Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Call To The Spirits To Stop The Damned Dam

Natives in Penampang Sabah have unleashed the spirits of PITOUAN TONDUK upon the heartless leaders of Sabah over their arrogance in approving the Koiduan Dam, costing a massive RM2.8billion. The Pitouan Tonduk or "Batu Sumpah"(curse stone) ritual (left) was performed with the slaughtering of a pig with it's blood overflowing the curse stone. The sacred "Curse" ceremony is only directed on heartless people who have malicious intent against the villagers.

More than 300 villagers were in solemn prayer during the demonstration at Kg.Timpayasa. Glaringly outstanding among the visitors present during the ritual were police special branch officers. Goose pimples were also clearly visible among first timers that witnessed the entire ceremony.

It was reported that the Member Of Parliament for Penampang cum Federal Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Tan Sri Bernard Dompok (left) and State Assemblyman of Penampang cum State Assistant Minister of Finance, Donald Mojuntin had originally planned to visit the affected villages but aborted or "chickened out" upon hearing that the batu sumpah ritual was going to be performed. Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) members from Penampang and the state Communications Bureau were however present to support the villagers.

On 7th.Oct.2009, I posted an article titled "Sabah Natives Strike Back...we'll defend our lands and rights with our lives". (Please read the post to understand the chronology of the events). On 15th.Oct, Donald Mojuntin (right) in a press statement was quoted as saying "he was embarrassed as he is also in the dark about the project". Subsequently on 17th.Oct, Bernard Dompok, in a press statement had this to say, "so far nobody has talked to me, I'm waiting for somebody from the water authorities to talk to me".

Surely Bernard Dompok and Donald Mojuntin are not under the impression that the people are still living in the stone age or nincompoops. Instead of shamelessly denying any knowledge of the project, perhaps as elected representatives of Penampang, which is predominately a Kadazan community, the question that both this "Distinguished gentlemen" should be asking is, WHO SUGGESTED THIS PROJECT? And WHO APPROVED THIS PROJECT?

In another press statement on 18th.Oct, State Minister of Industrial Development, Datuk Raymond Tan (left) had the cheek to say "there is no need to stage demonstrations against the project because it is just a concept at this stage". Ironically while Raymond Tan appears to be defending himself or protecting "someone higher up", this project was approved and a Letter of Approval was issued to the successful contractor, WCT Berhad.

Is Raymond Tan willing to deny this? Or is he talking with a fork in his tongue? Who is studying the project? WHO is doing the EIA?

In Malaysia the EIA is a BIG GREEN SHIT? It’s an an academic exercise to green wash environmental requirements after approvals have been given. Ironically it’s the project proponents who do the EIA. Where is the ethics? How can project proponents, whose only understanding of GREEN is the colour of money, do an honest job? Whatever problems raised in an EIA can be theoritically rectified by the project proponents’ con-sultants. They do not care for social, cultural or ethnic values, let alone understand human sufferings. To them “economic considerations take precedence over everything” and everything can be settled with money.

Meanwhile the village joint action committee chairman, Nousi Giun (right), reiterated that they will fight tooth and nail to prevent the project from going ahead. In a fearless tone, he also queried the government as to why the alternative site located at Mondolipau is not being considered?

It was also reliably learnt that more dams are on the planning board for hydroelectric power generation, water catchment and irrigation for agricultural development. Among the dams proposed are Meliau River in Sandakan(76ha), Lukutan River in Mesapol(149ha), Upper Papar River(233ha). Tawau River in Tawau(80ha), Pisukan River in Sipitang(44ha), Merotai River in Tawau and Mengkaladom River in Kota Kinabalu(73ha). In addition to theseare the Baiayo River in Keningau(176ha), Baiayo Upper River(96ha), Bambangan River in Ranau(30ha), Wariu River in Kota Belud(137ha), Mokodau River in Ranau(155ha), Serudong River in Tawau(510ha) and the Upper Padas River in Padas(201ha).

