datuk John is a Christian! My goodness! Here is an example of a worst case scenario:

    Reporter: Nama Datuk yang penuh apa?
    Datuk John Ghani: Datuk John blabalabla
    Reporter: Nama penuh Datuk siapa!!!!!?
    Datuk John Ghani: Tida buli sebut bah, nanti kana dakwa!
    Reporter: Kenapa?
    Datuk John Ghani: Nama sia tida buli kana sebut oleh urang Kristian! Termasuk la sia sendiri!

  92. Sabahans dont need Malaysia. Malaysia need Sabah. If Sabah cannot get out of this quigmire, then at least kick the Mofo Umno out. Come on Sabahans! getting screwed up the ass for so long, you wanna take it up the ass sommore for 50 years.

  93. This Bungkus @ Bongkos. kenapa bah kamu cakap begitu..tak bagus bah kamu cakap begitu..
    Ok. This Bungkus @ Bongkos has two heads.

    1. One located at the uppermost body where the brain is rightly and suitably located.

    2. The dick head.
    Conclusion. Bongkos @ Bungkus is talking much through his dick head.

  94. My Allah is your Allah, your Allah is my Allah. Najip Bongkos Nazri, Nazri Bungkus Najis. Our Allah is the greatest as he will bungkus all syaitans.

  95. As much as I disagree with Clarence's stand on the "Allah" issue, please refrain from abusing his father's and grandfather's name in your comments. I assure you that he did not ask their permission before giving his views. His father and grandfather are innocent on this matter. It is Clarence, the son that is at fault. And it is Un-Christianly to attack him personally, which is deviating from the main issue at hand.

  96. This is in response to Observer 15/1/10 5.16pm.
    To Observer,
    You are a fool. It is good that CBM donated "hundreds of thousands" to the church, however, from where did he come-up with so much spare cash?

    FYI, there are many other people who have also donated to churches and good causes. There are those who have donated without looking for any acknowledgment. What about those who do community service, volunteers who visit to bring communion to those who are too ill to goto Church? They do not seek acknowledgment from us. These are the people who you should salute.

    Your friend, Bongkos is supposed to be a leader in his community. Should this person act in a manner that would compromise the basic fabric of the people's belief, then why can't some of the public say their thoughts in the matter? It may be Bongkos' personal opinion. However, he has opted to publicize it. To be ridiculed in this forum is rather mild.

    BTW, since when did anyone who posted comments about Bongkos claimed to be a Christian? You are obviously one of those idiots who draws conclusions from obscure information and subsequently convert these illusions into facts in your simple mind.

    I don't consider myself to be a good christian, and I will therefore, refer to you as a STUPID IDIOT for claiming bongkos' warped idea as a brilliant suggestion.

    Observer, you may continue to pity yourself as you are a Stupid Idiot.

  97. Hi guys...we've this "observer" who is the a@@licker of C.Bungkus Bulukun.....must be another Judas wearing Peter's clothing.

  98. Clarence Bungkus has already cross the line and beyond redemption when he insulted the Christians of East Malaysia.His stand that Christians should drop and abandon the usage of Allah in print or uttering is beyond comprehension.

    Yes,I will agree with Ronnie,before claiming to champion the rights of the Christians be certain that your credibility is not tainted,religiously speaking.The sacred sacrament is something you don't want to mess with.Moreover as a public figure,be prepared to be scrutinize by the public.Anything to do with being in the limelight is personal to the eyes of the people,one wrong move and you will be fried.

    Another public figure I notice claiming to champion the Muslims is Lajim Hj.Okin.How can a politician who spends his time gambling in slot machine clubs,can claim himself a Muslim,isn't this haram to Muslims?

    There again,I've yet to hear a politician who is clean anyway.Keep up the good work Ronnie,you are now seen as the most prominent leader in Sabah,outspoken with the honest truth.Sabahans are behind you,unknowingly to you,we have more faith and trust in you then any other leader.

    Pakatan Rakyat Sabah.

  99. Brilliant and well written article Mr.Ronnie Klassen.If this highly charged article doesn't wake up Sabahans,then Sabah is doomed for all eternity.Hopefully Sarawakians will take this cue and kick BN out of Sarawak.

  100. This Observer person appears to be observing this issue through his/her ass. This idiot's view is clouded with shit.

  101. Mr Klassen's suggestion that Sabahans are fed up is an exaggeration. Many people don't even care very much about this Allah issue because they are just too ignorant. Sabah is not a predominantly Christian state. There are Buddhists, Taoists, free thinkers and those whose political inklings are difficult to fathom. Muslims control 35 seats in the legislative assembly out of 60. So go figure.

    Most comments seem to come from people who are very angry not just about a religious issue, but because they are already angry anyway.

    This matter cuts both ways but in the end those non-Muslims who are not able to control their anger will find that Muslims will galvanise themselves in the opposite direction, resulting in a far deeper loss to non-Muslims in the short run.

