Sunday, January 27, 2013


Greetings my esteem friends and a Blessed Sunday to all my fellow Malaysians and the Human Race.Malaysia is plagued by some unscrupulous political characters and lost soul followers destined to destroy our beloved country by using their selfish " religious crusade." As Proud Malaysians,it is our right to defend our country,foreign or within against anyone out to create animosity among us.The Allah issue and the threat of burning the Bible has erupted tension with the malicious intentions to incite hatred among Muslims and Christians,in a country where race and religion was never on the agenda when our forefathers help to build this Nation,that we so proudly live in today together.I leave you with this touching video for your viewing.Share it with the whole country,among friends etc.Have a wonderful Sunday and God Bless.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


KOTA KINABALU, January 13, 2013: If there is any conclusion that one can draw from the Perhimpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Peoples Uprising Rally) at the Chong Thien Vun Park here on Saturday, it would be that the Barisan Nasional (BN) would still be ruling Sabah after the 13th general election.
Drawing such a conclusion was outspoken blogger cum activist Ronnie Klassen, who commented that his observation of the said rally, could best be described as a fiasco – worse than a ‘boy scouts outing’.
As compared to the historical huge turnout at a similar rally held in the Stadium Merdeka, Klassen estimated that only about 300 participants were present at the Chong Thien Vun Park.
He observed that not only it was poorly organized, but it also reflected the discord and disunity among the organizers, comprising mainly youths aligned to the various opposition parties like SAPP, DAP, PKR and PAS.
“Instead of showing solidarity, these youths were literally elbowing each other in order to steal the limelight. But, I don’t blame them; I blame their so-called leaders for they themselves are fighting each other most of the time, and is still going on.
“With such an attitude, they (the opposition) must be dreaming or hallucinating if they think they can defeat the BN in the coming general election. Anyway, I wish them good luck,” he said.
He went on to note that the disarray among the so-called organizers was further demonstrated at the press conference held at the end of the rally, with each and every one speaking for themselves, rather than in unison.
He further noted that the organizers failed miserably to drive home their message, except for shouting some outdated, hollow-sounding rhetorical slogans, such as “Jatuhkan UMNO/BN”, “Tenggelam BN” etc.
Klassen who is also the deputy chairman of Demokrasi Sabah (Desah), a Sabah-based political pressure group pushing for a ‘one-to-one’ fight between the opposition and BN, also questioned the conspicuous absence of the state opposition leaders at Saturday’s rally.
Noting that majority of the so-called opposition leaders were attending the rally in Stadium Merdeka, he questioned:
“Have they forgotten that their presence in Sabah was more important than in Kuala Lumpur, so as to be seen with the national opposition leaders like Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang or Awang Hadi? Or have they decided to stand as candidates in Petaling Jaya, Kepong or Kampong Baru?”
He quipped that this clearly demonstrated their desire to be seen among their national leaders was much greater than to be with fellow Sabahans, who they wished, would vote for them in the coming general election.
“Have they (the opposition leaders) forgotten who will be voting for them come the 13th General Election?” he asked.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


PARTI KEADILAN RAKYAT ( PKR ) has started a CAMPAIGN called "demirakyat",and for those in PKR Sabah who are still fast asleep,not aware of this campaign or probably just not interested about it for reasons only known to you,allow me to bring
it to your attention.An email was send to me by the PKR HQ in Kuala Lumpur,why it was send to me I really don't know but I responded to the email and this is what I wrote..." CHANGE IS BEING ADVOCATED BY ALL WALKS OF LIFE.I DON'T SEE PKR SABAH MAKING ANY IMPACT IN THE 13TH GE,THERE IS NO LEADERSHIP AND IT APPEARS THAT PKR SABAH RELIES ON FROGS AS WINNABLE CANDIDATES."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Malaysia’s PM establishes diplomatic relations with Vatican, despite religious turmoil


By John L. Esposito and John O. Voll

Pope Benedict XVI receives a gift by Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak (L) during a meeting at the Pope's summer residence in Castelgandolfo July 18, 2011. REUTERS/Osservatore Romano/Handout (HO - Reuters)
Prime Minister Najib Razak met with Pope Benedict XVI on 18 July, and it was announced that the Vatican and Malaysia agreed to establish diplomatic relations.

