Monday, July 11, 2011

Rich and Foamy Support For BERSIH 2.0

It was a proud day for all Malaysians, as they gathered all over the globe with sheer determination and send UMNO/BN a firm message.."Your arrogance and intimidation worries us no  more”. Courageously toiling ahead with their heads high, it would be outrageous to believe that the power of the people displayed on the 9th.July has not frighten the wits out of Najib Tun Razak and his bunch of scoundrels. If at all Najib and UMNO think that their "3 million" members can intimidate Malaysians with their threats, they had better think again.

With Najib boasting that UMNO is not at all concerned with Bersih and is not afraid to call for elections, I dare Najib to dissolve Parliament, if he has the balls to do so and call for elections. The people are ready - and make no mistake - the 13th General Elections will be UMNO/BN's last as the ruling government.

While the weak who preferred to stay at home, and the many who "advocate change" in Facebook, were very conveniently missing, tens of thousands of Malaysians bravely took the government to task with their strong presence demanding for free and clean elections. Many were also arrested and one had to die all in the name of justice. The world witnessed the most brutal attacks on Malaysians by the Police in what was only meant to be a peaceful rally by the people for reforms in the electoral roll. Even Anwar Ibrahim was not spared of the brutality displayed by the Police. What was UMNO/BN so afraid off?

The end result of the 9th July brutality will go down in history as the day UMNO/BN 'butchered" its people just to stay in power. World leaders are beginning to view the Malaysian Government as a "desperate government" ,prepared to go to any or all lengths - they couldn't care 2 hoods what the world leaders think or say. After all, it’s the very same government that has told Malaysians, “if you're not happy, you can get out of Malaysia".

Bersih 2.0 has fulfilled its objectives to the great admiration of Malaysians. Of course, casualties in any war is unavoidable, and Bersih's noble cause is no different. Thousands of supporters and activist were arrested, brutally injured and as sure as the sun rises from the east, these activists will continue their fight against the UMNO/BN government until it is shown the exit or better yet thrown out.

In Sabah, Sabahans, although small in numbers, came out with great determination knowing very well the circumstances that awaited them. Most Sabahans generally are passive, as their way of life is all about "cari makan" with no desire to disturb the hornest’s nest. The biggest disappointment was the convenient absence of Pakatan Rakyat (PKR,DAP and PAS) in organizing a rally, even though if it had to disguise itself under the name of Bersih. Where were its leaders or are there any? Pakatan Rakyat Sabah has boasted about REFORMS,UBAH and CHANGE, but where were they when it mattered most? Surely their calendars could have been readjusted to ensure that they stand for the people, and not only appear during elections. Unlike their counterparts in Kuala Lumpur, PR Sabah was a total shame.

The only consolation in addressing the Bersih issues was a gathering of brave Sabahans who gathered under the scorching heat at 1pm at the Bornion Centre, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu. Many bravely attired themselves in YELLOW, even with the strong presence of the Police. I was privileged to have been with them, standing steadfast, firm and not bothered with the Police presence who incidentally, were fully armed. But my utmost congratulations to the Police, who were not only professional but conducted themselves with high esteem.

Having said that, will Sabahans rise to the occasion and redeem their lost pride, or are they not bothered at all? If the participation of Malaysians in Bersih 2.0 in Malaysia and around the globe is of any indication, the political tsunami in 2008 will be transformed into a massive volcanic eruption - the mother of all earthquakes that will see Malaysians voting out UMNO/BN.

God Willing, may the 13th General Election be the decisive moment.     


  1. I'm so proud of Sabah's police conducts. The rally in KL is so shockingly inhuman.

  2. thanks to mr ronnie...actually we as policemen were in support too whilst at the same time we have to ensure safety to everyone in ronnie is an example of the PEACEFUL Sabahans...the gathering made us open our eyes....soon we will retire as gov servants and only that time we will show our full force supports and participation in any RALLY FOR JUSTICE.

  3. Dear Ron,

    You still have a soft spot for the ex-con and Academy award nominee whose suffering wife left you out in the cold?

    I will support any honourable cause but never when it has hidden hands.

    Best regards