It is strange but true – the responsibility of the Huguan Siou, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan (left) in championing the rights of the Natives seems to be a matter of the past – buried in history and with the legends. While Kinorohingan, the GOD of the KDMs sacrificed his only daughter, Huminodun, to save his people then, KDM leaders now are willing to sacrifice their people to fatten their bank accounts and provide a luxurious life for their children overseas. (Huminodun:

Perhaps the mainstream news media and online news portals, such as Malaysiakini could give special considerations in assisting the plight of these villagers rather then putting emphasis on political issues only. I urge the Malaysiakini correspondent in Sabah, Joe Fernandez, though a West Malaysian, to visit the village and have a hands on feeling and put emphasis on this important human issue.

I humbly call upon all concerned Sabahans to pray and seek devine assistance to support the villagers. Please also use your own network – SMSes, emails, blogs and kopi-tiams (coffee-shops) to enlighten the public and help STOP the damned dam.

May GOD be with the people of the land – the villagers.


I had the opportunity to speak to the Chairman of the joint action committee, Nousi Giun which you can watch in the video clip below.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cure or Castrate the Cancerous Growth

Once again Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is at the crossroads - WHO should lead Sabah?

The latest fiasco as highlighted in blogs and online news portals has captured much interest and resulted in dissatisfaction among the people, members and supporters. For the record, there are no representatives from PKR in the Sabah state legislative assembly - just a reminder to the leadership in case they have overlooked it.

Last week, Malaysiakini reported that, on the night of 7th October, 16 out of a total number of 25 Sabah PKR division heads met and concurred that they had no confidence in Azmin Ali's(right) leadership and communicated this to the party top leadership in Kuala Lumpur.

The report has said that the 16 division chiefs wanted Azmin removed from the post with immediate effect and also made it clear that “no one from outside Sabah should be appointed to head the PKR chapter in the state ever again”.

While UMNO/BN(left) are perhaps enjoying the leadership struggle ‘show’ in PKR Sabah, there is also the notion that there is a hidden hand masterminding this from the sidelines.

The negative signals are surely not at all encouraging but very demoralising. Such things lead people to wonder if PKR is really ready to form the next government. Many supporters and followers were eager to know how I perceived this. I fully subscribe to the fact that Sabah PKR must be led by a Sabahan - there's no two ways about it. Having said that, we also do not want power crazy leaders who are tainted and have nothing to show for themselves, other than creating disunity wherever they go, all because they have only one aim in life – to become THE NUMBER 1.

Its just a co-incidence and has nothing to do with the 1Malaysia slogan – whose intention is merely to mesmerise Malaysians into thinking that the Nation’s leaders are working extremely hard to bring all the best to the people, while the truth is just the reverse.

On second thoughts, these leaders causing disunity in PKR would blend perfectly with the 1Malaysia group as all they desire is to serve themselves. Unfortunately, even they are keeping their distance from the ones addicted to the Number 1 position.

I implore the sincerity, intentions and integrity of those involved in this fiasco on the night of 7th October, which had a malicious intent written all over the wall. It was reliably learnt that prior to the appointment of Azmin Ali, the matter was tabled in the PKR Supreme Council Meeting. Sabah is represented by three(3) supreme council members namely, Datuk Dr.Jeffery Kitingan(left), Tuan Hj.Ansari Abdullah(right)and Christina Liew(below left). My question is - why was there NO OBJECTIONS at that time, WHY NOW?

Granted, and I totally agree, only Sabahans understand Sabahan sentiments,and Sabahans should be allowed to decide on their own. But the pathetic old school politics advocated by power-crazy individuals spurting parochial sentiments must come to an end. Craze for power had always been there - even before the emergence of Azmin Ali, a fact that I challenge any of the PKR leaders in Sabah to dispute.Catastrophically,there are also no signs of second tier leaders being groom,how pathetic can this be?

I urge the Central Leadership of PKR ... in particular, Dato'Sri Anwar Ibrahim(right), to resolve the leadership problem with total firmness and fairness. If at all PKR Sabah is to make any impact in the next general elections, the leadership in Sabah must be strengthened, more so SOLIDIFIED.