Malaysia, where Muslims make up 60 percent of the population, has long been cited as an example and model of a progressive multiracial and multiracial Muslim country. However, its peaceful coexistence has been strained by interreligious tensions and conflicts between the Malay majority and the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities who are mostly Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. Decisions taken by the prime minister's Department Religious Affairs have exacerbated the situation. A leading example is the ruling that Christians stop using "Allah, the Malay term for God, despite the fact that this has been an accepted practice in Malaysia as it is in Indonesia and the Middle East. Malaysia's Home Ministry prohibited Catholics from using the word in their Malay-language publications since 2007. Customs officials seized 15,000 Bibles from Indonesia because they used the word "Allah" as a translation for God.

However, Malaysia's High Court overturned a government ban, ruling that the word Allah is not exclusive to Muslims and that others, including Catholics, who had been prohibited by the Home Ministry from using the word in the Malay-language edition of the Catholic monthly the Herald, can now use the term. Incensed by the decision, militants attacked several churches and pledged to prevent Christians from using the word "Allah." In the aftermath of the attacks, the Malaysian High Court in response to a government appeals granted a stay order on Jan. 7; the government appealed to the higher Court of Appeal to overturn the ruling.
News reports of the eeting between the Prime Minister and the pope have emphasized the importance of the visit in terms of domestic Malaysian politics.

The New York Times noted that analysts say the visit “is intended to signal a wish to mend ties with the country’s Christians” and BBC reported that it is “intended to reassure Christians in his country, who have long complained of discrimination.” Most reports also note some of the current tensions, giving as an example the attempt to prohibit Christians from using the word “Allah” when referring to God in the Malay language.

This example highlights one of the ironies of Prime Minister Najib’s meeting with the pope, because the ban on the use of the word “Allah” by Malaysian Christians is in fact an action initiated by the Najib government. As noted above, when the Kuala Lumpur High Court overturned the government ban, the Najib government appealed the decision. Currently the government is involved in a case dealing with the Home Ministry’s confiscation of Christian CDs using the word “Allah.” This government policy has been opposed by major opposition leaders including those leading Muslim organizations who are viewed as more explicitly Islamic in their policy orientation. Anwar Ibrahim, former Deputy Prime Minister and a leader of the Malaysian opposition, for example, put it simply: “Muslims have no monopoly over ‘Allah’.” (Wall Street Journal, 15 January 2010).

If Prime Minister Najib wants to assure Malaysian Christians of his desire for a united Malaysia, the solution would seem simple. Rather than going all the way to Rome to talk with the pope, his government could bring to an end its support for policies like banning the use of the word “Allah.” The recent rough suppression of opposition demonstrations, which included Christian demonstrators, does not help to create a sense of security for Malaysian religious minorities.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Kota Kinabalu City Hall(DBKK) once again made a mockery of themselves today at 2,30pm,when a battalion of it's Enforcement Personals swamped the premises of PARTI MAJU SABAH (SAPP) Headquarters at Luyang,reasons- it's signage board bearing the wordings,BERSIH,BERANI,BENAR. Head of the Licensing Unit of DBKK,Sairullizam Bin Sukor,was in his element displaying arrogance,normally displayed by a person with instructions from "Higher Up's".

 If the present UMNO/BN Government were "Bersih" in their administration,"Berani" in fighting for the people and "Benar" in their promises and not only during election time,then UMNO/BN should not be fearing those sacred words.

Fear has reaped into the nervous system of UMNO/BN-hence anything with words such as Bersih is now taboo to them.Perhaps DBKK should mirror themselves if they are Bersih at all.In the fiasco that lasted for almost 2 hours,the Fire Department were also called in to assist to demolish the signage board placed on the 2nd floor of the Party's office.Onlookers were seen running,in an apparent move to see if their shop lots were on fire,with the presence of the Fire Engine.In the end it was a hoax,only to know that DBKK had wasted taxpayers money by summoning the Fire Department to assist them in an illegal mission.