    It should be important to know that in efforts to replace an unpopular government in this country, the numbers game matters. The non-Muslim will find the deck stacked against them. Therefore it should be pertinent that middle-of-the-road Muslims not be driven into a corner where they will make a decision beneficial to themselves, resulting in a severe defeat to those whose anger became self-defeating.

  102. Everyone is making a big fuss out of nothing. And everyone is falling into Najib's propaganda to hide all the previous pressing matters (ie. mysterious death of teoh beng hock / altantuya, bless them may they rest in peace). While the nation focuses on this issue, and I assure you they will for many more weeks or even months to come, Najib sweeps everything else under the carpet and all is forgotten!

  103. Anon Jan 16 6.40am,

    What are you saying,Muslim dominance? I wonder if you are familiar with Sabah.Even Muslims in Sabah will tell you of their bloodline with the Dusun natives.As to your claimed that Mr Klassen's suggestion is exaggerated,is the oil royalty more then 5%,has Sabahans been deprived of what should rightfully belong to us etc etc?

    Your ignorance on these facts does not quantify you to state your comments.Your claim on Muslims,which Muslims were YOU referring to,the intelligent Muslims or the fallout Muslims that didn't get anything from UMNO? I'm pretty sure you are one of the many disgruntled Muslims that got nothing from UMNO and now trying to crawl into the opposition,with the hope of gaining something.Please stay in UMNO,shits like you is the cause of Sabah's downfall.We are Sabahans not Muslims,Christians or Buddhist.

    Proud Sabahan.

  104. Dtk C Bongkos made a blunder...served him right and I hope he learn his lesson now to be more sensible when dealing with religion...just take a look at the three wise men Tan Sri Dompok, Huguan Siou Dtk Pairin and Bongkos mentor's Tan Sri Herman Luping, "Silence is Golden".

  105. Wow. It seems that everyone is a judge nowadays.

    Anon Jan 16, 7:17 am "Your ignorance on these facts does not quantify you to state your comments."

    Anon Jan 16, 5:40 am "This idiot's view is clouded with shit."

    Oh how nice! We have judges who even wake up at 5:40 am to start judging other people! If we all can slander each other 24/7 like this, the world can see how hardworking we are!

  106. Oh. Yes. When we KDM people needs a leader: the president of the only KDM party in power keeps quiet, our own Huguan Siou also keep quiet, only PBRS president say something and that is "CBM PLEASE KEEP QUIET".

  107. well said about CBM, by the way, Sdr Ronnie, can you do some ground work, whether it is true that CBM bought his "PhD" from Washington International University ( If affirmative, we will appeal to TYT to revoke his JP and SPDK status

  108. Bungkus Bohukun is a colorful character - he like to UNGKIT his so-called contributions to society or "personal loans" to his kuncu-2.

  109. CBK is a loose cannon - a political hasbeen trying 2 make a comeback with blessings from UMNO@BN. YB Don Mojuntin, better watch out coz he might just do a mickey mouse on you

  110. Just wondering whether SPRM is still keeping tabs on CBM, mungkin terpaksa bikin controversial statement just to please UMNO@SPRM so that dia kena NFA (no further action) on his pending files

  111. Mr Klassen, FYI, 1 Malaysia now is 1Borneo + 1Malaya = Malaysia.

  112. Assalamualaikum and peace be with you,

    As a Muslim I personally feel it was very unbecoming of Clarence Bongkos Malakun to issue such a stand down demand to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters in Sabah on the usage of the word Allah.Actually I'm proud that Allah is used among the Christians,and I'm not at all confused unlike my fellow Muslim Malaysians in Semananjung.When we are not convince or uncertain of our Islamic faith that is when we get confuse.

    I think Clarence owes an apology to the Christians in Sabah for his unwarranted demand.As I see it,this is purely a political issue,and Islam is drag into the Frey just to satisfy the greed and lust of power,or should I say lost of power of UMNO.

    Clarence was used as an instrument by UMNO,and he was fully aware of the consequence before him.I am certain Clarence sudah dapat pampasan,atau janji akan terimanya.Even a fool will know once thrown into the lions den,he has no chance of survival.But Clarence is no fool,he knew very well what he was getting into,so like a man full of greed he jump into the opportunity.

    As a Muslim,I'm very embarrass and shock on what happen to the churches in Semananjung.I thank Allah that such incidents did not take place in Sabah.On a personal note,I think the article of Saudara Ronnie was well written,from the heart just a little carried away,nonetheless brilliantly expressed.

    Ismail Harun.

  113. Hi Annon Jan 16, 7:41AM,
    Did you also wake-up early to enter your post at 7.41AM? Don't think so....

    BTW, does anyone know what was his PhD for... Politics or Religion?