The people are thirsting for change but it’s disgusting to note that some leaders have no idea as to what reform or change is. Leaders must know what is CHANGE and WHAT CHANGES the people desire. A good leader must have the ability to identify and be receptive to them. More importantly they must go all out to quench the thirst of the people for change.

Leaders must know what PKR stands for and sacrifice themselves in serving the people's and party's agenda and not use the party to serve their personal agendas.

The earlier the top leadership deals with and resolves the Sabah leadership problem the better.

In politics, leadership problems can be ‘cancerous’. If left ‘untreated’ for too long they may lead to disastrous and mortal consequences.

When a cancerous growth cannot be cured, the only alternative may be to castrate the affected part – so that the rest of the body may have a chance to grow and move forward.We must move beyond the rhetoric UMNO/BN form of leadership and racial disunity.Only clearly defined policies and a solidified state leadership of PKR can convince Sabahans that we are a suitable choice for the people.

Lest we forget – Leadership should be DESERVED, NOT DESIRED.

Finally,I've attached with my post a very inspiring video clip,in the hope that the PKR leadership will be equally inspired and reformed,"Satu Perjuangan".

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sabah Natives Strikes Back...."we'll defend our lands and rights with our lives"

Malaysia's Prime Minister Dato'Seri Najib's infamous 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now slogan is now nothing more than just hot air and hogwash. Sabah’s indigenous communities(left) in the interior of Penampang are bemoaning and up in arms against the RM 2.8 Billion Kaiduan Dam which has been approved by the State Government of Sabah. The dam which has yet to obtain any Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment was given the nod by the State Cabinet via a Letter of Intent(right) to WCT Berhad - yes the same contractor as the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

The dam(left), if allowed to commence construction, will submerge 12 square km of forest and agricultural lands. What’s worst is, it will totally wipe out 9 villages that have been there for hundreds of years. This is a clear violation of the rights of the natives of Penampang for, Prior Free and Informed Consent must be obtained as stated in the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous people of which Malaysia is a signatory.

The affected villages are Buayan, Terian, Babagon Laut, Timpayasa, Tiku, Longkogungan, Kalanggaan, Pongobonon and Kionop. In addition agricultural land in the 5 villages of Bolotikan, Koiduan, Bisuang, Kogopon and Limbahau alongside the Papar river will be severely affected; notwithstanding the complete destruction of the historical heritage and the unique biological and eco-system of Papar and the Crocker range.(location plan-right)

I visited one of the would be affected villages and had the opportunity to speak to Nousi Giun, Chairman of the Joint Action Committee against the dam.It's unbelievable and shocking that after 46 years on the formation of Malaysia,our journey to the village is a clear shame with all the government slogans and promises-the infrastructures are pathetically still 46 years behind time.To sum up my 1 hour chat with Nousi Giun - he made it explicitly clear that "they’re not interested in any compensation, relocation or compromise. We will defend our native land with our lives". The population of the 9 affected villages is approximately 2500, all bonafide Sabahan natives.

What is even more mind-boggling is that WCT Berhad had the cheek to state in their feasibility study report(right) to the State Government that the "Dammed Dam site was uninhabited, which is clearly misleading. No one came to the ground and consulted us", added Nousi. The villager’s plight is also supported by environmentalist and renowned NGO's such as PACOS, JICA and JOAS among others who have also provided financial aid in uplifting the living standards of the villagers running in millions.

On the political front and for the record, Penampang is under UPKO, a component member of the coalition of UMNO/Barisan Nasional. The MP who was once rejected by his own constituents is none other than Tan Sri Bernard Dompok(left). It was reliably learnt that Bernard's silence was because of UMNO's involvement in this dam project. What is even more shocking is that while the natives of Penampang are being ousted from their own lands, Bernard Dompok is busy opening UPKO branches in West Malaysia and recruiting the Orang Asli as members.

