Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional craving for Putrajaya,at whose expense?

On one hand UMNO/BN will do anything to stay in power, while Pakatan Rakyat is working towards replacing them in Putrajaya. This is neither a celebrity contest nor another American idol search. This is seizing the opportunity to be the next government at any cost, but at whose expense?

Has it occurred to these two political parties that they are gambling with the lives of the very people who voted them into office? Who cares two hoods how they win, as long as they get to Putrajaya? Well, the people do care, and if anyone feels otherwise, perhaps migration would be the best option.

Let us examine Sabah, which should be one of the richest "states" in Malaysia but now is the second poorest "state" in Malaysia. How did this happen to a "state" rich in natural resources? Sabah is still till this day rich in oil. Who in their sane mind would think this is possible? And UMNO/BN and Pakatan Rakyat are only keen in racing for their jewel prize... PUTRAJAYA.

If Putrajaya is ultimately the place to govern Malaysia for Malaysians, then UMNO/BN has miserably failed in governing the country, because Sabah is still the second poorest state in Malaysia.

Of late, UMNO/BN Sabah leaders have been at each others’ throats, to see who should be rightfully given a specific seat in a constituency with strong words such as "stop bullying fellow Barisan Nasional component parties”. In retaliation, UMNO says "this is a Muslim seat and was only given to you on loan".

In my last posting, I stated that Sabahans are Beggars in their own land; soon Sabahans will be fugitives in their own land. The root of the matter is, this is all about UMNO … UMNO and only UMNO? Barisan Nasional component members have now become pariah's in the eyes of UMNO.

Recently the UMNO Supreme Council convened a meeting to deliberate the Sports Betting issue on a license that was purportedly issued to Vincent Tan, and chaired by non other then the Prime Minister himself, Najib Razak.

At the press conference immediately after the meeting, Najib blatantly said "the government has decided not to issue the license to Vincent Tan”. In a nutshell it was UMNO that decided and not the Federal Government. This is arrogance of the highest order, there again tell me what else is new.

Pakatan Rakyat in Sabah on the other hand is another sob story. Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) has not shown anything concrete either, to say the least. DAP on the other hand has been rather active of late with the numerous visit by the 'Father of Opposition" Lim Kit Siang. I had the opportunity to have had breakfast with him recently, and in his twitter he labeled me as "an interesting fella".

Some have called me worst like "shit stirrer".

Recently I accompanied 5 Sarawakians to the MACC office at Shah Alam, Selangor, where a report was lodged against Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak on his wealth beyond comprehension. The Deputy Director, Yip Pit Wong later however REFUSED to provide a copy of the report. What bullshit. The photo shows me wondering ….. Who’s next to be thrown out the window at MACC?

Another interesting event that took place recently as well was, a Police report that was lodged against me by the President of MAJAP, Datuk Clarence Bongkus Malakun over the Allah issue. This is the very man that asked the Christian community in Sabah to abandon the word Allah. The charge was framed under the Multi-Media Act section 223, under which if found guilty one is liable to a fine of RM50,000 or a year's jail or both.

Clarence B.Malakun must have gone "Bonkers" to have thought that intimidation would tickle me. I will fight to the very end to ensure that the people will not be hoodwinked by government stooges out to con the people, for their own personal agenda?

To my recollection the Holy Father is Pope Benedict and not POPE CLARENCE?

I call upon Sabahans and Sarawakians to rise and seize what rightfully belongs to them. The 13th General Elections is fast approaching and UMNO/BN must be shown the exit door.

We must now strengthen Pakatan Rakyat and if need be take control of change, for the current "leaders"don't appear to understand or seen as wanting to CHANGE or bring about CHANGE.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sabahans Have Become Beggars In Their Own Land?

Sabah's Chief Minister Musa Aman exalts Prime Minister Najib's concern for Sabah in the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) as displayed through the Federal Government's generosity to the state.He is not the first Chief Minister to 'shoe polish the testicles" of a Prime Minister and surely will not be the last.

What irks Sabahans the most is,we've been hearing all this glorifying statements about development for the last 47 years and we're still hearing the same song over and over again.What's equally baffling is their call for an effective and sustainable Bumiputra economic participation,special attention will be given to bumiputras in Sabah,the question is which bumiputra's is UMNO/BN referring to - The Dayaks, Kadazans, Eurasians or just plain Malay Bumiputra's or worse the recent migrants or 'maggie-mee' bumis who get instant citizenship and bumi status?

Anyone with a clear conscience will attest that it is mind boggling,for a state rich in oil,timber,oil palm and tourism to be currently the second poorest state in the country.Where has all the wealth gone to? As one of the largest oil producing state in the country,Sabah should be the most developed state in Malaysia,yet Musa Aman alongside his UMNO/BN comrades are talking about the Federal Government's generosity to Sabah.

The Federal Government should be thanking Sabah,Sarawak,Terengganu and Kelantan for it's generosity in developing Malaysia to what it is today.Musa Aman and his entire bandwagon of infidels in UMNO/BN Sabah should immediately admit themselves into the nearest mental hospital or better yet,dissolve the state legislative assembly.Let us see if they still have the support of the people.
Is Sabah BEGGING for development? It surely appears so.Sabahans have become beggers in their own land.

The denial syndrome and greed of Musa Aman and UMNO/BN in undermining the intelligence of Sabahans and continued hoodwinking, has reached an annoying stage.With Najib's recent approval rating rising to an all-time high of 72%( Indians 80%,Malays 77% and Chinese 58% ) and the carrot dangling in the 10th Malaysia Plan,I fore-see an early elections underway.

The signs are just to great to ignore,what more with Najib knowing that Sabah is his prized "fixed deposit".The question is has Sabahans awaken from their deep induced slumber?If at all Minister in the Prime Minister's Department,Idris Jala caution that Malaysia will be bankgrupt by 2019,then we're only been hoodwinked by this 10th MP.

In contrast,this could be the time to reward the inner circle of cronies and Umno warlords. The spoils of war are to be divided according to loyalty and patronage. We all know that power and money is derived from the great Umno patronage system so perfected by Mahathir. Those who dare turn against the great patron suffers financially and politically.In short,Najib and Musa Aman are the Sheriff of Nottingham by day and transform to be Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by night.

Sun Tzu (Art of War ) would have included UMNO/BN in his book as being an avid follower,if there was going to be a reprint.The 10th MP which is being acclaimed as goodies by the likes of Musa Aman and his bandwagon of "yes man" from UMNO/BN is more of a blackmail in preparation of an impending elections.

Once again,I must remind Sabahans,47 years of hoodwinking is enough.We've heard so much about hard core poverty for the last 25 years and we're still hearing about hard core poverty.What has happened to all the funds to eradicate poverty?We're rich in oil,timber and oil palm,why is the poverty level so high?

Nicolo Machiavelli best describes these actions of present day politicians " Being poor and scattered cannot hurt,they are either well treated or crushed".

Sabahans must review their tolerance level - you've been too kind for the last 47 years,the time has come for you to take control of what rightfully belong to you,it's now or never.