Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malaysia, a police state in the making?

My dear fellow Malaysians and Sabahans, I’m writing this latest posting with an extremely heavy heart. This is because our beloved country is fast becoming a police state, if not one yet.

Before I present you with the evidence to substantiate my claim, let me give you the definition of a police state.

According to Wikipedia, the term police state describes a state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic and political life of the population. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive.

The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.

Now, here’s the evidence of my claim. One month ago, on 3 August,army personnel's from the 7 RAMD (Gerak Khas) swooped on Pulau Pandanan Kecil, off Semporna and ordered the villagers there to take down all the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) flags hoisted at their houses. When the villagers declined to comply, the army personnel's brought the flags down for them.

When confronted by a disgruntled villager on who ordered them to do so, the army personnel replied that it was an instruction from their ‘boss’, without giving any name. But, I guess one does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out who the ‘boss’ is..

Outraged by the incident, one of the villagers later lodged a police report at the Semporna district police station. The outrageous episode was videoed and photographed by a courageous villager and sent to me. (click here to watch the video part 1) (click here to watch the video part 2)

The said incident was a clear sign of immense fear of the present regime toward the opposition’s presence, and a desperate attempt to eliminate such fear or threat by suppressing the general masses’ show of support for the opposition.

It’s ashamed that the present regime has mobilized and abused all the public-funded institutions in this country whose fundamental roles and responsibilities are to safeguard the nation and the people’s interest, to maintain their current positions, so that they can continue to siphon the wealth of this country to enrich themselves and their cronies.

But, let me say this, the present regime can go on to remove all the opposition flags that it comes across in the country, but it certainly cannot remove the ‘invisible’ one in the people’s heart.

This and the other dreadful and shameful incidents that had occurred in the country since the last general election and the internal fighting among the Barisan Nasional component parties like MCA, MIC, PPP could be a prelude to the downfall of the present regime.


  1. that also can eh..!Did the police already investigate since police report already make?If no result then the Boss already say NFA.

    Kopi shop boss Semporna.

  2. Oi jangan bermimpi lah kalau ada tindakan, sedangkan orang macam Teo pun dituduh terjun dari 14 tingkat namum segores di badan Teo pun tak da? Ayuntullah pun berkecai tak do pembunuhnya, Isu bendera lagi buat tindakan? Pulang lah, kerajaan BN macam begitu bah!

  3. please tell this dark side of our police force to other Malaysians!! put it on malaysiakini might be a good idea.

    when a police is not neutral, meaning they are not doing their job. dangerous ya.....
    this kind of things must be stopped by WE,Malaysians.

  4. how true is the incident?..One police report is not enought to make such an accusation..I see many case's , where criminal use police report to protect themself..example the gangster in and around kk..when pick a fight,then they pura2 go and do police report..saying in the report that they are the victim..
    Im not saying that the stories that happen in pulau pandan kecil,semporna it not true..What im saying that the police report can be manipulated etc..

  5. Agree with you, the police or anyone can take down the PKR flag or even they can burn it, but one thing for sure that they cannot stop people to reform themself. So what happen to the police report, does has done the investigation?

    Uncle Sam

  6. It looks to me that the USNO era has come back, history repeats itself. But this is a good sign that finally BN will crumble especially Umno because this particular action shows the ruling coalition si already desperate.

    Pastor John

  7. Those guys in the pictures looks like China soldiers to me.

  8. emmm.....ada kemungkinan polis2 berkenaan tidak mendapat arahan daripada mana2 pihak....ada kemungkinan polis2 tersebut mempunyai dendam atau rasa tidak puas hati dengan parti pembangkang....then using their position as police to give that order....emmmm...


  9. opps Army not Police..... correction..


