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Parti Keadilan Rakyat's President Dato Seri Wan Azizah blatantly lied in her statement,that the position of "Director of Communication PKR Sabah" doesn't exist,has never existed and Ronnie Klassen was never the Director of Communications of PKR Sabah.Wan Azizah is a BLATANT LIAR of the highest order,and questions are now ask if PKR is truly fighting for the rights of Sabahans.Sabahans have been hoodwink by UMNO/BN for the last 47 years,the people have suffered enough.

In her statement that appeared in all the local media in Sabah,she blatantly stated that,there was no such post.As a responsible Malaysian citizen,I lodged a Police report on the 11th.Feb.2011,against one Datu Akjan Ali Muhammad in his self proclamation as the "Sultan of Sulu" which appeared in a news portal.In the name of protecting the country's sovereignty and safe guarding National Security,I lodged the report alongside Dr.Chong En Leong at the Kota Kinabalu Police Headquarters,Karamunsing at 1.58pm on the 11th.Feb.2011.The report was lodged in our capacity as responsible Malaysians.

Ironically,the PKR President in her statement,stated that the report lodged by me,was not the stand of the party and does not reflect PKR's opinion in the matter.Is Wan Azizah telling Sabahans that PKR fully concurs with Datu Akjan as the self proclaimed Sultan of Sulu,since my report does not reflect the opinion of PKR?Bear in mind,similar reports were also made by SAPP and ironically by UMNO and Barisan Nasional.Has Wan Azizah been away for a long holiday and only just return to Malaysia,and lost total sight of what's happening in Sabah?

For the record,I had received an email from Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim,in June 2009,informing me that he would like to put me up in the state leadership.In mid-July 2009,I was offered the position of Director of Communication for PKR Sabah by Azmin Ali at the advice of Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim, during our meeting at Shangrila Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel,Kota Kinabalu.I did not immediately respond to his offer,and needed time to consider.

It was only 2 weeks later that I agreed to accept the post,and the announcement of the state line-up was formalized and was published in all the local media,on the of 3rd.July.2009, My immediate duties was to engage with the younger generation,in the cause of the party and to ignite the tsunami of change.On the 20th.Dec.2009,I organized a Dialogue cum Forum in Kota Kinabalu,where I successfully managed to assemble 150 young professionals,with the hope of getting the young generation to become leaders in PKR,eventually replacing the old and withered leaders.The guest of honour was none other then Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim himself.Why didn't Anwar say that Ronnie Klassen is not the Director of Communications in his speech?

In January 2010,a new state chief,Thamrin Hj.Jaini, took over PKR Sabah,after Azmin Ali was unceremoniously ousted out of the state,as the state leaders wanted a Sabahan to lead.I was retained as the Director Of Communications and had attended all state leaders meeting held at the PKR Headquarters in Penampang.My contribution has been enormous for the party,and I challenge any state leader to say otherwise.To name a few of my contributions and sacrifices,

1. The establishment of a huge network of supporters in the Internet all over Malaysia,Sabah in particular.
2. The establishment of a network of Sabahans residing in Peninsular Malaysia,to assist needy Sabahans.
3. Our joint network between PKR and DAP in assisting jobless and homeless Sabahans in Peninsular Malaysia.
4. My assistance and support together with my team members in all the by-elections.
5. Providing input to the state leaders,and setting up of groups to engaged with the younger generation at grass root level.
6. The setting up and joint effort of common groups overseas,to spread the word of Change.
7. To keep members,supporters and voters abreast on current issues through messages in the Internet,particularly in FaceBook.
8. My blog was used to enhance the image of the party as well to improvise the party through mistakes done.
9. To take UMNO/BN to task on issues affecting Sabahans through my blog,which was my mouth piece to the people.
10. To liaise with the media on all press conferences and press statement.
11. To provide a platform for all party divisions to voice the problems of the people.
12. Encouraging party leaders to engage with the people through FaceBook,in order to have first hand knowledge on the grievance of the people.

In addition,I had to succumb to Police apprehension and countless reports lodged against me by UMNO/BN.In short,I was UMNO/BN's biggest nightmare due to my constant attacks at them.The party hail me as a active and dynamic Director of Communications,performing well above expectations.All these efforts were without party funding,and I had to used my own funding and at times practically begging for financial support from friends.

