Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sabah police foil bid by Christian group to hold peaceful demo

January 6th 2010 at 2pm will go down in history as the day,a group of brave concerned Sabahans shook Sabah with their stand on the Allah issue.I thank the reporters and editors who interviewed me.

Out in force, Sabah police on Wednesday foiled an attempt by a group of Church activists to hold a peaceful gathering in Penampang- the heartland of the Christian community in the state.

Worried by the angry outburst against non-Muslims using the word Allah, they had wanted to publicly urge Prime Minister Najib Razak to show that he is a leader for all Malaysians and not just the Malays and the Muslims.

"I got a call from ASP Wan Badrul to call off the gathering in view of the sensitivity of the matter.I told him that the gathering would go on and assured that it would be peaceful. No shouting, no loud haler and no unruly behavior. But he was uncompromising and we could see they were crawling all over Penampang. So we decided to call it off as there were a few elderly people involved and we did not want any untoward incident," Ronnie Klassen, the organizing activist and PKR leader said in an interview.

Ironically when the Acting OCPD of Penampang,ASP Wan Badrul did not allow the gathering of the group of Church Activist in Penampang,in Kuala Lumpur the Home Ministry will allow a public demonstration against the “Allah” ruling, planned by Muslim groups this Friday at the Kampung Baru mosque here, to proceed and will only take action if “things get out of hand.”

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein Onn told a press conference here at a post-Cabinet meeting that the developments will be monitored and that action will only be taken if the need arises.Why the double standards?

“If Prime Minister Najib is sincere in his 1Malaysia, then this would be the time for him to prove his intentions. Confusion only occurs if it is meant for political reasons as in the case in Malaysia today. We hope that he will continue to respect Sabahans and Sarawakians on their continued usage of the word Allah. There should not be any confusion by our Muslim Brothers and Sisters as there is only one Allah and we should be proud to acknowledge him together.”

While not large, the core group of some 60 ‘old-faithfuls’ have been very effective in their outreach programmes. In April 2009, Ronnie managed to gather 20,000 signatures on a petition to the federal government not to ban the Catholic Herald, from the word Allah in its Malay-language section.

Part of their heritage

According to Ronnie, Sabahans and Sarawakians have been using the word Allah in churches well before the formation of Malaysia in 1963. This was a historical fact and Christian leaders in the Umno-Barisan Nasional should do more to explain this to the federal government.Have they forgotten that the people put them there and can also remove them? Similarly, PM Najib should not pretend not to know history and bury his head in the sand about this issue.

“The history of Christianity in Sabah and Sarawak goes a long way back in time, approximately 4 centuries ago,1818 to be exact. The Seventh Day Adventist Church had pastors from Indonesia who would conduct sermons in Bahasa Indonesia, thus the word 'Allah' was frequently used,” said Ronnie.

“Malay then became the medium of instruction in Sabah and Sarawak when the Education Act 1961 was extended to these states. But this led to a decline in English proficiency among Sabahan and Sarawakian Christians and resulted in a greater use of BM in Christianity. It was in 2003 after a controversy over the Iban Bible that the then Prime Minister allowed Malay-language bibles on the condition that it is labeled ‘Not for Muslims’.

“So what is frustrating the majority of Sabahans now is the total silence of the Christian BN leaders like Huguan Siou, Joseph Pairin Kitingan. Why isn’t he and the other Christian leaders doing more to explain this part of our heritage to the PM and the federal cabinet? Why aren’t they speaking up for the community? Where are they when they are needed?


  1. "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord".May the Alimighty Allah bless you and your family.You will go down as Sabah's true son in defending Sabah rights.

    Penampang activist.

  2. I honestly don't understand what's the fuzz is all about.I'm a Muslim and I also sign the signature campaign,no problem.We are one human race and one Allah,nothing wrong in my brother christians calling god Allah.

    Ismail Harun.

  3. Ronnie,

    Thanks for your latest articles. As I posted-in my critical comments into Marina Mahathir's blog, I repeat again that certain Malaysian's Muslim esp in Semenanjung Malaysia are really like "KATAK DI BAWAH TEMPURUNG". They lack the bigger VISION of humanity and yes, I 100% agree with you, they also lack "pengetahuan sejarah" perkembangan agama Kristiani in Sabah and Sarawak, because they lived under the comfort zone of the coconut shell. Therefore, instead of progressing they become "regressing" in their religious way of lives in relation to the other believer of ALLAH.

    Nevertheless, I pray for them, they are our brothers and sisters in ALLAH. May ALLAH have compassion for them for THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CRITISING ABOUT ON THE ISSUE OF ALLAH.

    Alleluia ALLAH ALMIGHTY !!!

  4. Please don't waste your time doing pointless stuff. This issue is not worth the drama.

  5. Ismail Harun,

    This is what embracing religion is all about. Respect other's belief and faith. A good religion teaches faith, compassion, respect and love. Not inciting hatred and discrimination. A good follower will seek to equip himself with all these values. You have my respect bro.

  6. Muslims who call out "Peace be upon you." Are acting like uncivilized goons. Staging protests and causing rackets. See the Christians. Peaceful gatherings. Muslim carry cow heads and yell their heads out on loudspeakers. See how the Indians deal with it. Peaceful gatherings for prayers, even invite some of the Muslims to join them.

    My dear Muslim friends. Practice what you preach.

    Peace be upon you

  7. They are so concerned when Christians are having a gathering. Why didn't they go make sure that there will be no hollering or shouting during the Muslim's protest?

  8. A person who has pure faith in his/her religion should not fear anything...least of all the use of certain words. When a person fears this, then he/she is in doubt of his/her own religion. “Do not do unto others what you would not like them to do to you.” >>>Be a Malaysian.....a ONE MALAYSIAN for god's sake.


  9. good morning.

    i stumped into this verse in the bible. its from isaiah 55:12.

    For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.



  10. Catholics have been using the term for decades. Why wait until this day to protest? I won't get too worked up about this issue. It is likely to be a passing rain. It will stop, soon. I hope.

  11. Dear Ismail Harun,
    Thank you very much for your support; if only more Malaysians are like you, there will be peace and goodwill especially in mainland West Malaysia.
    May Allah look after you and your family!

  12. I am disgusted! This all I have to say, because no words can say enough how these anti-Christs people are behaving!!!

  13. Franklyn speaking, the situation here obviously bias. Why do they can do a demonstration but we can't? This is unfair.

  14. Ismail, I am sure the majority has the same thinking like you, it's the politicians who play up the issue. Be blessed.

  15. Just, let Sabahans use the word of Allah. If you are still stop us, we will turn just like the Avatar did.

  16. Ronnie, don't hope for Pairin to speak on behalf of the Christian comunity in Malaysia and in Sabah in particular. If he were in the opposition he would have been the first to defend the "Allah" issue, any other issues detrimental to Sabahans.

    Since his Party PBS has been readmitted to BN, it is regarded as the 'fixed deposit' for UMNO. Do you notice that Musa Aman was quick to defend Pairin that the latter 'can cope' as State Assemblyman as well as Parliamentarian? He and his Party PBS are fixed deposit of UMNO in Sabah. So, how do you expect Pairin to go against his puppeteers? This 'self preservation' attitude rules in Malaysian politics.