  10. What do you expect when the whole police force is a gangster organisation.
    The PEEEM himself is a murderer, what else can you expect. Very sadlah Malaysia

  11. the video does not showing they bring down the flag it's only their presence..please clarify

  12. Ronnie i think you should do a private invistigation also on police officer working for gangster in kk..its seems the drug supplier never stop.. even with so many tangkapan..i also heard that police buat2 tangkapan utk Public Relation not pointing finger that all police officer's are corrupt..No ..i saying that that certain police officer are doing it for side income in the expense of the people..
    Also the reappointment of musa as the IGP is wrong.. they should give chance to other young officer to take the helm ..This is already becoming a dangerous cycle..Police force in malaysia need reform.. And the only way it can achieved that is by relpacing the IGP and some if the senior officers who should have retired long ago..They need new blood enery..
    I do admirer some police officer who do their work.. But it sad to say. now in balai police looks like two camps.. The good cops and the bad cops...

    anak jati kadazan

  13. Ronnie, appreciate your effort is sharing.
    Any effective change has to be made from the TOP. Just like getting a new sail for a sailling vessel. Old ones worn out with holes and become less effective. If we change the steer, screws and even rudder, it won't be that efficient. Thus, changing the IGP is not going to help much if the TOP remains.

  14. Sabahans it is time to put an end to the LANUN GANG @UMNO from further robbing of Sabahans together with their collabarators in Sabah.Come next genneral election Sabahans must make sure LANUN GENG @UMNO is history.

    SUHAKAM why cant you investigate the above mentioned incident that involve our army.It is a very dangerous development in a so called Democratic Malaysia. Why UMNO@ GENG LANUN treat Sabahans like slaves.SUHAKAM please look into this matter without fear or favour.

  15. I will definitely be telling every single soul i know of the barbaric tactics used by this govt. The truth will prevail and those who do the Devil's work will receive their just punishment!!! Bloody people!!!

  16. I append below the signs of crumbling BN

    Guidelines lacking: Max

    Pitas: Barisan Nasional (BN) requires proper and transparent guidelines on the practice of power sharing especially at the district and constituency levels, said Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Deputy President Datuk Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili.

    He said this would further promote the spirit of cooperation and comradeship among the component parties, as well as strengthen the coalition.

    "The absence of proper guidelines has resulted in inconsistent approaches in the allocation of funds and appointment of posts at the constituency level.

    Thus, there have been accusations and murmuring that one single party is monopolising," he said when opening the PBS Banggi division Annual General Meeting here Thursday.

    Dr Ongkili added that one approach proposed by Barisan Nasional supporters is for the assemblymen or MP of a constituency to be given full authority to decide on the appointments and distribution of projects, but keeping with the spirit of cooperation that has been the strength of the BN partnership.

    The representatives, he added, should decide on appointments to political posts in the districts, including staff in the people's development leaders office, native and village chiefs, as well as chairmen of the village development and security committee (JKKK).

    "PBS elected representatives have voiced their unhappiness that they have not been given a free hand in making such appointments in their constituencies.

    At the same time, PBS members have complained that they have been excluded from appointments at constituencies represented by other component parties. The guidelines will eliminate any accusation that one party is monopolising appointments," he said.

    Dr Ongkili, who said the spirit of accommodation and compromise would only strengthen Barisan Nasional further, also called on PBS members to play their roles accordingly and adopt this practice.

  17. To be a good cop in Malaysia is just the guy in the movie "Walking Tall"
    Almost 99% of the cops are corrupted. From the bottom to the top. The PDRM needs a complete revamp to regain trust of the people. Worst of all the PDRM is now the political tool of the ruling party.
    In any nation where the police and army become the political tool of the govt, the nation is heading for doom sooner or later....history has proven that. The sign of desperation in Malaysia is now showing...

  18. Sabah is doomed!!! Not only the police is corrupted, but the whole govt is doomed. Oh it breaks my heart to see this happening to my beloved Sabah.
    Those involved in this should be charged for treason, selling their own country. Not those people holding candlelight vigil for peace and equality.

    Probe this MyKad issuance: Ghapur

    Sunday, September 06, 2009

    Tawau: The National Registration Department (NRD) has been urged to clarify an allegation over an attempt to register illegal immigrants for MyKads in Kalabakan.

    Member of Parliament for Kalabakan Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh said he had also received a complaint that the attempt took place in Kampung Kalabakan Tengah last month.

    He said the allegation had worried the local community and hoped the authority would clarify the matter.

    "A village head, who was said to be involved in the incident, should be called up for questioning," he said in a statement here.

    He was commenting on an allegation made by Sabah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy chief Datuk Kong Hong Ming that about 200 illegal immigrants, mostly Bugis, were ferried by buses and taxis, to the village for the registration exercise.