DBKK had apparently issued a notice to SAPP at 2.30pm(11th.July.2011),demanding them to remove the signage board with immediate effect(DBKK No/BPL:1100-23/0/1 Kit.30(23) for violating-UUK 3(1) & 13(1)(2)(3) Undang-Undang Kecil (IKLAN) 1983,which was sign by the Director General,Datuk Yeo Boon Hai and copied to the Mayor,Datuk Abidin Madingkir,City Police Chief ACP Sofi and DBKK's Enforcement Director.

Meanwhile SAPP's lawyers had faxed a letter to the Director General of DBKK threatening to take legal action against them if they continue to harass SAPP of their Constitutional rights.The letter also mentioned violation of the principles of natural justice.

Shortly later at about 3.15pm,City Police Chief ACP Mohd Sofi arrived with his personals. SAPP President,Datuk Yong Teck Lee was seen discussing with the Police Chief and Sairullizam Sukor,on the existing laws available and whither DBKK had the legal right to continue their illegal demolition exercise. Where is the natural justice that's found in our Constitution,isn't the law clear enough that we must be given 14 days notice?The City Police Chief who acted more as a mediator,looked rather mind boggled that DBKK was unaware of the existing  laws.Doesn't DBKK have a Legal Department with "Qualified Lawyers",or are they also ignorant of the law themselves?

Kota Kinabalu residents must now take serious view of the incompetency of DBKK,we may have been hoodwinked or perhaps even "conned"by them in the past,because of our ignorance.The Business Community should also now re-examine their payments made for licenses,fees and compounds in the past,and not be intimidated by them again.

Back to the BERSIH,BERANI,BENAR, signage board fiasco.After a 15 minute discussion on the existing laws,DBKK's Licensing Head,Sairullizam finally gave in and agreed to the 14 days notice,much to his displeasure,he must have thought that he was talking to morons and nincompoops who were ignorant of the law.At this point,Yong Teck Lee requested him for an official letter stating the 14 days notice,much to the shock of many including the Police Chief,Sairullizam responded by saying,"my word is the notice".Where did this "clown" come from,is this the kind of Officers that DBKK employs?In GOD we trust,anyone else sorry lah.

Finally,I guess this Sairullizam came to his senses,with his conscience probably telling him,"punya bodoh aku"and he agreed to have a letter issued in writing on the 14 days notice and the crowd begun dispersing.Shockingly at 4.35pm DBKK all of a sudden became "efficient",a letter ( DBKK No/BPL:1100-23/0/1 Kit.30(24).by fax was received by SAPP and it's contents giving SAPP the 14 days notice in accordance with the law.If UMNO/BN was BERSIH,BERANI and BENAR,today's fiasco could have been avoided.

I ask Yong Teck Lee later while having coffee,in not to many words,how would you sum up today's fiasco,his respond was,"Abuse of power for political motives". 

Rich and Foamy Support For BERSIH 2.0

It was a proud day for all Malaysians, as they gathered all over the globe with sheer determination and send UMNO/BN a firm message.."Your arrogance and intimidation worries us no  more”. Courageously toiling ahead with their heads high, it would be outrageous to believe that the power of the people displayed on the 9th.July has not frighten the wits out of Najib Tun Razak and his bunch of scoundrels. If at all Najib and UMNO think that their "3 million" members can intimidate Malaysians with their threats, they had better think again.

With Najib boasting that UMNO is not at all concerned with Bersih and is not afraid to call for elections, I dare Najib to dissolve Parliament, if he has the balls to do so and call for elections. The people are ready - and make no mistake - the 13th General Elections will be UMNO/BN's last as the ruling government.

While the weak who preferred to stay at home, and the many who "advocate change" in Facebook, were very conveniently missing, tens of thousands of Malaysians bravely took the government to task with their strong presence demanding for free and clean elections. Many were also arrested and one had to die all in the name of justice. The world witnessed the most brutal attacks on Malaysians by the Police in what was only meant to be a peaceful rally by the people for reforms in the electoral roll. Even Anwar Ibrahim was not spared of the brutality displayed by the Police. What was UMNO/BN so afraid off?