Meetings after meetings were held in my Communications Bureau to find ways to strengthen the party,and there were many occasions when I was required to travel to Kuala Lumpur for meetings with Party Headquarters Officials,all in the name of the party.No financial assistance was provided for our efforts by the party,we were totally on our own,all in the name of change and for the people,and it was an honour to fight for the people.

Was there a hidden hand who had instigated the President to make such a statement? Even if there was,Wan Azizah as an "intelligent" President of the party, should behave like a President and not stood so low to the demands of greedy leaders,but seek the facts and truth,and not being used by individuals for their own personal agenda.I dare Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Thamrin Hj.Jaini,Datuk Kong Hong Meng,Jonathan Yassin,Ansari Abdullah,Datuk John Ghani,Roland Chia and all the state leaders to publicly deny that there was never such a post of Communications Director,never was,and I was never the Sabah PKR Director of Communications,as blatantly lied by Wan Azizah.

To answer the thousands of emails,smses and FaceBook messages that I've received,pursuant to my stand.I will never abandon the cause of change,even if I were to leave PKR.My cause is for the people,and have no desire for positions unlike some who crave for a position,but do nothing.My loyalty with the party ends when my loyalty for the people begins.I demand a public apology from the President.

Monday, February 7, 2011


The hopes and aspirations for change were shattered by political demons, well orchestrated, but beyond comprehension. Then again, was Satan ever honest? The people with the highest level of tolerance from the Land Below The Wind, were once again hypnotized by arrogance of the highest order, by political players across the South China Sea, Semananjung Malaysia. Ironically these remorseless characters had full assistance from hungry prowlers who would lick the toes of anyone, as long as their objectives are met. And these are the very morons, the people are expected to vote come the 13th General Elections. The leadership crisis in Sabah PKR has a lot to do with their egoistical, eccentric, selfish, greedy and arrogant attitude. The leadership in Sabah PKR and its Central Leadership are not getting their act together -- they have never been able to! They are just as arrogant as UMNO or ignorant.

The chapter began in July 2009,when Azmin Ali(currently Deputy President of PKR) was appointed as the "Interim State Chief "of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)Sabah. Along with him, he brought along loads of money to fund 25 cabang activities for the party. It brought smiles to all the cabang chiefs, as they hail and exalted him like a messiah send by God. In a short span of 3 months, when funds were exhausted, all hell broke loose. From the man that was hailed as a messiah, he was crucified by the Pontius pilots of PKR Sabah and branded as "Orang Malaya".

A revolt was then executed by 18 rebels (cabang chiefs) headed by none other than self proclaimed "Huguan Siou" (Paramount Leader) of PKR Sabah, in the name of Jeffery Kitingan. A high level meeting was convened, with the sole objective of ousting Azmin Ali out and to be replaced by a Sabahan. To cut this boring story short, a Sabahan was subsequently appointed in the name of Thamrin Hj.Jaini, in November 2009. In the 14 months of Thamrin's tenure as the State Chief, he spoke often with a forked tongue, and amazingly with a Chinese slang. Was Kong Hong Ming his mentor & spokesman or the "invisible" state chief?

Now let’s get to the juicy stuff. For all intents and purposes, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, sent shock waves to the entire country with speculation of an early election. My sources from Putrajaya have indicated that all leave for Federal officers have been completely frozen for the month of June 2011.With elections in mind, PKR Sabah moved into high gear, ironically not for all the right reasons. Sabah PKR was about to see a new state chief emerging. With Ansari Abdullah and Thamrin Jaini, as the key players for the job, the architects and engineers from both sides began their onslaught. This was winner takes all.

Torpedoes were fired by both camps and it was evident, neither was prepared to lose. Deals beyond comprehension were made, all in the name of "Politics", as pathetic as it was, no one was prepared to give way. Cabang Chiefs were asked to sign letters of support and some did so with conditions. The demons were at work and God was not a name they were familiar with. Again for all intent and purposes, the President decided otherwise and a new face was named as the State Chief of Sabah. His name, Ustaz Pajudin Nordin.

Ustaz Pajudin Nordin will go down in history as the shortest state chief of Sabah PKR,3 weeks to be precise. Again to cut the story short, read more on the events that transpired at But let’s take a closer look at what really transpired, so as, not to crucify this innocent. Pajudin was an ordinary kampong man that led a humble life. He was with PKR for 12 years, a party reformist, was an exco member of the party's youth wing and deputy youth chief of the state.

