Thursday, May 28, 2009

"DPM"Sued by Anwar?

According to Malaysiakini....Foreign Minister Anifah Aman will not back down in the face of a RM100 Million suit filed against him yesterday by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim over an undiplomatic flap on his first official outing abroad.This is the message that is going out from the man himself to his army of supporters in the kampungs especially among his extended Dusun family along the west coast of Sabah.

foreign minister anifah amanThey worry about the foreign minister throwing caution to the winds in matters of diplomacy and note that his critics have already questioned his credentials for the job and are mercilessly crucifying him in blogosphere.Many simple folks in the kampung also worry that “Anifah wouldn’t have the RM100 million to pay Anwar if he loses”.

Anwar meanwhile confirmed in a text message to Malaysiakini that he was suing Anifah both in his personal capacity and as the foreign minister.In addition, Anwar is also suing the government in connection with the allegedly libelous statements uttered by Anifah in Washington on May 16 against him.

“Effectively, it is suing two parties, Anifah and Kerajaan Malaysia,” he explained.“Suing (him) in his own name (only) means he has to pay a private lawyer (and fellow Sabahan) Gani (attorney-general Gani Patail) cannot defend him.”

Has he played into Anwar’s hands?

Cynics may be excused if they wonder at this juncture whether it’s ‘payback time’ after Anifah had reportedly given every indication that he would ditch the ruling BN for the opposition alliance but turned tail at the last moment before the Sept 16 deadline last year.

Anifah had allegedly uttered the libelous remarks against Anwar at a joint press conference in Washington with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

anifah aman and hillary clinton"I was personally offered a very lucrative position, like a deputy prime ministership. These facts are not known to the world at large," Anifah reportedly told the Washington press conference.

To add insult to injury, to quote from Anwar’s briefing to party members, “he has stubbornly refused to apologise for his mistake”.

The thrust of Anwar’s denials is that he never offered something like the post of deputy prime minister in a federal government helmed by him.

Anwar dismisses Anifah’s claim as a poor joke since “the man himself is obviously not qualified”.

Along the political grapevine in Sabah, the story is that Anifah had been expected to lead several MPs to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat and would have been rewarded with a senior position in the federal cabinet when the opposition seizes the reins of power in Putrajaya.

“Many people have taken on Anifah in the past and lost but not in the courts,” says a senior journalist with the New Sabah Times, which is run by the Aman family, whose head is Musa, the state’s chief minister and Anifah’s elder brother.

“This is one guy who kicks up helluva fuss when something or someone gets in his way. At the same time, he has a strong sense of entitlement.”

The senior journalist who is no fan of Anifah points out that when former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi offered him the deputy transport minister’s post, “he really felt insulted and told the PM what he could do with his offer”.

The happy ending came when newly-appointed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak invited him to be foreign minister.

Political observers are not impressed generally with Anifah’s handling of the press.

anwar ibrahim nizar jamaluddin lim kit siang perak ceramah in pj 130509 04Quite a number are not surprised that Anifah was trapped by the American and international press into making the anti-Anwar and pro-Najib statements for which he has now been faulted.

Questions abound in the local press in the wake of Anifah’s anti-Anwar tirade in Washington and his spirited defence of the Najib administration is how much a politician really worth in ringgit and sen?

However, one former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad apologist from Sarawak, a senior journalist who is now in media advisory and consultancy work, has this to say: “Anwar has mastered the art of suing for RM100 million. He also did the same thing to Chandra Muzaffar (former PKR deputy president) and Mahathir to create the public perception that he’s the aggrieved party.”

RM1 million shocker from Anifah

Anifah himself is no stranger to controversy. When he was helming the Sabah Football Association (Safa) some years ago, he shocked reporters at a press conference by disclosing that he made his first million by the time he was 21 years old.

This made the day for the press who had their readers chuckling for years thereafter over the remark whenever Sabah football and politicians were mentioned in the same breath.