    Kong claimed villagers had alerted him that NRD personnel were trying to register illegals for MyKads.

    "This was done in three days by NRD staff from Kota Kinabalu and Tawau last month," he claimed.

    The matter was brought to his attention by villagers in Kalabakan Tengah 1 who claimed a Rela officer also took part in the exercise with another Rela member reportedly appearing as a "broker", with bus loads of suspected illegals coming to the village to have their documentation processed," he said.

    He said based on information gathered, 15 NRD staff visited the village between Aug. 10 and 12 but that only a limited number of villagers were entertained for MyKad processing, with more attention given to the suspected illegal immigrants.

    He also claimed a village official charged them each RM50 for him to certify such immigrants.

  19. huhu... what going on in this this world nowadays... hmmm
    Whatever it is, I hope all parties can do their own job well for the sake of people :P

  20. ahaa... If I were a superman, I'll kick all the corrupt person to the new planet... far from my beloved country... hehehehe

  21. Make use of the Police, make use of the army, make use of the MACC, make use of the ignorant people like those demostrating over the relocation of Hindu temple, when the time comes all these will be a failure because when the people wanted to change whatever thing the ruling party does still the people will vote them out, especially in Sabah, it has been proven ! Nobody ever thought Berjaya will be thrashed out, but after years of abuses, Harris and his gang were disgracefully thrown out overnight.
    But of course unfortunately the PBS gang is no better than the Berjaya, which led to what it is today. As for PKR, DSAI should be very careful with who the people are in PKR Sabah, people like Halik Zaman especially will be the greatest spoiler to the game!

  22. The new PKR is for everybody, everybody is welcome. we stand for justice,for stand for change.

    If a country is rule by the police, habis la. The polis is protecting the rakyat, not to treathen them. Baba sia pun Polis ba.

    I used to remember when i was a little boy, cita - cita saya ialah ingin menjadi Polis, but due to the way the government use the polis, who wants to be polis? The polis credibility had been tarnished, and all the other good departments too...

  23. I hardly imagine when polices were the one who have the power to control every single places in Malaysia.It will be a damn hell for every pieces of Malaysians.Malaysia is not a "Malaysia" anymore..How pathetic~

  24. Polis menjadi peneraju negara?Oh,tolonglah~ Polis tidak kalis segala bentuk ancaman dalam negara ini.Mereka belum arif dalam pentadbiran negara.Mereka tidak setanding dengan seorang pemimpin yang mampu berdiri tegak dan menyuarakan pendapat.

  25. eeee.... some of the police kan they acting ikut suka hati saja....some of them selalu cari pocket money by ask the PTI... i mean if the PTI done something wrong the police won't take the PTI to the police station as long as the PTI give the police some money then its enough.

    what am i trying to stress here is bukan police department kita yg bersalah, but all the police yg tidak bertanggungjawab mencemarkan our police department. Bukan semua polis la but some of them.. then what happen is rakyat terus menuding jari to the police Department.

  26. why are sabahans being bullied here?...isnt Freedom and Equality part and parcel of our agreement in joining the Federation....the regiment seemed to be able to spot just one flag here whereas the thousand of flagless (PTIs)coming into the state daily is invisible to them.

  27. The corruption in the PDRM is beyond description, so disgusting!And the sister company called the MACC is another bigger crook.

  28. This is what happened when the police is so corrupted!!! and only interested in political patronage not the safety of the citizens.

    Anita Sarawak and husband escape parang-wielding robbers

    KUALA LUMPUR: Entertainer Anita Sarawak and her husband Mahathir Abdullah were attacked by four parang wielding robbers in Taman Melawati at 6pm Friday.

    However, Mahathir fought back and the commotion alerted neighbours’ who came out. The robbers fled on two motorcycles.

    Mahthir, an Englishman, suffered a slash wound in his chest and was taken to Prince Court Medical Centre in Jalan Tun Razak where he is reported to be stable.

    The two were on the way to Anita Sarawak’s stepmother, veteran actress Datin Umi Kalthum, near Zoo Negara, to pick her up for a function when the robbers came at them, police sources said.