This story is getting very ‘cheong hei’ so let’s cut the crab and get down to the crux of the story. Contrary to what many may perceive, politics is never dirty, it's the dirty politicians who make politics dirty. True as it was, all it took was one know-it-all-mama, Vice-President Fuziah Salleh, along with 5 party stalwarts from Sabah to convince party President in a meeting that took place at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on the 26th .January 2011,to reverse her decision on Pajudin's appointment.

Fuziah Salleh subsequently set sail, boarded an aircraft, bound for Kota Kinabalu to execute a plan to oust Pajudin. In a sms sent by her to a cabang chief - in the event all plans failed 'then I will go back to Semananjung and leave the Sabahan to kill each other". Is this the CHANGE that PKR is talking so much about? Fuziah Salleh should be reprimanded for her unacceptable actions and hauled up for disciplinary action. If a Presidential decision cannot hold water, why have a President or is the President just a mere puppet?

All said and done, Pajudin was informed 2 days before his departure from the party, that he was going to be "terminated" as the state chief. A man's pride was robbed, by overzealous demons craving for power. Their action is unforgivable. These political demons, having no remorse for an innocent man, gladly signed his death warrant and unceremoniously threw him into the arms of waiting wolves, hence ending his political career.

Unlike Zaid Ibrahim and Jeffery Kitingan who left PKR, without a bang, Pajudin left PKR in style. While PKR stripped him naked, though having done no wrong, Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman gladly accepted Pajudin into UMNO. Did Pajudin really deserve such treatment and crucifixion from PKR? With Pajudin gone, the party President and a high powered team of "Yang Berhormats" from Kuala Lumpur arrived on the 6th.Feb.2011, with big plans to resolve the problems created within, in short, to lick their own lost pride. They knew what they did was wrong.

Interestingly, the plan was the establishment of a Presidential Council to administer Sabah PKR, headed by the President herself. The plan was to establish a "shadow cabinet" within PKR and appoint 11 leaders as "Ministers". The President pulled a rabbit out of a hat, in the lunar year of the Rabbit and it would be interesting to see how DAP and PAS, the coalition partners in Pakatan Rakyat, flip over this arrangement. In a 45 minutes meeting with the President, I noticed her watery eyes, were saying.."I'm sorry". I actually felt remorse for this wonderful lady. Who then is that "hidden hand" that's calling the shorts?

Unless some miracle or signs are shown from Heaven, to rejuvenate PKR, the new and young generation is convinced that the era of PKR Sabah is fast becoming history. I have pr-empted this scenario and had warned Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim on numerous occasions to address the issue tactfully and quickly. UMNO/BN maybe our enemies but our biggest enemy is within. Majority of these politicians in PKR Sabah appear to be only keen in becoming the state chief, while the 13th General Election is of no interest to them. Sad but true. The PKR leadership in Kuala Lumpur must apologize to its Pakatan partners and the people. The greedy Sabahan leaders should pack and GET OUT. It would be interesting to see which UMNO/BN component would accept them. I understand a handful of "big" names in PKR Sabah have actually applied to join UMNO silently but my sources told me, Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman has rejected their application. Even UMNO knows rubbish when they see and smell them.

PKR members, supporters and the voters had high hopes for PKR Sabah, time, effort and money were used to shower the call of CHANGE It's the leaders that have failed the people. Sabah PKR had never had a "Halatuju", to steer the party and make its presence relevant. All they have to show is a crisis that has lasted for the past 8 years and it has yet to be resolved.

“Mirror mirror on the wall,

Show me a ‘jiwa rakyat’ leader for all”!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Malaysia Belongs to the Malays,senile Mahathir claims.

Sabahans and Sarawakians will surely differ this ridiculous statement from the ever senile Mahathir.There would be no Malaysia,without Sabah and Sarawak.In actual fact I dare,any Sabahan or Sarawakian Muslims to come out and proclaim himself or herself as "Malays".Since when did the Bajaus,Bugis,Bisaya's become Malays?I can only imagine this happening in 1994,the day UMNO step foot into Sabah.

Courtesy by Malaysia Insider......

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers have demanded that Datuk Seri Najib Razak respond to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest remarks that Malaysia belongs to the Malays and other races are expected to respect Malay sovereignty.

They want the prime minister to state his stand and views on the matter, and whether he subscribes to Dr Mahathir’s views or feels otherwise.