  114. Muslim dominance? No. Familiar with Sabah? Yes. In the last general elections, the opposition managed 1 state seat (Tawau) and 1 parliamentary seat (KK). Out of 60 seats, KDMs are majority in 17 and the Chinese in only 8. UMNO has gerrymandered the electoral boundaries to ensure power. You can bang your head against the gate post, but the reality will not change.

    Therefore, to change reality as many would wish, many Muslims will have to think differently but believe me, if the non-Muslims campaign on sensitive religious issues, the Muslims will do likewise.

    I don't know where you were in 1985 when Sabahans got very angry with Harris Salleh over islamisations and the Labuan issue but I was there.

    When I met Pairin the night before PBS was launched (he was in Pasok with Ignatius Malanjun for a while, our friend Clarence Bongkos was disqualified as a candidate in Penampang), he told me to my face that "the Kadazans will never trust the Muslims!" To which I said, well and good, but do you seriously expect the Muslims will support you with that kind of attitude?

    In that landmark elections, half of the Chinese supported PBS as well as almost 80% of KDMs. 70% of Muslims went back to support USNO and Mustapha. Mustapha and Pairin had an understanding to form a coalition government. When PBS secured enough seats to form the government (USNO captured 16 seats and Berjaya was left with only 6), it decided to abandon USNO. What happened next and in the next few years were awful.

    Just where is Pairin now and why is he not saying anything?

    1985 was when anger worked for many people. Many are hoping that this time around things will work on a pretty similar fashion. When the anger subsided and reality sunk in, many were left wondering if it was all worth it. Many wished that Harris should have been allowed to continue with his vision of progress but Sabah had changed forever.

    I would certainly agree that Sabahans are more able to accept multiracialism than those in the peninsula. No one should know more than me. But politically, people are divided. Pairin started this divide in 1985 and UMNO came along and ensure this should prolong. To install a truly non-racial and non-religious political movement is extremely difficult.

    Call me an UMNO shit for all you like (for I am not)but look carefully at the political scenario on the ground and you will see some sense. Put Musa Aman as a candidate in Moyog and see what happens. Surely he will lose. Put Pairin in Bongawan and see what will happen. Or put a Muslim Kadazan as a candidate in Kiulu on a PBS or UPKO ticket and see if he wins (he won't even be fielded).

    That is the sad reality. So don't ever think we are capable of thinking beyond narrow considerations.

  115. Sdr Ismail,
    I totally agree with u on this - mungkin d pingat PGDK dan IDS chairman did d job plus maybe an ADUN position in the near future as well..tunggu dan lihat on this one

  116. Mr. Ronnie Klassen - I am 100% with anon on CBM's PhD status, can you do some checking? It is very interesting to know whether he is qualified to be a JP, kalau fake PhD, buyuk sama orang sabah, meaning to say that he is not qualified to be a JP!!

  117. I beg to differ with Saudara Ismail. As an avid reader of this blog, I feel that this post is a new low for Mr Klassen who has resulted to personal attacks. I hope that this trend does not continue otherwise that is one reader down. May not mean much to Mr Klassen as he is very popular now.

    Kind regards,


  118. Churches burnt and bombed for show of unhappiness for the use of name ALLAH. Let us get this name straight, ALLAH means god in Arab but Arabs never banned the usage of the word but what happen to local Malays or more better called culture copycats. These malay people according to history refers to Jawanese and sumaterans who migrated from indonesia. Due to the different type of cultures existed here so they had culture shock and adapted and started claiming those belongs to them! Language, tradition, food, cultures of India and China also great many things were adapted by Malays to reach this stage of human civilization but from research there is some elements of fanatism being spoken during Friday prayers that is seditious and provocative that mislead so many Muslims to do such a bloodyfool arson and damage of Churches, We realy need to monitor the seditious words used in ceramah's by racists inside mosque. Every riot and bad foolish demonstrations are happening only after friday prayers, why? Bahasa Malaysia is a new language comprising of stolen words from English, Parsi, Tamil,Urdu and others. If only we remove these words from B.Malaysia it would be like car without steering or like a garland of flower on a monkeys neck! Religion is to unite , never it will divide but politics trashes the unity and evil comrades who ceramah seditious words sends unity to garbage yet again!

  119. Hellooo guys go read God Without Religion by Sankara Saranam then you all will open your eyes and see things clearly!!!

    The root of the spiritual problem we face today is the intense competitiveness we have injected into religion. Each of us believes our religion is the best and it is incumbent upon us to save the world by converting everyone else to our mode of worship.

  120. I think Sabah & Sarawak should exit Malaysia now and join up with Singapore to form a new federation.
    You have no future in Malaysia. Wake up and do something for the future of your children

  121. This is the Lord's Prayer in Arabic.

    Abana alathie fi asamawat
    li yatakadas ismok
    li ya’atie malakotok
    litakon mashia tok
    kama fisama
    kathaleka ala al ard.
    A’atinia khubzana
    kafafa yawmina,
    wa igfer lana khatayana,
    kama nahnu naghfer
    la man akhta’a elayna,
    wa la tudkhilna
    fit a jareeb;
    laken najjina
    min ashireer.