  17. Reminds us of the Tengku Razaleigh and the sigar incident of 1990! An issue was made out of a non-issue and UMNO exploited it to the maximum, which ensured it victory in most Malay-majority areas. This Allah issue too is no different!

  18. This 'Allah' word is only a word. We can share the word and there is nothing wrong, isn't it? Enough of this issue. All human in this world have right to use any words they like. Democracy man.!

  19. kerajaan tidak sepatutnya bertindak bias dalam memutuskan sesuatu keputusan. Hal ini kerana di Malaysia terdapat pelbagai kaum yang perlu diberikan perhatian. Bukan hanya kaum sahaja dan bukan hanya 1 agama sahaja yang dilebihkan perhatian. Jadi sebaiknya kerajaan menilai sedalam2nya isu ini.

  20. Pinkyest me,

    That's because we don't have to.

  21. Ismail,

    All the other Muslims who are involved with the Allah feud should take a leaf out of your book. God bless.

  22. Sorry-lah fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, the protest is only meant for UMNO muslim believers, that's why our PM and Home Minister say they can't stop the protest tomorrow by muslim. So, this is what 1 Malaysia concept is all about? well, 1-Malay, to be exact. The country is now getting more pathetic than 55 years ago. Wake up for those who still believe UMNO/BN can help Sabah, see the true color of UMNO!!

  23. My dear Sabahans, you had your day on 8th May 2008 which you did not use wisely... But it's still not late... Hopefully you are wiser now.. Pls do your part in 13th GE.

  24. Dear Sabahans, it is time to say and do something, and kick UMNO out of Sabah.

  25. I think Hindraf and Indians didn't ask for nobody's permission when they build temples or want to pray as per their religion's requirements. Despite a huge clampdown they were determined and made themselves heard in Nov 2007.

  26. Forgive them for their ignorance.
    Blessed is he who come in the name of the Lord.


    Allah (Arabic: الله‎, Allāh, Turkish: Allah, IPA: [ʔalˤːɑːh] ( listen)) is the standard Arabic word for God.[1] While the term is best known in the West for its use by Muslims as a reference to God, it is used by Arabic-speakers of all Abrahamic faiths, including Christians and Jews, in reference to "God".[1][2][3] The term was also used by pagan Meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity in pre-Islamic Arabia.[4]

  28. What bullshit of 1Malaysia is this!!!

    PM: Don't let protest spill over

    KUALA LUMPUR: Muslim groups are free to protest and express their views about the "Allah" issue as long as it does not spill over into something more serious, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    "The authorities are prepared to face any situation.

    "We hope the protests will not spill over. Better still if the protest is minimal," Najib said after opening the first 1Malaysia Clinic here Thursday.

    Najib added that the authorities could not stop groups from gathering at mosques and protesting there.

    "As long as it doesn't spill over into something serious, they can still express their views," he said.

    On Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's opinion that the "Allah" issue cannot be resolved through the courts, Najib said that was his (Dr Mahathir's) view.

    "There will be all kinds of views but while the court process if going on, it requires a lot of dialogue," he said.

  29. Open Letter to YAB Najib Razak,

    We the people of Sabah and Sarawak comprising of Muslim(like myself)Christians(like my wife),Kadazans,Ibans,Chinese,India's,Sikh,
    Eurasian(my brothers and sisters)wish to inform you of our disappointment of your 1Malaysia Government in addressing the Allah matter.

    Our people of Sabah and Sarawak do not need your political rhetoric with the sole interest of strengthening your political ambition and UMNO.We are happy and have no problems with our Christian brothers and sisters using the sacred word Allah.

    You have cheated Sabahans and Sarawakians one too many times.As a Muslim I support the peaceful gathering by Ronnie(voice of sabah)beyond doubt.Apa yang Najib takut?Ada udang disabalik batu ke?

    Kudos to you Sir Ronnie,the people of East Malaysia has knighted you as the defender of their rights.

    Barisan Reformasi Sabah & Sarawak.

  30. its really bias... always winning one side only :(

  31. well said and written
    wise to speak the truth.
    Seek God for more wisdom of handling this case.
    Sabahan are peaceful and "open" people.

    May Allah bless everyone !!

  32. My office is just across the road,where the gathering took place.Everything was calm and no rowdy incident took place.The only visible thing was the large presence of police personels-by Penampang standards.It look as if a VVIP was coming.

    Well done to all those who attended,speak up for Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    CK Tan.

  33. I stumble across this postings in Malaysia Today.My heart bleeds for our fellow Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak.You have to stand up now or forever continue to be under the wraps of UMNO.You have been raped and robbed now taking away your religious right.How much more can you take.

    I salute blogger Ronnie Klassen for his courage and determination.

    Crystal Wong,
    Committee Member Womens Rights.

  34. the word "allah" is the perfect description of the "one god" of monotheism for jews, christians and muslims. and is "Allah" only for islam and muslims? for your information, its for all three (3) abrahamic faiths.

    the word 'allah' is the same word used by christian arabs and jewish arabs in their bible, centuries before islam came. on page no. 1 in the book of genesis in the old testament, one would find the word 'allah' seventeen (17) times. for arabic they have translated the verse in the new testament in arabic from the famous verse in the gospel of john 3:16 -

    "for god so loved the world..."

    - and the word the translators used in arabic for "god" is the very same word used by muslims around the planet, "allah."

    and where does the word "allah" come from? "allah" comes from the arabic word "elah" a god' or something worshiped. - (in arabic) and this word (elah) can be made plural (gods), as in "aleha" and it can be a male or a female just as the word in english can be "goddess."

    "allah" comes from "elaha" but it brings more clarification and understanding. allah - has no gender (not male and not female) "he" is used only out of respect and dignity - not for gender. allah - always singular - never plural

    "we" is used only as the "royal we" just as in english for royalty and allah means "the only one to be worshipped".

    my 2 cents worth and am i game with this?


  35. a well Thousand times of boos.... to the Acting OCPD of Penampang,ASP Wan Badrul.....just a dobol face ass "@#&........never trust a police friend apa lagi di face book!! muka baruah....

    I respect Mr Ronnie Lassen because he got a class above the rest of politicians at the moment..

  36. CK Tan.....

    ...Well done to all those who attended,speak up for Sabahans and Sarawakians...

    Obviously Not for Sabah and Sarawak should sound for Malaysia bah....

  37. Peace be with you my fellow Malaysians.Sadly,I think Malaysia is the only country among Muslim countries on this planet,that doesn't allow it's people to use the word Allah.So Pathetic.

  38. They say that this is another sign of human's stupidity to the core. No wonder the present malaysian government does not know how to manage the country's economy. All profit for individual and this individuals are from BN especially UMNO. UMNO think that they own the deity word 'ALLAH'. They think that they are born to possess this word. Starting from the beginning this people called MALAY are very complicated. How come a person with arab, indian, bugis, jawa, siam, suluk, bajau's, etc blood can be a MALAY. Where is the original malay,anyway. People might think that they are the product of a special long-house and this is very humiliating. If they want to fill in a form into the 'race' part, which one do they have to choose. The pure 'bugis' or 'malay'. If they come from malaya then they put 'malay', in that case everynoe from malaya can be called malay as long as he/she is a muslim. Even chinese. But I think chinese malay will accept christian to use the word 'ALLAH'. Sorry, because I'm tired of this childish issue. Perhaps they are calling for a Divine Intervention.