Opposition leaders said Dr Mahathir’s statement was a direct contradiction to Najib’s 1 Malaysia concept of equality.

“Najib cannot maintain an elegant silence over this, he has to respond to Dr Mahathir’s remarks. It’s important to see what stand Najib will take, and whether or not he is afraid of the repercussions should he not agree with Dr Mahathir,” Datuk Mahfuz Omar told The Malaysian Insider.

The PAS vice-president pointed out that those within Barisan Nasional (BN) who disagreed with the former prime minister ended up having very short lived political careers, saying that Dr Mahathir did not take criticisms lightly.

Citing Dr Mahathir’s attacks against Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Mahfuz claimed that the veteran politician had consistently shown that he opposed Najib’s policies such as his 1 Malaysia concept.

“We can definitely see that Dr Mahathir is unhappy with Najib. Najib, on the other hand, has failed in making people understand his 1 Malaysia concept. If Dr Mahathir cannot accept or understand it, how then do normal folk?” said Mahfuz.

He stressed that PR did not recognise or support any views which did not recognise the rights of all races and did not contribute towards the nation-building process.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua called Dr Mahathir’s views “supremacist”, saying there were no provisions in the Federal Constitution which supported Dr Mahahir’s views.

“Najib and Mahathir should perhaps enlighten Malaysians where Mahathir’s supremacist concept is found in the Federal Constitution as designed by our forefathers.

Pua called Dr Mahathir’s views ‘supremacist’. — File pic
“Najib will also have to explain how his 1 Malaysia fits into Mahathir’s scheme of things,” Pua told The Malaysian Insider.

According to another DAP leader, Lim Kit Siang, Dr Mahathir was “contradicting” himself as his remarks went against not only the 1 Malaysia concept, but also the “Bangsa Malaysia” concept bandied around during the Mahathir administration.

“What he said was full of contradictions... it contradicts his (Dr Mahathir’s) own Bangsa Malaysia concept and 1 Malaysia.

“The aim for Vision 2020 was to create a Malaysia full of people committed to the nation, all races working together on the same platform,” the DAP parliamentary leader told The Malaysian Insider.

In a speech on Tuesday, Dr Mahathir told Malaysians to admit that the country belonged to the Malays and that they had to accept the culture and language of the dominant community.

The former prime minister said that the country’s forefathers gave the Chinese and Indians citizenship because they expected the communities to respect Malay sovereignty.

“This country belongs to the Malay race. Peninsular Malaysia was known as Tanah Melayu but this cannot be said because it will be considered racist.

“We must be sincere and accept that the country is Tanah Melayu,” he said.

He also said the administration must be clear on what is 1 Malaysia.

In a poll conducted by the Merdeka Center last year, only 39 per cent of non-Bumiputeras accepted the 1 Malaysia concept despite the fact that it had been introduced for over a year.

Forty-six per cent out of 3,141 respondents interviewed felt that 1 Malaysia was only a “tactic to win over non-Malay support” while another 16 per cent had either refused to answer the poll questions or claimed to have no understanding of the concept whatsoever.

Respondents were undecided on whether Malaysia had become more united under the Najib administration, with 48 per cent saying “yes” and 43 per cent claiming that the country was still disunited.

Veteran Umno politician and one-time Finance Minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah also agreed and said that the 1 Malaysia slogan was “hollow” and had lacked direction and vision and even compared it to Dr Mahathir’s Vision 2020.

When Rulers were bastards and gay

By : Raja Petra Kamarudin

The PKR Sri Muda state assemblyman, Shuhaimi Shafiei, is to be charged for sedition this Monday. At least 20 police reports have been lodged against Shuhaimi because of his blog posting while Perkasa and the pro-Umno people have demanded that he be hanged for inciting war on the Malay rulers.

To understand Malaysia’s Sedition Act you have to go back 1,000 years to the days when they did not want the people to whisper or talk bad about the Rulers. And to do this you have to read a bit of English history. Malaysia’s judicial system and laws are, after all, moulded after the British system and British laws.

Malaysia’s history books start from 1946, the year that Umno was born. Before that Malaysia had no history, or at least a distorted version of history -- like Malay warriors born in China being sent to Malaya’s shores as bodyguards for a Chinese princess who married a Malay Sultan and allegedly defended Malay rights by saying that Malays would never disappear from the face of the earth (a debate currently raging in Malaysia’s blogosphere).