The local press, subsequently joined by the national papers, had been very critical of the way Anifah had been handling Safa. Obviously, he thought that his one million ringgit shocker would make them realise that he was made of the right stuff in leadership, management and marketing skills.He did not disclose however how he made his first million.

PUTT FOR CHANGE says........
Anifah's high flying days and smoking expensive Cuban cigars maybe be over in a blink of an eye if the suit brought against him by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim ever reaches the court.We've learned that his 3 Cuban cigars a day,can actually feed a poor man's family for a month.

It seems that sensational political outburst to ridicule others just to gain popularity is the norm of the day. Politicians in today's time and age have conveniently lost sight of the fact that Malaysia,makes up of 27 million people and not 222 so called "intellectuals" i.e. the MPs. When a man assumes a public trust,he should consider himself public property.The question is,was Anifah trying to tell the world that he is of Prime Minister quality and was thus felt insulted by the "alleged offer"of Deputy Prime Minister's post from Anwar? Can any MP from Sabah verify Anifah's claim? Perhaps Dato'Seri Najib,should be extra careful with Anifah.

Politics has proven that it's all about making deals.The very fact that Anifah is Foreign Minister,was probably also a 'trade-off'. President Ronald Reegan said it better..."It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession.I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first".Having understood this quote,I won't even trust a rogue politician to babysit my terrier..If the trees,the leaves,the grass and the birds on a golf course could speak and bear witness,half the politicians,their proxies,lobbyist and civil servants would be in jail today.

Anifah,as Foreign Minister, should put priority and seriously once and for all address the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah.If at all and whenever Sabahans see the light of day when the problem is resolved,then Anifah will go down in history as a "true leader and statesman". It's a real shame that his own brother,Musa Aman who is currently the Chief Minister of Sabah, has not even come close to resolving the magnitude of this problem.

The Malaysian people can quantify the difference between shoe polishing for political master's then having the merits and quality of a Deputy Prime Minister. Political deals being political deals,surely if at all such "alleged deal" was offered, Anifah would never by a mile be in the equation.

Another mind boggling question is,why are opposition leaders in Sabah, those from Sabah PKR especially, so silent and are not coming out in Anwar's defense? Have they lost their ability to speak up for a man that put his life on the line for them and effected significant changes in the country?Or is there some truth in a rumor that's spreading like wild fire of a new political party being formed by a senior Sabah PKR leader? In the name of the people,we hope it remains a rumor.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Corridors Of Power

Parti Bersatu Sabah(PBS)a coalition of Barisan Nasional,support for the proposal to convert Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital is "outrageous and a gross insult to the people of Sabah",according to Sabah Progressive Party(SAPP) information Chief and Golfer Chong Pit Fah.He urged PBS Information Chief and State Assembly Deputy Speaker,Johnny Mositon who made the proclamation to explain how a private hospital could be "the greatest Kaamatan gift to the people of Sabah.Is this private hospital going to provide free medical treatment?If not how can he simply call on all Sabahans to rejoice,ask Chong in a statement.

The State Government should demand the Federal Government to allocate more funds to improve the State's public healthcare.Besides,majority of the people still cannot afford to seek treatment at private hospitals.He said SAPP's stand was that turning Wisma Khidmat into a hospital was inappropriate as the "building and location is not suitable,coupled with it being handled by a wrong agency i.e Sabah Credit Corporation,a government link company(GLC)which owns the building.

While the State Government currently still has an 18% share in Sabah Medical Center(SMC)a private medical centre which has now been purchase by the Federal Government for RM245 million.let's examine who are actually going to benefit from this new private hospital,the people or those who undertake the project?

Sabah Progressive Party's (SAPP) hostile reception to the Khidmat Private Hospital plan is understandable but to adopt a stand denying Sabahans the benefit of better healthcare services is unforgivable, said Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Supreme Council member, John Masabal."What is SAPP's actual intention in denouncing the ability of the State and its agency in a noble plan. Does SAPP think only the SMC group is capable of constructing hospitals for subsequent disposal to the Government?" he asked."We hope the political stand in this issue taken by SAPP has nothing to do with any interested party in SMC," said Masabal who is also PBS Moyog chief.