  29. 1-Malaysia had been a disgarce for all Malaysia. I am so malu to share to my fellow visitors about the currentl government.

    look at the recent "Cow Head" Issue? Who is the world would do such as thing? Now they are blaming the non- muslim to throw the Pig's head wrapped with UMNO's flag. What are they trying to do?

    The same incident when PBS was voted by the rakyat, the non-muslim again were blame to paint Cross at the Mosque?

    I really believe that these are the work of UMNO, for many years they have been using this tactic to fan racial tension and disunity amongst good Malaysian that respect multi-religion in Malaysia.

    On behalf of all good Malaysian, muslim, Christian, Hindus, Buddish and all the other religions in Malaysia. I am sorry for what these iiresponsible UMNO people have don't to the Hinddu Faith. May you vote for change and not because Sammy says so....

    My Indian friends... Has Sammy came out anything to protest this shameful incident?

    True Malaysian

  30. Holy cow! Minister defends protestors!*
    *By Kee Thuan Chye*

    Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 5:52:59 PM
    Subject: Fw: No cow sense !!!! But they have Cow Dung in between their Ears !!!

    WHAT a farce the cow-head incident is turning out to be. The handling of the case so far demonstrates clearly that all that talk about 1Malaysia is
    mostly cow pie.

    Firstly, the police have been slow to act. They concluded their
    investigations last Tuesday and handed them over to the Attorney-General.
    Now we have to wait further for the august A-G to decide whether action will be taken. In this regard, one can’t help but be reminded that nothing has yet come out of the V.K. Lingam case – so long after the Royal Commission of Inquiry ruled that there were grounds for the A-G to take action.

    Secondly, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein goes out of his way to meet with the protestors, the very people who had committed what is apparently a seditious act by bringing a cow’s head to their protest and spitting at it and kicking it. All because they didn’t want a Hindu temple to be relocated in their area of residence in Shah Alam.

    Would Hishammuddin have done the same if it had been Hindus protesting against the relocation of a mosque in their housing estate? Imagine what the reaction of the authorities would have been if that had been the case.


  31. Continue....

    What’s worse, after the meeting, he spouted the most diabolical doublespeak and politicospeak when he told reporters that the protestors could not be blamed as “they had no intention at all” to invoke racial sentiments or cause tension. He even said they felt victimised. He defended their illegal protest (they had no permit) by saying they kept the number of protestors to a small number.

    Well, Minister, some people have been arrested for protesting in an even
    smaller number.

    As expected, he blamed the Selangor Government, saying it had made “a poor decision” in relocating the temple. And then he made a statement that he should from now on be forever held accountable for: “In this day and age, protests should be accepted in this world, as people want their voices to be heard. If we don't give them room to voice their opinions, they have no choice but to protest.”

    Well, that’s straight from the Home Minister’s mouth, folks. Public protests
    are A-OK. So keep your water cannons and whatnot at home, cops.

    To cap it all, Hishammuddin said this was not the first time an animal’s
    head had been used in a protest. He revealed that there was a time when a pig’s head, wrapped in an Umno flag, was thrown into Umno’s headquarters.

    This is most disconcerting, especially coming from a Minister who is charged with ensuring peace and harmony in the country. What was he trying to imply?
    Yes, he was exonerating the cow-head protestors, but wasn’t he also sneakily trying to blame another community by bringing up the pig’s head? If so, isn’t that mischievous? And, surely, he must be aware that two wrongs don’t make a right. So why bring up the earlier wrong to justify the cow-head one?

    All this clearly shows that there are still 2Malaysias, and that in word and
    deed, our national leaders affirm that. But Malaysians today are surely
    aware of that. When the double standards are so blatantly applied, the
    aggrieved parties will certainly take note.

    This can’t be good for Prime Minister Najib Razak who is trying hard to win
    non-Malay hearts and minds with his 1Malaysia slogan (I say “slogan” because that’s just what it is so far – full of words and little action). The
    cow-head incident would have set his efforts back substantially. Hindraf
    will surely be mobilised more purposefully and Hindus will rally behind it.