  122. wonder why singapore left malaysia?

  123. "Bend over Sabah and prepare to take it in the a$$!" - those are the real words Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun.

    Sabahans should stand up, or forever be the servant of the might malay elite of U_MNO.

  124. ANON- Are you saying that DAP Dr Hiew is also a fake degree holder??

  125. Why so much fuss over all these fake degrees, degrees and doctorate are easily available now, you can buy them online even...and what has it got to do with what is going on with the Allah issue? You people instead of discussing the on going issue you are just doing character assasination.
    Most of the Malaysian YBs have fake degrees one way or another. Having degrees is nothing but having the brain is another. Some people with three PHDs still hopeless in real life.They are just book smart but not in real life.
    In Malaysia now everybody seems to have degrees, either earned through studying, buying or honorary. So no big deal. Just like Datukships and JPs. Walk around in KK throw a stone you are bound to strike a Datuk or a JP.These things have become so cheap lah but food is becoming expensive.

  126. The solution to the problem of the term Allah or God is a general election.
    The present line-up in the ruling governmet is a line-up of hypocrites and religious zealots.
    Najib and Hishamuddin were the one who had encouraged the vandalisms by giving such encouraging statements that the government is powerless to act on demonstration in mosques as long as it does not spill out of the compound. This is a boost for those pea brain zealots to start fire bombing churches and vandalising other houses of worship.
    Had these two cousins isuued a tough and uncompromising statements to both Muslims and Christians, all this things would not have happened. Now Malaysia is on the international watch list on religious freedom and human rights violations.
    Another point is that what has been going on is a strategy to divert the attention from the stolen jet fighter engines fiasco, the PKFZ and the many other hanky panky stuff.
    Now the focus is on religion but it has backfired.
    Malaysia memang boleh!!!

  127. Another moron menetri of change my mode giving out stupid statement on the usage of internet especially facebook and twitter. This kampung mentality minister is saying crap just for the sake of trying to do the B polishing. I am asahmed of this no speak English minister. He should have retired long time ago after his big time buddy buddy TDM stepped down. Malaysia needs new young open minded ministers instead of crappy old, senile goons. No more ignorant,hypocrites and punks who talk like big gangsta!!!
    Malaysia is going back to stoneage now.
    Soon Malaysians will be riding camels and horses.

  128. Malaysia is doomed!
    Read what an idiot this guy is!!!
    An uncompromising moron who does not want peace and stability. He wants to go back to fishing and live in thatched huts

    Jakim Tolak Cadangan Tubuh Majlis Perundingan Agama

    PETALING JAYA: Penubuhan majlis rundingan antara agama dikuatiri hanya akan menimbulkan lebih banyak konflik yang membimbangkan serta gagal mencapai matlamat asalnya iaitu bagi membolehkan wakil agama berbincang dan mencari kesefahaman berhubung pelbagai isu pada masa depan.

    Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim), Datuk Wan Muhammad Sheikh Abdul Aziz berkata, pihaknya tidak bersetuju dengan langkah yang mungkin diambil oleh kerajaan itu.

    "Saya tidak begitu setuju dengan cadangan berkenaan kerana dengan penubuhannya mungkin akan menimbulkan lebih banyak masalah mengenai isu-isu agama," katanya kepada mStar Online di sini hari ini.

  129. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak can count his lucky stars that he did not enjoy the same faith as George Bush,the shoe hurling fiasco,when he made this statement.....

    RIYADH - MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Najib Razak said attacks on churches in his country were a 'minor aberration' that did not reflect the feelings of most Malaysian Muslims, in an interview published on Sunday.

    'This is a minor aberration. National unity and mutual respect between various racial and religious communities in Malaysia has been a cornerstone of Malaysia for a long time,' he said in the interview with Okaz newspaper and published in its English-language sister, the Saudi Gazette. 'It should not be seen as a widespread attempt by the larger Muslim community to attack churches in Malaysia,' he said.

    CNN Correspondent Riyadh.

  130. Akinabalu,

    As a Muslim,I fully support the cause of Saudara Ronnie Klassen is expressing his stand on the Allah issue.I haven heard any Christian leaders in Sabah coming forward in defending the Christian community.Even if they have,it has just been "touch and go".I don't consider at all that his post is "low"as you ignorantly describe.

    The word Allah must never be MISUSED,unlike leaders in Malaysia who have misused the name of Allah just to get away with murder as an example.Saudara Ronnie you have earned you place in society and a new icon for the people of Sabah.Keep up the good work,I can confidently say my Muslim brothers and sisters are also behind you.

    Ismail Harun.

  131. Akinabalu,
    You are most welcome to leave if you don't like what you read here. It's upto you.
    Not too sure what you mean by a low blow on bongkos made by Ronnie. Actually, what bongkos did could be construed as more than 100 low blows to the Christian community (which he thinks he is a part of, however, his actions indicate otherwise).