  39. Lets have a referendum in Sabah for the usage of the controversial word which i am pretty sure will be an overwhelming YES for its usage by all of the state's religion. The bigger picture here may be the dawning of a new nation free from the tyrant who places his interest over the interest of the weak and vulnerable but at the same time treasure it as his FIXED DEPOSIT.

  40. All i have to say is judge them when you go to the ballot box....Peace to all good man.

  41. It is incorrect to use the term 'Almighty Allah' because it specifically refers to the Moslem God. The phrase 'Tuhan Allah' is widely used as the correct translation of 'Lord God' for a very long time which does not specifically refer to 'Almighty Allah'.

  42. The tremor in Penampang that shook Sabah was widely felt by all Sabahans and Sarawakians.Let the voices of Sabah and Sarawak be heard in Semananjung.The people of Sabah and Sarawak must no longer "kow tow" to the arrogance of the current regime.Enough is enough.Next they will dictate to us,the color underwear they want us to wear.

    All the way Yang Amat DiHormati Saudara Ronnie,Sarawakians are behind you all the way.The Lord has send his messiah.

    Iban Warriors.

  43. "Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak shares the view of his Home Minister cousin Hishammuddin Hussein that Muslims are free to protest and express their views against a court decision which had allowed the Catholic newspaper Herald to use the word “Allah.”

    Isn't this a seditious remark and contempt of Court,which could threaten national security.Najib should be haul up by the Police.Instead of defusing the situation,he's aggravating a situation that will not be good for the country.

    Foreign Investors and Businessman are concerned that the Prime Minister of Malaysia has gone senile and beyond repair.As a Muslim retired government servant,I'm devastated by his action,in fanning,encouraging and sending all the wrong signals to the Muslim's in our beloved country.

    I call upon my Muslim Brothers and Sisters not to be hoodwink by the corridors of power.We have lived harmoniously for so long,let us not loose our heads.

    I thankful to the blogmaster,in opening up the eyes of Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    Redzuan Bakar.

  44. Saudara Ronnie memang seorang pemimpin yang amat berkaliber dan wajar disokong.Sekian lama rakyat Sabah menuggu kedatangan seorang pemimpin yang berani menyuarakan keinginan rakyat.

    Syukur kepada maha kuasa,Allah telah menghantar wiranya untuk membersihkan negeri kita.Rakyat Sabah memang sokong wira baru kita ini.

    Panglima Murut Pendalaman.

  45. In the name of the father,Lord send forth your holy spirit and protect your servant Ronnie,for he has shown us the light.

    Trust on to God and he will show us the path,we now a sign.

  46. Alamak, One Malaysia, One RM Klinik, One God, One Ilahi, One Allah.

    Najis do not practise what he preached. It does not matter what you call yr God, what matter is what you have done on earth. Example If you have assist or killed someone, you have to answer to the universe.

    All the ex PM sons (including Hisamudin) are merely politician just like George Bush who have old polemic black and white view of the world religion.

  47. "Glory to God in the highest heavens" and peace to his people on earth.We came into this world naked,and naked we shall return to be judged.

    All men are equal and what God has given,men must not divide.There is only 1God.

    Angels of Heaven.

  48. erm, a little latin for now =)

    Agnus dei,
    qui tollis peccata mundi,
    miserere, miserere nobis.

    Agnus dei,
    qui tollis peccata mundi,
    miserere miserere
    miserere nobis.

    Agnus, agnus dei,
    que tollis pecatta mundi,
    Agnus, agnus dei,
    que tollis pecatta mundi,
    dona nobis pacem

    Agnus dei,
    dona pacem

    Agnus dei,
    dona nobis pacem
    dona nobis
    dona pacem

    translation: -

    For the Lord God Almighty reigns

    For the Lord God Almighty reigns

    Holy are You Lord God Almighty
    Worthy is the Lamb
    Worthy is the Lamb

    You are holy
    Holy are you Lord God Almighty
    Worthy is the Lamb
    Worthy is the Lamb

    i am most obliged! =)


  49. I'm surely most of them don;t know what Allah means.. don't they ever think and learn that we're under one God? I don;t think so they know. I'm Islam and Sabahan all i know for 33 years my family (from my mother-side) are members of Catholic Church in Menggatal and we dont have problem with it. I even read the bible and no problem for me.. This our articles about we're under one God []

  50. Ronnie, greetings from Semenanjung. I am a Catholic and I am very disturbed at the way UMNO is managing the crisis. Well, it has already started. Last night or early this morning, they have burnt a church in KL. Please visit The Malaysian Insider at for the details.

  51. They are having serious mental problems.They claimed to have faiths and beliefs. So what it is all about? Don't fool Catholics, for god's sake. We are not born to be humiliated and downgraded. We never question on your bible or word or whatever it matters. Out of the blue, this issue risen again.Hey,you're not majority in Sabah,ok?Don't spit your shit on us.

  52. Bila ISLAM membuat perarakan,tidak pla timbul apa2.Bila Kristian berhimpun secara mulia dan aman,pulis kunun yang bertindak. Drg ni memang ada niat untuk mendiskriminasikan agama kami.

  53. Get over it already. This is not worth your time.

  54. It doesn't matter what it means. The religious issues should not be used as a politicking tool.

  55. Let's not fight.. Just pray for peace :)

  56. Malaysian church fire-bombed ahead of Muslim protests
    By M. Jegathesan (AFP) – 4 hours ago

    KUALA LUMPUR — A church in Malaysia has been fire-bombed in an attack that gutted its ground floor, church officials said Friday, escalating a dispute over the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims.

    A fire department official said all stations were on alert for more blazes at religious buildings, ahead of planned nationwide protests Friday by Muslim groups angry over the use of the word as a translation for "God" by Christians.

    The three-storey Metro Tabernacle church in suburban Kuala Lumpur, part of the Assemblies of God movement, was set ablaze in the attack which took place around midnight, said church leader Peter Yeow, 62.

    "Witnesses saw four people smash the glass and throw incendiaries into the church building. They came on two motorcycles," he told AFP at the scene as fire department forensic officers picked through the wreckage.

    There were no casualties in the attack on the church, which occupies the corner lot of a row of shop houses and which Yeow said draws some 1,500 people weekly.

    "The fire destroyed the administrative part of the church. We do not know if the prayer hall on the third floor suffered any damage," he said, warning all other churches to "double their guard" against any attacks.

  57. Anuar Harun, who headed the fire department operation, said that forensic experts were working with the police and a canine unit to probe the blaze.

    "We are investigating the cause of fire. We cannot provide any more details. It is a sensitive issue," he said when asked if it was a case of arson.

    "We have asked all our fire stations to be on alert for such fires on religious premises," he told AFP.

    The High Court last week ruled in favour of the Catholic "Herald" newspaper which has used "Allah" as a translation for "God" in its Malay-language section. The government has said the word should be used only by Muslims.

    The ruling was suspended on Wednesday pending an appeal, after the government argued the decision could cause racial conflict in multicultural Malaysia, where Muslim Malays make up 60 percent of the population.