    What also begs the question is why contradictory signals are being sent out by the ruling party. The PM says one thing, his deputy says the opposite. In the past few months, as Najib was promoting 1Malaysia,Muhyiddin Yassin has been playing to the Malay gallery. He called Opposition leaderAnwar Ibrahim a traitor to the Malay race; defended an article in the Malay press calling on the Malays to stop being cowards and rise up; and on the same day that the 1Malaysia logo was publicly unveiled, he asserted that Umno would fight
    to the last drop of blood to protect Malay rights.

    Meanwhile, race-baiting goes on almost daily in the Malay mainstream media, concerted in its aim to threaten, frighten and divide. That these media organisations are owned and controlled by Najib’s own party underscores the conundrum. The messages sent out by these media organisations and the messages he himself is sending out are totally at odds with each other. Whom are we to listen to? Whom are we to trust?

    Is there a game plan behind it all? Are we the *rakyat* mere pawns in the
    game? When the game is over, will we be played out?

    True Malaysian

  32. Of cow heads and arrogant Muslims

    (Prof Mohd Tajuddin Haji Mohd Rasdi | Sep 1, 09 2:04pm)

    I wish to comment on the 'cow head' incident in Shah Alam. As a Muslim and as a Malaysian citizen I do not support such a wanton display of disrespect for Islam and for Malaysia. As a Muslim, my readings of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad's traditions or hadiths have taught me to respect animals and other religions.

    With respect to animals, the Prophet warned Muslims against overburdening animals in carrying objects. The Prophet explained a story of how a prostitute was forgiven her sins by the simple act of giving a thirsty dog a drink.

    The cow is one of the animals which Muslims slaughter not just for food but also as a sacrificial offering of our thankfulness to Allah as well as remembering Abraham's 'sacrifice' of his son Ismail.

    The cow is thus 'holy' to Muslims as well as to Hindus. Muslims sacrifice a cow for the aqiqah ceremony or during the Qurban celebrations.

    Thus as a Muslim, we must respect animals that become our food as well as our symbolic act of sacrifice.Standing or putting once's foot on a dead cow is a 'biadab' act that speaks of a person steeped in racial bigotry and of a person low in education of Islam.

    With respect to other religions, there were occasions where the Prophet taught me about my attitude towards them. Once, the Prophet stood up as a sign of respect when the body of a Jew was carried to the grave.

    When dispatching the army to a campaign, the Prophet warned the soldiers from desecrating houses of worships, those who reside in them, the young and the old and even trees should not be cut down if necessary.

    Never had the Prophet taught me to desecrate another person's religion. The great Indonesian scholar Hamka wrote in his magnum opus, Tafsir Al-Azhar that there are hundreds of thousands of 'Nabi' and they might even be the founders of other religions.

    It is common to find other religious faiths making fun of Islam and Muslims but as a Muslim I will never be allowed by my religion to make fun of other religions much less to desecrate them.

    As a Malaysian citizen, I wish to ask why these people who showed such contempt for the religion of the Hindus not be arrested under the Sedition Act?

    Were these people given permits by the police? If so why were they granted permits to desecrate another religion? Why were they not stopped and told to disperse? If Hindus can tolerate the Muslim call for prayers five times a day for the rest of their lives, what disruption can a Hindu temple be?

    I live next to a Hindu Temple about 150 meters away and I observe a procession thrice or twice a year. It is quiet 362 days of the year.

    Lastly, if these residents were proven to be members of any political party or parties, their membership should be revoked in order to ensure that we should not tolerate any political entity that uses racial hatred as their means of achieving political ends.

    If not, then the said party or parties should be outlawed and their registration terminated immediately.

    After more than 50 years of merdeka, I still cannot raise five children without the threat of racial disharmony and hatred. What does that say about our present leadership and future of our country?

    Should be sent to our PM

  33. We shd hv more ppl like you Prof. and only then we can claim to be "a Truly Malaysia"

  34. It is UMNO Malaysianslah or BN Malaysians not 1Malaysian.

    Now we see how BN is going to crumble, with Samy Vellu and his gang winning in MIC polls.

    The MCA in a big mess...
    Malaysia is going to change, Najib is going to be the last of the Mohicans....ha ha
    It is going to be Malaysia Baru...TDM can just retire and look after the grand kidslah..
    As for Sabah, it is merdeka all over again...