    Pls keep it up, Ronnie.

  132. I agree with Abang Ismail,Saudara Ronnie memang icon terbaru bagi kami rakyat Sabah.Ramai generasi muda baik kaum muslim,christian,tiong hua dan hindu menyokong penuh suara kebangkitan yang diyuarakan olih Saudara Ronnie.Perjuangan ini akan kami ikuti.

    Hidup Saudara Ronnie,teruskan perjuangan.We are behind you all the way.

    Barisan reformasi sabah.

  133. Respect the Constitution? To whom is the statement directed? Christians have always respect the Constitution being the minority.
    Malaysian Christians have sacrifice so much.
    I wonder how much more the Christians have to sacrifice? The Cross?

    Muslim, Christian NGOs meet over attacks on houses of worship

    KUANTAN, Sun: Seventeen Muslim non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and 13 Christian NGOs in Pahang met today to seek consensus in addressing the issue of attacks on houses of worship recently.
    Among the NGOs involved were the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim), Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia, All-Malaysia Federation of Muslim Undergraduates, the Kuantan Baptist Church, Kuantan Chapel and Victory Assembly.

    Abim deputy president Amidi Abdul Manan said a muhibah (solidarity) statement would be disseminated to the people in Pahang, besides proposing to all NGOs nationwide to hold such meetings as the result was positive.

    "We held this meeting as we realised that unity depended on harmonious co-existence of the various races and that everyone has a role to play in preserving peace and prosperiy in this country," he said after the meeting here.

    Meanwhile, a representative of the Christian priests here, George Lau, urged all quarters to respect the provisions on religion in the Federal Constitution.

    "As NGOs, we urge the parties responsible to end the disturbance which has caused uneasiness among the public," he said.

    Lau said those who attacked churches and mosques (over the "Allah" issue) should be immediately brought to book.

    He said that NGOs would always support initiatives to enhance interaction and understanding among people of different religions. -- BERNAMA

  134. Why Christians have to drop the use of ALLAH?Clarence is totally a jerk!We have been using it for centuries yet nothing have happened to us.Don't blame us for using that name. You have to blame YOURSELF!We have to import the bible from the Indonesia and that's how we got the Malay version.You guys are totally racist!

  135. Orang2 di Sabah bukan tolol.Kami ni ada perasaan juga.Walaupun kejadian berlaku di KL namun ia turut menjejaskan kami di sini.Hanya kerana ALLAH,orang bertelagah macam tiada besuk. Berbaloi kah?U all mau cepat kiamat kah?

  136. One of your reader said,'wonder why Singapore left Malaysia?'Singapore was 'sacked' from Malaysia by the then PM Tunku Abd Rahman.How I wish the present PM would sack Sabah from the Federation.With all the natural resources to ourselves,we could be the richest nation in the region,instead of being the poorest state in Malaysia as a result of being sucked dry by KL.

  137. nonsense,
    Dunia akan kiamat pada tahun 2012.
    Jadi biarlah mereka bertelagah, siapa yang ada iman akan selamatlah.
    Kepada mereka yang masih belum sedar insaflah sebelum terlambat.
    Nama Allah atau Tuhan atau God pun mereka berebut. Siapa itu Tuhan, Allah atau God. Bukan kah itu tuhan itu satu sahaja.
    Tuhan, Allah atau God adalah sama.

  138. Anon(Jan 18, 2010 8.51AM)

    Saya rasa tidak payah tunggu sampai 2012.Bila2 masa pun kiamat juga bagi saya.Apa yang berlaku adalah di kawalan saya.Walaupun membiarkan mereka bertelagah adalah cara yang konkrit,tapi ia hanya menegangkan keadaan.Macam mana pun,umat Kristian tetap mempertahankan mezbah kita bahawa Tuhan ALLAH adalah satu dan mahakuasa!

  139. Mungkin ni tanda- tanda mahu kiamat ba ni. Jadi sama2 la kita bebaskan diri dari kebencian, kemarahan dan segala perkara yang -ve.
    Sudah sampai masanya kita memperbaiki kelemahan diri. Barangsiapa yang sedar, tahu2 la apa yg perlu dibuat k.

  140. Hey!Don't cause more confusion and tension among the people. We are tired to hear craps all along and some other kind of threats are coming.Those stupid thing won't take you anywhere.It will bring more harm than good.

