Saturday, September 12, 2009

Military Invasion Of The Highest Order!

The sovereignty of Sabah is being dangerously compromised with the involvement of the Armed forces in politics. In my last posting,Malaysia,a police state in the making?,I mentioned that it’s ashamed that the present regime has mobilized and abused all the public-funded institutions in this country whose fundamental roles and responsibilities are to safeguard the nation and the people’s interest.

The intrusion of fully armed army personnel in demanding a villager Datu Pengiran Ahmad Datu Ali Alam,who is a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to take down the party flag which he proudly hoisted in his house,simply because the Minister of Defence,Datuk Zahid Hamidi (below left) was making an "ops pasir" visit is not only tantamount to abuse of power but complete erosion and violation of his constitutional rights and freedom of association with the political party of his choice.

It has also been reliably learnt,that the police has forwarded the report made by Datu Pengiran Ahmad to the army for their further action.I was also informed by Datu Pengiran Ahmad that,he was also approached by a third party to withdraw his police report and negotiate the matter amicably.What was there to negotiate is absolutely mind-boggling.

I almost fell off my chair,upon hearing this,which to me is an effort to completely "cover-up" this entire episode and erase it from the face of the earth. This also further confirms my earlier post,that the said incident was a clear sign of immense fear of the present regime toward the opposition’s presence, and a desperate attempt to eliminate such fear or threat by suppressing the general masses’ show of support for the opposition.

I urge the Chief Minister of Sabah cum State Security Committee Chairman,Datuk Musa Aman (left),to refrain from being "confused" in his press statement that appeared in a local daily stating "DON'T FALL FOR BLOG TALK".The Chief Minister cannot be that ignorant,on the facts and events that took place in Semporna.The army must come clean and respond to their actions.

In a magnanimous stand,Supreme council member,Hj.Ansari Abdullah (below) and the state leadership of Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) of Sabah called for the armed forces to keep out of the political realm of the country,at a press conference.The video clip on the press conference is presented to you here.


  1. If you guys had seen an interview with TDM, despite that TDM is a pain in the ass, I still think what he had said about the BN was right. He said if BN is not careful in what they are doing, there will be no BN in the next election.
    What we are seeing here is a desparate move by the ruling govt in trying to supressed oppostion, but in doing so they are cerating more damage than good by inciting more anger among the people. MCA, MIC have already shown their unhappiness over what is going on. Next GE the whole BN will be swept out.

  2. It really amazes me when a comment like "Dont Fall for Blog Talk' comes from somebody in-charged but giving readers the impression that this is coming from a person who is ignorant of modern civilisation, incompetent, coward etc etc and rather have the law enforcers to protect a selected few rather than the masses.May God guide and protect us all.

  3. Maybe, it is true that if BN is not careful in what they are doing, there will be no BN in the nest election...
    But for CM comment "Dont "Fall or Blog Talk".. Let's take it positively...
    I think CM want rakyat to be more thoughtful and more careful before jump to the conclusions :)

  4. The armed forces invasion is highly improper and damn wrong.Who gave this right to them?Who does Zahid Hamidi think he is?Malaysians must be given the freedom to choose and not be oppressed by the government.

    As for Musa Aman,you seem to be so ignorant and lost.You must be going senile or just falling out of favour from your political masters,that parroting now is the only avenue for you to stay afloat.

    Uncle Lim.

  5. I'm saddened by the events that took place in Semporna.The army is fast loosing it's neutrality and I must say that Zahid's involvement is unbecoming.He has tarnished the credibility of the army by using them for political reasons.Many of us retired army officers are offended and insulted by this action,and Zahid shouldn't apologize but do the honourable thing,that is to resign.Thank you saudara Ronnie for highlighting this in your blog,you deserve our salute.

    Col(R)Mustaffa Zakaria.

  6. The Army is a new component of BN. They are present during Manek Urai and Permatang Pasir by election to help BN loose. Hahahahaha......

  7. A corrupted police force.

    S’wak govt asked to probe abuse of Penan women

    KUCHING: The Sarawak government should take genuine action to investigate and punish those guilty of sexually abusing Penan women, said Sarawak Native Women's Association (Wadesa) president, Hellan Empaing.

    "Wadesa is very disappointed with some government politicians who treated this matter as a petty issue," she said in a statement here.

    Empaing said it was also disheartening to know that Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu himself denied hearing of such problems from ethnic chiefs when he visited Ulu Baram.

    She said he had instead claimed to be doubtful of the Sept 8, 2009 report on the sexual abuse of the Penan women submitted by the National Action Committee that was spearheaded by the Women Development Department and the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry and even venturing that the non-governmental organisations had manipulated the research.

  8. Ucapan CM berkaitan dengan Dont "Fall or Blog Talk".. bagi pemerhatian saya CM berkata sedemikian adalah ingin mengingatkan kepada rakyat yang perpelajaran rendah agar tidak terpedaya dengan tomahan yang di utarakan dalam mana2 blog. Sebelum mempercayai sesuatu penyataan seharusnya rakyat meneliti dahulu kesahihannya. Jangan secara terus melihat menggunakan satu mata sahaja tetapi melihat dengan kedua-dua mata serta menggunakan pemikiran bukan dengan emosi.


  9. The Army should keep well clear of politic. Being normal citizen and typical of being myself, reading this article is but sad of BN. BN are actually moving towards self-destruction. The voters knew what is happening, what happened.

    My advise to BN or Government of the day is this;
    There are three (3) groups of people
    1. Group who makes thing happen.
    2. Group who see/saw/knew what is happening.
    3. Group who don't know what happen.

    The voters at large are in number 1 & 2 category. So watch out....

  10. The citizen`s right was question by army personel,why?Their allowances are paid by the east Malasian tax money and they are suppose to obligate them rather then against.In these case we don`t want West Malaysian forces personel in East.First of all why must the uniform personel involve in politic,stop that first and the country will prosfere in near future if not another Junta is on the way...So much oil and timber revenue taken here and induvidual and federal sapu habis and we are still travelling on a dusty roads and makan habuk..when are we going to GE13?

  11. To stop the army being manipulate by political, is easy. Our leaders must change 1st. They must not used the Army for political aim. Futhermore, should give a chance to young generation to be a leaders which i think they can make a new environment in our political view... Peace

  12. Politic does affect human behaviour in any sort. As far as I concern,most of the politicians are actively involved in manipulating army forces.They are abusing powers to fool them down. Guess what? CM will stand up and says,M confused and innocent.I didnt know anything and blah-ing.Please,Sabah has become messy now.Don't pretend you're one of the angels there.

  13. hmmm entah lah.. tapi bagi saya Sabah tetap aman dan akan kekal aman samapi bila-bila :)

  14. If we think logically, what CM has said in his press statement are very clear - "DON'T FALL FOR BLOG TALK"... It's means that we shouldn't made any assumptions without any proof :)

  15. Once people starts to lose faith and trust with the government, it will takes long term...

    Maybe, this is why some of us are totally hate with the government and prefer to see the bad things only...

    hmmmm.... whatever it is, we should have faith with our gov :)

  16. Betul tu Amir... Kita patut menilai setiap perkara mengikit akal fikiran dan bukannya dengan emosi :P

  17. There are always people who would want to bring Musa Aman down. So be careful before you made any judgment; Don't be too emotional!!!