    The security guard at the Metro Tabernacle church, 65-year-old V. Mariappan, said he had just walked away from the main entrance of the building to use the bathroom when the building erupted in flames.

    "When I came back, there was a huge fire inside the church building. There was a few loud explosions like bombs exploding," he said, adding he saw two motorcycle helmets lying on the road in flames.

    The Herald's editor Father Lawrence Andrew has warned of a campaign of intimidation including hacker attacks against the weekly's website, protest plans and widespread criticism in the media over last week's ruling.

    "We believe these actions (are designed) to create a climate of fear and a perceived threat to national security so as to pressure the court in reversing its decision," he said this week.

    Religion and language are sensitive issues in multiracial Malaysia, which experienced deadly race riots in 1969.

    The row over the use of "Allah" is among a string of religious disputes that have erupted in recent years, straining relations between Malays and minority ethnic Chinese and Indians who fear the country is being "Islamised."

    Malaysia's population includes indigenous tribes as well as the large ethnic Chinese and Indian communities -- practising Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, among others.

    More than half of Malaysia's Catholics are from indigenous groups, most of whom live on the Borneo island states and who mainly speak Malay.
    Poor thing!Comparison shouldn't happened in the religion.Religion is a free ticket for everyone of us. Some of them are stirring the mess.Now this happen to us..hopefully it won't exaggerated to SABAH!!!

    Malaysian church fire-bombed ahead of Muslim protests
    By M. Jegathesan (AFP) – 4 hours ago

    KUALA LUMPUR — A church in Malaysia has been fire-bombed in an attack that gutted its ground floor, church officials said Friday, escalating a dispute over the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims.

    A fire department official said all stations were on alert for more blazes at religious buildings, ahead of planned nationwide protests Friday by Muslim groups angry over the use of the word as a translation for "God" by Christians.

    The three-storey Metro Tabernacle church in suburban Kuala Lumpur, part of the Assemblies of God movement, was set ablaze in the attack which took place around midnight, said church leader Peter Yeow, 62.

  58. AJ, Sabahans are different.

  59. Two churches has been fire bombed in KL! Apa lagi mahu cakap, so disgusting country...

  60. I just don't understand the West Malaysian Malay. They always think that Malaysia belong to them ONLY. Don't they know that Iban and Kadazan are ALSO the natives of the land despite majority of us are Christian. We the natives of Borneo (Suluk, Kadazan, Iban, Bisaya)are more Bumiputera then Malay from Malaya, hence we also have our right which are at par with orang melayu semenanjung

  61. Beloved brothers and sisters of the Abrahamic Faith,
    I thank and really praise the Lord, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, God Creator and Master of the Universe, that the 'peaceful demonstration' did not take place in Donggongon (Penampang) on 6th January, 2010 as it might have turn ugly and portrayed the Christians as no better than their 'violent and demonized' cousins.
    Though unaware of what was planned, I do believed that the Lord Holy Spirit inspired the following words: Victory starts in the Heavenlies!
    For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.
    (2Co 10:3-6 KJV)

    Memang kami masih hidup di dunia, tetapi kami tidak berjuang secara duniawi, karena senjata kami dalam perjuangan bukanlah senjata duniawi, melainkan senjata yang diperlengkapi dengan kuasa Allah, yang sanggup untuk meruntuhkan benteng-benteng. Kami mematahkan setiap siasat orang dan merubuhkan setiap kubu yang dibangun oleh keangkuhan manusia untuk menentang pengenalan akan Allah. Kami menawan segala pikiran dan menaklukkannya kepada Kristus, dan kami siap sedia juga untuk menghukum setiap kedurhakaan, bila ketaatan kamu telah menjadi sempurna.
    (2Co 10:3-6 ITB)

    The following “gifts of the Holy Spirit” are available to every believer (not just a priest, pastor, deacons or catechist) (Mark 16:17-18)
    1. Power over demons and evil spirits;
    2. The Word of Knowledge
    3. The Word of Wisdom
    4. The Gift of Prophecy
    5. The Gift of Faith
    6. The Gifts of Healings
    7. The Working of Miracles
    8. The Discerning of Spirits
    9. Different Kinds of Tongues
    10. The Interpretation of Tongues
    These gifts (spiritual empowerment) are intended for us to demolish the “kingdom of darkness” but sadly many Christians (especially Roman Catholics) are not educated and trained by their priests, pastors and elders on these strategic maneuvers. What a waste of resources because Jesus had already paid for them on the Cross 2,000 + years ago.

    Let us unite in spirit, mind and strength of the Holy Spirit to stop these evil powers from robbing us the promised abundant life and freedom from deception, bondages of sin and fear of physical death by waging a war in the heavenlies.(Ephesians 6:10-18)

    Finally, let the mighty strength of the Lord make you strong. Put on all the armor that God gives, so you can defend yourself against the devil's tricks. We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world. So put on all the armor that God gives. Then when that evil day comes, you will be able to defend yourself. And when the battle is over, you will still be standing firm. Be ready! Let the truth be like a belt around your waist, and let God's justice protect you like armor. Your desire to tell the good news about peace should be like shoes on your feet. Let your faith be like a shield, and you will be able to stop all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Let God's saving power be like a helmet, and for a sword use God's message that comes from the Spirit. Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for God's people."
    (Eph 6:10-18 CEV)
    Our priority is to keep the peace and the only way to do that is to be "Christ-Centered" for Abba God has set Malaysians especially those who are filled with His "Word and Spirit" (Firman dan Roh Allah or shall I say "Elohim")to be the "salt and light" of this dying World. Shalom/Salam











  63. To all peace loving malaysians,

    The encouragement to protest by our PM shows the evil intentions of these politicians. His action has definitely tarnished the image of Malaysia, foreign investors will run away....educated ppl will migrate...created tension among races. What he preaches 1Malaysia in non-sense.

    PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TODAY and vote them out in next general election.

  64. Im an UMNO sabah member and i personally have no problem with my christians friend using the word 'Allah'. But pls use ur reasoning. This not about UMNO 100% but the Malays!! Be them UMNO,PAS or PKR, the hv very childish mentality about this issue, makes me wanna puke sometimes. Proud to be Sabahan

  65. Blessed are those persecuted, theirs is the Kingdom..our God Yahweh Sabbaoth, El-Shaddai.. forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. People of Sabah, wake up, we should know who to vote next GE and we don"t give tsunami only but earthquake...

  66. Pray for them who do not know what they doing.....have mercy on them.... God Is Love, amen :)

  67. Calm down folks:) Let's pray for peace my fellow Sabahans... Dont't burn our soul with anger.

  68. Jadikan perkara ni sebagai pengajaran... Hello SABAHANS marilah kita hidup bersatu & jangan sesekali mencetuskan kemarahan org lain... Kita harus teruskan keunikan sabah yg boleh 'aramai tii' bersama tanpa membezakan bangsa dan agama..

  69. Just a word....why should have an argument?? hhmmm... Hopefully it can be settled ASAP :)

  70. Hi Fixed Deposit of UMNO
    (message to all Sabah & Sarawakians).

    Congratulations! Your importance to the hierarchy has been confirmed when you cannot even gather to light a candle for the suspension and banning of you to call your God in the name that you are comfortable.