  141. Hahaha.. calm down folks :)
    Everything going to be OK soon. Just have faith in God k.

  142. Sudah lah tu. Prosiding mahkamah pun belum selesai, buat apa kita mau bising2. Tak pasal2 kita jadi panas baran macam orang yg bakar gereja di semenanjung tu. adii, jangan marah bei nanti tinggi darah. hehheee

  143. Hal ni da pun reda. Janganlah kita api-apikan lagi. Nanti tebakar, kan susah. hehe

  144. Si Clarence ni pun suka betul buat lawak. Tengok kan dah banyak orang melatah. hehhe
    Cakap pasal kompromi, saya rasa semua pihak harus bertoleransi antara 1 sama lain. Barulah adil dan aman dunia. hehhee

  145. At last, PBS Huguan Siou Dtk Pairin give his statement regarding the "ALLAH" issue. Well, he said that consultation is the best and the clue is there to solve this problem.

    I agreed with him when he said that religious harmony built over 50 years cannot be taken for granted and should never be compromised.

    Well, of all the Kadazan Christian leader, only Dtk C Bongkos want to compromised, its very, very sad and the only sensible thing to do now is to apologize to the Christian people of Sabah and Sarawak now.

    The late Beatle icon legend John Lennon apologized to the Christian people after he was critized and boycotted when he said that, "The Beatles is more famous than Jesus".

  146. Relax bro & sis, no problems is going to be solve by condemning people and make wild statement...its just going to make matters lets just chill out & have some tea-c together k...

    native sabahan

  147. Fellow friends...
    Gone gone gone....
    Aminah, Bungsu, Siput & so on ...These are muslim names
    Linda, Nadia,Isabella & so on... These are Christian names adopted by our muslim sisters.. Christian just keep quite...
    Al'lah / El'lah / El'loi are middle eastern words...Boleh pakai di sana...
    H'mmm Malaysia got two for West Malaysia & one for East malaysia
    Compromised,,,Compromised as suggested by CBM h'mmm next we compromise again not to use the word "AMEN" cos it sound Arabic... WHAT SAY YOU FELLOWS ?????

  148. Has anybody been arrested over the burning of churches? Surely there must be some suspects.

  149. Alllllaaaah emm macam alah small matter ba... Gila2 siapa yang rasa ini isu adalah isu. Tidak pun macam isu. sot2 kan orang sikarang ni. Bulih @ tidak kami mau juga guna nama Allah. Buka ada cop mohor pun yang 2 adalah hak milik tertentu.

  150. Allah" comes from the Arabic word "elah" - (Arabic) means 'a god' or something that is worshipped. This word (elah) can be made plural, as in "aleha" and it can be male or female. "Allah" comes from "elaha" but it brings more clarification and understanding.

  151. DAP Hiew might be another "fake PhD" suspect. According to DAP sources, he graduated from a so-called american international university

  152. As a Catholic from Penampang. I can vouch that this blog by Ronny Klassen about Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun that he has broken the most sacred sacriment of the church is NOT TRUE at all!

    Datuk Malakun is a good Catholic and nobody should dispute this. If you check your facts right, which I am sure Klassen has not, his first marriage was overseas and was not even registered in Malaysia.

    Unfortunately, some marriages do often does not work out and people do get separated from each other for various private reasons.

    His case is indeed not the first one and will certainly not be the last.

    Datuk Malakun's second marriage was solemnized at a Catholic Church in Penampang and therefore to say that he has broken the rules of the Catholic Church is not true and he is perfectly entitled to receive Catholic Communion.

    If other people should criticize the circumstances of his marriage it is better if people like Ronny Klassen to get his facts right rather than slander people without knowing the real truth.

    I hope that this matter is clarified so that no further damage is done due to being misinformed by Ronny Klassen.

  153. Nobody likes it when something very precious for them is being taken away. so do I, as a full-pledge Sabahan that is I do understand.

    However, I am very concern to note so many people from this peaceful state becoming more vicious.

    Why should we incite anger and hatred? Is it necessary to call for Sabah to quit Malaysia? Can we really survive the threat of the Philippines and Indonesia once Sabah is out of Malaysia?

    Many made their comments here as though they know everything about their religion. Yes, I am not an expert nor am a very pious man but one thing I know Christianity does not endorse violence ...

    And for accusing 'giant killer' CBM (as he defeated Dompok when he was Sabah Chief Minister in Moyog if anyone of you care to remember)as an evil Christian for proposing to compromise and ensure our peace and harmony is maintain makes the accusers no less better.

    I read CBM's statement in the newspapers and I can see that being the leader of the JPs (who by the way are supposed to promote Peace and Justice, he only wanted the chaos to stop ... in other way - you all can take and eat the word just leave us alone.

    Mr blogger sir, does it makes you less a Christian if the word is not use in the Herald?

    And does it makes you a better Christian by harping on someone else's private family matters? I agree with Akinabalu.

    This is just my 3 sen comment ... I just want us to enjoy live in peace and quiet. Maybe you dont see this. Dont provoke anger among the people.

    Use your so-called popularity with full of responsibility.

    (you may want delete this comment, I dont care)

    C u around

  154. Source:

    'Not all honorary doctorates were bought'
    Kota Kinabalu: The public should not regard all recipients of honorary doctorates as having acquired them through fraudulent means, according to DAP Bureau Chief Hiew King Cheu.