Anyway, English history starts from 1066, and not 1946, at least when I read English history in the Alice Smith School in standard one. Before 1066 it does not count because Britain did not officially exist yet. What existed were Argyle and the Highlands where the Scottish barbarians lived, and Sussex where the West Saxons lived, and Northumbria and Cumbria and York and Carlisle and so on, where the Norsemen or Vikings lived.

Britain, at best, was a collection of many barbarian tribes and not yet a nation as such. It was not until 1066 that Britain became a nation and the many regions became united under one King. 1066, therefore, was significant to English history in that England finally saw order -- or more like organised chaos if you can regard rape, pillaging and plundering as order.

1066 was the year that William sailed to England with his great army. Contrary to what many believe, William, who conquered England and became known as William the Conqueror, was not even a King. He was the Duke of Normandy, a region that was a vassal of the King of France. And before he became known as William the Conqueror in 1066, he was known as William the Bastard.

Yes, that’s right, William was a bastard son of the Duke of Normandy. But how can they allow the Saxons he displaced from the throne in London (Lundene on the Temes river) spread the rumour that he is not of royal blood but of low birth -- and a bastard on top of that. So they passed a law that made it a crime to speak bad about the King -- and William the Bastard became William the Conqueror from thereon and no one dared correct this historical fact lest they get charged for sedition and lose their head in the process.

All through English history many bastard children succeeded the throne of England. There was also the added problem of many of the Kings and Princesses being gay, or at least bisexual. In fact, one King of England was even having a gay relationship with the King of France (any wonder they were expert sword fighters?). And though the Kings never visited their Queen’s bedchamber (they never slept in the same room and always slept in separate rooms) since their honeymoon, the Queen still managed to get pregnant and it was suspected that it was the Queen’s young, handsome advisers who were the real fathers of those children.

We must understand that marriage in those days was not for sex or out of love. It was to seal political alliances. If you married the sister or daughter of the King of another country then that country would not attack your country because you were now related -- either brother-in-law or son-in-law. So, after marrying your Queen, you locked her away and spent your time chasing other women -- or other men as the case may be.

The most notable 'bastard' Ruler of England was probably Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII from his second wife, Anne Boleyn. The church did not recognise Elizabeth because divorce was not allowed so Henry broke away from the church and formed his own church to legitimise his divorce from the Queen and his marriage to Anne (but Rome still regarded her as a bastard).

Because of this they wanted Mary, Henry’s granddaughter, to inherit the throne. But since she was Catholic (and French), and Catholics were put to death if they confessed to being Catholics, Elizabeth got the throne instead. Mary was later executed for her crime against God -- for being a Catholic. Mary was of course known as Mary Queen of Scots but it was the Scots who betrayed her and handed her to Elizabeth to be jailed for many years before she was executed. (The Scots have been betraying their Rulers since time immemorial).

Against this backdrop (and much more I have not mentioned) how can they allow people to talk? Kings, Queens and members of the Royal Family were bonking away and breeding like rabbits outside of marriage. Many preferred sex partners of their own gender or many partners at the same time in orgies where the gender of the sex partners were of little concern as long as they were bonkable.

To solve the succession problem, rightful heirs to the throne mysteriously died in their sleep so that those not eligible to succeed the throne could then take the throne. Courtiers got ahead and received titles, position and land at the pleasure of the King. And the King’s pleasure would be guaranteed if your wife got sent to the King’s bedchamber for the night where she would whisper in the King’s ear in between bonking sessions: what happened to my husband’s request…etc, etc.

With all this going on how could they allow the people to talk? And with 1,000 servants and courtiers hanging around the palace how does one prevent people from talking? So they had this thing called sedition laws so that anyone who talked could be punished.

And on 1st January 2010, Britain abolished the Sedition Act -- not because people no longer talked about their Monarchy or that the Monarchs of today are better behaved, but because with the Internet you can no longer catch those who talk anyway.

But Malaysia still has the Sedition Act, an old British law, and those who talk about the Monarchs (or even about the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife) will still be punished -- like they did in England 1,000 years go. And, this Monday, PKR Sri Muda state assemblyman, Shuhaimi Shafiei, is to be charged for sedition for allegedly insulting the Sultan of Selangor.

How we have progressed since the days of William the Bastard a.k.a. William the Conqueror of 1066.