  71. Hi RONNIE,

    Spot on mate. My concern is whilst you and many others have openly fought this issue, there is an opportunist in the name of Bernard Dompok and his cahoots who are claiming that Bernard Dompok was the only CABINET MEMBER who speaks out!!!! C'mon lar man, the Cabinet Meeting is a secret and on that basis, who is to know what he said in the Cabinet. For all we know Maximus Ongkili being a Pastor may have been the loudest. So one can speculate or innovate the truth.

    Some Bernard Dompok's spindoctors are also sending SMS saying we should pray for Bernard Dompok as he is the lone fighter in the Cabinet ... Blah Blah and blah.....

    Geesh. He must be so desperate now! That is the problem with people who always take full opportunity on issues.

    I bet his spindoctors will say, Bernard fights silently etc and that is why we never hear him other than the occasional potshots inteh Newspaper regarding the Allah issue and during his Party Convention!!! Bugger.

    People like Ronnie, the Church Leaders and even Nik Aziz have been very consistent with this.

    Bernard Dompok by virture of being a cabinet member is equally to blame as the force of the Government is the one that started the issue and worst appealed it on Monday. So if appealed by the Government does that not equal to Bernard Dompok being also a member of the Government and yes so is Max. If these buggers do not resign over this then we all know what sort of people there are.

    Do not pura pura or spin this and say, they are fighting for the people in the Cabinet ... walauweeee.... if they have been fighting wouldnt Najib and his cahoots have given up on the issue of Allah!!!!

    Bernard Dompok.... you and Allah only the knows the truth!!!!!

  72. Thank you annon at 915 pm. You are absolutely right. We shall be calm and wise. That is how we, Malaysians of all races and religions survived and lived well in this multi-racial and multi-religions society being the envy of many other countries. Lets show the extremists in UMNO and BN and the entire world that we Malaysians, be Christrians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists are peace loving people in unity. We uphold the truth and teaching of our religion and respect others' religions. We pray that our people will not be victims of these extreme elements amongst us.

  73. I wrote an article entitled "It's Malay who poorly understood the word Allah" in several months ago. Readers are welcome to access it.


    Hj Ramlee Dua

  74. The whole crux of the issue is whether the Minister is legally bound or has the legal power to prohibit the use of the word "Allah ". The judge has made it quite clear that the order was null and avoid. As the government has already made an appeal to the decison, as
    people of rational, let the law takes it course to the highest level. One would be falling to the trap if similar demos are organised by those felt unhappy by the events taking place. This is perhaps testing the prudent of the BN government in handling a delicate situation. It is hoped that the authority will leave no stone unturned in making the arrest of those responsbile in the arson against Churches. Let us see what is the outcome because arson is a serious crime.

  75. Kalabit Warrior, actually, the real bumi putera's are the Natives. The Malays are just like the rest of us Chinese and Indians, they are also pendatangs from Indon, Jawa, Bugis... What makes them think they are the owner of the land and therefore have the rights to brand us all as pendatangs is beyond me.

  76. The attack on the churches are the works of some UMNO goons trying to destabilise Malaysia especially Selangor which is under opposition so that there is an excuse to declare emergency rule so there will be no election until such time when all the opposition voices are taken care.
    This is just a dirty strategy, so beware all good Malaysians....some top people are behind all this...

  77. Can the new Peter Mojuntin stand up please? Why? Because if we just mentioned the name Peter Mojuntin, the Christian people especially the older folks need no introduction because he was the true Christain warrior and fighter who fought for the rights of Christian People in the 1970s.

    Sadly, our Christian BN leader Dtk Pairin hold the pagan title, "Huguan Siou" and thats why he don't stand up and give his thunderous voice for his Christian people and furthermore, he always absent in Parliament nowadays.

  78. Malaysia is going to burn because of all the religious fanatics.

  79. Muslim NGO's offer team to protect churches?

    Some of the key organisers of yesterdays's demonstrations to protest the use of "Allah" by non-muslims have set up a 60-strong team of volunteers to protect churches in the Klang Valley...

    Is this a joke?
    Sound like a hungry lion offering to guard the shepherd's sheep!

    Bravo to Umno leaders! You have make yourself an international laughing stock by displaying your ignorance!

  80. Nobody in the present Kadazan leaders can match the late Peter Mojuntin! The present Kadazan leaders are just taking care of their own pockets. They have all made their money and have invested in Australia and if anything happen to Sabah they will just emigrate. Some even have permanent residence status already but stll hanging around in Sabah to dig some more gold. Do you my fellow Sabahans think these so called Kadazan leaders care for your welfare? I doubt it>
    For that matter some Chinses leaders are the same, they already have their umbrella standing Northern Territory of Australia..poor Sabahans have only been taken for a ride all this years....
    Tell me if I am wong...go and dig out in Australia, who owns what and where!!!!

  81. Our Huguan Siou is not only holding a pagan title he is also practising the pagan worship. Look at what he did at the ceremonial Nunuk Ragang every year? Besides if Sabahans still bank in their hopes on your Huguan Siou? Sabahans are barking the mountain Gunung Kinabalu as your Huguan Siau is not interested at all in this issue.

    Tell me... you PBS spoke person! Has he (Huguan Siou) ever made any statement on this issue? How many more churces to be burnt? yet you will see him having his favourite drink Golden Blue in a rock.

    Wake up Huguan Siou... how are you going to end your life on earth? Is it with all the curses that your own people will curse you or you will end this life with a legacy? Think about your own children? Forecer in the History that your children will always be associated with what you have done on earth. Sabahans your KDM community needed you long time ago to protect them but you boastfully said to one of the reporters(DE) that "I need to protect my own interest first!!!!!" what kind of response was that?

    We all know or perhaps was told that your children are all in Australia!!!! they have nothing to do with Sabah at all. Is that how you want the history to be written? Huguan Siou have put his own people well below your feet so that your personal interest be protected? Haven't you got ebough? With rows of shops in Australia, a farm and mensions!!! all in Australia, where did you get all the money to acquire all these? Yet your word is tight.....

    Sabahans i beg you, think where you are... your leaders' children are all staying and studying in overseas... your children have to face the eductaional system of Malaysia that is bias. You ahve put them all there... remember that and you can put them down too.

    But as for Sabah!!!! it is a very difficult issue. The fixed deposit(the PTI) has registered 1,500% increase in population in sabah, while KDM just managing 100% between year 1980 to 2000. So for the next election, more will be added into your electrol role to increase even further..... West Malaysian (Government UMNO) do not give Sabahans the
    monkey what is the situation in Sabah. They just interested to ensure that they are all still in power.... think about this, if your own house is controlled by someone else? do you positively believe that nothing is going to change? But is you are in control of your own house? every nails that yu knock at your wall be quastioned!!!! But now the situation in Sabah is.... the UMNO is in control of your house. they can do anything to ensure that their interested be protected.... How dump Sabahans can be????? Sabahans that voted for BN are stupid!!!!! Stupid!!!!!! Don't you care? Look around you!!!!!

    I am glad that Singapore is not going to be like Malaysia. Singapore is by far is the blessed nation in South east asia.

    We have nothing but we use our God given wisdom and we are richly blessed.

    Sabahans and Sarawakians...... think and be free.... see and be free.... think and let your nation/state be rich.... as you have used your God given potential you can be powerful more tahn you can imagine.