    Hiew, who claims to have obtained his through "sheer hard work" said although some are known to bought them through "donations" to dubious varsities, bona fide universities also confer a certain number of honorary doctorates on individuals for their contributions to society or various fields of human endeavour.

    Thus, he sees nothing wrong if holders in the second category use the acronym "Dr" before their names. He cited former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad who had received numerous honorary doctorates although he is also a qualified medical doctor.

    Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Shafie Mohd Salleh said Tuesday that the Federal Cabinet had decided that those conferred honorary doctorates can no longer use the title "Dr" in order that the public is not confused as who had obtained such prestigious acronym through genuine study and who did not.

    It has also surfaced that dubious institutions have been offering these titles to gullible members of the public for a fee.

    Asked where he got his doctorate, Hiew claimed he had to submit a thesis that he worked on for a year to the International American University, as part of his external degree.

    Those pursuing PhDs are conferred doctorates admitting them into the university's Rolls and use of the acronym "Dr" or Doctor of Letters.

    Normal study for PhDs may take three to four years of full time course work in universities, with the submission of a voluminous thesis in the final year being a major requirement.

    It is believed that several prominent personalities in the State had acquired their honorary doctorates by making "donations" ranging from RM20,000 to RM100,000 or more.

    This excludes the air fare and cost of flying in the "deans" of these varsities for the special graduation.

    The are also a number of agents in Sabah and Sarawak offering such doctorates for RM30,000 including visiting the university concerned for the "graduation."

  155. Why is everybody harping over fake PHDs. What has this fake PHDs have to do with the Allah issue. It seems that this is just personal attacks and totally out of topic.

  156. Anon 21st,4.04am,

    Marriage is made in heaven as the holy scripture will tell you.The Lord said"What I have join men must not divide".

    I'm not wanting to shoe polish our Ronnie,but if you are truly a Catholic please continue reading the bible before you make a total fool of yourself.Does it show anyway in the Lords words that it's okay to marry in another country and yet marry again in your own country?The Muslim and Christian faith is UNIVERSAL,please understand that and don't confuse yourself.

    This is more of a political issue and CBM is a tool,period.

  157. CBM's PhD degree is original! I hope that parties should stop diputing the fact that he earned his doctorate the right way...bukan kena beli punya

  158. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Clarence Bongkos Malakun JP - please repent before it's too late

  159. anon 21st 7:18pm.

    Please don't confused yourself as you do not know the circumstances behind the matter.

    You don't know any background to the issue here.

    Your are not an informed individual.

    And you're comments are inciting other readers to politicize the issue.


  160. anon 21st 10:43pm

    we all need to repent. we are all sinners. don't try to pull off another 'holier than thou' move here.

  161. Ronnie Klassen's new found hero is Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok. It is common knowledge around Penampang that Dompok never married in the Catholic church so his marrigae to his present wife, Puan Sri Diana Alip must be a "Pagan marriage". If Bernard goes to a Catholic Church service then in Ronnie Klassen's book, he should not be allowed to receive the Holy Sacrement.

  162. O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things. But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth against those who practice such things. And do you think this, O man, you who judge those practicing such things, and doing the same, that you will escape the judgment of God?" (Romans 2:1-3). "Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful. Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you" (Luke 6:36-38).

    We may not judge in matters of opinion. "Receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to disputes over doubtful things. For one believes he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats only vegetables. Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him. Who are you to judge another's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand" (Romans 14:1-4). "But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. For it is written: 'As I live, says the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God.' So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother's way" (Romans 14:10-13).

    * personal attacks, holier than thou attitude etc. etc.

  164. Don't condemn Tan Sri Bernard Dompok. He is a Good Catholic and everybody knows that. If you want to talk about other leader's marriage background, then what about Tan Sri Joseph Kurup? He was married to a Penampang girl in a Catholic church then divorce her when he met another girl from Penang, while studying at ITM Shah Alam. He never divorce his first wife. Does that make him more Catholic than Bernard? If you want to dig Bernard's marital backgroud then dig other leader's too. That is only fair if you consider fairness is a good christian value.

  165. Ummm, Anyone who is a good catholic will not make a good politician. So if you say clarence or bernard are good Catholics, then something wrong with your definition of good catholic.

    I'm no expert, but, I think it is against the catholic teaching to jump in bed with a girl out of wedlock. Better relook at you definition of good catholic.

  166. Hi Anon 21st Jan 4.04am

    You seem to be quite a shallow and gullible person. You have contradicted and discredited your own posting.

    If your friend, malakun is such a good catholic, why didn't he marry his first wife in church? Shouldn't he present the love of his life to God? As a good catholic, why did he bang his 1st wife out of wedlock? (as you stated, technically not married caused not in church)?
    He may not have, technically broken one of the sacraments, but by NOT marrying his 1st wife in a catholic church appears to contradict the actions of a good catholic.