Recently as well,I had this rare opportunity in engaging with Datuk Masidi Manjun(right)-Sabah Minister of Tourism and Environmental in Facebook.The engagement was so intense that he flip flop in his text.He had the cheek to claim ignorance in the Koiduan Dam project and further added that even Bernard Dompok is also unaware of the Dam which is costing RM 2.8 Billion of tax payers money.If this is not conscientious stupidity,then Sabahans have voted a bunch of morons into government.Is the Sabah Government being administered by a kitchen cabinet,and on a need to know basis?Who is actually calling the shots in Sabah?
The Koiduan Dam is said to be 3 times larger than the Babagon Dam(below right), also situated in Penampang and richly surrounded by timber. Interestingly enough, during my visit, I noticed that logging has already started which perhaps is one of the reasons why the government is adamant in pursuing the project.

The question to ask here is, "Is this development or destruction? If it's development for whom is it and at whose expense?"

Are Sabah's natives part of One Malaysia or Gone Malaysia?

The government always seems to be putting the cart before the bull - all under the name of development - a convenient and useful catch-word to camouflage corruption, arrogance and incompetence.
A memorandum is currently in the process and the villagers will not hesitate to hand-deliver the memorandum to his Majesty our beloved King, if the State Government of Sabah proceeds with the dam.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The corrupt will remain corrupt and the Munafiqs will continue to live within our mist. It is therefore not inconceivable that UMNO and its bandwagon of corrupt and con-artist politicians have now chosen a path of no return and along with it its ever faithful coalition Barisan Nasional partners. The need to expunge UMNO/BN should now be further accelerated into higher gear, what more when the current regime subscribes to CORRUPTION as a way of life, so much so that … in fact it looks like without corruption there won’t be any life in BN / UMNO.

Corruption has in recent days been the hottest topic among most Malaysians, from all walks of life. Most glaring of course is the nomination of Tan Seri Isa Samad as the UMNO/BN candidate in the up-coming Bagan Pinang by-election. Nomination has been set for the 3rd October, while polling will be on the 11th October 2009. It appears that one of the pre-requisite for a person's candidacy in UMNO is having a corrupt background.

I asked an UMNO stalwart in Sabah what was his opinion on the party's choice of this highly-corrupted candidate for the by-election and his response was, "UMNO sudah hilang akal dan halatuju, bikin tak serupa cakap"(UMNO has lost its direction, it doesn't practice what it preaches).When pressed further if he would continue his struggle with UMNO he responded,"Kita cari makan dulu,bila Pakatan Rakyat jadi kerajaan,baru kita lompat,itu cara berpolitik"(We need to survive,when the Opposition becomes the government,then we jump,that's politics).I only have this to say to such unscrupulous brain dead politicians,Munafiqs of the highest degree,stay put and rot in hell.

The earlier rhetoric about UMNO having “to change or be changed” is now proven to be nothing more than just “cockatoo- talk,” to put it in the local vernacular. UMNO is beyond reform and that includes their coalition, Barisan Nasional. In fact, going by what’s happening one could say “UMNO is beyond repair or redemption.”

Malaysia, under the current regime UMNO/BN has been plagued by unresolved and serious issues that have tarnished the credibility and sovereignty of our country once acclaimed as the country of opportunities, both for domestic employment and foreign investment. Questions are still on the high note as to the controversies surrounding the murder of Altantuya Sharribu, the death of A.Kugan while in the custody of the police, the "mysterious" death of Teoh Beng Hock (really 9-storey fall?), the continued denial syndrome of the UMNO/BN government on the actual date on the formation of Malaysia (historically blind or failed primary school arithmetic?), the on-going investigation by Hong Kong's ICAC on the money laundering activities of Sabah's Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman and now how a former Menteri Besar found guilty of Money Politics and Corruption can still be endorsed as a candidate in the up-coming by-election.

I wouldn’t have been the least surprised if members of the United Nations were giggling when Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman had the cheek to stand before the assembly with his 1MALAYSIA slogan.

Is Anifah Aman aware that Malaysia's global corruption- index now lies in 47th position - among the most corrupted countries in the world? Perhaps he should have also included in his maiden speech that UMNO/BN encourages corruption as evidenced in the choice of the candidate for Bagan Pinang – simply put - In Malaysia the Government is above the law or rather the Government is the law.