  82. Next election the BN will capture Selangor, look at the strategy of the BN, they burned down the churches over some petty issues , now the BN Gov pledges donations to help rebuild the churches to "ambil hati" so people will think that wow the BN is good. In fact they are the devil and they are also the devil.
    And here they go pretending to inspect and offer sympathies to the followers of Christ...but it is good just forgive them for their ignorance, because God or Allah is just and will judge.
    In the first instance the BN Gov should not have given out all those conflicting statements which had helped encouraged all those arsonists....
    the government should have given out a very strong unbiased statements about the whole thing, why wait until all these burning to start and then give consoling statements??The damaged has already been done and the mistrust have already been created?
    What has happened and allowed to happen will only reinforced the view that Islam is a violent religion and that it is spread by the sword, in view of what has been going on around the world...all those jihadists,the terrorists and the Talibans.etc..
    So where is the 1Malaysia huh ha!! or just !1Malay??
    Please enlighten me.

  83. PBS is history. Just wait for next election to wipe them out.

    Meanwhile, their top leaders continue to enjoy the fat posts traded for them at he expenses of the Sabah people when PBS re-joined BN.

    To Yee Moi Chai, what happened to your attack on Yong Teck Lee on ASB? Were they all lies and gossips for your own cheap publicity?

    To Yong Teck Lee, why not you as the new reborn fighter for Sabah rights expose the entire scandalous and disgraceful ASB deal without fear and favour insted of just claiming your innocence through your machai in newspapers. Yong is the best person to do it if he seriously wanted to tell the truth about ASB because he was then CM Sabah when ASB was announced and sold to poor Sabahans, unless Yong has something bad to hide from us.

    For Sabahans, we remember too well that you were behind the entire ASB scandal causing nuch suffering to Sabahans until today.

    Sabahans are not convinced that Yong was genuine in fighting for Sabah rights. Yong did it only when it suited him like now he is only using sabah rights as his platform. Just asked Yong what did he do for Sabah when he was in BN and CM. I can only remember ASB.

    We had always doubted Yong's leadership. Yong was not a good and honest Sabah CM. Yong must be rejected.

  84. Saya agak setuju perhimpunan orang kristian dibatalkan... Bagi saya jika diteruskan tidak mustahil akan timbul aura kemarahan terhadap isu ini. Jadi saya sangat kagum dgn toleransi orang kristian yang sanggup membatalkan perhimpunan tersebut semata-mata tidak mahu perkara buruk berlaku...

    Pasal adil atau tak, biarlah TUhan yang tentukan... Siapalah kita untuk menghakimi sesama manusia :)

    Selamat berbahagia wahai teman-teman seiman dan mari berdoa agar hal ini selesai degan cara baik.

  85. This is a true Muslim and not an Umno Muslim:

    Nik Aziz, who is Kelantan Menteri Besar, said those who burned churches did so as there was no sanctity of religion in them and they did not take into account the question of sinning.

    "People have to think that churches are the property of our Christian friends," he said.

  86. This statement is not from a true Muslim:

    Government powerless

    Najib Abdul Razak, Malaysia's prime minister, earlier said his government was powerless to stop the planned protests as long as protesters did not leave their mosques

  87. Let's pray together for unity and tolerance.. Don't fight, we must love each other :)

  88. I was one of those who attended the press conference. However, upon arriving at the venue, I was surprised to see many policemen gathering and walking around. Realising it was lunchtime, i assumed that these individuals were having their lunch break at the nearby restaurant. (I was not aware at that time the press conference had to be called of due to police intervention).

    I walked around to several coffeeshops in the search for the organisers but discovered that they were not around, i decided to wait and have a cup of coffee at a nearby foodstall. Whilst having coffee, i struck up a conversation with a uniformed policeman who kept eyeing me. (In fact every single police personnel kept eyeing me when i was in search for the organisers). He was seated in a landscaped garden booth trying to cool down in the shade from the hot sun. It was then, during the conversation that i realised the huge police presence was there due to the press conference. I then told the policeman (not sabahan and non-christian) that i was actually there to attend the press conference which was a peaceful gathering and that i was surprised and dissappointed that it had to be cancelled. I told him that the whole event was intended to be peaceful and that we were not organising a demo with banners like the demos like those his muslim brothers did in semenanjung. He informed me that he was only "following orders" and would "lebih baik buat rondaan ditempat yang perlukan police". When i informed him that it was only "a peaceful press conference within a coffeeshop", he was somewhat surprised. I got the impression that he had been informed otherwise.

    Then later that night the church burnings happened.

    Allow sabah and sarawak to use the term "Allah" coz we have been using it since independence!


  89. Najib and Hishamuddin should take responsibility and resign!!!

  90. God or Allah is just and he will do what he deems is fit.
    So be patient....Things will fall into pieces one by one...Those who do sinful things will be dealt with...naturally....what goes around comes around..

  91. Some says the Sabahans have ourself to blame, cos we fail to vote BN OUT in the last GE. But having Christina Liew & Jefferey Kitingan in PKR Sabah, could anyone tell me what choice did we have? What difference does it make if we put those 2 in goons power? They are even bigger crooks then the BN's crooks already! Since the Church burnings incidents, I have not heard a word from these 2 hypocrites in protest for our rights! I'll even boycott the next GE if they are still in PKR Sabah!

    In today's Daily Express, Clarence Bonggos Malukun commented in the headlines that the Christians of Sabah & Sarawak should all give in to the authority by NOT using the work "Allah". With this kind of brainless Kadazan so call leaders among us,guiding our people to give away our inheritants and rights? What else is left for us and our next generation? Soon we'll be loosing our Native Title and even Citizenship! May Be Clarence Malukun should give away his citizenship and Native Title and migrate to Australia too. How I wish he'll just shut up and disapear from Sabah.He is nt worthy t be a Sabahan!

    Who in the first allowed all the demos in the mosques and even put out a statement that the government is powerless to stop the demos after Friday prayers?

    Do Not Stage Any Demonstration At Places Of Worship - Police

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 10 (Bernama) -- Police Sunday issued a warning against any demonstrations planned at places of worship, especially one rumoured at the Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya, on Jan 13.

    Selangor Police Chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said any illegal demonstration would not help ease the situation, instead it would only make it worst.

    "I have been informed that an SMS was being circulated, inviting people to assemble in front of church next week, so I urge the public to discard any such plans.

    "Let us carry out the investigations...let us handle not take any action that may raise tension and aggravate the situation," he told reporters after visiting the church today.

    He added that police would not hesitate to take stern action against anyone who broke the law, including illegal gatherings.

    On claims that a mosque in Klang Jaya was attacked, Khalid said: "No such thing happened. Please do not listen to rumours and please do not speculate."

    He however, confirmed that stones were thrown at a 'Surau' in Klang.

    Khalid said apart from the three attacks on churches in Selangor, no new cases were reported.

    "No new cases were reported except for one case where a church was robbed," he said not revealing the identity of the church.

    We are still carrying out investigations to identify those who attempted to burn down the three churches, he said.

    On Friday night and Saturday morning, firebombs were thrown at the Assumption Church and Life Chapel Church in Petaling Jaya while the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati was set on fire by unknown assailants.

    The ground floor of the Metro Tabernacle Church which housed the administration block, was damaged by the fire while the two in Petaling Jaya did not suffer any serious damage.