    Your proclaimation that malakun 'is a good catholic and nobody should question this'... does not appear to be valid nor it is logical la. No need to get any facts right as this conclusion is made from what is written in your single posting.
    Look forward to be entertained with more of your stupidity.
    Hope this clarifies how much of a gullible simpleton you are.

  167. Its look like you people are attacking our KDM leader's personal life, well I think I like to add something about Penampang YB Tan Sri Bernard Dompok. Actually his first wife if I'm not mistaken has passed away and whats wrong that he remarried, he did not committed any sin.

    If we want to dig deeper again, I think "banyak lagi akan terbongkar" so we better stop here because this is not our business.

  168. There's an unconfirmed rumor that Clarence Bongkos Malakun will be appointed a SENATOR soon.Can anyone confirm this?

  169. so CBM's statement on the "Allah" issue is a strategic prelude to his incoming appointment as senaotor???

  170. WHAT Senator,if this is true....Sabahans politicians are a despicable group of that has brought shame not only to their community but to their people.Selling their soul to the devil is uncommon here.

    CBM,you are a disgrace to the KDM's.Who gave you the right anyway to tell us Christians to drop the word Allah.Are you the Pope??Better go and repent,I rather listen to our beloved blogger,at least he is fighting for the Christians.Ronnie puts his life on the line for us,you CBM you put your hidden agenda first.

    Penampang Warrior.

  171. I am just wondering...why all the spite against CBM??? Lies..lies..lies all over the place. CBM's degrees are all authentic fake ones

  172. I think the commenter Anonymous on January 25 2010 1.41 am is a sarcastic person.

  173. Hi Anon Jan 25 1.41AM
    You were asking why all the spite against Bongkos... think it's because he asked the christians to compromise and stop using the word Allah.
    You should read the top of the page before the bottom you MORON!

  174. Hi Anon 21Jan 6.21AM

    Would just like to give you my 1 cent worth as well.... Perhaps bongkos should have just kept his big mouth shut in order to keep the peace.

    You also mentioned " promote peace and harmony". Would you think continous compromise would lead to harmony or would it lead to living under suppression? You decide.

  175. Enuf of CBM bashing here..

    CBM Fan Club

  176. Another bogus university on d prowl in Malaysia... a so-called University of Bolton ( churning tons of degrees

  177. The Huguan Guntalou should state his stand on this.........

  178. KDM,

    Apa you orang mau gado-gado? U orang tau ka, u orang bumi bukan?, Tapi projek u orang ada lapat ka?. Ronnie pandai sakap saja.. prjek sumua orang Sarawak sama Melayu Pakistan saja lapat...HA..HA..HA.

    U orang aa...tila pandai pikir..oh....undi Pakistan...masuk silam mau projk.. tapi..projek.. orang KL kasi sama gua..HA..HA..HA.. Bolo la u Orang

  179. "DR" Hamzah Amir - PKR is also a fake "PhD" holder from Irish International University

  180. I think we need to flush out the fake DRs be it from BN or PR

  181. I think not all sabahans are angry or not happy with our Govt. Yeah, as we know, we are human and we do mistake once. I think we should put our hands together and support our Govt.

  182. Life goes on...forgive, forget and unite
    CBM is a, just forget about him and proceed to the next level

  183. lets just forgive and forget...we must keep the level of tension at east at all cost...some how there a certain individuals who have their own intention and gain starting this all up and almost succesfully get what they want...

    native sabahan

  184. acually issue ini tidak akan timbul apabila kita saling menghormati hak semua oorang beragama.

  185. Native Sabahan,
    Don't understand what you are trying to say...

  186. dear sabahan friends,
    lets us ignore people who are keep blaming others. we must be stay alert that this kind of issue that can make other people who want to interrupt in leading this country.

  187. not all people has the same thought like 'narrow minded person' at peninsular side.

  188. think at positive side, what we gave is return to us back. the oil royalty is shared with people in Malaysia. its depend to uor CM how use and develop their state. seems Sabah develop more than 5 years ago.

  189. U r a fool SayurSabah

  190. SayurSabah has a vegetable for a brain

  191. Gabriel you moron. Learn how to read english before you type.

  192. Sayursabah has sayur kangkung for a brain...

  193. BN is the only option for the people and the bottom line people


  194. Jojo
    I totally agree with you -- BN is the right choice

  195. Jojo and Anon Feb12, 1.58am are stupid idiots. What has Jojo's statement got to do with this article?
    Are you both retarded or the same retard?

  196. JoJo -- president, CBM fan Club

  197. Hear, hear my countrymen, Datuk C Bongkos Malakun is hereby confirmed the new "Judas Iscariot, the Traitor" because he did not apologize to date regarding the "ALLAH" issue. Thank you.

  198. DCBM will always be a judas...a traitor

  199. Ronnie - did u check whether CB Malakun is a fake PhD holder???