He was responding to the statement by SAPP Information Chief, Chong Pit Fah who criticised his PBS counterpart, Johnny Mositun, for describing the Chief Minister's announcement to create a private hospital as the best Kaamatan gift to the people of Sabah.Masabal said Chong should not be narrow minded but to check his facts."We are all behind what the PBS Information Chief outlined in his support of Datuk Seri Musa Aman's announcement of a private hospital to replace the void created by the sale of Sabah Medical Centre to the Federal Government recently," he said

ne doesn't really need to be a rocket scientist to digest Chong's and Masabal's statement.While I will fully support the idea of a hospital for the people by any government,we nevertheless need to put a magnifying glass to examine the private hospital by the Sabah Government,which appears very suspicious.Martin Luther King said it better,"Nothing in the world is most dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

The State Government, has again blundered by undermining the intelligence of the people by making dumb-founded statements by politicians with conscientious stupidity or nincompoops. One fine example is Johnny Mositon when he said that the government private hospital at Wisma Khidmat is "the best Kaamatan gift for the people".Who is Johnny boy trying to fool?Even a primary school boy can see through his shoe polishing act.If only Queen Elizabeth could come and see the deplorable state of the hospital named after her,she'll probably say God help Sabah.

By god can't help Sabah,because the State Government's credibility,transparency and accountability is now highly suspect.A private medical centre is meant for the rich and famous and not one who only earns enough to feed his family.This pea brain Johnny boy,has put his foot in his mouth.Why is the State Government so adamant in wanting to convert Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital,when even the Federal Government were not in favour of it in the first place?As for John Masabal,PBS supreme council member is no better than a PARROT.(if you notice his press statement).Why has the actor change?Has Johnny boy lost his testicles and water face that he had to instruct Masabal to do his tidying up?

Politicians crave to be given the opportunity to speak just to gain some popularity,more often than not with no substances.George Pompidou said it better,"A Statesman is a politician who places himself at the service of the state.A politician is a statesman who places the state at his service".The state government still owns 18% of Sabah Medical Centre(SMC),which will amount to RM44.1 million upon receipt of payment from the Federal Government for the purchase of SMC.Where will this money go to?

From our survey,the state government has also earned hundreds of millions or billion in tax(15%)imposed on Sabahan punters on the thrice a week 4D draws over the last 10 odd years. Where has all this money gone to?Surely this massive amount accumulated over the years would have been more than sufficient to build a 6Star general hospital with state of the art equipments.This Johnny boy, would be the best Kaamatan gift ever,and not your private hospital.Has a name been proposed yet?Perhaps AMAN MEDICAL CENTRE sounds appropriate.
The State Government has to explain to the people and come out clean and not twist facts and speak in riddles.The best Kaamatan gift that the state government can give to the people is stop Hoodwinking the people.Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golf And Politics.

The Golfing Fraternity is today plague by the existence of unscrupulous,arrogant and rogue politicians who boast of their fortunes and projects.Hard work and dedication,my bloody foot.These people have tainted the very glory of golf and have used it for political mileage.They have no respect for ethics,a word alien to them.

A Golfer's Pray:
help me to improve my golf game.Give me wisdom,patience and that my fellow man will see me as an honest,sincere and passionate person."I dedicate this pray to all mankind that believes in Justice,Equality,Fairness,Freedom and Good Governance.

give more wisdom to continue hoodwinking and brainwashing the people.Make them deaf,dumb and blind,so that I can continue enjoying the luxuries of life.Guide and teach me the finer art of manipulation and shoe polishing that I know best,so that my political bosses would grant me more projects"I dedicate this pray to myself and the HELL with the other politicians.After all their making the same pray.

grant me strength,wisdom and clarity so that I can better understand the feelings of my people and help them lead a better life.Protect my people from evil,hardship and the constant harassment from rogue politicians who only uses the people for their political gain".I dedicate this pray in the name of the people.

Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill said it better,"The truth is incontrovertible,malice may attack it,ignorance may deride it,but in the end,there it is"

Golf and Politics will never be erased from the equation,and why should it?Having been a Businessman and Golfer for 20 years,I've seen the good,bad and ugly of rogue politicians and their millionaire proxies in the golf fraternity.I dedicate this posting to all honest Golfers,Statesman and Satanic Rogue Politicians.Politicians exist,because of you and me,and we must remove them if they have deceived the people,enrich themselves through corrupt manners and ridicule democracy.

Why should they be exalted and adored?Their not God.If they have wronged they should be told off,but if they have done good then support them.

Coming soon:
A high profile flamboyant civil servant,very closely link with the Chief Minister recently offered me "Kopi-O",if I promoted him in my blog.These are the examples of rogue politicians that walks the corridor of power.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spoil Brat Anifah

High flying cigar smoking spoil brat golfer Anifah Aman has made an idiot of himself on US soil by claiming that he was offered the Deputy Prime Minister's Post by Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim had Pakatan wrest control of Parliament on the 16th.Sept.2008.If there was any truth to this,then his dreams has backed fired big time as Prime Minister Dato'Seri Najib has found Anifah having no quality as a DPM.

But like most spoil brat golfers,what Anifah probably forgot was his appointment as Foreign Minister,more importantly is to resolved with the Phillipine and Indonesian Government on the issues of their overstayed citizens in Sabah.I can still remember,while I was an invitee in Parliament last year,Anifah was so vocal about his concerns for the people of Sabah.He even declined the post of a Deputy Federal Minister,which to me was highly admirable.

Today,Anifah speaks a foreign language which can only be understood by birds of the same feather.It is strongly believed that golfer and Prime Minister Najib had taken pity on this guy,when he repeatedly mentioned in Parliament,that he is living in a room nearest to the toilet,"Kesian Anifah".

In the press conference in Washington DC,Hilary Clinton was impeccable.She's shown tremendous political maturity,with no flaws to actually debate about.However golfer and politician Anifah had no style,my chinese golfer would say,"aiya Anipah,you tak ada lain cerita kah,balik balik cakap sotomee ala altantuya saja".He really has put his foot in his mouth this time.

Click below and watch the video

Press Conference between Malaysia's Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman and Hillary Clinton

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Even Tiger Woods Would Puke .

Golf is so unique that Politicians can literally make any decisions on the golf course.From who's buying dinner to which massage parlor will they be patronizing.Today the State of Sabah,Malaysia witness one of the most interesting and highly paid golf game.Unfortunately the world's number one golfer,Tiger Woods was not invited to play.Instead the invitees were(First flight)Datuk Musa Aman(Chief Minister of Sabah)Datuk Peter Pang,Datuk Yee Moh Chai,Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah.In the second flight were,Datuk Edward Khoo,Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan,Datuk Ewon Ebin and Donald Mojutin.The mode of play was decided and the tension was so high,that a tremor was felt from Kota Kinabalu right through to Sandakan.

The golf course was in impeccable condition,and the flights were divided to play in T-box 1 and T-box 10.This was necessary so as to ensure secrecy and no manipulation.The common trend among most politicians in Sabah while on the golf course is heavy betting and cheating,after all they graduated with Ph.D in Tipulogy.

Before the T-off,Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman announced that the Nett winner will be appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah.There was total silence for a moment,as Raymond Tan is the current DCM(he must have wondered,what the fnck is Musa trying to do).Yee Moh Chai was in jovial mood,as over the last 2 weeks,he's been doing nothing but shoe polishing Musa's boots.He was expecting the DCM's post so badly.Edward Khoo on the other hand,was quite confident in landing himself as the new DCM post as coliation partners were supporting him..Nevertheless all the intense lobbying,will come down to this round of golf.Five hours have past,and the score cards have been submitted.