The end result of the 9th July brutality will go down in history as the day UMNO/BN 'butchered" its people just to stay in power. World leaders are beginning to view the Malaysian Government as a "desperate government" ,prepared to go to any or all lengths - they couldn't care 2 hoods what the world leaders think or say. After all, it’s the very same government that has told Malaysians, “if you're not happy, you can get out of Malaysia".

Bersih 2.0 has fulfilled its objectives to the great admiration of Malaysians. Of course, casualties in any war is unavoidable, and Bersih's noble cause is no different. Thousands of supporters and activist were arrested, brutally injured and as sure as the sun rises from the east, these activists will continue their fight against the UMNO/BN government until it is shown the exit or better yet thrown out.

In Sabah, Sabahans, although small in numbers, came out with great determination knowing very well the circumstances that awaited them. Most Sabahans generally are passive, as their way of life is all about "cari makan" with no desire to disturb the hornest’s nest. The biggest disappointment was the convenient absence of Pakatan Rakyat (PKR,DAP and PAS) in organizing a rally, even though if it had to disguise itself under the name of Bersih. Where were its leaders or are there any? Pakatan Rakyat Sabah has boasted about REFORMS,UBAH and CHANGE, but where were they when it mattered most? Surely their calendars could have been readjusted to ensure that they stand for the people, and not only appear during elections. Unlike their counterparts in Kuala Lumpur, PR Sabah was a total shame.

The only consolation in addressing the Bersih issues was a gathering of brave Sabahans who gathered under the scorching heat at 1pm at the Bornion Centre, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu. Many bravely attired themselves in YELLOW, even with the strong presence of the Police. I was privileged to have been with them, standing steadfast, firm and not bothered with the Police presence who incidentally, were fully armed. But my utmost congratulations to the Police, who were not only professional but conducted themselves with high esteem.

Having said that, will Sabahans rise to the occasion and redeem their lost pride, or are they not bothered at all? If the participation of Malaysians in Bersih 2.0 in Malaysia and around the globe is of any indication, the political tsunami in 2008 will be transformed into a massive volcanic eruption - the mother of all earthquakes that will see Malaysians voting out UMNO/BN.

God Willing, may the 13th General Election be the decisive moment.     

Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Open Letter to Australia

I received this letter from an avid reader of my blog,and felt the importance of sharing with all my readers.The Australian Government should take heed and act positively,in pursuant to this letter.Will the Malaysian Government keep silent as usual as in most cases?

H.E. Miles Kupa
Australian High Commissioner
Australian High Commission
6 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Telephone: 2146 5555
Fax: 2141 5773

Your Excellency,

We, concerned citizens of Malaysia, are of the understanding that Lynas Corporation has made one or more payments to the Malaysian Government.

We suspect and fear that this has somewhat helped to fast track the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) approval process - without public knowledge and through a very loose Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) despite a complex and hazardous project.

Under Malaysia's Official Secrets Act, we will have little, if any, hope of getting any truth out of our Government, even though this matter is of utmost national interest.

In the interests of both Malaysia and Australia, both Lynas and our Government should be transparent about the approval process.

As Australia has been a strong advocate of good governance and is committed to stamping out corruption, we call upon your good Government to compel Lynas Corporation to adhere to its stated value of honesty and transparency to reveal the deal it has struck with the Malaysian Government and also to make all payment records public. This is of interest not only to all Malaysians but also to the Australian shareholders of Lynas Corporation.

We trust that the Australian Government is committed to protecting the good name of Australia and will not risk one corporation's headlong quest for profit , at the expense of the health of Malaysians and the local environment, to tarnish the good reputation of Australia.

We therefore urge the Australian Government to investigate Lynas Corporation for any possible wrongdoings in its dealings with the Malaysian Government. We were appalled and disgusted to learn that Lynas Corporation had offered a job to the soon-to-be-retired Director-General of the Malaysian Atomic Agency Licensing Board (AELB), Yang Berbahagia Datuk Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan, by his own admission. I am sure you will agree with me that such an offer is tantamount to fair dinkum conflict of interest, collusion and corruption.

Thank you,

Azlan Adnan
Founder, Green Party of Malaysia