  93. 2012 is coming your way.Churches have been attacked! I don't understand why Christians are prohibited to do peaceful demo yet Peninsular has the right to do so.Bullshit!!

  94. Sekarang church di Miri pun kena attack.Apa bah diorang mau sebenarnya ni?C Hisammuddin cakap tidak serius.Ya, tapi tidak kami rasa terancam sini Sabah?Drg tu pakar brainwash..Kindet tul.

  95. Harap2 ketegangan yg berlaku di semenanjung tak merebak ke Sabah dan Sarawak... S&S sangat unik dan saya berharap agar keunikan dan ketenraman penduduk di S&S kekal sampai bila2 :)

  96. Mr Klassen, please take note that Datuk C Malakun is the new JUDAS after Payar (no offence)kio.

  97. I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Mr.Ronnie Klassen at the Christian Dialogue and Forum at the Lutheran House in Petaling Jaya.We were so excited to see him in person and his humbleness was so warm,a true leader.

    Sabahans are so privileged to have him amongst yourself,as a true defender of the Christian faith and a good leader.Please Sabahans protect him at all cost.

    We can see him as your next state leader.

    Children of Christ.

  98. Ronnie, Why don't you put the blames on Jeffry Kitingan, As usual, You always trying to be a hero. Here again Ronnie the Hero..Agen Perosak UMNO..

  99. Marilah kita berdoa dengan nama Allah Bapa, Putera Nya dan Roh Kudus supaya kita semua bersatu padu Satu Malaysia.

  100. obviously there is a lot confusion related to the burning of Churches. Christians have suffered worst persecutions from the time when the religion was founded, but 2 thousands years has passed Christians has endured. I felt sorry for those who goes around belittling KDM leaders who have been accused to have failed to stand up against the burning of Churches. These KDM leaders are matured and sensible enough to deal with the situation at the right time and place. Jangan lah cakap itu Huguan, or Yb Donald M. tidak guna etc. sebenar nYa orang yang berkata sedimikian yang tidak siuman(gila)

  101. To: Anon January 11, 2010 3.23PM
    You must know that you are only one person against many of us here. You are stupid to think that it is Ronnie alone that you are teasing and barking at! Let me tell you! The whole Sabahan community is behind Ronnie now. You are just one unworthy DOG wagging your tail behind Jefferey Kitingan, stupidly hoping that you'll be rewarded by him (JK)! By the way, if you follow JK, you will be known as the trader/Judas for all Sabahan & Sarawakian alike!

  102. Yes, let us pray to the Holy Father in heaven to ease our pain. Amen.

  103. I don't think there will be any demo again. I bet we are too tired to give our uttermost attention to them. Roughy ones. But zero in mind. They are the most pathetic humans ever live so let us better switch our channel to do something else.

  104. Haiz, Islam always make a huge fuss over this matter. Faith in religion doesn't teaches us to be cold blooded in such a way.But they did.

  105. Anak Watan,
    Ya bah betul itu ikut sahajabah kalau kena tarik hidung macam itu kerabaulah!!!...nanti kalau kena suruh makan tahi makan shajalah..
    Itulah KDMs mundur for generations. Have some pride lah my friend do not let others trample on. Not word from the KDM leaders, they have all their umbrella ready sudah. They have big houses and fat bank accounts in Australia...and those who cannt afford to emigrate will face all the shit in Sabah!!!
    I hope our friend Ronnie is like the late Peter Mjuntin who had the guts to even went to Rome to make a complain!!!!
    Well good luck anak can be an askar wataniah!!

  106. As a person with legal background, Clarence Bongkos should let the process of law takes it course in deciding the outcome of this critical issue i.e. the use of the word "Allah".NOw that he has made a open statement on his stand on the issue by suggesting to drop the usage of 'Allah ' his political popularity is a gone case. I wonder how would his colleagues in the newly formed KSS headed by Dtk. Marceil Iking and Sylvester Disimond
    react on Bongkos's ' offensive' stand.

  107. Anon posted January 10, 2010, 8:04 AM
    I certainly agree with you. Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malukun representing whatever JAPS?? should SHUT UP rather than shame himself. From his press statement, you can tell he is not Christian or never read bible. Talking about the 4 Gospels of which he knows nothing. What a glaring shame. Datuk Clarence should just take the bullsheet from the roads below his house and paste on his face.

  108. Anak Watan, why are you protecting those sissy KDM leaders who failed to stand up against the burning of churhes in Malaysia?

    I remember one sensible word that says "a great leader will emerged during a Crisis", for example during the 911 in USA, but sadly here on early morning of 08/01/10 most of KDM leaders did not stand up to voice for equal justice.

    And one Kadazan leader with a chicken heart dared to compromised to drop word "ALLAH" for his sake by not considering other Christian faiths in Sarawak, Sabah and some semenanjung states who has been using these term "ALLAH" in their Holy Bible ages ago.

  109. I hope the Christian voters wake up now! Kind of late, but I hope not too late. The BN gov't have beed barrin and banning the Alkitab and other Christian literature for donkey years and yet the Christians (majority of them) kept voting the BN candidates, thereby happily handing over their rights for the BN gov't to manipulate and overpower them! For that I blame the Christians and the Churches for supporting the enemies of the gospel blindly for 5 decades! I hope we will stop voting foolishly or blindly in GE13. I also blame those who didn't come out to vote for justice and fairness!

    Please, fellow-Malaysians who love and favour justice and fairness and peace, go register yourselves if you are of voting age and go vote come next election! All registered voters, go vote out BN!!! Be wise! God bless!

  110. This "Bungkus" fella should be shot in the a@#e. He is really showing his true colors now which by the way is grossly disgusting. JAPS must be disbanded and declared illegal. He may be losing faith in his own religion to the extent of trying to "sell" it off. BLOODY IDIOT!!!!!!

  111. All what has been going on are the works of Umno in desperate move to unite the Malays just like the situation prior to May 13.
    But in the case of Sabah and Sarawak such things will not be happening because the two state are the "fixed deposit" of Umno.
    The lone Sarawak case was just an eyewash...just tryig to make it looks as if it is genereal views, but behind the scene is actually Umno goons...
    But for Musa Aman, personally he is moderate but for the sake of Umno KL support he is powerless but just toe the line..
    As for the Sabah KDM leaders theye have always been looking after their own pockets except for the late Peter Mojuntin.
    Cannot blame the KDM leaders because they know that their struggles are fruitless and better to look afetr their own pockets, make as much money as possible and if anything happens just emigrate to some other countries like Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

    Ensure no security lapse: CM

    Published on: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Kota Kinabalu: The police and the relevant agencies have been urged to step up security monitoring to ensure irresponsible elements do not create tension in the State over the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims.

    Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who is Chairman of the State Security Committee, said the peace and harmony among the tolerant multiracial people in the State must be maintained.

    "We are thankful that Sabah remains peaceful," he told reporters after chairing a meeting of the committee at Wisma Innoprise, Tuesday.

    Musa said Sabah is well known for its high tolerance among the people of various ethnic races and religions.

    "(Therefore) they (police and security authorities) must ensure that the existing tolerance in the State is maintained," he said. Sabah has thus far been spared from the spate of fire-bombings and vandalism on churches across the country.

    Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) church at Lake View Square, Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan became the eighth church attacked following the High Court's decision on Dec. 31 that the Catholic weekly publication, The Herald has the right to use the word "Allah" in its Malay-language section as a translation for God.

    Previously, churches in West Malaysia and one church in Miri, Sarawak were damaged by molotov cocktails thrown by attackers.

    On other developments, he said the operation to flush out illegal immigrants from the state via the Ops Bersepadu would be continued.

    On top of that, he said the relevant authorities are also carrying out daily operations to nab the illegal immigrants.

    "We (Government) meant what we said previously, that is, action will be taken against foreigners without proper documents.

    "If they are caught (by security authorities), they will be sent back to their country of origin," he said.

  112. Sudahlah.. keadaan ni pun da mula reda.. Janganlah kita api-apikan lagi :)

  113. Clarence bongkos is a traitor to his own. Don't know who he thinks he represents in making his statements. Whoever stands by him is a fool.

  114. anon 12 2020 6:22 yes i agree with you. He has no reason why he has to deny our struggle for christian to use the word Allah. He actually telling us to drop it all together?

    He Clarence Bongkos Malakun stated it through DE that advising the Christians of Sabah and Sarawak for that matter to drop the idea of getting Allah issue. But i believe that he was informed for the degree that his statement may have cause to the Christians in Malaysia. If the court rule otherwise, all Alkitab will be confiscated and we have no way to be able to read the Alkitab no more.

    Perhaps he has no stand at all to comment such statement as everybody knows in Penampang his wife family are all had been converted to Muslim. So to him using Allah issue is ok and not a big deal. I really doubt if his wife is already converted to Muslim or not?

    Please pray for him (CBM) and his family let Allah reveals to them that God does not care how He is being addressed but a pure relationship from the heart of His children. But we need the Alkitab as the Holy Bible for the Malay speaking Christians of Sabah and Sarawak.

  115. Mr. Klassen, please be strong and we pray that you will be covered by the Holy Spirit and touch your lips to speak the truth.

    Jesus said that those that follow him shall be prosecuted for what he believes in... but be strong that only the truth will set us all free.

    Ronnei we know how hard it is for you, but God is with you as he has appointed you to be His channel in this time. Amen

    Your presence at KL dialogue has given us hope and we know that we have someone like you we can count on. May the Lord be with you and I know He has been.. in Jesus name. Amen. I invite all Christians to pray for new leaders for Malaysia and stand in the name of peace, justice and equality.

  116. Greetings all,
    I may have to write in a short comment because it is useless to write pages of dull and ineffective comments.. eventhough most of you were doing it so.. :-)
    Let's see the comparison made by BN and the Opposition here:-

    - allocated 500 thousand to rebuild the destroyed churches.
    - putting up tight security outside all the churches in west Malaysia
    - to find and catch the culprits behind these criminal acts.
    - to maintain the level of security of this country so it is a safe country to visit..

    - talking advantage of this issue by condemning the government in the internet, newspaper etc
    - doing nothing, just spreading lies and exaggerating the issues.

    It is up to you people to judge... May God bless u all... and keep on praying.. cos GOD will help the people who really into actions and not just talking bullshits... God Bless.

    TRUE SABAHAN... :-)

  117. We should stop from finger pointing and start to being rational among us...
    Don't fight and lets pray together and hope this problem will not happen again.

  118. kalau berani hamtam orang ..pakai nama kamu yg btul2..baru adil..
    Not all kristian agree in using the term Allah.. Pls respect them.. or are you the same as the ultra malays & fanatics religios ppl..

  119. Mr Klassen, FYI, do you know that the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin wrote a letter to the then Chief Minister of Sabah the late Tun Mustapha mentioning the word "Allah" to justify his points.

    I've read the book "The Golden Son of the Kadazan" by Bernard Sta Maria which was published in May, 1978. Unfortunately, the book was banned by the Home Ministry until now.

    On page 170 to 179 of the book read like this...The year 1972 was the peak of religious harrasment in Sabah.

    Datuk Peter Mojuntin in his capacity as Assistant Minister, he wrote a letter to Tun Mustapha the Chief Minister of Sabah entitled "The Case of the Very Unhappy Christians and other Non-Muslim Bumiputra in Sabah (The Political Implications" on 29 March 1972.

    Datuk Peter Mojuntin has mentioned the word "Allah" 11 times in his letter to justified and convinced his points."

    I hope you got a copy of the book and read how a great leader emerged during a crisis to led his people for justice and protect their rights.

  120. if you ask me.. dua2 pun tida bole pakai..

    to anon jan 13,2010 5:52pm..

    kau ni tahu apa yuh politik kah talk like budak darjah 1..where we you when BN stole the sabah government 1994?.. with all his dirty politics..
    kick out all BN including those associated with them.. those who jump to opposition also kick them out..
    time to change the whole political scene in sabah..


    aku bah ni..

  121. To Clarence bongkos.. How much is your soul worth to you? Piece of sh#t.

  122. 1Malaysia, 2 "Allah". So stupid najib or simply najis. East Malaysian christians can use the word Allah", west malaysian christians used the "Kalah". Sooo stupid Najb or simply Najis. What a name, najis.... so idiot..

  123. Clarence bongkos Malakun. Sounds like pirate's name. I had since changed your name to Bungkus Belacan. You talk stupidity at its lowest..and you smell shit. My middle finger to you..

  124. Our brother Ismail Harun, thank you.
    God loves you and God loves the world.

    stephanie tan

  125. Gondohing,
    Alahhh..toookooiii, apa mau marah-marah..Kalau pembangkang mahu menang dapatkan sokongan di kawasan-kawasan USNO dulu bah..asyik..asyik..asyik..kawasan non muslim yang jadi target..mileage berapa korang boleh sampai..semua mengaku arif dalam politik..tapi..semua mulut je besar..cakap mcm laser..tapi apa kamurang tahu betul2 mengenai sejarah politik Sabah..PAS saya salute..DAP saya salute..tapi pemimpin(atau lebih tepat calon2 PKR pilihanraya ke-12 di Sabah)mana kamurang sekarang..ada yang batang hidung pun tak pernah nampat di kawasan..opportunist bah..semua..pemimpin2 PKR Sabah= kumpulan yg rejected dari BN..betulkah saya cakap?..tepuk dada tanya selera..

  126. I do not know if its intentional or not, but i could not help notice some elements of the herald picture (the hallows, to be specific) and the 7th day adventist (the bible) in the umno logo! coincidence!!?

  127. I almost puke when I read in the Borneo Post today that the recent church attacks was a proof of not looking after the sensitivities of muslims.

    How about the sensitivities of other faiths? Have these clowns that you all put in the government looked into your sensitivities? So, now we all know who to vote in the next GE.

  128. senang sja.. kick UMNO from sabah...
    Tapi masalahnya ..will those orang bumiputera muslim mau buang UMNO??..simple logic..
    WHY Because they are making tonnes of money from being UMNO supporter.. just like those KDM in UMNO.. CAri duit konon..

  129. i dont have any problem with that even im a muslim because i know the name of 'ALLAH' exist in the bible. the different thing is, wht they believe and what muslim believe about ALLAH.

  130. Don't get why this issue was brought up the first place.