The score cards are in the hands of the CM,and only he can decide the winner.Ironically,all the politicians came back with similar scores.But the battle for the DCM's post is only between Raymond Tan,Peter Pang,Yee Moh Chai and Edward Khoo.The CM leaned back in his chair and made the announcement.The winner was not decided on count back,but already decided well before the game begin.And the new DCM of Sabah is non other than,Datuk Peter Pang.

There was intense frustration seen in the faces of the rest.It was clear that all the shoe polishing,balls carrying,prostituting themselves were all for nothing.Peter Pang was clearly Musa's choice from the very start.Was there an understanding to appoint Peter Pang as an inducement in order for Tan Seri Chong Kah Kiat to withdraw his legal suit against Musa on the halted Mazu project?Was this meant as an out of court settlement?Will we ever know?

All said and done,we nevertheless congratulate Peter Pang for his effortless promotion as DCM,hopefully he proves me wrong.

My next posting will feature a colorful but controversial golfer whom I've known for the last 20 odd years.Read about Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim,Mayor of Kota Kinabalu.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Golf's Distinguished Gentlemen?

Sabah,one of the 13 states in the Federation of Malaysia is blessed with
diverse culture and heritage.It is also home to some of the most spectacular yet scenic and challenging golf courses in the country.Golf is big business and has developed so massively over the years,and the golfing fraternity has increased by leaps and bounds.Interestingly enough, golf is a unique game where you can actually depict a person's character be it his/her social or professional status.
Who are these golfers?
From a game once categorized as the most expensive game on the planet,meant only for the rich and famous,today every tom,dick and harry are on the golf course.The most common sight visibly notice in all golf clubs are Businessman,Corporate Figures, Politicians,and yes most of the"DISTINGUISHED YANG BERHORMAT'S"(Assemblyman and Member of Parliament).Also in the loop are Tan Seri's,Datuk's and self proclaimed individuals claiming that they too should be address as a Datuk because of the flashy cars and tons of cash.

As a Businessman and an avid golfer for the last 20 years,most golfers will add testimony that my very presence on the golf course sent shivers down the spine of many a golfer particularly whose arithmetic is highly questionable or are known to cheat.In the case of the so-called
elite "Distinguished YB's",you can't actually blame them for cheating because having a PH.d in " TIPULOGY"(Hoodwinking)gives them the unlawful licence to practice what they know best.

I've had the pleasure of playing a few rounds of golf with some of these"Distinguished YB's"and have kept their score cards as mementos.I don't get invites these days as I've been labeled as a non Team Player.Pathetically this is the same label commonly used in Politics.One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to know that if you're in cohorts with these distinguished yb's, there are no limits to fortune,while the people continue to suffer.

Gone are the days or perhaps on a slower scale,where night clubs,karaokes and Gro's exhibiting their juicy pussies were used to entice the distinguished yb's to secure projects.Today multi million ringgit projects are negotiated and concluded on the golf course.The trend has change as it's less conspicuous.Lately the number of millionaire golfers has increased by ten folds,who boast and exalt these distinguished yb's.In short,it's not what you know,but who you know.I stand corrected if anyone begs to differ.

1Malaysia,People First,Performance Now,thats the new slogan of our Prime Minister(who incidently is a golfer).The Prime Minister has also introduce a report card system(KPI)to access the performance of the Federal Cabinet Minister's,State Minister's and Exco(many of whom are also golfers).Kudos to the Prime Minister,does this mean we'll see less of these distinguished yb's on the golf course or we're expecting miracles?

I on the other hand will be watching and have my version of a report card system(KPI) on these distinguished yb's.The country of late has been a laughing stock in the golfing fraternity locally,regionally and internationally because of these distinguished yb's.